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Importing Door from China
Importing Steel Door from China
Importing Steel Door from China

China is the leading manufacturer of steel doors in the world. Providing a high-quality product with an international standard steel door. This product provides security to the user. The features that the product is fireproof, soundproof, high-security machine lock and many more. You can also tell your requirements and they will customize it for you. Manufacturers in Zhejiang and Guangdong, supplies gorgeous modern designs and the suitable sizes of the steel doors you need.

Importing Wooden Door from China
Importing Wooden Door from China

Quality is always the utmost priority when it comes wooden doors and products. Besides performing their basic function of ensuring security and privacy, wooden doors can add a dash of elegance to the overall look of your home. China supplies affordable and quality oriented wooden doors just for you. They also offer different structures and designs you’ve been looking for. China wooden door factories mostly at Guangdong province. Get a quote and feel free to make your home a classic one.

Importing PVC Door from China
Importing PVC Door from China

China doors will set your home apart. With lots of standard choices and the capability to create one-of-a-kind custom doors, they have options to suit both your taste and wallet. When looking for PVC doors, Guangdong province is your next stop. Most manufacturers and suppliers of PVC Door are there. China can help you find the PVC door that you love for your rooms and toilet. Whether you’re looking for efficient and ergonomic PVC doors for your home or business, China PVC Door manufacturer can always satisfy your needs.

Importing Glass Door from China
Importing Glass Door from China

Browsing for commercial glass doors for sale? China glass door products are guaranteed. China supply all kinds of glazing and beautiful glass doors. Step outside in style with China’s wide selection of elegant glass doors mostly at Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. Get a quote and remove the boundary between indoors and outdoors with this magnificent glass doors.

Importing Aluminum Door from China
Importing Aluminum Door from China

Looking for aluminum doors? Get the best deal for aluminum doors product from the largest manufacturers of doors in the world, China. Suppliers and manufacturers most in Guangdong. Manufacturers have a wide variety of high-quality strong & durable doors aluminum doors for the best price. Whether you’re looking aluminum doors for commercial or residential building, you could rely on certified Chinese aluminum door suppliers.


Importing Flush Door from China
Importing Flush Door from China

Flush doors are more economical than solid wood doors. These doors are recommended for interior use only. If you are seeking for quality security flush doors, you need not look further. China’s factories for flush doors are trustworthy suppliers. They mainly based at Guangdong and Zhejiang province. You can import quality flush door products from these qualified suppliers and manufacturers.

Importing Glaze Door from China
Importing Glazed Door from China

If you want to make your home more sustainable or noise insulating or if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, you should definitely consider installing glazed doors in your home. You can buy a glazed door from China manufacturers that provide a wide range of quality glazed doors at affordable prices. Guangdong and Shandong have the most manufacturers and suppliers of glazed doors. China factories specialize in making glazed doors with lots of designs to choose from.

Importing Sliding Door from China
Importing Sliding Door from China

Improve the look of your home with our range of high-quality sliding doors. A wide variety of sliding door sale options is available to you. China’s sliding doors open your home to the outdoors and allow you to make better use of space with their sliding design. Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, and Jiangsu has the leading manufacturers that designed the latest and best sliding doors. Offer a high performance to your project while being architecturally pleasing. China makes everything you need.

Importing Exterior Doors from China
Importing Exterior Doors from China

China is a top choice when it comes to solid products like exterior doors. This makes possible for professional and experienced manufacturers based on different areas. To name a few, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Foshan, Guandong has it. There you can find exterior doors in different materials and styles ideal for your needs.

Importing Interior Doors from China
Importing Interior Doors from China

If you’re searching for perfect interior doors for your business, then you must source from China. As a freight forwarder, we knew most suppliers and manufacturers you can rely on. We can recommend it to you. In terms of door construction, sizes, types, and other added features, you can discuss it to them. Buy the best quality interior doors that enhance your business productivity.

Importing Fiberglass Doors from China
Importing Fiberglass Doors from China

Searching for quality fiberglass doors? China is your ideal place to be. Modern fiberglass for entry doors for any other establishment, commercial or residential is what most manufacturers deal with. They offered a wide variety of options to best suit your home and style. Most of them based in Foshan.

