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BMX Bike
BMX Bike Importing from China

The largest selection of BMX Bikes are available in China, you’ll find all the styles of BMX bikes, freestyle, race, street and everything in between. Offered high quality at best price from the certified Chinese  Bike manufacturers and ensure high directory accuracy. For now, China currently supplies to global customers and many of them are the most reputed bicycle assemblers. If you’re importing from China you are assured of receiving the highest quality products at a reasonable price in short lead-time.

Childrens Bike
Children's Bike Importing from China

Like a teenager’s first car, kid’s first bike unlock a certain amount of freedom. That’s why, when choosing a bike, it’s important to find one that is safe and sturdy enough for heavy use. You can choose from a wide range of bikes with price match in China.

Cruiser Bike
Cruiser Bike Importing from China

Shopping for new Cruiser Bike? You can find different bikes in Zhejiang and Guangdong that are perfect for riders who want a classically-styled, comfortable and simple bike to bring you enjoyment to cruise around the town or on the beach.

Fixed Gear Bike
Fixed Gear Bike Importing from China

Lots of manufacturers of various types of bikes in China. Over the years the bicycle manufacturing industry in China has been growing and around 20 million bicycles are being cold in China. These are the evidence that China is one of the hottest sectors in terms of Chines bikes. Rich in terms of manufacturing experience and surely the fixed gear bike supplier and manufacturer that you can rely on.

Folding Bike
Folding Bike Importing from China

Folding bike is the hottest selling in the Chinese market and one of the appealing to affluent consumers across the mainland. You can find all types of bikes in Shenzhen because they are the world’s largest producers of bikes especially the folding bikes. If you’re planning to buy or import a new folding bike, there are a lot of affordable bikes that you’re looking for.

Hybrid Bike
Hybrid Bike Importing from China

Bikes are the most common vehicles in the world. China is both the biggest manufacturer and biggest market for bicycles. And countless brands of bicycle sold in China. When importing from China you can choose hybrid bikes for all the types of bikes, it is an excellent option if you’re using your bike for commuting to and from work, maybe with the odd bit recreational riding at the weekend. And if you’re looking for a lightweight, versatile and easy to ride bikes, Shenzhen is the right place for you.

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike Importing from China

Want to ride mountain bike fro healthy adventure sports? China is the top and largest bicycle manufacturer, that have a wide selection of mountain bikes to customize, good and fast bikes. The top rated mountain bike trails in the world that help you find the best rides.

Recumbent Bike
Recumbent Bike Importing from China

Looking for a recumbent bike? Recumbent bikes are a great alternative to the traditional bike. It is more comfortable and can get you out riding again. China proudly sell a unique type of bicycle that offer a cycling experience unlike any other and also provide comfort and support while you exercise that suitable for 165 to 200 cm height and the max.

Road Bike
Road Bike Importing from China

Whether you’re a veteran racer or first-time rider and looking for best bikes, China is importing lightweight, aerodynamic road bike that is perfect road bike of your dreams. When it comes to choosing the right bikes there’s a lot and thousands of supplier and manufacturers in China in finding the best bikes for you.

Tandem Bike
Tandem Bike Importing from China

China has almost half a billion bicycle riders on any given day and tandem bicycles use less space and get an extra turn of speed. If you’re searching for manufacturers, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces are the best. They provide high quality standards of tandem bikes. It’s a good choice for a twilight ride together with a partner of yours, and also capable of handling a wide range of terrains.

Touring Bike
Touring Bike Importing from China

If you’re looking into getting into touring bikes, it can get tough to do a grand search for all the touring bikes online to find the one that’s right for you. China has a lot of manufacturers that offer affordable and has the largest range of touring bikes.

Utility Bike
Utility Bike Importing from China

China is a kingdom of bicycles, the biggest market bicycles in the world. If you’re importing bikes from China, you can guarantee it’s safe and heavy duty, because they manufacture a high quality products for their customers around the world.

Electrical Bike
Electrical Bike Importing from China

China is the old day kingdom of bicycles, but today the world’s largest manufacturer, exporter, and a market for electric two-wheelers or so-called electric bikes. If you searched for bikes, China is the leading e-bike world market, you can find all types of bikes that perfectly fit what you’re looking for.

