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Different kinds of agriculture parts
Importing Balers Agriculture Parts from China

Balers Agriculture Parts are usually used as farm important equipment. It is used by crushing a cut and gather crops to have it more organized and easy to transport. It has its different style and sizes that depend on your requirements. It can be rectangular or cylindrical. When wanting it to be added to your business progress easily, then don`t waste any of your important time to the others. Bansar is expertise in transporting and importing your product orders safely.

Importing Combines Agriculture Parts from China

Combines Agriculture Parts is commonly large in its size. It has its modern design and easy to use on your farm. It is used to gather and harvests any types of crops such as corn, rice, and etc. By importing like these kinds of machines can possibly produce productive profits. Chinese manufacturers have powerful abilities to produce high-tech combines agriculture parts.  They offer it in a competitive yet can be afforded by everyone. Bansar shipping company is the only one having a trusted partnership together with Chinese.

Diesel Engine
Importing Diesel Engine Agriculture Parts from China

Diesel Engine Agriculture Parts is very valuable and very precious for its importance in farming activities. This machine has recorded as a best-selling that also has many releases from the Chinese markets. For its advance and modernity design, it can help a lot to those farmers wanted to harvests crops faster. Dealing with Chinese is the best idea you have ever decided.

Seed Drill
Importing Seed Drill Agriculture Parts fom China

Seed Drill Agriculture Parts machine is used to disperse seed for crops by arranging them in the soil they must bury. Its use is to make sure that the seed disseminates straightly throughout the farm area. In the same distance and right deepness, the seeds will be perfectly be planted. Bansar offers its professionalism in dealing with delivery and transporting activities from your ordered products from China.

Fram Machine
Importing Farm Machine from China

When having farm areas but don`t know how to do it and make it faster and effectively, Bansar willingly advices you some effectual ideas that help you gain more profitable large incomes. They advise you to use farm machinery equipment to lessen your efforts and make it easier and have a large harvest. Chinese has many suppliers that can provide you farm machine or automatic devices.

Grass Cutter blade
Importing Grass Cutter blade from China

The grasscutter blade is attached in the tiller and mower. It is very sharp that cuts the grass altogether. It can be an easy way and at the same time can save some of your efforts. It is effectively used in removing grass from your sight. By using nylon it can be automatically operated and can be useful equipment for you. Trusted manufacturers are only be founded in China town.

Harrow Disc
Importing Harrow Disc from China

Harrow Disc is a harrow that has trimming borders with a hollowed-out metal and sharp discs. It is an important and useful machine for your farm areas and activities. It is used to dig the soil where seeds are successfully planted. By using this also, the undesirable weeds and plants can be removed. When searching where to acquire harrow disc modern machines, the Chinese has a lot of it.

Importing Harvester Agriculture Parts from China

Rice harvester makes the harvests operations easier and can gain a lot of productivity crops. It is useful by collecting, shifting, bringing in, or even separating the better crops from the bad crops collected. It is more systematic to use and makes your harvest activity faster and quickly. When you find it very useful especially when it has the ability to give you profitable income to your progressive business, then hurry up.

Importing Mowers Agriculture Parts from China

A professional and expert person must the one who has the authority to operate mowers. When using this, it is important to wear secure garments to avoid bad happenings and accidents. It is commonly useful in cutting grasses and unwanted weeds. You can easily find the manufacturers that operate worldwide by only dealing with Chinese.



Pedal Tractor
Importing Pedal Tractor from China

Chinese offer wide and brilliant version of their produced pedal tractor. Most farmers used this kind of automatic type of equipment. Chinese has a positive mindset to give you what you required to produced about. This machine is good for those who have big farm areas and wanted to do harvesting activity in fast and easiest ways. Manufacturers in China commonly found in Guangdong that having 2,711 hardworking manufacturers.

Importing Planters Agriculture Parts from China

In farming activities, you basically needed some best planters machines that are fit for your planting procedures and the success of it. It customarily drags at the back of a tractor. It has many uses that are important for farmers. Bansar always recommended Chinese manufacturers for its industrious manners cannot be compared.

Importing Rotavator Agriculture Parts from China

The Chinese manufacturers are proven trustworthy and dedicated ones to their involve clients. By building a better and close connection between the two of you is their main goal. Chinese has received plenty of legit certification in having reputable manners they have shown to their costumers and clients. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong recorded that having manufacture workers.

Importing Sprayers Agriculture Parts from China

Sprayers Agriculture Parts is an important device to spray a liquid. Sprayers are the best solution in killing those pests that has a bad impact on your outgrowing productive plants. China is an independent source of reliable products and machines that is good for your business improvement. When planning on importing sprayers, you should acquire to the best manufacturers suchlike manufacturers from China.

Steel Plow
Importing Steel Plow Agriculture Parts from China

Steel Plow Agriculture Parts are useful in disintegrating unbreakable soil without getting force, especially in the farming environments. It can be a big help in making the soil soften and easily to burry seed into it. Most farmers commonly used this important tool. In the growing up process of your business, it can be a big help. Many manufacturers from China offer their high-skilled performance to be able to gain your trust.

Tractors 1
Importing Tractors Agriculture Parts from China

Tractors Agriculture Parts is a vehicle often used by high-skilled and professional engineers. It is intentionally created with a special use in griping your efforts. It also offers its high variety from its shown performances in agricultural activities. When having a thought in merchandising or purchasing a machine like tractors, that would be a great idea you`ve decided.

