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Importing Artificial Flower from China
Importing Artificial Flower Plants from China
Importing Artificial Flower Plants from China

China artificial flower plant suppliers most in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can import different artificial flower plant designs according to your needs. Fits for any occasions like decoration for the wedding party, home and garden decoration, office, coffee house and so on. Whenever you use artificial flower plants, you can rely on Chinese suppliers.

Importing Artificial Wedding Flower from China
Importing Artificial Bouquet Flowers from China

For your needs of artificial bouquet flowers, you can import from leading Chinese manufacturer of artificial bouquet flowers based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. With its latest design, development, and production, suppliers provide you with a competitive advantage price and high-quality products.

Importing Cherry Blossom Flower from China
Importing Artificial Spring Flower from China

If you are looking for a wide selection of artificial spring flower products to decorate your wedding, home, and events, China artificial flower market can meet your needs. Leading manufacturers of this product are based in Zhejiang and Guangdong. They offer high quality and favorable price artificial spring flower.

Importing Artificial Orchids Flower from China
Importing Artificial Orchids Flower from China

Find the best selection of cheap artificial orchid flowers from Chinese artificial flower supplier. Wide selection of artificial orchid flower is offered including many types, designs, and colors. You can choose the best for you. Buying this stuff can light up your home or office decor. Guangdong province has the largest manufacturer of artificial orchid flower in China.

Importing Artificial Rose Flower from China
Importing Artificial Rose Flower from China

China artificial rose flower suppliers are most in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can buy bundles of artificial rose flower products in various colors, sizes, and designs. Low prices, quality artificial flowers, and quantity discounts available for you. Any of your products concern, you can always find that manufacturer that suits your needs.

Importing Artificial Hanging Flowers from China
Importing Artificial Hanging Flower from China

Whether you need to buy an artificial hanging flower for your home use or business, China artificial hanging flower supplier can satisfy your needs. Artificial hanging flower manufacturer in China, mostly in Guangdong province. Specializing a wide selection of artificial hanging flower products including design, colors, styles, and types. You can always find a trusted supplier that work with you.

Importing Artificial Latex Flower from China 1
Importing Artificial Latex Flower from China

Whether you are going to wholesale to buy a smaller quantity of artificial latex flower from China, you can always find a supplier that supply your needs. Any flowers you can find an artificial latex form of it. Most supplier of this type is based in Guangdong. Find the trusted supplier that satisfy your needs.

Importing Artificial Paper Flower
Importing Artificial Paper Flower from China

Paper flowers are a great option, as they lend an artistic edge to wedding decorations, baby showers, bridal showers, typical party flowers, and more. Chinese leading supplier of artificial paper flower, mostly in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Find a manufacturer that offers a good price, top quality, and best service for your orders.

Importing Artificial Foam Flower from China
Importing Artificial Foam Flower from China

If you want to buy cheap foam artificial flowers, choose foam artificial flowers suppliers from  Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Shandong provinces in China. You can import products from its latest design, brighter colors and different sizes. Whether you need to buy artificial foam flowers for your personal use or business, China suppliers of foam flowers can meet your needs.

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Artificial Flower Rail Freight Shipping from China
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Best 20 Artificial Flowers Manufacturers in China

1 SG Silk Flower Limited

SG Silk Flower Limited focused on artificial flowers and plant production. It is an international trading company and manufacturer with over 20 years in the business. Aside from artificial flowers, they also provide artificial grass, artificial greenery, artificial potted plants, artificial flower arrangements, and more. SG Silk Flower Ltd has a team in China and Europe.

2 Guangdong Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flowers Co., Ltd

Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flowers Co., Ltd focused on producing artificial silk flowers, especially single stem silk flowers. This company has a production capacity of 650,000 artificial stick silk flowers. Along with their products are single roses flowers, single violet flowers, single peonies flowers, and so on. There are 1,000+ artificial flowers with different colors and varieties.

3 TH Artificial Flower Manufacturers.,

TH Artificial Flower Manufacturers. is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. They are providing a thousand kinds of artificial flower products. Driven by superb technology and a professional team, they constantly develop innovative artificial flowers and plants. Inexpensive best-selling products this company is known for.

