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Importing Flameless Candles from China
Importing Flameless Candles from China

In China, you can find a wide selection of flameless candles suppliers in Guangdong province. With rich experience of manufacturing candles, you can import high-quality flameless candles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors according to your needs. Whether you’re using for outdoor lighting, ambiance enhancer or as a decorative set, you can rely on Chinese candle suppliers.

Importing Tea Light Candles from China
Importing Tea Light Candles from China

Tea Light Candles manufacturer in China, mostly in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Suppliers provide high quality, competitive prices and quality service to all their customers. Purchase your tea light candles orders to surround your special event reception area or add them to dining tables to help set the mood at venues. You can also use them to accentuate your living room or for your candle business.

Importing Candle Pot from China
Importing Candle Pot from China

Candle pot is a candle that comes in a pot, jar or glass. It’s incredibly easy to set up candle pots around your home or business. For your large quantity needs of candle pot, you can import these products from certified Chinese candle pot suppliers. China has more over 200 suppliers of candle pot that are based on a different area.

Importing Votive Candles from China
Importing Votive Candles from China

Votive candles are ideal to add decor on your longer party events. In China, you can find votive candles supplier in Shandong, Zhejiang, and Guangdong provinces. It can’t only help brighten any room in the house, but also smokeless and burn for a long time.

Importing Taper Candles from China
Importing Taper Candles from China

Whether you want to create a romantic vibe in the dining room or you want to add some character to your mantel, taper candles are just what you’re looking for. China has over 100 taper candle suppliers that are based in a different area in the city. Chinese suppliers provide a range of colors and quantity of taper candles.

Importing Pillar Candles from China
Importing Pillar Candles from China

Pillar candles are long-burning and smokeless. Chinese reliable candle supplier provides all different sizes of pillar candles with one, two or even three wicks. These larger standalone candles can help create an even more inviting atmosphere in any room of your home. You can find a lot of suppliers in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei provinces in China.

Importing Floating Candles from China
Importing Floating Candles from China

Floating Candles are usually seen in the reception area of office spaces or restaurants. They are also best used for decoration, around your dinner table, adding a special effect to your home beauty. For your floating candle needs, you can import floating candle high-quality products in various beautiful shapes and sizes at a competitive price from Chinese certified candles suppliers.

Importing Birthday Candles from China
Importing Birthday Candles from China

Birthday candles can be placed on full cakes, individual slices, or on top of ice cream sundaes to allow guests’ to make a wish on their special day. Chinese candle supplier offers a wide range of fun, vibrant colors, sizes, and any candle forms. You can find leading manufacturers in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

Importing Gel Candles from China
Importing Gel Candles from China

For the decorative purposes around your poolside or at dinner tables, you can import a large number of Gel candles in Chinese reliable suppliers. There are only a few Chinese suppliers of gel candles, they can be found in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. Usually, gel candles can be as low as 3mm to as long as 9mm. Chinese supplier offer scented, low and high-density gel and label & packaging custom options.

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Candles Rail Freight Shipping from China
If your order time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping railway. Its shipping cost is in the middle of sea freight and air freight.
Candles Door to Door Shipping from China
If shipping internationally and unfamiliar with the shipping process, Bansar will help you with your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home. .

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Best 20 Candles Manufacturers in China

1 AoYin Xingtang Candle Co., Ltd

AoYin Xingtang Candle Co., Ltd was set up in 2005, headquartered in Hebei province China. It is also the biggest candle exporters, owning an export and import license. Its plant-covered 10, 000 square meters and employs more than 300 workers. They can make new products, technical development, new model, and new designs of candles. LED tealight candles, Tea light candles, white candles, pillar candles, etc are some of their products.

2 Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd

Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd is a candle one-stop solution provider based in China. It has professional facilities that include an aroma diffuser, an aging testing room, a Vacuum testing machine, and burning testing for candles. As a member of Sedex, their 1-day production capacity can reach up to 7, 000 set of Scented Candle.

3 YuanBridge Co., Ltd

The company, YuanBridge Co., Ltd is very expert in regards to exporting and manufacturing candles, disposable medical mask, and ceramic products. The company holds more than 15 years of manufacturing & exporting experience. Their products will be delivered safely to domestic and other trade sectors. Thanks to professional staff members, they can handle your orders so well.

4 Fuzhou SB Trading Limited

Fuzhou SB Trading Limited started in this field since the year 2019. It is one of the professional manufacturers, a first-class service provider, and a designer, working in China. The company has overall 20+ workers, providing high-quality services and makes customized products depending on customers` demands.  They are the most stable, reliable, and honest suppliers with the best designs of candle products.

5 Bright Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd

Bright Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd has broad knowledge and wealth of experience in the sales, production, and distribution of candle products. Their products are excellently sold to Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, America, and many other foreign countries. It also passed the 2010ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification for customer assurance.

