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Baby Clothes
Baby Bloomers
Baby Bloomers Importing from China

There is nothing more important than providing your little guy or girl with quality baby clothes and other items made from safe materials. China is the home of thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind baby clothes products.

Baby Leggings
Baby Leggings Importing from China

Find affordable and fashionable clothes for babies that include cute and stylish designs, in a range of sizes, at great prices. In China, there are thousands of great baby clothes manufacturers if you’re importing from China.

Baby sleeper
Baby Sleeper Importing from China

A baby sleeper is a one-piece outfit that helps keep baby warm and comfortable during the night. If you want this kind of clothes for the baby, you can find verified manufacturers in Taizhou and Zhejiang China.

Baby sock
Baby Socks Importing from China

Searching for the best baby socks? Everything you need to protect children’s feet is in China’s best manufacturer. They are one of the world class makers of a high quality of baby socks. If you’re importing from China you can choose Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Bodysuits Importing from China

Shop baby bodysuits from the verified supplier in China. Find super soft bodysuits, sets, and pajamas, all from the leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts, and accessories. Choose quality baby clothes that make dressing your little one easy for any season.

Babys shoes
Baby's shoes Importing from China

Baby Shoes are made to protect every wriggle and step, allowing growing feet to move and develop naturally over time. If you’re importing from China choose those trusted name manufacturers and made from high quality durable material with toe and heel protection to make exploring safe and fun, ideal for babies and toddlers of all the time.

Baby onesie
Baby Onesie Importing from China

Searching for a trusted baby onesie manufacturer for your little angel? You can find and choose durable, funny and unique types of baby clothing in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

Bany shirts
Baby Shirts Importing from China

Find the best manufacturers clothing for babies which include comfy t-shirts that are affordable and fashionable for babies. If you’re importing baby shirts from China, choose supplier that is capable of handling the customer’s demand.

Beanie Hat
Baby Beanie Hat Importing from China

Looking for cute and unique design baby beanie hat? China has a wide range of beanie hats for newborn, baby, infant and toddler boys and girls. They are your prime destination for baby hat and made in softest organic cotton for baby hats.

Kimono Top
Baby Kimono Top Importing from China

If you’re importing baby clothes from China, find those manufacturers that are 100% organic cotton loose pique kimono top that can guarantee the safetiness of your baby and give the care they deserve with purely organic products from China. You can find hundreds of trusted and high quality standard manufacturers in Zhejiang and Fujian provinces.

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Air Freight from China to 1
Air deliveries can provide humidity control and dust protection. If you're importing baby clothes that you need to ship, then you are in the right place.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 2
Shipping baby clothes by rail is an effective method for transporting commodities. Faster than land transportation, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation.
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It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Importing Baby Clothes from China: The Definitive Guide

Do you know bulk importing baby clothes from China can boost your profits by 17%?

Yes, there are better deals from Chinese baby clothes manufacturing companies.

But, you can only profit from this when you know the ins and outs of importing baby clothes from China.

That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this guide.

It answers all your how and where questions when importing kids clothes from China.

Here is what I have for you:

How to Import Baby Clothes from China

Importing baby clothes from China has been made much easier due to a number of factors such as;

Importing baby clothes from China

Importing baby clothes from China

  • Online platforms including Aliexpress, Alibaba, DH gate, among others
  • Presence of many suppliers and manufacturers
  • Reliable modes of transport
  • Efficient means of money exchange

What I mean is that you just have to identify your preferred supplier either from the online websites or practically visiting China.

Afterward, you have to agree on the terms and conditions of your business with your supplier.

This is important more so if you are planning to work together for a long period.

Having done that, you can make your first order and so will your importation business commence.

However, this is what you have to keep in mind.

Before embarking on diving into importation business, it is important that you have all the legal documents required.

Without these documents, you will find the whole process very difficult.

Also, make sure you have studied the importation rules of your country just so as to avoid any inconveniences regarding the same.

But still, the question here remains, “Why should I import baby clothes from China?”

Why you Should Import Baby Clothes from China

As we all know, China is the leading producer of several types of products including baby clothes.

There are thousands of manufacturers dealing with different types of clothing.

Meaning, the competition in China is stiff and this forces manufacturers and suppliers to sell products at relatively affordable prices.

Baby romper

Baby romper

This doesn’t rule out that the clothes are of low quality.

Infact, you will be surprised that you can sell them at more than half the price you bought them due to their good quality.

China also has many freight forwarders who are well connected with many countries making your importation process even much efficient.

These are the main reasons as to why you should consider importing baby clothes from China.

