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Regular Caravans Importing from China
Regular Caravans Importing from China

In China, there are many options of caravans that suits your need. If you are looking for caravan that are full-bodied with four walls and a full height roof, regular caravans might suits your needs. This caravan is great in any weather and is fuss free when it comes time to set up camp for the night. Simply find your spot and you are ready to go when you shop from China caravan manufacturers.

Pop up Caravans Importing from China
Pop-up Caravans Importing from China

If you are planning on driving on a lot of highways and freeways, then pop-up caravans is what you need. In China, there are thousands of caravans that meet your needs. This can be a hassle free. When you are ready to use the van as accommodation you simply pop the roof up, which will give you about half a metre of headroom. When finding pop-up caravans, choose the manufacturer who have more experience in caravan manufacturing.

Tent Trailer Caravan Importing from China
Tent Trailer Caravan Importing from China

If you have a small vehicle, this can be a good option for you. There are wide selection of caravan that has a pull out tent attached. If you need to buy this for your personal use or for business, importing from China assuring you the highest quality caravan you can have. In Shanghai, there are professional manufacturer of all types of food carts, trailers, and trucks. And also, they can custom your ideal caravan you want.

Camper Trailer Importing from China
Camper Trailer Importing from China

Looking for a caravan that are light like the tent trailer and easy to tow with a smaller car? Camper trailer might what you need. This variety is similar to the tent trailer but is a little sturdier. When importing caravans, choose the manufacturers who have more experiences in designing and building trailers for international market. These manufacturer are based in Zhenjiang, Shanghai, Foshan and other China area.

Pop out Caravan Importing from China
Pop-out Caravan Importing from China

If you have a larger families, pop-out caravan is the best option for you. There are pop-out compartments on the ends of the van, where you can put additional beds. This is perfect to larger families or groups of people who need to have extra sleeping spots without losing storage space. Choose the professional pop-out caravan manufacturer in Shanghai, Qingdao, Foshan, and other China area.

Fifth Wheeler Caravan Importing from China
Fifth-Wheeler Caravan Importing from China

If you are looking for a fifth-wheeler caravan for your personal use, importing from China is the best choice. The van itself is roomy and comfortable, and usually has a great master bedroom set- up over the top of the hitch. You can find the best caravan you want in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Foshan.

Motorhome Caravan Importing from China
Motorhome Caravan Importing from China

Are you planning a very long trip? Motorhome caravan is the best options. They usually require no set-up, and the inside can be fitted-out with a lot of comforts and amenities you’d find at home. The professional motorhome caravan manufacturer are mostly based in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Foshan.

Folding Caravan Importing from China
Folding Caravan Importing from China

This is a compact version of the caravan which folds down to around half its height to be towed. Chinese caravan market offers you and your family a comfortable and convenient  holidays! You can buy a high quality caravan from the professional manufacturer in China with a competitive price.


GRP Caravans Importing from China
GRP Caravans Importing from China

Shop GRP caravans in China, one of the new types of caravan on the Chinese market. These are smaller and cheaper than many other types of caravan. Chinese GRP caravan are much more durable than more conventionally made caravans. They are a good choice for people dipping their toe into the world of caravanning as they hold their value well.

Twin or Single Axle Caravans Importing from China
Twin or Single Axle Caravans Importing from China

Looking for a caravan that can feel more stable when towed at speed on a motorway? Twin or Single Axle Caravans is more appropriate for your needs. If you are importing from China, the model of the products and the color and the size can all be customized.

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Shipping your caravan by rails is efficient for longer journeys. It tend to be less expensive than other process.
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When new to importing process, shipping caravan from door-to-door is the best option.

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Best 20 Caravan Manufacturers in China

1 AllRoad Caravan

Allroad Caravan is specializing in caravan and houseboat designing and production for many years. It is one of the top Chinese manufacturers of outdoor products. They are providing high-quality and affordable products considering customers’ detail. Their factory is located in Shandong Province covering an area of 30,000 sq m. Also, they have 2 other factories based in Qingdao and Jinan City. Along with their products are camper trailers, truck camper, and more.

2 EcoCampor

Guangdong Ecocampor Vehicle Co., Ltd was established in 2015. The company is focused on research, development, production, and sales of camper trailers and caravans for 5 years. Their factory is located in Foshan City covering 20,000 sq m of the workshop. Producing and launching more than 10 types of caravans and camper trailers, EcoCampor become one of the leading manufacturers in China.

