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Full Port Ball Valve
Full Port Ball Valve Importing from China

Are you looking for a ball valve to provide an on/off or open/closed function in your pipeline? As long as you are looking for the best full port ball valve, importing from China is the right place for you. The leading ball valve manufacturer in China offers you the highest quality ball valve you can have.

Standard Port Ball Valve
Standard Port Ball Valve Importing from China

Standard port ball valve are available in Chinese ball valve market that is usually less expensive, but has a smaller ball and a correspondingly smaller port. Whether you need to buy standard port ball valve for our personal use or for business, importing from China is the best choice. Chinese ball valve market will be your best partner on your business.

V Port Ball Valve
V Port Ball Valve Importing from China

The leading ball valve manufacturer in China produces all kinds of V port Ball Valve that suits your needs. When importing ball valve from China, choose the professional and much experiences in manufacturing. These manufacturer are mostly based in Yuhuan, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Shenyang.

Trunnion Ball Valve
Trunnion Ball Valve Importing from China

Are you looking for a high quality ball valve in a very reasonable price? Importing from China is the best choice for you. China’s leading ball valve manufacturer and suppliers can supply 100% new trunnion ball valve to meet your needs.

Manually Operated Ball Valves
Manually Operated Ball Valves Importing from China

Find a reliable manual operated ball valve in China market that offers a high quality at the best price. The leading ball valve manufacturer in China use High-grade manual operated ball valves component to deliver you long service life and high quality ball valve. You can get a durable ball valves from professional manufacturer in China.

3 Way Ball Valve
3 Way Ball Valve Importing from China

If you are looking for 3 way ball valves, Bansar will help you find the most ideal quality. It is able to control the flow or pressure of water, fluids, gasses, and many more applications and uses of ball valves. You can find commonly at Shandong provinces, Zhejiang, and Hunan provinces in China. Find a supplier with lots of repeated orders.

Air Actuated Ball Valve
Air Actuated Ball Valve Importing from China

Find a place where a high level of productivity is there. If you want to make your OT containers move safely and need to save your budget as well, Bansar offering sea freight shipping. It is perfect to save money and time as well.

Brass Ball Valve
Brass Ball Valve Importing from China

For your project purposes like commercial and residential project applications, brass ball valves are perfectly suitable. It able to help your purposes in the business gains the best profits. In China, common provinces to find ball valve manufacturers are Guangzhou, Shandong, Henan, and Jiangsu. You can find a lot of ball valve types you may need. Let your needs get amazing benefits.

Compact Ball Valve
Compact Ball Valve Importing from China

In China, one of the trusted and one of the customer’s choices in finding the best products is Bansar. We have the capability to help every customer to get an ideal product like the ball valves that you need. We are able to find your reliable partner and producer for your product needs. You can find compact ball valves with the help of Bansar.

Electric Actuator Ball Valve
Electric Actuator Ball Valve Importing from China

The electric actuator ball valve is attainable in plenty of stock which is ready to ship. You can find a high-quality electric actuator ball valve in China from a certified manufacturer that Bansar can suggest for you. Shandong and Guangdong are some of the provinces in China with reliable ball valve manufacturers that we can suggest for you. We can assure you a certified and well-trusted ball valve manufacturer to be your long term partner.

Fire Safe Ball Valve
Fire Safe Ball Valve Importing from China

It is very dangerous if we are talking about this application. Find the best manufacturers that ensure to provide fire safety ball valves. There are any features provided that you could add for your selection. Bansar is an expert solution provider that supports sea, air, rail, and door-to-door transportations. You can choose the transportation you desired for your goods.

Forged Brass Ball Valve
Forged Brass Ball Valve Importing from China

Forged brass ball valves have plenty of selection from sizes, types, finishes, and so on. There is a ball valves manufacturer that makes plenty of research which makes them popular and sends products to many countries. We are experts and know all the popular manufacturers. You can choose a certified ball valve manufacturer in China. It is great to find internationally certified manufacturers.

High Pressure Ball Valve
High Pressure Ball Valve Importing from China

Stainless steel and many more types of materials are perfect for the high-pressure application of ball valves. If you look for an excellent ball valve manufacturer in China, better to rely on Bansar now. We have a lot of amazing connections with ball valve manufacturers in China. Most of them are located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Shanghai provinces. Make a direct call from our customer service.

High Temperature Ball Valve
High Temperature Ball Valve Importing from China

Try to rely on Bansar and leave the rest. Your goods will be safe and delivered it on-time. We are the perfect forwarder in many years which perfect for your high-temperature ball valves orders. If you’re still looking for manufacturers and suppliers, we can also offer you a great one from China. For your shipping, we will assure ball valve packaging well checked at all times.

Industrial Ball Valve
Industrial Ball Valve Importing from China

Industrial ball valves need surely durable and versatile and perfect features for high-pressure applications. It is able to control fluid flows, water, normal gasses, and many more. It is capable to stop the flow for maintenance. A durable and versatile industrial ball valve is accessible for your needs. Let Bansar help you get ideal and cost-effective industrial ball valves and meet your project demands.

