Air Freight Forwarder China

with better shipping rate
  • Competitive air freight based on many BSA(blocked space agreement) price with airlines
  • Guarantee the cargo space even in the peak season
  • Choose the most suitable airport based on your supplier’s factory and goods commodity
  • Pick up service in any city
  • Hazardous goods shipping and fresh goods shipping
  • Rich experience for large size goods shipping
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Normal Goods by air Shipping from China
Normal Goods by air Shipping from China

Bansar can provide the competitive air freight based on our BSA(blocked space agreement) price with airlines, we can choose the best airline service for client’s required transit time.

Out of Gauge Goods by Air Shipping from China
Out of Gauge Goods by Air Shipping from China

For some large size or overweight shipment goods, Bansar has rich experience to operate by air, meanwhile, we can provide the best solution and good price for customers.

Hazardous Goods by Air Shipping from China
Hazardous Goods by Air Shipping from China

Besides normal goods, there are many Hazardous goods need the air service in the logistics market,actually, it is difficult to handle, but Bansar has enough experience and confidence to operate the Hazardous goods by air shipping from China.

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Air Freight Shipping from China : The Complete Guide

Are you considering expanding your boundaries to the international market?

Well, you had to, at some point. At least, that is a good indicator as far as business growth and success is concerned.

That said, I bet you’ve considered air freight shipping as a means of getting your products to consumers. Awesome decision!

Here is why;

Air freight shipping is unlike any other form of shipping method.

First of all, it is fast, convenient and allows you to reach a broader range of the market.

DELTA Plane taking off from the airport

DELTA Plane taking off from the airport

Besides, it is one of the ways that businesses are using to make money and scale up the global economy, today.

With that in mind, I think it would be best if you first learn all that surrounds air freight shipping.

This way you’ll be able to know which way you should go when it comes to adapting air freight shipping to your business’s specific needs.

Chapter 1: Bansar Air Freight Forwarding Service

The truth is, air freight shipping has become the go-to means of getting products to international markets.

China is currently among the top 3 exporting nations in the world.

This means that millions of containers leave the country with goods to different destinations across the globe.

With this fact, it is easy to tell, that there are very many freight forwarding companies in China.

export data shipping from China

Photo Credits: World Atlas

There so many freight forwarders in China that you may end up spending more time making a choice.

More time than you would spend waiting for your goods to arrive at the port.

Here is something you should know; confusion is synonymous with situations where there are numerous products to choose from.

In this case, choosing any particular freight shipping service provider in China can be quite challenging.

So to avoid all the hassle and challenges that selecting a freight forwarder involves, it is wise that you be clear on one thing-finding a partner, not just a company to ship your products.

When I say partner, I mean BANSAR.

Why Bansar?

Chinese best air freight forwarder Bansar

Bansar home page

Bansar is a partner, a reliable and affordable one for that matter.

This is a freight forwarder that will ensure your freight is shipped from China using the best airline.

They will also ensure the proper handling of your goods from departure to delivery.

Need more convincing?

Of the many advantages that Bansar offers you as a shipping partner, the following will genuinely woo you.

1. Better Shipping Rates

Bansar offers some of the best freight shipping rates in China.

Unlike most shipping companies, we at Bansar are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy reliable, affordable and fast services.

We understand that key to good customer relationships is ensuring that customers enjoy competitive rates as well as quality service.

This means that customers have to get value for their money which is precisely what Bansar has in mind for you.

shipping cost from China

So when considering any of our air freight shipping services, don’t ever worry about how much you’ll end up spending.

Instead, be confident of the kind of services we will offer.

We guarantee that you’ll get absolute value for your money when you choose to partner with us.

Oh, and there is more!

Yes, repeat customer do get incentives or should I say discounts hard to resist?

Well, you may have to consider that fact too.

2. More airlines to choose

As you would expect from an ideal shipping company, we have service contracts with numerous companies (reliable).

From CK, EK, SQ among others that you’ll soon find out.

This should assure you of our commitment to ensuring that your products reach your desired destination in their best form and the fastest means possible.

Different airlines

Different airlines

With us, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your products to a particular country or destination.

We can ship your products anywhere you want, anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to beat your head about this fact.

We have the right mechanisms and procedures in place to ensure that every detail is carried out accordingly.

Also, we will choose the best port of departure for your goods depending on your shipping schedule.

This way, you can be sure that we will facilitate the transportation of your products in a timely and safe manner.

3. Free Warehousing

Bansar understands how warehouse charges can be crazy.

Finding these warehouses that can guarantee the safety and proper handling of your goods is also another challenge.

Remember that warehouse owner is in to make a profit.

Not many of them are mindful of your need for affordability or reliability.

Warehousing before shipping

Warehousing before shipping

Bansar understands this, and that is why we offer free warehouse spaces to our customers for 20-30 days.

So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your goods anymore.

I mean, as much as we hate to brag, we just can’t ignore the fact that Bansar is the best regarding shipping services in China.

We have everything needed to handle any shipping.

From dry container shipping to bulk cargo shipping, we can handle all these and more.

We have a professional team that is experienced in out of gauge as well as operating block train shipping.

Bansar is your one-stop shop for all your air freight shipping needs.

We are that fast, reliable and affordable partner you should be looking for.

Bansar Air Freight Shipping Service Details

At this point, I know you are wondering what service packages we are offering.

Well, here they are;

1. Customs, product classification, and paperwork

In all honesty, product shipping isn’t something to take lightly.

This is something that may make or break your business.

It is something that can create a difference between good or bad customer relationships.

In other words, this is something that has to be given the best attention.

With this in mind, note that there are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to shipping products from China to international markets.

document when shipping from China by air

Keeping tabs on all these elements and ensuring that every detail is taken care of can be difficult for someone who is not in the business of freight forwarding.

We at Bansar know this, and that is why as part of our service package, we offer custom, product classification, and paperwork services.


We have been in the freight forwarding business for a considerable amount of time, over ten years now.

Through this years, we have gained immense experience on what needs to be done and what not regarding product shipping using air freight.

This experience, I must say, helps us significant in ensuring efficient service delivery to our customers.

The best part is that our company has a professional team of individuals who are knowledgeable of custom rules and regulations.

This enables us to conduct proper product classification and paperwork.

It also helps us to conduct smooth and quick customs clearance of shipments.

We will handle all your paperwork and customs clearance.

2. Pick up service

Besides facilitating the transportation of goods from China to your contracted destination, Bansar also offers to pick up services.

Our staff will go to your factory or wherever the goods are located and ensure that every detail regarding size, weight, volume, and packaging are in order.

Pick up and Delivery

They will take videos and pictures if need be just to make sure that you are on board with operations.

Once every detail is verified, we will take the goods from where they are, factory or wherever and then take them to the airport or our warehouse until the date of departure.

3. Door to door delivery service

For someone who is entirely new to air freight forwarding processes, shipping large consignments can be fraught with obstacles.

It is a process that can be not only needless expensive but also frustrating and outright confusing especially if door to door delivery is needed.

Door to door delivery

Door to door delivery

It doesn’t matter whether you are exporting, moving overseas or shipping your new entrepreneurial ventures’ first batch of products, door to door freight shipping does not have to be expensive or frustrating.

Bansar has all the mechanism you need to cover all your logistics needs.

By partnering with us, you can be guaranteed to reduce the cost of both money and stress while shipping your goods.

Take this scenario for example;

What happens when you order products as an end consumer?

Well, first before the delivery of the products at your doorstep, it had to come from the manufacturer overseas to a port in that country where it shipped either by ocean, surface or air to where you are.

The shipment then likely traveled from the port to a centrally located warehouse before it was shipped yet again to your location and then delivered to your local address.

Taking this in mind, logistics is a complicated process.

It involves numerous factors and freight providers.

Because of all this, air freight shipping requires integrating information from many different sources.

It involves handling and packaging goods as well as brokering a relay team of air freight companies to handle each shipment.

Besides, the process involves security measure that ensures your consignment is safe from any risks.

I mean the whole process is too complicated for an unfamiliar fellow to handle.

That is why we (Bansar) take the responsibility of ensuring that your consignment is shipped to your contracted address and also delivered to every one of your given customers.

We primarily provide as much as or as little service as you are comfortable with.

So do you want to maintain control of your operations to some extent?

We can help you optimize and streamline your processes to cut on costs and increase order fulfillment.

4. Goods insurance

Accidents do happen.

They are quite inevitable in freight shipping.

Imagine everything your consignment has to go through to get from the factory to the end user, isn’t it just incredible that it arrives at all?

Ideally, cargo planes battle intense, life-threatening weather, pests on board, theft, among other risks.

Plane accident

Plane accident – Photo Credits: ASN News

To be able to survive all this, comprehensive insurance is an integral part of your businesses total investment.

At Bansar, we provide goods insurance to our customers.

Cargo Insurance

Our insurance covers are at all-time effective which guarantees you that your goods will arrive in on piece irrespective of the occurrence.

5. Provide air waybill in time

It is essential to be sure that your consignment has been booked for transportation and that it will arrive at your contracted destination as scheduled.

An airway bill, in this case, is some of the kind of receipt acknowledging all these facts.

It shows the destination, shipper and every other detail concerning the consignment.

Sample of Waybill

Sample of Waybill

In other words, it is an evidence of the contract of the carriage and is vital to fast-tracking the shipment.

At Bansar, we know how important having this document is to you and your investments.

Therefore, we do our due diligence to ensure that you get the air waybill on time to help you fast track your shipment with ease.

