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Straight Blade Bulldozers Importing from China
Straight Blade Bulldozers Importing from China

Straight blade bulldozers feature the most basic blade. The blade is fairly short and consists of a straight piece of metal with no curves, wings or other features. If you want to buy straight blade bulldozer, China straight blade bulldozer manufacturers can offer a lot for you. They can provide you a high-quality at the best price.

U Blade Bulldozers Importing from China 1
U Blade Bulldozers Importing from China

China Universal blade is high and curved, making it ideal for scooping. Universal blades also have wings on either end of the blade, which helps keep the debris in the center of the blade. China universal blade bulldozer manufacturers can be found mostly in Qingdao, Shandong, and Shanghai. They ensure a reasonable price while following high-standard quality products.

Cat Blade Bulldozers Importing from China
Combination Blade Bulldozers Importing from China

Combination blade bulldozers combine the designs of the straight and universal blade. The blade will be taller than a regular straight blade and offer a slight curve, rather than being completely straight. In China, there are wide selection of  bulldozer to meet your needs. The bulldozer manufacturer in China have been many years experiences and have passed on production certifications.

High Speed Dozer Importing from China
High Speed Dozer Importing from China

When importing high speed dozer in China, must choose the manufacturer who has experiences on importing high quality bulldozer. The leading bulldozer manufacturer in China are mostly based in Qingdao, Shandong, and Shanghai.

Tire Bulldozers Importing from China
Tire Bulldozers Importing from China

Tire bulldozers are outfitted with large tires, rather than tracks. Bulldozers using tires are much faster and lighter than crawler bulldozers, but not as powerful or stable. Shop tire bulldozers in China now, you are assured in a highest quality at the best price.

Hybrid Bulldozers Importing from China
Hybrid Bulldozers Importing from China

Hybrid bulldozers are available in Chinese market. Whether you need to buy bulldozer  for your business, China market is the best choice. You are assured of a high quality at competitive price. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers will be your best partner on growing your business.

Swamp Bulldozer Importing from China
Swamp Bulldozer Importing from China

Swamp bulldozers are outfitted with a special undercarriage that allows them to move through wet and muddy areas easily and without damage. You can choose bulldozer in China depending on your needs. The leading bulldozer manufacturer have enough supply to meet your needs.

Crawler Bulldozer Importing from China
Crawler Bulldozer Importing from China

Crawler bulldozer are large, powerful, and slow, and are ideal for scaling hills and mounds because of their enhanced stability.  If you want to buy crawler bulldozer , China bulldozer manufacturers can offer a lot for you. They can provide you a high-quality at the best price.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Bulldozer Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 21
Shipping by sea helps you save money. Perfect for greater quantity of materials due to its large storage capacity.
Air Freight from China to 22
When your orders need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 22
Moving shipments by rail is increasingly the most cost-effective way of transporting freight. Offers many advantages you, including reliability, speed and can also help reduce congestion.
Door to Door Service China to 1 20
Door to door shipping can deliver your bulldozer shipments safe, on time, with competitive freight cost.

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Best 20 Bulldozer Manufacturers in China

1 YTO Group

They are one of the professional agricultural machinery fabricator and provider in China. They are certified with ISO 18000, CE, CCC, and different certificates based on the machinery. You can have your very own bulldozer. It is manufacture in great durability, tested, and versatility. Bulldozer sold in about 100 countries and tested with many big-time customers.


Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1952 in the manufacturing industry. In 1980, they start manufacturing bulldozers offering durability, friendly bulldozer cost, and safe shipping. In China, they are one of the top global fabricators in China. They supply overseas.

3 Shanghai GMT Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shanghai GMT Machinery Co., Ltd or GMT Machinery was specializing in construction machinery with excellent experience in many years. They manufacture machinery perfect for engineering fields. They ensure the customer front, the best quality, and prestige front to meet your demands.

4 Sinomada Heavy Industry (Changsha) Co., Ltd.

They are located at Changsha City in China founded manufacturing construction machinery. They manufacture 10 years of experience with highly skilled and staff. They build strong relationships supporting easier payment and different processes. You can trust them since they have their own export license. You can locate them at Hunan, Hubei.

5 Qingdao Chary Machinery Co., Ltd.

As an ISO 9001 and 9000 certified suppliers and manufacturer, Qingdao Chary Machinery Co., Ltd own export license. They export since 2016 and provide a full support through online 24/7. They provide a bulldozer favorable cost that will you save the budget. They provide authorized bulldozers and shipping solutions for your good.

