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Importing Blinds from China
Importing Venetian Blinds from China
Importing Venetian Blinds from China

If you’re looking for perfect types of blinds for your home, office or blind business, China is your ideal place to be. Guangdong province has the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Venetian blinds. You can import Venetian blinds with different design, shapes, types, materials etc in best prices with high quality. Find your partner that can surely provide and satisfy your needs.

Importing Vertical Blinds from China
Importing Vertical Blinds from China

Customize your vertical blinds according to your style. Whether you need it for your home or offices, China vertical blinds manufacturer can meet your needs. They offer a wide variety of vertical blinds products, especially in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Jiangsu. Discover the best vertical blinds from these professional manufacturers. You’ll have plenty of choices to select your ideal vertical blinds you must have too.

Importing Pleated Blinds from China
Importing Pleated Blinds from China

When you want to enjoy longer sleeps and your looking for a smart and stylish type of window blinds, pleated blinds is what you need. In China, you can find most suppliers and manufacturers of pleated blinds in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Select your best selection of Pleated blinds that offer high fashion, great value, easy installation and convenient operation to fit seamlessly into your window.


Importing Roman Blinds from China
Importing Roman Blinds from China

Want to have a luxurious Roman blind with a large choice of colors and fabrics? China manufactures latest and newest style with awesome design Roman blinds. Discover a large selection of roman blinds with value deals especially in Zhejiang and Guangdong. High-quality Roman blinds with competitive prices are one of the best quality products that China can give.

Importing Outdoor Blinds from China
Importing Outdoor Blinds from China

If you want to enclose your outside area for all year round use or protect your home from sunlight, outdoor blinds are your choicer. In China, Guandong province has the leading supplier and manufacturer of outdoor blinds that is great for any external window or patio area, and come in a roll up, retractable and entertainer styles, there’s also a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. Get your stylish outdoor blinds that are perfect for your external window.


Importing Zebra Blinds from China
Importing Zebra Blinds from China

Style up your window with Zebra blinds made of high-quality polyester. Convenient to adjust shades to maintain the privacy you need. China supplies Zebra blinds that is one of the biggest trends in window coverings right now and has created a buzz within the industry. Want to modernize your home with this stylish window coverings? Visit Zhejiang and Guangdong where most manufacturers of Zebra blinds are there.

Importing Wooden Blinds from China
Importing Wooden Blinds from China

Real wood blinds are considered the pricier type of blinds due to its authentic material and fabrication techniques but worth the investment. Wooden blinds offer nature’s rich, subtle, unique textures, and natural choice for warmth bringing a luxurious elegance to any decor. In Guangdong, China you can order. Wood blinds that use high-quality real wood slats that complements any wood furniture or floorings in any room with its natural charm. China also manufactures warm Real wood blinds, natural and inviting, a classic combination that can make a room feel instantly more comfortable as well.

Importing Thermal Blinds from China
Importing Thermal Blinds from China

Looking for the perfect solution to help keep your home insulated? Thermal blinds is what you’re looking for. China produces these quality black-out thermal blinds mostly in Guangdong province. With this high-quality collection of thermal roller blinds, you can keep your home toasty warm without compromising on aesthetics. Shop now and find great deals on Guangdong for Thermal Blinds.

Importing Smart Blinds from China
Importing Smart Blinds from China

When it comes to visions of the smart home, your smart blinds rolling up to reveal the new dawn is pretty much peak future living. Make your existing blinds smart for less that will give you control of privacy and temperature that transform your home into a smart home. Guangdong province has the leading supplier and manufacturer of smart blinds in China. Whether you are looking for smart blinds for home or business, you can find a good supplier easily.

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Blinds Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is more economical and much quicker form of transporting blinds, especially when your distant away from China
Blinds Door to Door Shipping from China
If you dont have importing permit, you can find a good freight forwarder and ship your blinds to your home or warehouse

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Best Blinds Manufacturers in China

1 All Blinds Co.

For 38 years, All Blinds Co. has been manufacturing high-quality blinds. They provide a wide range of blinds such as vertical blinds, roller blinds, fabric roman blinds, timber blinds, and faux wood blinds. All Blinds Co. was founded in 1980 and providing premium quality blinds and services with competitive prices.

