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Importing CNC Machine from China
3 D Printer Machine
Importing 3-D Printer Machine from China

China is the trusted manufacturer of cnc working machines. They providing high precision machine for demanding users. 3D printer uses a similar set up as a cnc router or laser cutter, but unlike those machines, it does additive machine as opposed to subtractive machining.

CNC Grinding Machine
Importing CNC Grinding Machine from China

A spinning wheel is used to either grate and abrade materials or mold them into a desired shape. These machines are the easiest to program because they typically don’t require the same level of precision as a lathe or mill. In China, grinding machines comes in any different varities. It offers machines for grinding round parts, tool grinding, and flat grinding. Guangdong province is the largest and the leading manufacturers of cnc machines and it only manufacture products from leading brands and serve customers from high production manufacturers to job shops.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Importing CNC Laser Cutting Machine from China

China is the professional manufacturer of cnc laser cutting machines at a very affordable price. If you’re importing cnc machines from China, find those suppliers and manufacturers that manufacturers high-quality cnc machines only.

CNC Lathe Machine
Importing CNC Lathe Machine from China

These machines rapidly rotate the manufacturing material on a spindle. The material is then pressed against a carving or abrading tool while it spins to cut or shape it. Lathes are used primarily for symmetrical objects such as cylinders, cones and spheres. Just like milling machines, lathes are also commonly retrofitted with CNC technology in the exact same way. You can find these types of product in China.

CNC Milling Machine
Importing CNC Milling Machine from China

Searching for milling machine in China? Shandong and Jiangsu province of China is the universal milling machine manufacturer that provides many types of universal milling machines. Mills use rotary cutters to cut a variety of manufacturing materials and rely on CNC commands to dictate the depth, direction, and angle of the cut. The precision of a cut is far greater now using CNC technology than when these machines were operated by hand.

CNC Pick and Place Machine
Importing CNC Pick and Place Machine from China

A pick and place machine again uses a similar set up as a CNC router or laser cutter, move very quickly and are used to place the many hundreds or even thousands of electrical components that make up devices such as computer motherboards, phones/tablets, and pretty much everything else that has a printed circuit board. Guangdong is one of the leading and professional pick and place machine manufacturers and suppliers in China and bring you a great selection of quality and durable pick and place machine.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Importing CNC Plasma Cutting Machine from China

As one of the most popular plasma cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers, China, they’re willing to offer the best price plasma cutting machine for a very competitive rate. Plasma machine uses a powerful laser to do the cutting.

CNC Router Machine
Importing CNC Router Machine from China

Routers are generally for producing larger dimension parts and more commonly built with the idea of cutting wood, plastics and sheet metal in mind. Routers also are most commonly found in a 3 axis Cartesian coordinate setup X, Y and Z. A 3 axis set up will allow cutting of profiles, pocketing and 3-dimensional relief machining. China is the most trusted and certified manfacturer of router machine in China.

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How To Buy Precision CNC Machined Parts From China?

CNC machined Parts

Do you need CNC machined parts for your company?

Don’t you worry, we can help!

Our experts have written this article to guide you through the process of buying CNC machined parts from China.

From sourcing to shipping, this article will explain it all.

You’ll also learn about some pitfalls to watch out for when doing business in China.

Let’s get started!

How Does CNC Machining Works?


CNC, or computer numerical control, machining is a type of machining process in which a part’s original shape is altered through material removal from an object.

CNC machines are controlled by software programs that give instructions as to the desired dimensions and motions from those programs.

CNC machining services typically work with customers to design and build parts.

CNC processes use cutting tools for dividing steel, aluminum, and other metals up to around 3/4″ thick.

These machines offer a high level of precision and consistency.

They also provide some savings over more traditional means of fabrication like welding or drilling through holes, especially when it comes to making multiple identical parts.

Why Buy Chinese Precision CNC Machined Parts?