4 YEAHFLOWER Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

YEAHFLOWER Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd was established in 2000. It is a leading enterprise for artificial flowers and artificial plants. Along their product line are single flowers, artificial trees, dried flowers, bushes, foliage garlands, potted flowers and plants, succulents, cactus, and more. They can be found in Dongguan. Hence, they own subsidiary factories in Foshan City, Hunan Province, and Dongguan City.

5 Yiwu Lucky Goods Handicraft Co., Ltd

Founded in 2009, Yiwu Lucky Goods Handicraft Co., Ltd is located in Yiwu City – the famous international trademark. Specializing in exporting various handicrafts, they are providing huge range products including wedding artificial flowers, wedding flower stand, normal decoration artificial flower, indoor and outdoor decoration items, and other wedding items.

6 Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., LTD

Guangzhou Songtao Artificial Tree Co., Ltd was established by Mr. Liang. This company was founded in 1998 in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Province. Their site area covers 3,000 sq m and there is around 500 staff. Included in their products are artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial trees, green walls, rockery, custom foliage, and more.

7 Tianjin Goodrich Trade Co., Ltd

This company is specializing in artificial flower production, artificial plants, and crafts as well as wedding flowers and Christmas décor. Tianjin Goodrich Trade Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of silk flowers in China. This company is developing products from different materials. And because it is near to Xingang port, they can easily ship products other than any city.

8 Sharetrade

Specializing in manufacturing and selling artificial plants, they are one of the best manufacturers in China. Along with their products are artificial flowers, artificial ferns, and artificial plant walls. It is ideal for catering service, home, and office decoration, film sets, and more. Sharetrade is located in Guangdong Province, China. They had over 10 years of experience in this area.

9 Xiamen Jusfine Products Co., Limited

Xiamen Jusfine Products Co., Limited is focused on artificial flowers, bonsai, artificial plants, artificial fruits and berries. They are manufacturing and exporting products for garden decoration and home décor. Jusfine is based in Xiamen, occupying 10,000 sq m with extensive advanced equipment and sales team.

10 Full Man Manufactory

Full Man Manufactory was established in 2002 in Guangxi, Guangdong Province. Their main products are artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial leaves, and Christmas decorations. Specializing in 15+ years in the business, they are able to established long-term relations in their customers from America, Europe, Japan, and other countries and regions.

11 Yiwu Lulinda Handcraft Flower Factory     

Yiwu Lulinda Handcraft Flower Factory is located in Yiwu – the famous International Commodity City. They are offering a complete range of artificial products including artificial flowers, artificial leaves, artificial petals, wedding accessories, and other Christmas decorations. Maintaining good service for a long time lets them win a good reputation by their customers from Australia, America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

12 Yiwu Kunming Artificial Flower Factory

Yiwu Kunming Artificial Flower Factory has more than 12 years in the artificial flower accessories production. They are professional and well-skilled manufacturers providing a wide range of good quality products. Among their products are artificial flowers, artificial flower bouquet, artificial plants, and other kinds of artificial accessories.

13 Guangzhou Shengjie Artificial Plants Ltd

Guangzhou Dongchu Sculpture Arts & Crafts., Ltd is specializing in artificial plants production. This company has 15+ years of experience in the field. They provide a complete range of products including artificial trees, artificial flowers, artificial bonsai, artificial green walls, artificial coconut trees, palm trees, and more. Their manufacturing plant covers 6,000 sq m for showroom and other areas for production. It has 2,000 employees in all. They have a branch in Shanghai.

14 Tianjin Super Star Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Super Star Technology Development Co., Ltd’s main business is silk flower production. This company is located in Tianjin – the largest artificial flower production area. They are providing a huge range of artificial flowers including sunflower, cherry blossom, tulip, rose, orchid, and many more. They are utilizing different materials like polyester, silk, etc.

