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Mobile Cranes
Mobile Cranes Importing from China

This is the most basic type of crane and consists of a steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on some kind of mobile platform. This platform could be wheeled, a rail or even a cat truck. The boom is hinged at the bottom and can be raised or lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders. If you are planning on importing mobile cranes, Chinese crane manufacturer and supplier can always meet your needs for your business.

Telescopic Crane
Telescopic Crane Importing from China

A telescopic crane offers a boom that has a number of tubes that are fitted inside each other. Then hydraulic mechanisms extend or retract the tubes to length or shorten the boom. If you are looking for a better supplier and manufacturer for your crane, you’ll find a durable crane in China for your business. Shandong province has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to provide all you need about the information and process.

Tower Crane
Tower Crane Importing from China

A tower crane is considered to be a modern form of a balance crane. When fixed to the ground, this type of crane will often give the best of height and lifting capabilities. They are also used when constructing tall buildings. If you are planning to import in China, then you have a good choice. China has a lot of leading supplier and manufacturer of tower crane to be trusted for.

Truck Mounted Crane
Truck Mounted Crane Importing from China

These types of cranes are mounted on a rubber tire truck and provide excellent mobility. The outriggers will extend vertically or horizontally and are used to stabilize and level the crane when it is hoisting a load of materials. The leading truck mounted crane manufacturer in China can supply enough product to meet your needs. When finding the high quality crane product, choose the manufacturer who have rich experience in manufacturing for years.

Rough Terrain Crane
Rough Terrain Crane Importing from China

The crane is mounted on an undercarriage that has four rubber tires and is designed to be use off road. These types of cranes are single engine meaning that the same engine is used to power the undercarriage and the crane. Whether you need to import rough terrain crane for your business, importing from China is the best place while assuring high quality at very reasonable price.

Loader Crane
Loader Crane Importing from China

This is a hydraulically powered crane that has an articulated arm that is fitted to a trailer. The crane can be folded into numerous sections and will fit into small spaces when not in use. The crane can be easily transported because of its capabilities to be folded. Shandong province has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to provide all you need about the information and process.

Overhead Crane
Overhead Crane Importing from China

They are generally used in a factory and some are able to lift very heavy loads. The hoist of the crane is set on a trolley that will move in one direction along a beam, sometimes two beams. China’s leading crane manufacturer have many overhead crane in stock and ready to ship. Import overhead crane in China, the manufacturers and suppliers have enough product to meet your needs.

Crane with Hydraulic Folding Boom
Crane with Hydraulic Folding Boom Importing from China

Whether you need to buy crane with hydraulic folding boom for your business, importing from China is the right place for you. There are wide selection of crane products in Chinese market that suit your needs. One of the biggest lap-joint flange suppliers are in Shandong, province of China while assuring the highest quality with competitive price.

Double Girder Overhead Crane
Double Girder Overhead Crane Importing from China

Are you looking for a high quality double girder overhead crane? Importing from China is the right place for you. The leading flange valve manufacturer in China can supply enough product to meet your needs. When finding the high quality crane product, choose the manufacturer who have rich experience in manufacturing for years.

Marine Ship Crane
Marine Ship Crane Importing from China

If you are looking for a better supplier and manufacturer for your crane products, you’ll find a high quality marine ship crane for your business when importing from China. One of the biggest marine ship crane suppliers are in Shandong, province of China while assuring the highest quality with competitive price.

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Best 20 Crane Manufacturers in China

1 HY Crane

HY crane co. ltd is a topmost professional Lifting equipment manufacturer and service provider with more than 60 years of machinery manufacturing history. The company offers advanced materials handling solutions and specialized high-end lifting equipment. Located in Xinxiang City, Henan, China with more than 6,000 employees and over 100 service networks.

2 Dowellcrane Machinery Group

A China-leading high-quality crane manufacturer in China established in 1955, Dowellcrane Machinery Group owns 3 modern factories serving a wide range of clients throughout the world. The company provides comprehensive sets of solutions from the whole machine to spare parts. Headquartered in XinXiang City, Henan province, China, they produced a complete set of advanced lifting projects such as Bridge crane, Portal Crane, Gantry crane, and more.

3 Xinxiang Kerui Company

Founded in 1995, with a vast experience in manufacturing all types of heavy construction machinery. Xinxiang Kerui Company is a large-scale Tower Crane provider that satisfies the needs of every client for their heavy tower cranes requirements. The company has a well-organized and modernized process with rapid development that caters to your demands.

3 Henan Sinoko Cranes 

One of the reputable enterprises engaged in the developments of European style cranes and cutting-edge technology, Sinokocranes has obtained special licenses to operate such as ISO9001:2000 international quality control standard, ISO14001:1996, and OHSAS18001. Having 1200 employees that include skilled 180+ engineers and technicians ensure the fast and exact production of high-standard and top-level products.

4 Bigbund Construction Machinery

Bigbund (Shanghai) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reliable group specialized in manufacturing and selling Engineering & Construction Machinery. With many years of experience in the field, the company has well-developed innovative machines and also deliver outstanding services on time. They gained a good reputation for many clients around the world.

5 Chengli Special Automobile

One of the leading and famous manufacturers of cranes, trucks, and trailers located in China. The company is competent and has confidence that comes from stable quality delivered to clients, advanced international equipment, and proven equipment processes. All products are tested with the best functions widely used in countries in South America, Africa, Asia,  and the Middle East, etc.

