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Cargo Ready Date (CRD): The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably wondering what cargo ready date (CRD) is.

Don’t worry, this guide will explain everything you need to know about CRD.

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What is the Meaning of Cargo Readiness in Shipping?

This term is connected to international trade and refers to an exact date when the vendor or shipper makes the cargo ready to be handed over to a transporter.

What is Cargo Ready Date (CRD)?

Cargo ready date refers to the day that shipment is expected to be prepared at the supplier or another location named.

This can be a warehouse, container yard, or airport terminal.

The shipping company is supposed to update and adjust the app’s shipment plan whenever a change in the dates takes place.

cargo checklist

Cargo checklist

What is the Difference between Cargo Ready Date and Delivery Date in Shipping?

Cargo Ready Date refers to the specific day when cargo is anticipated to be ready at the supplier’s location or another named place.

On the other hand, the delivery date is the actual date that the cargo is delivered to the buyer.

It is important to note that the delivery date does not always be uniform with the expected delivery date.

It is due to several arising factors.

Is Cargo Ready Date the Same as Estimated Time of Departure?

No, Cargo Ready Date is not the same as the Estimated Time of Departure.

Estimated Time of Departure refers to the specific date and time that cargo is expected to depart from the supplier’s location.

On the other hand, Cargo Ready Date will only specify the date when cargo is anticipated to be ready at the supplier’s location or another named place.

estimated time delivery

Estimated time date

How do you Determine if Cargo is Ready?

Some of the elements that determine if cargo is ready to include:

  • Availability of the complete shipment at a location that is agreed with the parties.
  • Shipment is well packaged to be moved by the agreed-upon means of transportation.
  • All documents for international shipping are well prepared and made available.

What is a Cargo Ready Shipment Example?

An example of a cargo-ready shipment is a wooden crate that can be stuffed with ease as a less than container.

This shipment should sustain being loaded into a truck at the shipper’s premises, unloading into a warehouse of a freight forwarder, and reloading into a container.

It should also sustain shipping to the required destination, which includes handling techniques applied to the container.

When establishing the value of the packaging’s worthiness, it is essential to consider that the cargo will be handled not less than six times.

Also, be aware of other impacts during transit.

shipping process

Shipping process

Is it Possible to Change Cargo Ready Date?

Yes, it is possible to change the cargo ready date, especially in situations where cargo is prepared before the parties agreed upon.

There will be needed to plan for an early shipment in this situation, and this will require effective coordination with the freight forwarder.

The Cargo Ready Date may also change if cargo is ready after the date agreed upon by the parties.

In this case, there will be a delay in the delivery of the cargo to the buyer.

When Does CRD Change?

Cargo Ready Date can change when:

  • Cargo is ready before the Cargo Ready Date.
  • If cargo is ready after the Cargo Ready Date agreed upon by the parties.

What Happens when CRD Changes?

Once the Cargo Ready Date passes, all freight quotes expire, and the rates are related to the selection.

It happens because carriers’ rates of freight are given very frequently and have a limited time guarantee.

Due to this, ocean FCL rates have a validity period of two weeks at a time.

LCL rates are relatively longer and usually last up to the end of the month.

On the other hand, air rates are more subject to variation and may expire after a week or even less.

In case a booked quote expires, then there will be the need for requoting the shipment using the new updated rates.

Once this is done, then the cargo can be moved to the buyer.

Who sets Cargo Ready Date?

The cargo ready date is agreed upon by the seller, buyer, and freight forwarder.

Are There Special Packaging Considerations for Cargo Ready Goods?

Yes, there are special packaging considerations for cargo cargo-ready goods, which depend on transportation mode.

Less than container shipments and ocean freight cargo should be well packaged in a way that prevents damage during handling and sea transportation.

When the cargo is handed over to the freight forwarders, they will check to ascertain if it is deemed worthy of transport.

They will then either reject or repackage the cargo at a cost.