2 Heng Feng

Heng Feng is a professional manufacturer of blinds since 1988 in Shaoxing, China. Heng Feng manufactures all types of blinds with unique designs and new patterns. In fact, they have a fantastic range of blinds and offer reliable services at reasonable prices. For more than a decade, Heng Feng became one of the most reliable manufacturers of blinds in China.

3 Huasheng Industry

Located in Zhuangzi town, Heze City, Shandong Province, Heze Huasheng Wooden Co. is one of the best manufacturers of blinds in China. For over 30 years, they have been providing different types of blinds with elegant designs and high quality. Huaseng has more than 700 employees working on the company and perfecting the quality and performance of each product.

4 Sundead Blinds Co.

Sundead Co. has been manufacturing blinds for over 30 years and was established in 1981. They have all kinds of blinds with the latest fashion designs. Sundead Co. production facility covers 10,000-30,000 square meters in 5D-06, World Trade Center, No. 5. Their designs are unique and are a trend in modern industries. They provide fashion, quality, and good services.


Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Shang Hui Blinds Components Co. in one of the largest manufacturer of blinds in China. Their company was established in 1980 and has been providing blinds around the world. For decades in this industry, Shang Hui Blinds had gained enough experience and earned good reputation in manufacturing high quality blinds with the most advanced innovations.


Guangdong Jinlian Window Fashion Co. was established in 1988. Jinlian specializes in the manufacture, servicing, marketing, and development in blinds components. Their manufacturing facility covers 10,000 square meters located in the Shunde District of Foshan City. Jinlian had already won awards and honors for being the most trusted manufacturer in China. They have over 300 workers that are masters in product designs and excellent in services.

7 Wuxi EV Window Decoration Co.

Located in Wuxi city, Wuxi EV Window Decoration Co. is a top leading manufacturer of blinds in east China. They are a manufacturing and exporting companies since 1999. They hold 15,000 square meters plant with 120 workers. Ev manufactures blinds with exquisite quality and designs and quality. They have bamboo blinds, fabric Roller Blind, zebra Blind, and all other blinds available in very affordable prices.

8 Sweet-Home Blind Creation Factory

Sweet -Home Blind Creation Factory is one of the professional manufacturers of blinds in China. They are located in HouJie of Dongguan, Guangdong,South of China and was established in 2005. Sweet -Home Blind Creation Factory is composed of skilled workers operating advanced technology machines to manufacture all kinds of blinds in premium quality at competitive prices. They provide a solid foundation for development in this industry.

9 Anhui Noyark Industry Co.

For 15 years, Anhui Noyark Industrial Co. is dedicated to manufacturing blinds with the latest innovations, reliability, and quality. They are a certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 company. They have been the most trusted manufacturer of blinds in China. Noyark has been providing products worldwide for many years. They hold state-of-art manufacturing technology and outstanding services.

10 Homeytex Company Limited

Homeytex Company Limited is based in Veken Zhenhai Industrial Park. It is integrated with four factories and 6 production lines. This company is also recognized as a professional window blinds manufacturer and supplier in China. Their main sales items are roller blind, vertical blind, Venetian blind slat, roman shade, and more other fabrics and components. They are exporting products in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, and France. Homeytex is an ISO9001:14001 certified company.

11 SUNfree Blinds

Established in 2005, Sunfree Blinds Factory is specializing Venetian blinds, home motorized roller shades, pleated shades, and blinds components.  They are striving to offer innovative and high tech window-coverings. The company is located in Binhai Industrial Zone, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China covering an area of 15730.6 sq m. and has a 20600 sq m structure. Covering more than 25 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and the United States, the company has a high trusting rate.


Since 1978, Carrot Industrial Co., Ltd handled selling and exporting blinds and window frame business. As time goes by, the company offers ready-to-assemble roman shade, panel shade, wooden bamboo roman rooler, and another custom-made service.