3 Deeson RV

Located in Changzhou, China, Desson RV had been designing caravans complying with AU standards. Thus, they are following the guidelines of expert and qualified Australia trade people during manufacturing. All their van are inspected and tested to maintain quality at all times. This company is also a member of the Caravanning and Camping Industry Association of NSW.

4 Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Co., Ltd

Feishen Group is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang – the famous hardware capital of China. This high-tech enterprise is providing products including RV- caravans and motorhomes, ATV, and electric automobiles. Covering an area of 300,000 sq meters, the Feishen has an annual production value of CNY1.5 billion. They are exporting products in Japan, Russia, Australia, Korea, South America, South Africa, and more.

5 Yutong

Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd is based in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. It is a large-scale industrial group specializing in the bus business for many years. Also, it covers other businesses including construction machinery, real state, automotive parts and components, and more. Yutong Group main target markets are the UK, France, Russia, Chile, Australia, and so on.

6 Rongcheng Compaks New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd

Established in 2014, located in No. 187 Xinglong Road, Rongcheng, Shandong, Rongcheng Compaks New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd covered an area of 360,000 sq m. This company is dedicated to designing camping trailers, motorhomes, and RV special accessories, and other related products. Compaks New Energy Automobile is engaged in designing, developing, production, sales, and after-sales service for many years.

7 Qingdao Oriental Shimao Import And Export Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, Shimao Group covers an area of 4,000 sq m and 2,000 sq m showroom. The company has 3 production workshops with three production lines. With a professional technical team, the company is able to offer different styles, sizes, and a number of products. Their main products are motorhomes, food van, food cart, a mobile food trailer, and food truck. This company produces vehicles with CE certifications.

8 Kindle Import&Export Co., Ltd

With more than 32 years of experience in camping trailer manufacturing, Foshan Kindle Imp&Exp Co., Ltd became one of the leading manufacturers in China. Specializing in various kinds of camper trailers, the company can support and cooperate with several enterprises in City. Kindle Plate Working Co., Ltd has advanced production equipment and expert team to developed products. Their primary products are caravan, trailers, pontoon boat, fishing boat, and toolbox.

9 Henan Wecare Industry Co., Ltd

Established in 2010, Henan Wecare Industry., Ltd is one of the biggest and professional trailer manufacturers in China. The company has been exporting products in Middle East countries, Asia, South America, North America, and European countries. Their products are caravan trailers, camper trailers, food trailers, golf carts, and container houses. All their products are CE and ISO certificated.

10 Hubei Hontop Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd

Located in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, Hontop Special Vehicle Co., Ltd took the lead of providing special purpose vehicles. Their main products are ambulance, fire truck, power truck, garbage truck, and other recreational vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes. The company has 18 major series of various products.

11 Shandong Bullex-Schwall Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd

This company undertakes the integrated operations of Trade Industry and Research. Shandong Bullex-Schwall Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd is introducing all kinds of caravan, insulated truck bodies, and more. This company is cooperating with international project groups. They are distributing products to 5 continents such as Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania.

12 Hubei Qixing Group

Hubei Qixing Truck Cabin Manufacturing Limited Company was founded in 1980. The company is located in Suizhou City, Hubei Province covering 2500 acres. As a large-scale enterprise, they have around 4000 plus employees. Their main products are aluminum tank semi-trailer, fuel tanker, aluminum tank truck, and fuel tank.

13 Fuji RV (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

Since 1970, Fuji RV(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd designs and built to develop the recreational vehicles. They are exporting products to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Since entering China, Fuji RV has built a partnership with leading brands such as TOYOTA, FOTON, DONG-FENG, and NISSAN. Fuji RV offers the best performance recreational vehicle in the world.

14 Weihai Golden Travel & Leisure Product Co., Ltd

Located in the city of Rongcheng, Shandong Province, Weihai Golden Travel & Leisure Products Co., Ltd became one of the most competitive manufacturers and exporter in China. This corporation is dealing with an off-road caravan, camper trailer, camper tent, RV/Caravan/trailer, and Outdoor Camper Tent. They are exporting products into more than 20 countries worldwide.