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Best 20 Bicycle Manufacturers in China

1 Lucky Star Bicycle Co.,Limited

Lucky Star Bicycle Co.,Limited is a manufacturing company specializes in designing different kinds of bicycles. Started their business in 1998, they are now gained rich experience in making high-quality bicycles based on your ideas. Their product includes carbon bikes, mountain bikes, any bicycle accessories, and important parts. The products they offer are available in wide varieties and complete specifications. Exported well to South America, India, Europe, and other countries.

2 Tianjin Fuji-ta Group

From 1992, Tianjin Fuji-ta Group became popular as the largest bicycle producer and manufacturer in China. Their main factory is located in Tianjin, China, fully committed to OEM all kinds of bicycles. As the most unified manufacturer, they complete their supply chain, own R&D, marketing, and sale production of several high-quality bicycles.

3 Maxspeed Group Co.,Ltd

The company gained a worldwide reputation in the market, either domestic or overseas. At Maxspeed Group Co.,Ltd, their specialty is high-quality bicycles, electrical or not. As a known reliable manufacturer, their annual production capacity can get up to 200, 000 units, distributed to different worldwide business sectors. Originated company since 1990 and certified by SGS standards.


A company combined with 10-years experienced technicians. Bicycles from them are precisely manufactured according to your demands. They manage stringent inspections and checking for each bicycle exported & imported all over the world. For your assurance, all of their offers are approved by SGS. Within 20 working days, your orders will be shipped directly to your store or any business establishment.

5 Tianjin Golden Incalcu Bicycle Co. Ltd

A company built by Tianjin Kaite Cycle Group Co. Ltd. All of Tianjin Golden Incalcu Bicycle Co. Ltd`s products are EN 15194 compliant. They only offer high-quality, functional bicycles in wide selections for your choices. Also, they offer free product samples per customer`s assurance. Founded in 1994, top suggests manufacturers of electric bicycles, mechanical bicycles, and many more. The maker of high-quality bicycles in China, capable to produce 40,000 pcs yearly.

6 Jinjiang Jiaxing Company

Jinjiang Jiaxing Company got certification by EN15194 and ISO 9001, carrying 20 years of wide knowledge in the bicycle industry. Their products are greatly received in Western Europe, Australia, and Canada. Active-operated enterprise with well-trained designers, offering both ODM and OEM services. Along with incredible annual capacity production of 200,000 units each month.

7 Shenzhen Joyline E-commerce Co.,Ltd

Formed in 2007, Shenzhen Joyline E-commerce Co.,Ltd is one of the international suppliers and manufacturers, based in China. Their institution was famous due to its numerous bicycle products. As the finest manufacturer, they are willing to dedicate their quality service to world-class clients. Professional carrier of the finest bicycles.

8 Xiamen Biyate Import and Export Co. Ltd

Xiamen Biyate Import and Export Co. Ltd is proud to be one of the world`s leading innovators of top-class bicycles. It was founded in 2006, and with a decade of industry experience, they can finally export a wide range of bicycles to different countries. They are more focused on R&D publication, aiming to be one of your trusted partners when it comes to bicycle productions.

9 Fujian Singyee Group Co. Ltd

After 20 years of enhancing their capabilities, Fujian Singyee Group Co. Ltd becomes a premier source of high-quality bicycles. The company`s mission is to supply customers with fully functional bicycles at budget-friendly prices. They willingly accept ODM/OEM and MOQ services. Widely offers a variety of bicycles for you to choose from. Today, they still ensure each of their products is in line with the newest trends. Developed an annual output of 5,000,000 units, enough to supply your needs, whether personal or for business.

10 Zhejiang Lianmei Industrial Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Lianmei Industrial Co.,Ltd is in the bicycle industry since 1986. Their company is combined with 300+ personnel, covered over 40,000 square meters of areas. Every product offered by this company is a recipient of WMI BSCI, CE, EN15194, and ISO 9001 certifications. And amazingly, their 80% sales come from their overseas regular clients.

