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Importing Bluestone Pavers from China scaled
Importing Bluestone Pavers from China

Bluestone pavers are not just used as flooring materials but can also be tapped to create pleasing veneers, wall caps, building stones, treads, steps, and others. Whether you need to buy for your home or for business, China bluestone manufacturer can always meet your needs. The largest bluestone suppliers are found in Xiamen.

Importing Natural Bluestone from China
Importing Natural Bluestone from China

Natural bluestone has a rough natural texture that makes it safe for any flooring application even around pool areas. If you are looking natural bluestone for your pool areas, then you must import from China. There are wide selection of natural bluestone when importing from China. The bluestone manufacturers and suppliers will provide sample for customers without charges and load in your container.

Importing Tumbled Bluestone from China
Importing Tumbled Bluestone from China

The Bluestone from China is a very popular choice in paving material. Whether you’re looking for all blue, full color, gray/blue or lilac the appearance is unmatched by any other natural material. Bluestone varieties from China manufacturer are available in patterned, irregular shapes and tumbled. Tumbled Bluestone is a perfect choice for a rustic appearance. Shop Tumble bluestone in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and other China area.

Importing Outdoor Bluestone from China
Importing Outdoor Bluestone from China

China bluestone market has an extensive range of bluestone wall tiles and pavers. Whether you’re looking to replace your old brick paving with bluestone tiles or some other kind of outdoor bluestones or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, you’ll find great outdoor design ideas at China market. The leading bluestone manufacturer are mostly based in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and other China area.

Importing Antique Bluestone from China
Importing Antique Bluestone from China

Looking for pavers floor tiles? You can choose antique bluestone. This is durable, perfect on your flooring needs. There are lot of leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of antique bluestone products in China. China bluestone supplier can provide any kinds of bluestone depending on your requirements.

Importing Mosaic Bluestone from China
Importing Mosaic Bluestone from China

China bluestone manufacturer offers a wide range of mosaic bluestones with a high quality at competitive price. Mosaic bluestones is perfect for your kitchen benchtops, splash backs, living areas, bathroom & laundry, and more. You can import these at Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and other China area.

Importing Bluestone Limestone from China
Importing Bluestone Limestone from China

Are you looking for a bluestone for your paving stone,wall cladding, for step & stairs, and countertops? Bluestone limestone is perfect for what you need. In China, there are thousands of bluestone limestone finishes options that you can choose. These manufacturers are engaged in high quality natural stone manufacturing and trading. Choose your supplier in China with more experiences in bluestone manufacturing.

importing Bluestone Tiles from China
importing Bluestone Tiles from China

Whether you need to buy bluestone tiles for your flooring, China market can always meet your needs. There are wide selection of bluestone tiles in various shapes and designs. Find a reliable and professional bluestone tile manufacturer in China, you are assured of having tiles in the highest quality at competitive price.

Importing Hammered Bluestone from China
Importing Hammered Bluestone from China

The Bush Hammered Bluestone Cladding Tiles in popular rectangle shapes, the edges in cut to sizes treat, the surface in bush hammered. This material is famous and that quarry from Hainan province of China. If you find a bluestone for outdoor wall facade decoration, hammered bluestone is perfect choice.

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If you want a lesser amount of shipping your bluestones, sea freight is your best choice
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Air freight is for your urgent bluestone orders. Better space for your orders is guaranteed.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 25
Railway shipping cost is in the the middle of sea and air freight. If your order time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping railway.
Door to Door Service China to 1 26
Safe delivery for your bluestone order and on time with competitive freight cost is what door to door shipping provide.

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Best 20 Bluestone Manufacturer in China

1 Leiyan International

Leiyan International Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter and manufacturer with rich experience founded in 2002. Specialized in producing bluestone, limestone, sandstone, and all kinds of construction stones. The company owns factories and quarries are located in Sichuan province, Shandong province, and Fujian province. They strictly inspect every making detail to meet the requirements of every client.
2 Xiamen Fit Import & Export

As one of the leading stone companies in China, Xiamen Fit Import & Export has the capability in offering advanced design and manufacturing based on customers’ stipulations. Offer a wide range of limestone, marble, granite, bluestone, etc. The company follows quality control methods, employs the most efficient workers, and owns advanced machinery.

3 JSC Stone

Originated in 2000, JSC Stone is a company with great knowledge and development in the stone industry. Employs skillful and hard-working man force, that can produce excellent quality stones. Started sales in Xiamen, and now owns more than one factory and partnering with various local and abroad quarries.

4 My Stone Market

Own a stone factory located in Quyang, Hebei Province that manufactures stone sculptures, stone countertop, marble mosaic, stone fountains, garden landscape stone, marble statues in China with monthly output of 8000-10000 M2. One-stop provider, you can rely on, with 3500 square meters of warehouse area and 7000 square meters production workshop.

5 Jiamei Stone

Located in Shuitou, Quanzhou, China, JMS is the ultimate source for your building stone, decorative stone, memorial stone needs. As a premier manufacturer and supplier in China, many clients choose JMS designs for major architectural stone projects. For more than a decade of experience, JMS made every effort to exceed every challenging demand and ensure the quality of productions.

