China Electronic Market

China Electronic Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about China electronic market.

Whether you want to learn about the size, types of electronics, how to find suppliers or quality checking process, you will find everything in this guide.

So, before visiting wholesale electronics market in China, read this guide.

How Big is China Electronics Market?

China Electronics market

China electronics market

China is known to be the leading producer of most if not all of the electronics such as televisions, computers, and mobile phones among others.

China has several big electronic markets that deal with electronics Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen being the largest of them all.

It is estimated than 90% of these electronic products are manufactured in China and sold to the world market.

In 2019 alone consumer electronic goods had a market size of 30 billion yuan.

However, from January to March 2020, the market size has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a 20.9 billion yuan drop.

What are the Best Electronics Products in China Market?

China’s electronics market offers a variety of electronic products you could think of.

If you are planning to import electronics for resale purposes, the cost is the main factor that you might be considering.

With proper analysis of the market, you will realize that there are several electronics that you can buy at cheaper prices and generate huge profits after reselling.

Here are some of the best and profitable electronic products you might consider importing from China include;

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Television and audio
  • Desktops
  • Headphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Tablets
  • Video games
  • Smart wearable’s
  • Lights
  • IC chips
  • Keyboards
  • Storage components
  • Power banks

There are no limits to finding any imaginable type of electronic product you could think of in this market.

Which is the Biggest Electronics Market in China?

Shenzhen is the leading city with several electronics markets in China.

Technology giants such as ZTE, Huawei, and DJI among others are based here not forgetting the millions of entrepreneurs and a variety of products you will come across.

HuaQiangBei is one such market in Shenzhen that is not only considered the largest electronic market in Shenzhen but also worldwide.

Tons of companies visit Shenzhen to source for electronic product components for their projects.

HuaQiangBei is located adjacent to Huaqiang Lu Metro station and it’s characterized by multiple floors each dealing with a specific range of products.

To get the most out of your shopping in this market, here are some tips for you;

  • Visit the market with a local
  • Purchase in bulk to get larger discounts
  • Take your time
  • Learn some basic Chinese language such as salutations, asking for receipts among others.
  • Compare different vendors in the market for the same product.

Why should you Buy Electronics in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is the place where most electronic companies from different parts of the world source their products from.

Shenzhen has gained so much popularity owing to the several benefits that come with purchasing electronics from Shenzhen.

Talking of benefits, let’s find out below;

Shenzhen electronics market

Shenzhen electronics market

  • A wide variety of products–Shenzhen is home to various markets with a diverse range of electronic products.
  • Quality– In recent times most of the top known brands such as Sony, Microsoft, and Apple just to mention a few have their manufacturing done in China.

This speaks a lot regarding the quality of electronics sold in Shenzhen as all these brands are known to produce quality products.

Keep in mind that you are likely to also come across low-quality products and therefore you need to be extra careful in your selection.

Uniqueness – Shenzhen electronic markets keep up to date with the latest trends in electronics and therefore expect to come across unique types of electronic products.

  • Customization – You can easily request for customization of your products and most if not all manufacturers are willing to do so.
  • Cost-effectiveness–The cheap labor and availability of raw materials in China result in low production costs.

Owing to this, the cost of electronic products in Shenzhen becomes unbeatable across the world.

  • Shenzhen has been in the electronic sector for a long period and therefore has incorporated smart logistics.

Meaning it shall be convenient for you when transporting your products from the market.

  • Most importantly, there are several warehouses located next to the port or the market. Therefore, you can securely store your cargo as they await to be shipped.

Which are the Main Wholesale Electronics Online Marketplace in China?

You don’t need to visit Shenzhen to purchase your goods.

If you are a small business and only need smaller quantities, purchasing from online platforms would be an option.

Several online marketplaces sell electronic products from Shenzhen electronic markets.

This makes it more or less the same as physically shopping from the market.

Nevertheless, purchasing from online platforms requires you to be extra cautious just like you would when physically shopping.

