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Best Freight Broker Training Resource That Will Make You an Expert Within 1 Month

A lot of people want to get into the freight brokerage industry because Freight broker professionals are in high demand, no matter the state of the economy. If you`ve attended the best freight broker agent schools, surely you will succeed. Plenty of freight broker agent schools are offered out there, but the secret to success is to choose the perfect one.

Carefully choose and attend the freight broker school that’s right for you. Bansar can assist you to find the best freight broker training resource. We compiled a 50 lists of the top freight broker training schools that will make you an expert within one month.

1 The Certified Transportation Broker course by the Transportation Intermediaries Association

The Certified Transportation Broker course by the Transportation Intermediaries Association is one of the best freight broker programs. The TIA is one of the top training schools that are almost guaranteed to produce impressive and clever freight brokerage professionals. For many years, this association overlooks the trucking industry. The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program was founded to meet the scholastic requirements of freight brokers, grow the truthfulness and expertise of property brokerage, and grow basic responsiveness of the transportation and brokerage industry through a demanding certification program.

ShippersCarriersCom LLC can help you become a certified freight agent broker. They offer In-Office Training Course, Home Study Course or Internet Training Course. Students can choose what`s the best for them, training at the business’ headquarters in Georgia, using sample paperwork to train at home, or undertaking online training. Individual fees for these courses are surely affordable. They have staff who`s helpful and friendly. They can provide all the information and materials you need to become a successful freight agent or freight broker.

3 Freight Movers School, LLC  

Among all types of freight agent broker training courses, Freight Movers School, LLC is definitely one of the freight broker agent schools that have something for everyone to offer. This school is not only popular for producing shippers and carriers, but it is also known for giving effective training to brokers and agents. When compared to some other freight broker agent schools Freight Movers School, LLC is very reasonable. The course is priced at $450.00. At the pace of their own, students can take online classes that enable them to learn about the trucking industry at their own comfort. This school offers 7 lessons and one final exam. Freight Movers School will guarantee you the transportation and logistics knowledge you need to become a freight broker and get your freight broker license.

4 Load Training

Load Training was established by David Dwindle. This school offers you courses consisting of step-by-step study processes, reference guides, and many other resources that allow you to become a freight agent or getting your license. As one of the most remarkable freight broker agent schools in America, Load Training prides and expert on teaching people how to find freight from shippers and show you how to succeed in this industry. Students can choose to attend home study course classes or in a physical location. Once you fill out the form they provide, you will have instant access and have the possibility to become a professional freight broker.

5 BROOKE Transportation Training Solutions, LLC

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is the perfect training school for you if you`re looking for a freight agent broker training program with a Five-Day Course. This school specializes in providing the nation’s premier freight broker training resource. Students can learn everything all information they need to know about creating a freight brokerage company. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions will support you on every step of the journey from student to professional license freight agent. All useful resources, like required textbooks, lectures, videos, and practical training are here accessible at a reasonable price. Start your journey with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions.

6 Freight Broker Planet  

Freight Broker Planet

Since the establishment in 2011, Freight Broker Planet continuously striving to provide the best course to students. They offer unique freight broker training opportunities to students which allow them to become successful, balanced, and rewarding transportation and logistics freight broker experts. Freight Broker Planet has a friendly and cooperative staff which can provide you the latest and the best training you need. With more than 30 years of experience in school admissions, CDL license recruitment, corporate sales training, Freight Broker, and Freight Agent Training, Freight Broker Planet become one of the popular training schools you can rely on.

7 Wake Tech


Wake Technical Community College know what you need to know, and they are willing to teach you exactly what you need.  As one of the certified training schools, Wake Technical Community College gained the trust of many students around the world.

They obtained accreditations from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. For many years of serving people, Wake Tech remains dedicated and committed to assisting you to become successful and ready to meet your future goals.

