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Bansar handles exporting goods from every port in China out to the rest of the world. Having been the leading shipping agent in China for over 10 years, we have gained rich experiences in operating many kinds of shipments, such as dry container goods, mix cargo goods, OOG (out of gauge) goods, DG goods, personal goods, Amazon FBA goods, etc.

We are familiar with Chinese customs policies, guaranteeing a smooth and successful release of goods. Bansar can also handle customs clearance in other countries, even you are an individual business owner.

china sea freight shipping agent
Bansar provides the best global shipping service and competitive ocean freight rates from China for both FCL and LCL shipment goods.
china air freight shipping agent
Bansar has contracts with some airline companies, ensuring prices lower than most on the market.
Door to Door Shipping from China to USA
Bansar has been providing door-to-door shipping service for many years. So, we have experience in handling customs clearance in China and overseas. Even if you have personal orders, you do not have to worry about customs clearance.
shipping from China to Amazon FBA
Bansar provides professional shipping service from China to Amazon FBA warehouses by sea, by air, and by railway. Specifically, for LCL shipment goods and shipment by air to FBA, we have warehouses in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Ningbo to gather and consolidate your shipping goods from different suppliers. Meanwhile, labelling, repacking, and photo report services.
cheapest shipping from China to US
Whether for ocean freight, air freight or rail freight, Bansar always give you the best shipping rate based on your goods detail.

FCL Shipping Agent in China

Bansar offers great ocean freight and different shipping schedules from carriers for global shipments from China.

LCL Shipping Agent in China

Bansar provides shipping service for LCL shipment goods, and we charge a lower destination rate.

Additional services for shipping from China

Pickup and Delivery
Pick up your goods in any city of China with better truck fee.
Shipping to Amazon FBA
Arrange your shipment to Amazon FBA for any of your goods in China.
Warehousing Distribution
We provide free warehousing services for your goods.
Cargo Insurrance
Cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to the United States.
Custom Clearance
We handle all paperwork and other details for you.
Loading Inspection
Ensure safe packaging and loading of goods in your suppliers factory.
We can also handle courier from China to the United States.

Your Best China Shipping Agent

  • Offer rich experiences in handling many kinds of shipping goods
  • Provide a consolidation service for your goods from different suppliers
  • Provide the best shipping solution by sea, by air, and by railway
  • Provide the competitive freight rate from any port in China by sea and by air
  • Provide the best loading solution to save container space and shipping cost
  • Provide free warehousing services
  • Pick up service in any city
  • Take care of paperwork
  • Provide 24/7 online support

If you are looking is for a reliable shipping agent in China, Bansar is your premier choice. Bansar is a professional freight forwarder in China and provides all shipping options from any city of China.

Whether you are E-commerce sellers on Amazon, eBay, or you are importing goods from China for your other business, Bansar always can give you the best shipping solution. Send your inquiry now and let Bansar be your reliable shipping agent and partner in China.

China Shipping Agent: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are importing from China, you will definitely need China shipping agent.

They make shipping from China easy, simple and cost effective.

That’s why today I will answer all questions people have been asking me about China shipping agent.

Read this before you import anything from China.

Who is a China Shipping Agent?

To start with, a shipping agent is someone who represents a ship owner and carries out duties with the general interest of his or her client in mind.

Therefore, a Chinese shipping agent refers to a Chinese who performs such tasks in a port of choice.

Shipping agents will take care of tasks such as managing custom clearance, local operations, costs, and any other duty as directed by their clients.



Is China Shipping Agent the same as China Freight Forwarder?

No, they are not.

A China freight forwarder is a person or a company that is responsible for shipping products on behalf of the importer.

Not only do freight forwarders arrange for shipments but they also find the best rates for their clients.

On the other hand, a shipping agent refers to a person who is responsible for handling any essential shipment and cargo duties on behalf of the ship owner.

Which Logistics Services do China Shipping Agent Offer?

China shipping agents come in handy in several ways in the shipment industry.

Some of the logistics services that you will benefit from are not limited to;

  • Booking cargo space– Shipping agents will make sure that they have secured a space for your goods before the shipment begins.
  • Goods collection – Chinese shipping agents also assist in the collection of your goods from your supplier to the port.
  • Planning the stowage – With a China shipping agent, you will not have to worry about the storage of your goods.

China shipping agents take care of all the planning regarding the storage of your shipment.

  • Freight documentation –Every type of freight requires documentation which is a crucial necessity in the import/export business.

However, China shipping agents have made this process much easier as they handle your documentation.

This includes signing and issuing the bill of lading.

  • Loading and unloading of goods – This is a crucial stage for any importer as it determines whether or not your goods will arrive on time.

With a Chinese shipping agent in place, expect the process to be much easier and smooth.

  • In addition to these, if by chance you choose the sharing of containers but you have no experience on how to go about it, using a Chinese shipping agent would be the ideal option.
  • Last but not least, all your customs clearance can be easily taken care of by Chinese shipping agents.

Is it Profitable to use China Shipping Agent when Importing from China?

Yes, it is.

Get to imagine this; you are an amateur in the import/export industry.

