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Importing Electronics from China
Importing Digital Electronics from China 2
Importing Digital Electronics from China

Digital Electronics has a number of applications in so many different fields. China is known as one of the world’s largest producer in digital electronics. Digital electronics reliable suppliers comes from any area in China, like Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and more. These manufacturers offers high quality digital electronics products in its best price. You can import your desired digital electronics product for your business.

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Importing Analogue Electronics from China

Analogue electronics circuits and devices widely used for transmitting information. Common used thermometers or light meters also be used in digital sound recording and in data acquisition. Analogue electronics reliable suppliers in China are in different area in China. Founding these right manufacturers could help you save your time, money and efforts at all.

Importing Consumer Electronics from China
Importing Consumer Electronics from China

China has become the largest consumer electronics market in the past years. If you’re looking for business, industrial, or professional recording consumer electronics purposes then importing from China is the best choice. Consumer electronics leading supplier in China is in Shenzhen. These manufacturers have their unique characteristics. They also provide high-quality products at their best price.

Importing Power Electronics from China
Importing Power Electronics from China

Power Electronics industry in China is doing well and is supported by most strong market drivers. These electronics are used in a lot of stuff in our daily living. It is used in numerous everyday devices like steering in your car, battery chargers, cell phones, and microwaves. Power electronics market in China supplies your needs. These reliable marketers are in a different area in China.

Importing Optoelectronics from China
Importing Optoelectronics from China

Optoelectronics are so prevalent these days. Most people depend greatly on vision to observe the world around them. Optoelectronic devices are used in different electronic project kits as well as in telecommunications, military services and in medical applications. Chinese leading optoelectronics suppliers are in a different area in China like Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and many more. These factories sold more than 20 countries of their products. So you can get more stable supplies from China to your country.

Importing Marine electronics from China
Importing Marine Electronics from China

Marine electronics offer significant benefits nowadays. The user can experience a very significant increase in functionality by networking several pieces of equipment through multifunction displays. Chinese marine electronics marketer provides high-quality products at the best price. These manufacturers has been certified for many years. So you can guarantee their good customer service.

Importing IC Chips from China
Importing IC chips from China

Normally for your application, if you need the IC ships, and email original IC ships manufacturer, no one will reply to your email only when you have really very large orders. In the world, there are not many IC chips manufacturers, in China, most exported IC chips are from the Shenzhen Electronic market, there are thousands of distributors to sell the different brands IC Chips. You can come to Shenzhen electronic market directly or find a good supplier in China. Bansar knows a lot of good IC chips suppliers in Shenzhen market, so any model number of IC ships, we can always find the right supplier for you.

Importing PCB Boards from China
Importing PCB Boards from China

Since PCB manufacturing is an environmental control activity, the biggest export country for PCBs is China, 90% PCB manufactures locate in Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province, due to Chinese government environment control, more and more are moving to internal China such as Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province, Sichuan Province., etc

You should always work with factories with certificates such as UL, ISO..etc. It will be good to choose factories with automotive lines, especially auto-copper plating lines, you don’t want your PCBs are handled by worker’ s hand of unsure timing control.

Your work will be easier if you work with factories with long years of export experiences, factories like this will have more experiences with overseas customers’ design habit, popular materials, quality standard, and also direct network with all shipping channels such as UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT, not through UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT’ shipping agent which can’t guarantee your delivery time in peak season.

Importing Mobile Phones from China
Importing Mobile Phones from China

China is the biggest phone market on the planet. Most mobile phones suppliers there are in Shenzhen. You can import different mobile phones from the latest brands. Importing from Chinese mobile phones manufacturers can save a lot of your cash and you can get a fully functional android phone with great specs.

Importing Electronic machines from China
Importing Electronic Machines from China

China has been the most important manufacturing base for electronic equipments such as electronic machines. Good Chinese electronic machines suppliers mostly in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou. Thus, manufacturing factories offers high-quality products at a reasonable price and provides the best customer services.

iPhone Battery from China
Importing Iphone battery from China

If you are thinking to import iPhone battery from China, you must work with a professional supplier who has below experiences and capability.

1.Professional manufacture experiences on iPhone battery

Make sure your supplier do 100% capacity grading for each battery so that you got the full capacity battery.

Make sure your supplier’s battery parameter in the PCM module is matched with the iPhone so that the iPhone can work properly with the battery.
Make sure you are working with factory so that they can be able to print your logo on the battery.

2.iPhone battery export experiences

Battery shipping is labeled as DG goods in air shipping way. For DG shipment, related certification and document are needed. Make sure your supplier has enough iPhone battery export experiences.

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Importing Electronics from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing electronics from China and looking for a reliable supplier,

If you are new to importing process from China and need to import electronics products,

If you want to know more about the experienced electronics manufacturer from China

Then this guide is best for you.

This will teach you to be familiar with the Chinese electronics market and to be an expert in your business.

If you are importing electronics from China and looking for a reliable supplier, then you are in the right place.


In this particular guide, I will walk you through the various fundamentals that you should have on your fingertips.

Of course, before embarking on making your purchases from China.

At the end of this guide, you should be able to identify, choose, assess quality and ship electronics from China.

It covers everything, from the Chinese electronics market, quality inspection to payment options.

Just stay with me to learn more.

Chapter 1: Why Import Electronics from China?