15 Guangzhou Qihao Artificial Flower Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Qihao Artificial Flower Co., Ltd occupies an area of 30,000m2 and there are 500+ employees. They are specializing in all kinds of artificial plants and artificial flowers. Their showroom is based in Guangzhou where you can find thousands of artificial flower and plant products. Favorable price, short lead time, notable qualities are some of the company advantages.

16 Guangzhou Songtao Artificial Tree Co., Ltd

Guangzhou SongTao Craft Artificial Tree Factory was established in 1990. They are involved in designing, manufacturing, selling, and installing artificial plants. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Over 30 years in the field, the company has built long-term relationships with overseas customers (enterprise, retailers, etc).

17 Yiwu Shuluo Trading Co., Ltd

YIWU Shulo trading Limited Company is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. This professional company is focused on artificial flowers and artificial plant designing and development. They are mainly exporting their products to different countries and regions around the world. Since established, they are working with large factories.

18 Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co., Ltd

Specializing in artificial flowers, artificial plants, wedding décor, and Christmas décor designing, researching, manufacturing, and selling, the company wins customers’ trust in every order. Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co., Ltd has the ability to make high-quality innovative products meet the various market demands.

19 Zhongshan Huicai Artificial Flower Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Huicai Artificial Flower Co., Ltd is providing all kinds of PU flower, silk flower, and other potted decoration products. They are known for providing great quality products at fair prices. Most of their products are exported to different countries and regions. Since established in 2013, they and their product are widely recognized with their old and new customers.

20 Yiwu E-Sun Flower Factory

Yiwu E-Sun Flower Factory has been in the artificial flower business for over 10 years. Specializing in all types of products, they adopt professionalism which makes their product stand out to others. They are equipped with expert designers, advanced equipment, and quality system. Included in their products are e-sun flower, fake flower, imitation flower, decorative flower, artificial fruit, artificial plant, and more. They mainly export products to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc.

Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Artificial flowers have become popular today in our day-to-day life.

They are used by event decoration companies, flower shop owners or artificial flower retail/wholesale business.

This article will help customers understand more about artificial flowers.

If looking to import artificial flowers from China, this is the best guide to go through:

Which are the Main Artificial Flower Markets in China?

China has several artificial flower markets.

The main however is Yiwu market.

Artificial flower

Artificial flower

Yiwu Market

Yiwu is the biggest of its kind in this place.

Flowers that are sourced from all over the world displayed then wholesaled in Yiwu market.

It is located in Yiwu international city district 1.

Yiwu market has over 1000 shops selling a variety of artificial flowers and flower accessories.

Yiwu artificial market products range from lavender, rose, lily, Calla lily, sunflower, Gerbera, miniature bonsai, flowers mini scape, Ivy Rattan, and a wide variety of products.

They export to Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, Russia, Japan, and several other countries.

Some of the benefits of buying from this market are high quality, low price, a wide variety of products, and limited imitation.

Dongguan Factory

Dongguan factory has around 328 suppliers.

The suppliers provide high quality, big flowers, and pieces of plants.

Tianjing Factory

Tianjing factory mainly provides silk flowers. They source their products from Caozilli and Wuqing district. Tianjing has over 120suppliers for artificial flowers.

They provide a huge range of artificial flowers ranging from cherry blossom, sunflower, orchid, tulip, rose, and several others.

Tianjin factory uses materials like silk, polyester, and others.

Hebei Artificial Flower Factory

Hebei Artificial flower factory.

This factory produces the cheapest artificial flowers in China.

It is a small town known as Gougezhuangwith more than 100 producers and suppliers for artificial flowers.

Around this place are around 264 suppliers for artificial flowers.

Guangzhou Artificial Flower Factory

Guangzhou factory has around 656 suppliers for artificial flowers.

They are mainly good at designing and manufacturing high quality artificial flower parts and flowers.

Their advantages are favorable price, notable qualities, and short lead time.

Why Choose Artificial Flowers?

While there are fresh bloom flowers, artificial flowers have become customer choice.

Some of the reasons why people choose artificial flowers are:


They are cheaper as compared to natural fresh blooms thus you save a few dollars.

Every time you change your flower display, you will incur some costs.

