China Toys Market

China Toys Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re exploring China toys market, this guide will help you get the best prices.

Whether you want to know about the safety of Chinese toys, quality marks, regulations, material types or location of the toys market – they are all here.

Read this guide to avoid losses, time wastage, and unnecessary inconveniences.

Is it Safe to Buy Toys from China?

Yes, it is.

In as much as China had been on the limelight regarding some low quality toys, there exist several manufacturers who can get you safer toys.

However, you can never be sure and believe that all toys are safe.

Always ensure that you are dealing with a certified manufacturer to avoid falling into a mess.

The main toxic ingredient in toys is Lead.

China requires that all consumer products contain a maximum of 90 parts of lead per million.

China Toys

China Toys

By so doing, children are safeguarded from the harmful effects of the chemical materials used to manufactures toys.

Therefore, it’s also advisable that you ensure proper quality control of your toys before importing from China.

Quality inspectors and freight forwarders could come in handy in performing this task.

How do China Toys Factory Control Quality?

There are a couple of ways through which most China toy factories control the quality of their products.

The first step to manufacturing quality toys is the use of quality raw materials.

Chinese factories ensure that the raw materials used not only meet the required standards but also are of high quality.

Also, conducting lab tests has proved to be an essential step when manufacturing quality products.

The reason being in the past, low-quality toys had been found to contain a high amount of lead which is harmful to human health.

Owing to this, China requires that all factories of consumer products not to exceed 90 parts of lead per million.

Therefore, not only is the quality of toys upheld but also safety.

Chinese factories also control quality by allowing rooms for corrections.

Take, for instance, you purchase your products and afterward discover some defects.

Therefore, by allowing for corrections, importers can have their product defects sorted out before being released from the factories.

Remember once your toys have been released from the factory it’s hard to follow up with all the corrections required.

Which are the Top China Toys Market?

China has several markets for everything and therefore if you are planning to purchase toys here are the top wholesale markets you might consider.

· Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

Yiwu Toys wholesale market is not only huge but also offers a wide variety of toys at much-discounted prices.

If you are planning to visit this market, head over straight to building 1 as this is the central location to find toys.

Here, you will come across thousands of suppliers selling different types of toys including inflating toys, regular toys, electronic toys, and fabric plush toys.

· Guangzhou Toys Wholesale Market

If you have happened to attend the Canton Fair, you must be familiar with Guangzhou.

If not, Guangzhou has 4 toys wholesale market namely;

  • Zhonggang Boutique toys Wholesale Market Guangzhou – in front of International Yide Stationery & Toy Plaza you will find Zhonggang Boutique toys wholesale market.

The main products sold here are stationery industries and toys.

  • Liwan toys wholesale market –Covering an area of 2000 square meter, this market contains over 80 stalls inside it.

Some of the toys to purchase from here include; Electronic toys, stuffed toys, voice control toys, and remote control toys.

Address; No. 36-38, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Liwan District.

  • Wanling plaza Guangzhou –Wanling plaza is known for its toys and stationery.

The toy markets start from the ground floor up to the 4th floor of the building.

  • International Yide stationery & Toys Plaza Guangzhou – Guangzhou Toys wholesale market is located in Guangzhou city in Yide Toys and Gifts wholesale center.

Here, you will find more than 1200 stalls with several suppliers of different toys.

· Shantou Toys Market

Shantou is a toy exhibit mall comprising of over 8000 suppliers.

The main toys sold here are plastic toys and are of much higher quality.

Owing to this, you are bound to pay more for toys in this market as compared to other toy markets.

Also, the MOQ is much higher.

On the other side, instead of dealing with middlemen, you will be making your purchases directly from the factory.

· Zhengzhou Toys Wholesale Market

Zhengzhou toy wholesale market is located in Zhengzhou city near Zhengzhou train station and it’s well known for having low prices on toys.

In addition to that, the MOQ is also lower and this explains why there are low-quality toys in this market.

China Toys Market

China Toys Market

· LingyiYongxing Toys Market

Lingyi is considered the largest toy market in North China.

With over 4000 wholesalers, the market is divided into three main parts which deal with different types of toys.

  • Area A – inflated toys, children’s bicycles, and electronic toys
  • Area B – Plastic toys
  • Area C – Plush toys

· Baigou Plush Toys Market

If you are planning to purchase toys at low prices, you should make a stop at Baigou plush toys market.

In as much as low prices attract low quality; you might end up getting out with quality toys from this market.

With a little extra effort.

The market has a total of 380 suppliers selling toys on a wholesale and retail basis.

· YangjiangWutinglong International Toys Market

Just as Baigou plush toy market, YangjiangWutinglong toys market sells plush toys(stuffed toys).

It is one of the biggest plush toys market in China with more than 2,500 shops.