Why do I need to import electronics from China?

Why not any other country?

You might be asking yourself such questions.

Well, here are the reasons as to why China is the preferred country when it comes to importing electronics:

Phone accessories

Phone accessories

1. Significant profit margin

If you are looking forward to running a profitable business from selling electronics, then China would be the best country to import your stock from.

Why am I saying so?

Did you know that you can purchase electronics at extremely affordable prices and further bargain for it?

The point is bringing home is that you can resell the product at a price that is 10 times the price you bought it.

Meaning, you will enjoy very high profits from your sales.

2. China has quality electronics

Some people might assume that goods from China are not of good quality regarding their very affordable prices.

This is not the case at all.

Actually, China is believed to be one of the best manufacturer of electronics worldwide.

Take a look around your house and you might spot one or two gadgets be it television, remote controls, speakers, phones, electric kettles, and many other home devices that are made in China.

Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phone

All goods are well inspected making sure that the products in the market meet the required standards.

3. Unique products

The modern consumer would be more attracted to a cool gadget as compared to the ordinary ones.

China has made all these ranges of products available allowing importers to have a wider range of products to choose from.

Obviously, this will make you compete well in the modern world.

Take, for instance, let’s take a look at a wireless and a cabled mouse.

Wireless mouse

Wireless mouse

It’s with no doubt that most consumers will be attracted to the wireless mouse as compared to the cabled one.

This is due to a certain form of comfort it brings while using it.

Due to this, you will not only have a higher demand on the wireless mouse but also it will be easier to sell your unique product.

The bottom line here?

Importing electronics from China will make you be ahead of your competitors who deal with the same product but of ordinary designs.

With that said, we can now have a look at the quality considerations you should observe when importing electronics from China.

Chapter 2: Quality Considerations when Importing Electronics from China

Electronic products follow strict quality regulations and standards.

Therefore, importing electronics from China that meet the required quality standards is a must.

Normally, some of the quality specifications are stated on the electronic product.

Take for example this:

Quality standard specification on iPhone 5

Quality standard specification on iPhone 5

2.1. Electronics Quality Testing and Certifications (According to Various Standards)

Now, some of the most important quality standard specifications include:

· RoHS

You might be wondering, what is RoHS and how important is it?

To start with, RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.



RoHS basically prevents the use of dangerous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium among others in electronic equipment.

By so doing, the manufactured products are rendered environmental friendly not only during the manufacturing process but also at the time of disposal.


FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission which simply is in charge of regulating communication through television, radio, satellite among others.

This is what happens, most products that are capable of emitting radio frequency energy are tested.

Normally, it is to find out whether they can work efficiently with other equipment without causing any interference.



To add on that, the electronic product is tested to ascertain whether it meets the required telecommunication standards.

After all the tests are performed, it is then certified ready to be marketed.


American Society for Testing and Materials is responsible for evaluating and testing.

It ensures material for making electronic parts such as integrated circuits, bonding wires, flat panel displays among others meet the required standards.

· CE

You might come across this mark in gadgets such as laptops, speakers or any other home electronic machine.



The mark CE stands for European Conformity which is present in products that are sold in the European economic area.

Generally, this mark is meant to confirm that the product is not only of technical quality but also safe to the users as well as the environment.

And that is not all, CE mark ensures that the product moves freely in the European Union market which comprises of 28 countries.


The main responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is ensuring that the public is not exposed to the dangerous radiations emitted from electronic products.



In simpler terms, FDA regulates products that emit radiation.

Some of the electronic products capable of emitting radiation include:

  • Ultrasound imaging devices
  • Microwave ovens
  • Television receivers

These are just some among many of the radiation-emitting electronic devices.

· GS

The mark GS is used across all countries that belong under EU inclusive of Germany.

GS stands for Geprufte Sicherheit which basically means Safety Tested.

You might have come across such a mark in products not excluding; toys, IT equipment, CD players, home appliances just to mention a few.



The question remains, what role does it play in the electronic industry?

GS mark assures both end users that the product has undergone proper testing and is safe for use.

And that is not all, it also assures the manufacture that their product is not only legal but also of high quality.

· Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

The main purpose of LVD is to assure users of electronic devices safety in that the product does not subject end users to any health risks.



This mostly applies to electronic products that are placed under the EU market.


IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission.



The main purpose is to publish the international standards for all electronic devices not excluding:

  • Magnetics
  • Multimedia telecommunication among other forms of electronic media

· Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electro Magnetic Compatibility simply refers to the capacity that electronic products can work efficiently with other devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

EMC compliance

EMC compliance

Take for instance a cellphone that is put next to a speaker.

You might have encountered this effect in one way or another.

So, this what am talking about?

When there is an incoming call or message in a cellphone that is positioned next to a speaker, the speaker tends to produce some sound.

Why is this so?

It’s simple, these two electronic devices are not electromagnetically compatible.

I believe you now have an idea of what I am talking about.

· REACH Directive

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals is a regulation belonging to the European Union.

It’s mandated to prevent people and the environment from the harmful effects caused by chemical properties.



In order to achieve this, there are four processes involved in registration, authorization, evaluation and lastly is the restriction of chemicals.

The key reason behind the formation of REACH is that there was a lot of production of substances which would otherwise contain chemicals.