MAXMOV Limited is providing advanced personal transportation products and solutions since 2014. They are recognized as a world-class manufacturer exporting their products to Southeast Asian countries, Europe, South America, Middle East, etc. This company is reputable to its commitment to its customers. Prompt delivery, innovative technologies, and competitive price products.

16 Foshan ELT Camp & Outdoor Technology Co., Ltd

Specializing in sheet metal processing such as off-road camping trailers, toolboxes, pontoon boat, sheet metal enclosure, and related products. Their factory is located in Foshan City, covers an area of 40,000 sq m and 300 employees. The company has over 36 years of experience in the industry. ELT Camp & Outdoor Technology most customers are based in Australia, America, UK, Italy, France, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Korea, Japan, and Switzerland.

17 Rongcheng Longhe Vehicle Co., Ltd

Established in 2000, Longhe Vehicle has grown into one of the largest camper trailer manufacturers in China. They can be found in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. The company’s annual exportation output value reaches to 70 million yuan. Longhe Vehicle’s main products are Camper Trailer, Boat Trailer, Cargo Trailer, Caravan, and Trailer Parts.

18 Youngbull

Youngbull is a leading company in China known for providing customized products. The company is providing trailers, retro cars, dining carts, exhibition vehicles, and more. Since its establishment, the company is providing a wide range of these products. Youngbull has 2 workshops covering more than 200,000 sq m. Their customers are based on over 30 countries and regions.

19 Ningbo Snowaves Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

Ningbo Snowaves Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2011. Since its establishment, the company is providing diving boats, sports fishing boats, containers, and more. As a leading manufacturer, they are now exporting 70% of their products to 30 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

20 Henan ONLYWE Machinery Co., Ltd

Specializing in designing trailers, carts, and other special vehicles, Henan ONLYWE Machinery Co., Ltd gained rich expertise in the field. Their main products are RV, golf carts, caravan, mobile trailer, mobile bar, home trailer, and more. Since 2014, they are providing professional service to their customers around the world. Most of their customers are based in Western Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Caravan Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a caravan manufacturer in China.

Or, you would like to learn more about caravans from China.

A reason why this guide covers everything you need to know about caravan manufacturer China.

How can you Find a Caravan Manufacturer in China?

Some of the tips that you can use in finding a caravan manufacturer in China include:



i. Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

This involves attending these events in China or in your country where Chinese caravan manufacturers are showcasing their caravans.

Here, you can quickly get a manufacturer who meets the specifications you want in terms of price and quality.

An example of such trade fairs includes the canton fair in China.

ii. References

another way of finding a manufacturer is by asking around for people who have purchased caravans from China.

The risk here is you have to verify the information to minimize the chances of finding an unreliable manufacturer.

iii. Online Sources

Alibaba is one of the major online platforms where manufacturers in China advertise their products.

It has an easy-to-handle interface allowing you to check the different manufacturers and their prices.

The caravan manufacturer you select here gives you their price and maximum fabrication period for your Caravan.

Caravan on Alibaba

Caravan on Alibaba

iv. Visiting China

You may want to visit China to get reliable caravan manufacture.

This is vital even when you have found your manufacturer since it helps in knowing your manufacturer’s location.

When visiting China, you have to engage with the relevant authorities for a list of manufacturers.

This reduces your workload while allowing you time to inspects the sites of the different manufacturers.

Such visits help in determining if your manufacturer has the production capacity for your Caravan.

You can also negotiate with your manufacturer better if you engage them in person than communicating over the phone.

How much do Chinese Caravans Cost?

The actual cost of a particular Chinese caravan depends on factors like:

· Manufacturer

Manufacturers price their processes differently, resulting in different prices for caravans.

It is, therefore, upon you to shop around for a caravan that is cost-effective.

However, when considering the different manufacturers’ price, you also need to ensure that they all meet the necessary quality standards.

· Specifications

The design you want for your caravan can have a bearing on its price.

Design ranges from the color, shape, and partitioning of your caravan.

It also includes the amenities that you want in your caravan.

An intricate design is likely to increase the price of your caravan compared to having a simple design.

· Quantity

Quantity affects those who want to purchase more than one caravan for either resale or their function.

The advantage of buying a higher amount of the caravan is you get to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

Your manufacturer discounts the price; hence you save on the overall cost of your caravan.

· State of the Caravan

Are you purchasing a new or used caravan?

These two have different prices; hence you have to consider the right one for your use.

The advantage of a new caravan is there are minimal chances of experiencing mechanical problems in the first years of use.