FRP Doors
Importing Fiber Reinforced Plastic/ FRP Doors from China

Importing Fiber Reinforced Plastic/ FRP Doors from China? Hesitate because you are a beginner? Not a problem. Bansar can help you completely. First, we can guide you where most suppliers are based. Good thing is that we had a good relationship with them. We can recommend the best suppliers and manufacturers suit your needs. Worry no more. Everything will be handled organized.

Importing Folding Doors from China
Importing Folding Doors from China

Creative and stylish folding doors made from China are constructed from reliable materials. Smooth operation achieves high-quality folding doors. Most manufacturers and suppliers have based from Shanghai and Foshan. Offered products come with several colors, panel width, and customizable features.

Importing Swinging Doors from China
Importing Swinging Doors from China

Foshan, Guangdong, Shandong are some of the provinces and cities where professional swinging doors manufacturers and suppliers are based. Perfect way to import products for your business needs. Source large selection of swinging doors that satisfy your project/ business demands.

Importing Collapsible Doors from China
Importing Collapsible Doors from China

In China, you will find reliable and experience collapsible doors manufacturers to meet your request. Construction of these doors is carefully executed by professional engineers and advanced facility equipment. Wide selection of collapsible doors will be offered for you. A lot of suppliers are based in Foshan City, Guangdong province and other areas.

Importing Rolling Shutter Doors from China
Importing Rolling Shutter Doors from China

If you want to import rolling shutter doors in China, then you’re sure to find the best suppliers for you. China manufacturer of rolling shutter doors is mainly based in Shanghai, Guangdong, Foshan, and Guangzhou. Find a wide variety of rolling shutter doors ideal for commercial establishments, industrial buildings, and private houses.

Importing Revolving Doors from China
Importing Revolving Doors from China

Revolving doors allow building design to meet functionality. This is mostly built at the main entrance. There are revolving doors available in two-, three- and four-wing models. In China, you can find the best suppliers and manufacturers of revolving doors.  Avail high-quality, durable, flexible operation revolving doors from the top-leading manufacturer from China.

Importing Pivot Doors from China
Importing Pivot Doors from China

Are you looking for high-quality pivot doors for your retail business? China is your ideal place. Suppliers and manufacturers in China equipped with highly skilled engineers to do the design cleverly. If you are asking where can they found, then Hebei, Foshan, Shanghai are the places you’ve been asking. Innovative and unique solution wait for you.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Door Shipping from China?

Door Sea Freight Shipping from China
When your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight. Lower cost and can offer the highest carrying capacity.
Door Air Freight Shipping from China
Shipping doors by air is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. Cargo tightly managed and reduced damaged orders.
Door Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is more economical and much quicker form of transporting door, especially when your distant away from China
Door Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want more convenient way of transporting, then shipping door to door is best for you. Bansar will help you ship your doors in your warehouse or home.

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Best Door Manufacturers in China

1 RCCZ Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Established in 2001, RCCZ has been specializing in designing, development, and production of decorative interior wooden doors. The company is located in Xiqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park –a good place for outstanding people. It is a large modern enterprise that creates all kinds of wooden door solutions. RCCZ is recognized as a top-leading wooden door manufacturer in China.

2 Huahe Group Co., Ltd

Over 50 years in the business, Huahe became one of the leading manufacturing companies in China. Their production capacity, degree of automation, technology, and quality control stand out from other companies. Huahe is exporting high-quality wooden door equipment to America, Canada, and France. At present, the company has more than 2,000 employees working together.

3 Shanghai SunFlower Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai SunFlower Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in China. The company is located in Jiading District, Shanghai, covering an area of 800,000 sq m. Their main products are wooden doors, metal doors, windows, and so on. The company is exporting products to Europe, Middle East, America, and other international markets. Sun Flower Group is equipped with an advanced production line and an excellent management team to design the best solution for you.

4 Caymeo Door

Established in 1989, Caymeo Door focuses on researching and manufacturing wooden and security doors. Aside from that, they are also manufacturing fire doors, garage doors, interior doors, steel doors, and door accessories. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and having a strong R&D team, Caymeo Door can offer innovative doors. Their clients are large construction companies and distributors in the domestic and contract markets.


