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Importing Cable Gland from China
Armoured Cable Gland
Importing Armoured Cable Gland from China

If you need an armoured cable are designed for wire braid cables applied in a hazardous area to ensure the cable gland with anti-corrosion function, which could ensure it perform in good condition in explosion-proof requirement circumstances. China is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of cable gland.

Breathable Cable Proof
Importing Breathable Cable from China

Breathable Cable is one of the special types of cable gland. If you want to import this kind of cable gland China is a manufacturer and supplier of cable gland following your specific requirement. It has good in quality and competitive in price. China would provide professional cable gland with good services for you.

Double Compression Cable Gland
Importing Double Compression Cable Gland from China

Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Shanghai in China is the leading manufacturer and supplier of double compression cable gland across the mainland. If you are planning on importing from China this place is the right for you in picking good and high quality cable gland products that you’re looking for.

EMC Cable Gland
Importing EMC Cable Gland from China

EMC cable glands are used in different applications which require shielded cables for electromagnetic protection. These Glands aid in maintaining the electromagnetic integrity of the shielded cable by just compressing the gland. China has the highest demands as regards quality and safety cable glands.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland
Importing Explosion Proof Cable Gland from China

Cable glands are designed to satisfy most of our clients’ requirements to connect explosion-proof electrical equipment. Finding a verified supplier of cable gland is not easy nowadays due to various imitating products. But in China, you can guarantee that their cable glands are secure and safe to use.

Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland
Importing Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland from China

Nickel Plated Cable Glands are suited for harsh environments where heavy machinery is operating and also suited for most medium industrial applications. Find those manufacturers that ensures that they will stand up to most environmental conditions, such as wash down in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Nylon Cable Gland
Importing Nylon Cable Gland from China

Zhejiang province in China is one of the largest nylon cable glands factory in China mainland. It come in different colors, like red and blue, which means you can actually color code your cables. It usually offered in PG, Metric and NPT ranges, with standard mounting threads or long mounting threads. China supplies a large range of nylon cable glands in various sizes.

SS Stainless Steel Cable Gland
Importing SS Stainless Steel Cable Gland from China

Searching for certified manufacturer of cable gland? China is one of the most leading and well-known manufacturers and exporters of a comprehensive range of SS Cable Glands for their esteemed clients. If you want to import cable gland in a specific place Zhejiang is the best place you.

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Importing Cable Gland from China: The Definitive Guide

If you’re planning on importing cable gland from China and you don’t known how?

Then, this guide is what you all need.

It has a lot of information for your plans in importing from China.

So read on.

Are you searching for the cable gland manufacturers in China?

You will get the correction guide here!

This guide will help you to find the powerful cable gland manufacturers in China.

1. What is Cable Gland?

Cable gland also named as strain relief connector or cord grip, it’s a fittings connecting and fixing the cables to the equipment, it provides strain relief for the entry cables.

The cable glands made of different materials such as stainless steel, nickel plated brass, PVC, nylon and aluminum etc.

2. Why We Use Cable Gland?

Cable gland could provide ideal strain relief for the entry cable and also has IP68 degree waterproof protection to ensure the cables against dust and water in industrial applications.

Cable Application

3. cable gland applications

Cable glands applied in many fields such as Industrial, marine, telecommunications, railway, power and utility, solar systems and explosion area.

Cable gland in distribution enclosure

ex cable gland in exprosion proof box

Ex cable gland in exprosion proof box

4. How to choose the qualified cable gland manufacturers?

4.1 The experience for producing cable gland, it need time to congest the skills for producing cable glands, the quality control of the raw materials, the production level, the working experience of the workers.

4.2 The quality control system

The production of cable gland starting from mold development, cutting, machine processing, polishing etc. All of these steps need skilled workers to control the processing level.

4.3 The certificates for cable glands such as IP68 waterproof certificate, CE certificate, ATEX certificate, ISO certificate.