By so doing, you are assured of high-profit margins on every sale that you make.

Where to Buy High Quality and Affordable Baby Clothes from China

As I highlighted earlier, you can easily locate a manufacturer or supplier of baby clothes in China.

If you still have no idea where to start from, then I will show you how to go about it.

Baby clothes from China

Baby clothes from China

Here’s how to get high quality kids clothes in China:

To start with, some of the top provinces where you can shop baby clothes from in China include; Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangzhou.

To add on that, here are some of the top baby clothes suppliers that you can work with during your purchasing process.

  • Guangzhou moonyao Garment Co., Ltd
  • Nanjing Hangna Trading Co., Ltd
  • GanzhouYihong Garment Co., Ltd
  • Shandong Hello Apparel Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Fakifii Garment Co., Ltd

These are just a few companies you can consider.

You can easily locate these suppliers on online platforms such as Alibaba as well as Made in China or just Google them.

Types of Baby Clothes to Import from China

Babies also need to look stylish.

And by this, I mean that they also need to have a variety of clothes to wear.

Which types of baby clothes should I import?

Which ones are mostly looked out for?

These are just some of the many questions you might be having in mind regarding the type of baby clothes that you should start importing.

To make your work easier, I’m about to simply outline the best types of baby clothes to import from China.

Baby romper

Baby romper

  • Rompers
  • Bodysuit
  • Pyjamas
  • Cotton knitted Sweaters
  • Dresses
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Caps and hats
  • Onesies

These are the most common types of clothes to check out for when importing baby clothes.

Socks should be essential whenever you are importing baby clothes as they are not only used by both genders but also most of the time babies have them on.

Also, make sure that most of the clothes are made from cotton as that’s the most recommended material on baby clothes.

However, I will explain more about the safety standards for baby clothes later in this guide.

Keep reading.

Having explained this, you also need to be aware of the problems that you may face during your importation of baby clothes from China.

Common Problems You May Encounter in Importing Baby Clothes from China

Three piece baby clothes

Three piece baby clothes

When doing any type of importation business, you should be prepared for any forthcoming glitches.

Hitting straight to the point, some of the problems that you might encounter when importing baby clothes are not limited to;

1. Language Barrier

English is the preferred language to use when communicating in most parts of the world.

However, a huge portion of the Chinese population is illiterate in English.

This makes communication a difficult task.

Nevertheless, translator applications have come in handy helping you to communicate with your Chinese dealers.

And by the way, you can always seek the services of Chinese sourcing agents.

2. Complex Payment Modes

Most of the Chinese suppliers use the wiring method for making any payments.

The problem with this method is that not all are secure and therefore this might be risky.

3. Low Quality Clothes

This is one of the key aspects you must observe when dealing with baby clothes.

China is considered a country where both fake and quality goods are produced.

To make sure you don’t fall in the trap of purchasing substandard products, do thorough research on the baby clothes before deciding to make any purchases.

The good news, you can always product inspection and factory audit companies.

You can learn how to do it – Guide to Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China.

Other problems include;

  • Substandard export packing
  • Wrong products
  • Wrong color

Best Baby Clothes Manufacturer in China

There are hundreds of baby clothes manufacturers in China and you might have a difficult time settling on your preferred manufacturer.

If you are in such a situation then keep reading as I am about to outline some of the recommended manufacturers that you can confidently work with.

· QuanzhouBkd Kids Wear Co., Ltd

Deals with baby clothes including t-shirts, rompers, underwear among others.

They are located in Quanzhou, Fujian

· Shandong Hello Apparel Co., Ltd.

The main products here include; kids girls t-shirts, dresses, skirts and kids boys T-Shirt.

They are located at Linyi, Shandong

· Suzhou Angels Co., Ltd

The main products here are bathing wear and other types of baby clothes.

You can locate them in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

· Fly Model Technology Co., Ltd

Deals with jean, fashion, garment among others.

It’s located in Guangzhou, Guangdong

· Fujian Klait IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD

Here, you can find products such as children’s swimwear, beachwear, bikini among others.

They are located in Fuzhou, Fujian.

Again, don’t forget the potential in the wholesale markets.

You can get competitive prices in kids clothes in China.

For instance, you may consider:

Girls clothes

 Girls clothes

All these manufacturers are highly ranked and recommended.

However, you can research more on sites such as Alibaba and Made in China.

Baby Clothes Specifications when Importing from China

When purchasing baby clothes, you need to be keen on a number of aspects such as; color, pattern, size, fabric type, labels, features.

Reason being babies are very vulnerable to the slightest of factors that you might consider ordinary such as irritation caused by some types of fabric among others.

