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Building Panel from China
1 Building Aluminum Composite Panel
Building Aluminum Composite Panel

If you are looking for the quality and good condition of building aluminum composite panels, you can find them in China. China is the great place that you can find the trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier of building aluminum composite panels. Bansar will guide you to search the outstanding manufacturer that can truy support your needs.

2 Polycarbonate Building Panel
Polycarbonate Building Panel

The polycarbonate building panels are commonly used in construction fields. It offers great benefits due to its durability. It comes in a variety sizes and features which make it an ideal building panel. Chinese manufacturers can provide strong polycarbonate building panels for you. You can encounter a professional manufacturer and supplier in China. 

3 Metal Building Insulated Panel
Metal Building Insulated Panel

Metal building insulated panels are lightweight materials that are perfect to use in construction applications. In China, there is a manufacturer that can make a high-grade metal building insulated pane. Chinese manufacturers have a full capacity to offer a superior metal building insulated panel. 

4 Steel Building Roofing Sandwich Panel
Steel Building Roofing Sandwich Panel

The steel building roofing sandwich panel featuring a corrosion resistant. If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier for your steel building roofing sandwich panel, Bansar will help you to have that kind of supplier. Bansar is familiar for most well-known manufacturers, especially in China.

5 Exterior Wall Cladding Building Panel
Exterior Wall Cladding Building Panel

Exterior wall cladding building panel is capable of enhancing the mechanical strength of the structure. If you are seeking for the excellent provider of an exterior wall cladding building panel, China is the best place for you. In China, there are a lot of suppliers that can offer a high-durable exterior wall cladding building panel.

6 Decorative Building Metal Facade Panel
Decorative Building Metal Facade Panel

The decorative building metal facade panels are the best choice materials. It offers a stable and quality performance. In Guangdong and Hebei province of China, you can find the best manufacturer and supplier of a decorative building metal facade panel. Chinese manufacturers can provide well-manufactured products for you.

7 3D Building Panel
3D Building Panel

If you are in construction fields, the 3D building panel is a flexible material that can be used for wood and metal frame walls. If you want to work with a reliable partner, Bansar is glad to find a great supplier of 3D building panels for your business. Bansar has a stable relationship with the Chinsese manufacturer and supplier.

8 Waterproof Structural Prefabricated Building Panel
Waterproof Structural Prefabricated Building Panel

With a waterproof structural prefabricated building panel, your work can be faster since it is easy to install and assemble. Chinese manufacturers are one of the best manufacturers in this industry. If you want to be connected with them, Bansar will do that for you. Your needs will be satisfied if you work with the Chinese supplier.

9 Outdoor Wood Plastic Building Wall Panel
Outdoor Wood Plastic Building Wall Panel

The outdoor wood plastic building wall panel has high-strength, high performance, and can be customizable. Chinese supplier is capable of customizing your outdoor wood plastic building wall panel orders. Chinese manufacturers can truly manufacture  a high end outdoor wood plastic building wall panel.

10 Corrugated Wall Building Panel
Corrugated Wall Building Panel

Corrugated wall building panels can decrease your cost and it is an eco-friendly material that is perfect to use in different fields of construction. Bansar can recommend a trusted manufacturer and supplier for your corrugated wall building panel needs. Bansar has best communication with the famous suppliers in China.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Building Panel Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 2
Shipping Building Panel by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options.
Air Freight from China to 3
Shipping your Building Panel order by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 4
Ship by rail is a more economical and much quicker form of transporting your order, especially when your distance away from China.
Door to Door Service China to 1 2
Door to door delivery has been providing a fast, effective and economic way. Door to door is the great choice.

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How to Source and Import Building Panels From Chinese Manufacturers (For International Buyers)

Many industries, including construction, find sourcing building materials from China to be cheaper.

The reason is China has now taken the first position as the world factory for all consumer items.

Wholesalers and end consumers recognize the good business deals from Chinese suppliers.

The downside is that this boom is leading to increasing supplier competition.

To get the best deal, one has to filter through a multitude of sellers online.

