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China Shoes Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy from China shoes market, then read this guide.

It will help you get trusted shoes supplier and quality shoes from China.

Besides, this guide will also help you save money and time when importing shoes from China.

Let me take you through everything – keep reading.

Which are the Main China Shoe Markets?

Most if not all of us know that China is home to several shoes wholesale market.

Some of the main shoe markets you will find in China are not limited to;

China shoe market

China shoe market

  • Yeuhe Shoes wholesale market
  • Xiang Hao Pan shoe market
  • Guangzhou metropolis shoe city
  • Bayun Tiandi Footwear wholesale market
  • Jiahao hardware accessories shoe wholesale market
  • Guangzhou Euro commercial Plaza shoe city
  • Dadushi shoes wholesale market
  • Hualigong shoes wholesale market
  • Chengdu shoes city
  • Wanhao Foortwear Accessories wholesale market

Xiang Hao Pan shoe market is the leading and the best market to purchase shoe materials not only in Guangzhou but also in China.

How Big is China Shoe Market?

China’s shoe market is steadily rising every year with several markets scattered all over China.

China is a key player on a global scale when it comes to the manufacture of shoes.

Guangzhou is one city that has several leading shoe markets in China.

In 2020, it is estimated that footwear revenue has amounted to $66,102m and this is projected to increase annually by 6.4%.

Apart from Guangzhou, Yiwu should be the next on your list of the cities to purchase shoes from in china.

Expect to find any type of shoe or shoe accessories in China whether genuine or counterfeit, cheap, or pricy just to mention a few.

This explains why several shoe importers choose China as the go-to place when it comes to shoe importation.

Why Buy from China Shoes Market?

China shoe market has gained popularity among several shoe importers owing to the following pros;

  • Varieties – Anything related to shoes can easily be found in China.

Talk of the diverse designs, sizes, shoe accessories, and materials used just to mention a few.

You get to choose among the hundreds if not thousands of shoe varieties available.

  • Cost-effectiveness – This is one of the top reasons why importers choose to purchase from China.

Shoes in the Chinese markets are sold at a good price not forgetting that you are offered room for bargaining too.

Meaning not only will you buy at the best prices but also end up making with huge profit margins in your business.

  • Uniqueness – Due to the stiff competition in the market, every supplier tries to ensure they are up to date with the emerging trends in fashion. Therefore, you are likely to come across several unique shoes or shoe accessories when shopping from the China shoe market.
  • Customization –Most if not all manufacturers offer customization services. Luckily or unluckily, this mostly falls in favor with large scale purchasers. Keep in mind that most manufacturers focus on a larger production. Therefore, producing less than what their machines are accustomed to might result in losses.
  • Quality – You can purchase quality shoes from China and this depends on how well you maneuver through the market.

As known by many, China is a place of counterfeits too.

What most people don’t know is that big shoe brands such as Nike and Adidas also have their manufacturing units in China.

That said, you can as well shop for quality shoes from China.

Do proper research and work with the right people during your sourcing process.

Which Types of Shoes can you Import from China?

You can import several types of shoes from China whether, for children, men, or women.

All are available in the market.

Here are some of the shoes you might consider importing from China;

 Types of shoes

Types of shoes for women

 Types of shoes for men

Types of shoes for men

  • Sandles
  • Boots
  • Sports shoes
  • Heels
  • Flat shoes
  • Court shoes
  • Lace-up shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sneakers
  • High tops shoes
  • Brogue
  • Jelly shoes
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedges
  • Canvas shoes
  • Kids shoes
  • Industrial shoes
  • Official and casual leather shoes

In addition to these, you can also import shoe parts or materials together with semi-finished products.

What are the Challenges when Buying from China Shoes Market?

Just like any other market or business, expect to experience some challenges when sourcing for your products.

Let’s have a look at the key challenges you should be prepared of;

  • Language barrier – The language barrier stands to be the topmost challenge that any importer needs to be prepared for before landing in China.

Most Chinese are not proficient in English and therefore communication might be a huge problem.

That said, most importers opt to hire sourcing agents to take care of the purchasing and negotiation processes.