11 Shenzhen CBT Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Being UL & CE-certified manufacturer, Shenzhen CBT Enterprise Co.,Ltd has a total of 14 years in the field of bicycle production. They also offer complete OEM/ODM services to achieve satisfaction from local or overseas customers. You can find a one-stop bicycle solution here, with a factory located in Shenzhen, China.  This CBT enterprise not only researches but also producing all sorts of bicycles and its important accessories. Technology, creativity, and belief is the mission of Shenzhen CBT Enterprise Co.,Ltd in China.

12 Yongkang Kugooo Technology Co. Ltd

The famous company, known as an international high-tech manufacturing enterprise in China. Their team was unified officially in 2015, specializes in manufacturing, selling, and developing the latest designs of self-balancing bicycles. Each and every product they offer is the recipient of UL, CE, and RoHS certifications. Shipped their products mostly to the US, Chile, Spain, France, UK, and other countries.

13 Dongguan Yuexiang Smart Technology Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Yuexiang Smart Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in the following years, carries a wide range of bicycles with handling stability, durability, high performance, and riding consolation. Due to its team capabilities, they attained different international certifications, solid proof as a reliable company. Recently, their popular products especially bicycles have expanded continuously. Dongguan Yuexiang Smart Technology Co.,Ltd is BSCI-and ISO- certified factory with more than 150 working personnel. Regularly, their annual output is 2,000 pcs.

14 TOMOLOO Co.,Ltd

Recommended company passed by RoHS, UL 2272, and CE world-class standards. They stock over thousand of molds for bicycle productions. Since then year 2013, many customers around the globe are satisfied with their products. They are recorded as the first leading manufacturer of self-balancing bicycles supported by R&D productions.

15 Xuzhou Zhiwalk New Power Technology Co. Ltd

Xuzhou Zhiwalk New Power Technology Co. Ltd owns over 5 production lines, used to produce large numbers of stocks. Their main products are electric bicycles. All electrical-related products, this company can custom regarding on your requests. Formed in 2013 and also working with 1,000+ dedicated workers. As of today, they support more than 100 foreign countries with their high-quality bicycles.

16 GoldenCircuits Technology Co., Ltd

Operating in China since 2002, GoldenCircuits Technology Co., Ltd is admitted as a high-tech and well-experienced group, especially in developing high-quality bicycles.  Fully certified manufacturer to support your needs and make your dream bicycles come true. One-stop bicycle support is what this company mainly offers.

17 Fuzhou Pengfeng International Co. Ltd

Fuzhou Pengfeng International Co. Ltd is one of the international sources of great quality bicycles. Established in 2005, give their full devotion in export and import of various bicycles. The company is currently owned 15 production lines, diversified technology for fast productions. All personnel working here has enough experience in the overseas trading field, enable to provide custom ODM and OEM services.

18 Hangzhou RiDi Technology Co. Ltd

As an expert bicycle factory, Hangzhou RiDi Technology Co. Ltd centered its attention on developing, manufacturing, and designing any electric bikes. They hold over 10 years of wide experience in the production of electric bicycles. Not only bikes, but the company also offer electric vehicles such as scooter, and other vehicle`s accessories. Support their customers in a way of providing quality-guaranteed and best services.

19 New Gen Tech Global Corporation Limited

New Gen Tech Global Corporation Limited strictly do quality checking for each product before the delivery process. The engaged company since 2018, with young-experienced manufacturers and designers. More focuses on production, importing & exporting of bicycles, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Monthly, their annual capacity is 2,000 pieces.

20 Shanghai B&K Co. Ltd

Shanghai B&K Co. Ltd was founded in 2004, acting as a trading arm controlled by Hongbu Group Company. Dedicated company in the manufacturing, import, export, and advertisement of their high-quality bicycles. In early 2010, the company is realized as an outstanding source of top-class, full-functional bicycles.

Bicycles from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose the best bicycles from China.

Whether you want to know the cost, design, quality, best material, gear options or components of bicycles from China, you will find all that information right here.

So, if you want to learn more about bicycles from read this guide.

How much does Bicycles from China Cost?

Prices of bicycles on Alibaba

Prices of bicycles on Alibaba

The prices of bicycles from China vary depending on a number of factors such as:

i. Design – simple are cheaper than complicated designs. For instance, kid’s bike will cost about $45, while adult bike will cost about $75

ii. Technology and functionality – Bike with advanced technology will be more expensive

iii. Brand and manufacturer

iv. Size of the bicycle

v. Quality of bicycle – low quality bicycle will be cheaper than high quality bicycles

vi. The number of bicycles you’re importing.