Carefully check the reviews and confirm the credibility of the seller before making any purchase to avoid being scammed.

That said, here are some of the main wholesale electronics online marketplaces in China.

  • Gear best –Gear best offers a variety of consumer electronic products as well as communication accessories together with apparel.

Prices here are extremely competitive and this explains why its widely known by many.

  • China brands –If you are looking forward to buying electronics in wholesale, China brands is a suitable website for you.

In addition to that, China brands ensure that their products undergo a thorough inspection to ensure quality is upheld.

Not forgetting the competitive prices offered by China Brand together with discounts to registered members.

  • China vision– A vision of a China-based wholesaler sparked the idea of starting China Vision.

Initially, China vision was targeting the B2B as well as B2C market fields.

Currently, it’s one of the leading wholesale electronic websites providing customers with quality products.

Additionally, customers get to enjoy 3 months quality guarantee on wholesale purchases.

  • Sunsky–Sunsky has its headquarters stationed at Shenzhen and mostly deals with the wholesale of game accessories, home and outdoor gadgets, mobile phones, and computer peripherals.
  • Dh Gate –DhGate is an online platform that links wholesalers and customers with small businesses.

It comprises of several suppliers selling different types of products and therefore you need to identify your suitable supplier.

Consumer electronics and computer peripherals are some of the products that can easily be found on this platform.

  • Plus buyer–If you are working on a budget, Plus buyer might be the ideal wholesale electronics Online Marketplace for you.

It’s an online marketplace that offers trendy electronics ranging from gifts, digital products, and consumer electronics among others.

In as much as you get the best price, some customers complain about the customer care service and quality of products sold here.

  • Chinaecarts– Spy cameras, tablets, cellphones, and Samsung/iPhone accessories are some of the electronics you will find in this online market.

The best part about buying from Chinaecarts is that you get to enjoy free shipping.

  • ePathChina–The main focus of ePathChina is wholesaling and drop shipping electronic products.

Some of the products found here are not limited to; cellphone accessories, home audio and video, LED flashlights, and batteries just to mention a few.

  • Chinazrh– Chinazrh not only deals with wholesale and retail but also dropshipping purchases. Digital cameras, cellphones, media players, electronic cigarettes, home audio and video, MP5 players, notebooks, and car accessories are some of the electronics you could purchase from this online platform.
  • Tiny Deal– tiny deal is known to sell consumer electronic products at cheap prices and with dropshipping.

Here, you can find items such as game gadgets, new and cheap android smartphones, and electronic gadgets among others.

Can you Trust China Electronics Market Online?

Yes, you can trust China electronic markets online.

However, you also need to be on the lookout for scammers and fraudsters.

Not all online electronic markets are trustworthy.

It’s very easy to get scammed online as compared to physically visiting the shop.

Therefore it’s always safe to ensure that you are dealing with a genuine supplier before commencing on any form of purchase.

Electronics on Alibaba

Electronics on Alibaba

How do you get China Electronics Wholesale Free Shipping Services?

The general rule of getting free shipping service is by purchasing your products in bulk.

Most if not all suppliers will be willing to provide this kind of offer once you buy huge quantities.

Bear in mind that some suppliers don’t offer free shipping.

In such an instance, you need to negotiate with them as by so doing you are likely to get a reduced shipping fee or free shipping.

Which are the main China Electronics Market?

There are several electronics markets in China.

If you are planning to shop for electronics in China, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou are the appropriate cities to visit.

Here, you will come across the following electronics markets;

  • Huaqiangbei electronic market– It is known to be the biggest electronic market worldwide.

Huaqiangbei also has several different markets and has most of the famous brands such as Apple, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and Nikon among others.

Some of the markets found at Huaqiangbei are not limited to;

I. SEG electronic market – The building consists of 71 floors with the first 10 floors occupied by wholesalers.

SEG electronic market mainly sells components such as; computer components, security electronics, and communication electronics just to mention a few.

II. Tong tian Di Telecommunication market– If you have a business dealing with phone repairs, this is the market for you.

