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Importing Copper Nickel Pipe from China
Importing Copper Nickel Pipe from China
Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipe from China

When you’re in the marine industry, you must be familiar with copper-nickel 90/10 pipe. For your needs of this product, China is your ideal place to be. There are lots of manufacturing factory of copper-nickel pipe in China, mostly in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces.  Find a manufacturer that meets the international standards of manufacturing copper nickel pipes and other similar items for quality assurance and better service guaranteed. Whether looking for copper-nickel 90/10 pipe for marine services, offshore platform seawater piping, and other related applications, Chinese manufacturers of copper-nickel pipe can satisfy your needs.

Importing Copper Nickel from China
Copper Nickel 70/30 Pipe from China

Copper-nickel 70/30 pipe manufacturers in China are not in the specific area, leading manufacturer and suppliers are in a different area in the city. Whether looking for these tubes for industrial applications like gas processing, pharmaceuticals, condensers and more, you can get the required item that you need in China. Finding a reliable supplier to deal with will help you save too much money and time.

Importing Copper Nickel Welded Pipe from China
Copper Nickel Welded Pipe from China

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shanghai are the provinces who have the leading manufacturer and supplier of copper nickel welded pipe. Look for the supplier who development and manufactured high-quality copper nickel welded pipe. With a wide range of product varied sizes, dimensions, lengths and specifications, you can order copper nickel welded pipe that suits the specific requirements you need to.

Importing Copper Nickel Seamless Pipe from China
Copper Nickel Seamless Pipe from China

Copper nickel seamless pine have good thermal stability and moderate strength, with good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. In China, Jiangsu province has the leading manufacturer and supplier of copper nickel seamless pipe. Whatever purposes you buy copper nickel seamless pipe products, you can find a reliable manufacturer in China meet your needs.


Importing Copper Nickel Rectangular Pipe from China
Copper Nickel Square Pipe from China

Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hebei are some provinces in China that has a manufacturing factory of copper nickel pipe, such as copper nickel square pipes. Whether you’re going to buy copper nickel square pipe for automotive, aerospace structural and other applications, you can rely on Chinese manufacturer of these type of copper nickel pipe.

Importing Copper Nickel Round Pipe from China 1
Copper Nickel Round Pipes from China

Copper Nickel Round Pipes is commonly used in heavy gauge components for improved weldability. For your copper nickel round pipe needs, China is your ideal place to be. There are lots of manufacturing factory in China that surely meet your needs. Find a factory that meets the international standards of manufacturing copper nickel pipes, so you could guarantee their products and better services.

1 Rectangular and Oval Copper Nickel Pipe for Refrigerator
Rectangular and Oval Copper Nickel Pipe from China

Copper nickel pipe usually used for marine applications. If you want a copper nickel pipe that suits your growing business, then visit in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Best manufacturers and suppliers are usually found that provinces. They offer a broad range of copper nickel pipes for your business.

2 C71300 Seamless Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe
C71300 Seamless Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe from China

China has a broad range of copper nickel pipes. A lot of trusted manufacturers of copper nickel pipe usually found in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. If are looking for best copper nickel pipe manufacturer, China is the perfect place for you.

3 Brass Copper Nickel Pipe
Brass Copper Nickel Pipe from China

Whether you are in need of brass copper nickel pipe for your own or for your business, China has the best manufacturer and supplier of all class of copper nickel pipe, particularly in Guangdong. They supply world-class copper nickel pipes not just around China but also throughout the world.

4 Customized Copper Nickel Pipe
Customized Copper Nickel Pipe from China

Customized your own copper nickel pipe according to your preferences. China has copper nickel pipe manufacturer that can meet your exact needs. You can find a lot of reliable suppliers of copper nickel pipe intended for your business.

5 C70600 Welded Copper Nickel Pipe
C70600 Welded Copper Nickel Pipe from China

Want to have a copper nickel pipe that has excellent mechanical properties? China is an ideal place for all your copper nickel pipes needs. They offer huge variety of copper nickel pipes that an excellent texture and quality that exceed the massive scale level.

6 Copper Nikel Alloy Monel R405 Seamless Pipe
Copper Nikel Alloy Monel R405 Seamless Pipe from China

If you are in need of copper nickel pipes with a touch of alloy, China has the largest manufacturer of all types of copper nickel pipe that has a superior class quality. Offering a huge variety of sizes and specifications to meet the exact demands of your clients.


7 Sb111 C70600 Copper Nickel Pipe
Sb111 C70600 Copper Nickel Pipe from China

In China, Guangdong province has the leading manufacturer and supplier of different class of copper nickel pipes. If you want to purchase copper nickel pipe products with different sizes specifications, shapes, and classifications, China is the perfect place for you.

8 C71640 Straight Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe
C71640 Straight Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe from China

Looking for best solution for your copper nickel pipe problems? China produces C71640 straight copper nickel alloy pipes, particularly in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. They have excellent manufacturers who developed copper nickel products using superior raw materials.