This reduces the need for maintenance hence saving you the overall cost.

A used caravan can be cheap but expensive compared to a new caravan depending on its state at the time of purchase.

This is due to the maintenance aspect of the caravan.

Before purchasing a used caravan, you have to check on its state in terms of its roadworthiness.

If there are any maintenance costs to incur, you have to include them on the purchasing price before deciding.

The price of a used caravan should be lower than that of a new caravan.

Are Chinese Caravans Durable?


Chinese caravans are durable.

This is because the manufacturing process takes into account all the international quality standards.

Most manufacturers use quality materials and techniques that ensure you get quality services for a long.

However, there is a certain aspect that reduces the durability of your caravan.

For instance, the frequency of usage, the way you use it, and the terrain of usage.

A caravan prone to accidents is less durable than one that has fewer accidents and frequent maintenance process.

Maintenance ensure your caravan retains its quality functionality over time.

Why should you buy from Caravan Manufacturer China?

Among the reasons that you should buy your caravan from a Chinese manufacturer include:

  • Quality

You are sure of purchasing a quality caravan from reputable manufacturers in China.

Most reputable manufacturers have the experience and the necessary certification to manufacture caravans.

The critical aspect here is finding a reputable manufacturer with the necessary certification.

  • Timely delivery

Chinese manufacturers work within the timelines they agree with their clients.

Therefore, you have an assurance of having your caravan on time as you agreed with your manufacturer.

  • Cheaper

Fabricating your caravan in China is relatively affordable.

The reason for this is the cheap labor that is readily available in China.

Also, there is high competition among the different caravan manufacturers in China, leading to competitive pricing.

  • Customization

Caravan manufacturers in China have the ability and capacity to manufacture your caravan as per your specifications.

This allows you to customize your caravan to meet your specific needs.

  • Informative

Most reliable manufacturers in China inform you of the progress of manufacturing your caravan.

This allows you to plan while waiting for the delivery of your caravan.

Such planning includes getting your caravan from your manufacturer when ready and shipping it from the port to your address.

Do Caravans have Limitations?

 Caravan China

Caravan China


Among the limitations that you may experience when using a caravan include:

  • Cost

The cost of purchasing a caravan is relatively high.

In some cases, this cost is almost equal to that of your car.

This can be a limitation when you are on a tight budget.

However, you can reduce the cost of your caravan by choosing a simple design.

  • Movement limitation

There is a limitation as to the type of terrain that caravans can move.

This is because their body structure is not as strong as that of your car.

For instance, you may find it difficult to move your caravan in rough terrain or where there are many bends.

  • Space

Purchasing a caravan means you have to consider an extra parking space for it.

When such a space is not available, it becomes a challenge owing to a caravan.

In certain areas, the parking fee is relatively high, and it is charged differently from that of your vehicle.

This increases the expenses, which in the long run can be a limitation to owning a caravan.

Which Material is Chinese Caravan made from?

The manufacturing process for caravans uses different materials depending on the section of your caravan.

Remember, the primary material is usually aluminum and fiber, which covers the outside of your caravan.

However, you can have other materials such as plastic and leather for the interior aspect of your caravan

How do you Specify China Caravan?

You have to specify aspects of a caravan, including the size, speed limit, towing load, and amenities present.

You can also specify the caravan state, that is, if it is moving or stationary.

Where can you use China Caravan?

You can use a china caravan anywhere you like as long as it is permitted within the laws in your area of jurisdiction.

Do Caravan Manufacturer China offer Shipping Solutions?

Yes. Most reliable manufacturers in China offer shipping solutions for your caravan.

Such solutions include arranging for transportation of your caravan to the port of departure.

They also assist in customs clearance and facilitating the search of a freight forwarder for your cargo.

You might also have certain manufacturers offering free or discounted storage facilities for your caravan as you plan for further shipping.

Do you need a License to Own a Caravan?

No. you don’t necessarily need a license to own a caravan.

However, it would help if you had a permit to move your Caravan from one place to another.

You can get such a license from the relevant authorities in your jurisdiction.

Will Caravan Manufacturer China offer Custom Solution?

Yes. It is possible to have a custom solution for your caravans from a Chinese manufacturer.

The process involves you submitting your caravan specifications to your manufacturer.

They then must align your specification to be of international standards.

