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Drill Bits Manufacturer from China
1 Twist Drill Bits
Twist Drill Bits from China

Twist drill bits are one of the most popular drill bits among them. It is basically used to drill holes towards the walls and woods. When you look for good quality drill bits, China is very popular in terms quality products. Chinese manufacturers able to produce drill bits that you surely like to supply the demand of your business.

2 Brad Point Drill Bits
Brad Point Drill Bits from China

Brad point drill bits provides accurate placement for starting up the opening. Drill bits is accuracy and precision terrain to be used in home furniture producing, doweling, cabinetry, along with other woodwork apps where a precise opening size is required. Spur decreasing corners decrease splintering and ensure an easy, clean opening. China has a lot of great manufacturers that produces high quality drill bits.

3 Masonry Drill Bits
Masonry Drill Bits from China

The masonry drill bits are made for drilling into difficult components like rock, obstruct, or cement. If you are looking for best supplier of masonry drill bits for your business, Bansar will help you to find outstanding drill bits products that you need.

4 Rivet Bits
Rivet Bits from China

Rivet bits are created for drilling holes. Perfect for drilling superficial slots through slender steel without pre-punching. 35% quicker than common drill bits. When you look for manufacturer and supplier for drill bits, Jiangsu, Hebei, and Zhejiang provinces are the place where you can import drill bits.

5 Spade Drill Bits
Spade Drill Bits from China

Spade drill may be typically utilized to generate openings for working cable connections. It has a vast and flat blade that usually used by electricians and plumbers for drilling openings in studs on surfaces for working cabling. If you have plans to import drill bits, China is the best place for you. You don’t have to worry because Bansar will help you find trusted supplier for your drill bits.

6 Step Bits
Step Bits from China

Step Bits is similar to pyramid-shaped. It is used to drill into sheet metallic that enables you to create holes with various diameters. Step bits are well-known for versatility. If you want to import step bits for your drill bits collection business, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces have the best drill bits, manufacturers in China.

7 Auger Bits
Auger Bits from China

Auger bits used to drill into dense and dried out timber. As a result, you do not have to use a lot of pressure when drilling into difficult supplies. Auger bits have an attached hint that creates the primary golf hole throughout the bit to slip. As a result, holes by auger bits are extremely clean and exact. China has a reliable drill bits provider. If you wish to have this kind of drill bits, you know where to go.

8 Self Feed Drill Bits
Self Feed Drill Bits from China

Just like auger bits, self feed drill bits feature a screw tip for placing the bit. They generate clean, exact holes, too. Nonetheless, simply because they usually do not funnel the dirt out of the pit because they operate, it must halt the operation periodically to remove the dirt away. A lot of manufacturers located in China particularly in Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Changsha that produces high quality drill bits. If you look for drill bits for your business don’t hesitate to import from China.

9 Forstner Bits
Forstner Bits from China

When you look for drill bits that create bore clean and nice and clean holes into forests. This Forstner bit is what you’ve looking for. Chinese manufacturers do their best to produce excellent quality of all types of drill bits that passed your specifications and standards.

10 Hole Saw Drill Bits
Hole Saw Drill Bits from China

This kind of hole saw drill bits allow you to drill huge holes such as those for door components set up. If you have furniture business, and installation business that are in need of equipment like drill bits, China has great manufacturers that creates different kinds of drill bits you need for your business.

11 Countersink Drill Bits
Countersink Drill Bits from China

Looking for counter drill bits? China has a lot of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers that provide different types of drill bits that you need. You don’t have to worry about its quality because they produce high quality drill bits at a very reasonable price.

12 Tile Drill Bits
Tile Drill Bits from China

The tile drill bits are designed for various types of tiles such as ceramic tiles, glass tiles, even porcelain. You can ensure when you use tile drill bits to any tiles it creates holes without creating a crack in the tiles. When you choose drill bits, choose those manufacturers that are trusted and only produces good quality drill bits.



13 Adjustable Wood Drill Bit
Adjustable Wood Drill Bit from China

Want to have drill bits for your business? Chinese manufacturers offers their products to you with 100% guaranteed quality. You can import a lot of goods from China including drill bits. Bansar will help you find a reliable source of drill bits to supply the demand of your business.

14 Hammer Drill Bits
Hammer Drill Bits from China

The hammer drill bits are excellent in drilling and creating holes in a concrete wall, brick, and many more. Chinese suppliers has a vast collection of al types of drill bits that you need. When you need drill bits, China is the best place for you.

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Best 30 Drill Bits Manufacturers in China

1  Danyang Felda Tools Co., Ltd.  

Danyang Felda Tools Co., Ltd.  is one of the largest suppliers of different cutting tools in Mainland China. They are one of the famous tool suppliers that supply different products like drill bits, saw blades, tool bits and many more. They have vast knowledgeable skilled and expert workers that developed other cutting tools. All their products are ISO9001:2000.

2 Changsha Tianhe Drilling Tools And Machinery Co., Ltd.  

Established in 2002 and based in Hunan province of China. They supply different tools for more than 40 countries around the world. Changsha Tianhe Drilling Tools And Machinery Co., Ltd. has a reliable and trusted design when it comes to their products. They have a lot of experience in the manufacturing industry and very optimistic in the global market competition.

3 Changzhou Mingtaishun Carbide Co., Ltd.  

Changzhou Mingtaishun Carbide Co., Ltd. known for producing machine tool accessories located in the famous tool town in China. For over 5 years they are experts in the machine tool business that uses advanced technologies and high power manufacturing equipment to produce quality products and offers excellent services for its customers.

4 Fujian Quanzhou Huazuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.  

It was established since 1994. One of the famous Chinese manufacturer of diamond tools for more than 2 decades. They create and design tools that are stable and hard like diamond. Quanzhou Huazuan Diamond Tools are dedicated in providing high quality tools. Building nice business relationships with more than 50 countries.

5 Shanghai Glong Co., Ltd.  

Is a leading trader of different high powered tools and other tool accessories. This company is experts in manufacturing industry for over 20 years and has 1000 factories all over in China. They are excellent in giving the one of a kind customers services to its clients giving their full responsibility to their work.

6 Dongguan Jialing Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Jialing Precision Metal Co., Ltd. is prominent in producing carving and cutting machine tool brand. Most the products they produce can be applied for different purposes such as in electronic industry, furnitures, industrial manufactures, and many more. They are in this business since 2005 and aim to provide outstanding products as well as awesome services to the customers.

7 UB Tools (Shanghai) Ltd.

UB Tools (Shanghai) Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturer of drill bits and other machine tools. Offering their comprehensive type of high end machines to create drill bits tools that can used by clients. They make sure that all of the drill bits that are being produced are made by high quality and sturdy materials that can be used by different industries.

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