Loads of goods are waiting to be taken to the port and you have no clue how to deal with the customs or shipment procedures.

This might not only lead to delays but also losses in your business.

To escape such stressful instances, China shipping agents come in handy to ensure that your shipment procedures flow smoothly.

This in turn accrues profits for your business since your goods will arrive in good time.

In addition to that, using a China shipping agent will prevent you from encountering several scammers during your shipment.

What should you Consider when Hiring Alibaba Shipping Agent?

When hiring a shipping agent, there are important factors that you need to put into consideration.

This also applies to hire Alibaba shipping agents.

Some of these factors are not limited to;

  • Customization – It’s advisable to choose a shipping agent who can customize the services you need.

This can be a door to door service, choosing a shipping container suitable for your cargo or packing services offered for your cargo.

Having a shipping agent who will accommodate all your needs will save you from having to search for different shippers for different services.

  • Cargo tracking –Advancement in technology has created a way in which shipping companies can track your cargo.

This helps you get the necessary information needed at any given time.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your Alibaba shipping agent can provide this service to you.

  • Clear and transparent pricing – It’s also important to consider clarity and transparency on pricing when it comes to your shipment.

Choose a shipping agent who will be able to provide proper assistance when need be.

You should be aware of the total amount charged before shipping commences.

  • Certification –There are several fake shipping companies in the import/export market. To avoid falling into such traps, ensure that you are dealing with a certified shipping agent. Conduct your research before settling in your preferred shipping agent.
  • Safety record –in as much as there might be companies offering cheaper services, you need to choose wisely. It’s better to pay a little bit extra for the safety of your shipment. As the saying goes, cheap might turn out to be expensive.
  • Reliability –Not only will a reliable shipping agent build your business reputation but also contribute to its growth.

Therefore, choosing a shipping agent that can provide timely delivery and efficient communication will ensure that you also meet your customer’s expectations.

  • Stability –One way to tell whether a company has stability is by finding out how long they have been in operation.

The more they have been in the market the better.

This assures you that in case of any inconveniences they can withstand it without adverse effects on your side as the importer.

 Why Should you have Shipping Agent in China?

Shipping agents come in handy in several ways.

Here are some reasons why you should work with a shipping agent in China.

China shipping line

China shipping line

  • Custom clearance –With a shipping agent in China, you will not have to worry about the documentation of your cargo.

Shipping agents ensure that customs clearance is done on time together with making payments on your behalf.

  • Effective communication –English is not a primary language spoken in China. Therefore you might experience language barriers when dealing with Chinese businesses.

Shipping agents play an important role in communication as they can understand and negotiate on prices.

Through them, you can receive clarified information concerning your shipment as often as needed.

  • Economical –You are bound to spend less when using a shipping agent in China as compared to when using your supplier.

If you choose to use your supplier to carry out the shipment work, the probabilities of you paying for inflated costs are high.

  • Time-saving –Not only is having a Chinese shipping agent cost-saving but also time-saving.

With their experience and expertise, they can effectively perform their work in the expected period.

  • Not forgetting that your shipping agent will also work with your supplier to ensure that your goods are collected and transported to the port.

What is the difference between China Sourcing Agent and China Shipping Agent?

China sourcing agent refers to a company or an individual who outsources products on behalf of the importer.

China sourcing agent

China sourcing agent

In simpler terms, he or she buys products on behalf of the importer.

On the other hand, a shipping agent is a person responsible for handling shipments and carrying out all necessary duties regarding the shipment.

A shipping agent represents the ship owner.

Are there Disadvantages of Working with China Shipping Agent?

Yes, there are.

Here are some of the drawbacks you might encounter when working with a China shipping agent;

  • At times, your shipping agents might lose some of your goods. This can blow a huge negative impact on your business and reputation.
  • You will not be at complete ease until your shipment arrives. This is because you have entrusted a stranger to take care of your shipment.

It is normal for any importer to experience this.

Can you Ship from China without the Help of Shipping Agent?

Yes, you can.

However, if you are an amateur in this industry, you should be prepared for a more tedious and stressful process.

Some of the key challenging problems you might encounter include communication, language barrier, and scammers.

Also, ensure that you have everything in place including documentation needed.

Good luck!

Which Documents Will China Shipping Agents Require to Facilitate the Shipping Process?

As most of us know, Documentation is crucial both in export and import processes.

Some of the documents used by China shipping agents include;

Importing documents

Importing document

  • Quote –A quote is meant to provide the total costs of the shipment procedures.
  • Bill of lading –A bill of lading provides details about the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being shipped.
  • Packing list – Just as the name implies, a packing list outlines the type of goods together with the volume and quantity of each of the items.
  • Commercial invoice– A commercial invoice facilitates your goods getting through customs and serves as a proof of sale.
  • Certificate of origin –A certificate of origin verifies that goods have fully been manufactured, produced, and obtain from a particular country.
  • Product certification – Product certification verifies that your goods have passed both quality and performance tests and meet the required standards.
  • Shipper’s letter of instruction – As the name suggests, a shipper’s letter of instruction outlines all instructions from the shipper on how the goods should be handled.
  • Dangerous goods forms –A dangerous goods form should be issued in cases whereby your goods are known to be hazardous. This facilitates cautious handling of your shipment.