9 C71000 Copper Nickel Pipe
C71000 Copper Nickel Pipe from China

China has a great manufacturer of copper nickel pipe. They offer a wide variety of copper nickel pipe products with a different specific application. If you are looking for copper nickel that has excellent features like corrosion-resistant, durable, and many more. In China, you can find a reliable supplier of copper nickel pipes that are best for your business.

10 Copper Nickel Pipe Flanges
Copper Nickel Pipe Flanges from China

Copper nickel pipe flanges are commonly used for seawater piping systems and as piping outlets in pressure vessels. If you are looking for a copper nickel pipe flanges, Guangdong is the top province that has a professional manufacturer of all types of copper nickel pipes for your business.

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Best 20 Copper Nickel Pipe Manufacturers in China


  • Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.

Established in 1996, Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. has a profound experience and development in manufacturing copper nickel pipe, flange & pipe fittings. Throughout the years of efforts, this company recognized as one of the best leaders in the field of copper-nickel products in China accepted both locally and overseas customers.

  • Yonggao Co., Ltd.

Started in 1993, Yonggao Co., Ltd. is a large-scale group specialized in the manufacturing of PVC Pipe and Fitting, Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting, PVC Fitting, CPVC Fitting, PPR Fitting, Plastic Valve, etc. Employs more than 4,000 hardworking employees in 12 factories covering 1, 332, 000 square meters in China, including 5 modern factories in Taizhou, and the other 7 ones in Shenzhen, Tianjin Chongqin, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Anhui.

  • Zhejiang Zhitong Pipe Valve Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Zhitong Pipe Valve Technology Co., Ltd is a leading pipe fitting, valves, and flanges supplier and manufacturer with ISO 9001 and CE manufacturing certifications. Zhitong designs and a broad array of quality products that are famous for its premium quality at reasonable prices.

  • Tianjin JRX Metal Co., Ltd.

Tianjin JRX Metal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and trading company that specializes in producing nickel pipes, copper pipe, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel coil, etc. The company is located in 1 hong jun building beechen district, Tianjin with a 101~500 square meters plant area.

  • Jiangyin Hehong Precision Technology

Established in 2002, Jiangyin Hehong Precision Technology is a dedicated company specializing in the production of copper and copper alloy products. They are situated in Jiangyin City, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China with an annual production capacity of more than 30000 tons of copper solutions. Supported by more than 350 skilled and hardworking employees with vast experience in the field.

  • Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Co., Limited

Founded in 2004, Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Co., Limited is a professional, skilled, and leading manufacturer and exporter of metal material products located in Tianjin City, China. With more than 10 years of development and history, they ensure the best and affordable solutions that exceed many major certifications.

  • Nanjing Jinhaoyang steel pipe Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Jinhaoyang steel pipe Co., Ltd. is committed to supplying premium quality products. Specializes in manufacturing copper nickel pipe, seamless steel pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, alloy steel pipe, etc. All products are manufactured with solid strength, high-quality products, at a low price. Partnership with them will guarantee the success you`re aiming for!

  • Tianjin Tiancheng Import and Export Co., Ltd

Established in 2017, Tiancheng Import and Export Company is a trusted copper-nickel pipe manufacturer situated in Tianjin, China. Since 2008, this company becomes a Tiancheng Steel Subsidiary corporation and supplies different kinds of Steel Pipes. They provide products with superior quality at a reasonable price.

  • Standard Steel Co., Ltd.

Located in Tianjin China, Standard Steel Co., Ltd. is a reputable copper-nickel pipes manufacturer and supplier with a good reputation for excellent quality and advanced technology. Their products are widely appreciated and exported to South American, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, the USA, India, Eastern, and Western Europe, etc. Build a successful business relationship with this company.

  • Tiangang Weiye Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, Tianjin Tiangang Weiye Steel Tube Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest steel products suppliers headquarters in Tianjin Beichen District, occupying an area of more than 120, 000 square meters.  Mainly supply copper products and nickel products, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate, stainless steel bar, etc. Expect quality products and the best service here in Weiye Steel.

  • `Hangzhou UAlloy Material Co., Ltd

For many years of rich experiences, Hangzhou Ualloy Material Co., Ltd devoted itself to manufacturing all types of alloy strips such as high resistance alloy, low-resistance copper-nickel alloy, FeCrAl alloy for exhaust purifier, precision alloy, etc. Possess a comprehensive product line and a testing machine that can meet all kinds of technical requirement from customer.

  • Shaoxing MingYuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, MingYuan Electronic Technology is a leading manufacturer of copper products in China. ISO9001: 2000 certified company that integrates copper products′ research and development, production, marketing, sales and after-sale service. Your one-stop-shop supplier for a copper-nickel pipe that complies North American Standard(ASTM), Japanese Standard(JIS), and European Standard(EN and BS),.!


