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Importing Beads from China
Importing Crystal Beads from China
Importing Crystal Beads from China

Whether you are looking for a crystal bead supplier for your personal use or business, you can rely on Chinese bead factories. In China, you can find a certified crystal bead manufacturer in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. They supply the largest selection of sparkling, gorgeous and much affordable crystal beads products.

Importing Glass Beads from China
Importing Glass Beads from China

Liwan Plaza is one of the largest Guangzhou beads markets. There are many beads shops there and you can always find glass beads at many shapes, sizes, colors. You can buy from small to large quantities. Their prices and qualities are both good. Many customers are always satisfied with the products they delivered.

Importing Metal Beads from China
Importing Metal Beads from China

Guangdong province has the largest supplier of metal beads in China. These suppliers manufacture and supply a huge range of high-quality products at much lower prices. The more the wholesale volume, the larger you can save and enjoy. Whether you’re importing for your personal uses or business, you can lean on Chinese beads suppliers.

Importing Pearl Beads from China
Importing Pearl Beads from China

Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer for your jewelry making and craft work pearl beads need? Chinese bead market offers the largest selection of beads including pearl beads. They provide a wide range of high-quality pearl bead in different types, colors, and styles. Buy a number of pearl beads for your desired usage.

Importing Shell Beads from China
Importing Shell Beads from China

If you’re a beads importers and looking for a Chinese beads supplier that supply large shell bead products, Chinese beads market can fulfill your needs. They provide shell beads at a cheap price and can be wholesaled in bulk or retailed. Get a natural shell bead products from Chinese reliable suppliers that will bring a touch of the tropics to your beaded jewelry designs.

Importing Stone Beads from China
Importing Gemstone Beads from China

Most Gemstone Bead suppliers in China are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. These beads suppliers deal with various jewelry beads retail like the natural gemstone beads which include sea opal beads natural chrysocolla beads aventurine beads snowflake beads and so on. These shining and charming natural gemstone beads are perfect for jewelry making. All of their semi-precious stone beads are available in stock at the reasonable price.

Importing Lampwork Beads from China
Importing Lampwork Beads from China

China lampworks beads supplier most in Guangdong. You can import lampwork glass beads various styles like the silver foil lampwork beads, animal lampwork beads, Murano lampwork beads, gold sand lampwork beads and more. All lampwork beads are in exquisite design and high quality. Whether you use them to make the fashion and hot lampwork necklace, bracelet, earring and any items you like, you can always rely on Chinese beads market.

Importing Acrylic Beads from China
Importing Acrylic Beads from China

If your a breader and crafter, acrylic beads is your great choice because it is the much more affordable types of beads. In China, Zhejiang province has the largest count of acrylic beads certified suppliers. You can buy a large number of acrylic beads in a wide assortment of vivid colors and fun shapes including designer-favorite faceted bicones, smooth rounds, flowers, and alphabet beads.

Importing Wooden Beads from China
Importing Wooden Beads from China

Import popular wooden beads items from verified top China Wooden Beads manufacturers, located in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. The most common Chinese wood beads material is made of wood & nut and its most popular color is brown. Select and compare a wide range of wooden beads products best for your personal use or business.

Importing Hama Beads from China
Importing Hama Beads from China

Hama beads are most popular on children. It can help them learn to recognize colors, grip small objects, tell one shape from another, get an idea of quantities, and so on. In China, there are few suppliers of Hama beads but still, you can buy it at high-quality and affordable prices.

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Beads Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to your beads orders to its destination. Cost effective and faster form of land transportation.
Beads Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are new importers of beads in China, Bansar can help you to your beads order by shipping your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Beads Manufacturers in China

1 Langfang Daohong Glass Beads Co., Ltd

Langfang Daohong Glass Beads Co., Ltd is a professional beads producers and supplier. They can produce more than 15, 000 tons of glass beads, which is very useful to any highway structural projects. Their products are widely exported to Britain, Europe, United States, South Korea, Japan, and other countries. Proudly endorsed by clients overseas and home.

2 Huapei Tungsten&Molybdenum Material Co. Ltd

Has its main office in Luoyang City, near to Luanchuan Country, China. They mainly manufactured the highest quality beads. They offer long-term partnerships along with other interesting sectors from around the world. This is a one-stop provider of superior quality services and products, an effective way to skyrocket your own brand.


The AIZA was one of the highly committed Chinese fabricators of ceramic beads. Aside from that, AIZA is also a producer of the ceramic ball, alumina wear tile, alumina ceramic cylinder, ceramic element, ceramic insulator, and much more. Since its establishment, they served domestic Chinese customers such as Chaozhou Sanhuan Nanjing Huade, and Zhuzhou Xianghuoju manufacturers.

4 East Sunrise Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Being a local Chinese semi-precious stone jewelry exporter and manufacturer, they supply a broad range of highest quality products at a lower cost. Since its creation in 1992, East Sunrise Jewelry Co., Ltd only produced fashionable and attractive jewelry including beads, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and many other designs. Market these products in several regions and countries.

