Double Blind Shipment

Double Blind Shipment: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What is a Double-Blind Shipment?

 Double blind shipment

Double blind shipment

As the term suggests, it’s blind meaning both parties involved are blind throughout the entire shipment process.

Both pick-up location and delivery point are concealed from the consignee and shipper respectively.

The shipper delivers cargo not knowing its destination and the consignee collects the shipment not knowing its actual origin.

In such a case, when the buyer orders goods, he/she believes the shipment is from the distributor, not a third party.

It’s a complicated process that’s common in Less Than Load freight.

Why use Double Blind Shipment?

Use double-blind shipment for the following reasons:

  1. If you want to conceal the identity of the actual shipper and customer.
  2. If you want goods to be drop-shipped directly to the customer.
  3. If you want Bill of Landing information to have the name of a distributor; not the supplier or customer’s information.
  4. If there’s a need to keep off the direct customer and manufacturer interaction which may lead to business at a better price hence getting rid of you from the mix.
  5. If you only want the carrier company to have the actual information of the shipper’s address and customer’s destination point.
  6. If there is need to cut down the shipping time frame; it eliminates the need to ship goods to yourself first, then to the end-user.

What are the Advantages of a Double-Blind Shipment?

Double-Blind Shipment comes with several benefits which may include:

  1. Goods arrive on the given date with minimal risk of loss or damage.
  2. It conceals supplier and customer’s identity hence prevents other business from taking away your customers and suppliers.
  3. It offers quality control services.
  4. Creates brand consistency because only your logo and personal information appear on the shipping label.
  5. The distributor can provide reliable, quality services to both parties.
  6. As a distributor you are able to increase your profit margins; you act as a middle person without their knowledge.
  7. It allows the business to ship goods to their customers secretly.
  8. It prevents direct contact between the shipper and buyer; also protects them from each other hence it ensures the distributor is not cut off from the supply chain.
  9. How does Double Blind Shipping work?

    As stated earlier, in a double-blind shipment both the shipper and the buyer are blind. The distributor is the know it all.

    Here’s how the process works:

    1. The customer decides which products they want to purchase; they contact the distributor to source the products for them with all necessary information.
    2. The distributor sources goods from the best manufacturers they know.
    3. The manufacturer produces goods and sells them to the distributor not knowing the end-user of the product.
    4. The distributor puts his/her contact information to conceal the manufacturer’s details, does all the paperwork then sends the goods to the carrier.
    5. The carrier is told the origin and final destination of the goods which he/she should keep a secret.
    6. When the buyer receives the goods, he/she accepts assuming the distributor is the producer.

    What is the difference between Double Blind Shipment and Blind Shipment?

    Double Blind Shipment, the shipper is uninformed of where the shipment will be delivered to and the buyer on the other hand doesn’t know the origin of the cargo.

    Double simply means both the parties ‘the shipper and consignee’ are blind.

    The distributor protects their identity from each other.

    On the other side of the equation, blind shipment the consignee is unaware of the shipper. Manufacturer information’s is hidden then replaced with those of the distributor

    It’s also used to cover goods shipped from a third party.

    Unlike the double shipment, in blind shipment, only the buyer is left in the dark.

    Is Double Blind Shipment Legal?


    It’s a common supply chain management technique that protects businesses by keeping shipper and buyer’s information anonymous.

    It sounds unfair but it’s quite beneficial to all the parties involved.

    Customers don’t have to deal with a product manufacturer where they may get scammed and may lose their products in the long run.

    However, double-blind shipment is not done by many carriers because the process is too complex.

    How does Double Blind Shipment Vs Drop Shipping compare?

    Drop shipping


    There is a thin line between these two terms.

    In fact, some people use them interchangeably due to their similarities which may include:

    1. Products are sent directly to the end-user.

    Hence there is no need for warehouse storage. It cuts down the supply chain costs.

    1. Double-blind shipment is a type of drop shipping.
    2. The seller doesn’t have to manage orders, shipping, and handling.
    3. In both, details of the shipment are sent to the distributor.

    Can I Double-Blind Drop Ship Goods Internationality?

    Not really.

    Am sure you have noticed this is a combination of two terms; Double-blind and dropship.

    Double-blind removes the shipper and buyer information from the order before it’s shipped.