This company has more than 20 years of dedicating itself to serve customers with superior quality products at a favorable price. With years′ experience and development EZ STEEL INDUSTRIAL has established 3 advanced production bases located in Cangzhou City, Yangzhou City, and Zhejiang province. They have a production capability with all types of steel pipe of over 480, 000 metric tons per year.

  • Tianjin Best Steel Trade Co., Ltd

Tianjin Best Steel Trade is China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of a complete range of products including copper nickel pipes. They focus on research, design, development, production, sales, and aftersales of copper-nickel pipe. They provide a vast range of high-quality, complete specifications, an abundant supply of products, and excellent services to meet every customers’ needs.

  • Haixiang Metal Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Haixiang Metal Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a dependable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality copper-nickel pipe products. Located in Hangzhou, China, covering an area of 16,596 square kilometers. They have served more than 8,000 satisfied customers in China, and currently cooperating with customers around the world.

  • Hexion Steel LIMITED(HEXION)

Hexion Steel LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of first-class quality copper-nickel pipe. They are committed to providing customers with excellent quality, great services, innovations, and reasonable prices. They offer the best quality products to different enterprises and businesses worldwide manufactured according to many certifications such as ASA, MSS, JIS, IS, ASTM, DIN, BS, etc.

  • CunRui Metal

CunRui Metal is a trustworthy manufacturer of a high-quality and wide range of products including copper-nickel pipe. With more than 13 years of industry experience, they ensure reliable quality and outstanding services. CunRui Metal manufactures products according to local and international quality standards.

  • Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd.

During many years of development, Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. committed to provide your needs in the industrial piping system. Established in 2006, this company served many clients in many countries and regions with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons. A reliable and reputable manufacturer, exporter, and trading company you can rely on!


Started in 1997, JIANGSU LIANGYI CO., LIMITED is a reliable special alloy material supplier from China. They have been supplying also high-quality piping material to customers all over the world including America, Asian countries, European countries, and so on. They own an advanced workshop of more than 8000 square meters, and capable to work with clients to support the business.

  • Nanjing hengjie industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Nanjing Hengjie Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the premier copper-nickel pipes manufacturing companies in China. With a decade of experience in the field, Hengjie Industrial guarantees a large stock and wide range of excellent quality products exceed with local and international standards.

Importing Copper Nickel Pipe from China: The Definitive Guide

Finding a better copper-nickel pipe manufacturer in China?

Looking for the right and the best supplier who offers high-quality copper-nickel pipes and good service?

You are in the right place to be.

This guide will help you learned quite a lot of things concerning copper-nickel pipes supplier and manufacturer in China.

1. What is Copper Nickel Pipe?

Copper nikel pipes also can be called as cuni pipe, cunifer pipes.

According to the physical properties of Cu-Ni alloy pipes, copper and nickel elements are added in pipeline production.

Copper is an internationally recognized material with good corrosion resistance.

After nickel is added, the strength and toughness of pipeline are improved.

The commonly used one is c70600 copper nickel alloy pipe and c71500 copper nickel pipe.

shihang cupro nickel pipes

2. Why We Use Copper Nickel Pipe?

The copper nickel pipe is highly resistant to seawater corrosion which makes it an ideal material for tubing, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems, and marine hardware.

Aside from excellent resistance to saltwater corrosion, the copper nickel pipe also has good ductility and low macrofouling rates.

3.Copper Nickel Pipe Applications

Main application are as below:

  • Seawater piping systems:  Copper nickel pipes are used in piping, tubular heat exchangers and condensers, and high pressure systems.
  • Desalination plants: Copper nickel pipes are used in heat rejection and recovery, brine heaters, and in evaporator tubing.
  • Marine hardware and other components

Oil Platform-Copper Nickel Pipe Application

Oil Platform-Copper Nickel Pipe Application

Shipbuilding-Copper Nickel Pipe Application

Shipbuilding-Copper Nickel Pipe Application

 4.Chinese Copper Nickel Pipe Exporter Countries from Jan.2018 to Sept. 2018

From Jan. 2018 to Sept. 2018, about Thirty million copper nickel pipe have been exported to 41 countries from China. Top 10 are the USA, Korea, Australia, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Belgium, UK, India.

You can check the following figure as detail.

-Top 10 export coutries for copper nickel pipe in china

Top 10 Export Countries for Copper Nickel Pipe in China

5. The Registered Province of Copper-nickel Pipe Supplier in China

Shanghai is the city with the highest export value because it’s one of the biggest Mercantile cities in China.

Kindly check below for your reference.

The registered province of copper nickel pipe supplier in china

The Registered Province of Hige Value Copper Nickel Pipe Supplier in China

6.How to Choose the Qualified Chinese Copper Nickel Pipe Supplier

6.1 Copper Nickel Pipe Manufacturer Production Experience

Try to review the manufacturer’s company profile.

