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Addressable LED Strip from China
1 Addressable Multi Coloured LED Strip
Addressable Multi-Coloured LED Strip

Whether you need to purchase an addressable multi-colored LED strip for your business or for personal use, importing from China is one the best choice. In China, you can find the best manufacturer of LED strips particularly in Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan provinces.

2 Programming Addressable LED Strip
Programming Addressable LED Strip

Find the reliable and professional programming addressable LED strip manufacturer in China. Chinese manufacturer always make sure that all programming addressable LED strip has passed on any production certifications. Guaranteed 100% safe from any lead chemicals.

3 Digital Addressable LED Strip
Digital Addressable LED Strip

In China, there is digital addressable Led manufacturer who specializes in fabricating addressable led strip for many years. Also, Chinese manufacturers provide high quality and best kinds of products. These manufacturers are mostly based in Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other China provinces in China.

4 Addressable LED Strip with Built in IC
Addressable LED Strip with Built-in IC

Many supplier of addressable LED strip can be found in China but not all of them are verified. When looking for a supplier for addressable LED strip, choose those has the credibility to produce the exact amount of addressable LED strip that you need. Bansar will glad to help you in finding great manufacturers and supplier of authentic addressable LED strip.

5 Waterproof Addressable LED Strip
Waterproof Addressable LED Strip

Waterproof addressable LED strip can bring many advantage, and of them is that, it cannot easily destroy by the water. If you are having trouble looking at a best fabricator of different kinds of addressable LED strip, you can rely in Bansar. Bansar knows plenty of manufacturers of addressable LED strip that offer it at a low price.


6 ROG Addressable LED Strip
ROG Addressable LED Strip

Finding a durable ROG addressable LED strip? The leading ROG addressable LED strip manufacturer from China can always be found in Guangdong province. Import addressable LED strip in China. You can always ensure that you are only getting genuine products, not an imitation one.

6 Slim Addressable LED Strip
Slim Addressable LED Strip

The top slim addressable LED strip manufacturer in China can supply enough to meet your needs. In China there are manufacturers that has a good attitude and truly can provide excellent service that you’ll never regret. Slim addressable LED strip manufacturer in China will be your best partner in all your addressable LED strip needs.

8 Addressable RGB LED Strip
Addressable RGB LED Strip

Chinese manufacturer of addressable RGB LED strip has a great experience in providing and supplying high-quality of addressable LED strip. You don’t have worrying since Chinese manufacturers are known for fabricating genuine products.

9 Individually Addressable LED Strip
Individually Addressable LED Strip

China has a lot individually addressable LED strip manufacturers and suppliers. If you want to have an authentic addressable LED strip, China is the best place for you to import goods. Rest assured that you can get the exact quality of the products that you seek.

10 DC12v Addressable LED Strip
DC12v Addressable LED Strip

When you are looking for the top DC12v addressable Led strip in China, you can visit the most popular manufacturers located in Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Shandong. Chinese manufacturers can produce a large selection of DC12v addressable Led strip with high powered and outstanding performances.

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Importing Addressable LED Strip from China: The Definitive Guide

Whether you are new in importing from China or not, don’t miss this guide.

It has useful information that you might need in importing an addressable strip from China.

Let’s get started.

How to import customized lighting project from addressable LED strip manufacturer in China?

What is addressable LED strip?

LED strip is a PCB (flexible or rigid) with lots of LEDs (Light-Emitting Dode, a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it.) on it. Typical types of LEDs are SMD 2835 and SMD 5050, typical density of LEDs are 30LEDs/meter, 60LEDs/meter, 120LEDs/meter. Typical power consumption of LED strip is 6w/meter, 12w/meter and 16w/meter. Different LED strip manufacturers in China have different preferable models.

The colors of LED strip is normally 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), 6000K (cool white), Red, Green, Blue, etc. But you can’t change the color of LEDs, nor the lighting patterns of LEDs. It’s either ON or OFF, only static status. Maybe you can adjust the brightness of LEDs by some LED dimmer.

