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Importing Copper from China
Importing Copper Pipe from China
Importing Copper Pipe from China

Copper pipe is one of the most universal pipes available today. Find a wide selection of copper pipe at Zhejiang, China where professionals make copper pipes & fitting supplies and are serving customers in various industries. China is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Copper pipes that can be used for plumbing, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications. Check out their copper pipe selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from Chinese factory.

Importing Copper Wire from China
Importing Copper Wire from China

Prices for copper wire have risen dramatically over the past few years. Looking for affordable copper wire prices? China is the leading exporters of best quality copper wire scraps. They export in both small and large quantities yet at affordable prices! China’s manufacturers offer the best quality of copper wires that are globally competitive. Zhejiang and Guangdong, China factories provide superior customer service by selling their innovative and high-quality wiring products.

Importing Copper Tubing from China
Importing Copper Tubing from China

Copper tubes and fittings are designed for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning use. Searching for High-quality copper tubes yet affordable? Buy top quality refrigeration grade soft copper tubing in a variety of sizes and lengths. Copper Tubing in Zhejiang and Guangdong, China is one of the leading copper tubing suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. Check out some copper pipe selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces.

Importing Clad Laminate from China
Importing Copper Clad Laminate from China

China is your leading, reliable manufacturers and suppliers specialized in the copper clad laminate. A wide variety of copper clad laminate options are available to you at Guangdong, China. Chinese technology industries are mainly concentrating on the designing, manufacturing, and sales of Copper-clad laminates. Experienced manufacturer and supplier in China guarantees top quality and services.

Importing Copper Bars from China
Importing Copper Bar from China

A Copper Bar is a solid bar of copper metal crafted by Miners. High quality and competitive prices for copper bars will make your best choice to meet your needs. Top quality copper bar system manufacturer is in China, mostly at Guangdong province. Shop now for copper bars from a great selection at business, industry, and science store only in China. Order copper bar now that is suitable for your needs.

Importing Copper Alloys from China
Importing Copper Alloys from China

Copper has been used for thousands of years. Looking for netting materials in your aquaculture? Copper alloys are the most important material to have. China became the pioneer of specialty copper alloys. Advanced alloys, created and machined to print. Also, Low cost-optimized production. Provinces in China like Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu supply high-quality products in copper alloys. High technical competence and high level of services. You could be satisfied with China’s copper alloys.

Importing Copper Rod from China
Importing Copper Rod from China

As the premier supplier in a copper rod for the world market, China is committed to providing the highest quality product available. Manufactures in China like in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces fabricated the rod from copper of such quality and purity. China is engaged in providing a vast range of Copper Rod, which is widely used in Spot welding. Your searching for copper rods is now totally over. China is the perfect place to visit. Come and settle your copper rod needs.

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Copper Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you have a large volume copper orders from China, shipping your goods by sea is your best choice.
Copper Air Freight Shipping from China
For your copper shipments safety, urgent orders and lesser risk of damage, using air freight is your best option.
Copper Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is best for your large volume of copper orders over greater distances from China
Copper Door to Door Shipping from China
Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 20 Copper Manufacturers in China

1 Shenzhen Guoxing New Power Supply Technology Co.

Shenzhen Guoxing New Power Supply Technology Co. headquartered is located in Guangdong Province. This company is specializing in the development and production of scrap copper and aluminum products. With years and years of experience in this field, they became one of the popular copper material suppliers in the country. Also, they had set-up a production base in Hong Kong.

2 Libo Holding Group

Libo Group is one of the largest copper rod and wire manufacturers in China. The company has been committed to the production of various electric, electrical, and electronic oxygen-free copper, as well as silver-copper alloy materials. They started in the business in 1988 and continue to serve large companies and well-known enterprises around the world. Libo has built long-term business relations with companies such as ABB, State Grid, Siemens, America Movil, and Alstom.

3 Zhejiang Hailing Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd. concentrated on Research and Development, Fabrication, Sales, and Service of copper products since 2001. This company is the subsidiary of Hailing Group – a Sino-foreign joint venture. They are one of the most competitive copper fabrication enterprises and the largest copper product exporter around the world with its total assets of 1.7 billion USD. In addition to that, they obtain 6 manufacturing bases located in a different areas in and outside the country.

4 Shanghai Metal Corporation

Shanghai Metal Corporation was established in 1980. It is recognized as the most respected leading manufacturer in mainland China. Their main product lines are metals, containers, machinery, mechanical products, construction materials, and other accessories. Throughout the years, they are working to meet their customers’ satisfaction. The company is equipped with 100 plus engineers and consists of more than 10 professional language translators.

5 Xiamen Beryllium Copper Technical Co., Ltd

Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing beryllium copper alloys, BCTC gained a high reputation with its customers home and abroad. They machined alloys into desired specifications, products include CuBe2.0 | UNS C17200, CuBe1.9 | UNS C17200, CuBe2Pb | UNS C17300, CuCo2Be | UNS C17500 and more. The company is exporting its products to international markets, around 20+ countries and regions. BCTC has 2 locations for convenience – Xiamen in China and Toronto in Canada.

6 Jiangxi Copper Corporation

Since 1979, the company has been involved in the copper industry and promoting its development in China. Jiangxi Copper Corporation grows to be one of the extra-large copper cathode producers and suppliers of other copper products with a great selection. Headquartered in Nanchang, China, Jiangxi Copper devotedly developed the value of resources. The company has established mining bases in Albania, Afghanistan, Peru, and China.