OPPEIN is established in the year 1994. It is one of the kitchen and home décor brands in China and Asia’s largest cabinetry manufacturer. This company is manufacturing interior doors, bathroom products, customize home furniture, wardrobes, and other home décor solutions. OPPEIN has expanded its market in 118 countries and regions globally.


Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Fluxman Co., Limited is providing advanced hospital doors product line. Target applications are hospital projects and pharma factories. They have full production technology to design and develop products. With in-house quality production and experienced QC and technicians, the company is able to produce innovative doors.

7 Sanway Technology

With more than 10 years of experience in the business, Sanway Technology is specializing in designing and manufacturing automatic doors. They are providing up-to-date doors with automatic access control system solutions. Ideal for modern commercial building entrances, banks, healthcare centers, educational buildings, shopfront access, and more. Their company is located in Pearl River Delta in Canton Province, a region in China.


Since 1984, Ningbo OWNIC Auto Door Co., Ltd has been leading the manufacturer in the automatic door industry. Focus on Research & Development, manufacturing, and sales of a product, the company is providing architectural door solutions. This company is located in Ningbo Hi-tech Zone, which covers an area of 22500 sq m. Their automatic door can be widely used in supermarkets, office buildings, banks, hotels, and more.


Over 10 years in providing superior products and comprehensive solutions, Reaching Build became a professional manufacturer and specialist in windows and doors. The company consists of a professional team and strong technical support. Carefully select good materials and while the process flows. With that, the company is providing products and solutions to 1500+ overseas customers.

10 China Modular Holdings Limited

Established in 2009, China Modular Holdings Limited focus in making sliding doors, PVC wooden doors, fireproof doors, pre-hung doors, melamine doors, and aluminum windows. Having 10+ years in exporting business, this company well-received trust from its customers coming from South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. They can deliver orders in just 30 days.


Established in 1996, Afol Industry Co., Ltd is providing high-quality interior, exterior, and windows. Their main products are fiberglass doors, stainless steel doors, garage doors, wooden doors, steel-wooden armored doors, and more. The company possesses an import and export license from the Chinese government.

12 Samekom Door Cooperation

Samekon Door Cooperation is a certified enterprise well-known as the biggest manufacturer and factory in China. The company is certified by various standards including SGS, TUV, and ISO. They are engaged in providing creative design and trendy doors as well as vast accessories. Also, they have a deep understanding of making amazing products. Samekon Door Corp is providing excellent door solutions for hospitals, schools, hotels, apartments, and more.


Located in No 59 Qiwei Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Oridow is offering convenient service to all its customers. They are one of the leading manufacturers in China for quality windows and doors. Their following products are UPVC windows, doors, aluminum windows, shutters, screens, and more. Also, they offer customer service in order to meet each customer’s requirements suitable for their budget.


As one of the leading manufacturers, Forest Bright Wood Industry Co., Ltd is producing high quality wooden doors for architectural, commercial, and residential applications. They offer a wide range of interior door products suitable for a range of specifications. Also, they offer fire-rated wooden doors passes 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute pressure test.  All their products have met and exceeded the required standards. The company is exporting products to the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

15 Lutong Fiberglass Door                        

Since 2003, Wuxi Lutong Fiberglass Doors Co., Ltd is providing high-performance and unique fiberglass doors. Their production facility is located in Wuxi, covers a 12000 square meter. Lutong rich experience in making door products help every customer save money and time. Up-to-date, the company is actively delivering product, innovative design, and best service to all.


Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, Casen Limited is one of the leading wooden door factories in China. The facility covers more than 35,000 sq. m equipped with over 500 employees. Their main products are solid wood door, engineer wood door, and other wood door products. Casen Limited successfully holds as one of the top-leading distributors in China.


Runcheng Chuangzhan Woodworking Co., Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in the business. They are recognized as one of the largest woodworking manufacturers in East Asia. The company has 4 business departments and 8 sales offices. RCCZ is providing a full range of woodworking door products such as solid wood door, flush door, veneer molded door, and more. The company has been appreciated in the woodworking door industry.