8 Freight Movers School

Freight Movers School

Are you searching for a very flexible school, that offers classes with a different focus? Then you must choose the Freight Movers School. Here at Freight Movers School, you can choose courses that best suit your needs and budget. Here you can receive proper training to become a part of the trucking, freight logistics, and transportation industries. Once you`ve graduated, this school will give you everything you need to start your freight broker business. Of course, this company stands out as an online resource for plenty of reasons. In the fact that thousands of brokers completed its training and the company continuously support by providing ongoing support post-graduation.

9 Ted Keyes Online

One of the best respectable training institutions is Ted Keyes Online. A training program which is well-known for new and established freight brokers. This coaching ground provides plenty of courses and classes for truckers, brokers & agents, and entrepreneurs. All resources can help the students to become stay compliant with regulation changes, communicating with customers, negotiating rates, finding the most suitable carriers, and staying on top of trends in sales, marketing, and understanding how to operate a business.

10 JPL Enterprises

JPL Enterprises

Headquartered in Florida, JPL Enterprises is a professional transportation management consulting firm that offers excellent training to freight brokers. JPL is one of the most comprehensive freight broker training resources available online. They use live in-person classes, educational DVDs, and training-on-demand services to support people in becoming successful. In the entire 3 weeks of training, JPL Enterprises International helps future freight brokers not just learn the strategy of the trade but also assisting them through the complete process of availing a license and growing up a business of their own.

11 JW Bond Consultants   

JW Surety Bonds

JW Surety Bonds is a family-owned agency founded in 2003. With the help of more than 50 skilled and professional staff, they successfully trained many students to become freight brokers. They provide resources for freight brokers online, including an up-to-date list of the top 12 freight broker training programs and an all-encompassing e-book on establishing a freight brokerage business. Not only that, because they offer several online resources to freight brokers above and beyond educational requirements like how to assess training programs, bond pricing information, and how to manage a rewarding freight broker business. Choose JW Surety Bonds to obtained the advantages you need in learning at the lowest rates and easiest process.


Study COM is a helpful website with abundant training programs accessible for free that are important to brokers in operating a business. At a very reasonable cost, this site offers several courses that are arranged by the education institution offering the class. Working with this website, you can get friendly customer service, real-time online quotes, an easy process, and the best information to start a successful freight broker business.

13 Logistic Forwarding Solutions


Being a freight agent or freight broker is not required to have a certification or license to operate their business, or hold a bond or insurance, but being trained has all the opportunity and benefits in the long journey as a broker. Logistics Forwarding Solutions can help you affordably learn the requirements and resources you need as a Freight Broker. It has more advantages if you attended training here compared to an individual who did not attend. Within the 3 weeks of training, you can begin working while continuing to learn and studying the freight agent training curriculum.

 14 Delgado Community College


Enrolled now to one of the reputable colleges of this industry the Delgado Community College. With a comprehensive course curriculum offered by this school, you can become a freight broker or agent in no time. Learn the ins and outs of this freight broke industry within 6 months whether in an online program or in-person, depending on your pace. All of their educators are highly experienced and professional in teaching that’s why you can rely on them on how to develop a business, marketing and sales, securing clients, and marginalizing maximum profits. Build your career in this ever-growing freight industry with Delgado Community College.


15 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Do you want to build foundational knowledge in the freight brokering industry? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides courses that include topics on subjects like freight transportation, traveler transportation, transportation themes, and more. In their introduction, they focused on effective operation and transportation systems fundamentals methods. They teach how to reduce costs and enrich supply chain performance. At the present, this training institution is supported by reputable men and women who is responsible for educating individuals.

16 Freight Broker/Agent Training (ed2go)


In the US, Freight Brokerage is a booming business with a high future income projection. It’s an ideal sector you are searching for when you plan to start in the business world. Ed2go prepared and establish the right training for freight brokers and agents, learn the parameters needed to start your freight brokerage. Secure your business and know the skills required in becoming a successful freight broker or agent. Here in Ed2go, you will be informed about the sales and marketing aspects of freight brokerage. With the help of this training, you will learn diverse knowledge and skills about business management, determining quotes, record-keeping, negotiation, and marketing strategies. Everything you need to know about setting up your business and working from home is provided here in Ed2go.