Located in Handan City, Hebei Province, Handan Ruier Metal Products Co., Ltd is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in metal refining and processing. The company’s main business scope is aluminum and aluminum sheet, cathode copper production, aluminum profile, metal scrap, lead ingot, and more others. Handan Ruier possess a strong technical workforce to provide higher and better services.

8 Tianjin Winning Metals Co., Ltd

Specializing in processing and selling high-precision copper and aluminum strips, Tianjin Winning Metals Co., Ltd has large processing range capacity and capabilities to cater to broad areas of applications and industries. They are able to offer a complete solutions, from sourcing the best raw material up to selling custom-made products. After all years of development this company became strong and one of the largest copper and aluminum processing centers in Northern China.

9 S.G.H Cable and Wire Co., Ltd

S.G.H Cable and Wire Co., Ltd are established in Hong Kong. This company is concentrating on manufacturing copper wire, control and power cable, appliance wire, and communication cable. They are committed to serve the domestic and overseas markets with their quality products. Since established, the company strive to reach customers satisfaction, solving challenging and unique application. SGH Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd got the certifications of international standards.

10 Jinchuan Group International Resources Co., Ltd

Founded in 1958, Jinchuan Group is a state-owned Chinese enterprise and ultimate holding company of Jinchuan International. This group is a leading producer of nickel and cobalt in the world. And is one of the main producers of copper and platinum group metal in China. Also, they are in the top list as the largest nickel manufacturer, cobalt manufacturer, and copper manufacturer in China and in Asia.

11 Ningbo Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd

Ningbo Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd was founded in 1989 in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. They are specializing in the production of copper wire, lead brass bar, and profile. The company is listed among the top enterprise in the Zhenhai District engaged in the trade and industry. Jinlong Copper possessed over 450 workers occupying an area of 120,000 sq m.

12 Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing Co., Ltd.

Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing is based in Luoyang. Their main product covers copper, alloy sheets, strips, foils, rods, tubes, bars, magnesium alloy products, and aluminum. This company has an annual output of 240,000 tons. Their range of products has been widely used in different industries such as construction, communications, telecommunications, metallurgy, electric power, and more. CLCP is supplying copper materials around the world.

13 KMD Group

KDM Group is a traditional company. They are one of the oldest companies engaged in the production of copper-based materials. They are specializing in the production of high precision copper alloy. Throughout the years, they are able to produce an extensive line of alloys reaching individual requirements and applications.

14 Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd

Established in 1993, Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd mainly focused on producing different copper tubes. The company got annual production of 75,000 metric tons. As the largest copper tube manufacturer in Shandong Province and 4th in China, they are now widened their production base. Hongtai Copper is exporting its products to different countries and regions.

15 Fullway Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Fullway Technology Co., Ltd is one of the famous copper strips manufacturers in China. As well as famous copper foil tapes supplier. This company is specializing in the production and development of high-performance copper strips and copper tubes products. Today, Fullway become the largest copper strips manufacturer in Jiangsu Province and the biggest pure copper foil tapes supplier in China. With excellent service, Fullway is able to export products to large companies around the world.

16 Xinchang Shibang New Material Co., Ltd.

Concentrating on producing lightning rods, copper coated steel ground rods, and relevant products, Xinchang Shibang New Material Co., Ltd has been one of the famous suppliers and manufacturers in China. This company is situated in Xinchang City – a famous city for tourism which makes it easy to visit. Transportation is easy. Shibang got approvals from different customers and win a reputation as it maintain an excellent scientific management system.

17 Walsin Lihwa

Walsin Lihwa was founded in 1966. They are a manufacturer of power wire and cable at inception. Combining good production technology, capabilities, and skilled employees, they became the leading manufacturers in the Greater China region. Their own products stand out with its quality. Among their products are bare copper wire, stainless steel, wire, and cable. Walsin Lihwa has comprehensive product lines of power wire and communication, as well as cable. It has sales channels worldwide.

18 Tianjin Suli Cable Group

Since established in 1989, Tianjin Suli Cable Group engaged in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive line of highest quality standard electric power cables. As a leading manufacturer of electric wire and cables, the group became 2nd largest manufacturer in China. With more than 4,000 employees, assets of US$2 billion, and sales of US$3 billion, no doubt they listed as 2nd biggest provider.


Qiruide is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. This high-tech modern enterprise is concentrating on manufacturing copper salts, cobalt salts, nickel salts, hydrazine salts, sodium salts, and so on. The company has over 16 years of experience in the field and deployed a strict quality management system and reliable manufacturing process. This company has built good connections to several big factories around the world. Qiruide best production capacity is 500mt in one month.

20 HuiZhou United Copper Foil Electronic Material Co., Ltd

HuiZhou United Copper Foil Electronic Material Co., Ltd was established in 1992. This company is well-known for manufacturing electrolytic copper foil. They are situated in Huzhen, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guandong Province. Its main business is the development, production, and operation of electrolytic copper foil for different applications. Covering an area of 52,000 sq m and building an area of 26,000 sq m, they are able to produce vast types of high-quality products. This company is an ISO9001 registered and certificated in 2000. They had a good and healthy management system.

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