13 Keqiao Xinjiyuan Window Decoration Material Co., Ltd

Founded in 2000, Shaoxing City Keqiao Xinjiyuan Window Decoration Material Co., Ltd recognized as a professional roller blinds fabric and window blinds manufacturer in China. Their factory covers more than 1600 sq m area. They are specializing in manufacturing and developing blinds products for over 20 years. The company complies with strict international quality standards. Offering a complete range of blind products.


UNITEC Textile Decoration Co., Ltd is specializing in developing and manufacturing fabrics since 2002. The company certified in ISO9001: 2008 quality system. Their main products are vertical blinds, sunscreen fabrics, zebra blind fabrics, roller blinds, and related window covering products. With rich experience in the international market of Australia, America, and Europe, Unitec fabrics have been certified by SGS standards and other required certifications.

15 Wuxi Hemei

Near 30 years in the Venetian blinds industry, Wuxi Hemei has been one of the top manufacturers of fabrics in China. Utilizing advanced technology and continuous development in production, this company recognized as a highly favored supplier. Their customers are domestic and overseas. They have hundreds of new Venetial blinds products including Zebra Blind Series, Wooden Blind Series, Motorized Blinds Series, and so on.


Established in the year 2004, Hande Manufacturing Co., Ltd is committed to providing environmentally-friendly, stable, and beautiful products. The company has the most advanced equipment and tools to develop top sunscreen fabrics. They passed with SGS, ISO 9001, and ISO 4001 environmental management system. Also, they passed a green certification. All their products are proven reliable and safe.

17 Yamiete

Changzhou Yameite Window Decoration Corp., Ltd was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The company was established in the year 2003. Specializing in producing multi-functional sunshade fabrics, roller shutters, 100-fold curtains, and other eco-friendly fabrics. Yamiete has advanced technology and processing unit to develop high-quality products. They are exporting products to the United States, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and other countries.

18 Beautiful Window Enterprise

40+ years in production experience, Beautiful Window Enterprise has been a leading manufacturer in the blind industry. They are producing excellent-quality products for their customers across the globe. The company is based in Shanghai and they have 8 other factories in the country. Beautiful Window provides a full solution for every product requirements, including semi-finished and finished goods. Their blinds products include PVC blinds, aluminum blinds, vertical blinds, and more.

19 Dunuo

Shaoxing Dunuo Textile Decoration Co., Ltd manufactures high-quality window coverings and roller blinds fabric. Included in their offered products are roman shades, sunscreen fabrics, zebra blinds, blackout roller blinds, and more. Dunuo is equipped with an expert team to help each customer’s in all production processes. They are proud to offer reliable products with fully compliance with EN standards.


Since 1980, Shang Hui Blind Parts Co. Ltd is providing high-quality blinds components. They are a professional and reliable manufacturer with a talented and powerful R&D team. Shang Hui Blind is dedicated to developing new and latest products to meet market trends. Also, they offer custom-made products based on customers’ requirements. At present, their main markets are Australia, North America, Russia, and Europe.

21 Shanghai Star Blinds Co., Ltd

Shanghai Star Blinds Co. was established in May 2005 as a professional manufacturer of high-quality blinds. They are manufacturing practical and advanced shading products such as blinds in a competitive price. Shanghai Star Blinds Co. provides premium quality reliable shading products such as all kinds of blinds. Star Blinds guarantee the safety and protection of their blinds.


Established in 1998, Sweet Blinds Co. is a reliable manufacturer of blinds located in Shaoxing, China. They specialized in window coverings such as Shangri-La blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, sheer roller blinds, and Venetian blinds. They have been cooperating with other countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Holland, England, German and other countries. Sweet blinds Co. is unbeatable in giving premium quality products and services.

23 OMC

OMC International Marketing Center was manufacturing shadow products and components in China. For over 26 years, they have been the most reliable and one of the largest manufacturers in China. OMC has a perfect management system, technical supporting team, active marketing network, and effective quality assurance system. They van provide hundreds of products with unique designs and features.