LED strip

Addressable LED strip means there are ICs on the PCB or in the LEDs which can change the colors of LEDs. Like below image, the black component is the popular IC WS2811, people can control it hence to program the colors and patterns of that SMD 5050 LEDs. So it’s also called programmable LED strip. There are 3 LED chip in the SMD 5050, they emit 256 gray levels Red, Green and Blue lights separately. So this LED can output total 256x256x256=16,777,216 colors.

WS2811 LED strip

Above addressable LED is called external IC, one IC controls 3 LEDs, every 3 LEDs as one programmable pixel, while some LED strip manufacturers in China can also make the individually addressable LED strips, which means internal or built-in IC. Like below photo, apparently the IC is in the LEDs, each LED is addressable. This gives much more flexibility to programming for projects.

individually addressable LED strip

What kind of lighting projects can I implement by addressable LED strip?

Addressable LED strip is a powerful lighting tool for almost all types of lighting projects which need customized programming and controlling.

You can do indoor lighting projects like KTV, night bar, nightclub, exhibition, TV studios, TV shows and broadcasting, cove lighting. Check some of the project cases.

TV studio, shows and broadcasting


Cove ambient atmosphere lighting,


KTV nightclub night bar lighting project

The LED strip manufacturers in China can also make the product to be waterproof so it is also suitable for outdoor LED strip projects, like façade lighting, building exterior lighting up, bridges decorations, outdoor event activities, LED sign advertising board, etc. Some classic examples:

LED sign Advertising board


Architecture lighting decoration

Besides above, if work closely with China LED strip manufacturers, they can also develop the customized LED strip kits for the electronic products which need addressable lighting effects. Typical scenario is the LED strip kit for PC cooling fan.

Add lighting effect to products

How to choose the right addressable LED strip for your projects?

Speak of addressable LED strip, IC is the key. The mainly used IC are WS2811, WS2828, WS2812 / WS2812b, WS2813, WS2815, TM512, UCS512.

WS2811 LED strip is an external IC controlled DC 12 strip light, 3 LEDs cuttable as one pixel. The cost is lower than others, so it’s suitable for some lighting projects which have challenge on budget request.

WS2818 LED strip is an evolutionary version of WS2811, still 12V but comes with an additional feature of break-point continuous transmission signal. The story is that this strip has 2 signal wires in the PCB, standard one and backup one. So when the pixel is broken for some reason, the signal continues transmission without affecting the whole lighting effect. WS2818 is a newly released model, some of LED strip manufacturers in China haven’t started to use it yet, but it will replace WS2811 in the foreseen future.

Both WS2811 and WS2818 LED strip can be made into rigid LED bar if LED strip manufacturers choose the proper aluminum profiles

rigid ws2818 led strip

WS2812 or also called WS2812b LED strip is a 5V product with built-in IC. It’s the first individually addressable LED strip which is widely used yet. It’s almost applicable for all types of projects as it enhances the flexibility of programming. So it’s also widely used in many Arduino, Adafruit and Raspberry PI DIY projects.

w2812b led strip

WS2813 is very similar to WS2811 just with one additional feature – break-point continuous transmission signal, just like that between WS2811 and WS2818. This is if an LED burns in the center of the chain, the circuit will remain closed and the other LEDs will still light up. The remaining LEDs will continue to operate normally, as long as no other neighboring LEDs are broken. WS2813 is a little bit of new, but will be popular very soon.

ws2813 led strip

WS2815 is the latest version based on WS2812 and WS2813, it’s a 12V IC with break-point continuous transmission signal. The benefit of 12v compared to 5v is that WS2815 LED strip will have better voltage drop performance than WS2812 and WS2813. Voltage drop means when current flow in the electric circuit, the voltage will decrease step by step along with the length. Thus the brightness of last LED is not as high as first LED. WS2815 is very new, many LED strip manufacturers are still not using it yet, but it will be as popular as WS2812 very soon.

ws2815 led strip

TM512 and UCS512 are 2 ICs which support the DMX512 protocol. So if your project lighting effects is controlled based on DMX512, you should ask the LED strip manufactures in China to use either of them.

How to customize addressable LED strip for your lighting projects?

