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  • Free warehousing
  • Pick up & delivery services
  • Custom packaging, repackaging
  • Sorting and labelling
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Cheap rates for LTL shipments
  • Cargo insurance
  • Loading supervision
  • 1-day customs clearance
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Consolidation Service
Consolidation Service

Bansar provides reliable cargo consolidation. Our China consolidation services are extensive. We can combine goods from several LTL or LCL suppliers into a single shipment. This kind of assembly gives you lower wholesale importing rates, faster shipment, and lower risks. We will take care of all organization, planning, improved quality control, customs clearance, door-to-door shipping, and sea or air freight. We minimize the challenges of consolidation shipping, letting you to only enjoy its benefits. Bansar is one of the best consolidated shipping companies in China.

Pick-up & Delivery
Pick-up & Delivery

We will pick-up your goods from any location in China and deliver them to a warehouse for further consolidation. Bansar will take care of all pick-up logistics, supervision, and more. We can bring the goods to one of our China warehouses, your warehouse, or a third-party warehouse.

Free Warehousing in China
Free Warehousing in China

After pick-up, we can store your goods in one of our warehouses for free for a month. In this time, we will consolidate your goods in our secure warehouse and prepare them for further shipping. Partnering with our warehouse will allow you not to worry about simultaneous pick-up of all your separate goods. Our mixing warehouses, or consolidation warehousing storage, are secure.

Assembly Service
Assembly Service

Once Bansar picks up all your separate LTL shipments, we will sort everything and assemble. We can do kitting, assembly of smaller boxes into bigger ones, and unpacking big boxes to repack them in consolidation.

Repackaging Service
Repackaging Service

After consolidation, we can check the quality of the goods and pack them according to your custom requirements. Bansar China package consolidation is excellent. We provide competitive rates for efficient and useful services to make your importing experience easier.

Cargo Insurance Service
Cargo Insurance Service

Bansar is a reliable and professional logistics company. We will ensure that your consolidated cargo is secure, and all the risks are minimized. Your consolidated goods will not get lost or damaged. Not on our watch! We offer marine cargo insurance, among other types.

Customs Clearance Service
Customs Clearance Service

We offer 1-day customs clearance for your express consolidated shipping needs.

Alibaba Consolidated Shipping
Alibaba Consolidated Shipping

If you get your goods from multiple suppliers on Alibaba, then consolidated shipping is the best option for you. Bansar offers you the lowest shipping rates and fees. We will deal with all Alibaba consolidation shipment challenges for you.

Amazon FBA Consolidated Shipping
Amazon FBA Consolidated Shipping

Bansar is your dedicated direct-to-FBA consolidation forwarder. We will handle all logistics and customs clearance. We work with many reputable partners, including Amazon FBA. Thus, we can ensure that your consolidated LCL/LTL shipment will be safe.

Air Freight Consolidated Shipping
Air Freight Consolidated Shipping

Consolidation shipments may go through air freight or sea freight. Air freight will grant you express shipping and it is more useful for smaller cargo.

Sea Freight Consolidated Shipping
Sea Freight Consolidated Shipping

Sea freight is more suitable for larger quantities, and consolidation can be a great way to lower your wholesale import costs. Bansar will take care of everything for you.

Rail Freight Consolidated Shipping
Rail Freight Consolidated Shipping

Bansar will arrange for your consolidation shipment to travel via ground as well as via sky or sea. The services stay the same. We will take care of consolidation, documentation, and everything else at a low, competitive price.

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Bansar: Your Thorough Shipping Consolidator China

Being a leading freight forwarder company in China, Bansar provides excellent consolidated shipping services.

We offer you the full benefits of shipment consolidation in logistics without the challenges of it. Consolidated shipping from China allows you to save money, facilitate faster shipping, and reducing the chance of damage.

Because consolidation services combine several LTL shipments into one, you will have to rent out less space, saving money.

Bansar also ensures minimal handling of your consolidated shipment, reducing the risk of things getting damaged or lost.

We also make sure that your shipment gets to you in time. Consolidated shipments are easier to transport, speeding up the process.

Load consolidation shipping with Bansar will also give you an opportunity to improve relationships with trade parties. You will have a chance to get to know other companies and distributors that you can build partnerships with in the future.