Chapter 2: What is Air Freight Forwarder?

Good question!

Well, to begin with, what is air freight?

Air shipping as you can as well call it is the transportation of goods through the use of a plane specially designed to carry and transport cargo.

Cargo Plane

Cargo Plane

This kind of aircraft are often referred to as cargo planes and are operated by the airlines which handle passenger aircraft.

With that said, we can correlate air freight with air freight forwarding.

This means that the latter is the organizer of the transportation of goods on your behalf from a current location to one of your choosing.

Freight forwarders do this based on the cost and time factor.

Still don’t get it? Fine.

Have you ever tried shipping a large volume of goods overseas, whether for business or personal?

Yes? Then I bet at some point you had to involve the services of a freight forwarder.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that an air freight forwarder is not the carrier, meaning that they don’t ship the items.

Instead, they act as agents and brokers of logistics and shipping services.

These providers combine years of expertise and requisite industry regulatory knowledge to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and without loss.

They ensure that you get the most economical transport and logistics services there is for your products.

Here’s is a video of the top cargo planes in the world – it will help you appreciate what I am about to discuss here:

Now can you confidently prefer using the services of an air freight forwarder?

Does it sound like a better deal?

Let us first find out some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these shipment services.

Chapter 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Freight

You may ask what the significant advantages and disadvantages of air freight are.

It’s okay, you are within your right to ask.

So to answer the question,

If you have had the privilege of using air freight, you can attest to the fact that it offers a series of advantages.

Advantages that compensate for the extra money you have to invest in initially.

Mostly, the advantages offered by air transportation are a combination of speed, timeliness, reliability, warehousing, insurance premium, and packing.

Loading an oversized cargo in a plane

Loading an oversized cargo in a plane

Speed and frequency

Almost certainly, the most notable advantage of air shipping is its speed and frequency.

Undoubtedly, air freight is the fastest mode of freight forwarding that you can find at the moment.

This requires no-brainer, and it is so much so that if you have an urgent need to send to a package, then an airplane will be first your go-to mode of transportation

Thus basically, the speediness of air shipping enables the cargo to get to the preferred destination within the shortest time possible.

You will also notice that it takes lesser time to load the cargo into the carrier compared to perhaps the ocean freight forwarding.

Necessarily, it will make it possible for you to save time as well as resources that you would otherwise spend for additional packing needs.

It is this swiftness that air freight forwarding service offers which makes it an ideal means for transport, especially for the time-based consignments.

This equally translates to efficiency and averting some inconveniences as well as losses that would arise due to the delay of the cargo.

Can ship goods to any part of the world

You know that there are so many landlocked countries in the world which tends to derail the shipment process, especially for those using ocean freight.

But on the contrary, almost every country in the world has an airport facility, irrespective of the size.

It, therefore, makes it ideal to use air freight to deliver such goods efficiently to countries in any part of the world.

This is advantageous in a significant way because it also prevents unnecessary inconveniences and longer shipping days.


For most business persons, reliability is one of the critical elements that make it possible for their dealings to thrive.

It’s never easy to convince a particular client about a product availability after you fail to honor the initial promise.

So you need a mode that you’re confident will deliver the consignment within the set timeframe and that’s where air freight becomes handy.

It is reliable, more reliable than other freight shipping means.

Ships and boats are slower. They can delay for a day, a week and some even months due to the weather-related conditions among other factors.

Planes delay too.

However, when this happens, the airline’s responsible offer efficient alternative means.

Ones that can guarantee your package won’t be delayed by more than 24 hours after you book it for transportation.

Plus, the departure and arrival times of cargo flights are always specific given that most of the carriers tend to be on top of their schedules.

So reliability regarding air freight is something you should beat your head over.

Free warehousing

If you transport unusually large packages, then you might be interested to know that air freight offers a warehousing advantage.

Unlike other freight shipping alternatives, air freight won’t subject you to the hassles and cost of local warehousing.

Bansar freight forwarders, in particular, provide you with a secure and free warehouse for your goods.

Strict legal compliance

If there are any of the essential benefits of air freight shipping that many people would always like to overlook is the tedious, frustrating and tiresome administrative side.

The best thing that can ever happen to you in this business is finding help to cater for all the documentation and paperwork needs.

air freight shipping from china

Photo Credits: Air Cargo

In most cases, some mistakes often come with financial penalties besides the apparent inconveniences.

For that reason, it’s merely practical to employ a third party to handle all these processes on your behalf.

Air freight forwarding makes it easy and possible to comply with the legal and regulatory fulfillments required for passing over international borders.

Reduced financial constraints

You should also know that air freight eliminates the financial restrictions that costumers tend to incur- all thanks to the speed and efficiency of air freight transport and logistics.

In other words, your products will reach the target consumers even before the realization of your payment as a seller.

Reduced insurance premiums

What often spells out the rate of insurance premiums on a specific consignment is the all the possible risks surrounding it.

So what benefit does air freight provide regarding this?

Well, using air freight forwarder means that your cargo will always be at the airport.

Also, airports tend to have heightened security measures. Their deliveries are also speedier compared to train, vehicle and even boat/ship deliveries.

This means that the insurance premium will cost less.

You end up saving hugely on every shipment you make.

Bonus advantage

Air shipping does not require many packings like surface and ocean shipping.

This means that at the end of the day, you pay less as a business/individual to get your packages shipped.

Loading items in Lufthansa Cargo

Loading items in Lufthansa Cargo

Despite being so advantageous, air freight shipping also has a few disadvantages.

These include;


Understand that like traveling by air; air freight is more expensive compared to other freight forwarding services, i.e., ocean and surface.

This is mainly because of it is the fastest, most efficient and secure mode of freight transport.

Also the high cost of air-fuel kind of adds to the high cost of air freight shipping costs.

Nonetheless, it remains to be the fastest mode of shipping which you have to be ready to spend a higher amount of money if you want to enjoy its benefits.

After all, a fast shipping method provides value for money especially if you’re chasing sales by taking the good to the customer on time.

Size limitation

Here’s the point;

The size of the cargo that a particular plane can carry depends on the size of the actual flight and what it’s ratified to carry without overloading.

It, therefore, implies that some goods can be subject to the specific size especially when they cargo is relatively bulky.

It can also be a limitation to the design shape of the cargo such that those that are oddly packaged and or those that can take up larger spaces may be impossible to fit in.

You need to remember that it is the regulatory bodies that control and determine issues to do with weight and size that a plane should carry.

They also regulate the specifics that the carriers should carry and what they should not.

Therefore, it only implies that should you be in need of transporting heavy and large items, you’d probably consider other ideal options.


This is the most dangerous mode of shipping. You may not want to read this, but the reality is that glitches are inevitable.

Catastrophic accident of UPS Airlines Flight 1354

Catastrophic accident of UPS Airlines Flight 1354

In this mode of cargo transport, any minor glitch can lead to a substantial loss than you can ever imagine.

You may argue that perhaps you may obtain equal compensation from the insurance cover but the probably the inconvenience caused at that time may be irreversible.

Also, if you environmental conscious, air freight might not be your best choice.

This is because aircraft emit lots of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In general, the pros for air freight supersede its cons.

What this suggests is that if it is an option that you can afford then better go for it without even a second thought.

Chapter 4: Air Freight Forwarding Process– Here’s how a Freight Forwarder Handles Your Cargo

For a first timer, air freight may sound so glamorous, but what does it involve really?

What is the process of air freight forwarding?

Well, for you to seek requisition of services of an air freight forwarder to get your goods delivered to a chosen destination, specific procedures have to be followed.

It is essential that you be familiar with these processes.

Air Freight Forwarding Process

Photo Credits: Air Cargo

At least you’ll have an idea of what happens before you get your shipment fast and safely.

Now let me take you through every detail step so that what takes place when and where.

Understanding this process also allows you to know how some regulations regarding air freight forwarding work.

Straight to the point, let’s look at the entire process step by step;

Confirm air freight rate and flight time based on your goods size, gross weight, and package

Of course in this industry, you’ll find out that several airlines provide the services for shipping consignments.

It is quite evident that the shipping rates will vary from one carrier to another depending on a wide range of issues.

So the first thing that the air freight forwarder does is essentially confirming the shipping rates with the particular carriers.

This process is often extensive because the actual rates often tend to fluctuate from one carrier to another depending on various factors.

 illustration purposes

Note: This is for illustration purposes only – Photo Credits: Pet Relocation

Additionally, the air freight forwarder is also responsible for assessing the size of the cargo, its package design, and gross weight.

Ideally, all these among others are the elements that ultimately determine the overall cost of the shipment.

It is somewhat a tasking process to arrive at the reasonable pricing, and that’s one of the reasons it is always advisable to seek services of freight forwarder.

They understand all the aspects to factor in when determining the shipping rates and other terms which in most cases you’ll not be likely to figure out.

Book the space to airlines

After determining the rates to pay for a specific cargo, the freight forwarder then moves to the next step; booking for carrier space.

This is vital because most of the airlines operate in a systematic approach.

They have different schedules and thus need to make reservations in advance to facilitate the shipping.

Booking is made in a wide range of methods.

However, these days, most forwarders tend to make the reservation online.

Book the space to airlines

Photo Credits: Huff Post

In fact, all of the cargo airlines have online portals and websites where the bookings are made for all the shipments.

The good thing about this kind of arrangement is that it makes the entire work reasonably easy in the regards to coordinating cargo movement.

Once the booking is made, tracking and follow-up of the cargo then begin.

