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Importing Chandeliers from China
Importing Candle Chandeliers from China
Importing Candle Chandeliers from China

Everybody knows that before electricity was invented, people hung chandeliers with candles on them for light. Discover the best Candle Chandeliers in Guangdong, China where they manufacture Real Candle Chandeliers that bring romantic lighting indoors or outdoors. If you have not thought of a style for your outdoor lighting fixture, China got all kinds of Candle Chandelier Designs you can choose from.

Importing Antler Chandeliers from China
Importing Antler Chandeliers from China

Antler lighting is truly unique and perfectly elegant in any home. China manufactures a variety of Antler Chandeliers where they only use premium antler sheds. Hand-painted to great effect, Schots antler chandeliers are perfect resin replicas of the real thing. China is one of the largest suppliers of Chandeliers mostly in Guangdong province. Visit and see their featured Antler Chandeliers products. Most of their products are made out of 100% real antler,  get a quote and make your home the finest one.

Importing Glass Chandeliers from China
Importing Glass Chandeliers from China

Dress up your home with one of stunning glass chandeliers. Bring light to your space with these beautiful chandeliers. In China, Guangdong has an extensive collection of Glass Chandeliers that boasts of elegant design and futuristic look. Also, has wide selection of glass chandeliers in a variety of colors, materials and styles to fit your home. You can buy a wide unique selection of lights at the best prices.

Importing Crystal Chandeliers from China
Importing Crystal Chandeliers from China

Crystal chandeliers are the most common and famous types of chandeliers. China crystal chandelier manufacturers deal with the best. Whether you are looking for a large 3 tier crystal chandelier, a mini crystal chandelier or a crystal pendant chandelier, manufacturers have a selection to inspire you. You can find most of these manufacturers when you visit Guangdong province. Dress up your home with one of the stunning crystal chandeliers from China.

Importing Pendant Chandeliers from China
Importing Pendant Chandeliers from China

Get the best deal of pendant chandeliers for your home decor and room decor business in China. Most supplier and manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. Find your ideal pendant chandelier, with great design, sizes, materials, styles etc you want to. You can certainly buy a satisfactory pendant chandelier from a reliable Chinese manufacturer. Whether it is home, hotel, office or other places need to be decorated.

Importing Modern Chandeliers from China
Importing Modern Chandeliers from China

Need a chandelier for your dining or entranceway? Consider China’s modern chandeliers with a wide variety of shapes and styles to choose from. You can find tons of supplier and manufacturer, particularly in Guangdong province. Look for the manufacturer that has meet quality standards and factory certifications. Finding the right modern chandeliers can brighten up space or add a cozy ambiance that has been missing ever since you moved into your home.

Importing Drum Chandeliers from China
Importing Drum Chandeliers from China

Enjoy the on-trend look of an indoor hanging light fixture wrapped in the perfect drum shade to fit your style. From mini drum chandeliers, that are ideal for entryways and foyers, to large industrial-style drum chandeliers that are perfect for your dining room, Chinese drum chandelier manufacturer and supplier offer a style that is sure to fit your decor. Buy quality Drum Chandelier products from certified China Drum Chandelier Manufacturers & OEM Suppliers.

Importing Island Chandeliers from China
Importing Island Chandeliers from China

Shop kitchen island lighting at China’s leading supplier and manufacturer based in Guangdong. Guaranteed affordable prices and quality products. With a wide selection of island chandeliers such as styles, rustic woods & modern styles, variable sizes and materials you could choose the right one for you. Whether it is home, hotel, office or other places need to be decorated, China chandelier manufacturers can always satisfy your needs.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Chandelier Shipping from China?

Chandeliers Sea Freight Shipping from China
Competitive and cheaper rates, if orders are very huge and not urgent you must considered shipping by sea.
Chandeliers Air Freight Shipping from China
Shipping chandeliers by air is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. Cargo tightly managed and reduced damaged orders.
Chandeliers Rail Freight Shipping from China
Using rail for shipping chandeliers is extremely cost-effective, better choice when your distance away from China and you have a huge chandelier orders
Chandeliers Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want more convenient way of transporting, then shipping door to door is best for you. Bansar will help you ship your goods in your warehouse or home..