Male Brass Mini Ball Valve
Male Brass Mini Ball Valve Importing from China

Your ideal male brass mini ball valves are available from plenty of producers in China. It is located in Zhejiang and Guangzhou province which is the place where you can find a certified manufacturer in China. They manufactured based on the needs of every application. You can connect with them for a long term partnership to easily get another set of orders. We can offer non-hassle shipping which you can benefit a lot.

Metal Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve
Metal Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve Importing from China

You can find plenty of ball valves or metal pneumatic actuator ball valve manufacturers for your business support. Let Bansar help you suggest and help you meet your top priority. Affordable, durable, and well-designed ball valves are accessible everywhere in China. Let us handle it and save your money. We offered a competitive rate based on your goods.

Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve
Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve Importing from China

In finding ball valves for your business, it is not easy since you need to be watchful and expert. But don’t worry since we are capable to help and guide every step you need. Don’t worry about finding a manufacturer. Bansar knows a lot of them. You don’t need to worry about the shipping since we, Bansar are able to provide all the possible problems from sea freight, air freight, and land transportation.

PPR Ball Valve
PPR Ball Valve Importing from China

PPR ball valve is easier to install and replace. It has a double union. This ball valve has different advantages. Your customers will attract their attention and buy their ideal colors. If you need to find a ball valve manufacturer and trusted partner, the best long-term partner is based in China. Bansar offered to you well-secured shipping from the sea, air, and land transportations. If you want to save a lot, then rely on Bansar.

PVC Ball Valve
PVC Ball Valve Importing from China

For different applications of plumbing projects, PVC ball valves are perfect to select. In China, Bansar is suggesting professional manufacturers and suppliers of ball valves. It is perfect for heating applications that control and reduces flow. Bansar helps plenty of customers with their needs. We are also willing to support yours.

Sanitary Ball Valve
Sanitary Ball Valve Importing from China

Ball valves are suitable for chemical, fluid, gasses, water, natural gas, and many more applications. It supports the pressure to provide enough supply. It controls the pressure and stops the flow for any purpose. Anywhere in China, you can find reliable sanitary ball valves manufacturers and suppliers. The best manufacturer suggestions from us are effective for you.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Stainless Steel Ball Valve Importing from China

There are different stainless steel features for ball valves offered by plenty of manufacturers and factories in China. Zhejiang has plenty of manufacturers to choose from for your needs which able to offer you a long-term partnership. This offer will help you meet your entire plan in the business. Bansar is an expert one-stop-shop provider that is capable of handling the rest of the process you take.

Three Piece Ball Valve
Three Piece Ball Valve Importing from China

Whatever your business handled, whatever your needs to provide the needs of your projects, Bansar is the best place to depend on. If planning to purchase bulk orders of ball valves for commercial or industrial applications and even for any purpose, you can surely find a partner to solve your problems. Bansar will help you find in Shandong, Henan, Guangzhou, or in Jiangsu province.

UPVC Bqall Valve
UPVC Ball Valve Importing from China

Find the best features and different options from many reliable manufacturers and providers in China. Shanghai, Shandong, and Guangzhou province in China are surrounded by professional and certified producers and makers of ball valves. You can get UPVC ball valves to meet your project requirements. It truly helps you save a lot of time and cash in building a connection with us. We can handle the rest so you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money and effort.

V Type Ball Valve
V Type Ball Valve Importing from China

For your fast and affordable ball valve shipping, Bansar is the best choice. We have 10 years of expertise offering one-stop-shop solutions that you could trust for your entire process. This offers you a no-hassle purchasing since all is provided, manufacturers are suggested, safety shipping is there, and many other needs. Choose your ideal transportation. You can choose air for urgent needs and other transportation for saving money.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Ball Valve Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 6
Competitive and cheaper rates, if ball valve orders are very huge and not urgent you must considered shipping by sea.
Air Freight from China to 6
Safer and efficient way for your urgent orders. Also provides high level of security for your order.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 5
Using rail as a means of transportation for your starter motor shipments is much affordable and organized, as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Service China to 1 5
If you're unfamiliar with the required stages of importing, Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Next Ball Valve Shipping

  • Provide the best logistics solution
  • Provide competitive shipping freight from any in China to any destination
  • Provides Competitive Rate for your ball valve shipping from China
  • Offer the best solution for all kinds of ball valve shipping

Best 20 Ball Valve Manufacturers in China

1 Wenzhou Qili Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qili Fluid Equipment Co Ltd is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel sanitary fittings that include a check valve, ball valve,  sanitary pipe fittings, and many more which meets ISO, JDF, SMS, and more standards. The company can import products and also can export products since they have an export license.

2 Yonggao Co., Ltd.

Since 1993, ERA is a producer of a plastic piping system, plastic valve, and many more. Since this is large-scale of a group, the company has subsidiaries including Yonggao Co, Ltd, Zhejiang ERA Export and Import Co, Ltd., and many more. If you’re looking for an importing company then this is your right place.

3 Ningbo Qianxiang Huiya International Trade Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of the plastic valve like a PVC ball valve and more building materials, the company assures fast professional services and flexible operation. The products can import and export to overseas and domestic clients. Whenever you need a ball valve and other building material demand, this will be your best partner.