These chemicals can endanger human health and the environment.

· WEEE Directive

WEEE simply means Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment which was enacted in February 2003.

WEEE directive symbol

WEEE directive symbol

The main purpose of the WEEE directive is not only to enhance the recycling but also the re-use of waste electronic devices.

Of course, to control the quantity of the said waste materials to be disposed of.

· UL

First, let’s start by understanding the full meaning of UL.

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories which is basically concerned with the testing of electronic products.



It makes sure that they meet the required standards, just like the CE marking organization.

And that’s not all, UL responsive industry specialists aid in ensuring that the electronic products sold by manufacturers work as advertised.

· Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Just as the name implies, Radio Equipment Directive is majorly focused on the radio equipment.

So, what exactly is its purpose?

Well, the Radio Equipment Directive regulates the marketing of radio equipment.



In other terms, we can say it is responsible for ensuring safety.

Besides, the electromagnetic compatibility in any equipment that makes use of the radio spectrum.

Some of the equipment that depends on the radio waves include TV, Wi-Fi equipment, mobile phones among others.

2.2. Electronic Labelling and Marking

As we have seen, labeling and marking of electronics is an important aspect of guaranteeing quality and safety of the product.

However, here is what you need to know; labeling is different from marking.

A mark simply refers to a symbol or rather pictorial representation of a product while a label refers to a written description about the product.


Marking: Photo credits


Label: Photo credits,

Electronic labelling otherwise referred to as E-Labelling has come through and enhanced the physical labelling in great ways.

First, electronic labelling lacks physical restrictions.

To add on that, the label can easily be adjusted or updated when need be.

Not forgetting that e-labelling is more accessible.

Take for instance a product code.

You can easily get more information just by using your mobile phone and internet through scanning of the code.

Also, not to forget that products are getting smaller and smaller with the evolving technology.

Meaning, electronic labelling will be the ideal choice in order to save on space.

2.3. Electronics Packaging

You might think that electronics packaging refers to the art of preparing electronics for distribution but that’s really not the case.

What electronics packaging entails is enclosing the different components of electronic devices.

These may include circuits and chips in a protected manner as well as ensuring different electronic devices are well interconnected.

The key objectives of electronic packaging include;

  • Protecting IC chips
  • Interconnecting IC chips with other electronic components

Here is a good example of electronic packaging of iPhone 7;


iPhone: Photo courtesy:

With electronic packaging, products are not only protected from radiation but also humidity and moisture.

All these may cause, cause destruction of the internal parts of an electronic device.

Of course, you should note that your electronics must be packed properly before shipping from China.

The box must have all the necessary descriptions, quality marking, etc.

Have a look at this:

Electronic packaging

Electronic packaging

2.4. Technology Fee and Licensing for Electronics

Technology licensing is an important aspect for each and every type of electronic.

The question remains, what do we mean by technology licensing?

Well, technology licensing refers to an agreement where the owner of a technological intellectual property allows his property to be:

i. Used

ii. Resold

iii. Modified

Of course, as per the agreed terms and conditions.

The main purpose of licensing electronic products it’s to prevent copyright issues.

Of course, that may arise if the product is not proved to belong to a certain company or manufacturer.



In order to license your product, you will be required to pay a certain amount of fee which varies from one region to another.

A licensing fee simply refers to an amount of money paid to a government agency in order for the individual to offer goods or services.

2.5. Non-Disclosure Agreement for Customs Designs

What do we mean by a non-disclosure agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement otherwise referred to as a confidentiality agreement.

Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreement

Confidentiality disclosure or a proprietary information agreement simply refers to a contract that is meant to assure a business that its shared information will be kept confidential.

Chapter 3: Types of Electronics to Import from China

Well, you can import hundreds of electronics from China.

From very tiny ICs to large electronic components,

Now, let’s look at a few examples:

1) Importing digital electronics from China

If you are looking forward to getting electronics at very affordable prices and increasing your profits, then China would be the place to shop from.


Not only will you get quality electronics at cheaper prices but also unique electronics.


Digital electronics from ChinaDigital electronics from China

What I mean by unique electronic is;

Take for instance wristwatches with apps and Bluetooth.

As compared to the ordinary wristwatches, such watches would offer extra convenience and many people would be lured to own one.

Not forgetting that you can shop it from China at very affordable prices and sell it at a price higher, in turn, gaining more profit.

Some of the suppliers of quality electronics at best prices are based at Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou just to mention a few.

Importing digital electronics is not such a hard task as you may think.

All you have to do is acquire the legal documents and you will be set to start your import.

2) Importing analogue electronics from China

Analogue electronics are largely applicable in radio as well as audio equipment.

I simpler terms, they are applicable where signals are derived from analogue sensors.

Analogue weighing machine

 Analogue weighing machine

Here are some important tips that will help you save on expenses when importing analogue electronics from China;

  • Locate the appropriate manufactures
  • Acquire the legal documents
  • Bargain for the analogue electronic products

By following these tips, you will realize that you will be able to save a lot during your importation process, in turn, increasing your profit margin.

China is a large country known for its prowess in the manufacture of electronics and therefore finding an electronic supplier wouldn’t be a hustle.

3) Importing consumer electronics from China

Take a look around your households, you probably realized that most of the electronics be it television, computers, printers or even cellphones are from China.

