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Importing Bathroom Fittings from China
Importing Bathroom Shower Heads from China 1
Importing Bathroom Shower Heads from China

Shower heads are often the most decorative aspect of a shower, as well as being vitally important to the shower’s functionality. Leading manufacturers and suppliers of shower head in China most in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. You can import high-quality shower heads at your desired designs, sizes, and materials it made of. All shower head products offered in each factory meet international standard.

Importing Bathroom Towel Rails from China
Importing Bathroom Towel Rails from China

Towel rail can instantly transform your bathroom while both organizing and caring for your towels. Chinese leading supplier of towel rails can be found in Guangdong and Zhejiang. They offer a wide range of styles and fashions of towel rails to suit whatever decor you’ve chosen for your bathroom.

Importing Bathroom Toilet Roll Holder from China
Importing Bathroom Toilet Roll Holder from China

Beautify your bathroom with the addition of a stylish toilet roll holder. Chinese toilet roll manufacturer offer a wide range of toilet roll products includes the latest styles and designs suitable for every bathroom. All at different price points and quality levels. Whether you need to buy toilet roll holders for personal use or business, China sanitary ware suppliers can always satisfy your needs.


Importing Bathroom Toilet Seat from China
Importing Bathroom Toilet Seat from China

Toilet seat is one of the most popular bathroom fittings. You can import high-quality toilet seat with so many designs to choose from, including different colors, shapes and materials from certified Chinese toilet seat manufacturer. They are based in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces in China.

Importing Bathroom Shower Curtains from China
Importing Bathroom Shower Curtains from China

If you are looking for a shower curtain manufacturer and supplier who offers a wide selection of designs including solid, polka dot, printed, striped, and patterned options as well as textured, ruffled, and waffle you can rely on reliable Chinese suppliers. Competitive in excellent design and top quality products. Also, customized service and a free sample are offered.


Importing Bathroom Basin from China
Importing Bathroom Basin from China

Find the perfect bathroom basin to fit your needs and match your bathroom decor from Chinese bathroom basin suppliers. They offer the latest styles, from vessel sinks to a modern sink, range of sink sizes & materials. Whether you need to buy bathroom basin for bathroom repair or business, Chinese suppliers can always satisfy your needs.

Importing Bathtubs from China
Importing Bathtubs from China

In China, Foshan is a good choice when purchasing sanitary ware such as bathtubs. Bathtubs products locate in one of Foshan area, Nanhai. The leisure sanitary wares production technology absolutely far beyond other cities and regions. They produce a wide range of sizes, shapes, configurations, and depths that’s right for your tubs needs.

Importing Bathroom Heaters from China
Importing Bathroom Heaters from China

In cooler climates, you may need a heater that heats quickly and which isn’t affected by the room’s humidity. In China, you can find a large selection of heater sizes, designs, styles including portable bathroom heaters, wall mounted bathroom heaters and bathroom ceiling heaters in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu provinces.

Importing Bathroom Detachable Shelves from China
Importing Bathroom Detachable Shelves from China

Detachable Shelves suppliers in China, mostly in Guangdong province. Source high-quality shelving supplied by these verified and experienced manufacturers. Providing well-designed detachable shelves at low prices in lots of styles and colors. Whether you’re buying detachable shelves for home use or business, China suppliers can always satisfy your needs.

Importing Bathroom Cabinets from China
Importing Bathroom Cabinets from China

Get all of your bathroom supplies organized and stored with your new bathroom cabinet. With a variety of colors and sizes, you can select the right one for your bathroom. Chinese sanitary ware factories provide a wide selection of high-quality bathroom cabinets such as wall hung cabinets, patterned glass cabinets, tiled mosaic cabinets, mirrored cabinets that fit according to your bathroom space and bathroom cabinet taste.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Bathroom Fittings Shipping from China?

