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7 Core Trailer Wire from China
7 Core Trailer Brake Cable Wire
7 Core Trailer Brake Cable Wire

You don’t have to look for any other places wherein China is your ideal choice for different kinds of 7 core trailer wire that you need. In China, you can find plenty of professional 7 core trailer wire suppliers and manufacturers particularly in Shandong, Jiangsu, and Henan provinces. They offer a wide variety of 7 core trailer wire that gives maximum power for brakes.

7 Core 10AMP Thick Sheath Marine Trailer Wire
7 Core 14awg Auto Cable Trailer Wire

If you are importing the 7 Core 14awg Auto Cable Trailer Wire in China, then you are in the right place. In China, there are a lot of leading 7 core trailer wire manufacturers that produces all types of 7 core trailer wire perfect for your business needs. You can guarantee that its heavy duty and has great performance.

Rubber Coated 7 Core Trailer Wire 1
Rubber Coated 7 Core Trailer Wire

Most of the 7 core trailer wire manufacturers in China are professional, certificated and all products are 100% tested before delivery. Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Foshan are few provinces in China that has the largest manufacturers of 7 core trailer wire. If you need one for your business, you can visit one this provinces.

Thin Wall 7 Core Trailer Wire
Thin Wall 7 Core Trailer Wire

China is the largest producers of 7 core trailer wire and other cable wires across the world. If you have plans on importing 7 core trailer wire, China is the best place. Bansar will help you finding trusted supplier of 7 core trailer wire for you to be able to get great quality of products to offer for your customers.

7 Core Trailer Spiral Wire
7 Core Trailer Spiral Wire

Finding a reliable 7 core trailer wire supplier is not easy. Bansar can help you regards on that because Bansar has a very good relationship with the most reliable manufacturer in China that you can rely upon. In China, you can find the best 7 core trailer wire solution.

7 Core Trailer Wire with Moulded Plug 2
7 Core Trailer Wire with Moulded Plug

If you are needing 7 core trailer wire with moulded plug for your business, China is the best place you van import. You can encounter the excellent 7 core trailer wire with moulded plug providers mostly in Guangdong and Zhejiang and the other provices in China.

7 Core 10AMP Thick Sheath Marine Trailer Wire 1
7 Core 10AMP Thick Sheath Marine Trailer Wire

You can now easy to find great 7 core trailer wire in China. Manufacturers of 7 core trailer wire usually can be found in different cities and provinces around China such as Shandong, Jinan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and many more. You can ensure that all of the 7 core trailer wire that they fabricated are high quality and last a long time.

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Shipping 7 Core Trailer Wire by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options.
Air Freight from China
Shipping your order by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Ship by rail is more economical and much quicker form of transporting your order, especially when your distantce away from China.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Door to door delivery has been providing fast, effective and economic way. Door to door is the great choice.

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Importing 7 Core Trailer Wire from China: The Definitive Guide

Before you import goods from China, you make sure about the availability of the products, its quality, the performances, and other specifications.

Here’s what you’ve looking for.

Keep reading.

How to Install and Repair 7 Core Trailer Wires: Basic Tools and Step-By-Step Installation Guide

For every trailer that can haul very heavy weight, the brake system has to be in top condition in order to reach a destination safely.

Regular maintenance should be carried out to ensure the safety of the drivers and the people inside the trailer.

This is why you should know how to replace the wires and maintain the condition of the trailer’s wiring system.

This guide will teach you the basics of trailer wiring for large trailers, such as installing a 7 core trailer wire, trailer cable circuits, protection, and maintenance.

If you already know the basics, you can use this page as a guideline or a reminder for what needs to be done.

Beginner Tip: Start With Your Own

The basics of trailer wires can give you the foundational knowledge you need to troubleshoot a trailer that is not working or install a new trailer circuit for lights.

To achieve this, you must  know what each wire color stands for, how it functions, where it goes and how to cut/connect them in a safe manner.

Start by taking a look at your trailer connector pigtail.

Is it in top shape or has it been neglected?

Most trailer pigtails are neglected for years and they seem to be able to withstand heavy pressure.

However, this is the very reason you need to maintain them or replace them when it’s time.

Tools To Repair Trailer Cables

If you want to replace the trailer wire systems or install new ones, you’re going to need a set of basic tools:

  • Wire cutters.
  • Wire strippers.
  • Adapters.
  • Butt connectors.
  • Pliers.
  • Some tape.

(ALT-Tools of Trailer Wire)

(ALT-Tools of Trailer Wire)

The Internal System Of Trailer Wires

Trailer wiring systems are concentrated in a wiring harness that is responsible for managing all the wires in a trailer.

From this harness, you can interchange existing wires and connect new systems.

While it’s not a good idea to start troubleshooting the wiring system if you have no prior experience, you can start practicing by opening the harness.