17 Global Edge Michigan State University


Similar to most other fields, obtaining success in freight brokering requires thorough knowledge of the industry. That’s why Global Edge Michigan State University offers specific tutorial topics which include customs brokers and freight forwarders training, trade leads and location of potential markets, export payment forms, required export documents, etc. By learning its method and strategy, you’d be better prepared to operate the regular workflow, as well as the troubles on the way in the freight brokering business.

18 Radford University


Freight Brokering and being an expert freight Agent is a good way to start a home-based business. International Trade Basics has a collection of 77 slides focusing on trade and the state of Virginia which includes the topics about changing import and export environment, Virginia trading partners, assessing markets and corruptions, globalization.

19 U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation provides a Small Entity Compliance Guide for Broker Operations that can guide freight brokers to understand and comply with the regulations of the industry. This guide will teach you how to obtain profitable freight and what will happen if a broker isn’t in compliance with regulations. In this guide, you can learn how to apply for a motor carrier number and operating businesses. A list of exempt commodities is also resource that included in this guide.

20 Transportation Training Group


Have you been looking for a training course opportunity that enables you to become one of the professional freight brokers someday? For almost twenty years, Transportation Training Group has helped many individuals in making their goals become reality. This group will teach you how to get America’s largest motor carriers to transport your freight. They will present to you the tricks of the trade-in freight rate negotiations. In just 30 days, they can help you licensed and operates your freight broker business.

21 Freight Broker Training Academy

Freight Broker Training Academy

If you`re looking for a freight broker training school that can offer you a one-stop-shop for all of your needs to become an expert in one-month freight broker, then you must choose Whether you are just starting your journey in the transportation business, or want to innovate and improve your existing knowledge base, you can trust and rely on You can focus on your freight broker training, with the help of this academy. In every step you take, Freight Broker Academy Headquarters is always willing to guide you from being a student until you`ve succeeded in this career.

22 Logistics Academy

Logistics Academy.

Established in 2015, The Logistics Academy is one of the preferred training academies chooses by many students. They provide affordable and diverse courses for brokers starts at $149. This is the Sales Techniques and Strategies program that costs $149. The Freight Agent Training one is $249, while the basic Freight Broker Training course costs $299. You’ll need to pay $199 for the Basic Logistics Training. They also offer a Premium Freight Broker Training Package that can be accessible at $699 and covers all of the courses they offer in their training.

23 Freight Brokers Course

Freight Brokers Course

If you’re looking for training to be a freight broker, why not be trained by an expert freight brokerage here in Freight Brokers Course? The Freight Brokers Course provides high-quality online logistics training. This is available for budding brokers from across the U.S. This training resource offers 4 pricing options for its online course and tools. Connect to them now to experience second-to-none training which can help you achieve your goal in the brokering business.

24 TALTOA Freight Broker Training


Freight brokering has a big role in the continuously growing transportation industry and TALTOA Freight Broker Training may be the right training school what you are searching for to become an expert in brokering. For more than 20 years, Taltoa`s become well-trained and consulted freight professionals that offer placement, training, and consulting for freight brokers and agents. Anytime, everywhere you can take the course online at your comfortable pace. If you prefer in-class programs, TALTOA Freight Broker Training is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, you can visit anytime.  The online Freight Broker Essential course is $2,650, the Freight Broker Essential course costs $4,950, $69.95 for the Freight Broker Training Manual and self-study options costs $99.95 for the online course. Visit and familiarize this school.

25 Freight Broker Trainer

Freight Broker Trainer

Led by the Transportation Training Group, Freight Broker Trainer school is an online training course for freight brokers that costs $699.95. Freight Broker Trainer comprehensively supports an individual on every step of the journey to become an expert freight agent. You can follow the online or home study program from anywhere. Freight Broker Trainers provides training options for freight dispatchers, brokers, and oversize load pilot car operators.

