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Ambulance Supplier from China
Advanced Life Support Ambulance
Advanced Life Support Ambulance from China

Mostly Advanced Life Support manufactured in Shandong and Jiangsu. If you are needed for this, China has a good supplier. Advanced Life Support Ambulance care requires medical monitoring. It can help sole provider all Advanced Life.

Aeromedical Transport
Aeromedical Transport from China

Aeromedical Transport Support Ambulance provides for an individual who has movement condition. If you are needed Aeromedical Transport, for the best and safe use, China has a unique Aeromedical Transport.

Basic Life Support Ambulance
Basic Life Support Ambulance from China

Basic Life Support Ambulance as safe for the patients, China required medical transportation and continues medical supervision, monitoring. China has the most Suppliers of Basic Life Support Ambulance, Unique manufacturer is in Shandong and Zhenjiang.

Commercial Aeromedical Transport
Commercial Aeromedical Transport Ambulance from China

In China has been the most manufacturing of Commercial Aeromedical Transport Ambulance, It is medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals. Commercial Aeromedical are mostly located in China manufactured in Shandong.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
Helicopter Emergency Medical Services from China

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, also known as Ambulance services, Tou can assure that the suppliers of China have unique and safe to use. A helicopter has commonly fixed a wing Aircraft,use to evaluate the person who requires immediate medical attention that can not be provided on site.

Mini Ambulance
Mini Ambulance from China

Mini Ambulance it can help to go to traffic areas, In China, they have the capability of transporting every patient to those emergency care units at the hospital with good services. Mini Ambulance mostly manufactured in Dongguan and Shenzhen with excellent treatment to the patients in need of immediate medical care.

Train Ambulance
Train Ambulance from China

China has become the largest Train Ambulance that can provide you’re the fastest services, Transportation through Train Ambulance is convenient and cost-effective, A good suppliers of Train Ambulance is in China that manufactured in Shandong.

Van Ambulance
Van Ambulance from China

Van Ambulance has a good manufacturer from China. Worldwide at affordable prices, Wind Rand of Products. Realiable exporter. Good quality Vehicles in Stocks of 30+ years of experience.

Water Ambulance
Water Ambulance from China

Water Ambulance is unsuitable boat outfitted with medical equipment equal to road Ambulance. It significantly shortens the time needed to reach patients and to immediately start a rescue operation, China has a safe Water Ambulance suppliers it manufactured in Jiangsu.

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Resource To Help You Import Ambulance From China:

Import data of Ambulance

Supplier and manufacturer of Ambulance

Best 20 Ambulance Manufacturers in China


HIGER’s s goal is not only to meet your needs but also desired to go beyond your expectations. They strive on manufacturing good quality ambulances, buses, and other commercial vehicles, enabling foreign or local customers to finance new trade chances. Products are made to order and well-designed for the progress of your business. The company was established in 1998, leads painstaking services and efforts in the market. HIGER team exports ambulance to more than 120 regions.


The CLW GROUP TRUCK had more than a thousand ambulance categories to offer for every client. The team also offers excellent after-sales technical service & support. As a very professional manufacturer of ambulance vehicles, their attention was centered on nationwide exporting development, sales & production. They can provide any models including rescue ambulance cars, emergency ambulance cars, electric ambulance cars, etc.

3 Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd

Started since the year 2003 and mainly based in China, Motors City. As an authorized, well-known maker and supplier of commercial ambulances, Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd supplies only original vehicles since then. Different ambulance types are what they are capable to offer. And also, the company is focused on the after-sale services which deploy in enhancing foreign maintenance service facility.

4 Chengli Special Automobile Factory

The factory of Chengli Special Automobile in China is considered as the largest manufacturing team in SuiZhou City, China. The team gathers all together in automotive technology development & research and manufacturing. The company won the nominal title of “China`s popular trademark”, “China top 500 private venture”, “World`s High-tech company” and many others. With 14 years of innovation experience.

5 Shanghai Xiongxu Industries Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xiongxu Industries Co., Ltd also called Chinco Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer as well supplier of heavy-duty emergency ambulances. In the factory, you can discover a wide range of quality vehicles with satisfying designs to meet client`s multifarious demands. The vehicles that have been distributed are rigorously examined, tested by the market, and well-appreciated by a lot of customers.

6 Hubei Chengli Special Automobile Co. Ltd

One of the outstanding, authorized exporter and manufacturer in China. Their major concern is the product`s development, design, and production for cleanness and environmental safety. Their main products include emergency ambulances, fuel tank trucks, concrete mixers, and so on. There are over 300 model categories for each vehicle type. All the vehicles and other products from this company are highly acknowledged by the worldwide market.