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Importing Chandelier from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you think of importing chandelier in China,

If you want to know the professional supplier and manufacturer in China,

Then, this guide is what you need.

Keep reading for more info.

1. Is Importing Chandelier from China Profitable?


You could make huge profit margins just from importing chandelier from China.

This is mainly due to the cost-effective prices quoted by most manufacturers.

However, you need to be equally smart for this to be forthcoming.



2. Should you Buy from China Yiwu Chandelier Wholesale or Factory?

Yiwu wholesale market is not only famous but also the largest business hub worldwide where you can get anything and everything.

Hundreds of thousands of suppliers of diverse products sell their products in this market and therefore expect competitive prices.

Nonetheless, purchasing directly from the factory would yield huge profits as compared to purchasing from suppliers.

This will apply more so if you are making bulk purchases.

3. Why Work with Freight Forwarder when Shipping Chandelier from China?

The pros of working with a freight forwarder are numerous. Here are some of them;

  • Time-saving –Freight forwarders are well conversant with shipment activities and their established bonds with different partners save on time when shipping chandelier from China.
  • Versatility – Have you thought of experiencing delays in your shipment due to factors such as bad weather? No? Well, working with a freight forwarder will save you the hassle of finding alternative means as they can respond to such issues with immediate effect to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Cost-effective – Freight forwarders are familiar with several shipping companies and agencies and therefore they can easily negotiate on prices effectively.
  • Efficiency- With a freight forwarder, it will be easier for you to change your decisions when the need arises as they are quite flexible and ready to quickly adapt to new information.
  • Working with a freight forwarder allows you to go on with your daily activities without worrying about your shipment.

4. How much is Import Duty for Chandelier Imported from China?

The import duty rate for chandeliers is normally 11.5% not only in China but globally.

5. Which Types of Chandelier Lights can you Import from China?

Importing Chandeliers lights from China allows you to choose from a wide variety of designs some of which include;

  • Teardrop chandeliers
  • Glass chandeliers
  • Lantern chandeliers
  • Sputnik chandeliers
  • Orb chandeliers
  • Linear chandeliers
  • Candle chandeliers
  • Antler chandeliers
  • Empire chandeliers
  • Drum chandeliers
  • Mini chandeliers
  • Flush mount chandeliers
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Bowl chandeliers
  • Globe chandeliers
  • Pendant chandeliers

6. How can you Find Chandelier Light Supplier in China?

Finding your preferred chandelier supplier in China sounds like an exhausting task.

However, that’s not what it is. You can find your supplier without having to travel to China.

Online platforms such as Google, Amazon, Made in China, DHgate, and Aliexpress are some of the ways through which various international importers meet their suppliers.

For instance, when searching for your supplier in Google all you have to do is key in the exact information you want to get not forgetting to include China as this will narrow down your search to a specific country.

7. How do you Verify the Quality of Chandelier Lights?

Types of Chandelier light

 Types of Chandelier lights

There are so many chandeliers flooding the market.

It’s with no doubt that identifying a quality chandelier can be such a hassle especially in China where we have hundreds of manufacturers.

However, here are some quick tips to help you when selecting a quality chandelier.

  • Purchase from a renowned brand. Most reputable brands have manufactured and tested various types and qualities of chandelier lights over the years and therefore due to this expertise, they are aimed at providing quality chandeliers to their customers.
  • Ensure that the warranty is 5 years and above. This guarantees that the chandelier is of high quality with minimum capabilities of damage.
  • For crystal chandeliers, find out whether it is hand and laser cut full lead crystal. These type crystals are considered to be of high quality as compared ones with minimum lead content.
  • To clear any doubts you might have on the quality of chandeliers, it’s wise to purchase from a distinguished supplier. By so doing you are guaranteed not only good service but the quality of the product.

8. What Documents do you need to Import Chandelier from China?

Shipping documents

 Shipping documents

Any form of importation will require to you have all the legal documents for your shipment to be successful.

Some of the important documents to have in hand when importing chandelier from China include;

9. What is the Cost-Effective Incoterm when Importing Chandelier from China?

There are several incoterms for you to choose from for your chandelier importation.