Consumer electronics simply refer to electronics that are meant for person other than commercial use.

China being one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, you will have a variety of electronics with different unique features at your disposal.

If you are looking forward to importing consumer electronics from China, Shenzhen is the place for you.

Not only is it the leading supplier of consumer electronics in China but also electronics in general.

And that’s not all, you will be able to purchase quality electronics at relatively affordable prices.

4) Importing power electronics from China

One of the thriving industry in China is the Power electronics industry.

Most of the electronics manufactured in the power electronics industry are commonly used in our day to day lives such as in cellphones, microwaves, battery chargers just to mention a few.

Section of power electronics

Power electronics

There are several places where you can get power electronics from.

However, Shenzhen remains the most popular area.

5) Importing optoelectronics from China

You might be wondering what we mean by optoelectronics.

In simple terms, optoelectronics refers to a branch of electronics that majors on light emitting or light detecting devices.

Optoelectronics is applied in sectors such as military and medical not forgetting telecommunication.

Here is a good example of optoelectronic equipment;

LED lighting system

LED lighting system

The above image shows diodes which are a good illustration of optoelectronics.

You can purchase them in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Beijing, and Shenzhen among others which are the leading suppliers of optoelectronics in China.

6) Importing marine electronics from China

By now, we already know that China takes the lead in the manufacture of electronics.

This includes marine electronics which have proved to be very important in recent years.

Not only will you get quality products but also buy at quite affordable prices.

Well, who wouldn’t want to save on their expenditure?

Definitely no one.

You can get marine electronics from China regardless of your location.

Marine electronics

Marine electronics

What do I mean here?

There are several sites such as Alibaba and shipping companies.

You can easily get marine electronics from them.

At the end of this guide, you will have knowledge of the various ways through which you can import your electronics in general.

Just stay with me to learn more.

7) Importing IC chips from China

What are IC chips?

Integrated circuits refer to a set of electronic components such as capacitors, transistors, and resistors.

They all work together to achieve a similar objective.

Here is a good example of a charging IC;



All electronic gadgets are fitted with an integrated circuit be it printers, televisions, phones and many more that you can think of.

China’s IC imports has been on the rise in other locations such as the US and Europe.

8) Importing PCB boards from China

Printed circuits boards (PCB) industry in China is ranked the first worldwide.

To add on that, the PCB industry in China has grown fast in turn propelling the growth of the global PCB industry.

China is set to become the centre of the global PCB industry.

This has also been geared by the lower labor costs together with the massive domestic market in China.



Some of the areas well known for the manufacture of PCB include Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong among others.

9) Importing mobile phones from China

Again, China takes the lead in the manufacture of mobile phones worldwide.

In several occasions, mobile phones have taken the lead on the items that most people import from China.

OnePlus phone

OnePlus phone

You are in a position to get android phones with adorable specifications at relatively cheaper prices.

Some of the well-known places where you can purchase mobile phones include Shenzhen and Beijing among many others.

10)  Importing electronic machines from China

Before thinking of importing any electronic machine from China, it’s important to conduct a feasibility study.

More importantly, if you are planning to import huge amounts of electronic machineries.

Find the right manufacturer and shipping company in order to save you the agony of having to consume more time during your purchasing process.

You can purchase your electronics machines from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan among many other locations in China.

11) Importing iPhone battery from China

Most iPhones are assembled in China. Meaning, China is where the iPhone battery is also manufactured.

Importing iPhone battery directly from China would, therefore, be much cheaper.

However, you have to make sure that you find a trusted manufacturer and supplier as well.

iPhone battery

iPhone battery

Most of this takes place at Shenzhen with 85% of all iPhone 5S being assembled in China.

iPhone batteries use lithium-ion technology.

Why Lithium-ion?

Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be more durable, weigh less and charge efficiently.

Chapter 4: Where to Find Electronics Manufacturers in China

I know you’ve been wondering where exactly to visit when importing electronics from China.

Well, this section covers some of the most strategic places to get your electronics.

But first, let me tell you something.

There exist many ways to kill a rat.

What I mean is that there are several means that you can choose to use in order to settle for the right electronic manufacturer.

This includes searching online on sites such as:

This should be your first step as you will be oriented on the different manufacturers and suppliers present in the market.

Identify the places where electronic products are manufactured.

This will help in narrowing down the suppliers.

However, that will not be enough. What you have to do next is to plan a visit to the manufacturing companies.

By so doing, you will be able to fully confirm that the product you want is the same as what they are providing.

Ask all the questions to get clarifications on the different areas that you want to engage in.

To make things easier for you, I will explain to you where you can find electronics manufacturers in China. Stick with me to learn more.

4.1. China OEM Electronics Suppliers and Manufacturer

OEM which stands for original equipment manufacturer are companies that manufacture parts of products that are used by another company.

For example, Apple gets its parts from different manufacturers.

I hope you now get what I mean.

Shenzhen in China is well known for the production of electronic products.

If you are looking for manufacturers and suppliers, then you should consider this area.

You will be able to find OEM electronic manufacturers as well as suppliers for your preferred product.