How much Duty will you Pay to Import China Caravan?

The Duty to pay depends on importing your china caravan depending on several factors—for instance, your Caravan price.

Custom authorities use the price of your Caravan to calculate the duties that you are to pay.

Other factors include the year of manufacturing of your Caravan and its size.

How does Static Caravan compare to Flexible Caravan?

The main difference between a static caravan and a flexible one is in the movement.

A flexible caravan allows you to move around with it; that is, you can attach it to your vehicle and go camping.

A static caravan is on which is stationary.

In most cases, this type of caravan lacks wheels but has a base upon which it lies.

A static caravan does not have a dimensional limit.

You, therefore, can have a bigger caravan to accommodate as much weight as you deem fit.

Static caravan

Static caravan

A flexible caravan has dimensional limits.

That is, its weight should not exceed a specific limit depending on the towing weight of your vehicle.

It should not also be that broad to limit the view of the driver and other road users.

This helps in reducing accidents on the road.

Flexible caravan

 Flexible caravan

Their pricing may differ depending on their dimension and design.

However, the price of a static caravan is relatively lower compared to that of a flexible caravan.

They both have the same function, and you can partition them in the same way.

What are the Advantages of Static Caravan?

The advantages that a caravan has to include:

  • Cost-effective

A static caravan offers cost-effective measures both in the short and long term.

For instance, you might have a cheaper static caravan compared to a flexible caravan.

Also, you get to save on the cost of moving your Caravans, such as fuel and parking fees.

Once you have installed this Caravan in one place, you cannot relocate it easily.

It is possible to rent a static caravan, which increases your income.

  • Designs

Most static caravans are usually larger and spacious compared to flexible caravans.

This gives you the luxury of designing the Caravan as per your specifications.

For instance, you can include a decker on top of your Caravan, which enhances your space.

The lighting does not have to adhere to traffic lights since you cannot move it.

  • Wide selection

There are a variety of static caravans for your selection, depending on your specification.

For instance, you can have a double-decker static caravan.

However, when selecting the right static caravan, you need to consider the space for installation.

Do Caravan Manufacturer China offer a Warranty?


A reliable caravan manufacturer in China has a warranty for their caravans.

This assures you of the quality of your Caravan when using it.

Your manufacturer assumes responsibility for any mechanical problem that arises during the warranty period.

How do you Determine the Length of the Caravan?

You can determine the length of your Caravan by using a tape measure.

This way, you start measuring the distance between the front of your Caravan’s towing frame and the rear of your Caravan.

To get the right measurement, always ensure the tape measure is straight during the measuring process.

The length is an essential measurement in determining the flexibility of your Caravan.

Length is also critical when shipping your Caravan since it helps determine the custom duties to pay and the shipping container to use.

How do you Tow Caravan?

Important considerations when you are towing your Caravan include:

  • License

You need to ensure your license permits you to tow a caravan.

If you don’t have the license, you can get it from the relevant authorities.

  • Towing weight

The weight of your Caravan should not exceed that of your vehicle.

This is to facilitate the towing process.

  • Speed limit

Always ensure to operate within the set speed limits.

This prevents disengagements of your Caravan from your vehicle.

  • Lights

Before you tow your Caravan, ensure the backlights are functioning, especially the brake lights.

This is vital in ensuring there is proper coordination of your car and Caravan during driving.

Always minimize snaking and pitching of your Caravan by ensuring a firm grip between the Caravan and your vehicle.

Do you need Freight Forwarder to Import Caravan from China?


It would help if you had a freight forwarder to import your Caravan from China.

Such a forwarder arranges for the shipment of your Caravan from China to your destination.

They are responsible for customs clearance in China and the country of your destination.

Your freight forwarder facilitates the importation of your Caravan from China by helping you with such activities.

How do you Maintain Caravan?

There are several ways of maintaining your caravan.

This ranges from essential to complex practices that let your caravan appear new and function efficiently.

The general maintenance procedure for caravans involves you carrying out the following:

  • Cleaning

Your caravan must remain clean to allow people to stay in.

This involves removing dirt inside and outside your caravan.

You also have to ensure it is not stuffy.

This is possible by properly arranging the contents within and allowing for proper aeration.

When cleaning, you have to use the right cleaning detergent and procedure.

Remember to check for any molds and algae which are common with are a common occurrence in caravans.