If you can visit, it’s better.

Copper-nickel pipe productions need a rich experience.

It’s not easy work.

Rich productions experience means low cost, fast delivery, qualified productions and so on.

Copper Nickel Pipe for Heat Exchanger

Copper Nickel Pipe for Heat Exchanger

6.2 Check the copper-nickel pipe manufacturer’s classification society certificates

Bureau Veritas Classification Society Logo

Bureau Veritas Classification Society Logo

If the manufacturer has the classification society certificates approval such as DNV, GL, BV, CCS, KR, it means these manufacturers have been review by the classification society.

The end user prefers the manufacturer approved by the ninth world-class society certificates.

6.3 Copper Nickel Pipe chemical composition, mechanical property

To check the copper-nickel pipes’ quality, the two main sides are chemical composition, mechanical property.

The standard value chemical composition means good weldability, good anticorrosive property

The standard value mechanical property can be easy to machine.

 tensile machine

Tensile Test Machine

 6.4 Copper Nickel Pipe Packaging

The copper-nickel pipe length is 6meter.

It requires a strong wooden case when sea transportation or air transportation.

It’s better if you can check the manufacturer’s packaging before the shipment.

It can avoid the damage when transportation

copper nickel pipe packing

Copper Nickel Pipe Packing

6.5 Manufacturer Service

Please note the low price is not the only way to choose the copper nickel pipe supplier.

Normally, the low price means Long delivery time, Less qualified product, no fast response.

Pay more attention to the supplier’s comprehensive ability.

It will make all things easy if you meet the good copper nickel pipe supplier.

Any questions, you can contact Bansar, we will recommend you very professional manufacturer.

Copper Nickel Pipe: The Complete Guide

This guide covers every concept about copper nickel pipes such as alloy composition, manufacturing process, applications, standard specifications, quality testing, packaging, and lots more.

If you are planning to import Cupronickel pipes from China, you should read this guide before contacting the copper nickel pipes manufacturer.

Let’s get started:

Copper Nickel Pipe Definition

Copper nickel pipe

 Copper nickel pipe

These are pipes manufactured from copper and nickel as the main alloying elements alongside other metal or non-metal compounds.

Each metal or non-metal compound gives copper nickel pipes unique properties such as ease of fabrication, slow macro fouling rates, and corrosion resistance, amongst others.

Besides, the chemical composition also determines the classification criteria of various copper nickel pipe grades.

For example, the most popular grades are copper nickel 90/10 pipes and copper nickel 70/30 pipes.

Chemical Composition of CuNi Pipes

Broadly, you can classify the available CuNi pipes grades as C70600 or C71500alloy.

These are the most common alloy grades in the market.

When you put the classification into perspective – it is the varying chemical composition of the individual elements in the alloy.

Below is a table showing various chemical composition for copper nickel alloys depending on the industry standards:

CuNi 70 30

CuNi 70/30

CuNi 90 10

CuNi 90/10

Role of Elements in Copper Nickel Alloy

Each element plays an integral role in ensuring the excellent performance of copper nickel alloy pipes.

Remember, the process of mixing the elements is critical.

Excess or a small amount of the element will significantly affect the performance characteristics of Cupronickel pipes.

The functions of these elements in copper nickel pipes are:

Element in Copper Nickel Pipes

Function of the Element

Nickel (Ni)

· Quantity ranges from 9-11% for CuNi 90/10 and 29-33% for CuNi 70/30.

· Ensures excellent corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and thermal properties, alongside other properties

Copper (Cu)

· Quantity ranges from 65-70% for CuNi 70/30 and 88.6-90% for CuNi 90/10.

· Responsible for low macro-fouling rate, antimicrobial property, resistance to corrosion, heat resistance, Conductivity, and ease of fabrication.

Manganese (Mn)

· Up to 1.0% maximum quantity

· Increases both melting point and strength hence enhancing the casting properties

Iron (Fe)

· Quantity range from 0.4-1.8%

· Improves the corrosion resistance property of the alloy

Chromium (Cr)

· Replacing the specific quantity of iron with chromium improves the strength of the alloy

Tin (Sn)

· Improve the wear resistance

· Increases tarnish resistance

· Improves stress resistance

Lead (Pb)

· Quantity is below 0.002%

· High quantity can reduce the welding property of copper nickel pipes

Phosphorous (P)

· Quantity must be lower than 0.015-0.05%

· High quantity may make copper nickel pipes prone to cracking and brittle. It may interfere with the welding property of Cupronickel pipes

Niobium (Nb)

· Enhances the copper nickel pipe tensile strength

· May reduce the elongation property of copper nickel pipe

· Improves welding property of copper nickel pipes

· When added with silicon and chromium, it enhances the casting properties of copper nickel pipes

Of course, the copper nickel pipes may also have additional elements.

They form part of the impurity, and the quantity should be negligible.