The packaging of the Cargo Ready Goods must be able to withstand:

  • Loading onto trucks at the premises of the supplier.
  • They must also withstand unloading using handling equipment like forklifts and cranes.
  • Reloading into marine containers.
  • Un-stuffing of the container at the premises of the freight forwarder.
  • Reloading onto a truck for transportation.
  • Unloading at the buyer’s premises.

The packaging of Cargo Ready Goods generally depends on the goods.

Some of the packaging examples include:

  • Cardboard.
  • Wooden crates.
  • Boxes.
  • Rolls.
  • Drums
  • Bales.

Pallets can help reduce the risk of damage because they help make the handling of the cargo automatic.

Less of the container load shipments are recommended to be stacked.

Cardboard boxes must be strong and filled well to avoid crashing if cargo is put on top of them.

Does Cargo Readiness Mean that the Cargo is Cleared for Export?

No, cargo readiness does not mean that the cargo is cleared for export.

This is because the custom clearing process of exports is conducted by a customs house broker or freight forwarder and occurs after the cargo readiness date.

The documents are required to be submitted alongside the customs declaration first to the relevant authorities.

cargo clearance

Cargo clearance

What is Notice of Readiness? And Who Issues it?

Notice of readiness is agreed between the exporter and importer or buyer and seller.

The seller or the exporter issues it to the importer and freight forwarder to reconfirm cargo readiness.

Notice of Readiness is most often referred to as NOR.

What Happens After Cargo Readiness?

Once cargo is ready, there is always an agreement between the importer and exporter (seller and buyer).

This agreement states that the exporter should notice readiness to the importer and freight forwarder for reconfirmation of cargo readiness.

This document is frequently referred to as Notice of Readiness (NOR).

After cargo readiness, the cargo is handed over to the party supposed to conduct transportation for the buyer.

The party may either be a freight forwarder or a locally sourced transportation company.

Can Cargo Be Ready Before or After CRD?

Yes, cargo can be ready either before or after the Cargo Ready Date.

In case it is prepared before the Cargo Ready Date, there can be an arrangement for the cargo before shipping.

When cargo is ready after the Cargo Ready Date, then there will be a delay in delivery.

What Happens when Cargo is Ready is After CRD?

When cargo is ready after CDR, there will be delayed delivery to reach the buyer.

In this case, there should be an agreement between the parties on what the merits should be.

Some of the merits could be introducing given flexibilities in the cargo readiness dates and having an agreed penalty scheme for delays.

The parties may also decide to use a faster mode of transport like airfreight and all the party’s costs at fault.

What is the Relationship Between Incoterms and CRD?

Cargo Ready Date (CRD) refers to the day on which your cargo is anticipated to be made available at the supplier’s location or another specified location.

It is the expected date that your cargo will be ready and available for collection by a carrier.

That is, when handling cargo on Ex Works (EXW) terms, the seller will take it.

In case the buyer decides to deliver their cargo on a relevant drop-off point, then the CRD will be the date which the shipment is dropped off.

Of course, this can happen when shipping on Free on Board (FOB) terms.

The drop-off point may be either at the airport or seaport.



How Does CRD Affect Shipping?

Some of the effects of CRD on shipping include:

  • Delayed delivery: in case cargo is not ready before the parties’ agreed-upon period, then there will be a delay in the delivery of the cargo.

It will result in the incurrence of additional costs.

  • Early shipment: when cargo is ready before the cargo Ready date, it may be shipped to the buyer earlier than planned.

What does ‘All Short’ mean Regarding Cargo Readiness?

‘All short’ in terms of cargo readiness refers to when the destination service center does not receive a shipment as per the schedule agreed upon.

Then reports it as ‘all short.’

Can I Track Cargo That is not Ready?

You may track cargo that is not ready as order tracking is essential in the shipping process.

Some of the reasons why you should track your order include:

  • Reduction of costs: it helps you avoid incurring the cost of dealing with customers’ complaints due to delivery of goods that do not meet their specifications.
  • Meeting customer expectations: tracking cargo through every step of the cargo readiness process will ensure that the customers’ needs are met efficiently.
  • Have more control over fulfillment: monitoring cargo that is not ready will enable you to access more control over the process of cargo fulfillment.