Bathroom Fittings Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you have a huge bathroom orders from China, you can choose sea freight shipping. It has high cargo carrying capacity.
Bathroom Fittings Air Freight Shipping from China
When your bathroom fittings orders need to be moved quickly, shipping by air is the best solution.
Bathroom Fittings Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is benefial for your huge bathroom fittings orders that will be traveled over long distances. It is also the much affordable means of land trasportation.
Bathroom Fittings Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are importing bathroom fittings from China for the first time, Bansar can help you to your tool order by shipping your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer in China


Officially founded in 1998, Shenzhen Kingslam Household Products Co., Ltd was before called Kingslam Industry Co., Limited. Operating in China, known as a leading company in marketing, exploration, and designing any kinds of bathroom fittings. They can manufacture according to customer specifications and market trends. This company is also full of skilled and well-trained staff for its nonstop growth and improvement.


Guangzhou min-metals co., ltd is a group institution that supplies and manufacture bathroom fittings and sanitary wares as well. They are in the business for over 20 years today. They offer a variety of designs of showers, faucet fittings, faucets, valves, and other bathroom accessories. With good service and solid quality, with a responsible and professional sales & production team, their products are sold not only in China but also in overseas. Approved by ACS, CE, and DVGW certifications.

3 Ningbo Yongbo Copper Co., Ltd

Ningbo Yongbo Copper Co., Ltd is professional in the production of bathroom fittings and accessories. This great institution has also great equipment for surface polishing, casting, electroplating, and machining of the products. They export their high-value products to other countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Italy, and Germany.

4 HOMEPLUS Hardware Industry Co., Limited

As a well-experienced manufacturer, HOMEPLUS Hardware Industry Co., Limited has always committed to develop and research. They do the process of tooling development, polishing, designing, casting, testing, and quality control for bathroom fitting productions. Moreover, they ensure to provide superior service and quality to gain a great reputation from their foreign or domestic customers.

5 Guangdong SVA Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong SVA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is known as an expert manufacturer devoted to the production, development, research, sale, and service of bathroom fittings. They accept customized orders from each of their customers. And also, their company is supported by excellent staff who is more focused on product design and development.

 6 Ningbo Gz Technlolgy Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Gz Technology Co., Ltd offers various bathroom fittings that surely meets your assorted requirements. Their principle is “customer first, quality first” since their group always do their very best to satisfy each customer`s possible needs. Additionally, they are willing to collaborate with other companies operating around the world.

7 Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

Some of Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware Co., Ltd product offers are stainless steel faucet, stainless steel railing, railing fittings, and other bathroom fittings/accessories. Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware Co., Ltd is a manufacturing factory with 10 years of experience and with 120-ton production capability every month. NSF certified factory, SGS, and RoHS.

8 Wesmo Industries Limited

Wesmo Industries Ltd is a professional manufacturer in China working since 2004. They specialize in innovative, modern, and high-end designed bathroom fittings. They provide not only unique products but also unique design services to meet your probable needs. Wesmo is a privately-owned institution, popular for its amazing, professionalism, and innovative product designs.

9 Foshan Nanhai Leijie Sanitaryware Factory

Founded in 2010, Foshan Nanhai Leijie Sanitaryware Factory is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of bathroom fittings/accessories including bathroom faucet, handrail, shower, etc. They maintained exceptional quality levels of their products. Also, they distribute any kinds of bathroom fittings that are tested and monitored while in the production process to surely meets international standards. This company received certifications just like ISO9002 for its sales and production systems.


As of right now, TAILI GROUP becomes one of the greatest bathroom fittings in China, which integrates distribution, manufacturing, and sales and services. Highly certified by ISO 9001:2015, make bathroom fittings based on your drawings. TAILI GROUP is a company with 3 branches in Shanghai, Hubei, and Guangdong, China. Not only in China, but also, their products are distributed throughout the countries of American, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia.

11 Seagull

Seagull Group is established in 1958. The company has rich-experiences and specializations in mold design and manufacturing of high-end kitchen and bath plumbing products, faucets, temperature control valves, floor heating systems, bathtubs, shower rooms, ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, etc. Seagull Group obtained ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 Environment Management System Certification, etc. They are equipped with a comprehensive assembly line of production technology for bathroom fittings and accessories.