18 Fuaosi Technology

Foshan Fuaosi Technology Co., Ltd was established in the year 2001. Their headquarters is located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guandong Province. They are equipped with a set of expert sales and production teams. Nearly 20 years in service, the company has been highly trusted by their worldwide clients. Foshan Fuaosi Technology has an expert and efficient marketing service team, large modern office building, and quality store brand stand out from others.


Since 2010, YUOU Doors And Windows Technology Co., LTD has been developing widest doors and window products. The company is selling products to New Zealand, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and other overseas markets. Their main products are rapid roller doors, sectional doors, fire shutter door, wind resist roller shutter door, door shelter, industrial folding door, and many, many more. YUOU can give a one-stop solution for every need.


Shanghai Suncome Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd also a leading manufacturer providing high-performance products. Most offered items are suitable for most production environments. The following solution includes food and pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and more. Suncome is equipped with highly qualified staff to provide products that satisfy each requirement.

Doors Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about doors manufacturer China.

You will learn how to find door manufacturer in China, how to verify door supplier in China, recommended quality standards and safety standards, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to learn more about importing doors from China, read this guide.

How Do You Verify Doors Manufacturer China?

There are various strategies you can make use of to help verify doors manufacturer China.

Here are some of them:

Perform Background Checks

This helps avoid making use of scammers who might go silent once you deposit money to their account.

A background check will also help scoop up manufacturers who might have lied about their factory’s size.

 Searching for supplier

 Searching for suppliers

The good thing is you can check the background check on search engines or B2B directories.

Alternatively, you could ask the manufacturer to offer you some references.

The downside of using this method is that the manufacturer may provide fake references.

Also, some manufacturers fail to share their contact information as they fear that you are a competitor.

Once you receive the reference’s contact info, ensure that you ask specific questions, such as how long they have been working with the manufacturer.

Moreover, do not forget to ask them to explain to you about the manufacturer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Visit The Factory

In most cases, if you choose to use this strategy often than not, the manufacturer will try to impress you.

Therefore, ensure that you are keen on the environment.

This will help you pick up any issue the factory might have.

In case you cannot visit the factory, you could pay a third-party to audit the factory’s quality.

Face-to-face Meetings

Once you visit the factory, you ought to avoid rushing through the visit.

It would be beneficial if you got to know more about the factory.

Having face-to-face meetings will help you learn more about the people in the factory.

Getting to know the people from the factory will make it easier to gather information about the factory.

How Do You Find Doors Manufacturer China?

It is quite challenging finding a reliable doors manufacturer China.

Here are some approaches you can utilize to help you find the right door manufacturer China.

Use Directories Or Search Engines

Searching for door manufacturers online

 Searching for door manufacturers online

This is one way you can make use of to help you find a door manufacturer in China.

Besides, it is an excellent strategy to make use of if you wish to go through their reviews.

While using this method, be wary as there are manufacturers who self-promote themselves.

Ensure that you use a manufacturer who has been in the business for not less than two years.

Also, check to see if they have a verification; this will make it easy for you to know if you can trust the manufacturer.

While using a search engine, it is best to search if the manufacturer has participated in any trade shows as it is a good sign that they are reliable.

Ask For Referrals

This is another method you can make use of to help you find doors manufacturers in China.

If you have associates or family members who might have imported doors from China, it would be of help asking them for referrals.

The good thing about using referrals is that you not likely to make any mistakes.

Because before choosing the door manufacturers in China, you’ll have asked some questions about them.

China Trade Shows

Trade shows are events that most manufacturers make use of to showcase their products.

It is an ideal strategy to use instead of emailing back and forth with the manufacturer.

Hence if you are aiming to visit China.

You could search for trade shows happening at that time for you to take advantage of.

Visiting The Manufacturing Company

This is another method you can make use of while trying to find a doors manufacturer in China.

By visiting the company, you will gather a lot of information about them, and it will be easier for you to gauge if the company meets your needs.

You are also not likely to be a victim of fraud when you visit the company in person.

Which Materials Do Door Manufacturer China Use?

Here are some of the materials used by door manufacturer China:

Molded Composite

Molded composite is a wood-based compound.