  • Caravan tire maintenance

Tire maintenance applies to movable caravans.

You always need to ensure your tires are properly inflated.

If you have worn out tires, you have to replace them.

Other aspects of your tire maintenance include having tight wheel nuts and a lack of cracks on the rims.

The advantage of this is it facilitates the transportation process while reducing the need to repair your tires often.

  • Towing weight

Always ensure you don’t exceed the towing weight of your caravan.

The essence of this is it reduces your vehicle’s wear and tear and reduces the cost of operating your caravan.

You also have to ensure all the chains and shackles are free from rust and cracks.

  • Lighting

All the lights of your caravan should function properly, including the interior and exterior lighting.

You have to replace all broken and non-functioning bulbs.

Check for proper connection of the lighting system from the mains.

Your car braking system should function seamlessly with that of your caravan.

  • Battery maintenance

Your caravan battery should always be ready to function.

You, therefore, have to charge it before using your caravan.

This is essential, especially if you don’t use your caravan often.

  • Caravan taps maintenance

You have to ensure your caravan taps are functioning correctly.

If you are not going to use the caravan for a while, you leave the taps open.

This is to prevent water and solid particles from trapping within the taps, leading to blockage.

  • Caravan cover maintenance

The cover of your caravan prevents external factors from interacting with your caravan.

This facilitates easy usage of your caravan when you need it.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure your cover is in the correct shape, including checking for holes and sealing them.

How do you Partition Caravan?

 Inside caravan

 Inside caravan

You can partition your Caravan as per your consideration.

However, you have to consider particular elements when partitioning.

For instance, you have to consider the size of your Caravan.

A smaller caravan is challenging to partition compared to a larger caravan; hence partitioning can be complicated.

You also have to consider the functionality of your Caravan.

Your Caravan can function differently depending on your needs.

Whatever the function you want for your Caravan, you need to ensure proper portioning and spacious.

Cost is another element you have to consider when portioning your Caravan.

The price ranges from the material to use and the labor cost.

When selecting the material to use, always ensure you have material that is durable and safe to use.

That is, it provides the necessary protection against external elements.

Ensure you adhere to the necessary guidelines when partitioning your Caravan.

This includes having all the paperwork and following the right partitioning practices.

Which Amenities do Caravan Manufacturer Offer?

A caravan manufacturer can offer a wide range of amenities, depending on your specifications.

Such amenities include:

  • Kitchen

This is an important amenity that your Caravan should have, whether stationary or flexible.

It is usually a small area you can cook in, especially during camping or on a road trip.

  • Restroom

This comes in handy if you are out camping and you need to rest. You can fit a sizeable bed in this space, which allows you to relax.

  • Washrooms

Washrooms help in relieving yourself during outdoor functions.

This can be a space at the back where you can install all the necessary washroom equipment.

  • Store

You need space to store your things while out camping or during road trips.

This space helps in ensuring everything is in order when moving around.

Such an amenity can be at the back or on the sideways of your Caravan.


It is not a mandatory requirement for your caravan to have insurance cover.

However, accidents are prone to happen, which may attract extra costs.

Having an insurance cover for your caravan helps reduce certain risks when they occur.

For instance, when accidents happen, the risk of purchasing another caravan lies with your insurer depending on the type of cover you take.

How do you Ship Caravan from China?

Shipping a caravan from China entails using two shipping methods, that is, road and ocean transport.

Using ocean freight involves having your Caravan in a container and shipping it from China to your destination port.

Using road transport involves using a tailer shipping your Caravan from your destination to your final location.

Such a trailer can be a flatbed or an enclosed trailer.

Will Caravan Manufacturer China help in the Design Process?

Yes. Your caravan manufacturer in China can assist you in the designing process.

Such a manufacturer can offer you the latest designs available for your selection.

Certain manufactures also allow you to submit the design you want for your Caravan.

When you submit such a design, your manufacturer standardizes it to meet all the international standards before fabrication.

 Caravan design

Caravan design

How does Caravan Manufacturer China Assist in OEM Business?

Yes. Caravan manufacturers in China assist in OEM business.

This is to facilitate easy access to spare parts, which are critical during maintenance of your Caravan.

You can check with your manufacturer which companies they engage within the OEM business and where to purchase them.

Does Cheap China Caravan Imply Low Quality?

Not. Not all cheap China caravan imply they are of low quality.