6 Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd

Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd is recognized as one of the most influential automobile export enterprises in Hubei Province that focuses on researching, designing, development, manufacturing, and sales of high-standard commercial vehicles. Offer customization based on clients’ special reasonable needs in order to improve their truck using feeling. Provide a one-stop solution and services you can depend on.

7 DGCRANE (Xinxiang Degong Machinery Co., Ltd)

DGCRANE (Xinxiang Degong Machinery Co., Ltd) is a premier overhead crane manufacturer headquartered in Changyuan Country, Henan Province, Specialized in crane manufacturing and design with ISO 9001:2000, CE, SGS certification. The biggest crane manufacturing base many customers around the world rely on such as countries in Saudi Arabia, Pure, Brazil, Tanzania, Singapore, and more.

8 Kaiyuan heavy machinery 

Founded in 2006, Shandong Kaiyuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., is located in Shandong, China. Ever since established, the company brings its design and product quality in line with international practice and methods. They successfully developed the new style overhead crane, a new trolley system, new electric wire rope hoist to meet the high demands of the international guests. They also attained ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 certification.

9 Tavol Cranes Group Co., Ltd
World-leading Construction Machinery manufacturer and service provider with 20 years of history and experience in the field, Tavol Cranes Group has developed cranes with compact design, good safety, low headroom, high performance, and efficient operation. The company has always consisted of a people-oriented concept and science and technology innovation. Located in Shandong, China and now ISO 9001, ISO 20000, QC 080000, ISO 22000 approved.

10 Henan Zoke Crane Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005, Henan Zoke Crane Co., Ltd. is a major crane manufacturer who engaged in advanced R&D, manufacturing, exact installation, professional selling, and after-sale service. Employs 90+ hard-working staff and technicians willing to assist your needs. Passed the ISO9001, ISO4001, OHSAS18001 management quality system and located in Xinxiang, Henan, China.

11 Henan Zhonggong Group

The company established a reputation for reliable and flexible construction cranes and industrial cranes with rich experience in manufacturing crane systems. Located in Henan Province, China occupies an area of more than 240, 000 square meters and hired 1200 staff to operate and carry out manufacturing. For more than 30 years of working together, Henan Zhonggong Group can produce the most extensive cranes of all kinds in the industry.

12 Henan Weihua Heavy Machinery 

With 20+ years of effort and experience, Henan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is now a large-scale enterprise group with a strong and comprehensive innovative system and a full set of advanced equipment and production lines that guarantee the 100% fabrication. Situated in Xinxiang, Henan, China covering an area of 820, 000 sqm. and has 3,000+ different types of treating devices. Employs 4,000+ employees with abundant expertise in manufacturing the crane system.

13 Shandong Mingdao Heavy Industry Machinery 

Shandong Mingdao Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading crane provider that integrates professional design and manufacturing of single girder overhead cranes. As an ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 14000, ISO 20000 certified, the company ensures superior quality products and services deliver to the domestic market and international market with price advantages.

14 Henan Nybon Machinery 

Founded in 2016, Henan Nybon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer specialized in the production of gantry cranes, overhead cranes, and other related accessories, etc. Headquartered in Xinxiang, Henan with convenient transportation access. Offer OEM and ODM services to meet your requirements. Obtained dedicated and thoughtful customer service that ensures customer satisfaction.

15 Shandong Shenzhou Machinery 

Established in 2004, Shandong Shenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. has vast manufacturing experience, full manufacturing and testing methods to produce high-quality Overhead Cranes, Gantry Crane, and other machinery equipment. The company employs 100 employees including 12 skilled technicians, 18 managers, 40 manufacturing personnel, 24 personnel of after-sales service, and 22 installation personnel. All operators are well-trained in national operation certificates.

16 Henan Hengyuan Crane Machinery Group

Established in 1993, Hengyuan Crane Machinery is a top crane innovation and machinery products manufacturer and supplier in China with many years of accumulation and efforts. With the approval of CE, ISO, and SGS certification, there is no doubt that Henan Hengyuan Crane Machinery Group crane production has flexible and reliable quality with broad application, great performance, and long lifespan.

17 Zhejiang Kaidao Hoisting Machinery 

Established in 2010, Zhejiang Kaidao Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier which is specialized in different cranes creation. All products are guaranteed safe and reliable because they attained CE, ISO9001-2008, SGS international certificates approval. These are tested and also vigorously inspected before packing and shipping. The company is headquartered in Zhejiang Province, China.

18 Jiali Machinery

Established in 1997, Jiali Machinery Co., Ltd. is a popular and world-leading manufacturer of standard performance cranes, electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist, and various lifting and material handling equipment. With more than 20 years of experience and hard work, the company now owns the biggest workshop covers an area of 66000 square meters that provide safe and quality products that can meet the highest industrial standards.

19 Shanghai YO-PI Port Machinery

Specialized in professional R&D, designing and manufacturing customized construction machinery, material handling, and other related spare parts, with a vast experience in the field. Located in Nantong Jiangsu province in China, occupies an area of 10,000 square meters where there an all types of standard machines and equipment. ISO9001 certified management that ensures effective and high-tech products.

20 Shanghai Gather Power Industry 

Founded in 2001, Shanghai Gather Power Industry Co., Ltd is an expert provider of GP brand forklift, cranes, and trucks situated in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. Currently have 350+ employees including professional engineers and technicians. The company has an annual revenue of 6, 800 warehousing equipment, and 5,000 forklifts developed and engineered well. Your one-stop-shop solution when you need high-quality machinery equipment such as cranes.


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