Incoterms 2010

 Incoterms 2010

However, some of them such as EXW (EX Works) appear to be in favor of the supplier other than the importer more so when importing small quantity goods or when using courier services.

In this case, most importers choose to use FOB (Free On Board) intercom.


With FOB, neither will you worry about the delivery of your chandeliers to the nearest port nor the export fee as well as the cost of the product as they are all covered.

FOB would be the ideal choice when shipping bulk products using sea freight or air freight.

10. How do you Ship Chandelier Lights from China?

Depending on your incoterm, you can either choose to use sea freight, air freight, road or rail transport if the destination borders China.

In as much as sea freight would be the slowest of them all, it is the cheapest means you could ever use.

On the other hand, air freight is the fastest and most expensive means preferably used when transporting fragile or perishable goods.

Again, the type of incoterm you choose will determine your means of transport.

11. Do China Chandelier Light Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Yes. China chandelier lights manufacturers offer free samples for testing upon request.

12. How Can you Get Best Prices for China Chandelier Lights?

Buying in bulk would be one of the ideal and easy ways that you could get huge discounts and buy China chandeliers at the best prices.

Most if not all Chinese suppliers are willing to offer discounts on huge purchases and some offer free shipping as well.

Nonetheless, visiting China and having a one on one negotiation with your supplier or manufacturer would do the trick too.

In fact, this will create a bond between you and your manufacturer and therefore they will be more willing to do good business with you in the long run.

Also, with competent bargaining skills, small purchasers can as well land on great deals.

13. What are the main Lighting Fairs in China?

You would probably be interested in attending the following main lighting fairs in China;

  • Guangzhou Entertainment Technology show
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
  • Prolight + Sound Shanghai
  • Canton Fair Phase 1
  • LED China
  • Taiwan International Sign & LED EXPO
  • China Guangzhou International KTV, Disco
  • China International Lighting Fair
  • Expo Lighting
  • Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition

14. Why Import Large Quantity of Chandelier Lights Directly from Factory?

The main reason as to why you should focus on bulk importation from factories is due to the fact that you will be in a good position to purchase chandelier lights at discounted prices which in turn will increase your profit margin.

And that’s not all, doing this will create a bond between you and the manufacturer and in turn boost future business deals.

What does this mean?

This equates to increased profit margins and growth of your business!

15. Which are the Main Lighting Systems Manufacturing Cities in China?

Here are some of the main cities in China known for manufacture if lighting systems;

  • Shenzhen
  • Guangdong
  • Zhongshan
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing

16. Are there Challenges you will Encounter when Importing Chandelier Lights from China?

innovation glow crystal chandelier flush mount-592CM4LSP-3

 Chandelier lights

Just like any other importation crisis, you might encounter challenges when importing chandelier lights from China.

  • Language barrier –This is one of the main challenges you are likely to encounter in China as most of its population only communicate in Chinese. Due to this, most importers prefer to make use of agents as they will be able to seal great deals on their behalf. Remember, making use of a translator wouldn’t yield you much as he or she will only translate and nothing more to that.
  • Low-quality Chandeliers – With more and more chandeliers flooding the market, you are likely to come across both quality and low-quality chandeliers. Before making in purchases, make sure you are working with a reputable brand, assess the type of materials used to manufacture the chandeliers and finally check the warranty duration.
  • Scammers –Scammers are no new news and while doing your importation you are bound to bump into scammers. To avoid this it’s safe to work with factories and well-known companies.
  • Delayed shipments-Having correct legal documents and shipping at the right time (Avoid shipping around holiday seasons) will save you the agony of delayed shipments.

17. Do Chandelier Lights from China have Quality Certificates?

Yes. CE certificate is one of the commonest quality certificates which most chandelier lights from China have.

18. Are China Chandelier Lights Frequency and Voltage Compatible with Local Requirements?


You shouldn’t have any doubts concerning this as all China chandelier lights are designed to be compatible with the frequency and voltage of the country they are being exported to.

Just make sure you communicate with your manufacturer on the requirements before production commences.

19. Why work with Sourcing Agents when Importing Chandelier from China?

Sourcing agents make your entire importation process much easier reason being they are well connected to different manufacturers and suppliers and therefore able to easily communicate with the local language and seal great deals.

In addition to this, they can build lasting relationships with various suppliers quite easily.

