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Selfie Drone Importing from China
Selfie Drone Importing from China

Selfie drones in China are equipped with high-quality camera and operates with application in your phone. You do not need selfie sticks anymore. Selfie drones manufacturer from Guangdong has better quality of drones. China has great supplier of selfie drones assuring its quality at the best price.

Racing Drones Importing from China
Racing Drones Importing from China

Racing drones can help you compete with fellow racer or take flight solo. Manufacturers in China creates a freestyle and FPV racing drones that can take you to multirotor flying experience. Chinese experts racing drone manufacturer made it fun and entertaining.

Toy Drone Importing from China
Toy Drone Importing from China

Toy drones are fun for both kids and adults and is less expensive than professional drones. It is super fun and simple to fly. Chinese professional toy drones supplier has made a light composite materials to reduce weight and increase maneuverability suitable for kids.

Fishing Drone Importing from China
Fishing Drone Importing from China

Fishing drones comes with several different payloads such as waterproof gimbal 4K camera adapted for wide variety of uses. Fishing drones suppliers in China are from Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan and many more. They manufacture an all-purpose, all-weather and waterproof fishing drones ensuring high-quality and reasonable price.

Drones for GoPro Importing from China
Drones for GoPro Importing from China

GoPro enables you to explore the best aerial photography experience for a lifetime. It can be mounted to various models and you don’t need to buy an integrated camera drone. Drones for GoPro are best for extreme action sport. Experience the perfect shots companion in any area in China. Leading drones for GoPro manufacturers in China offers high-quality standard at reasonable price.

Drones with Camera Importing from China
Drones with Camera Importing from China

If you want to capture the best photo and video, drones with camera are the best choice. It comes with all sizes and shape and it is easy to use. Drones with camera suppliers in China are mostly in Guangdong. Chinese drone suppliers offer an affordable price in its best quality.

Drone for Kids Importing from China
Drone for Kids Importing from China

Drones for kids are excellent way to have your children outdoors to get some fun. It can do flips, barrel rolls and other smooth and quick moves. China’s leading drones are based in Guangdong. These factories offers you a high-quality drones perfect for kids. Ensuring the safety, adult’s supervision is a must.

Begginers Drone Importing from China
Begginers Drone Importing from China

If you are a beginner, you may sucks at something but you can get better with time. You can buy a drone for beginners in any area in China. These leading manufactures offers a high-quality beginner’s drone that will help you learn the art of flying before upgrading to a more prominent drone.

Mini Drone Importing from China
Mini Drone Importing from China

Mini drones are cheap and affordable, durable, safe for indoor use and effortless to learn. Experts Chinese drone manufactures are in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu. They can guarantee you a high-quality mini drones perfect for wide range use.

FPV Drone Importing from China
FPV Drone Importing from China

FPV are the best models if you want to have a quadcopter similar to your racing car.  It lets you hover faster and further without getting puzzled. Certified leading drone manufacturers in China are in Guangdong. They keep their products up to date while assuring its high quality.

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Ship by rail is best for your large volume of drone orders over greater distances from China
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If you are new to importing from China or have no importing permit, you can contact Bansar to help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Importing Drone from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing drone from  China, you can not miss this guide.

You will get benefits from reading this guide and become an expert for the Chinese drone market, also skyrocket your drone business.

You will learn:

The process of importing from China,

Why you should import drone from China,

Where to buy high quality and affordable drone from China,

Types of drone to import from China,

In this guide, you may know what you should do next when you import from China.

Best 30 Drone Manufacturers in China

1 Shenzhen Sungo Innovator Electronics., Ltd

In 2008, Shenzhen Sungo Innovator Electronics., Ltd was established. They manufactured different drones and different uses such as underwater drones. This company completes their facility needs with lots of well-trained team and complete machines. You can locate them at building 1705 in Guangdong province in China.

2 Shenzhen Yangda Security Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yangda Security Co., Ltd mainly manufactured Drones and accessories since 2014 establishment. They have solid teamwork from engineering, designer, technicians, and other staff ensures the durability, effectiveness, and the best quality drones they produce. Everything you need will be provided.

3 Qingdao Bingxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Bingxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd only focuses on manufacturing drones and development. They have spraying drones suitable for farmers that will surely satisfy your needs offering a long life span and easy to replace. They will help all your worries be solved.

4 Shenzhen Viewpro Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2005, Shenzhen Viewpro Technology Co., Ltd was established. They build factories at the high-tech park of Shenzhen City specializing in electronic security. They produce drones and gimbal cam for drones. This company also focuses on processing photos or videos for drone development. Get your drones based on your ideal designs and uses.

5 Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In the year 2016, Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded manufacturing underwater drones. This company innovates underwater cameras and robots to provide underwater solutions for everyone. You can what your business desired. They are located at # 800 Huanhuxier Road of Shanghai in China.

6 Hangzhou Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is one of the top 5 professional drone manufacturers in China including drone accessories. They have over 100 people, R&D staff, foreign trading staff, and many more in supporting the production.

7 Innovator Electron Co., Ltd.

Since Innovator Electron Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, this company a high-tech manufacturer of electronics for outdoor and aqua uses. They have a wide range of products you need. This company is durably made drones with plenty of research to make drones and accessories more effective, high quality yet offered at a very low cost.

8 Sichuan Dingfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Dingfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2013 which mainly manufactures different types and uses of drones. They have agricultural, spray drones, surveillance, customized, and many more. They are located at Chuangxiang building on the 32nd floor in Sichuan province in China.

9 Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd has passed the quality system and received ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certificates including CE certificates. From the year of establishment, this company has received a lot of certifications about 20. Send an immediate inquiry.