It is apparently a confirmation that the cargo is ready for shipment.

Pick up the goods at the warehouse

The next step for an air freight forwarder is to head straight away to the warehouse and collect the cargo.

This is done procedurally to avoid confusing the consignment since the chances are high that the warehouse could probably be hosting several cargos.

And before picking and authorizing for the cargo to move to the carrier, the agent always ensures that the cargo is not tampered with.

But at the same time, the agent understands how to identify the specific cargo for the customer.

In many instances, such confusions might lead to hefty financial fines and other penalties.

Removing goods from warehouse ready for shipping

Removing goods from warehouse ready for shipping

So at the storage space, the freight forwarder has to ensure that the cargo details match the booking information.

This is to make work easy especially during transit if the shipment is among other different ones in the same carrier.

It is at this stage that the air freight forwarder also ensures that they enforce all the security measures on the shipment in readiness for its shipping.

Paperwork and finish customs clearance

Paperwork and customs clearances are part of the logistics of air freight shipping.

And I must say it involves a lot of things that someone without the knowledge and who is not familiar with these processes can have a tough time.

To relieve you of the burden of having to run from office to office getting papers signed, obtaining certifications and the likes, we at Bansar have a team of professionals that handle all this.

Paperwork and finish customs clearance

Photo Credits: FedEx

Besides, we are a licensed company with particular international expertise and familiarity with customs procedures.

Freight forwarders have the needed skills and experience to prepare and process documentation.

This helps to ensure that your shipments arrive at their various destinations and checkpoints and pass through customs quickly and easily.

This is the stage where they declare shipments.

They also review commercial invoices among other documentation that you may need before the goods are shipped from China.

Buy Goods insurance (if any)

Sometime delicate goods may need transportation.

These could be hazardous goods, perishable goods, flammable items and others which may need to be handled delicately.

In this case, goods insurance may need to assure the customers that their consignment will reach contracted destinations safely.

Insurance is key to ensure safety

Insurance is key to ensure safety

Well, as earlier mentioned, accidents do happen. You don’t know what may happen after the fight takes off or even once goods reach the destination port.

So if goods are of this nature that they need insurance or if you the customer are hell-bent on getting goods insurance, your freight forwarder will handle all this for you.

They will contact one of their insurance alliances and buy your insurance that they believe is perfect for your consignment.

This is done before the goods are transferred to the airline for transportation.

Transfer goods to the airline from the warehouse

Once all documentation and insurance are in order, the freight forwarder through its team will release your consignment from the warehouse and take it to the airport for loading.

Loading cargo in a plane

Loading cargo in a plane

Remember that before this there is other paperwork that has to be done at the airport in conjunction with the carrier.

So goods have to be at the airport days or even hours before they are shipped to your contracted destination.

Make airway bill and give clients

As part of the freight documentation or somewhat of the freight forwarding contract, an airway bill often has to be filled at the airport once goods are loaded onto the plane.

shipment airwaybill

Photo credits: DHL

Here, your freight forwarder ensures that carriers file the shippers export declaration.

They also ascertain that the appropriate Incoterms are on the air waybill to enable them to deliver your shipment as you stipulate.

So once the forwarder loads your shipment onto the carrier airplane, they provide a copy of the airway bill.

This document details the estimated time of arrival, carrier name, flight number, etc.

Door to door service (if any)

Air freight forwarders are typically the masters of moving large amounts of goods across national borders.

If you are lucky to find a comprehensive freight forwarder, like Bansar, you can get door-to-door shipping services.

Such forwarders can air ship your exports from China to your contracted destination and even offer do door to door delivery.

So once your goods arrive at the destination port, the freight forwarder facilitates the warehousing, distribution, and delivery of goods to the customer through their product fulfillment services.

Take note that this service often comes at an extra cost of course.

Chapter 5: IATA Air Freight Rules and Regulations on Air Freight

The world is progressing at a rapid rate and so is globalization.

With these, the global shipping industry is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of supplying goods worldwide.



Every day, the average person consumes products from manufacturers in other nations.

Some of these products are made locally but from materials that were imported from somewhere else.

Well, all of these things are shipped by various means, i.e., by air, sea or surface to get to their destinations.

Air often ships Fruits, vegetables, meats, chemicals, and other items that need fast transportation.

And I must say that with as the world is becoming fast-paced, air freight is slowly taking over the shipping industry.

Now, with that said, it is important to note that air shipping doesn’t happen.

Several international rules and regulations govern air shipping processes and bodies.

These are rules stipulated by IATA and have to be followed strictly by air freight forwarding agents, carriers and you, the customer.

What is IATA?

IATA which stands for International Air Transport Association is a trade association of airlines around the globe.

It is the body that governs airline activity’s and is also responsible for formulating air transport policies and standards.

You can watch this video to learn more about IATA.

For air freight, IATA has set rules and regulations which airlines, forwarders, and customer follow to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient transportation of goods across the globe.

These are in particular set under TACT (the air cargo tariff and rules).

It provides air freight professionals with all the information they need to transport cargo all over the world efficiently.

TACT as you should know consists of two divisions or rather elements. The TACT rules and TACT rates.

TACT rules are the comprehensive guideline for shipping and accepting air cargo.

It comprises of the shipping industry, country, and carrier regulations.

TACT rates, on the other hand, provide information on the most current industry, country, and carrier rates.

It is the most comprehensive global rates database is the air shipping industry.

IATA Rules and Regulations on Air Freight

The IATA rules and regulations on air shipping are quite basic and remain constant, for the most part around the world.

Nonetheless, governmental regulations can limit the number of imports and exports as well as the type of goods being handled.

Overall though, shipping regulations are quite basic.

All they require is proper packaging and labeling of goods. According to IATA, Proper documentation and insurance is also a necessity on air freight.

If goods do not abide by the above tenets, then delivery of the consignment will probably delay, or get held up.

Again here, I have this video for you to learn more about TACT:

These rules and regulations tend to require a high level of accuracy.

This is why air freight forwarders and carriers pay keen attention to it.

Take note that IATA sets rules and regulations to govern global airlines.

Nonetheless, they also help countries to formulate policies and standards on exports and imports that are country specific.

So on what needs to be done and what limits or restrictions might be placed on your cargo, consult with your air freight forwarder.

They will be able to provide you with all the information you need regarding this and possibly guide you through what’s important.

That’s said, here are the basic rules and regulations IATA has set for air freight shipping.

i. Labeling

Labeling of goods is essential for freight shipping. In this regard, IATA air shipping regulations have stringent codes that shippers must follow when it comes to labeling packages.

Improperly labeled goods can get lost during shipping.

They can even end up in the wrong destination far from what was contracted for by the shipper.


Appropriate labelling is key in air freight

Appropriate labelling is key in air freight

Labeling makes it easy for forwarding company, the carrier and the shipper to track the cargo from the time it picks up to the final delivery time.

ii. Packing

This is self-explanatory I think.

Shipping goods without proper packing can lead to loss of items and even damage.

Proper packing reduces the burden of worry for both the carrier and forwarding company.

Appropriate packing is key air shipping

Appropriate packing is key air shipping

Besides, knowing that your goods have proper packaging gives you peace of mind that at least they will be transported easily and safety.

Note that the international rules and regulations on shipping have specific demands on how goods have to be packaged.

So make sure that your freight forwarder fills you in on these demands to ensure that your consignments are shipped without any problems.

iii. Documentation

Along with proper packaging and clear labeling, documentation is also another critical aspect of air shipping.

IATA expects that all international freight has proper documentation

Documentation for air freight

Documentation for air freight – EI Freight

Here, all parties involved which are the shipper, the carrier, and the freight forwarder have to fill in this paperwork and file them with the right agencies and authorities.

Note that the right paperwork facilitates a fast and smooth customs clearance of goods.

If you ship goods without proper documentation, then there is a 100% chance that your consignments will get held up at customs.

Remember that once goods get stuck at the borders, getting them out can be a hassle.

So it is better that you follow the stipulated guidelines and ensure that you get proper documentation when shipping items internationally.

Better off, you can use an experienced customs broker to help you with all the paperwork you need.

iv. Insurance

Earlier on, we mentioned that accidents are inevitable even IATA knows this.

Goods getting lost, or damaged during transit is something that happens, and you have to be prepared for when it does.


You should know that a majority of shipping companies will not sign a freight forwarding contract with you if your shipment is not insured.

This is especially for more massive shipments and goods that have a high potential for damage, being stolen or even causing damage.

So this doesn’t even have to come from the international air shipping regulations.

It is something that should come from you.

That once you invest money and time to transport your goods by air, it is only wise that you guarantee of its safe transportation and delivery.

v. Dangerous goods

Now, this is where you have to pay keen attention.

Did you know that there are goods that may endanger the safety of an aircraft and the people aboard it?

I bet you did.

If not, now you do.

So yes, there are items that can cause danger when air shipped.

These are items that IATA classifies as dangerous goods.

Products restricted by some airlines

Products restricted by some airlines

Since it is the regulator of the international shipping industry, IATA has laid down rules and regulations that forbids or restricts the transportation of dangerous goods.

These rules are stipulated in the IATA DGR manual.

For the restricted items, there are standards within which the body ensures their safe handling in air shipping.

So if you are transporting goods classified as dangerous in the DGR, you need to comply with the requirements set out in the manual diligently.

This will at least ensure the safety of the shipment as well as that of the people handling it, and the environment too.

Also note that IATA forbids the shipping of combustible, poisonous, infectious, oxidizing, and radioactive materials by air.