You can build a phone directly from this market as it sells all mobile phone components you could think of.

III. Huaqiang electronics market – Being the second biggest electronic market in Huaqiangbei, expect to find any kind of electronic products in this market.

Some of the electronics you could purchase from here include; secondhand computers, electronic components, and computer assembly among others.

IV. Feiyang times mansion –Mainly deals with second-hand phones and it’s one of the places in China where you can purchase very cheap cell phones.

V. SangDa electronic market–SangDa electronic market deals with a diverse range of electronics such as; notebooks, repair centers, tablets, and computer accessories just to mention a few.

VI. Mingtong digital market –It is the best market to purchase basic phones specifically meant for communication only with no advanced features.

VII. Yuanwang digital market–Sells branded phones such as Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo, and Xiaomi at cheaper prices as compared to purchasing from their official websites.

Other products sold here include phone accessories such as screen protectors and phone cases among others.

VIII. SEG communication market – just as the name implies, the SEG communication market deals with communication gadgets.

The market is made up of three wholesale buildings and is mainly suitable for mobile phone accessories.

IX. Sun Asia electronic mall – It has several floors with various vendors selling microchips, semiconductors, electronic bits, capacitors, and bobs.

X. Pacific Security protection market– As the name suggests, this market specializes in security gadgets. These include; secret cameras, CCTV surveillance systems, traffic safety, home security, GPS, and monitoring equipment among others.

XI. Longsheng phone accessories wholesale center –just as the name implies, the main electronic products sold here are phone accessories.

Some of these accessories include;

memory cards, cables, power banks, phone cases, screen protectors, earphones, and earphones among others.

In addition to this, other electronic markets outside Huaqiangbei are not limited to;

  • Guangzhou TianheGangding computer market
  • Jing Hong electronic market
  • Shanghai SEG electronics market
  • New Asia international electronic & digital city
  • Lucky electronics market
  • Tianhe computer town
  • Guangzhou Xinlong second-hand phone computer market

How can you get the Best Prices in China Electronics Market?

There are several strategies you could implement for you to get the best prices for your electronics.

Allow me to take you through some of these tips you should use when importing electronics from China;

Phone accessories from China

Phone accessories from China

  • Purchase your electronic products in bulk –Most if not all Chinese suppliers are willing to offer larger discounts once you buy larger quantities.
  • Bargain –Bargaining is an art that every buyer needs to incorporate during their sourcing procedures.

Bear in mind that Chinese suppliers are aware of this and therefore they place the initial prices higher with an aim of bargaining and attaining their required amount.

  • Compare different vendors –Never settle after approaching a single supplier.

Ensure that you have enquired from several other vendors to compare the prices and types of electronics offered.

By so doing you can gauge which one is the suitable one for you.

  • Buy directly from the factory – Purchasing directly from the factory places you in a better position to get larger trade discounts when buying in bulk.

Additionally, it provides you with a great opportunity to negotiate with your manufacturer on your future purchases.

  • Working with sourcing agentsSourcing agents make your purchasing process much easier as they do all the sourcing work on your behalf.

Their experience in this field makes them identify the appropriate manufacturers with uneatable prices.

Not forgetting that they also negotiate on your behalf.

How do you check the Quality of China Electronics Products?

As most if not all of us know, China is the hub of various electronic manufacturing industries.

You can get any type of electronics you are looking for at different prices in China.

Both genuine and counterfeit electronics products circulate in the Chinese market.

As such, having the skill to check on your electronics’ quality is critical.

Let’s have a look at some quality checking tips below;

  • Check for the markings and labels –All electronic equipment have quality labels or markings. Some of these include; CE, RoHS, FCC, ASTM, FDA, GS, and UL among others.
  • Check whether your electronic products have quality certifications
  • Conduct inspection – Inspecting your electronics will not only help you identify quality defects but also safety and functionality faults.

Remember, there are several inspection companies in China that can help you achieve this.

What Documents do you need to Import from China Electronics Market?