There are a number of OEM electronics suppliers and manufacturers in China not excluding;

  • SHC electronics limited
  • Tecoo electronics Co. Ltd
  • Shenzhen DSX electronics Co.Ltd
  • Shenzhen Grandtop electronics Co. Ltd
  • DNC Precision Co. Ltd
  • Elecrow Technology Co. Ltd
  • Shenzhen JinxingElectronic Technology Co. Ltd

These are just some of the many suppliers who export electronics from China.

4.2. Online Market Places

You can consider a number of online marketplaces when importing electronics from China.

· Importing Electronics from China Alibaba

Alibaba is a well-known site which makes it easier for suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, importers, and exporters.

You can interact and carry out online business efficiently.

Having its headquarters in China, Alibaba would be the best choice when importing a huge amount of electronics from China.



Alibaba provides millions of products at your disposal directly from suppliers.

You can not only use Alibaba to start your own business but also make money, get the appropriate supplier and source your electronic products.

First step you need to do is creating your Alibaba account.

After doing so, try to understand how Alibaba works as there are factories and trading companies who are ready to provide the same service.

Trading companies get the electronics from the manufacturer and sell to you while the factory will directly sell the product to you.

After completing your search, you are now in a position to decide on the appropriate supplier for you.

Contact then supplier making sure you are precise and straight to the point.

Talk about the product you want from them and discuss the prices.

Later, the supplier might send samples depending on your agreement.

After being assured of the quality, you can now place your order.

As simple as that and you will now be ready to start operating your electronics business.

How to Import Electronics from China AliExpress

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba and that means it is more or less the same as Alibaba.

AliExpress is composed of small businesses that provide goods to online buyers worldwide.

Importing from AliExpress is not a hard process as I am about to break everything down for you to understand more, so keep reading.

To start with, you have to understand that Aliexpress is meant for small scale retailers, unlike Alibaba.



Just as in Alibaba, you will have to create an account and with that, you can confidently search for the best suppliers of the product you want to deal with.

After settling for a certain supplier, you can proceed to contact them and talk about your product and what you expect from them.

They might send a sample of the product for validation.

Keenly analyze the product and decide whether that’s what you want.

Also, don’t forget to enquire on the payment options.

PayPal and escrow are the best modes of payments.

As a matter of fact, suppliers that use escrow are the safest to work with.

The reason as to why I wouldn’t recommend Western Union is due to the fact that you will end up paying a larger amount of money to the supplier.

Of course, in most cases, this even before the actual production commences.

That is risky.


What if the goods turn out to be counterfeit?

Recovering your funds back would be difficult.

Having done this, you can now order your electronic products.

Now that AliExpress offers drop shipping services, you can choose to dropship or order and deliver the items to your clients.

Drop shipping will entail direct supply from your supplier to your client.

This is mostly applicable if you have a store or an online platform such as Amazon where you sell your goods.

Importing Electronics from Other Online Market Places

Not only can you import electronics from Alibaba and AliExpress but you can also get them from online stores such as Global sources, made in China and DHgate.

I know they are not as familiar but am about to reveal to you what you didn’t know about these three online market places.

· Importing Electronics from Global sources

Global sources is a company that deals with connecting buyers to different suppliers of products worldwide.

Global sources

Global sources

It provides services such as tradeshows, private sourcing events, featuring suppliers in their magazine just to mention a few.

This creates a platform where you can be able to directly interact with suppliers.

Just as AliExpress, you will just follow the same procedure of researching on the electronic product and supplier until you make your first order.

· Importing Electronics from Made in China

Made in China is one of the largest B2B e-commerce websites around the world.

Made in China

Made in China

There exist thousands of electronic products in this site and it provides a platform where buyers can easily interact with Chinese suppliers.

Here, suppliers have an opportunity to create their company profile and list all the products they deal with.

· Importing Electronics from DHgate

Unlike Alibaba, DHgate is an online market for wholesalers as well as drop shippers.

When buying your electronics from DHgate, you will be purchasing it from a 3rd party seller.

We can compare it with eBay.



Once you make an order, you will get notified that your order has been received.

Same applies to when it’s shipped.

After making the payments, you will now deal with the seller.

Did you know DHgate sells products at much lower prices as compared to AliExpress?

Due to the fact that not many people are aware of it, you can get your electronic products at very low prices and even lower more so if you buy in bulk.

To add on that, you can ship your products for free!

However, this might take quite longer.

Last but not least, in DHgate there are no restrictions on the number of goods that you should order.

You are permitted to order a single unit which might be so advantageous for buyers purchasing consumer goods.

4.3. YiWu Electronics Market

Yiwu market also is known as Futian market is considered the largest wholesale market worldwide.

Here, you will get several wholesalers of different products most of which are supplied from the various parts of China.

However, if you are only focused on buying electronics then I would recommend you to visit Shenzhen.


To start with, most of the electronic products in Yiwu are not manufactured there.

They come from other areas such as Ningbo, Shenzhen, Zhuji, and Guangzhou.

If you are a small scale business, Yiwu market would be the ideal market for you.

Electronic from Yiwu are of high quality as well as very affordable.

As compared to the other areas such as Shenzhen and Ningbo, Yiwu is not located in the coastal region.

4.4. Import from Shenzhen Electronic Market

As I highlighted earlier, Shenzhen electronic market is found along the coastal region in South China.

Meaning it has a nearby port.

Here, you will find a variety of products including all types of electronic products.

