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Electric Fence
Electric Poultry Fence
Importing Electric Poultry Fence from China

Electric fences can be easy to build and durable for any kind of animals you have. Aside from flexibility, a low maintenance and lesser stock damage can be perfectly benefited for you. Whether you needed it for your poultry, you can find a qualilty electric poultry fence from great manufacturers in China. Commonly, leading manufacturers can be found from Guangdong and Shandong provinces in China.

Galvanized Wire
Importing Galvanized Wire from China

In China, many of the customers from different places who import and wholesale, they truly trust the quality and durability of manufactured products based in there for a long time. Believing that they can gain the best profits if they should choose buying products such as galvanized wire for electric fences. Jiangsu province has many electric fence manufacturers with the ability to provide your number of needs in terms of importing products.

Horse Electric Fence
Importing Horse Electric Fence from China

For your horse electric fence, finding good quality can be very hard if you don’t know which place you could get what you desired. Let Bansar help your special requirements will be provided. Leave the rest of your processes in Bansar and make your shipment hassle-free. Importing from a reliable Chinese electric fence manufacturer can surely give you a lot of benefits.

Polyrope Electric Fence
Importing Poly Rope Electric Fence from China

China’s leading supplier and the manufacturer always have offered to their customer’s high-class products of poly rope electric fence and many more kinds of products that can be profitable. In many years of manufacturing in the industry, they have received a lot of certifications because of the best production. Guangdong is the number one of the most provinces in China with a lot of reliable electric fence manufacturers and many more.

Polytape Electric Fence
Importing Poly Tape Electric Fence from China

A strong and durable also the best use in the horse field. The wider tape the better suited for your boundaries. This type of tape can less the resistance of the wind in your area. When seeking the best electric fence production to make sure the safety of your animals and even your area, China has the best in Zhejiang province including the province of Shanghai.

Polywire Electric Fence
Importing Poly Wire Electric Fence from China

Electric poly wire fences are most popular in every farmer. This is a very effective option for building fences. By using poly wire electric fences, you can ensure the durability that can be able to last for a long time. If you’re not yet familiar with how and what will be the first step in importing an electric fence for your own and even for your business, Bansar has it all. When you need to find your partner, let Bansar help you with that.

Solar Powered Electric Fence
Importing Solar Powered Electric Fence from China

A solar-powered electric fence can save your electricity. Whether you need to close permanently your paddocks or in temporarily, you can select your desired electric fence to make your dream come true. Having your farm looking good, it can surely give you a happy living. But if you want to order for your business, don’t hesitate to deal with Bansar. Bansar can help you find your suited manufacturer to guide you with the whole process.

Superconductive Green Polytape
Importing Superconductive Green Poly Tape from China

There are many uses for electric fences. It can be used to protect your animals or your even your properties. You can select any types of electric fences to be used of. If you are looking for electric fences such as superconductive green poly tapes, it can be founded in many Chinese markets. Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Shanghai provinces are provinces in China with a lot of verified manufacturers for your electric fences.

Twine Electric Fence
Importing Twine Electric Fence from China

Light and the easy electric fence is twine. Because of the high conductivity of twine type of electric fence, even if it is not strong as rope or wire. Select electric fences manufacturer from a country with a great level of productions. A lot of manufacturers based in there are the most trusted for a long time and the reason for many customers’ success.

Wall Top Electric Fence
Importing Wall Top Electric Fence from China

Make your property safe by putting electric fences on your wall. High quality yet with reasonable prices electric fences are supplied and manufactured by professional Chinese factories. Save your money by dealing with them. And make your business expandable and successful.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Electric Fence Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China 1
When you import an electric fence and want to save money but assuring your safety, better to ship your cargo by the ocean. This is the most inexpensive freight forwarding method offered for those who need to save money.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Airfreight shipping from China can be great for those who import electric fences in urgent. Aside from safe travel, you can be assured reasonable rates depend on the sizes of each order. You can lesser your efforts.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Shipping by rail is the most affordable freight forwarding method. The cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits will be yours by choosing rail shipping for your electric fence. It can carry even huge cargo's.
Door to Door Service China
A lot of importers are choosing to ship their goods by door shipping because of the no-hassle process and saving your money perfectly. You don't have to add your payments from commuting and unexpected bills.

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20 Best Electric Fence Manufacturer in China

  1. Shenzhen Lanstar Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Lanstar Technology Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer of various kinds of electric fences for different applications such as for security, agricultural, and etc. Their products are distributed to more than 40 countries globally. They are dedicated to providing professional services, stable products, and solutions. Their solutions are used in several areas.

  1. Lanxi Naihe Metalwork Co., Ltd.

Lanxi Naihe Metalwork Co., Ltd was established in 2001. They are a large enterprise that is producing aluminum alloys and wires. Their main products are welding wire, flexible hose, and also electric fences. The company is focused on the cultivation of talents and technological innovation to make the product quality more excellent.

