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Importing Blankets from China
Importing Cotton Blankets from China
Importing Cotton Blankets from China

Looking for a super soft blanket that provides year-round comfort? Shop the better selection of cotton blankets from Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier that are based in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong provinces.  Experience yourself the beauty, naturally lightweight, breathable and exquisite softness of cotton blankets from reliable Chinese blanket manufacturer.

Importing Down Blankets from China
Importing Down Blankets from China

Find the best selection of cheap down blankets in China. Chinese manufactured and supplies quality down blankets at cheaper prices. Most down blanket manufacturer and supplier in China are based in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Whether you need to buy down blankets for your personal use or business, you can always find a reliable manufacturer in China.

Importing Electric Blankets from China
Importing Electric Blankets from China

In China, Electric blankets manufacturer and supplier most in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can find the best selection of electric blankets suit your needs. Including electric blankets several types, such as under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. Finding a good partner will help you save too much money and time.

Importing Baby Blankets from China
Importing Baby Blankets from China

When looking for baby blankets, find a manufacturer and distributor who specialize in producing and manufacturing children’s and babies’ items. You can find most of this manufacturer in Zhejiang province. Get your best selection of baby blankets from trusted Chinese manufacturer and supplier. Take care of the certifications of your suppliers.


Importing Woolen Blankets from China
Importing Woolen Blankets from China

Whether you are looking for a woolen blanket for personal use or business, China blanket manufacturer and supplier can always satisfy your needs. You can import a large selection of woolen blanket including wool bed blanket, stylish woolen blanket, winter wool bed blanket, printed woolen bed blanket, and more. Get your best selection of woolen blanket that suits you.

Importing Microfibre Blankets from China 1
Importing Microfibre Blanket from China

If you are looking for a microfiber blanket manufacturer in China, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces is your choicer. Manufacturers provide the best selection and deal of microfiber blanket products. You can select a variety of microfibre blanket options such as an airplane, picnic, and bath. Chinese manufacturer of microfiber blanket can always meet your needs.

Importing Fleece Blankets from China
Importing Fleece Blanket from China

There are thousands of Fleece blankets manufacturer and supplier in China. Most of the fleece manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. Choose from three types of soft fleece, from twin fleece blankets to king size fleece blankets, with oversize and custom blanket sizes available. Whenever you need stuff for your home or business, you can find good suppliers in China.


Importing Pet Blankets from China
Importing Pet Blanket from China

Enhance your pet’s sleeping zone with a warm and cuddly sleeping accessory. A dog blanket specifically for your dog is all you need. China has a lot of supplier and manufacturer of pet blanket. You can import a pet blanket with a cute dog print or have features that make it ideal for your dog. Any blanket sizes that made from the highest quality materials that will ensure your blanket lasts for many years.


Importing Throw Blanket from China
Importing Throw Blanket from China

Add a touch of warmth to your bed with a craftily placed throw blanket. Chinese throw blanket manufacturer offers a wide range of throw blanket products that come in many styles and colors, simple textures and create a comfortable space for your bed. China throw blanket manufacturing factory most in Zhejiang province.

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Blankets Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight is much faster and more reliable means of transporting blankets. The cost is between shipping by sea and air.
Blankets Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are new to importing blanket business in China, Bansar can help you ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Blankets Manufacturer in China

1 Shaoxing Gold March Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Gold March Co., Ltd has establishment and main office in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China. This team is unified especially in producing flame-resistant blankets, fleece blanket, and polyester blankets. Not only blankets, they also professional makers of unique non-woven pillowcases and other bed accessories. It can also export and import products to many countries.

2 YC Clothing Co., Ltd.

YC Clothing Co., Ltd offers full dedication in producing and designing various designs of blankets. Begins their dedication since 2001, now the company covered over 10000sqm areas. Their group is equipped along with its highly tested machines and advanced fabrication equipment. They cut, sew, and print the blankets to suit your specifications. And as of right now, they have distributed their products to any regions including MID-East, South America, North America, and more.

3 Changshu Hongshensheng Textile Co., Ltd.

The company highly presents a huge variety of blanket productions to meet your needs. Changshu Hongshensheng Textile Co., Ltd wins a reputation in the worldwide market due to its high-quality products and dedicated services. They also encourage all enterprises all over the globe to cooperate with them and together witness each business success story.

4 Ningbo Kareer Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kareer Import & Export Co., Ltd is a group of experts that offers wide variety of premium blankets for you to select from. Their number one aim is to always satisfy all customers by providing quality blankets for your potential demands. In China, they are well-recognized as the best leading manufacturer of unique blankets.

5 Cixi Xingfeng Bags Factory

The Cixi Xingfeng Bags Factory focuses on providing and distributing different accessories for bed, just like blankets. In the main factory, you can find numerous ideal products, which are suitable for your needs, whether personal or business applications. At the lowest probable cost, they offer premium blankets to your business. They also give the most top-quality, affordable, functional, and practical blankets together with friendly customer service.