And while other hazardous goods are allowed to be transported by air, specialized training is required for individuals who will be preparing and handling the products during shipping.

vi. Air Shipping Costs

Remember what we said about TACT rates?

Well, IATA also regulates the rates applicable to air shipping across the globe.

It does this through the ‘official rates policy’ which all shipping companies are required to adhere to.

You see, the way central banks regulate interest charges on bank loans is the same way IATA regulates shipping costs.

These regulations on charges are often based on references kept between IATA and local contract price committees.

Air freight forwarders that would thus like to use new price points will need the authorization of IATA and that of the national government.

Note however that shipping charges follow an identical framework provided for by IATA under the TACT rates. These costs are billed concerning TACT rates guidelines, and nearly all air shipping companies use the ‘net ‘air travel purchasing prices and air freight costs.

So, for air freight shipping companies to make a profit, they often incorporate a surcharge on the estimates and expenses based on the overall air freight costs they might incur.



Therefore, ensure that you are familiar with the current rates to avoid paying for things that you’re not supposed to

Also, it is best that anytime you think of partnering with an air freight forwarder; you’re your time to read through their terms and conditions.

This will enable you to understand the facts of the agreement better and know what you are spending on.

Chapter 6: How to Choose the Best Air Freight Forwarding Company

As you now know, an air freight forwarder is a company responsible for organizing the transportation of goods from one destination to another.

Partnering with the best air freight forwarding company, therefore, makes a significant amount of difference.

A reliable and credible freight forwarding agent guarantees you affordable, fast and secure delivery of products.

At least, you can be sure that packages will reach the receiving parties correctly and you can breathe stress-free.

With this in mind, you should be looking to partner with a company that can help your business grow globally.

Loading plane with cargo

Loading plane with cargo

This should be a company that;

1. Has a professional freight forwarding team

A reliable freight forwarding company ought to have a team of professionals taking care of customer needs.

This runs from the company’s management down to the customer service team.

2. Has an office in every airport

China is a big country. It is one of the largest economies in the world.

With this in mind, you should know that there are numerous airports in the country that help to facilitate export and importations of goods within the state.

As a business looking to export goods from China, therefore, you should look to work with a service provider who has offices in every airport.

Any reputable air freight shipping company should have an office in almost all airports worldwide.

This aspect allows you access to a full selection of carrier that can transport any shipment you’d like to transport and at any time or day.

If you choose a company with a selection of carrier options, you stand more chance to get better shipping rates.’

Companies with limited contacts around the globe tend to need to hook up with other forwarding companies to deliver some shipments.

Naturally, these may charge more especially if you need to transport goods to a destination that isn’t on their regular shipping route.

3. Has a good network of agents

You can be assured of better efficiency if you work an air freight forwarder who has a good network of agents in your target markets.

This also includes custom brokers and agents.

If your company of choice meets this criterion, you can be sure that your goods will be transported smoothly to your preferred destination.

So before you sign any contracts, ensure that you do enough background check on the particular company.

4. Can handle OOG goods (extra-large shipments)

You don’t know the future, and despite this uncertainties, you might at one point need to transport an unusually large consignment of goods, i.e., 9000 mm long, and 2000 mm wide.

So, before proceeding, make sure that you are conversant enough with the handling ability of the service provider you are considering to partner with.

A freight service provider that can handle OOG good may help you deliver any size and weight of goods when you need to.

It is therefore essential that you work with a company that has a reliable cargo handling ability.

5. Is familiar with international air freight legislation and processes

IATA has stipulated rules and regulations governing export and import of goods worldwide.

To be on the safe side, you have to guarantee that the forwarder you are thinking about knows about the requisite international air freight legislation and processes.


Good network is key here

Good network is key here

A freight forwarder with comprehensive knowledge of the legal requirements guarantees you a safe and uncompromised delivery of goods to your chosen destination.

6. Has the experience to handle hazardous goods, chemical goods, and perishable products

If you deal with the type mentioned above of goods, you need to ensure that your forwarder is knowledgeable of the required handling procedures.

They additionally should be proficient with the legal requirements for shipping hazardous, chemical and perishable goods.

Some freight forwarding companies, i.e., Bansar provide training to their employees on handling hazardous cargo, and it is a smart thought to inquire as to whether they can do this with no difficulties.

7. Provides cargo insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is necessary when shipping goods abroad.

It secures your investments on the off chance that the cargo forwarder and carrier do any mishandles, or loses the goods amid transportation.

So a freight forwarder that provides errors and omissions insurance is essential to guarantee the security and safety of your goods.

8. Has excellent references in the air freight industry

Analyzing the references of the air shipping company you are thinking about hiring is critical for smooth transporting.

You can make inquiries about the company’s service delivery and quality from previous clients.

At least try to find out how many people can vouch for the service quality of the company you intend to partner with.

Remember that customer satisfaction is a significant plus for selecting the services in general.

To ensure that your chosen service provider has excellent references and can meet all deadlines.

9. Is affordable and reliable

These two elements are critical to the smooth air transportation of goods.

Nonetheless, most people often assume that affordable means are cheap. No, it doesn’t.

When looking for the best air freight forwarding service provider, you should always consider experience as the cost factor.

It is the experience and reliability of the company that will determine its affordability.

You may choose a company that offers cheap freight shipping costs.

But then, you may end up experiencing hiccups such as delayed product dispatch because your cargo forwarder was not sufficiently experienced to see an issue emerging.

What’s worse is that the company may not even have proper contacts let alone the knowledge and experience to resolve the situation promptly.

So what happens in this case?

You suffer losses and may end up incurring additional costs.

What I am trying to say is that go for a company that offers affordability based on experience, reliability, and credibility.

10. Has online tracking

The world is changing, and technology is taking over almost every industry.

Today, most freight forwarding services have online tracking capability.

So if the company you are considering doesn’t employ one, it is wise if you look for another one.

Online tracking is convenient, fast and easy.

It informs you about where your shipment is already and when it is expected to arrive at your contracted destination.

With online tracking, you can check on your shipment update at any time of the day or night.

So you shouldn’t forgo the possibility of personally tracking your shipment using the most convenient method there is.

Chapter 7: Air Cargo Freight Cost and charges from China – Learn How to Reduce Freight Cost

Air shipping can be quite costly compared to another form of cargo shipping.

The costs can overwhelm you especially if you are considering the service for the first time.

But did you know that these costs can be reduced?

Wondering how?

Well, take note of this; knowledge is the most critical thing to mull over before going up against any air cargo shipping contracts.

Air costs vary worldwide.

In China to be specific, there are numerous airlines and air freight forwarders.

This plus the large of a volume of exports from the country tend to have an impact on the air freight costs.

The type of products, a distance of transport as well as the weight and size of the shipments also tends to determine air freight costs.

I mean there are so many things that come into play when it comes to air shipping costs in China.

This is why I believe that being familiar with how air freight rates are structured will provide you with a good understanding as to which aspect you can negotiate on when seeking these services.

You may not have thought about it, but there are ways through which you can ease the burdening cost of air freight.

Here are some of them;

Your goods must have a reasonable package and exact size and gross weight

More likely than not, you can save money on shipping cost by optimizing your packaging.


Any time you want to ship products overseas, try to reduce the packaging materials to the least thickness and volume. Don’t overdo it, however.

Be keen not to compromise the safe transportation of the goods.

You may not know this yet, but the truth is that air in your packaging tends to drive up the shipping costs.

In other words, when you leave air in your package, this is calculated together with chargeable freight weight. And trust me, you will end up paying for it in your supply chain.

So whenever you fail to utilize some packaging volume, your supply chain bleeds money.

Adopt an appropriate packaging FedEx

Adopt an appropriate packaging – Photo Credits: FedEx

In some instances, reducing the packaging dimensions even by a centimeter means that a few other boxes can fit in the container- which is a cost advantage to you.

So if you want to reduce your air shipping costs, always do your due diligence by optimizing the packaging.

This will help you save on raw materials for packaging, warehousing and possibly even damaged goods cost.

But majorly, it will help you save on transportation costs since you can ship more for the same price of one container.

Use a more direct route for transport

Distance as earlier mentioned dramatically impacts shipping costs.

Therefore, ensure that your freight forwarder gives you the option of a more direct route for your goods whenever possible.

Direct route will be cheaper

Direct route will be cheaper

Logically, it is less expensive and should be able to save you some money.

Another trick is to create and execute a routing guide to enjoy discounts from chose carriers.

Additionally, make sure to review your cargo bills to enforce a routing guide and carrier use.

Finish your goods as earlier as possible

Finishing your products early enough may help you get better air shipping rates.

Choose air shipping forwarder with competitive freight rate

To be able to cut on air shipping costs, you need first to identify a suitable freight forwarder.

Get a freight forwarding company that offers competitive freight forwarding rates and value-added services.

A competitive rate Remember is not “low price.” It is instead a rate that offers you more value for your money.

One that saves time and that includes incentives for repeat customers.

So as you choose a freight forwarder, do not be misconceived and think that companies giving low quotations are the best. NO!

Choose air shipping forwarder with competitive freight rate

In the air freight forwarding industry, there is this belief or should I say kind of principle that you get what you pay for.

So make sure that your air freight forwarder is legitimate and has a good reputation.

Do your due diligence and go over reviews on rates and services offered.

Also, review the companies’ customer service quality and then judge individual companies using the experiences of other people as well as your knowledge.

Use Larger Containers

Using large shipping containers is always a way to save on shipping costs.

