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Darts Manufacturer China
Brass Plated Darts
Importing Brass Plated Darts from China

Do you like darts that are budget-friendly and inexpensive? Well, brass plated darts is the most common types of darts. Because of the metal that makes them popular in pubs, taverns, and at home. Let me tell you something! Darts made of brass are usually aimed at beginners and are of low cost, therefore making brass a good choice for darts players who have either rarely or even never played darts before. If you’re choosing this kind of darts for your business you can find a great manufacturer of darts in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

Colored Metal Neddle Tips Darts
Importing Colored Metal Needle Tips Darts from China

When you see a colored metal darts people can say that it’s elegant and many of them like elegant. If you are into gaming business and you need darts that are eye-catching for your customers, all you need to do is import darts from China. Lots of factories are located in mainland China that you can choose from. You can guarantee that it’s free from led and mercury.

Copper Barrel Aluminum Darts
Importing Copper Barrel Aluminum Darts from China

Its hard to find a darts that combines performance and appearance. But not anymore. China has many factories of different darts used by professional players as it provides outstanding quality, and keeps the barrel narrow enough to allow tighter groupings. If your valued customers need this kind of darts, you know a place where you can go for imports.

Customized Metal Darts
Importing Customized Metal Darts from China

Darts factories in China producing darts products with various world-class professional darts players and businesses. Are you looking for custom made darts products? You can import darts around China, since they have lots of manufacturers that manufacture unique design of custom hand made darts for your unique business.

Kids Darts
Importing Kids Darts from China

Dart games are fun and educational, making them an ideal activity for your kids. If you have toy business, kids darts are one of the lists. You can find thousands of manufacturers of kids darts from China where you can ensure that its high quality and safe from the kids.

Magnetic Darts
Importing Magnetic Darts from China

If you that your customers enjoy their home without the fear of having a pointy object lodged in your shoulder. With the magnetic dart, you need worry no longer about the potential safety hazards of throwing real darts. You can import different kinds of darts in China like magnetic darts which is safe, fun, an affordable.

Plastic Tips Darts
Importing Plastic Tips Darts from China

Plastic tips darts are darts which have flexible plastic tips and are thrown at a plastic board with moulded holes in it, which accept and hold the point of the dart. If you’re planning on importing darts from China for your growing business they have a lot of darts suppliers, especially in Guangdong province.

Stainless Steel Darts
Importing Stainless Steel Darts from China

This darts is also one of the inexpensive types among the darts in the market. Player prefer stainless steel because of its quality and unique skid-proof grain on the copper-covered body. People might hard to find a manufacturer of darts for their business. If you’re looking for a place Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces is the most recommended place for their quality dart products.

Tungsten Steel Darts
Importing Tungsten Steel Darts from China

Hundreds of thousands of darts suppliers in China manufacture a durable set of darts made with the highest quality tungsten on the market and they will last you a long time to come. If you need this kind of darts for your players or for your awesome business, China is the best place for you.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Darts Shipping from China?

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Shipping darts by air offers high level of security. Tightly managed airport controls and also reduce from damage.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 27
The most dependable mode of transport. Doesn't deal with unusual traffic patterns.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
Bansar can provide professional door to door shipping by sea, and air and offer good freight.

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Importing Darts from China

Currently importing darts from China and you’re looking for a trusted darts factory?

This guide is all for you.

It has a lot of useful content on how to find and choose a reliable supplier for your toy business or gaming business.

So keep on reading.

Best 20 Darts Manufacturer in China

1 Guangzhou Dingji Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2018, Guangzhou Dingji sporting goods Co., Ltd, specializing in the development and production of darts, dartboard. and darts accessories. They are committed to providing quick response, competitive price, and best quality control to customers. Their products are exported to the USA, Middle East, Europe,  Newzealand, and such as Walmart and Unicorn. 

2 Wuxi Leeqian Int’l Corp. Ltd.

LeeQian was established in 2008.  The company focuses on all kinds of sporting equipment and accessories. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, LeeQian can be a reliable supplier for several markets. 

3 Dongguan Jin Huang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Since 2010, Dongguan Jin Huang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. developing and producing darts,  dart accessories, and other products. The company complies with international quality standards and is well-known in different markets throughout the world. Their products are exported to Europe,  Japan, South America, North America, and Australia. 

4 Yiwu Songgang Sports Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005,  Yiwu Songgang Sports Co., Ltd. located in Yiwu City. Songgang has become a top company in this industry. They offer products at a reasonable price and short production time to ensure complete solutions to customers.

5 Guangzhou Aeor Inflatable Co., Ltd.

Aeor Inflatable Products Co., Ltd was established in 2006. It is a leading manufacturer in China specializing in developing and producing various kinds of products. Due to the competitive price and excellent quality of their products they become popular with customers all over the world. Their materials are  EN71, SGS, and UL certified.