As you can see, there is no fixed price for bicycles from China.

The best way to get an accurate, you can contact the manufacturer.

Do Bicycles Manufacturers in China have MOQ?

The MOQ for bicycles from China vary from one manufacturer to another.

For example, others may have an MOQ of 100, 200 or more.

But, there are those bicycle manufacturers from China, who offer lower MOQ.

For an accurate MOQ, contact a reliable bicycles manufacturer from China.

How can you Trust Bicycles Manufacturer from China?

It is important to verify whether you’re with a reliable and reputable bicycle suppler from China.

A platform like Alibaba can provide a lot of information about bicycle manufacturer from China.

For instance, you check the following;

  1. Sourcing agent –you can have a person on the ground who can give you information from the ground.
  2. Freight forwarder– help in the shipping process. With the connections they have, freight forwarders can connect you to bicycle manufacturers in China.
  3. Referrals – these are companies or business that have transacted with bicycle manufacturers in China. They will help you get better deals.
  4. Visit China – It will give you an opportunity to interact directly with the bicycle manufacturer in China. This way, you’re likely to get the best deals in the market.
  5. Search for bicycle manufacturers online – Simply type relevant keywords or key phrases such as bicycle manufacturers in China or bicycle suppliers in

You will have many options to choose from.

Again it is important to verify and confirm bicycle manufactures.

This is critical before trusting them and doing transaction with any manufacture from China to avoid frauds and cons.

How can you Verify Quality of Bicycles from China?

Quality is a very vital aspect when it comes to Bicycles from China.

Bicycles from China

Bicycle from China

Be sure to do standard quality procedures verification on the bicycle.

  1. Quality of nuts and bolts; it’s advisable to check out on quality of nuts and bolts of the bicycles, this helps to secure parts of the bicycle.

And that if the tightness of the bolts and nuts are done wrongly, the cyclist may experience some challenges.

  1. Colour: Ensure the color of the bicycle from China is of high quality. It should not peel or discolor.
  2. Pressure of the Bicycle tires; Bicycle tires can only withstand a specific amount of air pressure.

If the tires of the bicycles don’t withstand the air pressure, then the quality of tire will have been compromised.

More importantly, ensure the bicycle tire are of high quality.

  1. Bicycle Manual Guide: Most bicycles from China comes with a manual guide.

It will show you how to assemble parts of the bicycle.

This helps the buyer establish if the bicycle functions as it is supposed to be.

  1. Rub test on labels; this is a quality test done so that the labels on the bicycles will not beerased for the whole life of the bicycle.

A poor label is a proof that the bicycle is of low quality as compared to a good quality label.

  1. Braking system; this is to ensure that the braking systems functions properly.

This is during both emergency and normal cases.

Remember, the position of the braking system should guarantee comfort.

Conducting bike quality testing can be challenging.

However, having a clear bicycle quality verification checklist can help eliminate ambiguity when importing bicycles from China.

China bicycle brand

China bicycle brand

How should you Import Bicycles from China?

Importing bicycles from China is a profitable venture.

But how to go about this process is a challenge to most people.

Let’s explore what exactly you need to do when importing bicycles from China:

  1. Check out the legal requirements for importing bikes from China. Start by looking at the legality around importing a bike to your country.
  2. Make sure you are legally able to import a bike to your location.
  3. Look for a well-established, reliable and experienced exporter in China, be sure they are genuine and contact them.
  4. Give the exporter details of the bike you want to import from china.
  5. The exporter will identify the bike you want that meets your expectation and do necessary formalities and package your bicycle.
  6. Exporter package the bicycle and send your bike to your destination.
  7. You can use bike shipping service online.

There are several bike shipping services online that you can hire to make the importation of bicycle from China easy.

  1. Decide mode of shipment: Depending on your destination, you can ship by air, road, sea or rail.
  2. Get a shipping box for your bike, this requires you to package the bike before it can be shipped to your destination.
  3. Pay all the necessary fee – these will include cost of the bicycle from China, duties/taxes, logistics and shipping.
  4. Receive your bicycles from at China at your preferred destination which can be port or warehouse.