This material offers a wood-like feel. The good thing about using molded composite is that it does not require any maintenance.

Also, the material does not require any painting.


Wood is among the standard material used to manufacture doors.

It is good to note that there are different wood species used.

Here are some of them:

Hardwood – This is wood that is derived from dicot trees.

The benefit of using hardwood is that it is durable and requires low maintenance.

The downside is that this kind of material is quite expensive.

Knotty Alder- This material has visible knots on it.

This material is used to achieve a rustic feel.

Knotty Pine- this kind of wood has distributed knots.

The material has a fine texture.

Oak- This wood is most commonly used by most door manufacturers in China.

This is because it is strong and durable.

Engineered Wood

This material includes medium-density fibreboard.

The engineered wood is durable.


This material is durable. It is also fire and water-resistant.

The good thing is that PVCs come in different colors, a good choice if you wish to enhance your decor.

Metal Doors

Although metal doors are expensive and heavy, they are durable.

Besides, they are strong.

There are many metals you can use for your doors and these include stainless steel, aluminum, and iron doors, just to mention a few.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Doors Manufacturer China?

You should consider the following:


This is an aspect you ought not to overlook while choosing doors manufacturer China.

In most cases, reputable manufacturers often offer excellent doors.

There are various ways you can use to help you know the kind of reputation the manufacturer has.

You could choose to make use of reviews, read through their sites to see what comments their past clients might have left.

The other approach you can use is to make use of referrals as they will help you know if the manufacturer is reputable.


It is best to ensure that the door’s manufacturer you wish to use has ample expertise in what they do.

Being knowledgeable helps the manufacturer always to deliver the best doors to their clients.

Turnaround Time

It is good to note that manufacturers tend to have different turnaround time.

Therefore, you should hire a door manufacturer in China whose turnaround time is short.

It will be of no good to use a manufacturer who takes a lot of time to deliver their goods.

Cost of Doors from China

Ensure that you do not entirely focus on this element while choosing a door manufacturer China.

This is because you may choose a cheap manufacturer but end up regretting your decision as they offer low-quality doors.

While assessing the cost, ensure that you set a budget that will help you while comparing each manufacturer’s cost.

What Are the Components Of Doors From China?

The components of doors from China include:

Head jamb- This is the top horizontal part of the door.

Strike jamb- this is the vertical part of the door.

Hinge jamb- this is the door jamb where the hinges are attached to.

  • Threshold
  • Sill
  • Casing
  • Sidelight
  • Door hardware (lockset)

Door protection – It has a kick plate and a mop plate

 Parts of doors

 Parts of door

Which Features Should You Consider in Doors From China?

Some of the main features you should consider include:

  • It is wise that you check on the size- Before you decide to buy doors from China, it is suitable that you do some measurement.

This will help ensure that you only acquire a door that fits your space.

  • Assess the design and function of the door- Make sure that you understand why you need the door.

It is sensible to realize that China has different door designs and that each door has a different function.

Having a definite idea will be of help while choosing the door.

  • Confirm the material you want- China produces doors made of different materials.

Hence before importing a door from China, ensure that you know the kind of material you need.

Which Technology Is Used to Manufacture Doors from China?

The primary technology used to manufacture doors from China is CNC technology.

CNC machinery is used for various manufacturing tasks.

Most door manufacturers make use of this technology.

The benefit of making use of CNC machinery is that it offers accurate results.

Besides, the doors manufactured while making use of CNC technology often have a consistent quality.

Door manufacturer China prefers using CNC machinery.

This is because you do not require a lot of skills to use the machine in comparison to using manual machining.

Also, as the machinery is controlled by computer software, it does not require much personnel.

Which Door Sizes Do Door Manufacturer China Offer?

There is various sizes door manufacturer China offer.

However, the standard size is 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall.

This is equivalent to 2 inches thick.

However, if you need a door with a smaller size or a larger one, all you have to do is communicate with the manufacturer.

Why Import Doors From China?

There are many reasons why you should consider importing doors from China and these include:

  • It is inexpensive to import doors from China

China has an advanced processing process. China can quickly produce quality doors at a meager cost.

  • Different designs- China makes doors that are of different designs.