Knowing the Chinese language plays a crucial role when purchasing from any market in China.

  • Scammers –Encountering scammers in the market shouldn’t be a surprise more so in China where there exist thousands of markets.

To avoid falling for such traps, always ensure that you confirm the credibility of your supplier.

Also, take note of products that sell at a very cheap price as they might cost you a lot sooner or later.

  • Low quality products –As a businessman, quality should be your topmost priority.

Talking of quality, China is known to have both quality and low-quality shoes that circulate in the market.

For that reason, you need to know how to select the best from the rest.

If you don’t have skills in selecting shoes, you can consider hiring a sourcing agent to assist.

You hack these skills and your business is set for a striking growth.

  • Unavailability of some products in stock – Not all products are kept in stock by suppliers.

For some, you will need to order some days or weeks before you get your shoes.

This might cause delays that might hurt your business.

Why do you need a Sourcing Agent in China Shoes Market

If you’re in the import/ export business, having a sourcing agent will relieve you of several uncertainties.

Here is why;

  • Language barrier – Sourcing agents bridge the language gap between you and your supplier.

All sourcing agents can communicate in both English and Chinese hence making the communication smooth.

  • Product sourcing – With a sourcing agent, you will not have to worry about how and where to purchase your shoes from.

Sourcing agents have established networks with several manufacturers and suppliers and therefore can easily get your products.

Not forgetting that they know the best suppliers in the market hence can secure quality products.

  • Checks on your products – A sourcing agent will run checks on your shoes to ensure that they meet your required specifications.
  • Reduce the probability of getting scammed – Having gained much experience and expertise in their industry, sourcing agents can easily site a scammer.
  • Assist you to navigate through the market – It might seem difficult to navigate through the several shoe markets in China.

Leave alone identifying the best supplier for your specified products.

Sourcing agents save your time and assist you to navigate through these markets quite easily and faster.

How can you get the Best Prices in China Shoes Market?

Every buyer’s goal would always be to purchase a product at the best price possible.

Whether for business or personal consumption, it will play a key role in increasing profits or saving.

For you to get the best prices in China shoe market, you need to be aware of the following tips;

  • Bargain – Bargaining is the key to every satisfactory purchase.

Start from the lowest price possible, probably less than half of the initial price.

Negotiate with your supplier until you reach an agreement.

Keep in mind that all Chinese suppliers offer room for bargains and therefore it’s important to practice this.

  • Make bulk purchases – Most if not all manufacturers or suppliers will offer huge trade discounts on bulky purchases as opposed to smaller ones.
  • Work with sourcing agents – Sourcing agents have the skills and expertise in negotiating with suppliers.

Not forgetting their widespread networks with several suppliers.

This way, they can easily secure the best prices for your products at any given time.

  • Purchase directly from the factory– Buying your shoes directly from the factory eliminates any middlemen.

This means expenses will be minimal and therefore prices of products will be lower.

How do you Ship from China Shoes Market?

Once you’re done sourcing for your shoes or shoe products, shipping should be your next concern.

Shipping from China shoe market can be done via four main methods;

  • Airfreight – Airfreight is best suitable for urgent items. The reason being the shipping costs incurred are higher.

However, your products get to be delivered faster.

  • Sea freight – Sea freight is the slowest shipping method and the commonly used one by most importers.

The main perk of using sea freight is its affordability and ability to ship large bulky products.

  • Road freight – Faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight, road freight is the only shipping method applicable in every other shipping method.

What I mean is, you will need to use road freight to transport your products from the market to the port.

Besides, you will also use road freight to transport your goods from the delivery port to your warehouse.

However, this shipping method is limited to countries that share the road transport network with China.

  • Rail freight –Rail freight would be the best substitute for sea freight.

This is because not only is it suitable for transporting bulky products but also it’s faster than sea freight.

Just like road transport, rail transport would be ideal for countries that share the rail transport network with China.

Additionally, companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT ensure that your goods are successfully delivered.

Is there MOQ when Importing from China Shoes Market?

Yes, there is MOQ.

The minimum order quantity differs from one supplier to the other.

It’s important to note that the MOQ also varies depending on the model, color, and size of the shoe.