Are Bikes from China Durable?

Yes, they are durable, and this is mainly due to:

  1. Bicycles from China must pass strict quality and verification tests.

From components to the overall design, bicycles from China are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

  1. Built from superior materials that resist rust and corrosion.

These bikes guarantee durability, functionality, and sheer readability.

Whether you fly out to ride tough single-track in West Yellowstone, or you cycle eight miles to work, the MF bikes will fly over nearly any pothole or mountain trail.

  1. Made to Maneuver; Most full-suspension bikes take up a good chunk of hallway or garage space, but you can fold and unfold these bikes in seconds: All told, they flip down to a positively miniature 34 by 39 inches.

Plus, at 36 lbs., the MF bike is no wimp. It’s perfect to grab and go when you’re ready to ride.

  1. Built to do Battle; No bike is invincible to paint dings, broken derailleurs or maintenance issues—but then again, no bike should ever stay pretty if you use it right.
  2. Moderately priced parts that are heavy and look well engineered appeal greatly durable. I can put many more miles/hours on such parts with virtually no maintenance and expect them to work well.
  3. Lightweight and cheap is a very bad combo to hear. You have to develop sort of an engineer’s sense to be able to determine if you can get away with it.

I’d take a light stem if it looks like it has no weak spots.

But if I want to save money, I just generally stick to alloy, to avoid the “carbon tax” which drives a part’s price up by about 50% more.

  1. Also consider that people of different weights and power output will stress a bike differently.

Someone 200+ lbs is a destroyer of bikes and should be looking at overbuilt parts.

Someone under 150 lbs might be able to ride parts for years without replacement.

How much Duty will you pay for Bicycles from China?

How much of duty  to pay for bicycles varies greatly depending on the imported good, the country of origin and several other factors such as:

  1. Make of the bike, best brands will attract high duty compared to low brands
  2. The model of the bike will be a determining factor when it comes to payment of duty.
  3. Therefore, the new model will attract slightly higher duty compared to the old model.
  4. Year and month of manufacture, the year of manufacturer makes duty go up, a new manufacturer bike will cost higher duty compared to the bike manufactured years ago.
  5. Distance, the location where you want the Bike to be transported to determines the price of the duty, the longer the distance, the higher the duty.
  6. Number of bikes, if you import large number of bikes you will pay more duty compared to someone importing few bikes.
  7. Duty tariff, the duty tariff at that point of import will determine the duty to be paid on Bicycles from China.

Knowing all costs upfront and clearly communicating with your customer how it will be paid will result in a smoother shipping experience from china.

Which Types of Bicycles from China can you Import?

You can import any of the following bicycles from China:

Types of bicycles

Types of bicycles

  1. Children’s Bike, there are quite a number of children bikes that can be imported from China. All children ages are taken care of right from 4 years to 11years.
  2. Fixed Gear Bicycles; there are companies in China that manufactures bicycle that has no free wheel appliances.

The freewheel design was developed early in the history of bicycle however, fixed-gear bicycle continued to be outstanding racing designer.

  1. Hybrid Bicycles; you can import a variety of bicycles from China depending on the usage and functions.

That is where hybrid bicycles come in, the company has blended itself with quite an array of bicycles such as; Cross bike, Commuter bikes, Trekking bike etc.

This bikes comes with an upright position providing comforts to the rider.

  1. Giant bicycles, it was established in 1972 is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer and is the largest manufacturer of bicycles globally. Giant has sales distribution channels in over 50 countries.
  2. Tandem Bicycles; was established in 1880s, and was designed with dual the pedaling power to help propel the bicycle.

This are type of bicycles designed to be ridden by at least two riders and is also associated with the seating position.

They have less weight.

Which Bicycle Parts can you Import from China?

On the matter of importation of bicycles, anti-dumping regulation has been put in place to give guideline on the same.