  1. Wuxi Lydite Industrial Co., Ltd

Wuxi Lydite Industrial Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer of Electric Fences. They have 100 series of fences products that include fence energizer, fence testing tools, and other auxiliary fence accessories. They have over 10 years of experience in exporting electric fences to other countries such as America, Europe, and other countries in Oceania.

  1. Anping Huilong Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Anping Huilong Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that specializes in providing wire mesh products that include wire mesh fencing, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, galvanized wire, black annealed wire, razor barbed wire, weaved square mesh, and etc. Their products have a better price and high-quality.


  1. Fencemate Inc.

Fencemate Inc. is located at Wuxi. They are an engineering company and exporter of fence. They are focused on providing fences for security. They have also their own facilities like die casting, stamping, machining, packaging, and many more. The company is operating for more than 20 years and serving its customers in many countries.


  1. VEISE Electronic Co., Ltd

VEISE Electronic Co., Ltd is a company that is equipped with advanced test devices and production facilities. They are a high-tech enterprise that is engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of electronic products and accessories. All of their products are adopted with the industrial-grade material.


  1. Anping Country JoyLink Wire Mesh Factory

Anping Country JoyLink Wire Mesh Factory is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh, wire mesh cage, metal wire, and electric fences. They own 6 wire mesh factories.  In order to provide qualified products to their customers, they implement scientific quality management.


  1. Taian Huamei Plastics Co., LTD

Taian Huamei Plastics Co., LTD is a manufacturer located in Taishan. They are manufacturing all kinds of ropes, twines, fences, and more. The company is committed to supply high-quality products and provide the best service to meet their customer’s requirements and demands. They are manufacturing using advanced technology and systems.

  1. Qunkun Metal Product Co., Ltd

Qunkun Metal Product Co., Ltd is a supplier and manufacturer of wire mesh products. The company has a technical force, advanced processing, experience, inspection equipment, and expertise to establish a good business relationship with its customers from all over the world. They are mostly exporting in the US, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries.

  1. Shijiazhuang Rongyou Trading Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Rongyou Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer located in Hebei that specializes in construction hardware products. One of their main products is a fence post. They also supply electric fences and deals in pipes, wire angles, and mesh. They are a responsible manufacturer since its establishment.


  1. Beijing Hongye Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hongye Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a successful manufacturer of machines. Because of their efforts, they gained the trust of their customers and known as one of the world’s top companies. They have 2 factories in Anping. Their main products are stainless steel wire mesh, electric fence, fence, rare metal mesh, and decoration mesh.


  1. Hebei Haiao Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

They are one of the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of fencing products for security. Haiao Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd has the experience and extensive in the security industry. They are exporting their products globally which includes high-security fence, wire mesh fence, electronic fence, razor mesh fence, temporary fence, and many more depending on the application.

  1. Hebei Shengmai Construction Material Technology Co., Ltd

Hebei Shengmai Construction Material Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of wire mesh machines, fence, and other wire mesh products. They have the technical force and well-equipped testing equipment. They provide good quality products with stylish design and reasonable prices.

  1. Shandong Haidai Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd

Shandong Haidai Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd is a science technology enterprise. They have achieved large-scale production and industrialization from the innovation and research. Their product’s performance has reached the domestic and international advanced technology level. They are providing their customers with excellent products and considerate service.

  1. Shenzhen Honganke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Honganke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer for security alarm systems for home use or industrial. Their products are well-equipped and have strong technical force. They have a wide range of good quality fences with competitive prices and good service. All of their products are trusted by their customers.

  1. Hangzhou Opus Fence Supplies Co., Ltd

H.P.S Fence Company was established in 2013 specializing in manufacturing electric fences. H.P.S Fence company offers world-class artworks, prompt delivery, safe packaging, competitive price, and superior quality electric fence. They are a professional electric fence manufacturer in China!

  1. Dongguan Tuotian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

They specialize in research, development, production, and sales of their high-quality electric fence. Among their products are pulse electronic fence, buried leakage, tension electronic fence, and more. All their products have passed ISO9001 quality system certifications. Their electric fences are widely used for government units, detention centers, residential areas, warehouses, factories, school pastures, and more.

  1. Sichuan Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Sunrise Electronic is proud of manufacturing an excellent design electric fence. They offer excellent after-sales service. They also accept customization and OEM/ODM services. Sunrise Electronic also uses premium quality raw materials to ensure the quality of every product.

  1. Shenzhen BTD Technology Co., Ltd

They are a professional manufacturer of electric fence and is proud of providing OEM and customization services. BTD also offers great quality management. They have strict quality control to ensure that they meet every customers’ needs and requirements.

  1. Shenzhen Tongher Electric Fencing

Their company is one of the trusted manufacturers of electric fence in China. They are providing an electric fence solution since 2007. Tongher Electric Fencing offers professional services, solutions, and stable quality products. They have employed an excellent research team to assure you a world-class and high-quality product.

  1. Sc Elite Ltd.

Since its establishment, Sc Elite Ltd. is integrating strong R&D Teams, manufacturing, sales of electric fences. With their advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production lines, they can give you the best quality products along with the most reasonable cost.

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