The harness is a “closed” system.

The harness is closed in order to protect the wires and the only contact it has with other parts of the trailer is from the truck side of the trailer.

If you open the 4 core connector (or the 7 prong connector for certain large trailers with brake systems) you can see the wires come together.

On the backside (where you can see the wiring system of the trailer interconnecting with the harness) you only have 4 basic wires to deal with.

Pro Tip: When you start replacing the wires, always make sure to do it one wire at a time.

Bring a circuit tester to test the first large wire before you move on to the rest.

Trailer Cable Colors: How To Spot Them

Trailer wire systems can be replaced promptly because there are few possible things that could go wrong with the transmission.

One of the most common occurrences is a blown fuse for tow vehicles, and this issue can be repaired promptly.

There are also smaller inconveniences such as the blinking brake lights going out or the turn signals not lighting up at full capacity.

While you shouldn’t look forward to this happening, if this does, you can replace it by being mindful of the main wires.

Usually, there are 4 colored wires that comprise a trailer’s wiring system.

The colors signify different functions, and once you recognize them you can focus on the exact point of interest.

Here are the main colors and what each one signifies:

  • White wire = Bottom of chassis.
  • Green wire = Right turn signal or the brake light.
  • Yellow wire = Left turn signals or brake light.
  • Brown wire = Tail lights or parking lights.

To make the repairs necessary, all you need to do is identify what’s wrong with the trailer (for ex. left turn signal is off) and then focus on that particular wire to make sure it’s running to the necessary component.

 ALT- Trailer Cable Color

ALT- Trailer Cable Color

Repair Basics: Why Do Lights Break Down?

Dysfunctional trailer wiring can pose a public security threat and endanger passengers on the road.

Many Americans currently own high-end trailers that have serious weight ratings and capacities that surpass what was possible in the past.

The average trailer can now pull substantial weight.

This is the principal reason why tow vehicles rely on the braking system of the trailer.

If you have a single bad connection in the wiring system, it could cause the brake system to stop functioning.

This is why you should carry out frequent inspections to ensure your wiring system is up to par with safety standards.

The following are the main reasons why brake systems or lights cease working:

  • Corroded connections from lack of maintenance.
  • Loose-fitting connectors due to bad installation.
  • Bad grounds that take a lot of abuse.
  • Chaffed wires on older trailers.

NOTE: These problems can be fixed with routine inspections, and they must address key trailer functions such as the lights and breaks to ensure the trailer is reliable on the road.

Colors On 7 Core Trailer Wires

The 7-core trailer connector wire is the most common wire on large trailers because it powers not only the backlights but the brake systems and auxiliary as well.

5-core trailer wires are also popular, but they essentially possess the same features.

On the connector circuits, you will find between 5 to 7 individual wires that serve a different purpose.

The following 5 key wires can be found on a standard 5-core trailer wire:

  • 1) Ground wire.
  • 2) Trail light (running light).
  • 3) Left-hand turn signal.
  • 4) Right-hand turn signal.
  • 5) Backup lights.

On the 7-core trailer wire, you’ll find the same wires plus an additional 2 wires: Auxiliary power (also known as 12-volt power) and brake systems.

The auxiliary power circuit tends to be connected to the trailer’s battery system.

In certain cases, it’s connected to the alternator of the tow vehicle.

If you prefer, you could adjust your tow vehicle to recharge batteries as long as you have your own power system.

Warning: Always carry a multimeter if you’re working with wires.

You have to verify the terminals and the colors because not all colors are going to be uniform due to differences in manufacturing.

The multimeter keeps you safe.

Installing A 7 Core Trailer Wire: How-To’s

Let’s start with the basics. How hard is it to wire a 7-core trailer wire?

The answer: Relatively easy.

This is a straightforward process although it takes more time than wiring a 5-core wire.

Below you’ll find the step-by-step instructions to get started.

To get the job done, you’re going to need the following tools:

  • Wire Stripper (sometimes called ‘cable cutter’).
  • Head Screw Driver.

NOTE: The step-by-step process listed below applies to 5-core and 7-core installations.

You can use the same tools to wire the different systems.

The main distinction between these cables is that the 7-core wires include blue and black cables that serve for electric brakes and auxiliary/reverse power.

ALT- 7 Core Trailer Wire

ALT- 7 Core Trailer Wire

  • If you have a box trailer, you’ll only need a 5-core cable. If you have a large trailer, you’re going to need the 7-core cable.

Don’t worry about getting the length right because you can always use wire cutters to cut the exact length you need.