Overall, BansarChina consolidation services will give you a lot of flexibility—with time, taxes, and cargo handling. We will recommend you the most up-to-date and most useful incoterms as well.

Now, there are challenges to consolidated shipping, such as finding a carrier, and organizing everything.

Bansar will back you up, eliminating these challenges.

We will find you a reliable carrier or airline at the best rate, and deal with all the documentation and agreements.

We will also take care of other logistics like time, dimensions of your shipment, and much more. You can confidently leave everything to us and our efficiency of consolidated shipping.

Consolidated shipping allows you to get the preferred special shipping rate and optimize supply chain logistics.

To make consolidation shipping easier, Bansar offers you free warehousing for 28 days. During this time, we will pick up your goods, sort them, consolidate, and repackage.

When it is time to ship your cargo, we will supervise the loading process to ensure good handling if your goods. Plus, we will do express 1-day customs clearance, cargo insurance, and everything else necessary. Bansar will take care of all documentation and even deliver door-to-door to your location.

This is why Bansar is the best consolidated shipping company in China for the lowest shipping rates. Our freight forwarding process is efficient, low-price, and reliable.

Whether you are a manufacturer, brand, importer, wholesaler, e-commerce business, or distributor, our consolidation shipping services will benefit your endeavor.

We handle all sorts of goods: regular, fresh produce, hazardous, OOG, and fragile cargo.

Our combined shipping in China will fulfill all your needs.

We can ship your consolidated order worldwide. For example, Bansar will ship to Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, etc.

Alternatively, besides consolidation shipping, you can request pick & pack services, which is the opposite of consolidation. We offer a large array of services that will profit your business.

We will always address your questions about consolidated shipping.

Send an inquiry today, and we will develop the best route of action for your consolidation shipment!

Consolidated Shipping: The Complete FAQ Guide

Consolidated Shipping

Consolidated shipping is a smart logistic move which can be effectively used in international trade.

Such service fits the most for those buyers who order from several suppliers or in small quantities.

This guide is dedicated to the important details of the consolidated shipping process, like its stages, main rules and so on.

What is a consolidated package?

Loading process

Shippers refer to the term of the consolidated package when describing the process of:

  • placing smaller packages into one single big box or the process;
  • unpacking multiple boxes in order to place all the items inside the same box.

Are there some special fees connected with consolidated shipping?

Yes, there is one special charge which you have to pay in terms of the consolidation shipment.

It is called the consolidation charge, which you have to pay in favor of your freight forwarding company.

Consolidation fee can be applied only to sea freight LCL and to air freight.

Basically, this a service fee for gathering and packing several smaller shipments into one big container (box).

Consolidation fee is also known as the assembly service fee, cargo consolidation charge, freight consolidation fee.

Even though the buyer has to pay such special fee, he can save a lot of money due to small freight charges.

Marine freight

Which trade parties can help me to consolidate goods?

There are three parties which can consolidate your goods: carrier, freight forwarder, and the buyer.

In the vast majority of cases, the manufacturer will send your LTL goods to the warehouse of carrier and freight forwarder for later consolidation.

However, you have to keep in mind that even not all the carriers provide consolidation services.

This happens for various reasons, mainly due to the danger of damaging products.

Eventually, the most reliable party in such a situation will be a freight forwarding company.

Please, contact Bansar support if you want to require more info about the consolidation shipping services.

What are the main benefits of consolidated shipping?

Let’s speak more of the consolidated shipping benefits and why you have to use it when ordering LTL cargo.

Actually, we have four clear reasons for you.

#1. Cost advantages

There are various ways in which the consolidated shipping can save you money.

You won’t have to pay for empty truck space that you don’t use.

You will only pay for the space your cargo takes up and nothing more.

We’ll head back to the costs saving question later in this guide.

#2. Safety advantages

First of all, having your freight consolidated means that it will be loaded on fewer trucks.

Logically, this assumes smaller chances that one will be involved in some kind of accident.

Because your product is handled less, there is practically no risk that something will go missing, or that your goods will be sent to the wrong destination.

#3. Improve your relationships with various trade parties

Consolidated shipping is a smart and efficient move also because you will be able to build relationships with other companies, customers, and different carriers in the process.

First, you can become familiar with other companies who rely upon small shipments.

You can establish a shipping partnership with such businesses and eventually reduce your costs.

#4. Improved flexibility and time management

Consolidation service might also help to improve the transit time and flexibility of your shipping processes.