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Importing Agriculture Parts from China: The Definitive Guide

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Best Agriculture Parts Manufacturers in China

Wenzhoulianggong forging Co., Ltd

Wenzhoulianggong forging Co., Ltd was established in 1985, this is a factory that employs 200 people, including 30 technicians and 2 senior engineers. Throughout 30 years of company development, Wenzhoulianggong Forging now has grown into one of the largest factories in China. Yearly, they can produce 9000 tons of agricultural parts.

General International Trading Co., Ltd

As a professional manufacturer in China, General International Trading Co., Ltd mainly manufactured machine parts for agriculture use, finished products, customized forgings, and castings. Started in the business in 1998, has built up a quality control system and complete production line.

Merid Machinery Co., Ltd

Merid Machinery Co., Ltd was originated in Qingdao, China in the year 1983. This is one of the leading providers and industrial leaders of full-service machining, stamping, forging, castings, and welding of metal parts. The company covers medical parts, electronic parts, stock farming parts, agricultural parts, architectural parts, and so on.

New International Automotive Spare Parts Co., Ltd

New International Automotive Spare Parts Co., Ltd offers main products such as gray iron casting parts, ductile iron casting parts, investment casting parts, and steel casting parts. This factory has advanced products′ design, first-rate engineering artisans & technicians, mature technological level, and strong technical force, so you can fully rely on them.

 Cobest Machinery

The Cobest Machinery is a fast-growing enterprise that is experts at providing customized parts with plastic and metal raw material. If you are on a low budget but want the highest quality agricultural parts, choose Cobest Machinery. They have the ability to reduce delivery times and minimize costs while observing customer`s rigorous requirements and specifications.

Mingxing Electronic (Dongguan) Co. Ltd

The company began its journey in this industry in the year 1998. This is currently located in Shijie Town, Dongguan City, China works mainly in producing electronic components and metal stamping products. These products are broadly applied in-home electronic appliances and modern telecommunication equipment. Already won the reputation from its clients for good service, technology, and quality.


EVERGREEN MACHINERY offer services and products that exceed or meet each customer`s expectations since 1995. To offer perfect services, the company provides affordable and value-added products whenever needed. Besides, this is also one of the considered world-class providers for OEM industrial service and products.

YUCHENG DADI Machinery CO.; Ltd

When looking for a professional fabricator of any agricultural components with export authority and self import, YU CHENG DADI Machinery CO.; Ltd is the best choice. In the entire production, the company complies with PRC company law. One of the joint-venture companies and national enterprise of the agricultural export in China.

Huayun Casting Machinery Co., Ltd

Located at Jimo, Qingdao, Huayun Casting Machinery Co., Ltd specialized in producing all types of agricultural machinery parts, auto spare parts, metal machining parts, ductile iron casting, and more. Their products are widely used in construction, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, and other fields. Their annual output reaches up to 100 machinery units.


HANGZHOU EMAX was established in 1993, operating as one of the companies with great ability in developing and researching, export trading, producing, marketing, and more. Every year, the company production output can max 400Ton. Their processing and production mainly focus on sheet metal parts, metal stamping parts, welding assembly parts, fasteners, vehicle processing parts, and so on.

Shandong Changlin Group

Shandong Changlin Group was founded in 1986. It is one of the professional agricultural parts manufacturers located in Changlin China. They produced a wide range of construction, farming, planting, and harvesting machines including concrete mixers, power tillers, road rollers, excavators, diesel engines and wheel loaders.

YTO Group Corporation

Headquartered in Luoyang China, YTO Group Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agricultural and construction machinery. Since the foundation, they are serving clients around the world with integrity and reliability.  They provide high-quality construction machinery, power machinery, farm equipment, and vehicles.

Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd

Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd is a trusted large agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Huangdao china. Integrating agricultural machine R&D, production, and sales. Thanks to their strong workforce, advanced manufacturing lines, strict quality control, and advanced facility, they are capable to supply high-class products that exceed many certifications.

Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Located in Huangdao China, Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a reputable large-scale industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise mainly specialized in agricultural equipment, core components, financial services, construction machinery, vehicles, and other business production. Established in 1998, the company has more than 16, 000 employees with total assets of 16.1 billion Yuan.

Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Located in Wuhan, China, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd. integrates research and development, designs, production, and sales of various agricultural machinery products including markets tractors, harvesters, diesel engines, rotary cultivators, and related accessories. They exported their products worldwide in countries including Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Europe, Bangladesh, etc.

Fujin Li Xing Plant Protection Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Fujin Li Xing Plant Protection Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional plant protection machinery manufacturer. The company has complied with the 3C certificate and agricultural machinery promotion certificate, ISO9001 international quality system certification, and more. For more than 10 years, they provide high-quality products and first-class service to clients worldwide.

Taizhou City Xiefeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taizhou City Xiefeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, and now currently based at Toumengang economic Zone, District in Taizhou City, covering an area of 8000 square meters. ISO 9001, ISO 9000 certified company that produces high-quality Sprayer, Hand Sprayers, Battery Sprayer Pump, Knapsack Sprayers, Plastic Sprayer, etc.


Since 2003, NANTONG ANT MACHINERY Co., Ltd., specialized in research & development, production, and sales of different products including light construction machinery. This company was headquartered in Qidong city of Jiangsu province. Strive to continuously provide customers with the best quality products and professional service that can surely meet customers′ requirements.

Weifang Huabo Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd

ISO9001 certified this company is one modern private enterprise which engaged in research and development, designs, production, and sale of various agricultural equipment. The company has a strong and advanced technology force and assembly line located in Weifang China.

Wuhan EETO Machinery

Established in 2016, Wuhan EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing Laser Cutting Tools Widely Applied in Agriculture Machinery and other related laser intelligent equipment solutions for users all over the world. Located in Wuhan, China this company is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and reliable service to all customers.


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