6 Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd.

Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd is a professional wholesaler and manufacturer of top-quality blankets. Different types of blankets are available including a polyester blanket, acrylic blanket, woven blankets, and many more. And as history, the company has been globally awarded as a famous brand in China. With approval coming from ISO14001, ISO9001, and T28001 certifications.

7 Shaoxing Shangyu Yuzi Houseware Co., Ltd

As a globally honored and well-reputed blanket manufacturer, Shaoxing Shangyu Yuzi Houseware Co., Ltd in Textile City focuses on providing classy blankets. With more than 10 years of history, all products come from here are exported well to overseas and even domestic markets. The company maintains sustainable creations, the right service, and honest administrations.

8 Luan Yule Textiles Co., Ltd.

Luan Yule Textiles Co., Ltd is one of the most famous company, that centered their attention on making bed accessories like weighted blankets, quality pillows, comforters, and so on. Their company is situated in Lu′an City, China, providing the best price for blankets.

9 Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Commence since 2002, Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd operates as a huge group company which owns factories situated in a different part of China. This enterprise group supply and manufacture a broad range of guaranteed blankets worldwide. They focused their attention on achieving each customer satisfaction in both domestic and foreign clients.

10 Hangzhou Winde Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Winde Home Furnishing Co., Ltd is one of the considered large blanket producers in China. Their main product line includes home blankets, bedding sets, pillowcases, comforters, etc. And aside from manufacturing, the company also has the ability to export quality blankets outside China. They are unified with a strong design team, enables them to produce trendy blankets in fast ways.

11 Shaoxing Zengbo Textile

Founded in 2007, Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd focuses on manufacturing custom blankets, beach towels, polyester shower curtains, etc. for clients worldwide. They have professional follow-ups and rich-experience, that’s why many customers are satisfied w/ their reliable after-sale services. Strives to deliver the finest product and ensuring a sustainable environment.


A quality-oriented company, that manufacture trendy and stylish home textile and garment to supply many countries at affordable price. Located in Shenzhen, China, with many high-grade types of machinery that can produce thousands of stock even for peak season. Their team, talent, effort, creativity are some of the reasons what make DUVET HOME successful! Be part of the team!

13 Fuwoda Hometex

An integrated company that focuses on the field of blanket marketing and blanket manufacturing, Fuwoda Hometex Co., Ltd. is a perfect one-stop solution for service with global clients. All products comply with international standards perfectly on counts of quality. They have professional marketing ideas and R&D technologies that ensure unmatched finishes at a very competitive price. Unique and beautiful blankets await you in Fuwoda.

14 Zhejiang Prosper Hometex Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd. is committed to developing new fabrics and designs to improve the grade of every blanket and garment product supply worldwide. A company with professional experience in the field of manufacturing in many types of textiles, as per customer request. The product variety is offered a high-quality but low price. Prosper’s products are exported to Europe and the US, the Middle East, and other countries.

15 Nantong Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Nantong Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd. understands the blanket marketing and services provided to the clients. They are flexible and efficient to provide your needs. Rich-experienced by staff and members ensure the great finishes that exceed your expectations. They assure every customer received products they want like custom blankets, fabric beach towels, custom shower curtains, and polyester bath mats perfectly and ideally.

16 Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd.

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 9000, BSCI company, Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer established in 2001 that focuses on home textiles marketing, development, and production. Located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China covering an area of 5000 square meters, and over 150 talented and dedicated employees. They can produce products with all types of textile materials, styles, colors, sizes, and packages that widely used in homes, hotels, and hospitals.

17 Yourmoon Holdings Limited

ISO9001:2015 certificated manufacturer located in Guangdong, China, Yourmoon is recognized for being one of the most home textiles producers in China. Their company is willing to cooperate with enterprises and suppliers worldwide to provide a win-win situation between valued customers. Since 1995, their operation is appreciated by clients because of their remarkable design, process & sales of various home goods.

18 Hangzhou Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd.

Specialized in manufacturing and exporting home textiles and beddings for many years, Hangzhou Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd. understands and expert in the process of producing exceptional product supply to the customer. They become famous for down/feather products. Owns advanced production units to make thousands of stocks mainly exported to America, Australia, South America, etc. Now they are approved Oeko-Tex standard 100 certifications.

19 Lingxian County Hongda Geotextile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Lingxian County Hongda Geotextile Co., Ltd. is specialized in supplying and manufacturing Waterproof Blanket, Geotextile, and Bentonite, etc. All products produced are well-tested and proved to be more reliable and stable in quality, more convenient to use at a reasonable price. They also obtained ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certification that ensures the great service and offers to all customers.

20 Zhejiang Lumeng Health & Technology Co., Ltd.

Expert provider of heated bedding and heating pad, located in Shaoxing, China. Their company covers an area of 115, 000 square meters facility and 1,000+ professional employees. For how many years, they develop their own professional laboratory, high-tech test, and production equipment that can exceed the requirements and demands of GS, UL, SAA, CE, CCC standard.

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