10 Shenzhen TTF Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen TTF Technology Co., Ltd was built in 2002 and occupied a convenient factory space located in Guangdong province of China. This company reaches 20 years of experience in this industry facing difficulties which successfully solved. This company always ensures the best quality drones and products to produce.

11 Shantou Flying Technology Inc.

Shantou Flying Technology Inc is one of the leading drone producers, manufacturers, and factories in China. They offer the great performance of drones, acceptable drone costs, and impressive service provided. They develop great quality that surely satisfies your business.

12 Shandong Xiwa Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for drones and different types of drones, Shandong Xiwa Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd mainly manufacture and produce spray drone, agricultural, and different kinds of drones. They export drones in many countries including the Philippines, Australia, and many more regions in the whole world.

13 Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd is located in the A5 building of Xueyuan Avenue, # 1001, Guangdong province in China. They fabricate drones in 6 years producing unique designs and functions with now 90% repeated orders. In many years in the service, they passed plenty tests and received plenty of certifications.

14 Beijing Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd.

Since 2003 of establishment, Beijing Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd is manufacturing drones and different electronic devices or products which able to export overseas about 90%. This company always value the customers and to you as well through high tech and advanced drones, sophisticated products, and amazing services.

15 Nanjing Qianlinghui Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Qianlinghui Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 and professionally fabricates drones for agriculture. This company has a convenient drone factory plant area located in D building on the 4th floor in Nanjing City in China, in Jiangsu province.

16 Techwise International Co., Ltd.

If a drone is your priority, you can find the best drone manufacturer in China. They offer the best functions of drones with unique designs and colors. Techwise International Co., Ltd is specializing these products providing excellent services and support for your business.

17 Pinnacle Technology Co., Limited

Pinnacle Technology Co., Limited is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and CE certified products. They receive plenty of certification international, following manufacturing principles. This company strictly checks drone’s quality, packaging, and many other needs to avoid problems.

18 Hangzhou Savgood Technology Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer with 90% repeated orders is an amazing provider of drones which able to export overseas. This company builds a factory and occupied 100 square meters. This company ensures to develop designs, functions, and durability of each manufactured product. They allow paying through Money Gram, T/T, PayPal, and Alibaba.

19 Shandong Jiutian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jiutian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was certified in 2015 with ISO 9001 and 14001. They received IHSAS18001 in 2007. This company has 3 R&D staff and 10 production lines and owns a brand. You can safely pay through LC and T/T. You can order the bulk of drones and they can export wherever your location.

20 Shenzhen FEETECH RC Model Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen FEETECH RC Model Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 certified in 2015. They established in 2003 dealing a lot of drone types and export all of it worldwide. They produce an amazing offer of prices with excellent quality based on the products. You will be satisfied with all of the offers they provide.

21 Inner Mongolia Farm Uav Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Farm Uav Co., Ltd is one of the first high tech manufacturers in China with a lot of well-trained staff. They have plenty of R&D staff and a dedicated team from engineering, designs, company office, and so on. You can send them your ideal drone designs, sizes, colors, etc.

22 Shanzhen Qianhai Central Intelligent Avia Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanzhen Qianhai Central Intelligent Avia Technology Co., Ltd has occupied a 10,000 square meter plant area. They have over ten years of manufacturing drone experience with lots of senior technicians and a lot of skilled teams. You can see their factory and schedule a tour.

23 Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd has over 100 capacity units offering easy to operate drones for agricultural. This company suitably manufactured drone for farmers, resellers, players, etc, and welcome them to directly contact for more information and to you as well.

24 Shenzhen Micromulticoper Aero Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Micromulticoper Aero Technology Co., Ltd is located in Dongjiang Building, Guangdong province in China located at Shenzhen City. They offer plenty of drone designs, and able to export in middle east, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and a lot of regions and countries around the world.

25 Shenzhen ZTR Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ZTR Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced manufacturer of drones in many types. They produce bulk orders and export overseas adhering to quality first. They provide a variety of designs, colors, and more. This company manufactured drones, RC drones, Drone Aircraft, and many more. You can always get your ideal drones for business.

26 Shenzhen ZK International Electronic Co., Ltd.

In 2000, Shenzhen ZK International Electronic Co., Ltd was established supported by 100 people and occupied of about 10000 square meters plant area. This company earned a global reputation producing outstanding quality drone products which already export about 90%. They export in North America, Middle East, South America, and North and West of Europe.

27 Jinhua Sav Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinhuan Sav Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a drone manufacturer which one of the reliable and functional drone providers in China. They are located in China for your tour visit at #518 Xianyuan Road of Zhejiang province of Jinhua City in China. They produce about 5000 drones and accessories which exported overseas in different places such as USA, UK, Russia, and many more.

28 Hunan Keyshare Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Keyshare Information Technology Co., Ltd is located at no. 39 of Jianshan Road, Yuele district of Hunan province in China. This company is engaging in manufacturing and developing in this industry. They produce different drones in different countries like RC drones, agriculture, and so on.

29 Zhengzhou Xinda Weishi Security Science Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Xinda weishi Security Science Co., Ltd. has 15 years of manufacturing experience. They can export boxes in Asia, America, and Africa, and different 50 countries worldwide. They offer wide options for your orders offering certified raw materials to make you satisfied.

30 Guangzhou Sextantis Technologies

Guangzhou Sextantis Technologies is a drone manufacturer in China which able to meet your demands and able to custom your ideal drone designs and sizes. You can send it directly to them. They are located in Guangdong province in China at 828 Maogang Road. They can offer a lot of sets or addition for your orders of drones.

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