· Color

As we all know, pink is the best color to use on girls baby clothes as its feminine.

On the other hand, blue would be the color to go with when purchasing boys clothes.

Bright colors would be the best on baby clothes as dirt can easily be identified.

· Fabric type

Not all types of fabrics are good for babies.

Some might irritate the skin or interfere with the freshly cut umbilical cord for newborns.

Some of the recommended types of fabrics for baby clothes include;

  • Cotton
  • Voile
  • Muslin
  • Handkerchief linen
  • Microfiber fabrics
  • Broadcloth

· Size

Choosing the size of baby clothes shouldn’t be a hassle.

Now that you are planning to sell them, it is best you have clothes of all sizes from newborns to grown up kids.

However, most manufacturers won’t reveal to you this.

Kids grow up fast and so many people don’t buy a lot of clothes for newborns.

Meaning, of all the baby clothes that you will be importing, newborn clothes should not outnumber the other clothes.

Most buyers tend to first buy a few clothes for newborns as within a few months they will be outgrown.

Major on baby clothes meant for 2 year olds and above.

· Labels

Labels are found at the back of every cloth and they relay more information about the cloth.

Some of the information included in the label include;

  • Size
  • Material of the cloth
  • If the cloth is dryer safe
  • If the cloth is waterproof or weatherproof

Such information makes it easier for buyers to quickly decide on the types of cloth to purchase and the ones to evade.

· Pattern

There are several patterns for baby clothes for you to choose from including;

  • Crossover pinafore pattern
  • Crossover pinafore and bloomers pattern
  • Baby boy romper pattern
  • Romper pattern
  • Ruffle sleeve onesie pattern
  • Explorer pants pattern
  • Kimono pattern

Cross over pattern

Crossover pinafore pattern, Photo credits

Crossover pinafore and bloomers pattern,

Crossover pinafore and bloomers pattern, Photo credits

Baby boy romper pattern

Baby boy romper pattern, Photo credits

Romper pattern

Romper pattern, Photo credits

· Quality

Baby clothes should be able to be washed at fairly high temperatures without having to worry about shrinkage or discoloration.

It is advisable to choose baby clothes which are made from hypoallergenic as well as natural materials.

As mentioned earlier, it’s also advisable to buy baby clothes made from appropriate materials such as cotton.

Method of Payment when Importing Baby Clothes from China

Are you about to make your first payment in China?

Having difficulties settling on the best payment mode?

You have to read this section.

There are several methods of payment that you can use when importing baby clothes from China.

However, not all are safe and not all are preferred by certain suppliers.

Let’s have a look at these payment modes.

· PayPal

PayPal is a common payment method in several online businesses probably due to the fact that you will instantly transact money.

However, most Chinese suppliers don’t prefer this payment method.

Reason being they will incur extra charges which would contribute towards reducing their profit margin.

· Western Union

You can also make your payments through western union.

This payment method is common among most small suppliers owing to the fact that there is less expenditure involved.

The problem with using western union is that it lacks adequate security.

By this I mean fraudsters mostly use this method of payment and so this might pose a risk.

However, western union is faster and you will end up consuming fewer resources.

When dealing with a trusted supplier, then this payment method might be a good idea.

· Cash

Cash is probably one of the payment methods which is used by everyone across the globe.

When doing your importation, cash payment might be advantageous in that you might be given trade discounts on your purchases.

However, not only will you spend when doing currency exchange but also risk your money if the goods you are purchasing are not what you expected.

In short, it limits any recovery of funds.

· Online escrow

Online escrow is one of the accepted modes of payment in China probably due to the fact that it is much safer.

By this I mean, once you make the payment, the supplier will not receive it until you receive your goods.

An example of this payment method is the Aliexpress escrow which is commonly used by several importers.

· Telegraphic Transfers

When making payments through telegraphic transfers, you will be required to pay 30% of the amount and finish the rest once the cargo is shipped.

The best way would be to use online brokers in that;

  • They are faster
  • Getting favorable exchange rates is easier

MOQ for Baby Clothes in China

The minimum order quantity for baby clothes varies from one supplier to the other.

Some might have a MOQ from as low as 100 pieces to as much as 1000 over pieces.

Here you will have to gauge in between your budget and the size of your business.

If you are running a large baby clothes business, then you will not be affected much by some of the high MOQ set by suppliers.

However, for a smaller business, you will be limited when it comes to certain purchases.

To avoid this, I advise you to use alternative online shopping platforms apart from Alibaba.


Alibaba mostly deals with bulk products and so it would inconvenience small scale businesses.

