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Solid Bronze Caskets Importing from China
Solid Bronze Caskets Importing from China

Many families choose bronze because it is superior to all other casket materials in strength, durability and naturally non-rusting qualities. If you are importing caskets, there are lot of reliable bronze casket manufacturer in China.

Solid Copper Caskets Importing from China
Solid Copper Caskets Importing from China

Manufactured and tested to be completely resistant to the entrance of air and water, bronze and copper caskets combine lasting protection and beauty. If you are importing caskets for your business, Chinese caskets markets is a good choice. There are thousands of caskets selection in Chinese market in different styles  and colors.

Stainless Steel Caskets Importing from China
Stainless Steel Caskets Importing from China

All of heavy weight stainless steel caskets are protective and designed to temporarily resist the entrance of air and water. If you want to buy caskets, import from China. Chinese caskets market offers the highest quality at the best price.

Standard Steel Caskets Importing from China
Standard Steel Caskets Importing from China

They are available in Chinese market in a variety of price ranges and color choice and provide for the largest selection in high quality metal caskets. China has the leading supplier of Standard Steel Caskets mostly in Shanghai. They have enough supply capacity to meet your needs.

Solid Hardwood Caskets Importing from China
Solid Hardwood Caskets Importing from China

Solid wood caskets are manufactured using the highest quality species of mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, poplar and pine. If you want to buy Solid Hardwood Caskets for your business, China’s leading manufacturer has enough supplies to cater your needs while ensuring the quality of the product.

Cremation Caskets Importing from China
Cremation Caskets Importing from China

These caskets are suitable for burial or maybe used for those families incorporating a traditional service with a cremation. For the best choice of Cremation Caskets, China has the leading manufacturers that supplies high quality. You can select the best Cremation Caskets in an affordable price.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 16
Railway shipping cost is in the middle of sea freight and air freight. You can adjust based on your order details.
Door to Door Service China to 1 14
Shipping caskets by door to door is economical, it saves your time, money, efforts and inconveniences.

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Best 20 Casket Manufacturers in China

1 Wuxi ANA Industries Co., Ltd

Wuxi ANA Industries Co., Ltd is a premier funeral product manufacturer in China. It combined the development, research, sale, and production of funeral products. They can steadily create the latest products which backed up with their design capability and excellent production. Now, they are committed to manufacturing many designs of funeral products, which is very useful in the funeral industry.

2 Urand Wood Co., Ltd

Urand Wood Co., Ltd began producing different caskets since 2010. Over 7 years of growth, they already built hundreds of European coffin styles and American caskets. Their clients usually from Canada, USA, Africa, South America, etc, their caskets are excellently sold in the international markets. Also, to attain the trust of customers, they always do their best to supply high-quality caskets. Made from various finishing colors and solid woods.

3 Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd

Working ever since 2006, Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd has employed over 100 persons, with a factory covering an area of 30, 000 square meters. They professionally manufactured coffins, furniture, surfboarding, etc, which is from plywood, pinewood, and poplar panel materials. Based in Heze City, Shandong Province, Mainland China, exports products worldwide.

4 Guangquan Steel Art Co., Ltd

Guangquan Steel Art Co., Ltd operates in China since the foundation, integrated with research & design, marketing, production, and service of funeral items. Gained years of experience, supported with its powerful technology and advanced equipment. They can manufacture a series of high-class caskets, well accepted by customers and experts worldwide.

5 Sanyata Craftworks Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, Sanyata Craftworks Co., Ltd is a group of experts specializes in providing and designing several series of caskets or coffins, and many other funeral products. The company`s products have uniqueness and novel design, with beautiful appearance and finest quality as well. With 4 years` industry experience, they have promoted products to different countries, including New Caledonia, U.S.A, Canada, Malaysia, etc.

6 Huaian Sunland Int′l Trading Co., Ltd

Huaian Sunland Int′l Trading Co., Ltd is an expert casket manufacturer, backed up by a strong technical group in China. They have a group of experienced engineers and a strong R&D team, who creates assorted casket designs based on the client`s samples and ideas. They also implemented strict quality control in the entire operations to meet customers` high-quality standards.