Something you may not know is that freight forwarders tend to offer discounts based on cargo volumes.

So if you are transporting a larger volume of cargo, you may gain a discount.

When you ship more items or ship in a large container, you will benefit from a volume discount.

Using large shipping container

Loading cargo in a plane

So, if your model of business allows it, you should always strive to ship more goods per shipment to help reduces freight costs.

Although a large shipment may cost you more, the guarantee of a lower transportation cost per unit shipped may be worth your consideration.

Optimize shipping containers

We talked about optimizing your packaging.

Now we are talking about optimizing the container itself.

Some of you may wonder if this is even possible.

Well, luckily it is and thanks to technology you can make the most of your shipping container space.

So how does it work?

Optimizing the container, in this case, will need you to reduce the amount of air shipped in the container.

You can do this by loading freight containers for maximum space efficiency to enable you to load more boxes into it.

If successful, you may end up lowering your shipping costs per box or per unit which is pretty much your bottom line in this case.

Join a Freight Consortium

You may wonder, can joining a freight consortium help reduce your shipping costs?

Well, yes it can.

You can choose to buy into previously negotiated rates with contracted carriers because when you allow external elements to dictate freight carriers and routing you usually pay a premium.

Freight centers are a profit center for vendors, so they try to squeeze out as much profit as possible.

However, by joining a freight consortium, you have more bargaining power and more opportunities for savings on shipping costs.

Consider the economies of scale

In consideration of this, handling ability is critical to any air freight forwarding company.

It allows the forwarder to give you better prices, or not.

If you are dealing with a startup or rather a small scale entity, you might get excellent services, maybe the best you’ll ever get.

But then, the company may not have the necessary infrastructure to move a large volume of goods internationally.

If this is so, then you might end up getting a reasonable price for a service that is not time efficient.

So basically, like all companies, economies of scale are essential when it comes to air freight forwarding.

This is especially if you are looking to cut on your freight shipping costs.

In this case, if the company has many good alliances, offices in every airport and a consistent team of professionals then their variable costs will remain low.

A sound infrastructure makes it easy for a freight forwarding company to pass on savings to you, its clientele.

Chapter 8: Air Freight Shipping FAQ Guide –How Bansar Handle the Urgent Air Freight Goods

It is essential for your consignment to arrive at its destination on time and in mint condition, mainly if it is an urgent package.

This means that you have entrusted it to the right hands which unfortunately can be challenging to decide, at times.

Deciding on a particular freight forwarder can be hard especially if you have to ship it via air.

It can be frustrating as it continually has you worry about your shipment getting loaded into the wrong aircraft, being delivered to the wrong destination or being lost.

Cargo ready for shipping

Cargo ready for shipping – Photo Credits: China Airline

Sometimes you have to also worry about your package arriving at the contracted destination later than you need it to or even the goods getting damaged during shipping.

As if that’s not enough worry, there is the additional factor of how much it will cost you to get your goods shipped as urgently as you need them to.

Well, stop worrying now because, in this article, we will cover the basics of air freight shipping and hopefully answer some questions on how Bansar handles essential air freight goods.

1. Can Bansar provide air shipping services urgently?

Bansar is an international freight forwarding agent headquartered in China.

We offer express freight shipping from China to any country in the world. We have over ten years’ experience and expertise to handle and ship urgent air freight.

So whether you are shipping perishable goods or merely have an urgent package that you need to ship, Bansar will tend to your needs just as and when you need us to.

2. What flight options do you get?

Depending on your factory, goods and shipping schedule, Bansar helps you choose the best flight and port of departure based on the elements above.

3. What do I need to do if I want to ship an urgent package?

If you are pressed for time and want your shipment to get to your destination quickly, here are things we advise you do;

  • Choose a direct air flight
  • Choose a night flight to allow us to finish all transport and logistics processes on time
  • Do the paperwork in advance. Here you can choose to do it yourself if you can or contact us to do it in advance before the shipping day arrives.

4. What is your air cargo limit?

Bansar can ship goods of any size, weight, and volume.

The only thing you should worry about here is the cost of shipping because it varies with all these things, i.e., size, weight, and volume.

5. What is the minimum weight for air cargo?

The minimum air cargo weight should be 100 Kg

6. The charges on air cargo are a little hard to understand

No, it’s not.

If you want to know our air freight shipping charges, just request a quote from us, and we will gladly have that ready in a matter of minutes.

Nonetheless, take note that charges are calculated based on the cargo dimensions, i.e., size, length, depth, height, weight, and volume. It also depends on the shipping distance.

7. How do I know my air freight shipping charges?

As I said, you can get a quote for your air freight from us. Plus, it’s free.

Visit our homepages ‘get better quote’ section.

Fill in the required details, and we will do our best to give you the actual chargeable weight once every aspect of your consignment is established.

Note that value-added services, i.e., pickup and door delivery services are charged separately.

8. Is it necessary to ensure the cargo?

Yes and no.

But then any cargo whether urgent or not is susceptible to risks. It can get lost, get damaged or even worse.

So if you want the guaranteed safety of your consignment, buy goods insurance before shipping.

Bansar provides buy goods insurance services.

Note that like shipping costs, insurance charges vary depending on the declared cargo value.

It is however not expensive, and it is well worth the price if something were to happen to your shipment.

Remember, better safe than sorry.

9. Can you guarantee an exact delivery date?


This will, however, be an approximate date/time of delivery.

Remember that several factors come into play when it comes to delivering shipments. These include weather, customs inspection, etc.

As such, we can only provide an approximate date/time of delivery.

10. Will you provide loading and offloading services?


We will provide loading and offloading services at an additional cost.

11. How long does it take to ship?

As mentioned above, the delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

Nonetheless, you should note that it takes a maximum of 5 days to ship from airport to airport.

If shipping includes door to door delivery, then shipping duration will vary again depending on custom clearances.

So this should take at most 7 days to complete.

If you want your package shipped urgently, make sure that all paperwork is filed beforehand and that you choose a direct flight for this.

12. What kind of paperwork will I need to fill out ahead of time?

For urgent air freight, we can send you some paperwork for you to fill out or we can do all the paperwork provided that you inform us in advance.

The paperwork needed include shipper and receiving party contact information.

These are the most critical details necessary for shipping commences.

Others include a packing list, commercial invoice, cargo terminals clearances, and customs declarations.

13. Which countries do you ship to?

Bansar is an international freight forwarding company.

We have alliances with major airlines, airports, insurance companies among other freight forwarding agents/networks.

This should tell you that we can ship your goods from China to any part of the world.

Say where and we get right to it.

14. Can you ship anything I want to?


We ship all forms of goods electronics, chemicals, gases, clothing’s and apparels, and automotive you name it.

We have the infrastructure to handle all these goods including perishable and hazardous products.

15. Can you handle hazardous and perishable goods?

Yes 100%

Here is the thing; Bansar has all the necessary infrastructures needed to ship these kinds of goods.

We understand how delicate these kind of goods are and know what precautions have to be put in place to ensure their safe and prosperous transportation.

So don’t worry, we know what we do, and we are the best at it.

16. Does Bansar offer same day services?

Yes, we do.

Bansar handles all your urgent air freight with top priority.

17. Do you have offices in various destination ports?

Yes, we do.

We have offices in major airports.

18. Can you handle door to door delivery when contracted?

Yes, we can look at an additional cost.

19. Can I track my package?

Yes, you can.

Bansar understands how vital it is to know the progress of your shipment mainly if it was an urgent one.

All you need is the airway bill number (tracking number) for you to receive periodic updates of your package.

We will provide this number to you.

20. What kind of packaging do I need for urgent freight?

Nothing special.

Freight packaging depends on the kind of goods you are shipping.

Chapter 9: Top 20 Air Freight Carriers in Global Market

Air freight carriers are airlines dedicated to transporting cargo all over the world.

These carriers you should know are often divisions/subsidiaries of more substantial passenger airlines services.

And with this in mind, you know that there are thousands of airlines in the world.

And a majority of them are dedicated to enabling people and business to transport goods to various destinations.

Well, if you are wondering what some of these airlines are, here are, our top20 picks in the global market in no particular order.

1. FedEx

Truthfully, FedEx rules the world of air shipping.

FedEx makes a great deal of business in reaching even the most intricate destinations.

Comparatively, no other company in the world can match the far lengths to which FedEx can go to ensure that shipments are made on time.

And they do this all the time regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

FedEx Express

FedEx Express

For a company whose motto is ‘we live to deliver,’ time is of the essence.

FedEx has lights going to different routes and destinations across the globe.

The company even has one of the most efficient cargo facility and communication systems that ensure customers can track their goods in real time.

FedEx delivers, and that is why they have managed to stay off the top for too long, and they still do.

2. United Parcels Service (UPS)

United Parcel Services (UPS) is an American cargo airline service provider with headquarters at Louisville international airport.

The airline was founded over a century ago as a small company delivering goods on foot and using bicycles for longer routes.

UPS Cargo planes

UPS Cargo planes

Today, UPS, as it is often denoted, is ranked 3rd among the world’s largest air cargo service provider.

The airlines from delivering goods on foot and using bicycles today have a fleet size of 500+ inclusive of charter planes. And it reaches over 700 destinations across the globe.

3. Emirates Sky Cargo

Emirates air as the name suggests is cargo carrier situated in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

The airlines serve over 50 dedications with access to an additional 100 destinations via the airline’s passenger network.