IP68 waterproof degree certificate

IP68 waterproof degree certificate

4.4 The machines in the workshop

CNC machine tool will influence the production speed greatly if the cable gland manufacturer adopts full automatic CNC machine, the production speed will be 3 times than the half-automatic CNC machine.

5. Cable glands market around the world.

Nowadays the Middle East has the greatest demand for cable glands such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Asia and Africa are growing rapidly over the past 5 years.

Cable glands market around the world

6. The Registered Province of cable gland manufacturers in China

Mostly cable gland manufacturer locates in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, because here has a production basis of this field.

Shanghai and Jiangsu has few factories.

The Registered Province of cable gland manufacturers in China

Best 20 Cable Gland Manufacturers in China

1 Ease Cable Termination&Accessories 

Ease Cable Termination&Accessories Co., Ltd became an official manufacturer and supplier since 1996. A manufacturing leader in China for cable gland accessories.  The inspired and completely positive and dedicated business approach may encounter when you`re with EASE. They become successful is due to the durability and quality of their cable glands. They did a rigorous raw material evaluation to assure the stability of their product qualities.

2 Hong Xiang Connector 

All of this company`s production is control under the ISO 9001 international quality standard. Also complies with the REACH and RoHS, IMQ, VDE, and UL certified at the same time. Due to these recognitions, the Yueqing Hong Xiang connector Manufacturing Co., Ltd`s products become most envy by other competitors. All the cable glands they offer are waterproof, better sealed, low-cost, and have a simple formation.

3 Jiuhong Electric

Yueqing Jiuhong Electric., Ltd is a high-tech corporation, developed with a skilled team, and professional technicians who have rich experiences in importing and exporting of cable glands worldwide. Since the foundation, the company commits to the technique approach, researching of the latest products, and acquire the greatest fulfillment for state power production.

4  SMS Technology 

The Zhejiang SMS Technology Co., Ltd is a company with wide expertise in making high-quality, super durable cable glands. And aside from cable glands, they are also a reliable manufacturer of the piercing connectors, terminal blocks, etc. All of their products undergo with ISO9000 quality management system. Since the beginning, they always focus on providing top-quality products and services to attain customer trust.

5  Zhonggu Plastics 

Zhejiang Zhonggu Plastics Co., Ltd was founded in the year 2017, 27th of June. The company receives a good reputation and is recognized internationally as “China`s Electrical Capital”. Most attentive in specializing design, production, development of cable glands to be broadly used in electrical, electronics, machinery, communication industries, and many more. All the products here are flame retardant, temperature resistant, and durable enough.

6  Ziyong Technology 

Chongqing Ziyong Technology Co., Ltd is based in China, a conducting manufacturer, professional supplier and exporter of top-quality cable glands. Not just cable glands, but also any electric fittings and connectors such as anchor clamps, insulation piercing connectors, etc. This product is broadly applied in MV & LV electric line systems, guaranteed in the highest quality for trouble-free applications. A certified company that produces all electrical products in accordance to GB and NFC International Quality Standards.

7 Utility Electrical 

Originated in 199 in Mainland China. The team centered on the manufacturing of the greatest quality cable glands for customers across the country. Utility Electrical Co., Ltd has the strongest technology, helps them gain trust from a lot of foreign customers, and recognized as a large enterprise operating in China. From the very beginning, they are devoted to providing support on all community’ concerns. Obtained extraordinary achievements in the market.

8 Zhejiang MEANRAY

Zhejiang MEANRAY is an engaged manufacturer in the field of cable gland productions. It is the enterprise in China, also dedicated to development & research, after-sales services, and sales productions. After the long years of being devoted, it became one of most preferred, a major manufacturing company of different electrical appliances and electric cable glands. They can also provide OEM/ODM services if you required them.

9 Yingfa Cable 

Yueqing Yingfa Cable Accessories Co., Ltd is a high-tech company, settled with executive manufacturers and professional, well-trained employees. Their main products include stainless steel cable, plastic stuck stainless steel cable tie, and many others. In addition, the enterprise commits itself to research and the latest technique application to reach high accomplishment for the power line industry.