Established in 2009, IFamy gained enough experience in manufacturing shading products and components such as blinds. They keep their blinds elegant, unique, and good looking. They only focus on manufacturing blinds with a good look and high quality. IFamy provides blinds internationally. They have distributed in North America, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and other countries Asia.

25 Kingo Window Decoration Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013, Shouguang Kingo Window Decoration Co. is located in Shandong province that covers an area of 15,000 square meters. They manufacture roller blinds, blackout blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, blind fabric, and Shangri-La blinds. Kingo also develops printing honeycomb designed blinds. They focus on keeping their products equipped with the latest innovations.

Blinds Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about blinds manufacturer China.

From color options, material type, cost to best market for buy blinds in China, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in blinds from China, read this guide.

What is a Blind?

 Roller blinds

 Roller blind

It refers to a type of window treatment option designed to offer protection from sun and controlling light getting into a specific room.

The essence of this component is to prevent your skin, furniture, and other household or office items from sun’s radiation.

You can always use it to regulate the amount of getting into your room space depending on your needs.

Typical window blinds are manufactured from various materials and come in several designs, styles, and mechanisms.

Why should you Consider Investing in Blinds?

Unlike conventional window treatment options like curtains, blinds tend to offer a wide range of advantages.

Some of the beneficial reasons for investing in these items include the following;

a) Window blinds provide complete control over the amount of light passing through the windows.

In essence, it becomes possible for you to determine the right amount you’d need to get to your space.

b) You obtain enhanced privacy, especially when at home or office.

Enhanced sense of privacy is vital since it also provides the necessary security.

Moreover, you can always set the blinds depending on the level of privacy you require, whether complete or partial.

c) They come in many varieties and designs, thus giving you comprehensive selection options based on your demands.

For instance, you can get some with fabricated or anti-dust features among others.

Also, you can always get various types for every household or business.

d) You tend to save a significant amount on utility bills when using blinds.

Ideally, you can control the heat level using blinds hence avoiding the need for using air conditioning.

e) It is cost-effective given it is affordable to purchase and simple to install window blinds of various features.

f) Blinds are manufactured using numerous specifications fitting all types of windows.

You can customize blinds using different materials and also choose to operate either manually or by using motorization.

g) Window blinds are relatively easy and economical to maintain.

It is easy to get cleaning detergents and solutions for cleaning these components in many marketplaces.

The essence here is it saves you time and unnecessary replacement costs.

How do you Choose the Best Blinds Manufacturer China?

You must look into several factors to get the manufacturer of the most appropriate blinds China.

Some of these elements include the following;

  • Relative experience – Always ensure you look at the manufacturer’s records to determine the number of years and customers served.

It helps in making an informed decision as far as dealing with the right supplier is concerned.

  • Product quality – A suitable manufacturer should always deliver high-quality blinds, which match the cost.
  • Consistency – You should select a blinds manufacture capable of maintaining consistency in different aspects of producing these items.
  • Affordability – It is essential to consider a blinds supplier offering the products at cost-effective rates.

In essence, it allows you to save a considerable amount of money and maximize profit.

  • Auxiliary services – Essentially, an ideal blinds manufacturer in China should provide additional after-sales service upon purchase.

Aspects such as branding where possible, packaging, storage, and shipping are such auxiliary services.

  • Flexibility – The flexibility of an ideal blinds manufacturer is from the perspective of MOQ and turnaround time.

Look for one that can adjust these elements appropriately to fit into your demands.

What are the Types of Blinds Available?

Window blinds are available in plenty of designs, making it even difficult to know the specific one to choose.

However, the common ones you may consider when looking for something to spruce up your interiors include the following;

a) Roller Blinds

Quite simple and stylish design allowing you to create a feature of your windows by unrolling any fabric you take a shine to.

b) Wooden Blinds

If you need to add a flourish of natural textures and colors to your space, this is the right window blind design to select.