Some of the main reasons as to why you should work with sourcing agents are that they will take care of;

  • Your custom clearance
  • Warehouse storage
  • Quality inspection
  • Actual sourcing of chandelier from China
  • Getting quality products as per your budget
  • Negotiating prices and doing the sampling
  • Ensuring your delivery goes smoothly

20. How do You Pay Chandelier Light Suppliers?

Some of the payment methods accepted by chandelier lights suppliers in China are not limited to;

Chandlier light

 Chandelier lights

  • Paypal
  • Telegraphic Transfers in Advance
  • Letter of Credit
  • Western Union
  • Visa
  • Online bank Payment

21. Are there Additional Accessories you need when Importing Chandelier from China?

Yes. You might as well be interested in importing some additional fixtures such as;

  • Decorative chains
  • Glass shades
  • Clip-on bulb adapter
  • Ceiling medallion adhesive
  • Ceiling medallion

22. How much does Chandelier Light Cost in China?

You are bound to spend from as low as $3 to as much as $700 and more depending on the design of the chandelier.

Remember, buying directly from the factory would be way cheaper as compared to buying from a supplier.

Best 20 Chandelier Manufacturers in China

1 Nanhua Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ever since the year 1990, Nanhua Electronics Co., Ltd remains focused on making high-quality chandeliers for house construction. They have experienced engineers that help worksites be finish on-time. Major in providing imaginative services and products to all clients across the country. Through their hard work for past years, they can help other enterprises to have a wonderful tomorrow!


EME in China was originally set up in 2004. The company is supplying custom lighting resources, especially a chandelier to different countries. This is a wealth experienced manufacturer with a professional group that performs production and customization services to its global customers. They will ask for your ideas in order to create customized chandeliers regarding your specifications. Perfect chandeliers for industrial lighting and house lighting applications.


The ONETENTH LIGHT CO., LTD continues to be a reliable chandelier manufacturing company in China since 2017. Has wide expertise in the production, R & D, sales, and manufacturing of quality chandeliers. This company is one of the confirmed professional custom lighting manufacturers with the main office in Zhongshan City, China. They also implement an ISO9001-2000 quality administration system for customer`s additional assurance.


Since 2010-time of the company’s foundation, ZHONGSHAN MORE GOOD LIGHTING CO., LTD known as an expert exporter of custom lighting, including the chandeliers. They are capable to manufacture any kinds of indoor lightings regarding your demands. They also have the power to control each product`s quality, starting from selecting the materials to production and shipping of the product to your warehouse.


Early formed in 2011, Yenon(Orgy) Light Co., Ltd is popular for being a reliable manufacturer of chandeliers, lamps, and many more. All of the lighting solutions they provide are artistic, simple, and high-quality. The products they offer are fully certified by UL, CE, BS, VDE, EMC, and SAA. Up until now, they continuously provide the best quality lighting solution to their overseas customers along with better customer services.

6 Zhongshan Zhongsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Zhongsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd is currently located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. For more than 17 years of being a reliable exporter and manufacturer, they finally gained great partnerships from customers from around 50 countries. Monthly, their production line is capable to supply 30 pieces. The most recommended lighting developer in China.

7 Biedu Lighting Factory

Biedu Lighting Factory, mainly situated in Zhongshan City, Henglan Town of China, is a well-known manufacturer of chandeliers, lamps, and even lighting accessories. Their factory is exceptionally professional in creating the latest lighting designs and accessories. From selecting the best material to use up to the production and delivery process, trust Biedu Lighting Factory for superb services.


Guzhen City is the world`s popular lighting City in China, and it`s the City where GRACE LIGHTING FACTORY LIMITED is situated. The company specializes in producing, development, and marketing all types of lighting solutions, including chandeliers, lamps, and so on. All the lighting they offer received RoHS and CE certificates. Per month, new lightings from GRACE LIGHTING are produced and distributed around the globe.

9 Jianer Lighting Co., Ltd.

Previously called and named Sbicai Lighting Factory until it became Jianer Lighting Co., Ltd in 2010. This is a Chinese company, manufactures all kinds of exceptional lightings. In the factory, there`s a huge lighting selection you can able to choose from, in order to meet your project needs. After you chose, the next activity is exporting. Most of the lighting products are sold well in both the domestic and overseas markets.

