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Importing Can Ends from China
Importing Easy Open Ends from China
Importing Easy Open Ends from China

You can import top quality easy open can ends in leading suppliers in China mostly at Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. They are offering a high-end quality of easy open ends to their clients locally and domestically. They have a wider range of easy-open can end for various purposes. Whether you need easy open ends for your food business or other related business types, you can find a good supplier in China.

Importing Peel Off Ends from China
Importing Peel off Ends from China

China suppliers have made peel-off ends an even more attractive and consumer-friendly alternative to conventional can ends. Looking where most of the suppliers are based? You can buy good quality peel off end cans for affordable prices in China, mostly at Guangdong, but there are also some suppliers in other provinces like Shandong, Jiangsu, and Henan. They offer high-quality peel-off ends in several combinations fit for your needs.

Importing Super end Beverage Ends from China
Importing Beverage Ends from China

China offers a range of standard sizes of beverage end for cans, which are available in silver or gold finish. Large beverage ends, which feature a standard stay-on tab end with a larger opening for easier drinking and pouring, are also available. There are thousands of beverage ends suppliers in China, most suppliers are based in Guangdong province. You can find a reliable supplier that deals what you need.

Importing Penny Lever Ends from China
Importing Penny Lever Ends from China

Find great deals of penny lever ends for your own business needs in China manufacturers and suppliers. You can find most suppliers in Guangdong province. They are well-known manufacturers and supplier of penny lever can ends worldwide. High-quality penny lever ends products are offered and that is worth on your budgets.

Sanitary Ends
Importing Sanitary Ends from China

Get the best deal for sanitary end cans from the largest manufacturer in China. Suppliers are commonly based in Guangdong provinces. Bestseller sanitary ends and tested in durability are provided by these suppliers and manufacturers. Whether you are looking for sanitary ends for business or other businesses, you can find a reliable supplier that works with you.

Ring Pull Ends
Importing Ring Pull Ends from China

Looking for the best supplier of ring pull ends? China manufacturers build ring-pull ends that are designed to complement a variety of marketing strategies on drinks cans including promotional messaging and instant win campaigns. Their suppliers are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Find verified and trustworthy manufacturers for your needs.

360 Ends
Importing 360 Ends from China

As the world’s first drink can with a full aperture end, the 360 ends allow consumers to remove the entire lid, transforming the beverage can into a drinking cup and eliminating the need for separate glassware. Guandong is the places in China where manufacturers of 360 ends are mostly based. They offer different types, colors, and sizes according to your requirement.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Can Ends Shipping from China?

Picture Frames Sea Freight Shipping from China 2
If you are not urgent with your order, shipping by sea is your next option. You can also save a lot of money shipping your can ends by sea.
Picture Frames Air Freight Shipping from China 2
Fastest shipping method. Can deliver your can ends immediately. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage of goods.
Picture Frames Rail Freight Shipping from China 2
Ship by rail is best for your large volume of can ends orders over greater distances from China
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 1
When new to importing process, shipping can ends from door-to-door is the best option. Bansar will help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Can Ends Manufacturers in China

1 ZhangzhouMinjia Trade Co., Ltd

ZhangzhouMinjia Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 as an enterprise that manufactures can lids, printed, and coated tinplate. The company has an annual capacity of 50, 000MTS of printed and coated tinplate and 3.5 billion of Can End pieces. Minjia has its own standard product lines.

2 Xiamen Baofeng Industry Co., Ltd

Established in 2012, Xiamen Baofeng Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional EOE manufacturer located in Tongan District, Xiamen, China. The company factory covers an area of 200, 000 square meters with 500 million RMB as registered capital with 1.5 billion total investment. Baofeng’s main products cover all types of closures and ends.


SUNo EOE Co., Ltd. is a professional EOE manufacturer such as can ends. Their main purpose is to provide products that will help other companies achieve their important objectives. Their company has a 360-degree view of their customers, drives their ability to reach their number, and empowers each phase in the market.

4 KadeAluminum’

Since 2002, KadeAluminum is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum rolls and plates in China. They also manufacture comprehensive kinds of aluminum material stock, 5182 aluminum stock, 5052 aluminum rolls, can lid, easy-open can ends, and chequered plate and tread plate. They provide products with high-grade coating.

5 Tangshan FengnanHuali Can-Making Factory

For over 15 years, Tangshan FengnanHuali Can-Making Factory has been manufacturing and distributing premium quality chafing fuel products. They have the highest flexibility in manufacturing all types of cans and parts, providing them efficiently. The company reaches the top of the quality control because of its strict inspection.