Fly Emirates

Fly Emirates

Emirates airline’s effective cargo operations can be attributed to its excellent fleet of Boeing 777Fs and Boeing 747 8Fs flights which provide maximum capacity and functionality.

4. Lufthansa Cargo

With millions of tonnes of freight being transported with this national cargo carrier of Germany, Deutsche Lufthansa is the most significant cargo airline of its kind in Europe and among the leading cargo carriers in the world.

Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa air cargo is the proud owner of 17 fleets of aircraft, making it one of the airlines with the largest cargo fleets in the world.

It is also among the world’s renowned cargo airlines with the best customer satisfaction and service quality.

5. Turkish Airlines

Among the most significant airlines in Europe and the world is Turkish Airlines whose cargo division is also at the leading front in the global market.

The airline’s cargo flights services about 73 destinations all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

Turkish Airline

Turkish Airline

Turkish Airlines have its headquarters at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul. It also has secondary hubs at the Antalya International Airport, Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, Esenboga international airport, and Adnan Menderes Airport.

The airlines operational fleet includes 15 crag aircraft making it one of the world’s top air freight carrier.

6. China Airlines

Serving over 33 destinations, China airlines cargo is one of the most popular airlines in Asia and one of the largest in the air freight shipping industry worldwide.

It has a fleet of 18 air cargo planes most of which have since been put on hold due to the constant decrease in demand.

China Airline

China Airline

With about 60 years of experience and constant strife, China airlines have built its way upwards in becoming a successful international passenger and cargo airline.

The airline provides unparalleled air freight service with high tech facilities and freighting systems.

7. British Airways

Like all other airlines we’ve mentioned so far, British airlines also the largest airline in its country of origin, United Kingdom.

British Airways

British Airways

The airport is all large by all means including fleet size, and international air freight operations.

It is typically one of the largest cargo service providers in the world who boast of surpassing customer expectations in cargo handling, punctuality, value and reasonableness in cargo shipping charges.

8. Air China

Air China was established in the people’s republic of China in 1988 after splitting what was then civil aviation administration of China.

The airline began operation in the same year and has since been providing a way for customers to move their freight shipments across the globe.

Air China

Air China

Air China headquarter offices are located in Shunyi district in Beijing.

The airline has other hubs located in strategic cities across the country which helps them to manage the flow of goods to countries across Asia, Europe, and America.

9. Cathay Pacific cargo

Cathay airlines is a proudly Asian cargo carrier.

The airline is surprisingly based in Hong Kong with its headquarters and central hub located in Hong Kong international airport.

Cathay Pacific Cargo

Cathay Pacific Cargo

I must say that of the many cargo airlines in Asia, Cathay is one with a promising potential for growth.

This is especially if you consider the growing economy of China, Japan and other economies in the region.

10. Korean air

Korean Air is a significant airline known for its air freight carrier services in over 100 destinations worldwide.

The airline which commenced cargo operations in 1971 now boast of estimated annuals revenues of $13.24 billion.

Korean Air Cargo

Korean Air Cargo

Korean air had over 20,000 staff worldwide by Dec 2014. We believe that the number has risen over the years because of increase in demand in the region.

Note that Korean air has access to more than 120 airports across the globe.

The primary aircraft that Korean air used to transport air freight are Boeings DHL aviation.

The company has over 20 freighters navigation through various destinations across the globe.

11. China Southern Airlines

China Southern airlines are one of China’s big three airlines that came restructuring result of e civil aviation and administration of China.

China Southern Airline

China Southern Airline

The airline has its headquarters in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Guangdong Province of China.

It has its main cargo hubs at Shanghai Pudong and Beijing international airports.

China Southern airline operates freight flights to more than 200destinations between mainland China, North America, Europe and Australia.

12. Polar Air Cargo

Polar air cargo is a subsidiary of Atlas air world holdings an American group headquartered in Purchase, New York.

Polar Air Cargo

Polar Air Cargo

Polar air cargo mainly operates air freight services to North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The company has its main hub in Anchorage international airport and secondary hubs in Cincinnati, JF Kennedy, Los Angles and Incheon international airports.

Polar air cargo targets transatlantic, transpacific, Trans Asia and the Middle East markets.

It also offers frequent freight flights to China which helps to connect China to Shanghai, the United States and other ports in Asia and Europe.

13. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways are also known as Zennikku or ANA is a Japanese airline headquartered at Shiodome City Center in the Shiodome area of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

It is the largest airline in Japan and operates flights to 18 international routes and 6 domestic routes.

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon is considered to be one of the largest cargo airlines in the world both by fleet size and operations.

The airline has a fleet of 12 operational Boeing aircraft alongside other passenger flights that help in its cargo operations.

14. Singapore Airlines

To most of you, Singapore may be a very small country.

However, that small country is home to one of the world’s most recognized airlines.

Singapore Airline Cargo

Singapore Airline Cargo

Singapore Airlines have a cargo division which is no different.

It is in fact consistently ranked among the world’s top 20 airlines by fleet size and operations.

If you must know, Singapore airlines cargo flights operate through South East Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

1. Cargolux

Cargolux is an airline from Luxembourg with headquarters at Luxembourg Fidel airport in Sandweiler, Luxembourg.



It is one of the largest operational cargo airlines in Europe and operates flights to various destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

So if you are shipping from China to Singapore, you can use Singapore Airlines.

2. Air France

Air France, as you would expect, is the national airline of France and is one of the leading carriers in the region and the world as a whole.

Air France take note is a subsidiary of KLM group and is also a founding member of sky team (an international alliance of airlines).

Air France

Air France

Located in France, the airline has major hubs at the Paris Orly airport as well as Lyon-Saint Exupery, Marseille Provence, Toulouse Blagnac and Nice Cote d’Azur airports.

This French carrier operates both international and domestic flight and serves more than 165 destinations and more than 90 countries across the globe.

3. Etihad

Etihad Airways belong to Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates.

It was founded in 2003 by royal decree of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.



Since its establishment, Etihad Airways has since expanded its network significantly.

Currently, the airline offers air cargo shipping to over 100 destinations across Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia.

Etihad Airways handle its cargo operations from its primary hub at the Abu Dhabi international airport.

4. Qatar

Qatar Airways are the flag carrier of Qatar established in 1993.

The airline is headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha, Qatar and it operates its hub at the Hamad international airport.

Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar operates cargo services to over 150 destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania

Note that Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline and is a member of the one world alliance.

It is ideally one of the most successful cargo carrier not just in the Gulf region, or Asia but also in the global market.

5. Asiana Airlines

Asiana is a South Korean airline established in 1988.

The airline has it’s headquarter offices in Osoe-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

Asian Airlines

Asiana airline is a member of the star alliance.

It services some destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania through are main hubs located at Gimpo and Incheon international airports.

6. DHL Aviation

DHL Aviation claims to be the leader in the air freight global market.

It boasts of a fleet size of over 70 aircraft and a market reach of more than 150 destinations across the globe.

DHL Aviation

DHL Aviation

DHL aviation you should know is not a single company but rather a subsidiary managed by DHL express.

Chapter 10: Air Freight from China: The Complete Guide

China is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world.

The country is known to be a manufacturing and assembling hub for electronic components, plastic goods, furniture, computer products, apparels, footwear, home appliances, etc.

I mean there are so many things one can import from China and this I must say has led to a great deal of expansion in its freight industries mainly air freight.

You may wonder why just air freight when China is surrounded by so many seaports and has good roads?

Well, air freight has become a favorite mode of shipping from China for numerous reasons.

Mostly, because it is fast, reliable and convenient to ship goods via air compared to other known freight shipping methods.

So, if you want to successfully and efficiently ship goods from China, you need to understand a few basics.

These include top airports in China and their advantages, restricted items on air freight from China, among other things that’ll you will learn in this chapter.

So keep reading…

Airports – a critical element to the efficient transportation of goods to the global market.

Airports do play a critical role in the whole freight shipping process.

Your choice of the airport will be detriment how quick, and convenient your goods can be shipped to your preferred destination.

In China, there are so many airports.

Air cargo transportation in China has experienced a tremendous boom in the recent past.

The country’s airports keep enlarging in size, and this is just to help meet the ever-rising air freight shipping demands.

Well, for China airports, here are the top 10 you may consider using for air freight.

1. Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Situated in Beijing, China, International Airport is one of the most important international airports in China, Asia and the world as a whole.

Not surprisingly, it is the premier airport in China.

Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

The airport is built in the shape of a dragon, and it covers an area of 1,480 hectares of land.

It also provides access to downtown of the city.

So if you are coursing goods from these regions, then Beijing international airport would be your best port of departure.

The airport’s popularity I must say is primarily attributed to the fact that it takes on a lot of domestic as well as international flights.

Besides that, it is known to host major air freight hubs.

This makes it a popular and preferred port of departure for shippers transporting goods from China to international destinations.

Take note that Beijing international airport takes control of over 15 different cargo airlines and more than 200 destinations, both domestic and international.

It also has three different terminals.

2. Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Situated on the island of Chek Lap Kok, this airport is Hong Kong’s main point of entry.

The airport is home to some of the world’s largest cargo airlines including UPS, Cathay Pacific, Air Hong Kong, Dragon air, and Hong Kong airlines.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

The airport was opened in 1998 and is operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong round the clock.

Note that Hong Kong international airport receives flights from 90 airlines and is the primary entry for a destination in mainland China and other parts of Asia.

This airport is also the among the top air cargo airports in the world with a capacity of handling about 4.5 million tonnes of freight.

Hong Kong international airport employs more than 60,000 workers.