The products sold here are purely plush toys, plush gifts, and plush materials.

The good news is you can purchase as little as a single product from this market.

Meaning, the MOQ starts from zero.

Nevertheless, expect the price of a single unit to cost more as compared to the wholesale price.

· Yunhe Wooden Toys Market

Located in Zhejiang province, Yunhe wooden toy market mainly consists of factory dealers.

As the name implies, the toys sold here are made of wood.

There are several shops with some factories displaying their toys on showrooms.

Therefore, you can easily choose your preferred toy and directly make an order.

As I mentioned earlier, you are bound to find both quality and low-quality toys in China.

Therefore, here is a quick tip;

  • Be cautious of cheap toys. There’s a high possibility of getting low-quality toys as a result of purchasing them at very cheap prices.

When negotiating with your manufacturer weigh the price and options carefully.

If your manufacturer insists on a certain price avoid getting too low as this will force them to minimize their production cost.

Meaning, they will go for the cheapest materials to meet your budget thereby compromising the quality of your toys.

  • Quality can as well be compromised as a result of unclear product specifications.

Always ensure that you communicate what you want without leaving any single detail.

How Big is Toy Industry in China?

China leads in both manufacturing and exportation of toys worldwide producing over 70% of the world total.

The market size of toy manufacturing in China stands at $41bn with close to 10,000 manufacturers in the industry.

Some of the top companies with the largest shares in the toy market include;

  • NanhaiHongjing Co Ltd
  • Goodbaby Group
  • Nanhai Sino-U.S.A Toy Factory
  • Lerado Group Market Share
  • Alpha Group Market Share

With the advancement in technology, the demand for toys is shifting from decorative and traditional toys to electronic toys.

China’s potential growth has led to the emergence of both domestic and international toy manufacturers.

This has in turn led to the expansion of the toy industry over the years.

Which Quality Marks should Toys from China have?

One of the main quality marks found in all Chinese toys is the CE mark.

The CE marking confirms that the toy conforms to the EU directives.

This includes environmental, health, and safety standards.

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is another quality mark that you need to ensure your product complies with.

Failure to include this mark might result in your goods being held at the border or further enough returned to the sender.

Additionally, before printing the CCC mark on your products, always ensure that you already have the certification.

Failure to this attracts penalization of your products or subjection to fines.

Should you buy Wholesale Toys China on Alibaba or Toy Factory in China?

Kids Toys on Alibaba

Kids toys on Alibaba

You can either choose to purchase your toys from Alibaba or a toy factory.

However, this is what I have to say.

toys directly from a factory have greater benefits as compared to purchasing from Alibaba.

Here is why;

  • Competitive prices –Alibaba has both manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore the prices can be higher if you purchase from a supplier as compared to making direct purchases from the factory.
  • Build stronger bonds –As you buy direct from the factory, you can negotiate on prices one on one with your manufacturer.

In the process, you end up building stronger bonds for any of your future purchases.

  • Reducing the risks – The probability of getting scammed in Alibaba is higher as compared to purchasing directly from the factory.

Don’t get me wrong, Alibaba is not a scam, the only thing you need to know is that you should not expect all vendors to be genuine.

Just like any other online business platform you know, some scammers will try to get it the easy way.

If you are making big purchases especially for a longer period, buying directly from the factory is the ideal option.

What determines China Toy Prices?

China is known to be the leading producer of toys worldwide.

Wondering why this is so, one of the main reasons why most toy importers choose China is due to the competitive prices.

You could purchase a toy and sell it at thrice the buying price.

This is a steal!

Nevertheless, getting to understand why the prices are so affordable is not difficult.

The main determinants of toys prices in China are;

Kids toys on alibaba

Kids toys on Alibaba

  • Cost of raw materials – China acquires most if not all of its raw materials locally and therefore these impacts the general prices of products including toys.
  • Quality –Quality is a key determinant of the toy prices in China.

You are bound to come across both quality and substandard products when purchasing from China.

The higher the quality the pricier the toys and vice versa.

  • Availability of cheap labor –China’s huge population immensely contributes to the cheap labor for the manufacturing industries.

Owing to this, the products manufactured go for cheaper prices as compared to other countries.

  • Size – Bigger toys cost more as compared to smaller ones due to the extra cost incurred in the production process.

What are the Most Popular Toys in China?

With the many types of toys in China, you might find it difficult deciding on which toys to purchase.

To make your selection easier, here are some of the popular toys in China;

  • Plush toys
  • Building and construction toys
  • Dolls
  • Baby and Infant toys
  • Remote control toys
  • Games and puzzles
  • Sports and outdoor play toys
  • Activity toys
  • Ride-on vehicles
  • Arts and crafts
  • Model vehicles

Why is Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market Popular?