When your cargo comes to a consolidation facility, it can be immediately shipped with products from other customers.

Consolidated shipping

Is it the same with a mixing warehouse?

Consolidation warehouse is storage where small shipments from various suppliers are put together and combined into larger, more efficient shipping units.

Such cargo is typically intended for delivery to the same geographical area.

Mixing warehouse is another name for the consolidation warehousing storage.

Note: not all warehouses provide consolidation options to their clients.

What is a consolidation agent?

Consolidation agent is a person or company who provides to its clients’ consolidation and other connected services (for example, paperwork).

This role can be performed by a freight forwarding agent.

Bansar has its own warehousing facilities and all the needed equipment to provide such services with brilliance.

How does a consolidated shipment influence the final price?

Let’s mention that there are a lot of ways how the consolidated freight can improve the final price for you.

We’ve already figured out that your overall cost of shipping will be lowered because you won’t be paying for empty space inside the container.

You’ll also get the bulk rates for your shipment due to this fact.

If you are working with retailers, your customers can save some money as well!

By combining clients orders at a consolidation warehouse, you will be able to perform the delivery much faster.

This leads to more frequent purchases and more cash will be flowing into your business, while your customers will save on shipping costs.

By using consolidation shipping, you can also avoid the heavy costs that come along with warehouse services and having your own fleet of vehicles.

As you may assume, the price savings can be significant enough to make a big difference in your company’s bottom line.

Can I divide my order once it consolidated?

No, in the better part of cases the carrier (freight forwarder) won’t let you divide your order after the consolidation is done.

The first reason for this is obvious: repacking goods brings a lot of hassle to the carrier.

But, what is even more important, dividing of the consolidation order means that the carrier has to rewrite all the papers connected with each package inside the container.

As a buyer, you have to be sure that you’ve listed all your parcels before you request the consolidation services.

Consolidated cargo

What does “Held for consolidation” status mean?

“Held for consolidation” is a status which you can see while tracking your LTL delivery.

Obviously, it means that your shipping is going through the consolidation process, e.g. waiting in the fulfillment center for other packages arrive to load together.

What is load consolidation?

Truck freight consolidation

Load consolidation is the same as consolidated shipping.

The term itself is more used among carriers because they have to calculate the load on their vehicles.

What are the main challenges of consolidated shipping?

Despite its clear advantages, consolidated shipping is a service that also has several flaws.

First of all, the rates for FCL shipments (full container load) are still better than for LCLs.

Secondly, the speed of the FCL movement is also better because such clients don’t have to wait for all packages to be gathered in one place.

Finally, consolidated shipping is not the option for unusual cargo (for example, non-standard sized cargo, some types of palletized cargo, etc.)

Is there a Difference Between LCL and Consolidation?

Well, yes. Many shippers use these terms interchangeably, whereas they refer to different shipping situations.

LCL (less than container load) shipping is where buyers don’t have enough products to fill a standard shipping container.

In this case, they deliver their goods to a chosen carrier’scontainer freight station (CFS).

Here, the goods are merged with other shippers and transported in one container as an FCL load. Your shipment in this regard is known as an LCL shipment.

Unlike consolidated shipping, LCL shipping comprises many shippers.

Hence, the carrier issues individual waybills for each LCL shipment.

Waybills for LCL shipments are usually direct line bills of lading.

They includea CFS term that defines the responsibility of the carrier.

In this case, the carrier is responsible for the shipment from the origin CFS up to the destination CFS.

The carrier charges the freight costs for LCL shipments directly to the shipper based on the cargo’s weight.

What are the Types of Consolidated Shipment Services?

There are two types of consolidation shipping services: carrier consolidation and order consolidation.

Carrier consolidation involves one carrier consolidating several packages from different suppliers.

They pick these packages and consolidate them into one consignment for shipping to one destination.

For this, carriers utilize freight forwarding agents’ services to help collect the packages and consolidate them for shipping.

On the other hand, order consolidation involves collecting small packages from different suppliers and ships them to one buyer.

Here, many individual orders are collected and sent to the consolidator’s or shipping agent’s address.

The orders are then repackaged into one large consignment and shipped to the buyer.

What is Sample Consolidation in International Shipping?

When you are looking for suppliers, you can request samples from multiple sources to gauge their capability.