They are made from different types of slats and allow you to blend your favorite material with a Venetian design.

c) Venetian Blinds

A popular design made from horizontal slats combined with a premium quality fabric known as tapes.

d) Roman Blinds

Somewhat sophisticated style allowing you to make a real feature of window spaces.

This cascading fabric is cut to neatly fold back on itself as you raise and lower your blind.

e) Day-night Blinds

A relatively new concept offering you control of lights levels during the day and at the same time providing privacy in the evening.

It is a suitable choice when you want to experience the best of both worlds.

f) Blackout Blinds

The design of this blind feature’s a night great night’s sleep in mind.

It uses special opaque fabrics, preventing ambient light from getting into your room, thus suitable for bedrooms and multimedia rooms.

g) Vertical Blinds

Often found in many offices and are typically manufactured from fabric, which is easy to control the light level in your chose space.

You can use it in rooms that need more privacy control within seconds.

h) Office Blinds

These are ones designed specifically to provide an ideal ambiance in a wide range of commercial offices.

i) Conservatory Blinds

If you need to get blinds that save energy, then this is the best option to select.

They are designed from a special thermal range of fabrics to keep your conservatory cooler and warmer during summer and winter, respectively.

j) Skylight Blinds

Are specifically designed to work with certain types of windows systems.

This design also allows you to have complete control over light levels even when your windows aren’t mounted vertically.

k) Electric Blinds

Also known as motorized, electric blinds give you most popular pattern choice with added benefit of automatically raising and lowering blinds.

You can easily control by remote, application, or smart home and fully rechargeable.

How do you choose the most Suitable Blinds for your needs?

You must be particular when choosing the ideal window blinds.

Some elements you must consider include the following;

 Curtain blind

Curtain blind

· Application

Determine the specific room you want to fix your window blinds, whether residential or commercial.

Also, figure out whether you need for the bedroom, thermal control, full or partial privacy among others.

· Material

The specific material you choose for the blinds is another fundamental element you must consider when choosing this item.

The materials vary depending on the quality and design, hence ensuring you choose what suits you.

A variety of available materials to choose from include wood, fabric, plastic, metal, and specialist textiles.

· Measure Up

Getting the right measurements is also crucial if you want to enjoy the benefits of customized blinds.

Ensure you counter check the measurement to find the right one fitting your space.

· Color Scheme

You can always come up with your ideal color scheme before ordering blinds, especially if you’re making changes to your décor.

· Features

Makes sure the window blinds you are choosing have features, which suit your various specific needs.

· Budget

It is always important to determine the specific budget you’ll work with when ordering window blinds.

What is the Lead-time for Manufacturing Blinds?

Ideally, several factors determine the actual lead time for manufacturing blinds.

The order quantity is one of these factors.

In this sense, the more the quantity, the longer the order takes and vice versa.

Secondly, the specific design you are choosing also influences the lead-time.

Complex customized designs always take more time to manufacture compared to relatively simple or standard designs.

Another turnaround determinant factor is the number of orders from other customers awaiting fulfillment.

Mostly, manufacturers fulfill orders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In other words, there is no specific turnaround time for making blinds.

However, most blinds manufacturers in China usually provide an average period of about 1-4 weeks.

How Long does it Take to Install Blinds?

It depends on a number of factors but most importantly, the size of the window and the actual design of the blinds.

Technically, the larger the window, the longer it takes to install the blinds and vice-versa.

Additionally, complex designs can be a bit challenging to fix since they require a high level of meticulousness, which takes more time.

The type of window blinds also determines the precise duration it takes to fix the blinds.

In general, installing blinds can take an average of 20-30 minutes, especially for Venetians, roller, vertical and wooden, etc.

But for metal blinds, the average time can be up to one hour, depending on window size.

Does Blinds Manufacturer Provide a User Installation Manual?

 Blinds from China

 Blinds from China


Blinds manufacturer China usually issues a user manual to guide you during the installation of this accessory.

Ordinarily, most activities surrounding the fixing of blinds are usually DIY.

