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Importing Clock Parts from China 1
Bushes Clock Parts
Importing Bushes Clock Parts from China

When you need to import Bushes Clock Parts, China manufacturers and suppliers can always meet your needs. Jiangsu has the most supplier who helps importers about the shipping process.

Clock Barrel Parts
Importing Clock Barrel Parts from China

China can help you in finding the best types of Clock Barrel Parts that you are looking for. Even if you don’t know any manufacturers, Shandong is right for you. Shandong and Jiangsu provinces have the best suppliers in China.

Clock Hands Parts
Importing Clock Hands Parts from China

If you are looking for a trusted Clock Parts supplier and manufacturer for your business, China has the most leading supplier and manufacturer in Guangdong. They have a lot of cost-effective supplier of Clock Parts you’ll love.

Clock Mechanism Parts
Importing Clock Mechanism Parts from China

China referring Clock Mechanism Parts supplier to anyone who has the capability to provide all the customers need.  Finding a classy suppliers and manufacturers in China will help you save money and effort.

Metal Washer Clock Parts
Importing Metal Washer Clock Parts from China

If you are importing from China, you can find a verified and experienced manufacturer in Guangdong province. Hundred of manufacturers that manufacture top quality Clock Part products, in China. You should find a supplier who can provide all your needs.

Hour Wheel Clock Parts
Importing Hour Wheel Clock Parts from China

Come with fast shipping and excellent customer service about importing Clock Parts products. Trusting suppliers in Zhejiang is the best choice. China suppliers and manufacturers can always provide you durable products of Clock Parts and other mix orders.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Clock Parts from China?

Sea Freight from China to 2 14
Shipping Clock Parts by sea is one the most hassle-free and one of the most efficient and timely freight shipping services.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
If you need your Clock Parts urgent, then Air Freight transportation is your best choice. Find a good supplier and make a better packaging of your Clock Parts.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Shipping Clock Parts by rail is an effective method for transporting commodities. Faster than land transportation, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 1
Door to Door helps you saved money. Think it through, the additional charges you need to pay for the door-to-door service isn’t costly as compared to the combined expenses you’ll spend commuting to the courier service center and the recipient’s expenses when picking up the package.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Next Clock Parts Shipping

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  • Tracking shipping goods on time

Best 20 Clock Parts Manufacturers in China

1 Yingtan Dongfang Watch and Clock Parts Co., Ltd

Founded in 1993, Yingtan Dongfang Watch and Clock Parts Co., Ltd is a professional clock parts supplier and manufacturer. ISO9001 certified company located in Jiangxi, China, occupying an estimated 25,000 square meter factory area. This company employs professional managers and technical teams with long-term layout and performance.

2 Changsheng Clock Manufacturer

With more than 25 years of history, Changsheng Clock Manufacturer dedicates itself as a clock parts manufacturer situated in Jieyang, Guangdong Province. They are competent in producing clocks parts and other related products with various designs based on customers’ requests. At present, their products enjoying a great reputation in many countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc.

3 Zhangzhou Singa Commodity Co., Ltd.

Zhangzhou Singa Commodity Co., Ltd. is a reputable clock parts manufacturer with more than ten years of expertise in the field. Specialized in manufacturing insert clocks, hands, clock music box, clock fittings, chess clock, OEM clock tooling, and metal toolings, etc. All products have CE, RoHS quality certificates. Your one-stop-shop solution when it comes to your clock parts needs.

4 ZhangZhou HSD Clock Co., Ltd

Located in Fujian, China, ZhangZhou HSD Clock Co., Ltd is an experienced clock parts supplier and manufacturer with more than 9 years of effort and development. Throughout the years, they established good business relationships with different professional buyers worldwide. They have strong technical force, advanced machinery that guarantee 100% satisfying products and services.

5 Shenzhen Congsu Optoelectronic Company Limited

Established in 2006, this company is one of the best manufacturers of clock parts headquartered in Guangdong, Shenzhen. Assisted by more than 300 employees willing to help you boom your business. Most of the products are qualified with CE, FCC, RoHS international standard certificate. You can ensure the quality, durability at the best price.

6 Guangzhou Holiker Industrial Co., Ltd.

Started in the year 2014, Guangzhou Holiker Industrial Co., Ltd is your one-stop solution to your clock parts and accessories needs. They also offer OEM services that can meet your demands and specifications. Guangzhou Holiker Industrial Co., Ltd. strives to be the most trusted clock parts manufacturer in China.