For instance, the MOQ per color might range from 500 to 1000 pairs.

On the other hand, the MOQ per size will be 250 to 500 pairs.

The MOQ per model is the highest, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 pieces.

Small businesses and startups liaise with traders to get a lower MOQ.

How do you Check the Quality of Shoes in the China Shoes Market?

Performing quality checks is an important step in any purchasing process.

For you to run a successful business, quality should be your topmost priority.

Here are some ways that you could implement when checking the quality of shoes in China shoe market;

  • Check the sole of the shoes and confirm that they are sturdy enough.

They shouldn’t allow any sharp object pierce through and should offer comfort.

  • A simple task such as checking the spelling of the name will tell you a lot about the shoe quality.

Counterfeits or rather low-quality shoes might have misspelled names that are hardly noticed.

  • The insole and arch should provide sufficient support.

Furthermore, it’s important to confirm that the sewing on the removable insoles is neatly done.

Poorly done seams are a sign of low-quality shoes.

  • If your shoe heels are glued, be on the lookout for any gap that might facilitate the soles to peel off.
  • Looped threads, uneven stitches, and visible glue are a sign of low-quality shoes.

Which are the Leading Shoes Manufacturers and Suppliers in China Shoes Market?

With several manufacturers and suppliers in China shoe market.

It might be quite a hassle identifying the ideal one for your products.

To make your search even easier, here is the list of leading shoe manufacturers and suppliers in China shoe market;

 Types of sports of shoes

Types of sports shoes

  • Yue Yuen industrial Limited
  • Belle International holding limited
  • Camel apparel Limited
  • Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co.Ltd
  • Daphne International Holdings Limited
  • Anta Sport products limited
  • Red Dragonfly
  • Li-Ning
  • Anta
  • Spider king
  • Yearcon
  • OLICOM shoes
  • AMC shoes
  • Xiamen Biyate Trading
  • Siaqi sports

Which are the Leading Online China Shoes Market?

Apart from the physical markets present in China, you could also choose to shop online for your products.

Let’s have a look at some of the leading online China shoe markets below;

How long will it take to Ship from China Shoes Market?

It would take around 2 weeks to 4 weeks when shipping via sea freight and 2-3 days when using airfreight.

Remember, the delivery time could also be affected by the factors listed below;

  • Public holidays –Most businesses remain closed during public holidays therefore is important to note this when planning for your shipment.
  • Mistakes in documentation will result in delays.
  • Weather conditions – Bad weather conditions might delay the shipping vessel.
  • The shipping method used – Some shipping methods are slower or faster than others.

Why use Freight Forwarder when Buying from China Shoes Market?

As a frequent importer, you might not see the need for a freight forwarder.

However, if you are not yet conversant with importation operations, you might probably consider seeking assistance from a freight forwarder.

Here is why;

  • Cost-effectiveness – Freight forwarders have established networks with several carriers hence they negotiate prices on your behalf.
  • Versatility – Freight forwarders come up with quick solutions in the event of any unforeseen situations.
  • Flexibility – Working with freight forwarders allows you to switch between options. They are fast to adapt to any changes regarding your shipment.
  • Securing warehouse space – Every shipment needs storage space once purchased. Freight forwarders will secure a warehouse for your goods up to the time they are delivered.
  • Custom clearanceCustom clearance involves a lot of paperwork and could end up being quite tasking.

With a freight forwarder, you will continue with your routine activities as they take care of your customs.

  • Goods are delivered on time – just like any other business, freight forwarders work on a tight schedule to ensure that customer satisfaction is upheld.

They work to meet the customer’s deadlines hence your goods will be delivered on time.

How do you Pay Suppliers in China Shoes Market?

Chinese suppliers accept a range of payment methods from buyers not excluding;

  • Telegraphic transfers –Telegraphic transfers are widely accepted by most suppliers in China.

Both you and the supplier face risk and due to this most suppliers will request a deposit beforehand.

If you choose this method, using an online broker would not only get you better exchange rates but also process faster.

Telegraphic transfers are suitable for low to medium-sized transactions.

  • International credit cards –International credit cards are not accepted as much as telegraphic transfers.

