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Importing Double Glazed WIndow from China
Importing Awning Double Glazed WIndow from China
Importing Awning Double Glazed Windows from China

Awning double glazed windows provide good protection from rain, dust and wind when open while also ventilating your home. Need one of these windows to enhance the appeal and value of your property? Guangdong province in China manufactures the finest, awning double glazed windows that it’s as versatile as it was stylish. China has been producing durable glass for years and will give satisfaction to your window needs.

Importing Casement Double Glazed WIndow from China
Importing Casement Double Glazing Window from China

China’s double glazed casement windows are custom-built for a perfect fit. Their windows feature beautiful slim sightlines for increased light and wonderfully enhanced views. China has a wide range of casement double glazing windows with a lot of styles that suits you. In China, Guangdong has the top supplier and manufacturer of high-quality casement double glazing window products. You can buy a casement double glazing window according to your needs.


Importing Sliding Double Glazed WIndow from China 1 1
Importing Sliding Double Glazing Window from China

Want to have windows that provide large openings for effective ventilation? That doesn’t intrude into living areas or walkways? Sliding double glazing windows are what you are looking for. Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai provinces in China has the most manufacturers, you can select the one that exceeds your expectations. Uncomparable performance and durability are the quality of their sliding double glazing window. Finding a good double glazing window manufacturer will help you save too much money and time.

Importing Tilt and Turn Window from China
Importing Double Glaze Tilt and Turn Window from China

Distinguish your home by double glaze tilt and turn windows. China offers double glaze Tilt-turn windows that are aesthetically pleasing and of high quality. This window style looks stunning, whilst offering a flexible opening option for a wide variety of buildings and applications. Mostly at Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai province. Enjoy China’s best features and most popular styles for Tilt and turn windows for your dream home.

Importing Bay and Bow Window from China
Importing Bay and Bow Window from China

Function and beauty combine beautifully with China’s bow and bay window collection. China offers new designs for bay and bows windows with affordable prices. You can buy bay and bow most in Guangdong province to make your home first class. China carefully selected colors designed to adhere to vinyl and resist the environment, applied to the bay and bow windows during the manufacturing process for long-lasting durability.

Importing Sash Window from China
Importing Double Glaze Sash Window from China

When you choose a sash window for your home, you want something original, bespoke and well built. Get a Sash window of high performance and guaranteed quality in China. Whether you visit Guangdong or Shandong province, you could find window manufacturer that provide these type of window. A wide variety of sash windows are available to buy and be installed on your house.

Importing Double Glaze French Window from China
Importing Double Blaze French Window from China

China is the leading source of different kinds of windows. They supply aluminum and wooden french glazed windows. A lot of factories manufactures such windows mainly in Guangdong and Zhejiang province. You can have China’s standard good quality double glazed french windows and doors fit your needs.

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Double Glazed Window Sea Freight Shipping from China
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Double Glazed Window Air Freight Shipping from China
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Double Glazed Window Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is for your large volume of double glaze window orders and will be traveled over greater distances from China.
Double Glazed Window Door to Door Shipping from China
Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 20 Doubled Glazed Manufacturers in China


ROPO is an expert in the windows and doors industry for over 15 years. Their main products are UPVC double glazed windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, double glazed windows and doors as well. As an expert in the windows industry, ROPO is among the few which actually fulfilled their duties for the environment as well as the society. For years, ROPO has been a proud member of AWA, WERS with AS certificates for the factory and all products.

2 Shandong Havit Window and Door Co., Ltd

Shandong Havit Window and Door Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Qingdao Havit Steel Structure Co., Ltd which is founded in 2005. They are specializing in manufacturing and exporting Windows and Doors. Their factory total area is more than 3000 square meters with modern and accurate equipment to manufacture aluminum or UPVC windows and doors. Their factory located in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China.


WDMA is a company that cooperates with many windows suppliers at different levels. They are providing different levels of quality windows and doors to meet their budgetary needs base on their specific needs. They offer UPVC ALUMINUM, and steel wood products, and more. WDMA has over 20 factories of different scales to provide flexible project solutions to different stages of budgetary needs. Their products range from general quality to high-end quality to cover different types of projects.

4 Zhejiang Yuanwang Windows and Doors Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Yuanwang windows and Doors Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with professional experience.  Their business scope includes R & D, DESIGN, Production, and other relevant services. This company is located in the west industrial park of Zhuji City, Zhejiang province, which is almost an hour’s travel from Hangzhou airport. The products mainly include Aluminum windows and doors, UPVC windows and doors, aluminum broken bridge insulated windows and doors, glass curtain wall sunroom system intelligent control of windows and doors, an energy-saving system of windows and doors, and many more.

5 Shanghai Minye Decoration Co., Ltd

Established in 2002, Shanghai Minye Decoration Co., Ltd specializes in the household product system. They integrate development, design, and manufacture together also having their own company in Shanghai. And they have advance technology and equipment from abroad. The company can provide aluminum and PVC, Windows and doors, sliding doors, fly screens glazing walls, and aluminum panel walls. With year’s experience, they have been striving to enhance their quality and service.