To avoid spending a lot, you can invest in artificial flowers.

Besides, the initial price of an artificial flower is lower than that of a fresh bloom.


Artificial flowers are less likely to cause allergies except for some cases such as artificial latex flowers.

Natural flowers are more likely to cause allergies.

Those with allergy problems are more likely to go for artificial flowers over natural flowers.

Even if you dust your flowers, they will not cause problems as pollen does.

Easy Management

Artificial flowers are easy to manage as compared to natural flowers.

They are very easy to care for.

There are some artificial flowers that do not require maintenance.

Easy to buy

Artificial flowers are easy to purchase. You can shop for your artificial flowers by choosing a specific type of flower arrangement style.


Artificial flowers have a higher longevity than natural flowers.

They can last longer than fresh blooms. Fresh blooms age at different rates thus leaving you with a withered/semi-withered or untidy mess and petals the whole place.

However, artificial flowers look fresh for a long time.


You can customize artificial flowers to suit your needs.

Customization involves the design of the flower from the petals, the stem, and the color.

Artificial flowers have realistic small touches such as thorns on roses and stamens in lilies.

It is practically impossible to tell them from real flowers.

Besides, if the scent of natural flowers is missing, you can always include a little perfume.

No Seasonality Problems

Artificial flowers are not seasonal like fresh blooms.

If you want out-of-season flora or sunflowers in the winter, you can have them by purchasing artificial flowers.

Whenever, whatever, or whichever flowers you want, you can have them.

Peonies often have a short late spring to early summer window period.

As such you cannot have the other times.

With artificial peonies, you will enjoy these flowers all year round.

There are Limited Distractions

With artificial flowers, you do not have to worry about bugs, spillages, watermarks, or any mess.

These are problems only with fresh blooms.

Pet Friendly

Artificial flowers are an excellent alternative for people with pets.

There are some fresh blooms that are often toxic to pets.

If you are a cat or dog owner, artificial flowers are the best choice.

Are there Limitations of Artificial Flowers?

Yes, there are a number of limitations to artificial flowers. Some of them are:


They may fray over time. Artificial flowers begin fading over a long time losing their aesthetic appearance.

They get worse over time as their petals turn funky colors and begin to fade.

Fading occurs mainly when you put them in places with direct sunlight.


Although less expensive than fresh blooms, some artificial flowers are high cost.

The cost varies among different artificial flowers.

For instance, silk flowers may be more expensive than fresh wedding flowers.


Some of these artificial flowers are still unscented. Silk flowers lack the scent of fresh flowers.

Even if you perfume them, but they will never capture the same fresh bloom aroma as the actual flower.

Environment Pollution

These flowers are often made using dyes in very large factories and they contribute to the pollution problems.

When one tosses out the faded artificial flowers, they end up in landfills or water bodies.

How does Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China Arrange Flowers?

Every person loves to see beautiful colorful artificial flowers in high-quality displays.

Artificial flowers manufacturers China can create beautiful displays with realistic and gorgeous artificial flowers.

As a buyer, you can choose an arrangement that matches perfectly with your decorative scheme. It can be a contemporary or classic theme.

Even so, below are some of the ways of arranging flowers by style:

i. Centerpiece Arrangements

Cnter piece artificial flower arrangement

Centerpiece artificial flower arrangement

Artificial centerpieces can change a space.

Centerpieces can act as focal points in hallways, foyers.

To choose the right centerpiece, look at the following factors:

Size; for a tabletop arrangement, you must have the right size of flower arrangement.

Do you want a long, compact, spreading, or tall centerpiece?

The scale is very important, you have to get it right.

For wedding banquet tables, a moderate row of rectangular planters is good.

For a marrow table, an upright orchid is better.

Color; this depends on whether you have a decorative scheme that you want to match the flower to.

Similarly, the color could depend on whether you want to include an eye-catching splash of a contrasting color.

For instance, in an office, do you want colors that match the corporate colors?

Function; it can be for a permanent fixture or occasional use.

It can be a beautiful ornament on a sideboard/table or star of the show.