When we are talking about lighting projects using addressable LED strip, it means you may have a specific place which needs fancy lighting, maybe a KTV, a bar, a club, a studio room, a show, a building exterior, a bridge, outdoor advertising LED board. Or even you need some customized light kit for your electronic gears, maybe a cooling PC fan, scooter, robots, educational kits, etc.

First of all, you must a rough idea about what effects do you need on earth, then think deeper to get more specific requirements. The more the better, this will ease your communications with the China LED strip manufacturers.

After that, you reach out to some LED strip manufacturers in China, tell them what you need, better come with drawings showing how big the places are, where the LED strips should be installed, what kind of lighting effects you want it to be. For lighting effects, I suggest you go to YouTube to find some existing examples and share with the manufacturers, the they know better what you need. In a word, you provide as much detail as you can to the LED strip manufacturers.

When the sales guy in Chinese manufactures get your exact needs, they will discuss with electrical engineers and calculate how many LED strips are needed, plus how many LED controllers, how many LED power supply.

Then sales guy will discuss with the lighting designer or programmer about how to implement your lighting effects, currently it’s mainly based on LedEdit or Madrix platform. Giving the fact that there are not many LED strip manufacturers in China can provide the lighting design services, not even mention that only few can program based on Madrix software. You may need some patience to finally get a China LED manufacturer who can provide this programming service.


Then the sales guy will discuss further with you with more specific information, then quote. After back and forth confirmation, you place the order to the China LED strip manufacturers.

Once the production is finished and manufacturer send you the complete goods, you will need to hire some experts or electrician to install the customized LED strips. Because everything is calculated based the given site information, the LED strip manufacturers in China will normally design and provide you the wiring diagram for the installation. So just follow the instructions and finish the job.

led strip installation and debugging

For the last step, installation and lighting debugging, please note that only few LED strip manufacturers in China can provide this service of sending their site engineers to your field to do the whole job.

Best 20 Addressable LED Strip manufacturers in China

1 SUMBAO Lighting

Dongguang SUMBAO Lighting Technology Co. Ltd is a professional Addressable LED Strip manufacturer who specialized in meticulous research, designing, developing, manufacturing and sales. SUMBAO design team has vast expertise in the field so you can ensure the best yet cost-effective Addressable LED Strip and other product solutions.

2 Tyria Lighting

Established in 2012, Tyria Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated and committed to manufacturing Addressable led strip lights for Architectural Lighting Solutions and other applications. They have 100+ employees, and an advanced existing factory of more than 4,000 square meters located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. You can get high-efficient, excellent quality, great designs products here in TYRIA.


A high-tech enterprise focuses on creating manufacturing stable, reliable, and cost-effective addressable led strip lights. Founded in 2007, ROLLLIGHTS knows and understands customer service and custom products that can meet customers’ requirements. All products are CE, ROHS, ETL certified, and gained a good reputation to the worldwide LED industry.

4 SDIP Light

Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Dongguan City, China, offer comprehensive addressable lighting solutions that can exceed your specifications. Throughout the years, they are now recognized as one of the reputable manufacturers and experts in exporting high-quality products.

5 Hanron Lighting

Established in 2010, Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd is a premier provider of addressable lighting solutions. For your LED solution necessities, you can rely on Hanron. They manufacture a wide range of products with compliance such as LED rigid Bar, LED cabinet light, LED flexible strip, led rope light accessories, etc. Thanks to more than 100 employees and modern equipment, they can produce thousands of stocks for your order.

5 LED Color Opto Electronic

Shenzhen LED Color Opto Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in creating advanced and durable addressable led lighting solutions. Supported by over 70 employees in more than 4,000 square meters of the fabrication area. All products provide are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

6 Smart LED Technology

With more than 10 years of experience, Smart LED Technology Co. Ltd. guarantee 100% satisfaction in the production of addressable LED lighting solutions. They mainly produced LED Pixel light, LED stage light, LED strip, LED display and controllers, and more. The company focuses on the integration of design, R&D, manufacturing, production, and sales of these products.

7 Topledvision Photonics

When it comes to your addressable led lighting needs, you can trust Topledvision photonics Co., Ltd. The company owns skilled engineers and technicians, the R&D team, manufacturing employees, staff, and services. They aim to develop new technology and offer cost-effective and high-standard LED products.