The following are the bicycle parts that you can import from China:

Parts of bicycle

Parts of bicycle

  1. Decoratedbicycle frames, these are strong frames that can be imported from China based on the safety features of the Bicycle.
  2. Refined front forks, this are polished parts that hold the front part of the wheel.
  3. Gears, are multiple variables used to support the movement of the bicycle.
  4. Crankshaft gear, is a run of cranks and crankpins joining rods of a wheel.
  5. Chainwheel, is a wheel with teeth that joint the chain.
  6. Other brakes,
  7. Brake levers, whether or not presented in sets
  8. Lug nuts,
  9. Bicycle Tires
  10. Handlebars, whether or not presented with a stem, brake and/or gear levers attached.
  11. A steering unit (including handlebar and handlebar stems),
  12. A brake system.
  13. wheels with or without tubes, tyres and sprockets, CN code 8714 99 90

How do Bicycle Manufacturers from China Support OEM Businesses?

Bicycle manufacturing industries always endeavor to produce bicycles in line with OEM through the following:

  1. OEMs designs precisely models that are in line with their customer requests and expectations.
  2. Selected OEMs design quite a variety of prevailing models. This requires their customers to choose depending on their preferences and needs in line with the colour and detailed designs they want.
  3. The innovativeness of the China industries has ensured dominance of the OEMs market.

This has led to closing down of some of the industries that does not conform to OEM.

  1. OEM has ensured better design, reduced cost and continuous manufacturing process.
  2. OEM has advocated for absolute skills and diversification of the market that enhances promotion and distribution of the products globally.

Can you Buy Bicycles from China Online?

Sure, there are Chinese websites where you can buy bicycles

These include Alibaba, made in china, AliExpress etc.

The following process helps you purchase bikes online

  1. First you need to register their website. Through this, you will be provided with login credentials.
  2. Search for the product – click on their websites and search for the name and brand of the brand of bicycle you want.

The site will bring you a variety of options to choose from.

  1. Find the type of bicycle you specifically want, from the variety of products, choose the product that you specifically need.
  2. A new page will open taking you to the website. At this point you can choose specific model and brands that you want.
  3. Add a bicycle to your basket – This option provides you with the amount of the product.
  4. At this point you can continue shopping or buy the bicycle.
  5. Check out and pay
  6. Finalize check out on the payment mode and also by providing the shipment details.

Can you Buy Bicycles Spare Parts from China?

Bicycles spare parts

Bicycle spare parts

There are many Bicycle spares parts with unique features you can buy from China

  1. You can buy from the manufacturer – contact the manufacturer of your brand for spares parts.
  2. Buy from a trading company – trading company may link you up with the manufacturer of spare parts or perhaps purchase from them.
  3. Buy through trade fairs – trade fairs and exhibition, you may find a spare part that you are looking for and make purchase.
  4. Buy from a distributor – the distributor of the company may sell to you the spare part that you may be looking for.
  5. You can buy from China Brands – this is an online company dealing with spare parts, it can save you time.

This is an indication that you can real buy bicycle spare parts through the above options

What are the available Surface Finishes for Bicycle from China?

The next key factor in choosing the right bike rack is to select the most appropriate finish. The finishes you will most likely have to choose from are:

  1. Galvanization finishes – this is the process of incorporating Zinc to prevent rusting through hot-dip galvanizing and can last for many years.
  2. Stainless Steel finishes – it is made up of chromium alloys which helps prevent corrosion and rusting.
  3. Electro Polishing – this involves reducing roughness of the frame by removing metallic pieces and improve the surfaces.
  4. Super TGIC Powder Coat – this type of coating is desirable on bikes and is through electrostatically through heat. This coating creates a hard finish which is much tougher compared to the normal coat.
  5. Thermoplastic Coat – it is a type of coat that involves melting of metals in high temperatures and becomes strong due to cooling effect.

This process helps in preventing corrosion of the metal.

  1. Coated Stainless Steel – this coating which is sprayed through electrostatic making the finishes more attractive and long lasting.

What Material is Bicycles Frame from China made of?

Bicycle frame

Bicycle frame

The choice of material for bicycle frames on depends your preference of riding and the bodyheaviness.