You have to ensure that what it will be standing on matches the shape of the planter/vase.

ii. Seasonal Arrangements


Seasonal arrangement of artificial flowers

The best way of having flower arrangements that mimic nature is by having seasonal arrangements.

They can be autumn arrangements for summer arrangements and so forth.

For spring freshness, chose simple styles.

Besides, for a nightstand or spring dinner table, you can have delicate daisies and lovely lavenders.

Also, for a spring wedding, look out for an elegant planter.

When it comes to summer, look for hydrangeas and bright sunflowers.

Besides, for winter, look for warming reds with a mixture of green.

In fall, you can choose New England inspired yellows and oranges as well as harvest-themed arrangements.

iii. Contemporary Arrangements

Contemporary artificial flower arrangement

Contemporary flowers arrangement

One such contemporary arrangement is an orchid in a vase.

It is like a piece of art in an office or at home; very elegant and simple.

For small spaces, you can have a single, modern bloom precisely in a vase.

For contemporary arrangements, you can add small branches, fronds, and leaves.

You can choose by flower or shape when making contemporary artificial flower arrangements.

For larger spaces, you can have a high display of up to 3 feet high. Under a foot tall, can be a pretty little flower arrangement.

They can be on nightstands, occasional tables, or discreet centerpieces.

The planter or vase is equally important when choosing your contemporary flower display.

You can pick retro-style urns, eye-catching metallic that often contrasts with the gorgeous-realistic blooms.

Glass vases often come in different on-trend designs: bowl, square, or search-out-tall-shaped designs.

iv. Acrylic Water Arrangements

A group of flower coordination stands in acrylic water.

It includes real-life touch to an artificial vase display.

The vase arrangement involves the stems standing firmly in the acrylic water.

You have to be careful to avoid bubbles or dust getting into the acrylic water.

Acrylic water arrangement

Acrylic water arrangement

Arrangement by type is as shown below:

v. Orchid Arrangements

Orchid is the most elegant flower often suitable for contemporary displays.

You can choose the fuller arrangement or the classic minimalist single stem look.

Color becomes the most important consideration when you are going for one or a few stems.

Other arrangements are flower vases, potted varieties, or the contemporary arrangement using deep red or hot pink orchid.

While you can choose orchid displays, mixed arrangements are excellent.

Orchid arrangement of artificial flowers

Orchid arrangement of artificial flowers

It involves including orchids with various blooms such as prettily-colored peony or with extra-foliage.

vi. Hydrangea Arrangements

Artificial hydrangea

Artificial hydrangea

Artificial hydrangea are better than the fresh bloom as they do not get brown after time.

It has beautiful, soft petals with gentle colors.

They are often suitable for natural-looking displays, informal displays, or including texture and volume to mixed arrangements.

Therefore, look very lovely in contemporary and traditional settings.

If you are looking for a discreet display, then silk hydrangea in small and cute little vases is the best when placed on the center of small, round tables.

Silk hydrangeas have acrylic water for the extra realistic touch.

They also come in a wide range of colors from pink, purple, classic blue, or more unusual yellow shades.

You can have a simple hydrangea in-vase arrangement which comes in larger sizes.

Even so, it still retains the typical charming, natural feel.

It similarly looks good in mixed-displays being suitable for centerpieces.

If you want to keep it informal, you can add meadow flowers, leaves and lavender then dress it down with silk roses.

With a very lovely bloom and freshness, hydrangea can make for a wedding arrangement.

vii. Rose Arrangements

Rose arrangement

Rose arrangement

You can display rose flowers by having several stems and lush green leaves together or a few buds in a simple glass vase.

For rose arrangement, you can choose to keep the rose flower in its opening bud stage or in their full bloom.

Also, you must consider the color of the roses as they come in different shades. You can display them in more ornate container or simple glass vase.

It is an elegant mixed arrangement as centerpiece for celebrations, or christening/wedding displays.

viii. Lily Arrangements

Lily flowers make an excellent addition to a mixed arrangement.

They are often used as wedding centerpieces.