Keep in mind that most fraudsters target this method and therefore it’s not the safest.

In addition to that, most suppliers in China don’t accept credit cards.

This is due to poor payment infrastructure for processing the transaction, especially for U.S credit cards.

  • Letter of credit-If you are making big transactions, this is the ideal payment method for you.

A letter of credit is the best payment method you could use when paying Chinese suppliers.

As if that’s enough, a Letter of credit has no risks for you and your supplier.

  • Western Union –Just like international credit cards, western union is also a target for fraudsters and scammers.

Additionally, the traceability of your transaction is next to zero. Unless you trust your supplier, this should not be a payment method to rely on.

  • Online escrow – Once you make the payment, it is held by a third party until you receive your goods. Online escrow is ideal for small transactions.
  • PayPal – the reason why most Chinese suppliers don’t advocate for use of PayPal is due to the high amount of fees.

The bigger the transaction the higher the fees charged.

  • Cash – Cash payment is accepted by most Chinese suppliers.

However, it might be quite challenging to recover money in case you are dissatisfied with your goods.

That said, the buyer is at higher risk as compared to the supplier.

Which Documents do you need to Import from China Shoes Market?

Documentation is a crucial part of any type of import/ export business.

When importing from China shoe market, ensure that you have the following documents in check;

Shipping documents

Shipping documents

  • Insurance certificate –An insurance certificate is meant to protect your shipment against damage or loss.
  • Inspection certificate –After your goods have been inspected, you will be issued an inspection certificate by the inspection company. This certifies that your shoes have met the set standards.
  • Packing List –A packing list contains all the details about the contents of the shipment. This includes the amount, sizes, and weight of each item packed.
  • Certificate of origin – To verify that your shoes have been manufactured and obtained from China.

You will be required to provide a certificate of origin.

  • Commercial invoice – It is a document issued by the seller to the buyer outlining the price, name, and quantity of the shipment.

A commercial invoice is also used to calculate tariffs and serves as proof of sale.

  • Pro forma invoice – It is a trade document prepared by the exporter that provides cost estimated and describes the products purchased.
  • Sales contract – A sales contract is an agreement between the supplier and the buyer on the terms of sale. It keeps a record of transactions between the buyer and the seller.
  • Bill of lading – A written document issued by a carrier that outlines important information regarding the processing of the shipment.

A bill of lading is also used as a receipt of shipped goods.

How much does Renting Warehouse Cost in China Shoes Market?

The cost of renting a warehouse in China shoe market has been on the rise due to the emergence of more industries.

This has led to costs shooting to as much as $5 in the last 10 years in cities such as Guangzhou.

Normally, the rental storage costs are measured as per every square meter.

It can cost as low as $1 to as high as $12 per square meter to rent a warehouse.

Keep in mind that the costs might vary owing to a couple of reasons such as;

  • The total space required –The more space the higher the fee.
  • The type of warehouse – Some warehouse is designed to provide extra amenities that further shoot the storage fee.
  • The type of storage – Different types of goods will require different storage. Take for instance perishables and shoes. Perishables might require refrigeration while shoes don’t. Therefore this will affect the cost of rental storage.

When is China Shoes Market Opened?

China’s shoes market normally opened from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

This excludes public holidays as most businesses remain closed during such occasions.

If you are planning to visit the market, make a point of arriving from 9.30 am to allow the vendors to finish their cleaning routines.

Also, getting done before closure time is important if you want to evade crazy traffic during the pick hours.

Should you Buy from China Shoes Market or Factory?

You can either choose to buy from China shoe market or the factory.

However, this is what I have to tell you.

If you are planning to buy in bulk, the ideal option would be purchasing directly from the factory.

The reason being, not only will you get huge trade discounts but also enjoy the several benefits that come with bulk purchasing such as customization.

Not forgetting that you will have the opportunity to directly bond with your manufacturer and further negotiate future deals.

Is China Footwear Market the Largest in the World?

Yes, it is.

For the longest time, China has been a key player on a global scale when it comes to footwear.

Not only does it top the manufacture of footwear but also it is the leading exporter of footwear globally.