This offers you a wide variety to choose from.

While importing from China, you do not have to worry whether the door is to be used for commercial or residential purposes.

This is because China has all the designs you can think of.

  • Quality guarantee- When it comes to quality, China is best known to offer quality doors to its clients.

Are There Limitations Of Importing From Doors Manufacturer China?

 Doors from China

Doors from China

  • Language Barrier- While importing from doors manufacturer China, most local manufacturers are not quite conversant with English.

While making use of the manufacturer, you are likely to encounter some language barrier.

However, you can use a sourcing agent to evade this problem.

  • Extended lead time and delayed shipment- It sometimes takes some time before the shipment is delivered to other countries.

Also, you may encounter some delays while importing from doors manufacturer China.

  • Environmental issues- Some manufacturing companies in China tend to have some questionable processing process.

This is because they make use of products that are harmful to the environment.

  • Loading and shipping- There are a few manufacturers who do not help export the merchandise.

Hence while choosing a door manufacturer China to ensure that they can consolidate your goods.

Remember, a reliable freight forwarder will handle all the shipping needs for you.

  • Quality Issue- In most cases, while importing from China, you will not have the chance to see the product.

There are times when the product you receive might be substandard.

To avoid such scenarios, ensure that you work with a trusted sourcing agent who will help ensure that you use a reliable manufacturer.

How Do You Ship Doors From China?

You can allow your manufacturer to handle your shipping service.

However, if you chose to use your manufacturer, you will have to pay more.

There are other options you can use when shipping doors from China.

You can Ship the Doors by Yourself

Choosing this option will require you to book a shipping company, manage the customs clearance both for your country and China.

You will also need to track your cargo.

Hiring a Freight Forwarder in China to Handle your Shipping

This is the most straightforward strategy you could use to help ship your merchandise as the freight forwarder will take care of everything.

This is because the freight forwarder will work for hand in hand with your manufacturer and track the cargo for you.

Using China Sourcing Agent

The sourcing agent will help locate a shipping company at low prices.

Letting your Local Freight Forwarder Handling your Shipping

You have the option of working with your local agent.

The downside is that if your local agent does not have any offices in China, they will have to work with another agent.

This will cost you more.

Which Are The Available Surface Finishes For Doors From China?

It is imperative to do a surface finishing on your door as it helps protect the wood’s surface.

Without the surface finishing, the wood can quickly deteriorate.

Also, surface finishing helps enhance the appearance of the door.

The surface finishes can be categorized into two main categories, which are:

Different types of finishes for doors from China

Different finishes for doors from China

Penetrating finishes– This kind of surface finishing is relatively easy to apply.

The finishing becomes part of the wood.

This kind of finishing helps improve the durability of the wood.

Surface finishes- This kind of finishing is more durable than penetrating finishes.

However, the downside is that this kind of finishing does not offer a natural look.

This kind of finishing protects the door from grime, water, and dirt.

How Long Does Doors Manufacturer China Take To Design And Deliver Doors? 

It takes thirty days to design the door and thirty doors to deliver the door to your house.

How Does Doors Manufacturer China Conduct Quality Inspection?

There are various elements that doors manufacturer China do while performing the quality inspection.

The quality inspection involves environmental and certificate.

To ensure that the manufacture only delivers quality products.

They often ensure that the materials and resources used are environmentally friendly.

Certification- Before operating, doors manufacturer in China are required to have all the required certificates.

The certifications are proof that the local authorities endorse the activities going on in the factory.

Also, the type of quality certification or quality testing will depend the specific application.

For instances, doors can be UL compliant door, BS EN 1634-1 compliant, CE and EN14351-1, just to mention a few.

Will Doors Manufacturer China Help In Customs Clearance during Shipping?

Yes, doors manufacturer China can help with customs and clearance shipping. However, this kind of service will cost more.

Why Do You Need Freight Forwarder to Import Doors From China?

Here are a few reasons why you require a freight forwarder to import doors from China.

i. Expertise in freight forwarding- It will be of help using a freight forwarder as they are conversant with the best shipping solutions that suit your needs. Using an experienced freight forwarder will make the whole shipping process easy as they will take care of everything.

ii. Door to door delivery- Few freight forwarders offer door to door delivery service.