    As a result, none of them may come across information you didn’t  want them to see.

    Drop shipping on the other hand shipment is done directly.

    Not many international couriers offer double-blind shipments apart.

     Drop shipping is common among couriers.

    However, for the double-blind drop shipping of goods might be tricky.

    Does Amazon allow Double Blind Shipment?

    Yes, it does.

    In fact, this is what online storefronts like amazon survive on.

    Double-Blind Shipment protects their sources of goods; hence it ensures customers don’t contact their producers directly.

    As a result, they are able to get to many clients without the need for a warehouse.

    How do I prepare a Double-Blind Shipment?

    First thing first, partner with a reliable freight broker or freight company to help you set up the process.

    They’ll help you conceal information and to provide a fortified destination and address for the shipper and customer.

    They’ll put up three Bills of Landing which includes:

    1. Once the distributor receives the goods, he/she replaces the information on the Bill of Landing with their own.
    2. The document is issued to the buyer with concealed supplier information.
    3. The carrier is issued with the Bill of Landing then goods are shipped directly to the customer.
    4. It contains complete shipping information.

      It’s worth noting, to do a double-blind shipment, the cargo is prepaid for and the request is done prior to shipment.

      Only the freight broker, the distributor, and the carrier know the actual origin of goods and their final destination

      How much does a Double-Blind Shipment cost?

      The double Blind shipment fee is calculated by your carrier.

      More often than not it’s similar to blind shipment.

      The fee depends on the level of services and the nature of your goods.

      The following qualities may affect the costs of your shipment:

      1. Package weight and size- you’ll pay more for a heavier cargo compared to a light one. The size of boxes used will affect the weight.

      Try to use the exact size of boxes.

      If they are too big, they’ll increase the weight of the shipment.

      1. Shipping destination- the more the distance from the supplier to the end-user, the more the shipment cost.
      2. Value- You may pay more for high-value products due to the extra care needed.
      3. In addition, you may also need to insure such goods; it may increase your shipping costs, but it’s worth it.
      4. Delivery time- if you want the process to be quickened, say you were to receive goods after a week but you want them in five days, you may pay more.
      5. Unexpected problems during shipment may also affect the cost of your goods.

      What are the Additional Fees associated with Double-Blind Shipping?

      Double blind shipment has additional fees due to the complexity of the process and extra work needed.

      Ensure you familiarize yourself with the following additional fee to issue an accurate freight quote.

      They include:

      1. Accessory fees
      2. Lift gate delivery charge
      3. Inside pickup or delivery fee
      4. Relabeling fee
      5. Re-delivery charge

      Note, these are just a few additional fees.

      Some carriers may have more than others.

      Consult from your carrier.

      Can I do Double Blind Shipment without a Freight Broker?

      Freight broker

       freight broker.

      Unfortunately, you can’t.

      Double-Blind Shipment involves work, and I mean work. It’s a complex process that is very tedious.

      You really need a reliable freight broker with who you have a good relationship to execute the shipping process.

      Consult one and focus on better things.

      What are the Advantages of working with a Freight Broker or any other 3PL for Double-Blind Shipments?

      Working with a freight broker or a third-party logistics company comes with a lot of benefits which includes:

      1. They’ll set up, plan and execute the entire process. They will also assist you to set the three different Bills of Landing.
      2. Outsourcing will give you ample time to focus on other aspects of your business such as sales and marketing.
      3. They’ll help you improve your order accuracy.
      4. They may provide the following services:
      5. Transportation
      6. Pick and pack
      7. Order fulfillment
      8. Freight forwarding
      9. And the list goes on and on.

        What is the required Double Blind Shipment Paperwork?

        Unlike regular shipping, Double-Blind Shipping doesn’t require a lot of documentation.

        See blind shipment aims to hide identity.

        If a customer is issued with a certificate of origin, he/she will know where goods came from and in the future, they’ll contact the producer.

        The document containing the name of the supplier, return address, invoice, and coupon codes are not included.

        Documents required are:

        1. 3 Bills of landing of which two of them are ‘dummy’. Only one is correct.
        2. Packing slip without the manufacturer’s details.

        What is a Double-Blind Packing Slip?

        It’s a document that gives a detailed list of the shipment.

        It’s meant to inform the shipper to release the inventory.