In this case, you will be requesting several samples from different suppliers.

To avoid waiting for shippers to come with different samples, you can request sample consolidation.

For this, the suppliers will deliver the samples to a designated address.

Your shipping agent will then bundle the samples and ship them to you as a single package.

Like any consolidation service, sample consolidation also helps you save on logistics costs and time.

Can you Track a Consolidated Shipment?

Cargo in transit

Cargo in transit

Yes, you can track your consolidated shipment.

When you consolidate your goods into one consignment, you can expect to receive the goods simultaneously.

Several small packages shipped separately may be delivered at separate times too.

This makes it challenging to track their progress while in transit.

But with consolidation, the shipment is one, and the expected delivery is the same.

Hence, tracking the cargo becomes much easier.

Note that each shipment is assigned a unique barcode upon loading onto the shipping vessel.

This code is repeatedly scanned at all transit locations allowing you to track the progress of your cargo.

By tracking your consolidated shipment, you will be able to see where it is at any given time and prepare for the delivery accordingly.

How Can I Reduce the Shipping Costs of Consolidated Shipping?

Usually, the shipping cost is based on the goods’ weight and volume, and each shipping channel has a minimum charge.

When you buy goods from different sellers, they indeed can’t consolidate them and send them to you.

Each seller will want to ship their products to you, which can significantly spike your shipping costs.

If you want to reduce your shipping costs for consolidated shipping, we recommended the following measures.

  • Delegate a consolidating agent or freight forwarder and have your suppliers send the goods to their address.

They will bundle all the goods for shipping, which will save you a lot on shipping costs.

  • Choose a cheaper shipping channel. If you’re not in urgent need, you can consider cheaper transportation means such as ocean freight.

Make your booking in advance to avoid the price spikes seen during peak seasons.

  • Repackage the products before shipping.

Most suppliers don’t cost-effectively pack goods for shipping.

Some tend to use unnecessarily heavy packaging or bulky packages than needed.

And since shipping costs are charged based on weight and volume, this will increase the charges.

To avoid this inconvenience, you need to advise your shipping agent or consolidator to repackage the goods.

Let them analyze the packaging and ensure that they pack them effectively, to reduce the cost of shipping.

In the case of bulky packages, the agent can combine more goods in the same package.

If the supplier put too many small packages, let them combine the goods into larger but fewer packages to reduce the shipping weight.​

How Much Time do Shipping Companies take for Consolidated Shipping?

Generally, the transit time for consolidated shipments differs from location to location.

Consilidated shipping

Consolidated shipping

There are a few factors that come into play here:

  • The consolidating company and carrier- the consolidation and shipping service you use are the biggest factors in this situation.

The speeds at which they work determine how quickly your shipment can get to you.

  • Country of origin- the country you’re shipping from also matters regarding transport frequency, distance to your destination, etc.
  • Destination country-this is another thing. Your location, the distance, and frequency of transportation also matter here.
  • Means of transport- the means of transportation you use will determine how fast consolidated goods can reach the destination.

Airfreight is significantly faster, followed by rail freight and then sea freight.

Putting all of these together, we would conclude that the best shipping time should not exceed 60 days for international shipments.

Do E-commerce Suppliers,such as Alibaba, Offer Consolidated Shipping?

No, e-commerce suppliers do not offer consolidated shipping services.

When you order goods from multiple e-commerce suppliers, you will need to arrange for consolidation yourself.

You may contract an independent consolidation service provider and pay them the service fee to help you consolidate goods from different suppliers.

Alternatively, you can ask your freight forwarder to arrange the consolidation.

What is Shipment Deconsolidation?

Deconsolidation is the opposite of consolidation.

It is breaking down a shipment into different small shipments and processing them for final delivery.

Usually, this is done at the port of entry, where the smaller shipments are then processed for delivery to your door, warehouse, or customers.

When Should you Consider Deconsolidating Shipment?

If you’re running a consumer-based business, de-consolidating shipments can help your products get to customers quickly.

It is also ideal when you need to deliver goods to different destinations.

Additionally, deconsolidation makes it easy to unload goods at the destination, which amplifies your delivery schedules.

You can also consider deconsolidation when you are looking for proper inventory management.

Do You Need Goods Insurance for Consolidated Shipments?

Yes, you do.

Although, when you consolidate your orders, individual items require less handling.