Here, it is upon the manufacturer to control the quantity of the impurities.

It is the only to improve the performance characteristics of copper nickel pipes.

Mechanical Properties of CuNi Pipes

Whenever you are buying copper nickel pipes, it is crucial to evaluate the mechanical properties.

Some of the critical properties you should evaluate include the following:

PropertyUnitsCuNi 90/10CuNi 70/30
Tensile strength (UTS),(Rm)Mpa≥ 310≥ 350
Ksi≥ 44≥ 51
Proof stress (YS 0,2), (Rp 0,2)Mpa≥ 110≥ 130
Ksi≥ 16≥ 19
Elongation (E 5,65 √S)%≥ 35≥ 30
Hardness (HB10 D2 )≥ 70≥ 80

By considering all these, it will be easier to gauge the performance of CuNi pipes during any application.

Physical Properties of Cupronickel Pipes

Before, you buy copper nickel pipes, ensure the physical properties conform to the table below:

PropertyUnitsCuNi 90/10 AlloyCuNi 70/30 Alloy
Density (20°C)kg/m389008900
Electrical Resistivity (20°C annealed)μΩ.cm1934
Thermal Conductivity (20°C to 200°C)W/m.°K5030
Coefficient of Expansion (20°C to 200°C)C x 10-61716
Modulus of Elasticity (20°C annealed)Mpa126 000126 000
Annealing Temperature°C760-800760-820
Melting Interval°C1100-11501180-1240
Magnetic Permeability (20°C annealed)1.80-1.80< 1.05

Characteristics of Cupronickel Pipes

Copper nickel pipes share many characteristics with other metallic pipes available in the market.

However, it is known for its excellent performance in the marine industry.

Some of the main characteristics of CuNi pipes include:

i. Slow Macro Fouling Rates – The copper ions makeCuNi pipes inhospitable for marine life.

Therefore, any ocean life, such as algae or mollusks will not attach themselves to the pipe.

Even if they attach themselves to copper nickel pipes, you can easily remove them, leaving a clean surface.

Copper nickel pipe is resistant to macro-fouling.

ii. Ease of Fabrication – Depending on the specific application requirement, you can easily weld, cut, or bend copper nickel pipes.

iii. Corrosion Resistance – Nickel element in the cupronickel pipes has a slow oxidation reaction. Even in the presence of oxygen, the corrosion is only 0.002mm per year, with seawater flowing at 0.6 m/s.

Therefore, cupronickel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance in the marine environment.

iv. Antimicrobial Property – Copper, which is the main alloying element in the CuNi pipes, has antimicrobial property.

Therefore, it can kill or inactivate microbes. It makes cupronickel pipes perfect for the application that requires high hygiene standards.

v. Superior Thermal Conductivity – Copper nickel pipes are an excellent conductor of heat. A reason why you find CuNi pipe in most heat exchanger systems.

vi. Heat Resistance – The pipes can withstand high temperatures.

vii. Rate of Expansion is Slow – Cupronickel pipes are dimensionally stable hence improving the integrity of the piping system

The rate of expansion is also predictable and slow.

Consequently, it is easier to design a piping system for critical applications.

viii. Excellent Resistance to Corrosion – Even with seawater flowing at 0.6 m/s, the degree of corrosion will only be about 0.002mm every year.

ix. Resistance to Erosion and Cavitation – Cupronickel pipes are resistant to wear and tear. Even in turbulent and high-velocity flow in the sea environment, pipes will maintain structural integrity.

x. Lustrous Surface – Looking at copper nickel pipe surface, it is shinny. It looks as if the surface has been polished.

The best part –even after years of use, CuNi pipes maintain the lustrous surface.

xi. Stress Resistant – Copper nickel pipes are resistant to stress. Therefore, you can use the pipes for years without breaking, cracking, or bending.

xii. Durable and Long-lasting – Cupronickel pipes are durable and can serve you for more than 10 years.

In a nutshell, copper nickel pipes are the perfect choice for most marine applications due to these unique characteristics.

How do Manufacture Seamless Copper Nickel Pipes

Seamless copper nickel pipes do not have seams or joints.

The pipes are popular for the high and uniform strength throughout their cross-section.

You can use seamless Cupronickel pipes for high temperature, pressure, and mechanical stress applications.

Some of the popular manufacturing processes for seamless copper nickel pipes – plug rolling mill, mandrel mill, extrusion, and forging techniques.