Therefore, there is a need for the manufacturer to ensure they provide this document to guide you during the installation process.

What Materials are Used for Manufacturing Blinds?

Blinds are manufactured from a wide range of materials.

The common ones include the following;

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Specialist textiles
  • Laminated glass
  • Polycarbonate

Can you get samples from Blinds Manufacturer China?


In many instances, blinds manufacturer China usually offer samples upon request.

And this is necessary since different customers always have varied preferences when it comes to choosing suitable blinds.

It is also vital since it makes it easy for you to decide on whether to make your order based on the assessment of the sample.

However, you will have to take care of the cost revolving around shipping the sample pieces.

Additionally, if you’ll need to pay for samples regarded as a bit expensive.

Such samples can easily reduce the profit margin of the company in the long run if sent out to all customers who request the same.

Even so, the manufacturer usually refunds the cost for paid samples when you eventually place and pay for your order.

Is there a Color Limitation for Blinds?


Blinds come in a variety of colors irrespective of the type of material you are using.

Moreover, you can also find others with multiple colors.

These refer to blinds designed with two or more colors in one.

The color variation is fundamental since it gives you as many options as possible when looking for a suitable one.

Curtain blinds

 Curtain blinds

How do you Take Care of Blinds?

Blinds are designed to last longer, given there is little abrasion involved.

However, they need proper and regular maintenance to stay in the right shape always.

Routine cleaning will is always essential in maintaining the appearance, quality, and longevity of your window blinds.

Even so, you must use proper cleaning correctly using the recommended detergents.

The ideal way of cleaning blinds depends on the specific type since the materials require different washing techniques.

In general, the common ways of cleaning blinds include dusting, vacuuming, spot cleaning, and ultra-sonic cleaning.

Where possible, you can always seek the assistance of a professional blinds cleaner to do a thorough task for desirable results.

Over time, blinds tend to wear out and may become unattractive.

You may consider renovating the worn-out pieces where possible.

Alternatively, you may choose to replace it.

How do you get the Best Prices from Blinds Manufacturer China?

It is always prudent to get the best rates when buying blinds to maximize profit margin.

However, finding discounted rates can be relatively difficult, especially if you hardly know the tips and tricks to use.

Here are some of the ways you can use to find the best prices from blinds manufacturer China;

Purchasing a Large Quantity

This trick usually works specifically if you are looking for discounted rates.

In many instances, the manufacturers often provide higher discounts on bulk purchases compared to small purchases.

Window Shopping

China has several manufacturers of blinds in different locations.

Of course, different manufacturers price their blinds differently based on various prevailing factors.

You can always shop from different suppliers as you compare rates to find the suitable one for your budget.

Use a Sourcing Agent

Seeking assistance of a sourcing agent is also another ideal alternative for finding best prices for blinds in China.

Since the manufacturers are several, it can be challenging to find better quality at good rates.

If you are a newbie or unfamiliar with the process, this is the best option you should consider pursuing if looking for best rates.

Shopping During Low Seasons

Where possible, you may visit the factory physically during low seasons.

This way, you are likely to get best rates since manufacturers are experiencing low purchase power from clients.

Moreover, some could be willing to clear the dead stock awaiting restocking hence likely to sell at huge discounts.

Does Blinds Manufacturer China Deal with Individual Customers?


Most manufacturers deal with all sorts of clientele as long as you are buying in large volume.

Ordinarily, they have set a particular minimum order quantity you can always purchase.

Therefore, it does not necessarily matter whether you a business or an individual customer.

What’s important is ability to order in bulk and complying with other terms of the business.

Curtain blinds from Alibaba

Curtain blinds on Alibaba

Are Blinds Durable?


Blinds are manufactured using some of the hardy but refined raw materials.

For instance, polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminum, laminated glass, wood, etc., are some of the materials used in making blinds.

Most of these materials can withstand several environmental and mechanical conditions they could be subjected to.

Furthermore, the material is always designed to ensure it can endure specific harsh conditions within its surrounding.