26 Atex Freight Broker Training


Another good way to start your training in brokering is to choose the best freight broker training school that suits your needs and budget. The ATEX Freight Broker Training school is one of the helpful educational options if you want to start a freight broker experience. They provide rich information to guarantee your success. Whether you prefer a home study course, live course, or telephone or internet course, ATEX Freight Broker Training school can provide all of that. The telephone or internet course costs $1,995, the live course fee is $2,995 and the home study course is $1,295. The in-class program is located in El Paso, Texas.

27 Freight Broker Agent School

Freight Broker Agent School

Freight Broker Agent School is noted as being the premier freight broker school of today’s generation. Attend the courses and workshops of the Freight Broker Agent School to start your training in freight brokering.  Freight Broker Agent School is placed in Winder, GA. They also have advanced workshops in Albany, GA, as well as locations in Florida. The courses here give freight brokers a foundational education in operating a Freight Broker business, knowledge and skills necessary for the job including communication and sales to customers, as well as marketing guidance. Contact this training school to know their courses range in cost.

28 Rapid Authority


Southeast of the U.S based training school, Rapid Authority school is one of the reputable training school which can help you learn the most important information and strategy in freight brokering industry. A good choice for you when you are located near this school. This school provides a short workshop on how to starts your freight brokering business, but not only that. They also offer licensing help services.

29 Freight Broker Bootcamp


The Freight Broker Bootcamp is one of the best online training alternatives for freight broker training. This website contains advanced and very useful details on how to become a successful freight broker. Ever since the establishment, Freight Broker Bootcamp has been helping students become successful freight brokers and freight agents. Several online courses and articles are available at a cost-effective price start at $98. Be one of their thankful students who become a licensed freight broker agent.

30 Broker U


To become a top freight broker, you need to learn the know-how tactics in the freight brokering industry. You can trust Udemy! Besides separate online schools, Udemy learning platforms offer freight brokering courses called Broker U. Here in Udemy, they have instructors who hold college degrees and have extensive classroom teaching history and experience.  For many years of experience in freight brokering, they make sure to provide excellent learning at a reasonable cost started at $199. Udemy pride themselves on their loyalty, integrity, honesty, and service-oriented performance.

31 Cal State East Bay’s Freight Broker/Agent Training Certificate Program

Cal State east bay

Cal State East Bay’s Freight Broker/Agent Training Certificate Program is an accredited university and popular college institution chosen as the Best in the West college by The Princeton Review. This is the right program for you if you`re enjoying fast-paced work and have always dreamed of starting and operating your own business. Here in Cal State East Bay’s Freight Broker, you’ll discover the resources and ways to become a successful freight broker. You’ll find that your growth potential is unlimited when you`ve completed your training with a certificate from here. Start your career now and be one of the students who get proper training in this excellent program.

32 World Academy and the American River Group of Companies

World Academy and the American River Group of Companies

Are you ready to initiate a great new career? Freight brokering is an excellent way to boom your career with solid opportunities to work comfortably from your own home. The World Academy is committed to informed clients to be compliant and teach regulatory awareness about the freight brokering industry. If you`re interested to learn about freight broking, please contact or visit World Academy and the American River Group of Companies for more information.   Under cost-effective savings to your company’s bottom line, World Academy offers you an advanced world-class practice to exceed the demands of Customs Compliance Management.

33 University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Freight broker training is highly recommended to become a successful freight broker. Training will help gain an understanding and skills of the industry and to get assistance with job seeking. That’s why the University of Central Florida in Orlando provides proper training that allows students to avail license to get a job. They offer 6 months to complete the coursework, and also with the option of a 6-month extension. The topics in this program include all aspects of freight brokering, including starting your own business and industry regulations and an overview of the transportation industry. A great opportunity for students because they offer chances to meet with freight brokerages and tackle employment options.

34 Online Articles and Forums

Online Articles and Forums

Freight broker training school is an effective way for you to learn about techniques in the Freight brokering industry. They will teach you all technology tools, industry trends, how to operate, and best practices for your freight broker business in the field. But you may also want to gain insights and knowledge into the trucking industry by engaging in online forums or by reading publications on trucking, shipping, and logistics. Online forums enable easy connections with industry professionals. While checking regularly the articles available online provide best practices and industry insights in this changing industry. It will help freight brokers stay updated on necessary details in the business.