Random Google search

Random Google search

Some of the electronics market in Shenzhen include;

  • SangDa electronic market- Here you can get good deals in tablets and PC.
  • Yuanwang digital market – This market is well known for smuggled brands phones. You can cheaply purchase a Samsung phone or iPhone here.
  • SEG communication market – Deals with phone accessories be it chargers, phone cases among others. As a matter of fact, it’s not only a single building that sells these accessories but three. Meaning, you have a lot at your disposal.
  • SEG electronics market- If you are searching for a place to purchase computer peripherals, then this market shouldn’t miss on your list. It deals with devices such as keyboards, SSD hard disk and computer display among others.
  • Electronics Science and Technology Mansion – Looking for Bluetooth speakers, power banks, USB flash cards? Then this would be the ideal place to get the best suppliers.
  • Feiyang Times Mansion – This the market where refurbished phones are made. To add on that, your phone can be renewed no matter the dent. If you want to buy an iPhone at a cheap price, then this is the place to consider.

· Why Shenzhen is the Best Electronic Market in the World

There are many reasons as to why Shenzhen is considered one of the best electronic Market in the world.

To start with, it’s the skills available.

Shenzhen which is one of the largest markets worldwide attracts freelance engineers and mechanics thus making it a hub of skills.

Also, there is readily available labour from the vast population of China who propels its electronic market.

Shenzhen electronic market

Shenzhen electronic market

Not forgetting that Shenzhen is located near a port which actually facilitates the import as well as the export of heavy electronics without having to pass numerous procedures.

All these factors have seen Shenzhen grow its electronic market worldwide day after day.

· How to Buy Electronics in Shenzhen

You can either choose to buy your electronic equipment online or travel to Shenzhen which is located in China.

Both ways are great.

But this is what I have to say if you are planning to purchase electronics in large quantities and for a long-term then it would be best for you to visit the Shenzhen.

Furthermore, you will get primary information on the product you want to purchase.

By doing so, you will not only reduce the risk of being conned but also get to establish a bond with your desired supplier.

Buying electronics in Shenzhen might be challenged due to the language barrier as most of the people communicate in Chinese.

However, that doesn’t mean you can communicate.


There are several agents that will help you to communicate with your supplier so don’t worry about that.

After making your agreement with your supplier then you are good to go.

All that’s remaining is making payments and your electronic products will be shipped to your desired destination.

Take note of this; never pay all the amount more so if it’s your first time.

Pay a small amount and finish once you get the sample or the actual product.

By so doing, you will reduce the incidences of being scammed.

Don’t forget to check the language of your electronic product.

Why am I saying so?

Some of the electronic products are locked to Chinese which might be a big blow to you.

When you arrive back home and realize that you can’t use the electronics due to the language.

Electronics such as radios might be locked to only communicate in Chinese.

4.5. Visit Trade Fair to Find China Electronic Manufacturer

Trade fairs are a great way to directly meet up with manufacturers as well as suppliers of your electronic product.

Some of the trade fairs include;

  • HKTDC trade fairs electronics fair
  • Canton fair
  • Global sources electronics trade fair
  • ElectronicASia
  • China electronics fair
  • Hongkong electronics fair
  • East China fair

Visiting such trade fairs also enlightens you on other various products that you might consider purchasing.

I shall explain to you more about the electronics fairs mentioned above.

Keep reading to learn more.

Electronic trade fair

Electronic trade fair in China

· Canton Electronic Trade Fair

Canton fair takes place twice every year attracting thousands of suppliers to come and exhibit their products.

The word Canton was the official name of Guangzhou the city in which the trade fair takes place.

All you will need to do in order to be part of the trade fair is to get a buyer card.

However, if you have communicated with a supplier earlier and agreed to visit their booth you can get a free entrance in case they invite you.

· ElectronicAsia

ElectronicAsia trade fair is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Several exhibitors show up to showcase their products as well as share innovative startup ideas among other activities.

ElectronicAsia is one of the largest electronic market places which creates a good platform for suppliers to directly interact with buyers.

· Globalsources Electronics Fair

Global sources electronics fair normally takes place twice in a year in Hong Kong.

Suppliers from South Korea, China among other Asian countries come to showcase a couple of innovative technologies.

These may include drones, robotics, smart speakers just to mention a few.

The good news about this trade fair is that it’s free.

However, if you don’t register and decide to show up at the event, you will be required to pay a fee.

Global sources electronics fair is divided into two phases;

  • Mobile electronics- Mobile accessories, mobile devices, wearables
  • Consumer electronics – Computer peripherals, home electronics, smart living products, etc.

· HKTDC Electronics Fair

HKTDC which stands for Hong Kong Trade Development Council electronics fair takes place in Hong Kong every year.

In order to be part of this trade fair, you just have to register online for free and get to see a couple of innovative projects being featured.

Projects may include robotics, 3D printing, and connected home devices among many others.

HKTDC has seen as much as 60,000 buyers showing up for the event.

Meaning it is worth your time and resources if you are planning to venture into the electronics business.

· China Electronics Fair

Unlike other electronics fairs, China Electronics Fair is set to take place in different locations at a specified time period.

What am trying to say is that it might take place in Shenzhen then move to Shanghai after a certain period of time.

Well, we can compare it to a roadshow moving from one city to the other.

China electronics fair is scheduled to happen thrice in a year.