In general, blinds can last for as many as 20 years, depending on the particular type of material used.

But the actual durability is dependent on how it is often operated, and ways and specific routine maintenance is undertaken.

Can You Make Customized Blinds?


Blinds manufacturer China can make all types of customized pieces you could be looking for.

Irrespective of the design of pattern you need, you can always get customized window blinds.

Most of these companies have designers specializing in creating different patterns that would suit your customization needs.

Also, you can choose to come up with your design and submit the blueprint for the designers to incorporate in your blinds.

In simple words, you can get any form of customized blinds as long as the design conforms to the stipulated manufacturer’s conditions.

Is there Size Limitation for Blinds?

Not at all.

They come in different sizes, both standard and customized.

Importantly, you need to find your windows’ measurements to determine the actual size of blinds you require.

What is the Cost of Purchasing Blinds?

There is no definitive cost of purchasing blinds.

Often, cost is based on different variables such as size, type of material, order quantity, and urgency.

Also, the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from determines the exact amount of money you’ll pay to acquire this merchandize.

It is recommended to get a manufacturer’s quote before making the order to evaluate before making an ultimate decision.

Curtain blind prices on AliEXpress

Curtain blind prices on AliExpress

Where Can You Get Blinds Manufacturer China?

Blinds manufacturer in China is easy to find whether you are domestic or foreign customers.

However, to find one, you need to be meticulous and do thorough due diligence since they are quite many.

Some of the ways you can use to find manufacturers of this merchandise include the following;

Online Platforms

You can find blinds manufacturer China in several e-commerce websites such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, AliExpress, etc.

These platforms have registered hundreds of manufacturers with a variety of window blinds.

It makes it easy for you to get the right one, which suits your needs in terms of cost, MOQ, and turnaround time.

Manufacturers Directories

Most reputable Chinese manufacturers are registered in various verified directories.

This allows you to easily search and access details of as many options as possible.

Of course, this is important since you’ll determine the best one based on the various elements you are looking for.

Trade Shows

You may also find the reputable blinds manufacturer China in various trade shows across different Chinese cities.

In such events, you can find and exchange contacts with manufacturers’ representatives and later pursue when in need of the merchandise.

Sourcing Companies

Sourcing agents are also a suitable way you can use to find reputable manufacturers of binds in China.

This option is often ideal for newbies or customers who cannot travel to China physically due to varied reasons.

Does Blinds Manufacturer have MOQ?


Manufacturers often deal with large orders.

Therefore, they set a certain order quantity, which you must buy depending on the companies MOQ policies.

Customized blinds are usually manufactured on order.

Since the process is quite tedious and involving, the manufacturer always sets a specific MOQ.

The essence is to ensure there is value for the particular business transaction.

However, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on a particular reasonable MOQ.

This flexibility is fundamental since it enables you to obtain blinds, which meet your specific budget and other demands.

How Can You Order Blinds from China?

You can use several ways to order for binds, such as the following;

But different manufacturers have varied means they prefer for effectiveness and convenience.

However, some common ways to make your order for blinds from Chinese manufacturers include the following;

  • Business to business websites
  • Emails
  • Direct telephone calls
  • Factory visit
  • Sourcing agent

Can Blinds Manufacturer China help in Shipping Process?


Many Chinese blinds manufacturers specialize in producing a large volume of these products.

Ordinarily, most clients tend to come from foreign countries with a few domestic buyers.

Since they have a broad network with different courier service providers and freight forwarders, it makes it easier to facilitate the shipping process.

They can initiate all the prompts required to ship the merchandise to the respective destination.

Nonetheless, it is recommended you make your purchase from manufacturers that can provide an export license.

This document makes it easy for your goods to go through the customs clearance process, especially for foreign buyers.

We understand shipping blinds from Chian can be an overwhelming task.

A reason why BanSar offers a cost-effective freight forwarding solution whenever you buy from blinds manufacturer China.

Contact us today for all your freight forwarding needs when importing from China.

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