6 Yiwu Tingshuang Electric Commerce Company

Yiwu Tingshuang Electric Commerce Company handled candle products for several years, making the latest designs and export all over the world. They are dedicated to producing perfect quality products and becoming a leading enterprise. Their long time dedication to innovation and quality makes them win a lot of customers and received good praises from them.

7 Cang Zhou Bao Lai Da Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd

As a reliable Chinese manufacturer specializes in candles production, Cang Zhou Bao Lai Da Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd was carrying more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. And since established in 2001, they won great recognition because of their product quality and service. The team can help you maximize your output and save material costs.

8 Hogao Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 2005, Hogao Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd plays a role in China as a professional exporter and manufacturer that is paying attention to the development, production, design, and sales of any candle types. The factory was stationed in Quanzhou City China, supporting customers through their reliable quality products and services.

9 Chemact (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd

Since founded in 2004, Chemact (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd specialized in candles development, production, distribution, and service. It is located in Fushun city, Liaoning province China, occupying over 15, 000 square meters of area. They also employed more than 1000 workers, well-experienced and skilled enough.

10 Jinggoal International Limited

All of the candle products in Jinggoal International Limited are in high-quality and available at competitive prices. Established year in 2005, the company was specializing in the manufacture, development, and distribution of moving wick LED candles. For the past few years, the team worked with thousands of enterprises in order to achieve its mission. Satisfying customers is their ultimate mission.


At MAXWORLD HOME, you can find different series of candle products that are usually used for wholesale industries. Here, customers from other countries are their top priority. For many years prioritizing customers` needs, Maxworld Homes now attain a good reputation and received good customer feedback. Every day, they can offer the latest candle designs to perfectly suit your business` preferences.


Was born in 2002, LED STORY was located in Wuxi City in China. LED STORY began in manufacturing and developing candles. They now have more than 100 staff, containing 10 engineers to work on the development and researches. They also have a brass factory, assembling workshop, and surface treatment for product finalization. They make sure to manage products` quality and deliver the item on-time.

13 Jinhua Gowin Canvas Co., Ltd

Jinhua Gowin Canvas Co., Ltd is a professional trader and manufacturer of various candle products in China. The company owned dozens of facilities located in Zhangjiang, Jiaxing, and Xinhua China, manufacturing marketable and excellent products. All of the candle series are offered at competitive prices and high-quality for customers` satisfaction.

14 SOHO International Group Yangzhou Co., Ltd

SOHO International Group Yangzhou Co., Ltd specializes in developing, researching, production, sales, and services for candle products, airline amenities, personal care cosmetics, and many other supplies. The group are focusing on product development, improves service efficiency, and product quality. They can also bring comfortable experience to global clients. As of now, the factory occupied an area around 80, 000 square meters. Meanwhile, they receive lots of certificates for additional customer assurance. COSMOS, ISO14001, ISO9001, RSPO, FDA, SEDEX, are some of the certificates.

15 Sz Better Limited

Sz Better Limited was born in 2004, paying attention to candle productions, promotions, safety delivery, and marketing. Holding rich experience for about 14 years in the industry. They have the capacity to provide professional efforts and advice for the best of your business. Throughout the years in skyrocketing clients` business, they win big achievements on the market and get favored by most customers.

16 Qianshan Shifeng Crafts Co., Ltd

This factory was built up in 2007. Qianshan Shifeng Crafts Co., Ltd specializing candles products commonly used as decoration for wedding cakes, Valentine`s day cake, birthday candles, and so on. They offer a wide series of candles that are high-quality, exported to foreign countries such as Europe, Japan, the United States, and Korea.

17 Wesmo Industries Ltd

Wesmo Industries Ltd is an experienced and professional manufacturer, professional in making different types or colors of candles. They can produce high-end and innovative designed products in order to satisfy customers from different markets. What`s more, they also have the ability to support clients by providing unique efforts & reliable services.

18 Shenzhen Linli Gifts & Technology Co., Ltd

Meeting the market demands is the Shenzhen Linli Gifts & Technology Co., Ltd`s ultimate goal. The company was started in 2003, has a wide knowledge of selling and manufacturing various candle products for more than 16 years now. Possessing 3 large production bases and employed more than 500 full-time workers.

19 Shijiazhuang Sandi Trading Co., Ltd.

This is a premier brand of candle supplies in China. Its main business is all about candle production and sales. Located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province China with complete qualifications, certifications, and strong technical strength. The factory was equipped with several international innovating manufacturing equipment and currently owned consumable factories. After years of being a reliable company, they now obtained FDA, ISO, and CE certifications.

20 Zhejiang Pujiang Jingsheng Crystal Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Pujiang Jingsheng Crystal Co., Ltd was operating mainly in Pujiang country, Zhejiang Province, China. The company was well-equipped with a strong technical team and inspection equipment for a successful product processing. Set up in 1988, one of the first, earliest factories that produced the best candle products at lower prices.

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