        However, it doesn’t contain information about the company that manufactured the products.

        A double-blind packing list is customized. It can be designed for you; to contain your logo, own business information, etc.

        If you have paid for blind shipping you may get the slip for free.

        Do Double-Blind Shipments have any Restrictions?

        Yes, in fact, they are several.

        It all depends on your carrier.

        Carriers place restrictions to establish correct billing on their end.

        Meaning, the business name, street address, contact information can be incorrect; however, they demand a correct zip code and city address.

        Others only need a correct zip code while other carriers demand all address information on the Bill of landing to be correct.

        Each carrier handles double Blind Shipment differently.

        Check with them before moving the freight.

        Confer with your freight broker to understand particular restrictions that apply to your shipment.

        Do all Carriers accept Double Blind Shipping?

        Unfortunately, not many international couriers offer double-blind shipments apart from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. UPS has added requirements.

        Confer with your carrier to find out whether they offer such services before sending your freight or placing an order.

        How does Double Blind Shipping differ from Private Label Shipping?

        These two shipping strategies are very similar.

        Simply because both of them involve re-labeling of products.

        However, the re-naming is done for different purposes.

        In Double Blind Shipping, the shipper is unknown to the buyer and the buyer is not aware of the shipper either.

        The distributor is the middle person.

        Once they receive the goods, he/she replaces the identity of the shipper with their own.

        When the buyer receives the goods, they’ll assume the distributor is the actual producer.

        The distributor conceals the shipper’s identity to remain in the game.

        On the other side of the coin, private label is involved in normal shipping where no one is blind. The manufacturer produces unique merchandise for the distributor to sell under their brand.

        The product contains information and the logo of the distributor.

        Here no one’s identity is concealed.

        How do I do Quality Control for Double-Blind Shipments?

        Quality control shipment

         quality control shipment.

        Well here is where a reliable distributor say one you have worked with before or a freight broker comes in.

        You may not see the product before it gets to you.

        The best you can do is to send a prototype of the goods you want to your distributor who will send it to your supplier.

        The supplier can then make products from your sample.

        You can decide to trust your distributor, ask them for photos of the products, have a video call where you can see goods and approve whether they are in order.

        Equally, you can ask a third party like a friend who stays around to verify the quality of the goods before they are shipped to you.

        Can I lose Money while Double Blind Shipping?

        Yes. All businesses are risky.

        While starting you don’t know where you’ll make any profit or a loss.

        It’s important to have business strategies.

        Here’s what to do to avoid losses:

        1. Don’t get in with both feet; test the waters first.
        2. Build a good relationship with your customer- the internet has made the world a global village.

        While trying so hard to make your customers ‘blind’ they may find other means of contacting the actual producer for better prices of goods.

        Create extra value with your client; offer fair prices and outstanding customer care services.

        • Before settling for a double-blind Shipment, compare it with drop shipping.

        These two are more or less the same but most suppliers charge more for blind shipment.

        1. Do a random sample check of your products to verify quality before shipping them.

         Is Double Blind Shipping applicable to all Shipments?

        Yes, it is.

        You can also choose blind freight shipping for bulky shipment.

        How long does it take to Ship a Double-Blind Shipment?

        Statistic shows, shippers expect to receive their shipment quickly and at an affordable price. They forget faster transit time can be costly.

        Double-blind shipment cuts down the shipping time frame, however, it’s still affected by factors such as:

        1. Nature of goods
        2. Season- peak or off-peak
        3. Means of transport
        4. Destination

        Can I use Double-Blind Shipping if Ordering Goods from Different Suppliers?

        Yes, you can

        Liaise with your freight broker on this.

        How do I deal with Suppliers Making Mistakes with Double-Blind Shipment?

        Double-blind shipment is a complex shipping strategy hence mistakes might occur.

        Here’s how to deal with errors you come across:

        1. When three Bills of Quantities are involved, ensure the carrier has the right one at hand. One with the right pickup and delivery point information on their records.

        Failure to which the incorrect Bill of Landing may be used resulting in freight delivery to the wrong location.

        1. Ensure you have a good relationship with your supplier in case of anything.

        The reason being carriers may do their best to conceal both identities however they are not responsible for any errors.

        In case received goods are not what you expected, communicate with your supplier for replacement immediately.

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