7 Hubei Weiyu Special Vehicles Co., Ltd.

Hubei Weiyu Special Vehicles Co., Ltd is one of the most important branches of the CLW group. Mainly based in Hubei Province, Suzhou City, China, popular as the biggest manufacturing company. They are capable to produce over 800 types of special vehicles every month. Within the 16 years of development, Hubei Weiyu Special Vehicles Co., Ltd now possessed over 70 workshops, two technical centers, and an overall 12, 600 workers. Honored to cooperate with you for a better future!

8 Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.

In China, you can find the factory of Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. This is one of the expert exporters, also did wide vehicle development & research. The company is capable to provide 10, 000 different models of ambulances and any special vehicles yearly. Only high-quality, functional ambulances are delivered and exported to different foreign countries, including Oceania, South America, etc.

9 Nanjing Poweam Medical Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Poweam Medical Co., Ltd is one of the well-approved companies by FDA, ISO, CE, and USA certificates. Their vehicle lines include emergency ambulance cars, rescue ambulance cars, and so on. All the products and vehicles are popular both overseas and domestic markets. Poweam exported its products to 100 plus areas from across the country.

10 Anjue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

This Anjue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd only focuses on the vehicle industry, specifically in making unique, functional ambulance cars. Established in 1998, specializes in innovating different ambulance models. The company owns over 20 production lines, makes faster production to meet your urgent needs. One of the honorable members of the CAMDI- China Association for Medical Devices Industry.

11 Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

This Chinese company, named Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is considered a large producing company of all vehicle types, such as emergency ambulance cars. The factory is situated in Hubei Province, City of Suizhou in China. They have overall staff for over 9000. In addition, Chengli is famous for providing efforts and quality products for the best of your business.

12 Wuhan Darppon Medical Technology Co., Ltd

You can find Wuhan Darppon Medical Technology Co., Ltd in Wuhan City, China. Formed in the year 2009, sincerely devoted to the production and development -of medical equipment and cars, such as an ambulance. All of the products from this company are best-sellers and well-appreciated with worldwide customers. Attained CE and ISO 9001 Certificates due to fast development.

13 Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd is considered as the most innovative technological enterprise in the field of emergency vehicles in China. With the help of their advanced, scientific equipment, the company group has expanded a broad range of unique ambulance models. You can also expect the best services and the latest products from them. They only produce high-quality vehicles to be exported in every corner of the world.

14 Changan Group Company

Officially started in 1862, Changan Group Company has a major goal of giving constant and diligent services for all customers. Currently, Changan Group Company now ranked first in the sales of ambulance productions in China, also 13th worldwide. The company has a total of 2 engine factories and 11 ambulance car factories.

15 CIMC Vehicle

CIMC is a reliable company that started in 1980 in the industry of making high-quality vehicles and ambulances. The company was with more than 63, 000 employees in China, as well in Europe, Australia, North America, etc. CIMC is the huge ambulance vehicle manufacturer in China, most popular around the globe. For over the past decade experiences, they become expert to provide great ambulance cars and services nationwide.

17 Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company particularizes in manufacturing and designing electric ambulance cars and any 4-wheels vehicles since 1999. This institution had more than 400 employees and technical staff which support regular 100units annual capacity. They obtain a production license for any electric vehicles. All the products are certified by ISO9001.

18 Xiamen XJS International Trading Co., Ltd(XJS)

Xiamen XJS International Trading Co., Ltd is the world` s popular ambulance manufacturer and based in Xiamen, Fujian, China. Not only a manufacturer but also the largest supplier for Chinese ambulance cars and parts. Most authorized manufacturers and ranked as no.1 for 8 successive years.

19 SinKudat Industry and Trade Company

Become an official exporter of high-quality ambulance and trucks in 1990. Many are satisfied with the company`s quality productions and services. The team conduct confidence in every vehicle` s production & quality competence. SinKudat Industry and Trade Company adopted ISO 9001: 2000 certificates, EPA, and CE certifications.

20 Suzhou Platec Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The Suzhou Platec Import & Export Co., Ltd has rich inventory experience in manufacturing ambulance cars since 2012. This is a PLATEC GROUP CORPORATION`s subsidiary enterprise, which is very responsible for exporting high-quality vehicles nationwide. They are totally engaged in the research, development, and production of ambulance cars. Offer them in the global market at lower costs.

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