That is during Spring, summer, and fall with the main venues being Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

· Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Hong Kong Electronics Fair takes place twice every year in May and October.

The venue is normally at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

More than 60, 000 people attend the event and meet more than 3000 high-tech exhibitors from all over the world who showcase their products.

· East China Fair

East China Fair takes place in Shanghai once per year during the month of March.

The trade fair is co-sponsored by 9 cities as well as Easter China provinces.

It attracts more than 20,000 attendees who come to view and learn more from the exhibitors who are normally more than 4000.

Having read this, I believe you are able to set an appropriate date for a visit to China.

Chapter 5: Cost of Importing Electronics from China

I know whether you’re planning to import electronics from China, one thing that will obviously cross your mind is the cost.

So, what are some of the few aspects to consider?

5.1. Buying Electronics from Manufacturers in China

By now, it’s all clear that China is one of the best countries to shop electronics from if you want to achieve a high profit margin.

You can either choose to purchase your electronics from suppliers or directly from the manufactures.

Here is the thing, if you are planning to import electronics in large quantities and for a long-term period then I would recommend you to deal with the manufactures.


First, you need to know that it would cost you less as compared to getting your products from a supplier.

Price tag

Price tag

Before anything, meet with your manufactures and agree on what you want.

You can describe how you want your product to be made or what to be included.

By so doing you will be able to easily negotiate and get extra discounts as compared to buying from suppliers.

This creates a bond between you and the manufactures and so it will be hard for you to be scammed.

After making the agreement, this is what happens.

You will receive a sample product later and after that, you can proceed to make your bulk purchases.

5.2. Cost of Shipping Electronics from China

The cost of shipping electronics from China varies from one region to the other.

COSCO shipping

 COSCO Shipping

Some of the charges you might incur include;

  • China export clearance- ($100-$300)
  • Local transportation –($50-$500)
  • Insurance- To get the insurance cost, this is what you have to do.

0.2% x 110% of the cargo value.

  • Freight cost – Depends on factors such as volume, local charges as well as location.
  • Custom bond (US only)- Single entry ($100-$200)

Continuous ($250-$450)

  • Document delivery- ($40-$50)
  • Local charges – ($100 -$450)
  • Domestic transportation- Determined by the proximity to the port.

Shipping costs fluctuate on a daily or weekly basis a reason as to why shipping quotes expire quickly.

To get a shipping quotation, you will need the following;

  • Total weight
  • Total cargo volume
  • Port of destination
  • Port of loading
  • Delivery incoterm(DAT or DAP)
  • Supplier incoterm (FCA or FOB)
  • Insurance

However, some supplier might offer free shipping for your product.

But this is what they will not tell you.

Air China cargo

Air China Cargo

The shipping cost is always included in the product price.

This is mostly the case in sites such as and

5.3. Taxes and Tariffs on Cost of Electronics

For each and every electronic product that you buy, tax must be included.

Tariffs refer to tax that’s put on a specific type of import or export.

Both taxes and tariffs affect the cost of electronics and demand as well.

Once the electronic products are imposed higher tax and tariffs, the costs are expected to shoot up.

 Import taxes

Import taxes

Countries take advantage of this more so if they are trying to limit imported goods from dominating the market.

Like for instance, President Trump raised the tariffs on imported good which saw many companies rising their costs of products.

The main agenda here was to uplift the local industry as the imported products would be made more expensive forcing some retailers to shun away.

Chapter 6: Modes of Shipping Electronics from China

Depending on the type and size of electronics, you can choose any of the following shipping options.

· Electronics Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sea shipping is the cheapest mode of transportation to use especially if you are planning to import bulky goods.

Since China has several ports, sea shipping is made quite available and convenient.

In as much as we may talk about sea shipping costing less, you will have to wait a bit longer for your goods to arrive.

Estelle Maersk


Transportation by sea is slower and it might take as long as a month for goods to arrive depending on the destination.

Depending on the amount of load, you can either choose to use FCL(Full Container Load) and LCL(Less than Container Load).

What do I mean by these two terms?

Full container load purely contains your products.

While less than container loads will contain your products and other goods that are being imported to the same destination as yours.

· Electronics Air Freight Shipping from China

Air transport is definitely the fastest mode of transportation to use.

Not all goods can be transported through air.

This mode of transport only favors valuable, light weight goods such as jewelry, sample products, plastic products and watches among others.

Nevertheless, it is costlier as compared to sea transport.



Shipping process by air will involve a few steps;

  • Delivery of the cargo to the airport in China
  • Cargo is cleared by the export company
  • Loading of the cargo to the plane and later flown to the destination.
  • Cargo is unloaded and cleared at the airport.
  • Delivery is done to the consignee address and VAT together with other custom fees are payed.

As you can see, air transport is the most convenient mode with fast delivery.

Electronics Rail Freight Shipping from China

The railways system in China is well networked.

You can now transport your electronic products from China to different destinations such as Russia, Europe and Central Asia.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using rail freight shipping;

  • Rail is faster as compared to sea shipping
  • Cost effective mode of transportation especially for long distance.
  • Not affected by weather changes as compared to air transport.
  • Rail freight shipping is also the best for transporting bulky goods faster.

Rail freight shipping also has some drawbacks.

First, rail transport is mostly applicable to long distances only.