Manufacturing Seamless Cupronickel Pipe using Plug Rolling Mill Technique

The manufacturing process seamless pipe involves the following key processes:

Plug Rolling Mill Method

Plug mill rolling method

  1. Cut copper nickel billets into pieces depending on the dimension of CuNi pipes you want to produce
  2. Use a rotary furnace to heat the Cupronickel billets to plastic deformation temperature
  3. Using a mandrel, pierce the hot copper nickel billets. The result of the process will be copper nickel pipe
  4. To increase the length of the Cupronickel pipe, pass it through the elongator. It will increase the length of the CuNi pipe.
  5. Use plug mill to reduce the thickness of copper nickel pipe
  6. To improve dimensions and smoothen the surface, pass the Cupronickel pipe through the reelers. Then you can reheat the CuNi pipe to improve dimensions and size.
  7. Heat treat the copper nickel pipe for metal microstructure restoration
  8. Cool then straighten the copper nickel pipes
  9. Inspect quality of Cupronickel pipes and package

The process is suitable for manufacturing copper nickel pipes with medium diameter.

Manufacture Seamless CuNi Pipes using Mandrel Mill Method

Mandrel Method

Mandrel mill method

Mandrel mill method is suitable for seamless copper nickel pipes with small diameters.

Although the mandrel process is similar to the plug mill rolling process, it is not a multi-stage technique.

In the mandrel mill method, the process involves piercing to reheating process, and there are only three processes.

This is not the case for the plug mill rolling process.

Otherwise, the remaining processes are the same.

Manufacturing Seamless Copper Nickel Pipe using Extrusion Technique

Extrusion method

Extrusion process

Here, the process will involve:

  1. Heating copper nickel billet then pushing it through the die against a piercing mandrel
  2. The end product will be copper nickel pipe
  3. Heat treat, straighten and inspect the copper nickel pipe

Manufacturing Seamless Cupronickel Pipe using Forging Technique

Forging process

Forging process

For seamless copper nickel pipes with large diameters, you can adopt the forging technique.

The key stages in this process include:

  1. Begin by making a forging die. The diameter should be larger than that of the Cupronickel pipe you need.
  2. Heat the Cupronickel billet to a suitable temperature
  3. Using a hydraulic press, forge the billet to form Cupronickel pipe
  4. Heat treat, straighten and inspect the Cupronickel pipe

Manufacturing Welded Copper Nickel Pipes

Unlike the seamless copper nickel pipes, welded Cupronickel pipes have larger diameters.

Here, you will use strips or coil.

Of course, this is not the case in seamless CuNi pipes where you use billets.

The process involves the following key stages:

Rolling machine

Rolling machine

Point press and UO method

Point press and UO

Continous rolling method

 Continuous rolling method

  1. Start by forming the circular section of the copper nickel pipes. You can use the plate rolling machine, continuous rolling, point pressing, and UO method.
  2. Once you have the circular section, weld to form a continuous pipe. You can use electric fusion welding, high-frequency welding, or electric resistance welding.
  3. Take the copper nickel pipe through various finishing operations.
  4. Inspect the welded copper nickel pipe

Therefore, depending on the situation at hand, you can adopt any of these processes to manufacture Cupronickel pipes.

Of course, these manufacturing processes do not interfere with the properties of a copper-nickel alloy.

How Seamless CuNi Pipes compare to Welded CuNi Pipes

Seamless CuNi Pipes

Welded CuNi Pipes

The manufacturing process involves heating and piercing the copper nickel billet. The popular techniques you can use include plug rolling mill, mandrel mill, extrusion, and forging techniquesThe manufacturing process involves using a copper nickel plate or coil.  After forming the coil, you’ll weld to form a continuous pipe.
Wall thickness is largerIn most cases, wall thickness is smaller than that of seamless pipes
Strong cross-section areaA welded section is considered a weak spot. However, these pipes are equally strong
More expensive than welded CuNi pipesCheaper than CuNi pipes
The cross-section may not be as consistent as that of welded pipesMore consistent cross-section area
Better roundnessRoundness may vary
Suitable for high pressure and temperature applicationBest for low or moderate pressure and temperature applications

Dimensions of Copper Nickel Pipe

Another fundamental aspect you should consider when choosing a copper nickel pipe is the dimensions.

There many factors that come into play when evaluating the dimensions of CuNi pipes.

They include:

· Outer Diameter of CuNi Pipes

For seamless CuNi pipes, the outer diameter may vary depending on specific application requirements.

However, the is a limit on the maximum outer diameter.

Usually, the maximum outer diameter is 419 mm.

Moreover, there are only a few companies that can achieve this – Shihang being one of the companies.

On the other hand, you can get welded CuNi pipes of any diameter.

You can get Welded CuNi pipes with diameters exceeding 457 mm.

· Length of Cupronickel Pipes

The maximum length of Cupronickel pipes is 6 meters.

However, you can get those that are shorter than 6 meters

· The thickness of Copper Nickel Pipes

In most cases, the thickness of copper nickel pipes varies depending on the specific application requirements and standards.

· Standard Dimension of Copper Nickel Pipes

Copper nickel pipes are available in the following key dimensions:

The dimension standard will depend on both the geographical location and application.

· Pressure Rating of Cupronickel Pipe

The pressure ratings of CuNipipes vary according to the dimension standard.