10 Changan Group 

Incorporated in 1987 at Mainland China, Changan Group Co., Ltd is an expert group in terms of cable gland productions and exporting them anywhere around the globe. One of the high respected manufacturers of LV electrical fittings and accessories, such as cable glands. In the company, there are overall 2500 workers, who rigorously follow ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, etc nation-wide quality standards.

11 QuanGuan Electric

Have vast experience in manufacturing cable glands for more than 15 years in the marketplace, Quanguan Electric developed the best relationship between customers worldwide. You can trust the quality of all cable glands they produced because it has CE, ROHS, and IP68 waterproof authentications. Employs an extraordinary design team, professional QC inspection and packaging team, owns a top-class dies casting technology, top-class surface treatment technology, and top-class polishing technology.

12 Yueqing Jixiang Connector Co., Ltd

Established in 2011, located at Yueqing, China covering a workshop area of 4,000 square meters. Specialized in producing a wide range of cable glands, nylon cable glands, explosion-proof cable glands, and other cable accessories. All products are guaranteed stable, safe, and reliable, approved by TUV, IP68, ROHS, ISO9001, CE, etc.

13 Pinji Electronic

Headquartered at Zhejiang, China Expert, Shanghai Pinji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert in manufacturing various types of cable glands such as nylon cable gland, metal cable gland, other cable wiring accessories, which are widely used in many applications. All products are certified UL, PAHs, IP68-10, CE, and RoHS. Also offer customized products to the special market, ensuring the high-tech innovation capacity of their products to be top-class in the industry.

14 HONT Electrical

Founded in 1997, HONT Electrical Co., Ltd is a top-class manufacturer of wiring equipment, such as cable glands, and high and low voltage electrical appliances which produced from the best raw materials. Employs 320+ employees with a factory’s workshop area of 9,800 m2, and innovative production machinery. You can rest assured high-class products are exported worldwide.

15 Sheng Yang Electric

High-quality cables and fittings are manufactured in Jiaxing Sheng Yang Electric Co., Ltd. according to GB/T, VDE, DIN, EN, ANSI/ASME, standards. When buying, get famous for high-standard products with fast service. The company makes the most suitable product with a complete range to exceed the needs of various projects.


Established in 2000, Located in Wenzhou, Yueqing FEEO Electric Co., Ltd is popular for delivering durable, stable, and superior quality cable glands and other related accessories to clients. The company covers an area of 2000m² and has more than 70 professional staff members. Incredible quality, timely supply, and sincere service, their products sell very well in both domestic and foreign markets.

17 KDM Cable Glands

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing, KDM Steel knows and understands well your requirements on cable glands. The #1 supplier focuses on custom various kinds of cable glands and other related products to provide you a one-stop solution. Employs 50+ experienced technical team and equipped innovative production lines for your satisfaction!

18 Duanmeng Electric 

Specialized in producing cable glands, cable ties, cable clips, terminal blocks, and other accessories with high-standards. With over 20 years of expertise, you can ensure you will receive reliable, certified, and unmatched quality products. Before shipping, all products are well-inspected by their team! Perfect operation and management ideas are here in Duanmeng!

19 Zhejiang Yaonan Electric 

One of the well-known companies, large-scale and centralized manufacturing enterprises founded in 2017 with a 10 million yuan registered capital. Located at Yueqing Zhejiang China with 17,000 square meters factory area and with more than 500 committed employees. The company has strong creativity and productivity since established.

20 EASE Group

Founded in 1996, the EASE group is a professional provider of cable and lighting accessories that meet your demands and requirements. Headquartered at Shanghai China and UK, EASE Group has 20+ years of manufacturing experience you can trust on! An ISO 9001 certified company that carried products certified by UL, RoHS, REACH, VDE, and IMQ.

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