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Importing Duvet from China
Feather and down Duvet
Importing Feather and down Duvet from China

The down and feather blend provides more softness and warmth than a traditional feather-filled duvet. Find duvet manufacturers and suppliers from China. Choose those source high quality duvet supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers.

Hollowfibre Duvet
Importing Hollowfibre Duvet from China

Filled with incredibly light and fluffy hollowfibre, you’ll be amazed at best value duvet yet perfect for allergy-prone and just pop it into the wash to clean. Just about everyone loves the lightness, softness, and warmth of a duvet these days. China has many types of duvet, to suit all sorts of tastes and the changing seasons.

Microfibre Duvet
Importing Microfibre Duvet from China

Looking for a top quality microfibre duvet that wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star hotel? China in the right place in choosing a high quality of duvets that you’re looking for. The perfect super soft snuggly microfibre duvet that almost feels like goose down duvet, soft bouncy and light as a feather.

Silk Duvet
Importing Silk Duvet from China

Many people still love natural duvet fillings for their softness, lightness and natural breathability. Find the best quality silk duvets from China, lots of trusted manufacturer which are made of 100% pure mulberry silk floss by hand. It is also worth bearing in mind that those who suffer from allergies or asthma are best avoiding other duvet fillings and choosing silk instead.

Sotvedel Duvet
Importing Sotvedel Duvet from China

Searching for sotvedel duvet manufacturer? Zhejiang in China has the biggest and hundreds of supplier and manufacturer of duvet that perfectly suit for you. Best duvet in using sleep at night, thin yet comfortable.

Tog Duvet
Importing Tog Duvet from China

Looking to import a new duvet? Chinese market has everything you need about tog and help you to secure your perfect duvet. Sleep is vital for well-being, and it’s crucial to choose a duvet with the right fill and tog. A lighter duvet which is perfect for use during the summer months.

Wool Duvet
Importing Wool Duvet from China

The perfect year-round duvet with incredible temperature control. Breathable, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic, wool is the original super-fibre. China manufactures high-class wool duvet that suitable for all seasons. Moisture-wicking and temperature regulating. Machine washable. A classic, all-season duvet, filled with pure wool duvet.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Duvet Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
In shipping your duvet by sea, your goods are packed in shipping containers. No matter what the size of your shipment, Bansar can usually accommodate.
air Freight Shipping from China to
Shipping duvet by air is not just with the speed of delivery, but its popular for those to be delivered at long distance in a short period.
rail container 1
Typically travels at a faster speed with no traffic. Cost-effective and environmental.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 6
Bansar provide professional door to door shipping by sea, by air and offer good freight.

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Best 20 Duvet Manufacturers in China

1 Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd

This is a factory that technicalized exporting and producing of duvets, home textiles, beddings, and many other products. Located in Hangzhou China, considered one of the famous companies for its high-quality feather-made products. Owned a complete set of production equipment, workshops, and advanced technologies.

2 Paradise Import & Export Co., Ltd

Paradise Import & Export Co., Ltd is one of China`s leading suppliers and manufacturers of man-made fiber duvet/ beddings products. Offering huge product options for you to choose from. In addition, the team distributes its duvet products and exceptional services to distributors, traders, and other manufacturing enterprises. Their products are spread to over 50 countries nationwide.

3 Anhui Sunshine Home Textile Co., Ltd

Their main office is located at a fan gang east industrial park town, China. After many years in this industry, Anhui Sunshine Home Textile Co., Ltd now owns audited feather products and comprehensive production lines, makes them won lots of customers came from the Middle East, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries. The company was established in the year 2010.

4 Plucoro Hotel Product Co., Limited

At Foshan City, China, the Plucoro Hotel Product Co., Limited was continuously operating. Since 2016, the company produces the highest quality duvet sets for hotel and home applications. Not only duvets, but the company also manufactures complete pillow set, towel set, bedding sets, bed-runner, curtain, and so forth. Big thanks to advance and showroom mechanical machines, all their products can be delivered on-time to its destinations.

5 DaoLv TexChina Co., Ltd

Within the 10 years` past history on textile/ duvet manufacturing, their goal is to become a highly-skilled textiles producers worldwide. The company is composed of devoted, hard-working, and honest employees who also focused on textile/ duvet research, development, sales, and services. Export the highest quality duvets ever since the company was established.

6 Shanghai Easun

Operating as a large-scale group enterprise, owning factories for supplying and producing a broad range of premium quality duvets products. Founded in 2002, recorded as one of the large manufacturers based in China. They supply duvet sets usually for hotels, airlines, resorts, and household industries. Aside from duvet sets, they also supply complete sets of an inflatable pillow, blankets, pillow cover, bedspread, quilt, and many more.