However, you can negotiate with your supplier to lower the MOQ.

Unfortunately, this is very difficult to achieve and you shouldn’t depend on it.

How to Ship Baby Clothes when Importing from China

After making your order, the next process will be the shipment of your products.

If your supplier is not located near a port or airport, you will definitely incur more transport costs.

There are several ways in which you can ship baby clothes from China including water, air, rail, and road.

The choice of your mode of transport mainly depends on the amount and perishability of your products.

Shipping baby clothes from China

Shipping baby clothes from China

Perishable products will require a faster means of shipment to avoid incurring losses.

Meaning you will have to use air transport if the destination is far and this means you will dig deeper into your pockets.

But In our case, baby clothes don’t need an urgent or fast transport medium unless otherwise.

You can choose to use the road and rail more so if the destination is neighboring China and the infrastructure between the two countries is established.

Alternatively, you can use water transport which would take a bit longer for your goods to arrive.

However, water transport is not only one of the cheapest method but also convenient for transporting bulky cargo.

With this information, I believe you are now oriented on various key aspects when importing baby clothes.

However, have you asked yourself if there are safety standards to look out for?

Yes, there are safety standards set to ensure that the materials used don’t cause harm to babies.

Let’s have a look at these standards in the final section below.

Safety Test and Standard for Kids Clothes in China

When handling any baby staff, it is recommended that the materials used should be mild as babies are very sensitive.

For instance, usage of chemicals such as lead, formaldehyde, and cadmium are restricted in some countries such as the US.

Regulatory bodies in China such as ANAB, HOKLAS, ISO17025, and CPSC are in charge of conducting tests on various items including baby clothes.

Tests done on a sample of clothes in Guangdong province proved the presence of aromatic amine which is considered very dangerous to human health and is linked to some types of cancers such as urethra as well as bladder cancer.

Nevertheless, it’s your duty to inspect clothes before the product leaves the factory.

However, there are inspectors who can be assigned the task and perform an inspection at every stage of manufacturing.

Also, all baby clothes tags (found at the back of the cloth) should include all the vital information such as;

  • Safety categories
  • Fiber composition and contents
  • Name and address of the manufacturer
  • Product standard
  • Use and storage precautions

Another testing that’s normally carried out is the flammability of baby clothes including sleepwear which ensures general safety in case of any contact with fire.

Baby clothes are required to be made of fabrics such as cotton, muslin, handkerchief linen, broadcloth, batiste, bamboo rayon among others.


In as much as there are some challenging processes during the importation of baby clothes from China, you can agree with me that it is also a simple process.

Besides, you can boom your baby clothes business.

All you have to do is make sure you establish bonds with the appropriate suppliers and agents as well as have the required legal documents.

If all this is in check, then you are more than ready to start importing baby clothes from China.

Best 20 Baby Clothes Manufacturers in China

1 Finefine

FINEFINE has been in the business for more than 15 years. It is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The main products of the company are baby/kid’s clothing 0-5 years old. They are designing, producing, and exporting baby clothes products. The company main markets are Brazil, the USA, The Middle East, and Africa thus they are working with a famous baby clothing brands in mentioned countries.

2 Fashion Garment Limited

Fashion Garment Limited was established in the year 2006. They are specializing in garments production. This company has 6 manufacturing departments and around 1,000 employees. They are exporting their items all over the world. Fashion Garment Limited is a wholesale kid clothing manufacturer and supplier.

3 Alamby Fashion

Specializing in the production of children’s clothing, Alamby Fashion is exporting products to Europe, North America, and Australia. This private label clothing manufacturer is designing and manufacturing clothing for boys and girls. Also, this company works with several fashion labels and independent designers in those countries.

4 Guangzhou Yongfa Children Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2000, Guangzhou Yongfa Children Products Co., Ltd deals with baby clothing products. Their main products are baby shoes, baby socks, baby romper, baby towel, baby bibs, baby diaper pants, and more. The company manufacturing facility is based in Guangzhou, China. This is an OEM and ODM factory.

5 Suzykids

Suzykids was created by Suzy. This is a baby clothing brand and a wholesale baby clothes factory based in Humen, Guangdong Province. They are focus on providing custom baby clothes, kid, and toddler clothing such as shoes, dress, t-shirts, pants, blankets, sweaters, harem, hoodies, beanies, and dresses. Their customers are based on the US, NZ, UK, and AU.