6 Guangzhou Mingqi Door& Window Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Mingqu Door and Window Co., Ltd is located near Guangzhou airport, covering an area of 2000 square meters. They are a professional manufacturer of UPVC/Aluminum windows and doors in more than 10 years. Their main products are UPVC windows and doors. Along with their product offers are Pvc sliding windows, uPVC casement windows, PVC hung windows, etc. The company won a high reputation among its customers worldwide.

7 Shanghai YY Construction Co., Ltd.

Shanghai YY Construction Co., Ltd is located in Shanghai with over 10+ years of experience. Their primary products are aluminum doors, UPVC doors, and windows, windows, spring doors, etc. They are exporting their products to Canada and Australia. This company is the first and only company that passed the AS2047 standard plus a member of Australia AWA.

8 Guangzhou Fineland Windows & Doors Co., Ltd

Established in 2000, Guangzhou Fineland Windows & Doors Co., Ltd specializes in aluminum doors and windows. Driven by rich experience in the door and window production and installation, they become leaders in the field. The company has 2 more factories, the one located in Guangzhou, the other is in Yangon in Myanmar.

9 Qingdao Rexi Industries Co., Ltd

Rexi Industries was established in 2005. They are focused on providing glass and aluminum solutions. That includes aluminum windows and doors, curtain wall, laminated glass, and so on. With advanced design and a strong technical team, they can satisfy your needs. Their factory is located in Haier Road, Qingdao that covers an area of 80,000 square meters with annual processing capacity reach 1.5 m2.

10 Fonirte Industry (Shandong) Co., Ltd

Fonirte Industry (Shandong) Co., Ltd is situated in High-tech Zone, Jining City, Shandong, occupies an area of 450,000 sq m. It is positioned in an area where transportation is convenient. It has 800+ employees and advanced production lines to complete the product. The company has a stringent quality control method to ensure product quality. Fonirte has an annual production capacity of around 100,000 tons. Their main products are UPVC profile windows and doors.

11 Saint Best Group

Saint Best Group is an independent company involved in the double glazing product line. They do research and develop multi-purpose products utilizing the most advanced and popular technology. Combining all high tech production equipment, they are able to produce an extensive range of products. They are offering stable and excellent service and recognized as a fast-growing company in China.

12 Aoland

Aoland headquartered is located in Shanghai, China. They are the trusted largest aluminum window and doors supplier in China. They are exporting various types of windows and doors at fair prices. Included in their aluminum window products are horizontal sliding and vertical double-hung, awning and casement, and as for doors, there are 5 choices.

13 Toroyal Group

Established in 2002, Shandong Toroyal Group was built in Guangrao Economic Development Zone, Dongying City, Shandong. Their main products are PVC shutter and profiles, MDF board, Melamine MDF board, and wood vinegar. The company is able to manufacture over 200,000 products every year.  Dongying Toroyal Material Technology Co., Ltd has the most advanced production line, automated production industry-leading level.

14 Double Glazing Systems

Double Glazing Systems is a bespoke aluminum window and door China-based manufacturer. They are offering the highest-quality products completely comply with AU standards. They are a member of AWA and registered with WER. The company is exporting products to overseas markets such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

15 Jinan Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd

Specializing in double glazing and double pane window manufacturers, Lumei Profiles is providing perfect-sales services. They are professional in UPVC profile production since 1995. Jinan Lumei Construction Materials Co., Ltd product includes UPVC sheet profiles, PVC cold room profiles, and laminated uPVC profiles and more. All their offered products passed and approved ISO9001:2008 certifications, ROHS, and CE standards.

16 Qingdao Laurel Glass Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Laurel Glass Technology Co., Ltd is a glass manufacturer and supplier in China for over 15 years. They are involved in offering glass solutions for windows and doors. Included in their offers are ideal for residential glass solutions, commercial glass, shower doors, and decorative glasses. This company is exporting its products to 90+ countries and regions.

17 Foshan Fuxuan Window & Door Co., Ltd

Fuxuan Window & Door Co., Ltd is situated in Foshan City, China covering 100,000 sq m. Their main products are UPVC/ PVC window and door, aluminum window and door, and series of glass products. This company was founded in 2002, with 500+ staff. Their main markets are Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia, and the Middle East.

18 Shanghai Finzone Windows & Doors Co., Ltd

Shanghai Finzone Windows & Doors Co., Ltd is a company specializing in an aluminum windows, sliding glass folding doors, and special for balcony glazing systems. This is one of the largest glazing companies in China. They got certifications from CE, ISO, TUV, and GOST. Strong assets are company advantage. They are able to export products to 30+ countries and regions.


Jinan Wondec Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Gongyenan Road, 250100 Jinan
China. They are a famous manufacturer of aluminum door window machines, PVC door windows, and insulating glass machines. They are able to sell PVC profiles, glass cutting machines, and so on. Their products have been appreciated in over 50+ countries.

20 Foshan Rengui Window and Door Co.

Foshan Rengui Window and Door Company are located in Foshan City. Their production covers an area of 501- 1000 sq m. They are a professional companies specializing in aluminum and UPVC glass door and window. With more than 8 years in manufacturing and exporting business, they are cooperating with overseas customers and win a good reputation.

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