12 Ningbo Shenqian Metalware Co., Ltd.

Ningbo shenqian metalware Co., Ltd was founded in 2004. The company is dedicated to providing world-class quality bathroom fittings products and customer-oriented service. With their abundant experience, hardworking and industrious team members, they can exceed different requirements from various kinds of customs. They conduct a 100% inspection for every bath product before shipment. They are mainly engaged in plastic OEM, metal OEM, and our products sell well in Western Europe, South America, the Middle East, so on.

13 East Sun Hardware Factory Co., Ltd.

East Sun Hardware Factory Co., Ltd. Is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong. Their company is an expert bath fittings and accessories manufacturer. Their main products include shower hinge, shower room kits, sliding door, glass clamp, handle, and many more. Their products are appreciated for more than 38 countries. They passed many certifications like ISO 9001. Established in 2000. Plus, they offer stable good quality, price, service, creative designs.


Yuyao qianhang sanitary ware factory offers a variety of bath fittings products that can meet your multifarious requirements. This factory is located at Ningbo, Zhejiang covering 4000 square meters of land. They have a professional team, a state-of-the-art factory, and innovative technology. Their company is sincerely prepared to cooperate with enterprises worldwide in order to realize a win-win situation.


KLARM group is a professional manufacturer of cosmetics mirrors and bathroom fittings in China for more than 10 years. Established in the year 2002. Their products are well supply and shipped in more than 30 countries and places worldwide. KLARM products and reliable services earned a good name due to its best quality with a quick expansion of business volume. Rich facilities, efficiency, and effectiveness are further improved by their expertise in engineering, product marketing, and development.

16 Foshan Cobuild Industry Co., Ltd

Specializing in the field of ceramic products in 1998, Foshan Cobuild Industry Co., Ltd manufacture a vast range of bathroom accessories that can meet your demands such as ceramic toilet, urinal, bidet, washbasin, etc. They have a 128 person R & D team and independent R & D center. Cobuild has market distributors in more than 80 countries and regions. Their company founded long-term partnerships with top international brands in American Margaritaville, Italy Da Phucloc, France Homebox, Britain Intermex, New Zealand, etc. Cobuild has become one of the fast development companies because of its advanced level of equipment. The company has consistently adhered to strict implementation of international standards and environmental management system quality, utilizing the industry exceptional management system to produce healthy, comfortable, and friendly sanitary products for consumers all over the world.

17 Jiangte Polytron Technologies Inc

A professional company engaged in R & D production and sales of all kinds of municipal administration, home decoration, industrial pipes, construction, and accessories. The company possesses more than 200 innovative production equipment and units and perfect inspection facilities. The annual production capacity of each series of products herein Polytron has reached more than 200000 tons. In fact, they are now upgrading their equipment for technological innovation for better product supply to customers. As a professional bathroom fittings manufacturer, Jiangte Polytron Technologies Inc offers excellent quality products at a cost-efficient price.

18 Wangel Group

Wangel Group was born in 1986. They have their own factories in China, Spanish, Danmark, and Uzbekistan. As a manufacturer specialized in the production of sanitary wares their products spread over Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. The company holds five production bases and produces a diversity of products ranging from Bathroom Accessories Mirrors Faucet, Bathroom Furniture to bronze fittings, satisfying 10 main categories of more than 1,000 kinds of products.


Since 2000, the Yuhuan Tailian Metal Production Company gathered profound experience in bathroom fittings fabrication. Their company is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of a broad range of domestic sink, bath, shower drainer products, etc. They have experienced staff who can compose and manufacture superior high-standard products. As an ISO 9001 certified company, they build all products with compliant strict quality control and management system and welcome OEM and ODM orders. The company offers a complete range of competitive and advantaged finishes to suit your needs.

20 Taizhou Huaxing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huaxing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. owned the abundant power of technology and manufacturing. For more than 10 years of the Bath& Shower room faucets and shower room faucets accessories manufacturing, Taizhou Huaxing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd become well-known and recognized by many customers. They offer direct sales, high quality in low price products. Thanks to their highly experienced quality inspectors and advanced testing units in the industry they produced excellent products. And now, their annual production capacity is over 100000 sets, so they can meet the needs of various customers with multiple purchase quantity. Taizhou Huaxing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd strives to offer the best service, outstanding quality, and a shortened turnaround finishes all over the world.


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