The average annual growth rate is estimated to be 7% through the year 2020.

Nevertheless, the rising competition from South East Asian countries is challenging the footwear industry in China.

How do you Identify Fake Shoes in China Shoes Market?

When shopping from China shoe market, having the skill to identify fake shoes is a plus.

  • Very cheap prices – In as much as you can purchase anything from China at cheap prices, beware of very cheap prices.

The too good to be true kind of price.

Original shoes are not cheap and therefore if you are presented with a price that is half of your expectation, the shoe might be fake.

  • Misspelled names – It might be difficult to notice spelling mistakes as they appear to look similar to the names on original shoes.

However, with extra attention to details, you might notice that a letter is missing or letters have been interchanged.

  • Check the show style – In most cases, you will notice that original shoes will differ from fake shoes in terms of colors and color shades.
  • Check the weight – fake shoes are manufactured using low quality raw materials and therefore they end up being heavier.

Original shoes are designed to be lightweight to ensure comfort while walking.

  • Check whether the SKU number in the box is the same as the one on the shoe label.

In case you notice any missing letter or the numbers do not match there’s a high probability it is a fake shoe.

Do China Shoes Market Suppliers offer Branding Services?

Yes, they do.

Most shoe suppliers are willing to offer branding for your shoes or shoe accessories as either ODM or OEM.

With ODM (original Design manufacturer) a company manufactures the shoes and thereafter you brand them.

On the other hand, with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) a company produces parts and components that are used in the manufacture of another product.

A good example would be purchasing shoe accessories that will be used as components in the manufacture of shoes.

How do you Buy Shoes from China Wholesale Suppliers?

You can choose to buy shoes online or offline from China wholesale suppliers.

Choosing offline would mean that you physically visit the market and identify your preferred supplier.

Alternatively, you might choose to research online for your supplier and thereafter head to the market.

Once you identify your supplier, the next step would be letting them know what you want and negotiating on prices.

After this is accomplished, the production process can kick-off, or rather you can make an order and your goods shall be delivered.

On the other hand, buying shoes online from China wholesale suppliers has been made much easier thanks to the following platforms;

  • Alibaba
  • Aliexpress
  • Chinabrands
  • DHgate
  • Made In China

Once you access these sites, several wholesalers will be displayed on your screen.

All you have to do is choose the one that best suits you and contact them.

After contacting your supplier, they will get back to you and after negotiations, you will reach a mutual agreement.

It’s important to request for sample product before starting the production process just to confirm your order specifications.

If the shoes are already in stock, you will make an order and wait for your shipment to be delivered.

Keep in mind, you need to factor in shipping costs in your budget too.

Can you get Designer Shoes in China Shoes Market?

Designer shoe

Designer shoe

Yes, you can get designer shoes in China shoe market.

Some of the big shoe brands such as Nike have their manufacturing units in China.

Therefore, you can easily source designer shoes from this market.

Nevertheless, not all shoes that appear to be designer shoes are original.

Some are counterfeits and so you need to have proper skills in identifying such.

How do you Find Quality Shoes in China Shoes Market?

China shoe market has all types of shoes; talk of original, fake, expensive, cheap, unique name them.

With all the diverse varieties available in the market, it might be quite challenging to identify quality shoes.

If you are good at shoe inspection, then this might not be quite a hassle.

Here are some ways you can find quality shoes in China shoe market;

  • Use sourcing agents – using sourcing agents would be the easiest and fastest way to shop for quality shoes.

Sourcing agents have experience in the market hence can easily select quality shoes on your behalf.

Not forgetting that they have established networks with several suppliers thereby making the entire process faster.

  • Check the reviews -Checking the reviews of the supplier before purchasing might save you from future disappointments.
  • Purchase from a well-known brand – A famous brand or supplier is geared into ensuring that they maintain their clients.

To accomplish this, they ensure that they don’t compromise the quality of their products.

In addition to that, well-known brands have experience in the industry and therefore you are guaranteed quality.

The best part – you don’t have to worry about how you will ship your shoes from China.

BanSar China offers the perfect freight forwarding solution when importing from China shoe market.

Contact us now if you want to make importing from China effortless and cost-effective.

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