Of course, the type of application will also determine the pressure rating of the copper nickel pipe.

Pressure Rating American standards (2)

Pressure rating for American Standard

Pressure Rating for EU Standard

Pressure rating for EU standard

· End Configurations of Copper Nickel Pipe

The end configuration of the copper nickel pipe will depend on the specific application requirements.

For instance, you can choose from threaded, plain, or beveled end configurations.

How to Test Quality of Cupronickel Pipes

Quality Control in CuNi Pipe

Quality Control in CuNi Pipes

Quality control and testing is an essential aspect of manufacturing Cupronickel pipe.

The quality control process begins by inspecting the raw material before the actual manufacturing process begins.

This ensures the Cupronickel pipe has the right chemical composition.

Some of the fundamental aspects here include:

i. Material testing – You can evaluate the material using the Spectro analyzer to check the chemical composition of the copper nickel alloy.

ii. Non-destructive testing – It involves checking if the pipe has no surface defects. Some of these tests involve flex leakage examination, eddy current technique, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle test, and radiography examination.

iii. Destructive quality tests for copper nickel pipes – The tests include tensile strength, bending, flattening, impact, creep, metallurgical, microanalysis, macro analysis, and grain size test

iv. Hydrostatic tests for Cupronickel tests –help to determine pressure rating and leak-proof property of copper nickel pipes.

v. Visual inspection of CuNi – You can use a telescopic mirror or magnifying glasses to inspect the surface characteristics of copper nickel pipes

vi. Dimension test – The tests involve examining the thickness, roundness, length, and diameter of copper nickel pipes.

Of course, quality assessment and testing should have certificates. Some of the most common quality documents include:

  • Laboratory tests reports
  • EN 10204 3.1 quality test report
  • Compliance certificates
  • Inspection reports by third party companies

Uses of Copper Nickel Pipes

Cupronickel pipes have a wide range of applications in many industries.

It is a perfect choice for most offshore and marine applications.

This is due to its excellent corrosion resistance in marine and offshore applications.

Some of the main applications include:

Ship building


  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Desalination plants
  • Offshore oil platform
  • Condenser systems
  • Offshore piping system
  • Heat exchanger system
  • Gasoline piping system
  • Marine water piping system
  • Chemical processing industry piping
  • Power generation plants
  • Leg sheathing in offshore platforms
  • Ballast piping
  • Marine riser
  • Steam and water piping, and many more

You can use copper nickel pipe in many applications.

However, for onshore applications or those that do not handle salty water, you can use other piping systems.

Remember, copper nickel pipes tend to be slightly expensive.

Therefore, it implies you should use copper nickel pipes in situations where:

i. The pipe should have excellent resistance to seawater or salty water

ii. There should be low macrofouling rates and bio-fouling resistance

How to Fabricate Cupronickel Pipes

Depending on your unique application requirements, you can easily fabricate copper nickel pipes.

For instance, you can easily weld, bend, thread, cut, drill holes or mill CuNi pipes.

All you need is proper fabrication equipment for a specific task.

Besides, you should only undertake any fabrication process if you are an expert.

Comparison between Copper Nickel Pipes and Copper Nickel Tubes

Many people tend to confuse Cupronickel pipes and Cupronickel tubes.

Here are a few things you need to note between the two:

i. The chemical composition, performance criteria, physical and chemical properties are the same. Of course, this is a reference to the same standard.

ii. Copper nickel tubes come in many shapes such as round, rectangular or square while pipes have a round configuration

iii. When it comes to dimensions, the specification of copper nickel tubes focuses on wall thickness and outer diameter

For CuNi pipes, the focus is on the wall thickness and nominal diameter.

Of course, you can go ahead to specify the length, pressure rating, and standards in both copper nickel tubes and pipes.

iv. Copper nickel tubes are suitable for structural applications. On the other hand, Cupronickel pipes are common in the transportation of fluids such as liquid, semi-liquid substances, and gases.

v. Due to the structural construction, copper nickel tubes are stronger than copper nickel pipes.

Recommended Copper Nickel Pipe Packaging Before Shipping

After the manufacturing process, you will ship the pipes to a wholesaler or distributor.

Packaging Cupronickel pipes

Packaging Cupronickel pipes

Cuni Pipes Packaging

CuNi pipes packaging

Here are a few things you should note:

i. Copper nickel pipe manufacturer should label the pipes appropriately – It involves printing stand specification, CuNi grade, and dimensions on the pipe.

ii. For Cupronickel pipes with a diameter less than 0.3”, you can bundle them together

iii. Where necessary, you can insert capped ends on the copper nickel pipes

iv. Put the Cupronickel pipes in a polypropylene sheet and cover properly.

v. Using a seaworthy wooden case, pack the pipes and seal with flat steel bands

Types of Cupronickel Pipe Fittings

CuNi pipes have a range of pipe fittings for different applications.