Yiwu is the largest commodity wholesale market worldwide and Yiwu Toys wholesale market is part of it.

One of the reasons why Yiwu toys wholesale market is popular is due to the many varieties of toys available.

And that’s not all; the toys here are sold at relatively cheaper prices.

In addition to that, Yiwu toys market keeps up with the current trends in the toy industry every single day.

Therefore, if you’re planning is to purchase trendy toys at the best prices, this is the ideal market for you.

Are there Regulations that Control Toy Manufacturing Industry in China?

Yes, there are regulations.

One of them surrounds the use of lead and any chemicals on toys.

China requires manufacturers to use a maximum of 90 parts of lead per million.

This is because lead is considered hazardous.

Therefore, to ensure that kids are not exposed to such, manufacturers are required to abide by this regulation.

In addition to that, all toys need to meet the required standards.

Therefore, manufacturers need to have the required certifications, licenses, registrations, and marks on their products.

How do you Import Toys from China?

Importing from China is such a profitable business and this includes importing toys from China.

First, you need to decide on what type of toys you want to import.

Choose the type of toys that will bring your business.

Having done that, identify your manufacturer.

Visit the prime areas as this guarantees you that the manufacturers there are experienced in production.

Getting the right manufacturer is the key factor as this will ensure a smooth flow of operations in the production process.

Clearly outline what you want in terms of quality, quantity, designs, and any other feature you want.

Make sure that you acquire the necessary documents including tax for your import.

To save on costs, it’s always advisable to import large quantities.

After your products are ready, you can choose to ship them via air, water, sea, or rail freight.

Airfreight is the fastest yet the most expensive among them all.

It is ideal for shipping urgent products.

In as much as sea freight is the slowest, you will hugely save on costs.

Rail and road freight are applicable when shipping to countries that share borders with China.

This is because the rail and road networks only cover such countries.

However, these two methods will be applicable when transporting products from your manufacturer to your port of choice.

In case you need assistance in shipping your toys, Freight forwarders are available to make your work much easier.

They shall advise you on the favorable options surrounding shipping and take care of every shipping process until you receive your goods.

Hiring freight forwarders will have you continue with your day to day activities without worries of your shipment.

Important tips and tricks when shipping from china;

  • Never import unlicensed toys as this might cause complications afterward.
  • Importing in bulk will save you money as compared to small purchases.
  • Beware of scammers in the import/export industry therefore be keen on who you engage in Business. Properly do your research before embarking on any agreement.
  • You will spend more when using a supplier to take care of your shipment as compared to hiring a freight forwarder.
  • Always request for a sample product before the actual production process begins

How much Duty will you Pay when Importing China Toys?

You will pay an import duty of 17% when importing toys from China.

The import duty is calculated on the total cost of the toys, insurance cost as well as the cost for shipping.

It’s important to have full knowledge of all the extra expenditure that you might incur before you import your toys.

How do you Barging in China Toy Market for Best Prices?

One of the benefits of buying from China is that the suppliers and manufacturers are always willing to lower their prices.

Almost everything is negotiable in China.

Keep in mind that the prices of commodities in China are already affordable.

Therefore, to effectively have your manufacturer agree to your prices, here are some secrets to bargaining in China;

Toys in Yiwu Market

Toys in Yiwu Market

  • Start from the least price you can. This can mean less than half the price being proposed by your manufacturer.

By so doing you create enough room to maneuver your way to your desired price.

Always take your time; nothing hurts more than starting at a high price and the manufacturer agreeing too quickly.

  • Learn some basic Chinese phrases. This does not mean that you will directly get a huge discount on your items.

By including some Mandarin phrases in your conversation you put your seller into a smiley and relatable mood.

In addition to that, your seller might also think you are not new in the market therefore he or she might start from a “lower” offer.

  • Another trick would be to walk away. Once you have negotiated on the price but still haven’t agreed on your maximum price, make the last offer and start walking away slowly.

Not fast, walk as if you are looking at the surrounding vendors.

Commonly, you will be called back but if not then move forward to the next and hope for a better price.

  • Never empathize with your seller –Many are the times you shall come across sellers who will try to make you reach their price through empathy. For instance, you might hear” my family won’t feed today” or “I did not even get this at half the price you are paying”.

All these are just psychological bargaining games that are meant to force you to feel sorry and buy the product at the seller’s price.

No worries, play your cards cool and respond with something like “I know.

But now I can’t afford to catch a train back leave alone having dinner!”.

  • Don’t express too much interest- This is another rule for bargaining. Expressing too much interest shows the seller how bad you want the product.

Therefore, the bargaining might not yield much.

Let the seller know that you can either take it or leave it.

Why do you need Sourcing Agent when Buying from Wholesale Toy Market in China?