6 Wuxi Penpa Tang Sports Fitness Products Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Penpa Tang Sports Fitness Products Co., Ltd. founded in 2019. Specializing in sporting items like custom products, fitness items, sportswear, and supports. It is a reliable and best choice when it comes to dart necessity with more than 6 years of experience. 

7 Changsha Mingguan Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Changsha Mingguan Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading and professional manufacturer mainly engaged in the development, the research, and production of tungsten carbide,  tungsten heavy alloy, copper tungsten, etc. Their products are well sold to over 60 countries in the world. 

8 Huizhou Creative Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Welon(Creative) Ltd. is a professional dart manufacturer located in Zhou Men Lu, LI Wan District, Guangdong, China. They provide excellent and professional services for customers with advanced technology. Their main products are bristle dartboards, paper dartboards, electronic dartboards, flocked dartboards, safety dartboards, dart sets, magnetic dartboards, dart accessories, dart surround, dart cabinets and dart displays,  dart flights and shafts, and other related products.

9 Guangzhou Sai Sheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

For over 10 years, Guangzhou Sai Sheng Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer mainly engaged in producing darts equipment,  darts barrels, and related accessories.  Also specialized in their new product in arrow tungsten points.  

10 Shenzhen Twinklestar Plastic & Electronic Product Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013,  Shenzhen Twinklestar Plastic & Electronic Product Co., Ltd is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Their main products are monochrome, two-color, three-color,  square, acrylic, game currency chip color cup,  ice bucket, dice, pot bar supplies, etc. Their products and designs are best-selling in the United States, Europe, Japan,  and around the world.

11 Xiamen Lincos Sport Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Lincos sport is producing games and pool tables, ping pong tables, football tables,  billiard tables, etc. They offer products at reasonable prices with good quality.  Their products are well sold in Spain, UK, France, Italy, American,  Canada, and New Zealand. 

12 Dongguan City Chashan Meihong Sport Goods Factory

Since 2008, Dongguan Topline Sports Goods Factory has been producing cue cases, cue sticks, bowling bags, billiard accessories, game tables,  and other sporting goods. You can find them in  Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of South China. They offer good quality products in professional and innovation worldwide. 

13 Dongguan Fenghejin Crafts Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Fenghejin Crafts Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and located in Dongguan City, Dongdong, China. It is a leading printing factory of shooting splatter targets, various labels, and stickers. Their products are widely sold in American and European markets. 

14 Dongguan Le Liang Sports & Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Le Liang Sports & Leisure Products Co., Ltd. is an expert in manufacturing billiard accessories, shuffleboard tables, darts, and darts accessories. They are exporting various kinds of products in different countries.  Their company will serve you with top quality products, great cooperation, and better service. 

15 Hangzhou EZ Leisure Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Hangzhou EZ Leisure Co., Ltd. is a China manufacturer that exports thousands of containers of products all over the world. With more than 10 years of experience, they focus on outdoor products, sports, and toys and continue developing new products.

 16 Ningbo Penpen Sports Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Penpen sports co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of an electronic dartboard. Their factory has a strong technical force and is well-equipped testing facilities. They offer a wide range, reasonable prices, good quality, and stylish designs products in darts industries.

17 Zhongshan Kaidingshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Kaidingshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in processing, design, production, quality control, packaging, assembly, and creates high-quality products. Their main products are darts, dart accessories, golf tungsten alloy products, tungsten alloy products, CNC precision machining products, plastic products, stamping products, fishing gear tungsten alloy products, and accessories, 

18 Guangzhou H.J. Sport Products Co., Ltd.

H.J. Sport Products Co., Ltd. is situated in the Dongguan City of China. The company has produced outstanding products, obtained a great reputation and intellectual property. Their main products are sports products, darts,  including soccer tables, air hockey tables,  billiard tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables,  poker tables, poker chips, multi-game tables, billiard accessories, cues, yoga products, etc.

19 Dongguan Otek Sport Goods Ltd.

Dongguan Otek Sport Goods Ltd is a professional manufacturer producing sports products and sports leisure toys. Their company is recognized by the industry for its strength, integrity, and product quality. They welcome customers to visit to guide and for business negotiations.

20 Zoyo(Hangzhou) Crafts And Gifts Co., Ltd.

Zoyo Crafts & Gifts Co.Ltd, a subsidiary company like Hangzhou Mind Toy Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2004 and located near Hangzhou.  Specializing in developing and manufacturing all types of toy handcuff metal puzzles, and related products. While Songyang Nanhua Craft Co., Ltd is located near Yunhe, specialized in wooden darts, wooden chess,  wooden puzzles, and related products. Their products are widely exported to Japan, Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, and so on.

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