Remember, you need copper nickel pipe fittings to:

i. Change the direction of the Cupronickel pipe system

ii. Adapt CuNi pipes to different sizes and configurations

iii. Connect or divide the flow

iv. End piping system

v. Support piping system

Copper nickel fittings come in 70/30 or 90/10 grades.

Furthermore, they also come in different standard specifications such as DIN, ASME, and EEMUA.

Some of the most common Cupronickel pipe fittings include:

· Copper Nickel Adapter

It connects two dissimilar piping system accessories

· Copper Nickel Elbow

They change the direction of piping systems to certain degrees.

It can be 180 or 45 degrees, depending on the application requirements in the piping system.

· Copper Nickel Union

The union allows for future disconnection while connecting two different piping systems.

· Copper Nickel Pipe Reducer

You can use it to reduce the size of the copper nickel pipe diameter without interfering with the entire piping system.

· Copper Nickel Pipe Tee

With copper nickel pipe tee, you can connect or divide flow in the Cupronickel piping system.

· Copper Nickel Saddle

Saddle help to transmit forces or load to the adjacent structures in the piping system.

They mainly support the piping system

· Copper Nickel Cross

It helps to distribute flow to other copper nickel piping systems.

The design is such that it has one inlet with three outlets.

· Copper Nickel Coupling

It connects different copper nickel piping systems

· Copper Nickel End Caps

You can use these fittings to close, terminate, or end flow in the piping system.

It covers the end of the piping system.

Types of Copper Nickel Flanges

Copper nickel flanges come in varying configurations such as discs, rims, collars, or rims.

It will depend on the design.

They also come in varying chemical composition depending on the DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, BS 2871, ASTM B466, JIS H3300, and MIL-T-16420K standard.

Also, the chemical composition varies depending on the copper nickel grade – that is, Cupronickel 90/10 or 70/30.

Copper nickel pipe flanges are connectors which include:

Copper Nickel Composite Weld Neck Flange

It has two sections – inner flange or stub end made from copper nickel alloy.

While backing flange or outer flange made from carbon steel.

Copper Nickel Composite Slip on Flange

It is a standard slip on flange with slight modifications.

The inner flange is the collar or stub end and an outer flange.

Normally, the collar is a copper nickel alloy, while the outer flange is carbon steel (A105N).

You can use it for non-critical low pressure and low-temperature applications.

Copper Nickel Weld Neck Flange

Cupronickel weld neck flange has a tapered hub with a round protruding rim.

They are suitable for high pressure and high-stress applications, besides extreme fluctuations in the temperature conditions.

Cupronickel Slip on Flange

CuNislip on flange is a ring which has a bore at the centre.

The size of the bore depends on the size of the copper nickel pipe.

Also, it has holes along the outer circumference.

Copper Nickel Blind Flange

Unlike other types of flanges, copper nickel flange does not have a hole at the centre.

It is a piece of solid that blocks and does not allow for the free flow of liquid or air.

You can use it to terminate or end the flow.

Copper Nickel Socket Weld Flange

It resembles the slip on flange except that is has a shoulder section within the flange bore.

Usually, it is the recessed area or shoulder like section that determine the depth you can install the Cupronickel pipe.

CuNi Threaded Flange

It is a round disk with a bore at the centre which has internal threads.

Disadvantages of Copper Nickel Pipes

Although copper nickel pipes have excellent resistance to corrosion in seawater applications, they are slightly expensive.

Therefore, you should only go for Cupronickel pipes in situations where other alternatives are not viable.

It may not be cost-effective.

Again, when joining copper nickel pipes, you should avoid oxy acetylene welding.

Why Buy Copper Nickel Pipe from Shihang

For over 20 years, Shihang has been designing and manufacturing DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, and ASME B36.19M Cupronickel pipes.

The copper nickel pipes come in different dimensions and pressure rating with a maximum length of 6 meters.

With the improved manufacturing capability, Shihang manufactures seamless copper nickel pipes with a 419mm diameter.

Shihang has also invested in high-quality manufacturing machines such as 55KN and 35 KN extrusion machines, besides modern testing equipment.

With a fully equipped production facility, Shihang can handle 30T of copper nickel pipes per month.

Shihang does not compromise on copper nickel pipe quality at any stage.

From the manufacturing process, product inspection to packaging, you are guaranteed of the best quality copper nickel pipes.

We issue both the EN 102043.1 and EN 10201 3.1 certificates, alongside third-party test results upon request.

At Shihang, you will get the best copper nickel pipes according to your requirements.

As you can see, copper nickel pipes combine excellent corrosion resistance and enhanced biofouling in seawater applications among other desirable properties.

However, you can only benefit from all these properties when you choose high-quality copper nickel pipes.

The best part, today’s guide has explained everything you should know about copper nickel pipes.

For questions or inquiries, contact the Shihang sales team now.

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