Documentation is important when carrying out any type of import or export operations.

Before embarking on your importation of electronics from China, you will be required to have the following documents;

  • Insurance certificate – An insurance certificate offers protection to your goods against loss or damage.
  • Certificate of origin –A certificate of origin verifies that the electronics have been produced and manufactured in China.
  • Inspection certificate –It is a trade document issued by an inspection company to certify that the goods have been inspected and that they meet the set requirements.
  • Bill of lading–A bill of lading is a sales contract between the shipper and the freight carrier outlining important details required in the processing of the cargo.

It also serves as a receipt of goods that have been shipped.

  • Commercial invoice–A commercial invoice is a customs document that outlines the details of the cargo and amount due or rather the payment terms.
  • Import license – It is a legal document that is issued by a department of a state government verifying the entry of goods into the country.
  • Packing List – A packing list outlines details of the products in the shipment which include; weight, quantity, and description of the contents.
  • Sales contract –An agreement between the supplier and the buyer stating the terms of sale surrounding price or exchange of goods and services and delivery.

Which are the Leading Electronics Trade Fair in China?

Every year, China attracts thousands if not millions of people across the world to attend the various trade fairs held.

Among these trade fairs, there are electronic trade fairs that bring together several suppliers, and importers from all over the world.

The trade fairs are meant to provide a platform for both parties to buy and sell as well as creating business opportunities.

Some of the leading electronics trade fairs that should be on your list are not limited to;

  • China electronics fair
  • Canton fair
  • Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition
  • China Yiwu international Commodities Fair
  • Electronica China
  • Global source trade show
  • Appliance and Electronics World Expo
  • China electronics circuit exhibition
  • Hongkong electronics fair

Do Suppliers in the China Electronics Market offer Warranty?

Yes, they do offer a warranty.

All electronic products are sold with warranty and therefore if your supplier doesn’t provide a warranty it’s better to decline the purchase.

Nevertheless, this is what you need to know.

Most suppliers will do anything to their capacity and come up with arguments to evade any form of compensation.

Therefore a warranty is not always what you think it should be.

I mean it doesn’t always guarantee you refunds or compensation.

Keep in mind that Chinese suppliers work on a slim profit margin and therefore compensation would wipe out all their profits.

How do Shenzhen Electronics Market Prices compare to other China Electronic Market?

In Shenzhen’s electronic market, the suppliers are focused on wholesale and selling more products as compared to increasing profits.

In other Chinese electronics markets, this might be different in the sense that suppliers are more focused on increasing profits.

They would rather sell as a single product and get higher profits.

Also, the Shenzhen electronics market has cost-effective prices on the products sold as compared to other China electronic markets.

How do you Ship from China Electronics Market?

Most China electronic markets are located in Shenzhen which has proximity to the airport and port.

Shipping from China electronics market can be done through the following shipping methods;

· Sea Freight

Sea freight is the slowest shipping method yet the most cost-effective one to use especially when shipping bulky products.

With this shipping method, you will have to wait for weeks to receive your cargo.

The brighter side of it is that it saves you money as compared to airfreight.

· Airfreight

Among all the shipping methods, air freight is the most expensive method you could use to ship cargo.

In as much as it is the fastest, most importers only use it when sending urgent items as compared to shipping bulky products.

· Rail freight

Rail freight would be the suitable shipping method if you want a cheaper method than airfreight but faster than sea freight.

Just like sea freight, rail freight is another convenient shipping method for bulky goods.

To use rail freight, the destination country has to be connected to China by the railway transport network.

· Road Freight

Road freight is mostly applicable when transporting products from the market to the port or from the destination port to your warehouse.

However, just like rail transport, shipping through road is limited to countries connected to China by rail transport network.

Apart from these four shipping methods, shipping companies also play a role in ensuring that the delivery of goods is successful.

Some of the shipping companies include FedEx, DHL, EU, UPA, and TNT.

Which Quality Certification Market should Check in Electronics Products in China Market?