This only assures you that here, you will get only the best services when shipping goods internationally.

3. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

Situated in one of China largest and busy provinces, Guangzhou Baiyun international airport will ship your goods to any destination of your choice across the globe.

The airport is home to some of the most recognized cargo airlines including FedEx, and China airlines.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

In fact, increase in demand made led to the expansion of the airport from the old Baiyun airport to the now acclaimed 19th busiest cargo airports in the world.

Following this expansion, FedEx signed a contract with the airport to move its Asia-pacific hub from Subic Bay international airport, the Philippines to Baiyun airport.

You all know that FedEx is one of the airlines that can access most destinations around the globe, however intricate.

With a hub at the Baiyun airport, FedEx has made it easy for people targeting far to reach markets to import goods from China with ease and utmost efficiency.

Being the world’s 19th busiest cargo airports, the new Baiyun international airport has a cargo handling capacity of 1 million tonnes (by 2017).

This capacity is projected to rise to 2.5 million tonnes by 2020.

4. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

It is the 3rd busiest cargo airport in the world and a major aviation hub of China.

The airport is also the lifeline for DHL aviation air, UPS, FedEx express, air china, china southern airlines and many other airlines.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

The airport has two terminals, serving over 200 destinations, with an ability to handle 6 million tonnes of cargo.

The sky track ranked 3rd busiest cargo airport in the world has been a satisfying air freight service provider over the years.

With just being 30 km east of the city center, the Shanghai Pudong international airport provides feasible access to the city. So you don’t have to worry about getting your goods to the airport for transportation.

5. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

Shanghai Hongqiao is one of the two international airports of Shanghai.

It is situated near the town of Hongqiao in Changning district of China.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

Note that this airport is located 13 km west of downtown which is much closer to the city center than the Shanghai Pudong airport.

Nonetheless, it mostly serves domestic and regional flights with limited international flights.

So importing goods from China through this airport might be great if you are sourcing the products from the city center and need easy access.

However, you may want to factor in the fact that it operates limited international flights.

This means that getting your goods to destinations beyond China and Asia may be a problem.

6. Chengdu Shuangilu International Airport (CTU)

Chengdu international airport is one of the top airports in China.

It is located about 16 kilometers (10 min) southwest of downtown Chengdu to the north of Shuangilu District of China.

Chengdu Shuangilu International Airport (CTU)

Chengdu Shuangilu International Airport (CTU)

The airport was one of the 30 busiest airports in the world in 2015 and at one point 5th busiest regarding cargo throughput in China.

Shuangilu airport was opened in 1938 as a military airfield and later in 1956 as an airport under the civil aviation administration of China.

Note that the Chengdu shuangilu international airport is one of the two main hubs for air china.

It is also a hub for China Southern airlines, china eastern airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Shenzhen airlines among others.

Accessing the airport from downtown Chengdu is easy thanks to the airport’s expressway, the Chengdu-Mianyang high-speed railway, and Chengdu metro (rapid transit systems) line 10.

7. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX)

The Shenzhen Bao’an international airport formerly known as Shenzhen Huangtian international airport serves mainland China, Trans Asian, transpacific, trans-Atlantic and European markets.

It is among the three largest and busiest airports hubs that serve the Pearl River Delta which is an urbanized area in southern China.

This it does alongside the Hong Kong and Guangzhou Baiyun international airports.

The Shenzhen Baoan international airport serves as a hub for China Southern and Hainan cargo airlines.

It also serves as an Asian-pacific cargo hub for United Pacific Service (UPS) airlines.

The airport is conveniently located on the east bank of the Pearl River and 32 km North West of the city center.

It has a total area of 10.8 km2 with 3200m long and 45 m wide runway.

The Bao’an international airport by 2014 was china’s 4th busiest and the world’s 24th busiest airport regarding cargo traffic.

In 2014 alone, Bao’an airport had transported 947,150 tonnes of freight by September.

This is one of the easiest airports to access in China thanks to the cross-border buses that serves destinations across Hong Kong, the new territories, and Kowloon.

Also, there is a ferry that is available to outer harbor ferry terminal and Taipa ferry terminal in Macau.

It also connects to the Skypier ferry terminal at Hong Kong international airport. Note these are pretty fast ferries.

There is also a metro/rail station that serves destinations across Baoan, Nanshan, Futian, Fusion, Shajing, Song Gang, and Bitou.


8. Kunming Shangshui Anternational Airport (KMG)

Located in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province of China, this airport is one of the two national gateway hubs of China.

The airport is among the top 50 busiest airports in the world regarding traffic.

The airport is situated 24.5 km northeast of the city center; it has three runaways with the third one being single a runaway at Wujiaba.

Kunming Shangshui Anternational Airport (KMG)

Kunming Shangshui Anternational Airport (KMG)

The advantage of using Kunming airport is the fact that it has numerous ground transportation facilities.

The airport is connected to Kunming by a 13km toll highway plus a provincial S101 road.

There are also several bus services connecting the airport from the city center.

9. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport (XIY)

Xi’an Xianyang international airport began operations in 191 and is the primary airport serving Xian the capital of Shaanxi province of China.

The airport is operated by China west airport group and serves as a hub for China Eastern, china southern, Shanghai and joy air airlines among others.

It also serves as a focus city of Hainan airlines.

The Xianyang airport has three terminals and two runway with the second runaway being able to handle the Airbus A380.

Xianyang airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the nation regarding cargo traffic.

It currently has a cargo capacity handling of about 260,000 Tonnes with an ability to handle over 400000 tonnes of freight by 2020.

10. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport has over 50 airlines serving over 150 destinations across the globe.

The total annual cargo handling capacity of this 6th busiest airport in China is about 110,000 tonnes.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

The airport is located strategically 27 km east of Hangzhou one of China largest shopping hubs.

The best part is that is hosts one of the world’s largest cargo airlines like air china, chin southern, china eastern, Hainan, and Xiamen Airlines.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport as guarantees you transportation to destinations across east and South East Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Air Shipping from China

Before you ship items from China by air, you need to know that there are some goods which the country does not allow to ship by aircraft.

Examples of prohibited products

Examples of prohibited products

Knowing this will help you avoid unnecessary complications and altercations with Chinese shipping authorities.

So what are these items that you can’t ship by air from China?

  1. Battery
  2. Items with battery
  • Acids
  1. Explosives
  2. Goods with oil or liquid
  3. Magnetic items
  • Audio accessories and equipment
  • Motorized parts and items
  1. Gases
  2. Flammable goods
  3. Oxidizers
  • Biochemical products
  • Untanned hides

Incoterms used in Air Shipping


I bet most of you have never heard or even had the chance the chance to use this word before.

Well, now you that you hear about it, what does it mean?

And, what does it entail?


The term incoterms may sound too complicated, but in reality, it is not.

It is just a term they use in the world of trade to specify the transportation of goods from one port to another.

These are terms that also specify who will be responsible for the cargo at each point of transit.

Incoterms used in Air Shipping

Photo Credits: Prime Air

Here are some of the terms you should expect when importing from China by air;

  • DAP (delivery at the place). This means that your shipment will be shipped from the supplier in China to a destination that you contract.
  • FCA (freecarrier). This simply means that goods will be only be unloaded at a destination accessible to the carrier, or shipping agent. It does not include loading.
  • CFR (cost and freight). Here the supplier has the responsibility of transporting the goods from the supply point to your contracted destination port.

Note that the supplier at this point is only responsible for the goods until they arrive at the destination.

He/she is not further responsible for clearance of goods.

This responsibility shifts to you the buyer once the goods arrive at your port of destination.

  • CIF (cost, insurance, and freight). This is pretty similar to CFR terms only that within CIF, the supplier is also responsible for insuring the goods during transit.
  • EXW (Ex-Works and named the place of delivering). This term puts you responsible for the whole shipping process.

Once you agree to EXW terms, you immediately take up the responsibility of loading goods from the supplier’s point.

You are also responsible for transporting, clearance and unloading of the goods at the port of destination.

With EXW, you the buyer liable for the transportation costs and risk from the supplier in China to your preferred port of destination.

  • DDP (delivered duty paid and named the place of destination). DDP has terms that are somewhat contrary to EXW.

Here your supplier assumes all costs, risks, and responsibility of loading, transporting, clearance and unloading of goods.

There are many other incoterms that you’ll come across when air shipping from China.

The best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with most if not each one of them.

This way, you’ll be able to account for every dime you pay when shipping goods from China.

Knowing and understanding these incoterms will help you avoid costs that are not meant to be yours.

Documents you need when Shipping from China

This is another element that you must be careful with when you import any items from China by air.

Documentation is very critical and necessary for the successful shipping of goods by air.

That said, here’s what you’ll need;

  • Airway bill; we already discussed this earlier in the earlier. But just for the sake, an airway bill is a document made out by or on behalf of the shipper.

It acts as proof of your air freight shipping contract, and it details all costs you’ve incurred in the shipping process.

  • Commercial invoice; much like any other invoice, a commercial invoice in air shipping details the contents of your cargo.

The supplier often provides this invoice, and it lists the products names, specifications, quantity, the price of each unit, total amount and many more.

A commercial invoice you confirm that the goods you receive are what you paid for.

Also, it is critical for the quick and smooth clearance of cargo at customs and for payment of duty and tax for when goods arrive at the destination port.

  • Packing list; a packing list is a packing list. Wait! Does that even make sense?

Well, a packing list in air freight refers to a list of details of the cargo you intend to ship.