6 Aonousi

Dong Guan Aonousi Industrial Co., Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in production. This company has 3000+ distributors and self-established garment factories. They have around 150 manufacturing staff. Most of their staff have 7+ years in production. This brand company can be found in Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

7 Guangzhou Gaoteng Garment Co., Ltd

Located in Guangzhou City, China, Gaoteng Garment Co., Ltd is one leading kids’ clothes manufacturer. This company is specializing in skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, vests, T-shirts, pants, coats, sweaters and more. They are exporting products into overseas markets such as North America and Europe. The production capacity of the company raise to 100,000 -150,000 pieces per month.

8 Suzhou Angels Co., Ltd

Suzhou Angels textile Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, near Shanghai. It has easy transportation access through land, sea, and air. Their main products are infant and toddler apparel. They mainly export products to Europe, Australia, and North America. This manufacturing and trading enterprise welcome ODM and OEM orders.

9 Yierying Company

Fujian Nanping Yierying Garment Co., Ltd is based in Fujian, China. It has 300-500 employees works together to operate works efficiently. This company supplies a wide variety of children’s clothing. It is recognized as the “strength businessman” by Alibaba for a couple of years. Yierying Company children’s wear products are being exported worldwide.

10 Jiangmen Jianbaostar Garments Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Jianbaostar Garments Co., Ltd was established in the year 2015. Their main products are baby romper, baby knitted top and bottom set, baby carrier, baby pillows, and baby knitted accessories. They are exporting products around the world. But their main markets are North America, Southeast Asia, and other domestic markets.

11 Yiwu Rongnuo Clothing Factory

Yiwu Rongnuo Clothing Factory can be found in Zhejiang Province. They are manufacturers and suppliers of baby clothing such as children skirts, baby shoes, infant clothing, baby tutu dresses, baby quilts, and baby safety seat covers. Their products are widely used in baby products and various industries. This trading company was established in 2013.

12 Meiqiai Garment Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Meiqiai Garment Co., Ltd has more than 15 years in children’s clothing production. This company is popular in different countries including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, etc. They got SGS certification. Aside from children’s dresses, they are also manufacturing girl party dresses and cosplay costumes.

13 Number One Industrial Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, Number One Industrial Co., Ltd became one of professional manufacturer and exporter of baby clothes products. Their factory and office are near in Xiamen port, therefore transportation access is very convenient. Number One is specializing in baby clothing such as underwear, swimwear, diaper bags, etc. This company is can produce more than 3,000 designs annually.

14 Jiangmen Jianbaostar Garments Co., Ltd

Specializing in a baby romper, baby knitted accessories, baby carrier, baby knitted top and bottom set, and baby pillows, Jiangmen Jianbaostar Garments CO., LTD lead as a children garment manufacturer. With the advanced testing facility and technical force, this company has been recognized and trusted by many users.

15 Yiyuan Apparel Co., Ltd

Located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, Yihong E-Commerce Electronics Business Co., Ltd is well-known as a leading specialist in China. This company primarily specializes in baby products including skirts, headbands, socks, shoes, legwarmer, covering hats, and more. They sold their products in Australia, The Middle East, Europe, and the USA.

16 Juanmei Import & Export Co., Ltd

Shengzhou Jumei Textile Garments Co., Ltd is specializing in child clothing production and processing for 20 years. They are cooperating with a lot of wholesalers, retailers, wholesalers, and agents around the world. A brand like Noisy May, JDY, Name It., are some of the names they are supplying goods for.

17 Guangzhou Haowei Children Product Co., Ltd

Specializing in baby care products, Guangzhou Haowei Children Product Co., Ltd became a premier manufacturer in China. Their main products are baby shoes, bodysuits, blankets, t-shirt, socks, bibs, towels, etc. They are cooperating with a lot of customers in European countries, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and more.

18 Zhejiang Shijun Industrial Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Shijun Industrial Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing baby clothing and other kid’s garments suitable for 0-12 years old. Their customers are mainly in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Zhejiang Shijun Industrial Co., Ltd covers an area of 1,000 sq m. It has more than 50 employees works on production.

19 Guangzhou Yongfa Children Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2000, Guangzhou Yongfa Children Products Co., Ltd became a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of baby products. Their main products include baby romper, baby shoes, baby blanket, baby towels, baby bibs, baby diaper pants, and more. Yongfa Children Products has a professional team to design every customer idea.

20 Yiwu Rand Garment Co., Ltd          

Yiwu Rand Garment Co., Ltd was established in 2003. This company has 20+ years of experience in production and development. They are providing baby clothes including baby rompers, dresses, bloomers, shorts, pants, and baby accessories. This company can export hundreds of thousands of US Dollar’ clothes weekly. Their manufacturing facility is based in Yiwu covering a 4000 sq m and 800 sq warehouse.

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