10 DLSS Lighting Factory

DLSS Lighting Factory is located in the Lighting Capital of China, in Guzhen City. They have well-experienced employees and manufacturers devoted to the development, design, and market of high-quality decorative lightings. The company`s product line includes chandeliers, lamps, and so on. It comes with eye-catchy designs, elegant finish, modern and simple styles. Their lighting products are successfully exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and many others.

11 Zhongshan Zealamp Lighting Co., Ltd.

The factory of Zhongshan Zealamp Lighting Co., Ltd was started operating early in the year 2006. Totally engaged in the matter of development & research, production, and market of lighting solutions, such as chandeliers. They built their factory in Zhongshan City, China, providing their version of licensed lighting designs. Custom-made chandeliers are available in the factory for reasonable prices.

12 Rebecca Lighting Factory

Rebecca Lighting Factory is more focusing on producing all types of interior quality lighting, including chandeliers for a competitive cost. Top-class and modern chandeliers and other lighting are what you only avail in the factory. For 15+ years of experience in the field of lighting, they grow together with their skilled workers and staff. Rigorous item checking is done before the shipment.

13 Lamlux Lighting Limited

In China, Lamlux Lighting Limited is popular due to its expertise in manufacturing interior lighting designs, including high-quality chandeliers. Not only a manufacturer, but also the best exporter, designer, and developer you can rely upon. All the lightings have classic, unique and modern styles, a perfect addition to the hotel, home decoration, and villa applications. The designers working in the factory are equipped with creative ideas and long experiences. As a result, Lamlux wins global recognition through technology and innovation.

14 Myleda Lighting Technology Co., Limited

You can discover different lighting designs in Myleda Lighting Technology Co., Limited for an affordable price. The company adheres to the principle of “continuous development, service first, innovation and quality first to attain customer`s trust”. Their major objective is to provide perfect services, provide quality services and products for lower costs. Lighting solutions they offer are custom-made to achieve each customer satisfaction.

15 Well House Lighting Co., Ltd

Well House Lighting Co., Ltd in China is one of the world`s greatest Chinese lighting enterprises. They are capable and continuously engaged in LED lighting development, design, production, market, and services. It`s their pleasure and goal at the same time to provide customers with the highest quality services and tailor-made products. Their major products got approved by SAA, RoHS, CE, VDE, UL, and SASO standards, and certifications.

16 Camino Lighting Co., Ltd

One of the highly reputed companies located in the famous lighting capital in China, at Guzhen, Zhongshan City. Started in this industry nearly in 2012, the company offers customization services and specializing modern chandeliers, lamps, and other lighting fixtures. The lighting products got modernity and classic looks, perfect for outdoor and residential applications. Also, when talking about their customization services, they can manufacture the lighting regarding to your ideas, layouts, and specifications.

17 Wholestar Lighting Manufacturer Limited

Wholestar Lighting Manufacturer Limited built its own factory in Zhongshan City, China. Since then, they are known as a professional manufacturer of various interior decorative lighting, such as quality chandeliers. For how many years of effort in the industry, they turned into a marketing systematically industrial chain and most reliable factory. Production to shipment, they really ensure every product`s quality and safety for your satisfaction.

18 Vanluz Group

Aside from being an exceptional supplier, Vanluz Group can also manufacture and customize chandelier lighting according to the customer`s ideas. Each member of their group is well-experienced as well specialist in lighting productions. This group is very committed to supplying top-quality products to customers worldwide. However, all the lighting products are manufactured under the IQC, ISO9001, FQC, and IPQC standards.

19 Homelighting Company

All of Homelighting`s lighting products are designed and manufactured according to ISO9001 quality administration systems. Also, before the shipment process, the team makes sure to make strict inspections so each customer will receive 100% quality guaranteed chandelier lightings. Located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, known as the leading manufacturer for more than 20 years already.


HANNSTAR Industry Company Limited in China is the best-recommended manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality lightings, such as a chandelier. Founded in 2008, HANNSTAR built a good and strong connection with high praised manufacturers all over the world. Willing to make partnerships from other global enterprises, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and so on.

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