4 Zhejiang Wod Valve Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Zhejiang WOD Valve Co., Ltd. is a diverse manufacturer which deals with research, manufacture, design, import and export, and more. The product includes a ball valve, a globe valve, and so on. The company certified CE, ISO9001, and more. You can inquire now about importing ball valve products and you can visit their company.

5 Ningbo Baodi Plastic Valves Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Baodi Plastic Valve Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and a manufacturer focused on design, research, manufacture, and sales. Products like ball valves can be import and export. The company will assure every customer’s satisfaction and meet every demand. So, what are you waiting for? Send your inquiry now!


In 2007, Zhengzhou chaofan valves and control Co., Ltd. is a technology industrial company and a professional in production, design, sales, and valves, and instrument valves in China. The company assures the product is satisfying due to its 6 professional valve engineers, 11 technicist, and over 600 employees. No worries since the company has passed ISO9001 qualification which can import and export products of overseas trade.

7 Shandong Chenxuan Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

As a specialized in the design, development, and manufacturer in China, the company has been worked for decades of years on the self-operated control valve. The company’s goal is to ensure all products are qualified upon the procedure and meet customer’s requirements. Also, their products are been sold in other countries and districts.

8 Shaanxi Ancheng Zhihe Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since 1994, Shaanxi Ancheng Zhihe Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional high, medium, and low-pressure valve manufacturer that specialized in valve manufacturing, development, and sales. The products include a ball valve, a globe valve, and many more. As a supplier that approved of PetroChina (CNPC) and Sinopec, Datang and China Power, and many more, the company can import and export operations.

9 Sail Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2008, SAIL METAL TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. is a diverse manufacturer of valves and stainless steel pipe fittings. The company assures you to meet your different needs also save your time and energy which makes the clients satisfied with the products. If you’re looking for more valve and steel pipe fittings products in China, then this is your best choice.


Established in 2000, EG Valves Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional valve manufacturing and trading combo specializing in R & D, manufacturing, and exporting superior industrial valves. All valves from EG are manufactured according to ANSI, API, DIN, BS, and JIS standards. All of them are made under ISO 9001 certified processes. Supplying perfect products means providing perfect quality control, favorable delivery time, and accurate documentation services. So far, EG Valves have been well accepted by more than 33 countries in Europe, America, and the Middle East.
Add: Sanqiao Industrial Zone, Wenzhou China 325100


Since 1988, Jiangsu Huasheng Plastic Co., Ltd was specialized in fittings and valve, CPVC pipe, and so on which meet ISO, DIN, SGS, CE, and more standards and certificates. Also, it is the largest company that supply water and has the ability of R&D and opening model. The company already import products and also exported products to some countries.

12 Xiamen Jieente Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Jieente is a manufacturer and direct factory also a company that can import and exports. They produce products that are outlet valve, fill valve, and more high-quality sanitary ware products. They will assure you to get the highest quality, reliability, and good customer services to all clients and customers.

13 Guangzhou DongXian Trade Co., Ltd.

Looking for a company that can import products? Guangzhou Dongxian Trade Co., Ltd offers the best solution for you since the company is the best dealer for those wholesalers and retailers of all kinds of imported products. Also, they can provide customers a high-quality yet competitive price here in China.

14 Zhejiang Tianyan Holding Co., Ltd.

TIANYAN HOLDING Co., Ltd., is a big manufacturer that specialized in high capability, high-tech, and high-reliability piping systems such as ball valve, PVC fittings, and many more. The company complied with ISO9001, ISO4001, and more certifications. They can import and export products that pursuing high-quality and good services to all customers.

15 Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd.

In 1994, Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd., is a professional in medium, high, and low-pressure valves. Also specializing in valve manufacturing, development, and sales in which the company is known as Famous Trademark in China. They are a company that imports products and export over 40 countries and regions.


Zhuji Hamber Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a company that creates a professional technical team, the latest production equipment, and accurate testing equipment. They produce a water level control valve that lasts up to 10 years and guaranteed safe and durable. Also, they are capable of importing and exporting products.

17 Shanxi Public Li Xin Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Public Li Xin Import&Export Trade Co., Ltd. is a group that offers hydraulic parts, valve, flange, and more products. The company’s goal is to provide superior value, excellent quality, and productive solutions to all customers. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop company that can import and export products, this is your right place.

18 Shanghai AFS Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since 1970, Shanghai AFS valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of different types of valves and also a company that meets the multifarious demand of customers. If you are concerned about finding different types of products in different suppliers, no more worries since Shanghai AFS valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a better solution for you.

19 Ningbo XHnotion Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves like ball valve, brass connector, and more, the company offers you a one-stop solution for that. XHnotion can save your effort and cost. Aside from that, the customers will get the best quality, services, and pricing. Send your inquiries now.

20 Shaanxi Ancheng Zhihe Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jiujin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a company which engaged in the development and research. The company passed the ISO9001-2000 standard. They can import, sell at home, and abroad any PVC pipe and valve products which are trusted and praised by most users. Get a quote now to inquire about your orders.

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