Also, they can be used as appealing decorations in a home or in a contemporary business foyer.

It is suitable for modern displays.

You can have a few lilies in a single glass vase/jar.

Lily arrangement

Lilly arrangement

ix. Preserved Flower Arrangements

These are mainly real flowers that have been preserved when they were very beautiful and of good quality.

One can develop them extremely well by focusing on the flower color, type, and tem among other parts.

This idea can make for a perfect centerpiece arrangement.

They are also good for tables at weddings or summers.


Yes, you can.

The artificial flowers suppliers China on Alibaba are trusted parties sourced by the platform.

These are manufacturers with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and selling artificial flowers in China and abroad.

Therefore, they are very trustworthy parties.

Besides, they provide samples of their products to clients hence one can determine if they are of the right quality before making their purchases.

Artificial flowers on Alibaba

Artificial flowers on Alibaba

Is there a Difference Between Artificial Flowers China Suppliers and Artificial Flowers Manufacturers in China?

Of course, yes.

While some manufacturers are suppliers of the artificial flowers, there are suppliers who mainly major in distributing the artificial flowers once they get them from the manufacturing factories.

In Yiwu market, the majority of the artificial flowers’ suppliers are also manufacturers.

They manufacture the products at their factories, and then display them at the Yiwu market shops.

Why should you Buy Directly from Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China?

You should buy directly from Artificial flowers manufacturer China because of the following reasons:

Access customization services which range from offering unique designs, accessories, and packaging among others.

Variety; artificial flowers manufacture in China have variety of styles.

There are several to choose from so consumers make orders and get what they ask for.

Affordability; when you buy directly from the manufacturer you can get lower prices as compared to buying from third parties.

As you enjoy discounted prices.

Authentic pieces; When you buy directly from the manufacturers you access authentic and high-quality pieces of artificial flowers.

Safe packaging; Artificial flowers manufacturer China offer the best and suitable packaging for the products while on transit as compared to using brokers/third parties.

For instance, they can use carton boxes to package their artificial flowers while on transit.

Good price; since manufacturers have control over the materials that they use to make their final products they can give their clients best price.

Besides, the more the quantity that a customer buys, the cheaper the products.

Accessibility; there is adequate stock of products hence manufacturers can for the clients.

Even if a customer’s order is large, the manufacturer will fulfill it and this is due to high productivity.

After sale services; you can always have the damaged artificial flowers replaced by the manufacturers.

If the seal is broken or if there is damage during shipment then manufacturers can make up for the damage quantity unlike when buying from third parties.

Does Cheapest Wholesale Artificial Flowers in China imply Low Quality?


The wholesale artificial flowers in China could be cheap because of the massive discounts offered by manufacturers.

Otherwise, the manufactured artificial flowers are high quality just as the expensive wholesale artificial flowers.

How do you Get the Best Prices from Artificial Flowers Manufacturer in China?

You can get high-quality, durable and beautiful artificial flowers from Artificial flowers manufacturer China through buying in wholesale.

When you buy wholesale, you are more likely to get huge discounts translating to the lower prices of artificial flowers.

As a business an artificial flower business owner, you may buy these products in wholesale to enjoy the best prices.

What Material is Artificial Flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are made using the following materials:

i. Polyester

  • Cheap prices
  • Easy to be dyed
  • Durable
  • Easily accepts glues and dyes

ii. Silk

iii. Plastic

  • Mainly functions as stalks, stems, leaves, berries, and others

iv. Soap

v. Latex

vi. Cotton

The type of material you choose for the manufacture of your artificial flower depends on the final product you seek.

How do you Check the Quality of Artificial Flowers from China?

You have to prioritize quality when checking/purchasing any product.

To do this, you have to focus on some aspects such as:

· Color

The color of the artificial flower must be good so that the product does not look bad.

You have to ensure that the flower is dyed well.

· Assembling

A high-quality artificial flower must be well assembled so that the different parts do not fall apart.

You, therefore, have to check if the parts are well glued together.

· Parts

The final flower must be similar to the one ordered.