7 Zhangzhou HEYU Electronics Co., Ltd.

Located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, this company was founded in 1998, and continuously serving many customers around the world. With years of development and management experience, they obtained strong technical support, specialized in product R&D, production, and sales of various products including clock parts. This is certified with RoHS and CE international quality standards.

8 Zhangzhou Tongyuan Electronic Co., Ltd.

For over 20 years of experience, Zhangzhou Tongyuan Electronic Co., Ltd. becomes trustworthy and reliable in manufacturing clock parts and other product headquarters in Fujian, China. Currently employs 101 – 200 People with professionalism and a great experience. Obtained great services and products at a very affordable price here in Tongyuan Electronic.

9 Conda Clock Limited

Having accumulated 25 years of experience, Conda Clock Limited gained a good reputation in the foreign and domestic markets. Specialized in producing a wide range of products namely: clock face, Clock hands, skeleton movements, etc. All of these are CE-certified and compliant with the RoHS Directives. Get the outstanding quality of products here!

10 Zhangzhou Longwen Yuefeng Trading Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the line of the clock mechanism, wall clock, clock movement, clock insert, art clock fit, etc. All products are manufactured with good quality at a reasonable price. Integrates product research and development, design production, and sales. They introduced advanced manufacturing equipment and high-precision testing devices that meet the higher needs of customers.

11 Zhangzhou Shuangjixing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Built in the year 2004, Zhangzhou Shuangjixing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional clock parts manufacturer with ISO9001:2015 Management System Certification. Employs more than 55 skilled and hardworking team of experts, provides a solid guarantee for the quality and services at a very competitive price.

12 Jieyang Sambo Clock Manufactory

ISO 9001 certified company located in Jieyang City Guangdong Province. Jieyang Sambo Clock Manufactory is a premier clock parts manufacturer established in 2010. All products are distributed to many countries in Europe, Taiwan Area, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa. They received good feedbacks for reliable products and services.

13 Dongguan Mingyi Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010, Dongguan Mingyi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. dedicated itself to producing a wide array of products including clock parts. They obtained the ISO9001: 2015 certificate and now continuously integrates great development and strict quality management. They exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia and now striving to build a strong business relationship with you.

14 Hengshui bonsheng mechanical and electrical products trade Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009, Hengshui bonsheng mechanical and electrical products trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in China. Throughout the years, Hengshui bonsheng mechanical and electrical products trade Co., Ltd obtained a high reputation for its high-quality solution, excellent service at the most competitive price. They can handle the designing and production of various products such as clock parts, machinery accessories, etc.


ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14000: 2015 certified company willing to assist your needs in clock parts products. They are capable because they have the efficiency, accuracy, experience, technology, and reliability to get the job done immediately. All parts can be customized according to the customer′s drawings and designs.

16 Dongguan Heng-Rong Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of clock parts, wall clocks, clock movement, etc. established in 1999. They mainly focused on modern production technology, pragmatism and innovation, and sincere cooperation to guide the improvement of their company. They have the technical capacity to create the best and excellent products.

17 Fuzhou Faithreach Import And Export Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Faithreach Import And Export Co., Ltd is engaged in designing and manufacturing high-quality clock parts and watch parts In China. Over years in the business, their excellent operation will ensure your project safe and always get great service. Trusted by different clients for they have an advantage from design ability, product quality control, and best customer service.

18 Longhai Cheng Zhan Electronics

If you looking for durable clock parts, you can rely on Longhai Cheng Zhan Electronics. With more than 18 years of experience in design research and development, you can guarantee the customers’ confidence and satisfaction. You can also get a fashionable and unique design of products at reasonable prices.

19 Dongguan OKA Clock Co., Ltd.

Dongguan OKA Clock Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of various clock & watch production. It has a high professional degree in clock and watches research and development. OKA Clock was headquarters in Guangdong, China. They are involved in producing clock movement, clock hands, clock inserts, clock dial, clock parts other accessories.

20 Dongguan jiahao Clock Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan jiahao Clock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company devoted to supplying rotation movements, clocks, craft clocks, etc. Since its establishment, Jiahao Clock mainly involved in the production of clock accessories, clock movements, rotation movements, clocks, craft clocks, etc. Jiahao Clock products have been accepted in Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Korea, United States, Japan, the United Kingdom.

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