There are numerous reasons to source CNC machined parts from China. Some of them are as follow:

  • Manufacturing costs in China are much lower than in the US, and most products have a wide variety of styles and functions.
  • Goods can be shipped from China to virtually any location on earth – with no shipping cost – within weeks of ordering. For retailers who spend a lot of time sourcing products worldwide, these savings can be significant.
  • The Machined Parts from China are just as good as those from Europe or the United States. The immense growth in industrialization and development in China has led to skilled artisans who can maintain their high-quality standards despite the lower living costs and overall competition.
  • Chinese Manufacturers offer products that comply with local and international quality and safety standards along with un-matchable after-sales services.
  • China is the leading exporter of almost everything globally due to its affordable prices, best quality, easy import/export policy, and excellent shipping system. Therefore, Chinese CNC machining service suppliers have the edge over other countries to deliver products worldwide in record time.

How to Import Chinese Precision CNC Machined Parts?


Importing CNC machined parts from China is not as difficult as it sounds. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Determine your goals: First, you need to determine your purpose of import, whether it is for your company or someone else.
  2. Know your country’s import policies: Secondly, you must know whether your country allows the import of CNC machined parts from China or not. Besides, you should educate yourself with your country’s import procedure, along with duties and required documents.
  3. Find a reputable manufacturer: You must find a reputable CNC machined part manufacturer in China, for which you must consider certain qualities. (Don’t worry! We will discuss it in detail ahead!)

Note: Prefer manufacturer over resellers.

The best way to buy precision CNC machined products from China is by avoiding mediators and brokers who want a piece of the action.

Buying prices, transportation costs, and how much you will pay in commissions all factor into it, so make sure before purchasing anything that this decision suits your needs!

  1. Place an order: Discuss and finalize your details with the manufacturer and place the order. Make sure to have a detailed contract with the manufacturer, mentioning every detail of the order, including product details, payment terms, payment method, delivery time, after-sales services, etc.

You may also require some amount in advance (usually 30%) and the remaining (70%) at the time of delivery.

  1. Arrange logistics: Once your product is ready for delivery, you must arrange a reliable logistic company like Bansar, to deliver your products to your doorstep without any damage.
  2. Prepare your documents: You must prepare all the required documents you may need to present at your country’s customs department. These documents include a commercial invoice, Bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, proof of payment of duties, etc. (You may also require some other documents and certifications depending on your country’s import policy. Therefore, for further details, you must contact your country’s customs department).
  3. Declare You import: After documents are ready, you must declare your imports by paying duties and submitting the required documents to your customs department.
  4. Inspection: Once you receive your CNC machined parts, you must thoroughly inspect the packaging and the product inside. Ensure that nothing is damaged and everything is according to your requirements.

How to Find a Reliable CNC Machining Company in China?


Finding a reputable and reliable CNC machining parts manufacturer in China is one of the essential steps for importing. Therefore, it should be done with pure responsibility, for which you can follow the steps below:

  • To find a reliable CNC machined parts supplier in China, you can go for word of mouth: it is an age-old way to build up your shortlist. Ask around and listen carefully; other hardware companies who have contracted manufacturers there will share their experiences working with third parties:
    • Have they worked well together?
    • Were any problems encountered that might indicate poorly manufactured goods?
    • What kind of service did the firm provide when something went wrong?
  • Besides, you can also search for reliable CNC machined part manufacturers in China through the internet via a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can use search terms like “CNC machined part manufacturer in China,” “Buy CNC machining parts in China,” etc.

Now, you will have a list of websites that you need to shortlist by only picking manufacturers among resellers, B2B websites, etc.

  • Visit every website on your list and thoroughly analyze it. You can also look for their contact form and send your requirement details to their representative and ask for their quotation. You must ask every question from the representative until you are satisfied.
  • Once you have analyzed all the manufacturer websites, now it’s time to choose the best and right one!

How to Choose the Right CNC Machining Company in China?