What Happens if my Goods get Damaged or Lost Just Before CRD?

In case your goods get damaged or lost just before Cargo Ready Date, steps you may take include:

  • Fill out the proper freight claim, cargo claim, shipping claim, or transportation claim paperwork.
  • Pay the cargo bill as soon as possible.
  • Write down everything and, if possible, take clear photos.
  • Notify your insurance underwriter.
  • Keep all the necessary documents:
  1. Copy of the paid freight bill.
  2. Copy of the bill of lading.
  3. Copy of the invoice indicating the amount paid for the goods.
  4. Copy of the packing slip.
  5. A standard claim form or a letter is showing the shipment and the amount of the claim.
  6. Pictures of the damage.

It is essential to gather a lot of information and evidence to obtain compensation for damaged or lost cargo.

It would be best if you also had a professional expert to make all the claims and documentation to save on the costs.

Property damage claim

Property damage claim

What can delay my Shipment’s Cargo Ready Date?

Shipment’s Cargo Ready Date can be delayed by:

Conflicting Buyer and supplier timetables: suppliers most often give an ambiguous Cargo Ready Date to attract and secure buyers.

In case this date moves, then the timeline of shipping the cargo will be delayed accordingly.

Should I pay for my Order Before Notice of Readiness or After?

You may pay for your order either before or after the notice of readiness, depending on the agreement you have with the seller.

Some of the requirements for a valid notice of readiness to be served include:

  • Vessel should arrive
  • The vessel must be ready to receive or discharge its cargo.
  • It is tendered contractually.
  • Notice of readiness is given to and received by the proper person according to the agreement.
  • The notice of agreement is issued at a time that the charter party permits.

Can I Estimate the Delivery Date by CRD?

Yes, you can estimate the delivery date by Cargo Ready Date.

The estimated delivery date refers to when the buyer may expect the cargo to arrive at their location.

This date may be determined once the cargo ready date has been specified, and the goods are at the carrier’s custody.

However, it is essential to note that delays in shipping cargo may happen due to several reasons.

In such scenarios, the estimated delivery date makes it possible for the buyer to put plans in place.

Does Cargo Ready Mean that the Goods Have Already Been Inspected?

No, Cargo Ready does not necessarily mean that the shipment has already been inspected and cleared by customs.

The customs clearance process is carried out by either the freight forwarder or customs broker and can only be done only after the cargo readiness date.

It is a requirement that the documents be submitted to the relevant authorities alongside the customs declaration.

How do I Coordinate CRD when Sourcing from Different Suppliers?

When sourcing from a different supplier, the Cargo Ready Date may or may not remain the same depending on the parties’ agreement.

It is essential to ensure that all suppliers get the cargo ready on the same date by using the following helpful tips:

  • Communicating with the suppliers to avoid mistakes.
  • Coordinate your production schedule totally with that of the suppliers.
  • Provide an update on new products or strategic changes so that they may adapt to those adjustments.
  • Understanding the costs of the suppliers and the value that they provide.
  • Establishing your business’s priorities with the suppliers.
  • Working with businesses that help in strategizing services.
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with the suppliers.
  • It is continuously monitoring the performance of the suppliers.
  • Planning for contingencies and everyday exceptions.
  • Payment of bills on time.
  • If possible, meet face to face and look at how the supplier’s businesses work.
  • Meet the personnel that will be managing your account and make sure they are easily reachable.
  • Assist your suppliers by planning orders on time to avoid delays.
  • Make your business very essential to the supplier.

The terms for negotiating with your suppliers need to be based on:

  • Payment terms: this may be the commercial bill, bank draft, foreign currency, or paid for by the bank.
  • Potential costs: maybe taxation, administration, transactions, transport, and general payments.
  • Possible risks; may be either late payment to the vendor, or undelivered, late, or faulty goods.

supply chain

Supply chain

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