This kind of service comes in handy for small businesses who need help to coordinate their goods’ movements.

iii. Secure and safe- A freight forwarder knows the strategies that ensure your client’s merchandise is safe and secure.

With this, the freight forwarder understands the mode of transport they ought to advise their clients to use.

iv. Network connections- They help to import doors from China seamless due to their robust network in the business.

This includes knowing various shipping companies, booking spaces, getting competitive rates, etc.

The network connections will help you enjoy convenient shipment schedules and a quicker custom clearance process.

v. Stress-free and cost-effective- Using freight forwarders helps save time.

Also, it is relatively stress-free as you will not be the one handling all the shipping process.

Moreover, it is quite cost-effective making use of a freight forwarder.

Should You Buy Directly From China Door Factory Or Alibaba?

Doors on Alibaba

 Doors on Alibaba

It will be of benefit if you buy the door directly from the China door factory instead of Alibaba.

This is because, on Alibaba, there are few fake suppliers.

Also, it is quite challenging to confirm if the suppliers on Alibaba are selling quality doors.

However, if you want to compare the prices of doors from China, then using Alibaba ought to be your go-to.

Remember, you can also find manufacturer or factory agents on Alibaba.

Which Quality Certificates Should Doors From China Have?

While looking for a manufacturer in China, it is prudent to ensure that they have quality certificates.

This is because the quality certificates show that the manufacturer is accountable and heeds to producing quality doors in China.

Here are some of the quality certificate you ought to check:

Eco-label– This is a quality certification that ensures that China’s doors meet the environmental standards from the production, raw material extraction, disposal, and distribution.

ISPM 15 for wood doors- The quality certificate stands for international standards for phytosanitary 15.

The certificate set guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials during the trade and in the international community.

Fireproof certificate– this certificate covers a fireproof system.

AGC certificate– this quality certificate ensures that the company has a diligent working attitude.

ISO 9001– This quality certificate confirms that the manufacturing company is committed to producing high-quality products.

Under Which Conditions Do Doors Manufacturer China Send Door Samples?

The conditions for doors manufacturer in China to send door samples is dependent on the kind of policy they have.

Some manufacturers agree to offer samples, whereas some do not agree to it.

However, it is good to understand that while asking for a sample, you will subsequently have to pay for it too.

This is one condition the client ought to meet for the manufacturer to send the door samples.

It will be of help asking for a sample as it will help you gauge the kind of doors the manufacturer has to offer.

Also, ensure that you acquaint yourself with the different types of samples.

Since, there are manufacturers who are choosy on the kind of sample they can send to their clients.

One popular one that every manufacturer is often willing to send is the factory sample.

The factory sample aims to showcase the manufacturer’s skills.

The other type of product sample includes the golden sample.

A golden sample is a sample that is intentionally designed to meet the client’s request.

How Does Doors Manufacturer China Support OEM Business?

OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturing.

It is simply a business prepared to manufacture your products according to your specifications.

Door manufacturers in China will help you in the design process, offer competitive prices and assist in the shipping process.

Simply share your ideas, and you will definitely get doors from China according to your unique specifications.

Do Doors From China Conform To Building Codes?

Yes, the doors from China conform to all building codes.

Which Kind Of Door Accessories Do Doors Manufacturer China Offer?

 Door accessories

Door accessories

Door accessories are essential as they tend to improve security and convenience.

The accessories come in the same quality as the doors manufactured in China.

Besides, the accessories come in different finishes.

The door accessories give out a uniformity to all the doors.

Remember, some of the door accessories offered by doors manufacturer China include:

Door viewers – this is a small opening on the door that allows the person from the inside to view what is happening from the outside.

Door guards– door guards help protect the doors from dents and dings.

Door stoppers– this is an object used to keep the door closed or open.

Flush bolt– it is an object installed into the door edge that slides upwards or downwards into the jamb to keep the door shut.

Door signage – It provides some useful information.

Do Doors Manufacturer China have MOQ?

Yes, most manufacturers in China have MOQ.

It is ideal to understand that the Chinese government does not set the MOQ.