 35 RICHLAND Community College


With 45 years of experience, Richland Community College has successfully and proudly served the people of Central Illinois. Thanks to their strong combination of the workforce, top-quality instruction, meaningful support services, great technical and transfer education, etc. In choosing Richland you will experience a college with an extremely welcoming and filled with opportunity. Vast and abundant learning opportunities are here.  So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time and effort searching for a school for your freight broking training. You`re in the right place. Complete your educational goals now and achieve the reality of your dreams.

36 HOUSTON Community College


Here in Houston Community College & Excelsior Enterprise International Inc. you can learn and know how to manage your own freight brokerage in just 1 day. Houston Community College aims to deliver relevant and top-class education and training to guarantee the success of all students who attend their programs. All courses are offered at an affordable cost for education academic advancement. Be prepared to learn and start your freight broking career.

37 University of North Florida’s Division of Continuing Education

University of North Florida’s Division of Continuing Education

University of North Florida’s Division of Continuing Education is one of the best school students can choose to attend. They employ a team of staff and professional, volunteer educators dedicated to offering remarkable education courses, experiences, and accreditations that will improve your personal, professional skills, and social life, finance, business, or logistics. This education will prepare you to successfully enrich your life by improving your artistic, creative, and hands-on skills. All modules they provide have been designed by world-class transportation and logistics instructors and practitioners. This guarantees that your education exceeds industry standards.

38 Trucking Office       

TruckingOffice Official | Trucking Management Solutions | Free Trial

In this resource, you will find freight brokering is an interesting business opportunity to become successful. Freight brokering is a growing field, which is in high demand in today’s generation. It offers many advantages including the ability to work from home. Aside from that, you can gain high-income potential in flexible hours works. You can find and learn on this site if Freight Broker Schools a Good Investment? Who Is a Good Freight Broker? Benefits of Freight Broker Training and more. Be prepared to achieve a diverse set of skills which includes knowledge of the transportation industry, customer relations, marketing, sales, and a willingness to stick with it through the challenging early stages in freight brokering.



Freight Brokers is a leading online freight broker training resource willing to support students become freight brokers or independent contract agents. With their cutting-edge Learning Management System, you can learn anywhere at any time. Their professional skills and knowledge, 24/7 assistance will help you complete their course. Whatever pace you would like, you can get your business up and operates. For as low as $99 online freight broker training courses, you can learn all the information you need to be an expert in Transportation and Logistics Management as a Freight Agent/ Broker. Register today and start your freight brokering career now!

40 Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Freight broker training in Florida State College at Jacksonville will help you understand the process of freight brokering from start to end. They will assist you in having the tools needed to be an achiever as a freight agent or freight broker. With their support, you will learn the basics of the day-to-day journey of a brokerage. You can use the techniques and strategies such as sales and marketing, prospecting, rating, and negotiations. Be a licensed freight broker or a freight broker agent now and become part of the challenging and exciting freight logistics, trucking, and transportation industries.



Owned by Dennis Brown, is one of the most comprehensive sources to assist you to evaluate the most suitable kind of freight broker training that can fit your exact needs. Dennis established his freight brokerage in the year 2003, and now continuously striving and aiming to provide high-quality education to support students. Hundreds of individuals are so happy attending his freight brokerage because it`s offered at a very comprehensive but affordable online freight broker training. Many are satisfied and now working at their own comfortable pace. Classes are offered in-person and online training programs to give you greater flexibility and more options to learn.

42 Community College of Baltimore Country

Community College of Baltimore Country

Way back in the year 1957, Community College of Baltimore Country has opened the doors to people who want to become a successful Freight Broker/Agent. It is nationally recognized as a leader in advanced learning strategies. With its affordable, accessible, and high-quality education they enrich and improve many lives of others. The freight broker course they provide will teach you all the resources and requirements which are necessary to pass a brokerage licensing/authority. You can access the informative video tutorials, workflow diagrams, training articles, necessary forms, a roadmap for starting your broker business, and more.