A few bikes out there are made of the following Bicycle frame materials:

  1. Diamond frame – the bicycle frame is in the shape of a triangle is with respect to diamond frame that elongates with tubes and seat.
  2. Carbon Steel – this types of frames are created through steel alloys and are extremely strong, durable and relatively cheap.
  3. Magnesium frame – majority of the bicycle frames are made of magnesium with around 64% thickness.
  4. Aluminum alloys frames – this frames have little weight and less strength but they have a great deal of strength with regards to weight.
  5. Titanium frames – this is the greatest glamorous and costliest frame on the bicycle. It has the capability to combine and give resistance due to its strength to weight ratios.
  6. Carbon Fiber frames – this is the most non-metallic frame and highly expensive in spite of its lightnessand can be crafted into many preferred shapes.

However, what to consider in bicycle frame material is the weight, Geometry, Plain-Gauge Tubing and Butting.

How are Bicycles from China Labelled?

Bicycle from China

Bicycle from China

Bicycles come in different shapes, sizes, and have amazing features and labelled depending on:

  1. The brand of the manufacturer
  2. Some incorporate made in China sticker.
  3. Fuji
  4. CE mark
  5. WEE mark
  6. Or country of origin label.

Do Bicycles from China come Fully Assembled or in Different Parts?

Bicycles from China can either come fully assembled or in different parts depending on:

  1. Shipping option you choose, your bike will arrive either fully ready to ride, or almost completely pre-assembled.
  2. Fully assembled bicycle ensures proper assembly and quality.
  3. Fully assembled bicycle certainly demands very high charges like Excise duty
  4. Coming in different parts are generally cheaper because of the local manufacturing leading to evasion of certain taxes.

Basing on the above factors importing fully assembled and in different parts depends on price and the quality of the bicycle you want to import from china.

Remember, importing bicycle which are not fully assembled will save on shipping cost.

What are the Common Challenges when Importing Bicycle from China?

Importing bicycles from China experience the following challenges:

  1. Huge importation fee – this hinders most people from doing importation.
  2. Poor Negotiation – some language barriers makes it impossible for better negotiations.

The best part, you can use sourcing agents.

  1. Choosing the wrong customs broker or importer – some brokers are not genuine and end up misleading the client.
  2. Making payment to an agent – some agents have huge commission fees and long payment process that delay arrival of the product.
  3. Receiving a bicycle with bad condition – you may receive a bicyle which may be damage, this fear has shunned away clients.
  4. Online Scams & Fraudsters – some of the online sites are not genuine end up taking money from the client and not delivering the items requested.
  5. Getting the Wrong bicycle – you may receive a bicycle which might be quite different from the one you order.
  6. Ignoring state requirements – some may be ignoring state requirements on which product to import and on which condition.

Given these challenges, it is important contact the manufacturer for the best deal from china.

How reliable are Electric Bikes from China?

Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle

When it comes to electric bikes from China, there are a few options to choose from before you get into brands and manufacturers.

E-bikes are quickly becoming a more prevalent form of transportation.

Since, they are the faster, more widely accessible version of a traditional bicycle.

The general answer is yes.

E-bikes are becoming more and more reliable as the market develops and more and more models are sold, tested and improved.

However, a more detailed answer though is dependent on many factors.

From batteries to motors, controllers to brands, and warranties to maintenance of e-Bike reliability.

What are the Safety Features of Bicycles from China?

Bicycles from China comes with safety features such as:

  1. Comes with a Bicycle torch helmets, bicycle torch safeguards against night navigation. And the helmet protects the head against any injury or accident.
  2. Bicycles Lights for navigation at night
  3. Revolights system – this are light on the tires of the bikes to signal any oncoming traffic of the cyclist approaching.
  4. Reflectors on frames – this are to ensure that the cyclist can be seen by the oncoming traffic at a distance
  5. ORP bike horn – the horn is used to alert if there is impending danger.
  6. Wireless bicycle turn signal – some bike has been made with direction signal which indicates the person behind you on whether you are turning left or right.
  7. Helios bars
  8. Firefly bike grips
  9. Bicycle mirror, the bicycle mirror enables the rider to know what is behind him before turning in any direction.

Which Performance Factors Determine Price of Bicycles from China?

Several factors influence a bicycle’s performance on price; the more detailed answer though is dependent on many factors such as:

  1. Frame Material – the frame material used to make the bike influences its price, poor quality material means low price and high quality material, high price.
  2. Bicycle Components – the constituents of the bike determine its price, more components more price.
  3. Average speed – the higher the speed, the higher the price, low speed bikes attracts low prices.
  4. Warranties – Many of these Bikes do not come with a guarantee or warranty.