The pricing of caravans depends on the manufacturer’s fabrication processes and the condition of a particular caravan.

When ascertaining your Caravan’s quality, you have to consider all the quality standards and not only the price.

For instance, a used china caravan can be cheap but meets all the quality standards.

You can also find a new caravan that is relatively expensive and does not meet all the quality standards.

How does Caravan Manufacturer China Control Quality?

Chinese manufacturers control the quality of their caravans in different aspects.

Quality controls start with ensuring they use the right material and in the right place.

They also use quality processes, which ensures the quality fabrication of your caravans.

Each step of the fabrication process must meet all the quality standards involved before proceeding to the next step.

Should you Buy Used or New China Caravan?

The choice of buying a used or a new China caravan depends on several considerations.

For instance, you have to consider the capital that you have.

A new china caravan is costly compared to a used one.

If you don’t have enough capital to purchase a new one, you can opt to buy the use of china caravan.

However, it is advisable to purchase a used china caravan from a reputable dealer.

If you consider purchasing a used china caravan, you should consider the state of the Caravan.

Checking on the state of the Caravan helps in minimizing the maintenance cost.

The price of purchasing a used caravan and repairing it should not be equal to or exceed a new caravan.

You also have to consider the function that you want your Caravan to perform and for how long.

If you’re going to a resale caravan or hire out, you might consider a new one due to its returns compared to a used caravan.

Such a caravan gives you efficiency and ensures maximum profit.

However, if you are purchasing a caravan for your domestic functions, you might consider a used caravan.

Purchasing a used caravan here allows you to reduce the cost while providing the essential services you want.

It also gives you time to repair and maintain your Caravan if there is a need to do so.

When is the Best Time to Buy from Caravan Manufacturer in China?

The best time to import from China is during the off-peak period.

During this period, the prices of caravans are relatively lower since the demand is low.

You also get a discounted price for shipping your Caravan.

Most people are not shipping during this time; hence there is a lot of shipping space on your container.

You, therefore, have an assurance of the safe arrival of your Caravan.

Is Caravan Rental a Good Business? And how can Caravan Manufacturer China Help Skyrocket your Business?

Yes. Caravan rental is a profitable business.

You can make a living with this type of business.

Most caravan manufacturers in China can facilitate the growth of your business in different wants.

For instance, they can help in designing the size of Caravan that you want for your business.

They can also facilitate the interior design of your Caravan.

This is essential in making your Caravan unique.

Such a design can take into consideration the amenities that you want for your Caravan.

Timely delivery of your Caravan is essential in ensuring there is continuity in your business.

Most manufacturers work within the timelines you agree with them.

You, therefore, can continue with your business while waiting for your caravans to arrive.

You don’t have to worry about your Caravan breaking down, thereby pausing your business.

Depending on the type of caravan manufacturer you engage with, you can always contact them for maintenance purposes in such events.

Can you Buy Caravan on Alibaba?

Yes. It is possible to purchase your Caravan on Alibaba.

Most manufacturers advertise their caravans on Alibaba, allowing you to scroll down the lists and contact the one you prefer.

After selecting the one you want, you have to contact them and purchase from them.

 Caravan designs on Alibaba

 Caravan design on Alibaba

How many Axels do China Caravans come with?

China caravans are available in two types of axels: a single and a twin axel.

The choice of which axel to use depends on several factors, including your driving experience.

A single axle is ideal for use if you have a small car since it can comfortably handle it.

A twin axle is best for use if you have a bigger vehicle.

However, you have to consider the size of your vehicle when using a twin axel.

This is because a twin axel is heavier hence require a large car to tow it around.

Twin axel caravan chasis

Twin axel caravan chassis

What are the Sizes of China Caravans?

Caravans are available in different sizes.

However, standard sizes range between 3.4 meters and 7.4 meters.

Does Caravan Manufacturer China have a Product Return Policy?

Yes. Reliable caravan manufacturers in China offer a product return policy on their caravans.

Such a product return policy shields you from any defectiveness that may be due to your manufacturer’s fault.

When such a defectiveness arises, you are free to return your Caravan for either maintenance or a refund.

Before purchasing a caravan, you have to ensure your manufacturer is reliable and has such a policy.

At BanSar, we help you get reliable caravan manufacturer China.

Depending on your unique requirements, we help you ship caravans from China to your local country – contact us now.

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