It is more of a supplementary document of a commercial invoice.

This document primarily details the form of packaging used.

These include the packaging method, material, quantity, specification and cargo dimensions.

There is a lot to learn when shipping goods from China.

These, however, are the four critical elements you need to be familiar with for the successful air freight shipping from China.

Chapter 11: Air Cargo Tracking: the Ultimate Guide

Undoubtedly, air transport is the most convenient means to ship cargo these days primarily to the global market.

This form of freight transport is not just convenient but also fast if compared to other freight shipping means.

Moreover, air freight together with the right freight forwarding partner guarantees you of the proper and safe handling of your goods.

Although it is one of the best cargo transport solutions today, air transport has its risks.

You can lose your goods if steps are not taken to ensure the safe transportation and delivery of goods to the right destination.

Besides losing goods, there are other risks associated with air freight transportation.

But before we look at that, we should be asking ourselves why air freight transportation is risky.

Any answers?

We, first and foremost, one needs to have a clear understanding of the air shipping process to be able to answer the above question.

With that in mind, here is a breakdown of how air freight is handled.

Firstly, goods are picked from the suppliers/manufacturers and delivered either to the forwarder’s warehouse or brought directly to the carrier port.

Once this is done and when all paperwork is duly filled and filed, cargo is loaded onto the carrier aircrafts cabin.


Photo credits: AVRIEM

After loading the aircraft takes off to deliver the goods to others to their several destinations.

Upon arrival at the destination, the transported goods are sorted out and presented to their respective recipients.

These could be some of the passengers on the plane or those waiting in the lobby.

Now here is the thing; human error is inevitable.

The person in charge of cargo transportation might pick the wrong goods at the carrier’s port of departure.

Or, the actual cargo might fall into the wrong hands during delivery.

Or maybe, some personnel might intentionally divert the goods into different hands altogether.

I mean, there are so many possibilities as to what could happen to your package once it is delivered to the port of destination.

It is because of these reasons that air tracking mechanisms have been put in place to help people and business that rely on air freight shipping.

Through cargo tracking, you can now monitor your package from the moment it leaves the suppliers warehouse to the moment it is delivered.

The best part is that you can do all these in in real time.

Air cargo tracking allows you to track the whereabouts of your goods including departure and arrival times as well as locations.

You can also track the person who receives the goods ultimately.


How does Air Cargo Tracking Work?

There are several air cargo tracking mechanisms. But these two are the most prominent in the air freight industry today.

Tracking via airway bill (AWB) number

You already know what an airway bill is.

I bet you also know that that this document is given to you by your shipping company immediately goods have been loaded onto the carrier aircraft.

Now, the airway bill has a number, the AWB no. which you will use to monitor the progress of your shipment the carrier aircraft departs.

So once you have you have this number, all you need to do is go to the various air cargo tracking sites on the World Wide Web and search for the specific airline you applied for air cargo delivery.

Through the airline’s air cargo tracking services, you can then be able to track your cargo when it is in transit until the point it arrives at the final destination.

Tracking via the tracking number system

This is another way to track your air cargo.

In this method, you will need to use the tracking system along with the AWB number.

The tracking number system, note, is issued by the air carrier for your cargo shipment.

Once you have this number, all you need to do is log on the air carrier’s website and look for their air cargo tracking service.

When you get the service option, enter the cargo tracking number and be able to see the location of your shipment currently.

You will also be able to know the time within which your cargo is expected to arrive at your contracted destination.

The bottom line?

So many unplanned things can happen.

From delays due to unforeseen weather conditions to theft and mechanical problems.

All these things can have you worry about the safety and delivery of your shipment.

To ease this burden of worry, always utilize air cargo delivery services that give the option of tracking.

This way, you won’t have to worry or have your mind linger with uncertainties over when you should expect your cargo.

Chapter 12: How Calculate the Air Freight Cost

When shipping goods from China, one cost that you will have to pay keen attention to is the air freight costs.

This is always the most critical charge, and it makes up the most of your total shipping costs.

Therefore, you have to be very careful about it.

calculate your air freight shipping costs

Now, to calculate your air freight shipping costs, you need to be clear about two things>

  • Weight
  • Volume of the package.

These are the two things that round up the amount of money you will pay for your package to transport to your desired location.

So to begin, you need first to:

Calculate the Chargeable Weight

This is calculated as the actual weight of your package (when weighed on a scale) or the volumetric weight of the package. Whichever weight is higher is what will be charged.

Chargeable weight often estimated based on cargos ’dimensions, i.e., length, width, and height.

Keep in mind that air freight kind of works differently when it comes to cargo charges.

You see, large and light cargo tends to take up more space on aircraft than cargo that is small and heavy.

It is due to this factors that airlines choose to charge shippers based on their cargos’ weight and volume, which is the chargeable weight.

Weight of a cargo

Weight of a cargo

Therefore without going into further detail, here is the formula for calculating chargeable weight;

  • 166 cubic inches per pound
  • 6000 cubic centimeters per kg
  • Or 366 cubic inches per kg

So to find the weight, start by confirming the package’s volume and gross (actual) weight. Next, calculate the weight based on:

Volume of the Cargo

So that; you multiply the dimensions of the cargo, i.e., LxWxH to get the cubic inches.

Once you get the cubic inches, divide it by 166 to get the chargeable weight in pounds, by 6000 to get the weight in kg or by 366 to get the weight in cubic centimeters (cbm).

Here is an example using the formula of 6000 cubic centimeters per kg.

1 cbm, 200 Kgs,

Goods weight based on volume = 1cbm/0.006=167 < 200kgs (actual gross weight)

So, the chargeable weight will be 200 kgs.

Note that chargeable weight is just a point of equilibrium that airlines use to balance out the actual weight of goods and their volume.

So, if the actual weight upon calculation is higher than the chargeable weight, then the airline will bill the actual weight and vice versa.

Take note that there are several elements factor into the total cost of transporting goods from the origin airport to the destination airport.

So apart from the weight and volume of goods, there is the;

Air Freight International Transport Price

This will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Air rate E2/GTC airport tax
  • Fuel surcharge
  • SSC: Security Charge
  • Customs Clearance
  • X-ray charge (if any)

So the total charge you will be billed will be a roundup of all these elements.

And in addition to these principles, you may likely incur some additional cost depending on the incoterms you entered into with the shipping company.

These terms may likely cover areas such as the cost of moving goods from the supplier to the airport, cargo handling costs, and paperwork.

These items are mostly hidden, and it may be hard for you to have a precise estimate unless you are conversant with how things work at the destination port.

Remember that sometimes air freight costs may vary depending on several other elements.

These include competition in rioting, availability of space at the destination port, tariff classifications, among other things.

Note that these are things that tend to create constraints at the destination points.

Due to this, freight may be held up for weeks or even months just because you were not aware of hidden charges.

So make sure that you are aware of any factors that may affect your air freight cost before calculating the total shipping costs.

I hope you remember that you can reduce your freight costs in some ways.

If not; refer to chapter 7 of this guide.

Chapter 13: Tips when Buying Air Freight Insurance

Yes! Shipping goods by air are fast, safe and reliable. But then again, it is also risky.

Things can happen from goods getting lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged. You can never tell what will happen.

So you’ve decided to spend time and money to ship your goods via air.

Now, put in the same effort to guarantee receipt of the goods at the destination port or compensation just in case anything unforeseen happens.

From this:

Buying Air Freight Insurance


To this:

cargo insurance

Photo of UPS Airlines Flight 1354.

How do you do this?

By ensuring your cargo.

Here is something you should know; there are many types of cargo insurance and many providers of the same.

It is up to you to ensure that you choose the best cover for your goods otherwise you will suffer losses that you never imagined.

To get good insurance coverage for your goods, you should;

Buy the insurance before the carrier aircraft departs

Buy a comprehensive all risk insurance.

This one covers any form of physical loss or damage from external sources but with some limitations.

This type of insurance may be little expensive, but it is all worth it mainly if you are transporting high-risk goods.

Pay attention to the compensation point

The destination port is the best place for compensation because you will be able to tell how much damage has been done. Reimbursement is made quicker when done at the destination port rather than anywhere else.

Let your freight forwarder buy the insurance for you. This will give you more transparency and control

Choose a large insurance company

They have fewer complications when it comes to giving out compensation.

Ensure that you fill in the right details on the insurance policy

Also, this will help avoid future complications and tackles when you file a compensation claim.

Also, before buying insurance for your goods, make sure that you understand the policy comprehensively.

If there is a clause you don’t understand, make sure you ask a professional to explain it.

Understand the insurance policy will help you know exactly what to expect and how to file a claim when the time comes.


When you choose to use air freight to ship goods from China, make sure that you are familiar with the terms, processes, costs, requirements, and risks of air freight shipping.

This knowledge is very essential to ensure efficient air cargo delivery.

Note that in today’s shipping industry, it is not enough that you are dedicating time and money to get your goods shipped from one port to the next.

You should strive to know what the process of shipping involves, what will be required of you, how much money you will possibly spend, the possible risk of air shipping;

you can mitigate these risks and associated losses and such like things.

You should also strive to get the most value for your money by partnering with a reliable and efficient air freight forwarder.

Bansar in this regard can offer you a wide variety of air shipping services at affordable costs.

Well, this is the end of our excellent guide dear readers.

At this point I can only hope that I was able to make you an expert in air freight forwarding.

In case of any questions, concerns or compliments, feel free to drop them in the comment sections.

You can also share this guide with other people that you think will value the information herein.

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