A reliable CNC machine Company in China comprise of the following characteristics:

  • Experience: They have over ten years of experience in the CNC machining industry.
  • Certifications: They have all the required local and international quality and safety certifications such as SGS, BV, ISO, etc.
  • Quality Control: A reliable CNC machine company has strict quality control processes based on international quality standards. Besides, their product is thoroughly inspected and tested on different production phases in a dedicated inspection lab to achieve international quality requirements.
  • Material: They only use high-quality raw materials like aluminum alloy, steel alloys, plastics, etc., sourced from reliable suppliers. Besides, they also help their client to choose the best type of material for their application.
  • Manufacturing Facility and Faculty: They have a well-equipped manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machining equipment, including CNC grinding machines, CNC drilling machines, 3 and 4 axis CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, 2D projectors, Haxagon’s CMM, Computerized Inspection Equipment, etc. On top of it, they have a well-trained, qualified, and well-experienced team of engineers, designers, and other employees for the job.
  • Visit: Besides conversation with their representative, a reliable manufacturer will allow you to visit their manufacturing facility for further satisfaction.
  • Catalog: They have a wide range of CNC machined products and services that meet their client’s demands. The products and services include drilling, turning, milling, and grinding processes.
  • Custom CNC Machining: Besides standard design products, a reliable manufacturer also offers Custom CNC Machining Service, where full product customization takes place based on the client’s ideas and requirements. They also serve their client who requires parts with desired surface finish, tight tolerance, or other custom CNC manufacturing services.
  • MOQ: They also entertain the lowest minimum order quantity and also have the capacity and capability to handle mass production.
  • Pricing: They offer affordable and competitive prices to their client without compromising the product quality and safety.
  • Research and Development: They have a well-equipped and well-established research and development team to improve product safety, quality, and efficiency and reduce production costs.
  • Before and After Sales Services: They offer a broad range of before and after-sales services, including design assistance, product customization, logistics, warranty, etc.
  • Payment Methods: They offer easy yet reliable payment terms and methods for their client, including bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, T/T, L/C, etc.
  • Satisfied Clients: A reliable CNC Machining Company will have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. You can contact a few of them for an honest review.

What to Consider While Ordering Precision CNC Machining Parts from China?


To ensure that you have placed the correct order, you must consider the following tips:

  • To ensure that your CNC machining China specialist can read and understand the information on file, it’s best practice to communicate using universal standards.

Suppose you are working with a company like Blue Machines who have staff members speaking English fluently. In that case, this shouldn’t pose any problems during communication between partners in both countries for international projects.

However, translation errors may still occur without proper language training, which is why we recommend submitting complete technical drawings as well, so there aren’t unforeseen issues due to confusion over specifications or drawings.

  • To protect your intellectual property, it is a good idea for both parties in the contract (you and the manufacturer) to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

This will prevent one party from leaking information about what you produce or design without permission after working together.

The more legal guarantees there are that protect each person’s rights as they go through the production process with their manufacturing partner.

This way, if anything goes wrong at some point down the road, we know exactly who’s responsible instead of just blaming “politics.”

  • When ordering parts, be sure to factor in shipping time. Unlike domestic orders for which most items are delivered within one or two business days of placing the order (depending on location), some Chinese companies will use priority airmail service that provides your goods anywhere from 3-10+ days after the purchase date.

This can make a massive difference if you need something quickly!

  • Chinese CNC Machining Companies will accept payment in various currencies, including the US dollar, but extra fees may still be involved if sending an international wire transfer.

This is something you should discuss with your manufacturer and banks before deciding how much of that currency conversion costs to pass along as well!

What is the Cost to Import CNC Machined Parts from China?


The cost of CNC Machined Parts imported from China can vary depending on the product design, size, and quality.

However, it is often 50-70% cheaper than United States alternatives, so we recommend sending you requirements with technical drawings for best quotes from Chinese manufacturers.

What Quality Certifications to Look for Before Buying CNC Machined Parts from China?


When you’re looking for a new vendor of machining services, be sure to examine their certification.

A crucial ISO 9001 certification will guarantee high-quality work and meet all statutory requirements related to it to maintain compliance records as well!

Besides, they can be even more trusted if they have any of the certifications like ROHS, CTI, DIN, ASTM, GOST, GB, JIS, ANSI, BS, SGS, BV, etc.