How do you sort through the mass of sellers, manufacturers, and agents to get the best deal in China?

That is why we have put together a simple guide for your benefit.

Learn how you can import with us from the moment you place an order to its delivery.

Finding a Supplier

Finding a Supplier

There are many ways to connect with suppliers of plastic and composite panels from china.

The usual methods are;

Online sourcing- this is the number one channel as most businesses operate online.

Visiting websites and online directories.

Through Trade shows-  An important exhibition for international buyers is the Canton Fair.

The annual event is a showcase of various Chinese products, industries, and manufacturers.

It also helps the buyers identify, connect and meet with the actual manufacturers.

Others include the annual APPP Expo Shanghai.

Brokers- The third option is through sourcing agents.

Most online suppliers are agents that connect manufacturers to buyers.

Why You Do Not Need a Sourcing Agent

Working with reliable manufacturers provides a better deal than sourcing through agents.

You buy the cheap goods from the factory.

The reason is, it cuts down on the extra broker’s fees.

Our company boasts a simple process from inquiry to receiving the shipment for construction sheets.

This article will walk you through the process of online sourcing.

The Purchasing Process


The purchasing process begins with the customer inquiry.

Once we receive the email request, the customer care team will get back in 2 hours to you.

They will advise on the product’s availability, pricing, and how to place an order.

The customer can also request our free samples and catalog.

Tip: when looking for a manufacturer, narrow down the search pool. Look at factors like the price quotation, lead times, quality, and contract terms.


Sampling is optional for the buyer.

Customers that wish to see the actual panels before placing the order can request a free sample.

They will only pay for freight charges.


Placing an Order

If the customer is happy with the product quality, they can go ahead and place an order.

The order includes the details of the type of panel, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), and the Pantone.

Buyers that need custom production can negotiate the terms before formalizing the purchase.

The customer will receive an email from us confirming the sale.

Processing the Order

The company will then process the order.

This entails product, packaging, pre-inspection, and the bill of Lading.

We get the order ready for delivery to the shipping carrier.

It takes between 3 to 5 days.

We will send another email to notify the customer the package is on the way.


There are two options for shipping your product from the factory by sea freight.

These depend on the size of the order.

One is the Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full container Load(FCL).

Customers purchasing small quantities and samples only have the LCL shipping option.

In this case, we will package the product and send it to the shipping carrier to load in a shared container.

Large quantity orders that take a full container will be shipped by FCL.

The Air Freight shipping is only viable for small size packages.

Otherwise, it will be super expensive.

Some of our well-known clients are Palram, Ball and Doggett, and LED for you.

Factory Visit

Customers outsourcing manufacturing of building panels from China must visit the factories.

The reason is to control the production of their items.

It can be challenging for customers living across the world.

That’s why our company gives virtual and physical factory tours for clients.

We have lines for PVC, Acrylic panel, polycarbonate, PET, and Aluminum Composite panels.

Our PVC production line in Shanghai has an output capacity of 60 to 80 tons a day.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, factory visits are virtual for now.

Upon request, our customer satisfaction team can arrange a live online tour.

The tour shows the processes, capacity, quality control measures during and after production.

Here is a simple walk-through of the manufacture of Acrylic sheets

 Acrylic Sheet


The raw materials for manufacturing acrylic are methacrylic acid and methyl alcohol.

The two combine to form methyl methacrylate, a monomer.

Like other plastics, its production is by polymerization of the methyl methacrylate.

It uses either batch cell or continuous bulk polymerization.

For batch cells, the monomer and a catalyst such as an organic peroxide go into a mold.

In continuous bulk polymerization, the monomer mixture runs through stainless steel belts.


At the end of the process, the sheets come out ready for sizing.

The acrylic sheets have uneven edges, so they will go through a cutting machine for trimming.


The last step is masking or wrapping a plastic film on the sheets before packaging.

The masking paper offers protection during handling and shipping.

The Bottom Line

For most, finding a reliable plastic panel manufacturer in China is a gamble.

It is helpful to inquire from potential ones if they can meet your requirements.

Also, requesting samples and a factory visit will put the mind at ease.

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