All electronic products must have quality certifications as most if not all country have this requirement.

Some of the main quality certifications are not limited to;

  • CE certification
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
  • RoHS (restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
  • CCC (China Compulsory Certification)
  • CQC (China Quality Certification)
  • RED (Radio Equipment Directive)

Laptop charger with quality marks

Laptop charger with quality certification marks

Do Cheap Electronics mean Low Quality in China Electronics Market?

No, they don’t.

China is one of the countries where you are bound to come across all kinds of electronics whether cheap and counterfeit, cheap and quality, second-hand, or expensive products.

Owing to the many options at your disposal, you need to first decide on what you want.

Keep in mind, not all quality products come at higher prices.

Some scammers use this to trick you into purchasing a “quality” gadget due to its higher quoted price. Only for you to later discover that the product was a knock off.

You need to do your homework and identify ways in which you can verify the quality of different types of electronics that you are searching for.

This way, you might end up getting quality products at the best prices.

How do you choose the Best Supplier in China Electronics Market?

A good supplier might determine whether or not your whole importation processes will be a success.

Finding a suitable supplier might seem challenging especially to any newbie in the importation industry.

Now that you’re here, let me give you some tips on how you can choose the best supplier in China electronic market;

  • The fast and easiest way to choose the best supplier would be through using a sourcing agent.

Apart from sourcing products for you, sourcing agents are responsible for identifying the best supplier for their clients.

  • Check the length of experience – A supplier who has been in the game for years will have more experience and know-how on how to do work as expected as compared to new suppliers.
  • Check the certification –Ensuring that you are dealing with an authorized supplier is crucial as it also determines the quality of products sold.
  • Request for the supplier’s references to determine the safety of your business with them.
  • Ask for a sample product and identify if he or she is reluctant. A good supplier won’t have any problems sending you a sample product.

Can you use Dropshipping when Buying from China Electronics Market?

Yes, you can drop ship when buying from China electronics market.

Most if not all Chinese suppliers you will find in the market are into wholesaling, dropshipping or retailing businesses.

How much does Warehouse Cost in China Electronics Market?

The cost of warehouse storage can range from as low as $1 to as much as $120 per cubic meter.

Generally, the storage cost is low in Shenzhen and therefore it would be a good place to establish your warehouse facility.

The cost of a warehouse in China electronics market varies depending on the following factors;

  • Space occupied
  • Type of storage
  • Type of warehouse

If you’re looking into working with freight forwarders, they will be responsible for finding a suitable warehouse for your products.

Why Hire Sourcing Agents when Buying from China Electronics Market?

Sourcing agents come in handy when doing any type of importation.

Let us find out more below;

  • Sourcing agents will identify a suitable supplier for your products.
  • They also negotiate on prices on behalf of you.
  • Sourcing agents reduce the probability of being scammed as they have the skill to easily spot scammers.
  • You will not have to worry about the language barrier as sourcing agents will bridge the gap between you and your supplier.
  • China has several electronic markets and this makes it hard for any newbie to navigate through. Sourcing agents select the best ones for you thereby reducing the time consumed in the market.
  • Sourcing agents keep track of your goods until they are delivered to the shipping warehouse.
  • They are versatile and therefore can promptly solve any arising issue with the suppliers to safeguard your goods.

How do you Pay Suppliers in China Electronics Market?

There are several payment methods accepted by Chinese suppliers.

However, some of them might pose a risk to either or both parties and therefore as a buyer, you need to make a wise selection.

Here are some payment methods you could use when paying your suppliers in China electronic market;

  • Letter of credit
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • PayPal
  • International credit cards
  • Western Union
  • Online escrow
  • Cash

Among the payment methods, a letter of credit is the best payment method, especially when making big transactions.

Telegraphic transfers are also widely accepted by most suppliers.

Nevertheless, both you and the supplier will be subjected to risks.

Owing to this, most suppliers request for a deposit beforehand to minimize their risk.

PayPal is suitable for smaller transactions and the fee increases with the size of the transaction.