5 Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co., Ltd

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co., Ltd was founded in the year 2002, a distributor and manufacturer of highest quality beads products. All the products are water-resistant and attractive for competitive prices. The company has more than 17 years of beads import, producing, and exporting history. From designing until the delivery, trust Chemshun Ceramics for satisfying services and products.


Was born in 1997, the Zibo Qimingxing New Material Incorporated Co, Ltd grown faster and now turned into a supply leader of ceramic beads. Wide selections of quality beads are open for customers` selections. Has a total of 280 staff, with yearly 20, 000tons production output of beads products. Got approval from ISO9001: 2000 international quality standards in the year 2005.

7 Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co., Ltd

The Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co., Ltd aims to provide top-grade beads products in accordance with customers` samples and given specifications. Became active in the field since 1992 with past rich experiences in developing beads with different quality features. Consists of a professional team, can custom bead products precisely to meet your satisfaction.

8 Pujiang E-Thing Craft Co., Ltd

Pujiang E-Thing Craft Co., Ltd is an industry premier in all crystal glass products, for example, crystal glass beads. Available in different designs, colors, and great prices. The quality of each product & service is second to none, they promised to deliver your orders timely. The company has advanced custom abilities, can custom-cut beads products if required. More than 20 years of industry experience.

9 Inovatec Machinery

Operating in central China, Inovatec Machinery is a professional fabricator of attractive, great quality beads products. All sorts of beads are produced by them. Wide options are available in the factory, perfect for various fashion and jewelry industry applications. The factory is composed of highly-talented engineers, uses the newest technology to make the most affordable and efficient finishing beads solutions.

10 Sino Sunman International Co., Ltd

Sino Sunman International Co., Ltd is today became more expert in supplying high-grade beads products, available in different materials, sizes, and colors. The company is built with decades of past experiences, makes them popular in the jewelry business industry. A provider of competitive price and professional efficient services.

11 Zhuji Xueluo Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd

Zhuji Xueluo Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd is happy to make close relationships with other sectors, manufacturers, and retailers/wholesalers operating nationwide. All sorts of stylish jewelry, the company is widely capable of the entire processing. They are well-known beads/pearl jewelry producers and suppliers in China. Already founded their own market locality and sales series.

12 Witek Technology Co., Ltd

The Witek Technology Co., Ltd warmly welcomed customers from all over the world. This group more focused on developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing of beads or any silver jewelry. Holds more than 8 years of experience, continuously making excellent performances to obtain customers` trust and satisfaction.

13 Gyptek Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Don`t hesitate to inquire Gyptek Manufacturing Co., Ltd if you are looking for the highest quality beads for your fashion jewelry business. This is a company specializing in the entire export and production of all beads designs. Set up in 2009, already known as premier supplier & manufacturer based in China. It carries more than 10 years of industry experience.

14 Bloom Stone

Bloom Stone is a fully vitalized company suitable for your urgent demands. This enterprise already has 12 years of factory production experience, packaging, and entire processing. They mainly market beads products to foreign merchants, export companies, and domestic import. Stationed in Yizheng City, employed with 50+ hard-working employees, experienced and has a rich background in the industry.

15 YingHangYuan Metal Wire Mesh Co., Lt

This company is situated in the largest manufacturing base in Asia, Anping City, Hebei province, China. Offers a complete range of beads products, dedicated to foreign and domestic trade activities. Since its business was set up, YingHangYuan Metal Wire Mesh Co., Lt sold its good quality beads products to 50+ regions including Italy,  USA, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.


You can locate AIERXIN in China Mainland. They are the professional developers of promotion gifts, including assorted beads for the jewelry business. Not only promotion gifts, but AIERXIN also provides wooden toys, children furniture, wooden games, etc. All the products are made in compliance with ASTM F963-96A and EN71 safety standards.

17 Stars Gem

International customers mean a lot to the Stars Gem team. They provide good services, high-quality products, and competitive prices. And as a result, they now obtained high success in different areas worldwide. Working in Guangxi province, China, famous for being the largest manufacturing basis throughout the world. Holds complete processing machines and a group of well-trained personnel.

18 Pujiang DongZhou Crystal Co., Ltd

Pujiang DongZhou Crystal Co., Ltd is a company in combinations with R & D, sales, and production of highest quality beads products. Already formed lots of marketing department in DongGuan, Yiwu, Guangzhou, and so forth. Over 300+ employees are working on providing the highest quality products and services in order to attain customers` trust.

19 Wuhu YE Glass Products Co., Ltd

With over 10 years of management, Wuhu YE Glass Products Co., Ltd now supplies custom beads designs, all are good quality and competitive prices. On-time, they can deliver your orders right away. Normally, they have customers coming from France, Spain, the UK, Czech Republic, United States, etc. Their priority is always on its customers and customers’ services.

20 KTG

KTG exists since the year 2008, continuously providing premium quality beads products. Beads are used as additional decoration to wedding dress, T-shirts, hats, jeans, wedding gifts, greeting cards, and jewelry as well. It can be cut through the help of the expert team, cut precisely based on your specific demands. Each product`s quality is incomparable. KTG has developed up to the most reliable beads supplier in China.



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