They also have less space to slide around while in transit. Ultimately, consolidation helps lower the risk of damage and loss.

Be that as it may, international shipping is highly unpredictable.

Anything can happen,causing your goods to get lost or damaged during transit.

You want to be prepared in case the unexpected happens.

Getting coverage for your goods, whether consolidated or not, ensures that you’re protected in the event of loss or damage of goods.

It will cover the cost of goods should any unforeseen events occur during shipping.

What is Direct Injection in Consolidated Shipping?

Direct injection is another form of cargo consolidation

It involves grouping a large number of individual orders and shipping them to a named destination.

Once at the destination country, the shipment is deconsolidated and handed over to a local postal service for final delivery.

How does Direct Injection Compare to Other Consolidation Methods?

With direct injection, you can access duty exemptions at the destination country.

For instance, some countries do not charge import duty on goods that do not meet the dutiable value.

If your countries threshold is USD 800 and your goods arrive in the country through direct injection, customs won’t charge duty.

Direct injection is mostly designated for air freight, while most other consolidated shipping services ship by ocean freight or rail freight.

Another thing is that with direct injection, you can clear goods electronically.

This is not usually acceptable for other consolidated shipment services.

How Do You Choose the Right Consolidated Shipping Service?

As we’ve already mentioned, you can get consolidated shipping services from a specialized consolidated shipping agent or a freight forwarding company.

Apart from these, there are also many courier companies providing shipment consolidation services.

You need to choose a consolidated shipping partner carefully.

Choose a reliable consolidator with industry experience, expertise, and reputation.

This way, you can be sure your shipment will be cared for properly.

Note that at Bansar, we can streamline your entire shipping process from china.

We are highly experienced in all forms of international shipping, including direct injection and standard consolidation.

Our company can offer plenty of advice and expertise if you’re looking to consolidate your orders from multiple suppliers.

When Should You Not Consider Consolidated Shipping?

While consolidated shipping offers many incredible benefits to you and your business, it may not be viable in the following instances:

  • When you are a reseller and are looking to deliver the items to different customers.

In this case, it is best to retain the original packaging of the goods and arrange for multiple shipping solutions suitable for each customer.

  • When you are shipping perishable goods that require special shipping conditions. Consolidating such goods for shipping may not be the best solution as they can get damaged or contaminated on the way.

What Documents Occur During Consolidated Shipping?

Alongside the usual import documents, you will need separate waybills for each of the consolidated packages.

You will also need one consolidation list and a loading list.

The consolidator or freight forwarding agent will prepare these documents and avail them during shipping and customs clearance.

What is the Customs Clearance Process for Consolidated Shipments?

Customs clearance processes for consolidated shipments remain the same as those followed for standard shipments.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance

You have to provide the necessary documentation for the consolidated cargo.

Customs will calculate your goods’ dutiable value and present you with an amount to pay, if applicable.

You will then pay the duty, after which customs can process your shipment for clearance.

Note that you can process clearance manually or electronically, depending on the consolidation method used for consolidation shipments.

Also, there are additional benefits when it comes to clearing these types of shipments.

One is that there is less red tape when importing consolidated cargo.

Secondly, you can lodge a single import declaration for consolidated shipments for all sea and air consolidation shipments.

Meaning, you will only pay one import processing fee.

Remember, carriers and forwarding agents still need to provide shipment reports during clearance for consolidation cargo.

The cargo will, however, be cleared on one import declaration.

You also don’t have to worry about the details on the waybill.

Most countries allow shippers to list multiple suppliers on one import declaration when there is more than one carrier for these shipments.

But this provision only applies when the bill of lading number is the same and when the importer is a trusted trader as per the import country rules.

What is Buyers’Consol?

Buyer’s consolidation, commonly referred to as buyers’ consol, is another form of consolidated shipping.

In this, different suppliers bring their cargo together and contract one transport service to ship the goods to one destination.

For this type of consolidation to work, shipments originate from suppliers located near the shipping port.

The contracted carrier will handle all packaging procedures and loading of goods for shipping to the buyer’s destination.

Note that only large and well-established carriers offer this type of consolidated service.

So you have to meet up the costs of these carriers as they’re usually not cheap.

However, consolidated shipping is frankly the best option for LCL buyers and with Bansar services it might be as effective as the FCL delivery.

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