Sourcing agents come in handy in several ways especially if you want your purchasing to flow smoothly.

Here are some reasons why you might need a sourcing agent;

  • Sourcing agents identify a suitable manufacturer or supplier for your products.

They ensure that they get a manufacturer who will produce quality products for you.

  • In addition to identifying a supplier, they also negotiate with the seller to get you the best prices on your toys.
  • A sourcing agent is like your business partner and therefore he will ensure that the toys are of good quality as per your requirements.
  • English is not spoken by many in China and this might hinder successful business deals. Sourcing agents can communicate clearly in English and the local language.

Therefore, they easily secure great deals with manufacturers.

  • With a sourcing agent, you can continue with your day to day activities without having to worry about your purchasing procedures.
  • Sourcing agents eliminate the probability of being scammed.

Since they have experience in the industries they are aware of all the ins and outs of the business.

Therefore, be sure to find a trusted manufacturer for your products.

  • Finally, the main aim of any importer is normally sticking to the budget. Sourcing agents help you achieve this as they eliminate the use of middlemen and being offered foreign prices other than normal prices.

What are the Limitations of Buying from Wholesale Toy Market in Yiwu?

In as much as Yiwu might be a heaven for toys, here are some drawbacks of buying from this market.

  • Quality issues –Since Yiwu is known to have cheap products, the probability of getting low-quality products is high.
  • Less control over customization –Most sellers in Yiwu consist of traders and not factories. As a result, it will be difficult to customize your toys to your liking.
  • Language barrier –Most Chinese people are not familiar with English and therefore communicating with the sellers might be quite challenging.

Why are Chinese Toys Popular?

Not only are Chinese toys unique and cheaper but also the materials used to manufacture them are safe.

In addition to that, there are several designs to choose from both traditional toys and trendy ones.

All these contribute to the popularity of Chinese toys worldwide.

What is the MOQ in China Toys Market?

The MOQ varies from one manufacturer or supplier to the next. Smaller toys have a higher MOQ as compared to larger toys.

Some toys have an MOQ of one piece whereas others have as high as 1000 units.

However, you can negotiate the MOQ with your manufacturer.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that it should be fair for both parties.

It’s difficult for Chinese manufacturers to lower their MOQ without them benefiting in one way or the other.

Therefore, you need to weigh options well so that your manufacturer agrees with your proposal.

What Materials are used for Toy Production in China?

Some of the main materials used to manufacture the different types of toys in China are not limited to;

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Metals
  • Fiber
  • Cotton

Keep in mind that chemicals might also be used in the manufacture of some toys.

Some of these chemicals include; lead, PVC, Cadmium, Chlorine, arsenic, and BPA.

Due to this, China has some regulations on the use of chemicals to ensure the toys produced are not harmful.

Also, it’s advisable to have your toys inspected just to confirm if your toys conform to the safety standards.

How does China Toy Market compare to Global Toy Market?

China is ranked the top country in the manufacture of toys as it produces 70% of the world’s toys.

When making global comparisons, China generates the most revenue out of toys.

In the year 2010, the export value of toys shot up to 29.4% as compared to 9.9% in the previous year.

In the same year (2010) the European toy market declined to third place.

China’s market can maintain its competitive nature due to factors such as; cheap available labor, availability of raw materials, and a variety of designs available among others.

As compared to China, it might be difficult for some global markets to achieve some of these factors as the wages might be higher.

Additionally, the availability of raw materials might be a challenge and that’s why China takes the lead.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder when Importing from China Toy Market?

A freight forwarder is someone in charge of making sure that all your shipping processes run smoothly until you receive your goods.

There are a couple of reasons why several importers choose to work with freight forwarders.

Some of them include;

  • Cost-saving –Freight forwarders easily negotiate prices with carriers in turn securing the best prices for you.
  • Versatility –Freight forwarders respond to unforeseen circumstances with immediate effect.

They work to make sure that they have met deadlines and the shipment process goes on smoothly.

  • Guaranteed arrival time –Freight forwarding is a profession on its own and therefore freight forwarders ensure timely delivery of your goods.

From planning to transportation freight forwarders will handle your cargo until you receive it.

  • Warehousing -In case of any delays in shipping, freight forwarders provide storage for your goods in a warehouse.

This also applies when your shipment lands in a foreign country.

  • Custom clearance –With a freight forwarder, you don’t have to worry about passing your cargo through customs as they will have it done.
  • Flexibility –Freight forwarders can quickly adapt to any changing situation. You can easily change your shipping options without much of a hassle.

To make the shipping toys from China easy and simple, BanSar will handle all logistics operations for you.

Whether you want free container, warehousing facilities or customs clearance, we are the best freight forwarder you can count on.

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