As such, you have to check the design of the parts and the accessories.

· Packaging

Although light, you have to ensure that while transporting artificial flowers from the manufacturing factory, you package it in a way to maintain its shape.

That said, you must ensure that there is an adequate number of flowers in a single carton/packaging.

Do Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China have MOQ?

Absolutely yes.

Minimum orders are accepted by artificial flowers manufacturers in China from dozen pieces to a few hundred.

While the MOQ varies depending on the supplier, there are cases where the MOQ is I carton per item/colors/design.

How do you Ship Artificial Flowers from China?

You can ship artificial flowers from China through:

i. Sea freight shipping

ii. Air freight shipping

iii. Rail freight shipping

iv. Door to door shipping

Note: air freight shipping is the fastest while the others take several days to reach their destination.

How does Artificial Silk Flowers compare to Artificial Latex Flowers?

Artificial silk flowers and Artificial Latex flowers although both artificial flowers, share some unique differences.

Some of the ways in which these flowers compare are:

i. Raw Materials

Artificial silk flowers can look very real.

They are made from a wide range of cotton fabrics and polyester rayon.

This allows the manufacturers to utilize specialist dyes and heat treatments which produce detailing such as petals and veins in leaves.

On the other hand, Artificial latex flowers are made from mould sourced from flowers and living plants.

As such, they are very realistic.

ii. Degree of Realistic

Since latex is a liquid, it can show the uneven outlines of flowers and the veins in petals.

Artificial silk flowers are not as clear as the artificial latex flowers.

These aspects make the flowers very realistic just like fresh blooms.

iii. Wide Variety

Artificial silk flowers come in a wide range of shades and varieties.

For instance, they have different types of stems.

There are more real fleshy stems to thin dark green basic stems to stems with flocking applied.

For instance, you can access roses with gerbera so they better mimic a fresh bloom.

Similarly, artificial latex flowers have fleshy thickish petals and realistic stems.

However, there is a limited range of artificial latex flowers.

You have to look harder for different varieties and shades of artificial latex flowers.

Although there are oriental lilies, calla lilies, roses, and orchids.

iv. Price

Just as Artificial silk flowers are a bit expensive than fresh blooms, so are Artificial latex flowers.

v. Stem

Artificial latex and silk flowers have a stem coated in plastic.

vi. Quality

As compared to artificial latex flowers, artificial silk flowers tend to fray.

However, this disadvantage is at a minimum.

vii. Non-allergic

You cannot use artificial latex flowers in bouquets for individuals with latex allergies.

However, artificial silk flowers less likely to cause allergies in individuals.

What is the Difference Between Artificial Plastic Flowers and Foam Flowers?

Artificial plastic flowers are not as realistic as the latex and silk flowers.

They are, therefore, not used in bouquets or arrangements.

Plastic flowers are often a good choice where a natural flower has a waxy or silky appearance as plastic flowers give a more realistic appearance.

Plastic flowers are best used as fillers to add texture to any design.

Avoid using them as focal flowers.

On the other hand, foam flowers are artificial flowers that come in different colors.

They often include roses, calla lilies, carnations peonies, and roses.

These flowers range in size from 2 cm to 10 cm.

They often have taped and wired stems with no foliage.

Foam flowers do not have an attractive appearance and are thus less realistic.

Therefore, they are used as buttonholes and are easy to work with.

Foam flowers are mostly mixed with other flowers like silk flowers to hide their stems.

How do you Package Artificial Flowers from China?

When transporting artificial flowers from China, manufacturers/suppliers package them in double wall carton boxes.

The sizes of the carton boxes vary depending on the quantity of the artificial flowers.

Are there restrictions when Importing Artificial Flowers?


There are no restrictions when importing Artificial flowers from China.

These are artificial and not real flowers hence they cannot spread pests or diseases.

Besides, they are common products. Once you pass the Chinese custom, there will be no additional problems.

However, you must ensure that the region or country where you are going to sell your products have no regulations on artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers in China

How much Duties will you Pay for Artificial Flowers from China?

You have to pay the basic duty which is often around 10%.