6 XuZhou Construction Machinery Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.

XCMG was established in 1997 adhering quality first and specializing construction machinery. In 500 top companies in China, XCMG is the top 65th and first place in about one hundred manufacturers of types of machinery in China. They have more than 50 of R&D staff and more than 10 production lines and 174 foreign trading staff.

7 Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Since 1950, Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was established with over 1657 workers assigned from different processes and services. They are ISO 9001 certified manufacturer since 2008, and 2004 with ISO14001 certificate. In manufacturing, complete technology machines ensured. They assure their supplied bulldozers are tested, well-designed, and certified.

8 Solaria Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

As an international company, Solaria Machinery Trading Co., Ltd manufacturing bulldozer and export overseas since 2013. Their nearest port was Shanghai. They can support payment by LC, PayPal, and many more payment options. You can visit factory in China at pudong district in Shanghai China. They are SGS certified inspection.

9 Shanghai Juchu Trade Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Juchu Trade Co., Ltd manufactures different construction machinery like bulldozers. They have a caterpillar and Komatsu brand. They are certified with ISO, OHSAS, SA, and many more. Export percentage by about 90% since 2011. They can offer excellent OEM and ODM services with more than 10 production lines. For a factory visit, you can locate them at Longwu Road in Shanghai China.

10 Jining Haodou Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Jining Haodou Import & Export Co., Ltd was established since 2014. They have over 2000 square meters of area. They passed certifications international and ISO 9001 in 2008. They ensure to priority the quality first and provide a full support. They also specialize in different types of machinery for constructions assuring different uses.

11 Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

They offer a one-stop package for bulldozer. Sinoway Industrial Co., Ltd is an experienced manufacturer in more than 20 years with a professional background. They are committed to provide bulldozer orders in great quality. They prevent returns and refunds through strictly checking before the deliveries. They have an experienced sales team with 3 year sales background.

12 Luoyang Silon Industrial Co., Ltd.

As a leading construction machinery exporter in China, Luoyang Silon Industrial Co., Ltd ensure also the qualified bulldozer supplies. If you are looking for bulldozers in different designs and sizes, you can contact them directly. They are rich of experience since they have 90% repeated orders and export overseas since 2012.

13 Oriemac Machinery & Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

As  reliable bulldozer manufacturer and provider, Oriemac Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd is also ensures the smooth processes in deliveries. Ensuring the best performance and long life span. They made a great success in manufacturing construction machinery through their skilled staff support from designs, engineering, and customer service. They can help you with your problem by sending your inquiries.

14 Union Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Union Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was passed plenty of certifications internationally. They are certified with ISO, SA, OHSMS, HACCP, SEDEX, and many more. They are one of the top manufacturers that offer lower cost compare to other suppliers. They offer quick delivery and safe shipping for the urgent needs of customers. You can get your ideal bulldozer for business.

15 Maxizm Construction Machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Maxizm Construction Machinery Co., Ltd offers competitive rates for bulldozers. They are ISO 9001 certified and established in 2019 with 12 employees. They also received different certificates like CTC, CNAB, CCC, and CAQC. They are able to build excellent connections with customers and suggest what is best. They have amazing customer service.

16 Shanghai Super-Above Industry Holdings Co., Ltd

Shanghai Super-Above Industry Holdings Co., Ltd is a famous construction machinery fabricator, with rich experience for about 10 years. They are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 9000. As a certified manufacturer, they provide high-performance bulldozers ensuring the shipping safety and affordable rates. Your expandable business will be safe with them.

17 Newindu Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for reliable bulldozer manufacturer, Newindu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd is the best choice. They have export experience of about 90% since 2009 and support payment by Western Union, LC, and so on. Their vision is to provide the best solution and services.

18 Shanghai Xiongxu Industries Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xiongxu Industries offers a wide range of cost-effective, durable, and high-quality bulldozer. They offer a satisfying service to customers. They manufacture different types of trucks aside from bulldozer which is tested in the market. They have a great reputation that you can trust in terms of taking care of your business.

19 Mafal (Shanghai) Machinery Limited

MAFAL offering prestigious different construction machinery including bulldozers. It is certified, tested, and passed a lot of certificates. They allow the factory visit, translate different languages, export products, and ensure the shipping smoothly. They prioritize also the long-term relationship. They will suggest the best for your business and secured processes.

20 Beijing Xlhj International Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing Xlhj Internationa Trading Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 specializing in construction machinery. They start export since they were established with 90 export percentages and export in more than 50 countries oversea. They also have a factory in different places aside from china which develop durability and effectiveness.

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