Most suppliers dislike Paypal due to the higher transactional fees involved.

Western Union and online escrow are also ideal when making small transactions.

However, you need to be extra careful when using these methods as they are a target for fraudsters.

Western union puts you at risk as it offers little protection once payment is made.

Therefore, it’s advisable to use this payment method if you trust your supplier.

International credit cards are widely accepted by Chinese suppliers.

Keep in mind that they also a target for scammers and fraudsters.

That said, you need to verify that you are dealing with a genuine supplier before making any transaction.

Cash payment leaves you at risk of losing money in case you are not satisfied with your products.

Not forgetting that you will also need to incur currency exchange costs.

All in all, it’s a good payment method accepted by most suppliers.

What are the Opening Hours for China Electronics Market?

Most markets open from 9am and close at 6pm every day of the week.

However, some stay open up to 10 pm.

Keep in mind that most if not all markets remain closed during Chinese public holidays.

Hence, when planning your visit it’s important to factor this prior.

When is the Best Time to Buy from China Electronics Market?

The best time to make your purchases would be some minutes after shops open (9:30am) to allow the vendors to do some cleaning.

Also, you shouldn’t stay up to when shops close as traffic builds up around that time.

For that reason, if you want to evade traffic it’s better to leave earlier.

Is China Electronics Market the Biggest in the World?

Yes, China as the biggest electronics market globally.

If you are looking forward to starting an electronic business or you own one, China’s electronic market is the ideal place to shop from.

Any type of electronic is sold here at unbeatable prices and so you are set to increase your business profit margins.

Is Hong Kong Electronics Market part of China Electronics Market?

Yes, it is. HongKong electronic market is part of China electronics market and it’s located around 10km from Shenzhen.

However, the two markets differ in terms of prices, product categories, market size, and manufacturing capacity.

Do Chinese Holidays affect China Electronics Market

Yes, they do. During Chinese holidays, most of the shops remain closed and therefore it’s important to check on the dates before visiting China electronics market.

How do you Package Electronics when Buying from China Electronics Market?

Proper packaging of electronics is crucial in ensuring that your products arrive in one piece.

The following are some tips you could implement when packaging your electronics;

pacaging TV for shipping

Packaging TV for shipping

  • Secure the batteries for shipping – Cover the batteries with an insulating material that doesn’t conduct heat to avoid any hazardous occurrences.
  • Use proper shipping materials such as air pillows, corrugated cartons, and newspapers just to mention a few.
  • Separate cords from other accessories. This prevents the cords from tangling with other products in the packaging.
  • Follow the product manual as some manufacturers will provide a guide on how some electronics are to be packaged.

Can you Find Original Electronics from China Electronics Market?

Yes, you can find original electronics from China electronics market.

Big brands such as Apple, Nikon, Sony, and Huawei have their factories in China.

This means that you could easily get original products from these markets.

However, be ready to stumble upon counterfeits in the market as well.

Having the skill to differentiate these two is key or otherwise, you might consider working with an agent to avoid purchasing knockoff products.

How do Freight Forwarders help you to Import from China Electronics Market?

Most importers would choose to work with freight forwarders owing to the several benefits that come with it.

  • Customs clearance is one of the hectic processes you will have to encounter when importing electronics from China. Freight forwarders make your work easier as they take care of all your custom clearance procedures.
  • Freight forwarders are responsible for securing a warehouse for your goods.
  • The versatility of freight forwarders makes them reliable as they can solve any emerging issues with immediate effect.
  • Working with freight forwarders allows you to switch between shipping options if the need arises as they are quite flexible.
  • Cost-effectiveness –Freight forwarders secure unbeatable deals for your shipment on your behalf.
  • Last but not least, the delivery time of your goods is guaranteed when working with a freight forwarder.

With this information, am sure you can definitely get all electronics you need in China electronics market.

And, as a leading freight forwarder in BanSar will help you with all your packaging, custom clearance, warehousing and shipping needs.

Contact us today for better rates.

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