8 Zen Bamboo&Hardwood Products Co., Ltd

Zen Bamboo&Hardwood Products Co., Ltd is a professional exporter and manufacturer of bamboo-made products in China. They offer caskets/coffins which are made from bamboo veneer, bamboo plywood, bamboo beams, bamboo worktops, and many more. It is located in Hangzhou City, the Capital Province of Zhejiang.

9 Qiangli Industry Co., Ltd

Started its long journey in making high-quality caskets from the 2008 year. Qiangli Industry Co., Ltd is considered as one of the high-tech companies, with a modern production base and professional technical team. They are specialized in funeral home accessory products, also offer ODM and OEM services.

10 Dinglei Industry Company Limited

Dinglei Industry Company Limited is a professional enterprise presently doing business in the funeral industry around 4 continents and 15 countries. They create casket products from high-quality materials such as marble slabs, vanity tops, curbstones, shadow carvings, and so forth. The team in the factory would like to help your business skyrocket in the international market.

11 Starsea Industrial Ltd

Was set up in 1997, Starsea Industrial Ltd is a factory specializing in plastic hardware for coffin and caskets. Casket stationery, casket handle, casket corner, etc, are all manufactured for coffin fitting by their company. It is situated in Jiashan county, Zhejiang province, China, with very convenient traffic. The company desires to establish a long-term partnership with you.

12 Nantong United Sunny Home Textile Co., Ltd

Have 12 years` professional experience in the funeral industry, Nantong United Sunny Home Textile Co., Ltd is the first and earliest manufacturer operating mainly in China. Factory situated in the City of Nantong, Jiangsu province, China. Per year, the company has production capacity reaches 25, 0000 sets of funeral products like caskets.

13 Nantong Millionaire Casket Co., Ltd

This company, Nantong Millionaire Casket Co., Ltd leads in making top quality wooden coffin and caskets. They only offer guaranteed funeral products, top quality, and are better than anything else. Products from the factory are way more competitive yet fair, one reason the company has been successful in the casket production business. Solid wood caskets, cremation caskets, veneer caskets, etc, are some of their main products.

14 Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd works as a professional manufacturer and has a subordinate enterprise known as Dongming Jiuxin Trading Co., Ltd. It is considered as the largest company in the funeral production industry, with export licenses. Set up in the city of Heze, Shandong province, China, 200 kilometers from the nearest Zhengzhou Airport.

15 Haimen Baomu Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Haimen Baomu Wood Industry Co., Ltd was founded in the year 1995. For 21 years` establishment, this company manages to create low prices and top quality products to customers around the globe. High credibility and professional after-sales services were sustained by the company. As the best casket exporter and manufacturer, they can produce more than dozens of caskets popular designs, either European or American styles.

16 Luxes Casket Company Limited

Luxes Casket Company Limited began producing casket products only for the North American market since 2005. For over 20 years` experience, they made caskets from the finest wooden furniture. Also grown quickly to become an environmentally friendly and expert international provider in the casket industry. From burial, cremations services to veneers, all designs are available at low-cost prices.

17 Jiangsu Jialong Casket Co., Ltd

The company can guarantee high-quality coffins and caskets products at reasonable prices. Currently, products from Jiangsu Jialong Casket Co., Ltd are sold well in the overseas market. Jialong casket is a premier Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of metal caskets. Over 200 varieties are spread across the country.

18 Nantong Million Casket Co., Ltd

Nantong Million Casket Co., Ltd is known as the leading wood casket supplier and manufacturer in China. They have created different styles of wood caskets for over 10 years. The company`s products are highly recommended for its high quality, affordability, and durability. Every month, dozens of famous style choices, including veneer and wood are distributed all over the world.

19 Yangzhou Olande Casket Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Olande Casket Co., Ltd is originated in the City of Yangzhou, 3 hours drive to the nearest Shanghai port. The company has above 100 skilled personnel and 30 intelligent, well-experienced technicians. Its factory occupies an area about 30, 000 square meters, Chinese-owned and devoted to providing a wide range of coffins & casket products.

20 Century Casket (China) Co., Ltd

The company has its own coffins and caskets manufactory. Century Casket Co., Ltd wants to have a close relationship with customers operating nationwide. One professional casket/coffin manufactory, and is exported to different areas, including the USA, Africa, and Europe. Throughout the years in service, they have gotten a good reputation and good feedbacks from customers.

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