8 Monssen Technology

Established in 2011, Monssen Technology Co., Limited focuses on Addressable LED Strip, LED tube, LED panel light & LED flood light headquartered in Shenzhen, China. One-stop-solution you can depend on to obtained success for your business. Currently, their products exported worldwide and gained very good feedback from customers.

9 Topvio Industrial

Started In 2008, TOPVIO INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED is an expert LED lighting solution manufacturer with rich experience. If you the company, they ensure the high quality with competitive price products, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, high-efficient, practicability, long-lifespan, and unique radiator design. The company management system ISO: 9001:2000 certified.

10 Shenzhen Sweet Lighting

Set up in 2009, Shenzhen Sweet Lighting Ltd is a leading LED lighting solutions provider, that offers complete ranges with great quality. The company is willing to assist clients who want success in their business. All technicians they employ have a wealth of LED lighting experience, allows the company to provide a realistic service.

11 Leomay Technology Company

Founded in 2011, Leomay Technology Company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in researching, developing, fabricating, and selling new LED lighting products. All products are produced according to LVD, RoHS, FCC, Energy Start, ERP, UL, CE, EMC guidelines. You can trust the quality and service of their products that served to worldwide valued customers.

12 Olympia lighting

Dongguan Olympia Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, which offers a wide range of LED neon and strip products. With experienced technicians, advanced production lines they promise to offer high value-added products for lighting project contractors, designers, and dealers and provides a comprehensive and customized solution to customers′ actual project and market needs.

13 Shenzhen Bond Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Since establishment, Shenzhen Bond Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is devoted and strives to produce high-quality addressable LED lighting. Throughout the years of efforts and development, the company obtained CE Certification and ISO Quality Certification. Their working experience and manufacturing technical capabilities make them a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier.

14 Huayang Lighting Technology

Headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Henzhen Huayang Lighting Technology is a professional addressable LED Strip manufacturer and supplier. All products are CE and RoHS certified, provide a long lifespan, durability, and sustainability. Throughout the years of development and improvement in the LED industry, this company earned the best reputation among clients around the world.

15 Shenzhen ATA Technology

Shenzhen ATA Technology Co., Ltd. is a major addressable LED Strip manufacturer situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China covering a factory area of 10, 000 square meters. They have highly trained 200-300 operators and staff that ensure high-quality fabrications. Their factory is authenticated with ISO9001: 2008 quality system, issued by SGS in 2010. ATA engaged in strict quality control production and enjoying a high reputation in the LED industry.

16 Minleon Electronics & Tech

Founded in 2011, Dongguan City Minleon Electronics & Tech Co., Ltd. focused on meticulous research and manufacturing of top-quality, full series of LED products sold to many countries. The company is situated in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The company strives to enhance its production capacity to satisfy the increasing demand of clients throughout the world.

17 Panda Grow Technology 

Shenzhen Panda Grow Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated provider of high-class addressable LED Strip in China. Established in 2014, the company continues to support the customer with their needs in LED light solutions. All products delivered to clients worldwide have been thoroughly examined and are certified by Safety Mark, CE, FCC, and CCC standards.

18 MSS LED Lighting

For more than 10 years of expertise in the field of manufacturing, reliable LED lighting products, the company guarantees products with the latest technologies accumulated. Since 2007, they devoted their time, efforts, and funds to create new improved products such as addressable LED Strip, LED sign modules, and related lighting products.

19 Future Green Lighting

Future Green Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers who engages itself in creating all types of LED lighting products. All products are exported and well-appreciated all over the world especially in Poland Germany, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Australia, Spain, Portugal, etc. They supply the best choice with efficiency, innovation, honesty.

20 Sign Optoelectronic 

Mainly work in LED light source solution manufacturing for many years. Shenzhen Sign Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is a scientific and technological enterprise that integrates the latest technologies to develop the most satisfying products. All products are 100% perfect for any applications in airports, oil, finance, automobiles, subway, high iron, etc. The company is located in Shiyan Town, Shenzhen, China, and they welcomed customers to visit.

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