Does Chinese Manufacturer Provide OEM Service While Buying CNC Machined Parts?


Yes, reliable machining partners like Blue Machines have been in the business of manufacturing parts and prototypes for over 30 years.

They offer their OEM customers a one-stop shop that includes CNC Machining machines, lathes, and other processes necessary to produce quality products with high accuracy at an affordable price point!

Which Material CNC Machined Parts Can Be Bought from Chinese Manufacturers?


CNC machining can be used to produce high-quality parts from almost any plastic or metal. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Tungsten
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • POM
  • PEEK
  • Teflon
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Steel

A material’s application and the desired properties of those materials will vary depending on their requirements.

But generally speaking, high-strength steels would be used for applications where longevity against wear is needed. On the other hand, lighter-weight plastic materials are often preferred when chemical resistance or insulation are required but not at an expense in other areas such as weight (being able to machine more quickly).

Can You Buy Customized CNC Machined Parts from China?


Yes, reliable machining suppliers like Blue Machines can custom any of your CNC machining parts from drilling, milling, turning processes with various materials such as aluminum- the most popular metal for making parts today.

They also offer stainless steel or other alloy steels that are perfect to meet every demand you may have!

Their skilled team has over ten years of experience working on different projects, both large-scale manufacturing runs & individual orders (including Honda, TRICO, SABI GKN, etc.).

BLUE Machines has proudly served various industries, including:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industries
  • Medical industry

What Are the Payment Methods Available to Buy CNC Machined Parts from China?

Worldwide trusted CNC machining Manufacturer as BLUE MACHINES offers globally trusted payment methods, including:

  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • L/C
  • T/T
  • Money Gram
  • D/P

Can I Buy CNC Machined Parts According to the Samples I Provided?

Yes, you can design and buy CNC machined parts based on the samples you provide. All you need is to provide technical drawings, samples, and other requirements (if any) to get your work done perfectly!

20 Best CNC Machine Manufacturers in China

  1. AccTek CNC

AccTek is a manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality CNC machines, CNC router, and laser machines. They have stock and customized CNC machines. Every components of their products are with world-class quality. Their products are used in industries such as woodwork, aluminum fabrication, mold making, and more. They offer competitive price and excellent after-sales services.

  1. Blue Elephant CNC Machinery Co. Ltd

Blue Elephant is a dedicated manufacturer that focuses on research and development of CNC engraving machines. All their products are strictly inspected and made through their advance testing facilities and high-tech manufacturing equipment. They also have expert engineers to provide the best solution for customers’ needs.

  1. Dongguan Hongao

Dongguan Hongao has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing CNC machines. Their CNC machines are all high-quality and can support milling and drilling. Dongguan Hongao strictly follows international quality standards. They make sure to manufacture products with professional quality at a competitive price.

  1. Jiangsu Kangxun CNC Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Kangxun CNC Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC machines in China. Among their products are CNC drilling machine, CNC cutting machines, CNC milling machines, and more. They always rely on advanced technology to manufacture innovative products. They offer wide variety of products to meet market and customer’s needs.

  1. Jinan Bcamcnc Machinery Co., Ltd

Jinan BCSMCNC Machinery Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of CNC machines in China. They specialize in research, development, design, production, and services. Their wide variety of products include woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machine, laser cutting industry equipment, and more. All their products are widely used for advertising, furniture, and more. As a professional manufacturer, they establish good business relationship to customers worldwide.

  1. Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment Co. Ltd

Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment is a reliable Chinese manufacturer of CNC machines. They also specialize in manufacturing laser engraving machines, cutting plotters, laser cutting machines, and more. They focus on continuous and excellent improvement. They do all their best to provide customers with excellent quality products at a favorable prices and perfect services.
7. Jinan Quick-Fulltek CNC Machinery Co., Ltd

Are you looking for a dependable manufacturer of CNC machines in China? You can always rely on Jinan Quick-Fulltek CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. They are one of the best manufacturers of CNC machines in China. All their products are manufactured according to ISO9001:2000 quality control system and complied CE certifications. With their wide variety of products, they can meet customers’ requirements. They have advanced technology, expert engineers, and professional production line to give customers the best buying experience.