Your main concern is checking what wiring system the trailer has and purchasing a compatible wire.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

7-Step Process To Wiring A Trailer Cable

  • Step 1) Take a wire cutter and strip the ends of the trailer cable by a very small amount. You only need about ¼”.
  • Step 2) Take the ends of the cable and twist them a bit to ensure that the standing cable won’t separate from the cable.
  • Step 3) Take the trailer plug that came with your cable (or socket) and then unscrew the cap. You’ll need to take the gland and the casing and remove them as well.
  • Step 4) Take the head screwdriver and start to loosen the screws. There should be 7 screws on a 7-core wire system, but make sure to not remove them fully. If you have a saddle device on the side, you’ll also have to remove it.
  • Step 6) Look at the diagram provided by your supplier and start matching the colored wires to the circuit adequately. Make sure to follow the instructions closely in order to get the colors right. Once you’ve matched them, tighten the screws and hold the cable in place.
  • Step 7) Finish it off by replacing the gland on the cable, replacing the plug/sockets and tighten the screw cap again. Use the screwdriver to seal them tight and make sure none of the screws are loose.

Reverse-Wiring: How To Downgrade From 5 To 4 Core Wires

Let’s say you want to do the opposite of installing a 7-core wire and you want to downgrade your existing wire.

For instance, you can reduce a 5-core wire to a 4-core wire by removing the brake system.

This only leaves the basic LED lights functionality.

If you have a large trailer with high weight limits, you may have to upgrade the harness to a 5-wire one.

However, if you want to remove the braking system for any reason, there are few ways you can achieve that.

5 Core Wires

The tools you’ll need to achieve this are the same tools you need to install new wires: wire cutters, screwdrivers, adapters, butt connectors, and pliers.

Start by visiting a trailer supply store and ask for an adapter.

This adapter is going to bridge the gap between the main connectors.

All 5-core wire connectors and 4-core connectors are available in 2 shapes: flat and round.

The shape matters because the adapter has to conform to the shape.

Here’s how you can downgrade a wire system in 7 steps:

  • Step 1) Start by testing the brake system and the individual lights. Test commands to ensure everything works properly.
  • Step 2) Cut the harness of the 5-wire trailer tongue in order to expose as much wire as you can.
  • Step 3) Use wire strippers to cut off 3/8” of insulation from the main green, yellow, white and brown wires.
  • Step 4) Use a butt connector to attach the green wire from the 4-wire harness to the trailer green wire. The key here is to place one wire in each end and use pliers to compress them.
  • Step 5) Connect the remainder of the wires (yellow, white and brown) to the identical-colored wires on the trailer using butt connectors.
  • Step 6) Complete the motion by wrapping the connections in electrical tape and cutting the blue wire’s endpoint.
  • Step 7) Wrap them together with more electrical tape for a second layer of protection against moisture.

ALT- 5 Core Trailer wire

ALT- 5 Core Trailer wire

Conclusion: Wires Are A Public Safety Concern

The wire system is the backbone of the trailer’s functionality.

If you have a broken light, you should never put your trailer on the road.

It’s wise to know what wire colors signify, but you may have to call in a professional if you’re unsure as to how to change each wire.

On the road, you’re going to have drivers slowing down behind the tow vehicle your trailer is pulling, and they always use the rear brake lights as an indication of whether they should stop or keep going at full speed.

If you have well-functioning brake lights on the back vehicle, the drivers will get the message and slow down or speed up accordingly.

If the backlights are dimmed and they fail to catch the attention of drivers on the road, you could easily cause a deadly accident because they won’t have enough time to stop.

Even though the other driver is at-fault for causing the accident, you’ll still have to deal with insurance companies and you never know if someone may get injured.

This is why it’s essential to have working lights and breaks for your trailer.

Best 7 Core Trailer Wire Manufacturers in China

Yangzhou voli spiral cable Co., Ltd

Yangzhou voli spiral cable Co., Ltd has many years of experience in manufacturing different wire products such as 7 core trailer wire, spiral cable, spring cable, underwater cables, wear-resistant cables, wire cable, and more. Besides, the company is consists of professional designers that manufactured and designed for clients` detailed specifications.

 Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd

Started in the business operation ever since 2004, Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing, sales, and R&D of high-temperature wire & cables. You can trust them since they are covered up with comprehensive machine lines, experienced teams, an excellent management team, and an expert sales group. Gather over 10 years of overall experience in the manufacturing industry.

GHT Cable

GHT Cable has been specializing in developing and marketing of wide wire and cable range.  One of their main products is 7 core trailer wire and available in the factory for a great price. They make sure to offer products for customers at very high quality and provide thoughtful service. In exchange, they now won reputation from customers in the world.

 Hexin Special Cable Co., Ltd

Hexin Special Cable Co., Ltd is focusing on the sale and production of high-quality cables and wires. These products have quality features such as flame retardant, anti-aging, anti-explosion, low smoke halogen cable, and fire resistance. You can use these products in the communication industry, construction, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, and so on. With over a decade of experience, they can surely give you the quality service you deserve.