How does China Shipping Agent Reduce Importation Cost?

Importation can be a costly venture.

However, with a good shipping agent, you can be able to save on some costs.

One way through which China shipping agents reduce importation cost is by optimizing the packaging.

Once your goods have been packed, some packaging might leave spaces that otherwise could be used to package another item.

Instead of paying for a space that hasn’t been occupied, they repackage it.

This not only saves on packaging and import cost but also warehouse costs.

Another method used to reduce shipping costs is by consolidating the goods.

By this, I mean smaller packages are kept in a huge single package and shipped all together.

Not only is this method cost-efficient but it also improves quality control and reduces damage risk.

Proper planning of the route is another way through which China shipping agent reduce importation cost.

The shortest route will not only save on costs but also reduce the delivery time.

How do you Find China Shipping Agent?

Finding a Chinese shipping agent shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

What you should be thinking about is finding the appropriate shipping agent.

Here are some ways through which you can find your shipping agent in China.

  • Websites –Websites such as Alibaba and Made in China are some of the platforms where you can identify your preferred shipping agent.
  • Research –Google is one big platform to research from. There are several shipping agents in China and through proper research, you will get to identify and select them from Google.
  • Expo’s –Attending trade expos will expose you to several shipping companies and agents.
  • Visiting China- In case you are planning to visit your manufacturer in China, you can as well visit China shipping agents. By so doing you will create a stronger bond for any future shipment processes.
  • Another way to find shipping agents would be via social media platforms. This can be through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook among others.

Which Shipping Methods can you use when importing from China?

There are four main shipping methods to use when importing from China;

· Airfreight

Airfreight is the fastest shipping method and therefore would be the go-to option when importing urgent or perishable goods.

However, it’s pricier as compared to all other shipping methods.

If you are planning to cut costs, water freight would be the best option.

In as much as it has slow delivery time, it is the most cost-effective shipping method when transporting goods over longer distances.

It’s also the appropriate one when shipping bulky goods.

Rail transport is limited in terms of the areas covered by the rail network.

Therefore, for you to use rail transport when importing from China, your country has to be bordering China.

Rail freight is also an ideal option when transporting bulky goods.

It’s a great alternative to road transport.

Last but not least, road transport must be present in any form of shipment in one way or the other.

Road transport is normally used when moving goods from the supplier to the port and from the unloading port to the importer’s warehouse.

Not forgetting that some freight forwarders offer door to door services and this is definitely through road freight.

How much will you Pay China Shipping Agents for their Services?

The cost of a China shipping agent ranges from as low as $35 to as much as $75 or more.

Keep in mind, you are bound to encounter both cheap and pricy shipping agents.

The key factor here is to keenly look beyond the price more so when it comes to a cheap shipping agent.

Ask yourself what service they don’t offer that other shipping agents might offer.

Perform your due diligence to avoid getting into serious shipment problems afterwards.

What is the difference between China Shipping Agent and Carrier?

A China shipping agent is a person who takes care of all shipping and cargo duties on behalf of the ship owner.

On the other hand, a carrier refers to a company responsible for transporting goods for a company or an individual from one place to another.

How does 3PL compare to China Shipping Agent?

As compared to a China shipping agent, Third-party logistics otherwise known as 3PL provides more supply chain services.

Not only do they offer freight forwarding and freight management services but also carrier services until your goods arrive.



Do China Shipping Agents Handle the Custom Clearance Process?

Yes, they do. China shipping agents will assist you when passing your goods through customs.

Here are some roles they will perform on your behalf;

  • They will make payments of taxes and duties
  • Shipping agents will also submit all the paperwork to the officials.
  • They will also help in transactions involving customs

Can China Shipping Agent help in Quality Control?

Quality control is mainly done by quality control inspectors.

The inspection company assesses the goods to make sure that they conform to the stated requirements.

Additionally, Third-party logistics (3PL’s) can also get all your logistics services done including quality control.

Can China Shipping Agent handle the Logistics Process in my Absence?

Yes, they can.

China shipping agents are also responsible for handling your logistics.

This includes packaging, transportation of goods, and shipment among others.

With a China shipping agent, you don’t have to worry much about your logistics processes.

How do you Verify China Shipping Agents to avoid Scammers?

Owing to its vast manufacturing industry, China has a huge saturation of both shipping agents and manufacturers.

That said, you need to be very cautious when choosing your shipping agents to avoid scammers.

Here are some quick tips to consider when verifying your China shipping agent.

  • Check whether your shipping agent is licensed. If your agent tells you that the license is under renewal, be patient, and wait until it’s done or move on to the next.
  • Be on the lookout for shipping agents who communicate through personal emails.

A genuine shipping agent has a professional email and a website too.

  • Confirm how long they have been in operation. You could do this by researching online or requesting for a few documents from them.

If by chance they hesitate to clarify your queries mark that as a red flag.

At BanSar, we are here to make your importing process effortless and affordable.

Contact us today for free consultations on shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, and many more.

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