China Furniture Market – The Complete Guide

The myth of “Made in China” is still quite widespread across the world.

According to it, Chinese products are synonymous with low quality.

Had the Chinese been manufacturing furniture while compromising on its quality, its exports wouldn’t have increased magnanimously in the last years.

This viewpoint has seen a change in the Western world since designers have […]

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CFR Shipping Incoterms: Complete FAQ Guide

The result of international business activities largely depends on how the conditions in the relations between business partners are formulated.

One of the main instruments regulating relations in this area is the set of rules and trade terms called Incoterms (International commerce terms).

They were first proposed and approved by the International Chamber of Commerce in […]

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Top 10 China Wholesale Websites That will Skyrocket Your Business

China is well-known as a place with the best wholesale terms for all popular products.

Due to the distant location from other world markets, Chinese suppliers had some issues with distribution channels.

However, modern technologies broke this wall and dozens of wholesale web platforms were created.

Some of them are more suitable for beginners, while others can […]

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