 UT Trailer Parts Co., Ltd

In China, UT Trailer Parts Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise of the industry, trade, and production. This company was founded in the year 2001 with headquarter located in the city of Jinan. They were engaged in the sale and production of 7 core trailer wire and other cable/wire products. Serving for more than 10 years, the company now became one of the comprehensive and professional manufacturers.


Founded in 2009, B & T (ZHANGZHOU) CABLE Co., Ltd specializes in special cables/wire and high technology. Situated at Zhangzhou City, B & T has engaged heavily in development and research, sales, and production of wires. All the wire products they offer are ensured the finest, halogen-free, environmentally-friendly, and high-temperature cables.

Access Star Co., Ltd

Access Star Co., Ltd is a professional fabricator for OEM 7 core trailer wire, wire harness, some box build products, and printed circuit board assembly. These products they offer are excellent for the medical, electronic, and industrial domains. Access Star was founded in 2003, with a total of 17 years of production experience, having around 200 workers in the factory.

CB (XIAMEN) industrial Co., Ltd

As one of the integrated enterprises in China, CB(XIAMEN) industrial Co., Ltd devoted to electric cable and wire trade and manufacture. One of their best selling products is the 7 core trailer wire which is very good in quality and with excellent performance. All the wire & cable products they offer are VDE and UL certified for your satisfaction.

 Desan Wire Co., Ltd

Desan Wire Co., Ltd is originated in Suzhou, one of the reliable exporter and manufacturer for wires and cables, cable manufacturing machines, cable materials, and wire harness. Additionally, they could also offer a full package consulting service and international cable installation service for huge wiring projects. They export products to 20 foreign countries like Brazil, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Africa, and more.

 Jiacheng Electric Group

The company was established in the year 2005. Jiacheng Electric Group is one of the considered UL verified factories. The company`s focus is on customized cable assembly, wire harness, and ODM, OEM for products. These solutions are widely used in industries like medical instruments, communication & electron systems, automation & industry, and more.

Newsun Electrial products factory

This company has been established in 2001. Since the beginning, Newsun Electrical products factory has been active in the battery and led lamp related industries. After more than 16 years in the field of exporting and manufacturing, they now have lots of aftermarket clients all over South America, Europe, and North America. This is one of SGS and ISO 9001 certified companies.

Ruich Value (Shenyang) Tech. Co., Ltd

Ruich Value (Shenyang) Tech. Co., Ltd is a professional integrated corporation based in Shenyang, China. This company is more devoted to engine parts distribution and production for more than 3 years now. With the technical support of engineers, they now gained certifications from ISO 9001 and China′s AAA-Level credit enterprise.

 Zhuji Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd

All the wire and cable products from Zhuji Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd are ISO9001: 2002, TS16949, TUV, and DOT approved. This factory has been in this field for around 15 years. They export high-quality wire products to foreign countries including Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Poland, etc. All are available at competitive prices.

Yangzhou Sibaixiu Spiral Cable Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Sibaixiu Spiral Cable Co., Ltd is specializing in the development and research of wire/cable products. These wires are used in some electronics products, instruments, electrical appliances, and machinery. All of the products they offer are featured abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental-friendly, anti-ultraviolet, oil-resistance, and so on.

Yueyang Shengang Lifting Electromagnet Co., Ltd

This is one of the considered best suppliers in China with 12 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Yueyang Shengang Lifting Electromagnet Co., Ltd has experienced workers and mature techniques to ensure the quality of every product they offer. A company which also a recipient of ISO9001 and SGS certificates.

 Junyu Guangli Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Owned by Hebei Guangli Group, Junyu Guangli Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a first-class distributor of 7 core trailer wire and other wire/cable products. Founded in October 2014 and occupying more than 100, 000 square meters of factory area. The company passed the IS09001: 2015 quality standards and received the China Compulsory Certification.

China Truck International Ltd

China Truck International Ltd is a reliable export and import company for creating high-quality wire and cable products. The company is based in China, integrating production, sales, and R&D of various special wiring productions. It is one of the largest domestic enterprises, composed of 600 people staff and 300 sets of advanced equipment to produce the product you desired.


Originated in 2005, FUJIAN KENT MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL Co., Ltd is a manufacture and design professional integrating maintenance, sales, and assembling of wiring products. Most of its products are widely used in emergency power and in backup power fields. Throughout many years of experience, the company now received certifications from ISO 14001, ISO 14001, GOST, CE, SGS, etc.

Fujian Bobig Electric Machinery Co., Ltd

Fujian Bobig Electric Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the top manufacturers in China focusing mainly on creating power generators. They make sure all the products they provide for customers are of good quality and available only at affordable rates. To make that possible, they are improving their customer service to keep clients coming back. Additionally, this is an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified manufacturer based in China.


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