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Dehydrated Garlic from China
1 Dehydrated Garlic Whole Clove
Dehydrated Garlic Whole Clove from China

It’s easy for now to find trusted supplier of dehydrated garlic whole clove. Many manufacturers of dehydrated garlic located in different cities and provinces of China like Shandong, Jiangsu, Jinan, Jining, and many more. If you like to purchase or import dehydrated garlic for your business, 100% guaranteed China is the best place among other countries.

2 Dehydrated Garlic Flakes
Dehydrated Garlic Flakes from China

Dehydrated garlic can be used to give an amazing flavour for different snacks and foods. Many in the food industries and companies purchasing dehydrated garlic in bulk. If you’re one of them, you can import large amount of dehydrated garlic for your business in China. Lots of suppliers can cater your bulky orders of dehydrated garlic. In China nothing is impossible!

3 Dehydrated Garlic Granule
Dehydrated Garlic Granule from China

Dehydrated garlic has a lot of benefits particularly for the body. You can discover thousands of dehydrated garlic factory in China. If you are health conscious you can ensure that all the dehydrated garlic is safe, clean, and fresh before processing. And most of all affordable.

4 Dehydrated Garlic Powder
Dehydrated Garlic Powder from China

Dehydrated garlic powder usually used for different dishes and cuisine. It gives wonderful aroma and strengthens the food tastes. If you have a food business and want to have dehydrated garlic, China is the best place. They have the widest varieties of dehydrated garlic perfect for different usage. Bansar will help you find reliable manufacturer fo dehydrated garlic for you.

5 Dehydrated Garlic Minced
Dehydrated Garlic Minced from China

Dehydrated garlic minced used for different recipes such as soup, pizza, pastas, in making sauce for a certain dish, and many more. If you are looking for a manufacturer of dehydrated garlic, China is one of the recommended place. Thousands of trusted manufacturers of dehydrated garlic are found in China. You can ensure that you can get dehydrated garlic in a very best price.

6 Dehydrated Ground Garlic
Dehydrated Ground Garlic from China

They are many types of dehydrated garlic all over the world, but China stands out among them. We have many varieties or types of dehydrated garlic depending on what you need the most. If you are needing dehydrated garlic, China is the perfect place for you.

7 Dehydrated Chopped Garlic
Dehydrated Chopped Garlic from China

Dehydrated chopped garlic is very convenient ingredients. You don’t have any annoyance in peeling fresh garlic cloves. If you’re having trouble searching manufacturers for dehydrated garlic, Bansar will glad to help you and recommend the best supplier in China that you surely like. You can make sure that all dehydrated garlic that produces in China are handled carefully to ensure its quality.

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Importing Dehydrated Garlic from China: The Definitive Guide

In recent years, like the stock market, fresh garlic’s price has fluctuated greatly, it influenced the dehydrated garlic flake’s price has also fluctuated.

The garlic is joked as a “white tiger” in folk.

Although the fresh garlic’s price changes frequently throughout the year, however, there are still regular rules to follow.

More than 95% of the fresh garlic’s price will change before or after the China Spring Festival every year.

As for other periods, such as the new crop’s fresh garlic enter into the market in April and May, the processing crop finishes in October.

The statistical data for new planting areas in winter, etc.

All may cause big changes in the garlic market, we suggest you pay more attention to these points of time, so you can grasp the purchasing opportunities.

Additionally, abnormal weather also can cause garlic price’s fluctuation.

Dehydrated Garlic Factory

The summer weather is hot and humid in China, the production cost will be relatively high during this time, if you demand the dehydrated garlic granules or powder, we suggest you can put the order for the plants before May, it will save some cost if you buy the garlic granules and powder in proper proportion, that will be more economical for you.

For Japan market, you need first grade dehydrated garlic flakes, we must choose four or six clove’s fresh garlic variety from original Cangshan planting area, the workers remove the garlic roots and the machine peels the garlic skin, the garlic flakes should be put in the drying oven at 63-65 degrees for 4 hours.

These guarantee the garlic flake’s color is creamy yellow and the shape is nice.

Moreover, the TPC should be controlled within 10,000/g.

The Japan first class garlic flake’s production base is located in Linyi city, Shandong province.

Other area’s plants do not master the processing technology till now, some plants ever tried it in recent years, but the quality does not meet the requirements, from the cutting skills to microbial control, other area’s products quality is lower than Linyi city.

The annual dehydrated garlic flake’s demand in the Japanese market is about 8000-10000 tons.

Dehydrated Garlic

For Russia market, Russia’s annual demand for dehydrated garlic flakes and garlic powder is about 20,000 tons.

The most important quality requirement is the white color and the competitive price.

If you hope to expand sales in Russia, Linyi city is also your best choice.

Dehydrated Garlic

For Brazil or South Africa market, you must know they also demand the dehydrated garlic flakes and granules in white color and competitive price, but they are not exactly the same as Russia, because these two countries use garlic granules to rehydrate.

We will choose special garlic variety to achieve their requirements, based on the rich experience in these years, we guarantee the dehydrated garlic granule’s rehydration is nice.

Brazil customers demand dehydrated garlic flakes in white color, but they cannot accept the price with quality to Japan market.

We will suggest you to buy our A grade dehydrated garlic flakes, both quality and price will satisfy you.

If you are a plant that producing garlic paste, you should pay more attention to control of black spots on garlic flakes and garlic skin.

When the garlic’s price fluctuates, especially the price soars, some bad businessmen may adulterate other materials into garlic granules or garlic powder.

This is why we never buy semi-finished products from other plants.

The main adding material is starch, how to judge whether the garlic granules or garlic powder is adulterated or not?

You only need to put the garlic powder in the water and add some iodine, we all know that the starch will turn into blue when it meets iodine.

If the products are adulterated, the water will immediately turn into blue, the starch content of garlic is negligible, so we can judge the product’s adulteration through this method.

North America is still the largest market for dehydrated garlic granules and powder.

Its quality is similar to Europe.

We suggest you choose the garlic products which the fresh garlic under thorough washing treatment for the first production stage.

Although the finished garlic product’s appearance seems not so white as the garlic flakes and granules for Russia and Brazil market, but the internal items can meet Europe and America requirements.

Such as microbiological items, peanut allergens, etc, so we can not only focus on product’s appearance.

Normally, you load dehydrated garlic flakes or granules into full containers, sometimes, you also load dehydrated garlic flakes, granules, and powder together into one container.

We suggest you use different color’s adhesive tape for different product’s packing, the colored adhesive tape can easily distinguish the garlic granules and garlic powder.

Because the size of packing cartons are the same.

If workers or warehouse keepers distinguish different products by the labels, they should read and identify the carton’s labels very carefully.

The probability of misplacement is big.

If you used colored adhesive tapes to identify different garlic products, whatever you buy garlic products from any plants, the workers and warehouse keepers can recognize different specification goods at a glance, it reduces the probability of misplacement and working errors easily.

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