Doors manufacturer China sets the MOQ.

How Much Duty Will You Pay To Import Door From China?

The duty you will pay to import doors from China is determined by the customs authority.

For you to know the amount you will pay, you need to look at the HS code of your product and the declared value.

Which Factors Determine Price Of Doors From China?

Here are some of the elements that influence the price of doors from China:

  1. Door size- It is good to understand that doors that come in small sizes are cheaper compared to large doors.
  2. Design of the door- A simple door design is likely to cost less than one with a detailed design.
  3. Material of the door- There are few materials that tend to cost more such as hardwood when used to construct a door.
  4. Accessories on the door- If you need a door that has a few accessories, you will be prompted to pay more.
  5. Door hardware options- Door hardware includes hinges, locks, and doorknobs. It is good to understand that the type of metal used to design the door hardware influences the door’s total cost. Also, the lock you wind up with will significantly affect the price of the door.
  6. Door type- There are various door types you can choose from. However, you ought to know that each door type has its own price range.

Hence the kind of door you will choose will affect the price.

What Are The Types Of Doors To Import From China?

There are various types of doors you can import from China.

Here are some of them:

Entry doors- these are typically front doors.

They come in dissimilar materials such as steel, wood, or fiberglass.

Sliding door- this is a type of door whose panel slides horizontally by sliding it.

 Sliding doors

 Sliding doors

Interior door- this is a door that connects to other rooms.

Folding door- this is a type of door that opens up by folding the panels.

Folding door

Folding door

Do Doors Manufacturer China Offer Warranty?

Yes, doors manufacturer China offers a warranty.

The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty on its products.

It is imperative that you go through the warranty terms as it will help you understand what is covered on the warranty and what is not.

Which Incoterm Should You Use To Import Doors From China?

While importing doors from China, you are free to use any incoterm you want.

However, if you wish to have utter control, it is best that you use FOB incoterm.

Not only do they give you control, but they are also cost-effective.

The other popular incoterm used while importing doors from China is EXW.

Regardless of the fact that they are both safe to use, there is a noticeable difference in how the responsibilities are panned out.

Do Doors Manufacturer China Offer After Sales Service?

Yes, doors manufacturer China offers after-sales service.

In case you are missing a part or that there is damage to the product.

All you have to do is take a photo of the damaged part and email or call us.

Our company has a department that ascertains responsibility.

Suppose there is a part missing.

Tell us the missing panel, and our team will check to see if the panel was not packed during shipping.

If this is the case, request our team to replace the item.

If you need user guidance, all you have to do is email us and do not forget to include your product’s code number.

Are Doors From China Durable?

Yes, the doors from China are durable.

We pride ourselves on offering quality doors that our clients can enjoy.

Do Doors Manufacturer China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, however, before filing a request for a product return policy, you ought to go through the terms.

This will help you understand what will make you eligible to return your product.

Which Security And Safety Measures Do Doors From China Come With?

 Door with security features

Door with security features

To ensure that doors from China are safe to use.

Our factory guarantees that the material used to design the door is sturdy.

This is why we make sure that it is dense, and we install a solid material inside the door to improve its security.

To ensure that our doors enhance safety.

Our team only makes use of Grade 1 deadbolt.

We prefer using this type of lock as it is strong and exceptionally durable.

There are clients who tend to require a fireproof door.

Depending on how you desire to use the door, our factory can efficiently deliver a fireproof door to improve your safety measures.

How Do You Package Doors From China For Shipping?

Steel door from China

Steel door from China

While packing, our team ensures that we use the right material to pack the doors.

Choosing the right material helps ensure that your doors from China will not be overweight.

Also, selecting the right material will help prevent having any issues with the customs for using prohibited materials.

During the packaging stage, this is when our team labels the doors you’re importing from China.

The labels are written in two languages, one of them being Chinese.

This is imperative as the language will come in handy while clearing your doors both in China and your product’s destination.

Also, the label will have a description of your doors from China.

In short, before choosing doors manufacturer China, ensure you consider everything in this guide.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to choose door manufacturer from China or a reliable freight forwarding in China, BanSar is here to help – contact us now.

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