6 Overland Ceramics

Headquartered in Foshan, China, Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, with a good reputation for foreign and domestics markets until now. Integrates research, design, and development for a high-class solution. Committed to supplying fashionable, simple, and high-grade “plain modern bricks”, bluestone and other related products.

7 Xiamen Kingrich Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Kingrich Import & Export Co., Ltd. was headquartered at Xiamen China, the company possesses advanced production equipment with more than 200 workers. Specialized in the production of a wide variety of bluestone, sandstone, slate, stone, granite, etc. Competent to deliver reliable goods at a competitive prices to worldwide customers. A professional stone exporter and manufacturer with rich experience in the field.


Samistone Factory has the most efficient and professional production line to produce a wide variety of natural stone materials for your choice. They prepare bluestone, limestone, black and grey basalt stones, and more. Employs professional building stone team who take good care of all your orders even for large quantities at a competitive price and also considerate service.

9 Yubohao Stone

Located in Xiamen, Yubohao Stone Co., Ltd is a comprehensive group company that integrates into stone processing and trade after 10-year development and experience. Focuses in constant innovation and dedicated meticulous fabrication. Many countries choose Yubohao stone such as in the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. They have professional sales, design, QC, and logistic team, responsible for designing customizing your products.


The company started to serve many clients around the world since the year 1990. Headquartered in Xiamen China, they offer stone products like bluestone, granite, marble, basalt, etc. The company strengthens the teamwork spirit to creates high-quality diverse products that meet customer′s needs. As a quarry owner group, the company recognized as one of the leading experienced natural stone manufacturers in China.

11 Sunlight Stone

Specialized in manufacturing quartz, tombstone, mosaic, granite, marble, countertop, paving stone, tiles, slabs, slate, and basalt, etc. for more than 10 years of development and experience. Xiamen Sunlight Stone Co., Ltd is headquartered in Xiamen City, Fujian province, China with a highly enjoyed good reputation in the stone industry. They provide samples for clients without charges and quality guaranteed standards and timely delivery.

12 Shenzhen Wellest Industry Inc.

As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified company, Shenzhen Wellest Industry Inc. provides and offer good quality products with the best price. The company won the appreciation and best reputation for well-equipped machinery, strict quality control system accumulated, and advanced processing facilities. Mainly exported to countries such as in Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, etc.

13 Tianyuan Stone

Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd maintains a stable and good term relationship between clients around the world. For many years of expertise in the field of manufacturing flooring and wall tiles made by granite and marble and more, they ensure the best quality service, produce according to the specifications provided by customers. Whether you`re a wholesaler, designer, contractors, fabricators, and homeowners, you can rely on the Tianyuan Stone group.

14 Sparkle Design & decor Co., Ltd

Manufacture all types of stone projects for your hotel, office buildings, private villa, the palace (large custom homes), etc. Even for your interior design service and interior decorating materials, Sparkle Design & décor group is a company you can depend on! With rich experience, they can also provide installation assistance, even for exterior and interior applications.

15 BFP Stone

Established in 2008, BFP Stone is an experienced factory and trade company, devoted and dedicated to creating high-quality stone products. All types of products are approved with the latest guidelines. Specializing in quarrying, stone design, and manufacturing, BFP Stone deals with honesty and integrity to win the hearts of every customer. Take pride in a responsible, cooperative, and consistent client relationship.

16 Leeste Industry

Established in 1998, Leeste Industry becomes one of the most reputable and popular manufacturers of all times in China. Provide natural stone products like bluestone, granites, marbles, slates, etc. at a very low price. Strive to create clients experience as a memorable one and assist to boom the business in an amazing way. If you`re seeking for a natural stone tile, choose LEESTE that offers you the superior quality, variety, and trustworthy service.
17 Xinjinlei Import & Export

A reliable and leading manufacturer of natural stone products located in China. Xiamen Xinjinlei Import & Export Co., Ltd. owns a direct company with a strict quality control management system, you can expect professional service and timely delivery service from their company, as well as the satisfaction for your business.

18 MaoShuang Stone

Established in 1993, MaoShuang Stone is an advanced family-owned company with professional service and reliable products deliver to clients. Headquartered in the biggest stone area in China- Nan′an city. The company integrates vigorous research and time to choose the exact materials to fabricate your needs. You are very welcome to visit the company that is willing to establish pleasant cooperation with you.

19 Xiamen Yeyang Stone Group

With more than 23 years of effort and development, Yeyang Stone is now well-known for specializing stone products at superior standards. Own 2 trading companies and modern factories with 60,000m² building area, situated in the stone hometown, Shuitou, and Xiamen. Invested more than 10 quarries that’s why you can obtain excellent service with the most competitive price here in YEYANG.

20 Shenzhen Wellest Industry Inc.

With more than 10 years of experience in stone exporting business, Wellest Industry is now an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified company, with comprehensive management many clients rely on! Won customer’s trust, with prompt service and high-standard products. Owns well-equipped factories covering 1000 square meters located in China.

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