  1. Jinan Missile CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

Jinan Missile CNC Equipment Co., Ltd is also a professional manufacturer that devotes itself to producing high-quality CNC machines. All their products are manufactured adhering to the international quality standards. Their wide variety of products include CNC router and more. They ensure to provide customers with high-quality CNC machines that have higher standards.

  1. Klarm

Klarm is one of the best Chinese manufacturers of CNC machines. All the components of their CNC machines are premium quality. They focus on production of high-quality CNC machines that are technology-based and innovative. Klarm also provide high-quality CNC solutions such as turning, drilling, milling, and grinding. Their CNC machines offer better control tolerance.

  1. Kunshan Tongzheng

Kunshan Tongzheng is a professional manufacturer of CNC machines for all metal structure parts. They manufacture wide variety of products such as CNC cutting machine, CNC milling machine, CNC machining center, CNC surface grinder, CNC lathing machine, and more. They manufacture products with professional quality at a favorable price.

  1. Nice Rapid

Nice Rapid is one of the most trusted manufacturer of CNC machines in China. Their CNC machines offer multi-axis, high-speed machining solutions, fast-turnaround, and more. All products are widely used in vast range of industries. They offer high-quality products at a reasonable price and excellent services.

  1. Omni CNC

Omni CNC is a dependable manufacturer of CNC machines that deals with research, development, design, production, and sales of wide variety CNC machines. They also focus on making innovation to produce the best quality products. Omni CNC offers 24-hour services and 12 months warranty on all their products.

  1. Rally

Rally is one of the top manufacturers of CNC machines in China. They offer vast range of CNC advanced machines such as 5-axis machines. They have strict quality control team to monitor the stability of their products’ quality. They also ensure that they adhere to the ISO9001:2008 certifications and standards. Therefore, you can assure the best quality products at Rally.

  1. Shank

Since its establishment, Shank is recognized as a professional manufacturer of CNC machines in China. They manufacture wide variety of CNC machines to meet every customers’ requirements. All their machines are made from world-class quality components and materials. Their factory is also well-equipped with high-end machines and professional engineers to give customers superior quality products.

  1. Shenhao Import and Export (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Shenhao is a trusted manufacturer that is committed to research, development, design, production, sales, and services of CNC machines. Shenhao offers professional non-standard machines that can provide complete solutions, and technical services. All their products are manufactured with high-speed and high-precision. They offer products with premium quality at a cost-effective price.

  1. Sundary Precision Machining Co., Ltd

Sundary is a reliable manufacturer of superior quality CNC machines that specializes in providing customers with cost-effective and one-stop solutions to their needs. All their products are manufactured according to international quality standards. Sundary also offers CNC machining services such as surface finishing, parts assemble, CNC machining, and more.

  1. SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd

SYIL is a go-to manufacturer and provider of premium quality yet affordable CNC machines that are widely used for turning and milling. For more than 15 years, SYIL never failed to give customers the best services they deserve. Aside from that, they provide CNC machines that are exceptionally engineered with the best price range and excellent services.

  1. T-Artisan

T-Artisan is a rich-experienced manufacturer that specializes in producing CNC machines. Their CNC machines are all high-quality and can support milling and drilling. T-Artisan strictly follows international quality standards. They make sure to manufacture products with professional quality at a competitive price.

  1. VOHN

VOHN is one of the best manufacturers of CNC machines in China. All their products are manufactured according to ISO9001:2000 quality control system and complied CE certifications. With their wide variety of products, they can meet customers’ requirements. They have advanced technology, expert engineers, and professional production line to give customers the best buying experience.

  1. XY Global

XY Global is a reliable manufacturer of CNC machines that deals with research, development, design, production, and sales of wide variety CNC machines. They also focus on making innovation to produce the best quality products. XY Global offers 24-hour services best prices on all their products.

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