You then pay additional charges which all accrue to the final duty.

All this is done under the HTS.

It tells you the duty of the product you intend to import from China.

You place the features of the product under the HST and get a HS Code number which will generate the total duty to be paid.

Do Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China have Product Return Policy?

Absolutely, yes.

If the artificial flowers manufacturer China ships a product and it is damaged while on transit, a client can return the products.

The manufacturer then replaces the damaged quantity to the satisfaction of the client.

What are the available Color Options for Artificial Flowers from China?

There are several color options for artificial flowers from China.

It is however important to understand that these colors vary depending on the specific plant.

Some of the color options are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Lime
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Multiple colors

Is there a Maximum Size of Artificial Flowers from China?


Artificial flowers from China can be customized to meet the needs of a client.

Hence, there will be artificial flowers with sizes bigger than the standard ones.

For instance, a typical artificial flower may have a larger size of 9cm although they can go up to 10 cm and beyond.

Which Documents do you need to Import Artificial Flowers from China?

If you are planning to import artificial flowers from China, product and shipping documentation is needed for all product categories.

These documents are provided by either your supplier or freight forwarder.

They form the paper trail required to transport your products from China to a set destination while ensuring that you pay the right amount of import taxes and duties.

Some of the documents that you will need include:

Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading is the main freight document provided by your freight forwarder if you choose to use one.

This is a receipt to confirm that the company shipping the products has received them.

This document often includes the information about the shipping company, importer, product type (artificial flowers), quantity and the incoterm.

It also has a special number utilized in tracking the shipment online.

Commercial Invoice

It is often used to declare the customs value of the specified shipment, and then used to calculate VAT, GST, import duties, and import taxes.

It includes important details such as product description, importer, HS code, unit value, total value, and quantity.

This document is issued by your supplier/manufacturer and sent to your freight forwarder.

It has to be sent together with the other customs and shipping documents.

Certificate of Origin

You need a Certificate of Origin to enjoy favorable/negotiated/reduced charges.

It details manufacturer/exporter, importer, product description, transportation route, and method as well as quantity.

The supplier often applies for this document from the local authorities in China.

The certificate has to be stamped by the authorities in China.

Packing List

This document details the product, quantity, and the number of cartons included in the shipment of the artificial flowers.

A freight forwarder often uses it to keep track of the shipment of artificial flowers while on transit.

How can Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China support your Business?

Ensuring a steady supply of artificial flowers so your business is running all through the seasons.

Providing customized pieces of artificial flowers to specific target markets

As a business, when you buy directly from the manufacturers you get discounted prices which you can extend to your clients.

You can also get artificial flowers on credit once you establish a strong business relationship.

Based on the relationship the business owner and manufacturer develop, they can often get information on new innovations before they hit the market.

As such, the business can use these new innovations to attract their clients.

How does Freight Forwarder help Import Artificial Flowers from China?

Freight forwarder helps in shipping your artificial flowers from China to international destinations.

They help import artificial flowers from China through:

They offer competitive shipping cost for your artificial flower orders.

They avail free warehouse for your artificial flowers and do not mix them with orders from different suppliers.

They then complete the professional paperwork and customs clearance to any of the international destinations.

How do you Choose the Best Artificial Flowers?

When choosing the best artificial flowers, look for the following factors:

i. Price

ii. Color; a beautiful and not easy to fade color

iii. Quality in terms of the material chosen for its manufacture.

iv. Level of realistic; the plant must look very real

v. Sense of layering; it must have a strong sense of layering

Do Artificial Flowers Manufacturer China help in Shipping Process?

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers

Yes, they do.

Artificial flowers manufacturer China help in the shipping process by ensuring that the products pass the Chinese custom.

They also conduct their research to determine if the country of destination does/does not have restrictions on artificial flowers.

They then ship the products through sea, rail, or air depending on the means chosen by the client or what is considered suitable after packaging them.

In short, before you choose artificial flowers manufacturer from China, you should consider everything in this guide.

However, if you need any help concerning artificial flowers imports from China, contact BanSar now.

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