6 Zhejiang Changhong Can End Making Co., Ltd

Since 1993, Zhejiang Changhong Can-End Making Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures full-aperture tinplate easy open ends. They are one of the leading manufacturers of TFS EOE and tinplate in China. Changhong also exports its EOE products in different countries such as America, Europe, and Asia.

7 Guangdong Sinoswiss Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

GuandongSinoswiss Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a professional manufacturer that specializes in high quality, innovative and eco-friendly cans and can ends. Their main products are paper cans, rice flour paper cans, paper tubes, paper cans for medicine, paper composite cans, and all different types of cans and parts.

8 Hefei Biopin Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, Hefei Biopin Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd. manufactures aluminum can, can end, and raw materials to provide high-quality aluminum tinplate sheets, body stock, tab stock, end stock, and all other auxiliary materials like can endpaper sleeve, ink, painting and wrapping film.

9 Burnist Industrial Group Limited

For over 10 years, Burnist Industrial Group Limited is a company that manufactures metal ends for beverage packing and canned foods. Located in Dongguan city, their factory is equipped with high tech machines and produce high-speed production lines. Burnist had been exporting their products in different countries around the world.

10 Anhui Wonderful-Wall Color Coating Aluminum Science Technology Ltd

Established in 2008, Anhui Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium Science Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the manufactures in China. Their company has registered capital of RMB200 million and RMB430 million as a total investment. Their main products include laminated metal sheets, color coated metal coils, solid aluminum sheets, and can ends.

11 Homedia (Zhangzhou) Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd

For over 20 years of experienced, Homedia Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd processed 60 different lines including tinplate printing, tinplate cutting lines, lid-making lines, and coating lines for all kinds of the can and can ends. Each year, the company has the full capacity of producing cans and lids up to 3,000,000,000 pieces.

12 Kaida Group Co., Ltd

Kaida Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 as a professional manufacturer of food packaging. Their company is composed of over 800 workers working in 3 different factories. Kaida has an annual sale of 80 million dollars and a capacity of 170 tons daily. They are certified by the standard of ISO9001.

13 Jiangsu Changjiang Lids Co., Ltd

Established in 2000, Jiangsu Changjiang Lids Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in pharmaceutical packaging materials. They are engaged in manufacturing all types of aluminum-plastic combined caps, aluminum caps, plastic infusion containers, polypropylene combined caps, medicinal plastic packaging, infusion bag interfaces, and also can ends.

14 Qingdao Zonida Schematic Engineering and Equipment Co., Ltd

Located in Shandong province, Qingdao ZonidaShematec Engineering & Equipment Co. Ltd. manufactures all types of metal packaging equipment with the latest designs. The company focused on designing, selling, and manufacturing these products at reasonable prices. They have provided high-quality products and outstanding services for different leading companies in this industry around the world.

15 Jiangxi United Can Equipment Co., Ltd

For more than 20 years, Jiangxi United Can Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of metal packaging materials and durable machinery. They are one of the largest manufacturers of metal packaging in China. Their machines can be used for the chemical packaging industry, food packaging industry, and medical packaging industry.

16 Shenzhen Youpeng Packaging Products Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Youpeng Packaging Products Co., LTD is an enterprise that focuses on manufacturing aluminum beverage lid, tinplate safe rim easies open end, bottom ends, and tinplate penny lever lid. Their factory covers an area of 10, 000 square meters with an annual capacity that reach as high as 1.5 billion products.

17 Shandong Sinopackmate Co., Ltd.

Located in Shandong province, Sinopackmate Co., Ltd. manufactures different kinds of aluminum easy-open lids, tinplated open easy-open lids, bottom lids, PET lids, and aluminum foil including can ends. In Chinese packaging industry, Sinopackamate provides premium quality products, outstanding services, and affordable prices to showcase the packing business development.

18 Jiangyin Forward Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Located in the center of the Yangtze River, Jiang yin Forward Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd is composed of high tech fundamentals that allow them to manufacture and provide high-quality products and services. Their main products are laminated tinplate, can ends, bucket bottoms, and lids, and all varieties of tinplate cans.

19 Dongguan Jiacheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jiacheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 as a professional manufacturer and distributor of easy open end and can end around the world. They have enough experience and a strong technical force in this industry. Their company is composed of the latest and advanced machines that enable them to produce advanced product lines.

20 Shanghai Norchon Packing Tech Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Norchon Packing Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that focuses on manufacturing packaging materials and other machines such as aluminum can, aerosol can, can making machine, can end, tube production line, two pieces can making machine, packing machine, aluminum monobloc aerosol can production line and ice cream machine.
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