43 Division of Continuing Education for the University of Louisiana at Monroe ( ULM )

ULM Continuing Education Location

Are you interested to grow in the freight brokering industry? You are welcome at this training school. Division of Continuing Education for the University of Louisiana at Monroe has a team of professionals with talented and experienced educators who are dedicated to providing quality programs to all individuals, businesses, groups, and communities. They can offer you Educational Opportunities for a Lifetime! Be knowledgeable in the field of freight brokering with the help of the Division of Continuing Education for the University of Louisiana at Monroe training. Be one of the victorious individuals who trust the Division of Continuing Education for the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

44 Calhoun Community College

Calhoun Community College

Calhoun Community College established an online career training program just for you to become a fortunate Freight Broker/Agent! You’ll learn the basics of how to operate a domestic freight brokerage or agency in just a few days. From licensing and operations to sales and marketing, all of this is accessible at a reasonable price that fit your budgets and needs. Of course, this program will give you advantages.  All the knowledge and resources you needed to be victorious are here. Don’t hesitate to learn from Calhoun Community College. Enroll now!

45 Global Trade

Do you want to become a freight broker? Are you interested in the transportation and logistics industry? There are steps on how to achieve your goals. First you must get the proper training from professionals, developed a business plan, obtain a bond or trust fund, and meets legal requirements. In this resource, you will learn on why you should Get the Right Training, how to Develop a Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, why Obtain Your Bond or Trust Fund and more. Being a licensed freight broker is a smart career for you!

46 Central Texas College

Since 1992, Central Texas College Foundation supported many students in accomplishing their goals. For many years in development and history, Central Texas College is trusted by many individuals. They continuously provide available and quality educational opportunities to the diverse student which promotes student completion, employability, and success. Through engaging and innovative educations, they serve thousands of people who want to learn freight brokering strategies. Central Texas College Foundation is well-known for their excellence in all aspects of operations and highest standards of ethical professional practice. They are committed and dedicated to being accountable and responsible in the stewardship of public trust and resources.


A journey to becoming a freight broker can be a great opportunity. When you choose you can expect great result in learning updated and effective methods on how to be as successful as you make it. offers an online home-study program or in-person educational program for becoming a freight broker to students. Be motivated to learn and work hard to start your new business with!


If you want to be trained by experienced professionals, always count for Logistics Academy. All their teachers have mastered the transportation industry for many years. They will show students how to follow in suit to become successful. They compiled a series of video tutorials organized into various sections. Compared to other Freight Broker Training programs, this organization has added features and content which offer at a reasonable cost. If you have questions about their courses and programs don’t hesitate to contact them.

 49 A1 Freight Agent – Freight Broker Training

A1 freight broker training - freight agent training

If you are seeking educational, cultural, social, and recreational opportunities that will enrich and improve your life and profession, you will find it A1 Freight Agent – Freight Broker Training. This training program they provide is one of the leading training programs that can help you build your foundational knowledge and skills in the freight brokering industry. Know and determine your working rates and established a strong system business with the assistance of an A1 Freight Agent. Lectures include transportation law, contracts, and insurance, to running a business. Of course, they have employs staff and administrators of this training program that are extremely dedicated and committed to learning, improvement, and service to clients. They are experts in assisting all students to become successful learners.

50 Tri-County Technical College

Tri-County Logo

Located in South Carolina, Tri-County Technical College is one of the good training programs that will teach you how to set up your own home-based freight brokerage. You will also learn how to differentiate all kinds of freight and niche markets. They will give you a complete understanding of transportation law and broker-carrier/broker-shipper contracts, FMCSA requirements, industry trends, accounting, recordkeeping, and financial management, rate confirmation, dispatching, tracking, and carrier relations, carrier pick-up, and delivery, sales, and marketing strategy in running your business. Register now to experience the best training taught by current industry professionals.


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