7 Jivea Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.

Jivea Textile Decoration Co., Ltd is founded in Yangzhou China, the town of Hangji. They covered a factory area for around 10000 square meters. In order to meet escalating market demands, the enterprise has shipped in the advanced production machines. Most of their products now sold to Macao, Europe, Hong Kong, the USA, and other regions.

8 KaiFeiDi Home Textile products Co., Ltd

The team warmly welcomes customers from all over the world offer the brand new products and exceptional services. Located in Foshan Guangdong China with very convenient transportation ingress that could help you save shipping cost & shipping time. The duvet sets they were offering are ideal for the 3-5 star hotels, with a jacquard cloth and eco-friendly printings.

 9 Yintex Co., Ltd

Yintex Co., Ltd is one of the professional trading companies owning its textile factory. The team is very qualified in the production of textile fabrics including duvet products. Provides a complete variety of duvet products with low price, highest and stable quality. They strictly test the product`s quality level to ensure customer satisfaction.

10 Renown Industry Co., Limited

The Renown Industry Co., Limited is most famous, the best supplier and manufacturer of top-quality comforters or duvets set. They are very concerned with duvets` development, design, manufacturing, and marketing process. Working at Hangzhou City, with very convenient transportation ingress. All the products they presented are in compliance with international quality standards. Also receives good feedbacks from customers across the country.

11 Winde Home Furnishing Co., Ltd

Much concern in the exporting and manufacturing of duvet set, home bedding set, baby beddings, hotel bedding set, comforter, etc. Using cotton, linen, silk, and microfiber, thousands of duvet sets are produced and distributed to the international market.  At the factory, various duvet products are stocked, ready to deliver anytime. In addition, they offer a satisfying service for OEM customers.

12 Luan Yule Textiles Co., Ltd

Luan Yule Textiles Co., Ltd is a professional mature fabricator and supplier, mainly supplied weighted blankets, comforters, pillows, and duvets. Their main factory is operating in Lu′an City, Anhui Province, China, warmly welcomed customers worldwide. Their marketing now scopes Europe, America, Australia, East Asia, and so on. They ensure to examine each product`s quality before the delivery process.

13 Suntex Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

This company professionally started exporting services since 2002. It is teamed with an experienced and skilled sales team, designing, and R & D group. Proudly offers high-quality products like home textiles, pipeline products, home decor hardware, construction materials, etc. They are aiming to be a premier manufacturer, satisfied customers through our quality products & services.

14 Rosa Home & Decor Co., Ltd

Rosa Home & Decor Co., Ltd is a trading and manufacturing enterprise fully devoted to the research and development of home textile products. They work closely with their accompanying manufacturers, with main products of comforters, duvets, flat sheets, blankets, table cloths, pillowcases, and so on. Their extensive knowledge in material manufacturing and sourcing contributes a lot in looking for the perfect product for you.


Since 2002, TAIHU SNOW Silk leads in manufacturing high-quality silk beddings or duvets to boost your business. They are dedicated to supply the finest quality duvets around the world. They also now offer a complete product range, which is perfect for 3-5 star hotels. With great craftsmanship, their products now have been spread to more than 50 regions, such as Canada, Korea, the US, South Africa, Russia, etc.

16 Yiroufang Textile Manufacture Co., Ltd

Yiroufang Textile Manufacture Co., Ltd was born in the year 1997. It is situated in the most developed and beautiful River Delta. A company in a combination with development, research, design, manufacturing, and marketing of duvet products. Fully equipped with most advanced production machines and is considered as a professional service provider. Also certified by ISO9001 certification.

17 Woohoo Co., Ltd

Woohoo Co., Ltd specializing in various series of duvets and comforters products. These are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards including GB2828-87, GB/T2626-92, ISO9001-2000, GB2829-87, and LD29-29. They satisfy customers in the way of providing superb quality services and products. Supported also with a skillful team of designers, offering friendly customer assistance.

18 Yourmoon Holdings Limited

Yourmoon Holdings Limited in China gained popularity because of its good customer services and good-quality products. It is one of the large scale home textiles suppliers and manufacturers, with a total of 4 production bases in China. Fully concentrated on design, development, manufacturing, and selling of various textiles, such as duvet set.

19 Y. F. Import & Export Co., Ltd

Was operating mainly in Ningbo China. The company already gathered experiences in exporting and manufacturing any duvets designs since 1997. Thanks to the creative concept and its wide expertise, now they are capable to provide the finest services for global customers. The team presents overflowing expertise in the main aspects of the home textile industry.


GOLD SUN TEXTILE CO., LTD was expert enough in the production of flame retardant blankets, duvets, and many more. Currently, they are yearly production capacity can reach 2 million pieces of duvet products. Operate using high-quality production lines, for the fast and safer product shipment.  Fully reinforced with well-educated staff, which ensures the product`s quality.

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