This is a significant risk in case anything goes wrong and warrant are pegged on the price of the bike.

  1. Crafting of the bicycle – the way a bicycle has been modelled and design will determine its, price. Poor crafted bike attracts low price, and highly crafted bike attracts high price.
  2. Shipping – the amount it will take to ship the bike to the destination country will have an effect on the price of the bike, higher shipment cost means the price of the bike will go up.
  3. Overhead – any additional expenses incurred influences the price of the bike.
  4. Retail Mark-up

The elements used to make the bike are obviously still important. But the bike brands operating.

How many Gear Options do Bicycles from China come with?

Bicycle gear

Bicycle gear

Bicycles from China comes along with quite a number of multiple gears.

On some bicycles there is only one gear, therefore the general ration is fixed

But modern bicycles have multiple gears and thus multiple ratios.

The following are the gear option:

  1. The hardest gear – this gear option touches the 50 tooth ring on the front and the 11 tooth ring on the back.
  2. Easier gear – this is the smaller ring on the front end and the biggest on the back. The reason for this is because they are closes together.
  3. Crank set(front gear); front gears are typically 53T/39T
  4. Cassette (rear gears) – when choosing a cassette we chose a narrow range of ratios but closely spaced between each gear.

How do you choose the Wheel of Bicycles from China?

Choosing a wheel for your bicycles depends on the following indication:

Types of bicycle wheels

Bicycle wheels

  1. Tire dimensions – look at the side wall of your tire to find the tire size that will correspond to your wheel size.
  2. Tire type – the type of tire determines the wheel type. This is also true for tubeless tire or you need tubeless compatible wheel.
  3. Brake type – rim or disc brakes determines the type of wheel to choose, wheel for rim brakes may not work for disc brakes.

Your wheel must be either rim brake compatible or disc brake compatible.

  1. Axle attachment – the axle diameter and axle length will influence the type of wheel for your bicycle.
  2. Rear hub type – this determines how your rear wheel engages with the cogs in your bikes.

Which Documents do you need when Importing Bicycles from China?

Custom clearance process for imports can be tiresome.

However, the following document are needed for importing bicycles from China.

  1. Commercial invoice – this provides enough information for the custom and border protection officer to determine if the commodities being imported are admissible.
  2. Packing list – this list is provided by the freight forwarder and it contains information from the invoice and is checked to verify cargo.
  3. Bill of landing – is a commercial document issued by a carrier to the shipper of good, signed by the owner of the vessel.
  4. Arrival notice – is a communication that is prepared by a carrier to let the recipient know that he shipment has arrived.

Other may include certificate of origin, and quality inspection certificate.

You should have all documents that will help you during custom clearance process.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder to Ship Bicycles from China?

Without the freight forwarders shipper will be forced to absorb the overwhelming logistic burdens of supply chain management.

Freight forwarder are helpful in the following ways:

i. They help in custom clearance process – so you don’t have to handle all the documentation needed.

ii. Help in booking space in ship and airlines

iii. Negotiate for best shipping rates

iv. Offer shipping container and warehousing

v. Supervise loading and offloading

vi. Advise on the best shipping schedule

Is there Difference between Men Bike and Women Bikes from China?

There are no real universal difference between men and women bikes, since the body geometrics vary among all humans.

However, the difference between men and women bikes is:

Women Bikes

The fit is slightly different from men’s bike fit.

Women bikes model have shorter stack heights since women are averagely shorter than men.

Since women can ride while wearing skirts, their bikes have downward sloping tubes.

Women bikes are generally lighter.

Women bikes require wider saddle.

 Men Bikes

Generally, men bikes are:

  • Slightly heavier
  • Require smaller saddle.
  • Have upward sloping tubes
  • Have longer torso length hence, men bikes tend to have taller reach
  • Men bikes model have longer stack heights since averagely men are longer than women.

However, women bicycles are slightly different from men’s bike.

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Depending on your unique requirements, you will find a perfect bicycle from China that meet your specific requirements.

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