Not to mention that you cannot achieve a door to door survive delivery with trains alone.

· Electronics Door to Door Shipping from China

Door to door shipping is one of the most convenient and reliable mode of shipping.

Why am I saying so?

All you have to do is purchase your product from your supplier and the forwarder will be responsible for all the processes involved until you receive your product.

Door to door shipping

Door to door shipping

Did I mention that you are set to receive your cargo at your doorstep or warehouse?

Well, this is definitely what any buyer would want.

Not only does door to door shipping save your time but also reduces your costs and inconveniences associated with importing electronics.

Here is a summarized overview of the entire shipping process;

Chapter 7: Documents You Need when Importing Electronics from China

Before thinking of importing any electronic product not only from China but also from other countries, you are required to have the legal documents.

These documents will be needed for clearing your cargo, inspecting and insurance of your cargo among several others that I am about to explain to you.

Shipping documents

Shipping documents

i. Inspection certificate

A trade document that is issued by an inspection company certifying that the goods are what your customer ordered and of good quality.

ii. Bill of lading

It’s a contract between a freight carrier as well as the shipper.

It outlines all details that are crucial in processing the freight shipment and invoice it as expected.

iii. Commercial invoice

A document issued by the exporter which states the value of the cargo.

It gives details of the goods that are being dealt with, the trade as well as the payment terms.

iv. Packing list

Just as the name implies, a packing list contains all the information about the goods that are being imported.

v. Country of origin certificate

Also referred to as form A, the country of origin certificate shows that the goods are originally from a certain country which manufactured them.

vi. Sales contract

It’s an agreement between the importer and exporter that spells out terms and conditions such as delivery, price or exchange of goods and services.

vii. Insurance certificate

Is a document that verifies the cargo being imported is covered against loss or damage.

viii. Import license

It’s a document that is issued by a government department authorizing the importation of goods into the country.

ix. Import declaration

A statement that declares the full details of the shipment such as the destination and nature of the cargo among others.

x. International import certificate

This certificate is crucial when importing “controlled goods”.

It refers to a statement that is issued by the government of the destination country, approving that the imported cargo will be delivered in the chosen country.

xi. Delivery verification certificate

Is issued by the government of the country of destination stating that the cargo has arrived in the designated destination.

These are some of the main documents that you will need when carrying out your importation.

However, there are other documents which might be needed depending on several emerging factors.

Chapter 8: MOQ when Importing Electronics from China

MOQ refers to the minimum order quantity that a supplier is will to sell to you at a certain price.

MOQ varies from one supplier to the other.

Many Chinese suppliers set an MOQ of 500-1000 pieces per product.

This might or might not be in your favor especially if you are running a small scale business.

However, using sites such as Aliexpress and DHgate will help you get your desired number of items unlike using Alibaba.



As I mentioned earlier, Alibaba focusses on bulk goods meaning it would be inconvenient for a small business.

Also, you have to choose your products wisely to avoid spending more on shipping than the actual value of the product.

This mostly applies to small businesses which might import a few products and end up spending more during shipping.

The bottom line here is that MOQ allows the manufacturers to maintain its profitability state.

Chapter 9: Modes of Payments in Importing Electronics from China

There are several modes of payment that you can use when importing electronics from China.

Here are some of them

  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • International credit cards
  • Cash
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Online escrow



· Western Union

Western Union is the most preferred mode of payment for many small suppliers.

It is due to the fact that it is fast and doesn’t cost much as compared to other modes of payment.

However, Western Union is not the safest as most fraudsters prefer using it.

Also, the money is often paid to an individual and this leaves you with fewer options in case of any scam.

But this is what I have to say:

If you are dealing with a trusted supplier then using Western Union will be a great idea as you will use less resources and money will be sent faster.

· PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular modes of payment for various websites probably due to the instant payment.

Opening a PayPal account is an easy process.

However, most suppliers in China do not prefer being paid using PayPal not unless you are ordering a product sample.

Why is that so?

This is because of the extra charges that are imposed in every transaction.

For instance, the supplier will be required to pay a fee when converting the money to Chinese Yuan.

Not forgetting that their bank requires them to pay for the currency exchange fee which is higher as compared to telegraphic transfers.

Also, transaction fees are normally higher.

Having said this, it’s easy for you to understand why most suppliers PayPal payments.

· International Credit Cards

International credit cards are not mostly accepted more so if you want to directly purchase from the factory.

This is probably due to the expenses involved with international credit cards as opposed to other payment modes.

Also, the fact that suppliers deal with huge amounts of transaction find it risky to use credit cards and this doesn’t favor a lot of customers.

· Cash

Cash is one of the accepted modes of payment for both suppliers as well as manufactures in China.

However, you should keep in mind that in case you are not satisfied with the product then nothing can be done to recover it.

That is why it is also risky to use cash more so if you are a new importer trying to purchase goods in bulk.

To add on that, you will have to include charges when doing the currency exchange.

All in all, cash payment is advantageous as you might be given discounts on your purchases.

· Telegraphic Transfer

Telegraphic transfer is the most popular payments method for years now.

The supplier will propose an upfront payment mostly 30% and you will be expected to pay the rest upon shipment of the cargo.

However, the upfront is not fixed as it might be lower or higher depending on various factors.

If you are looking forward to using telegraphic transfer, then I’d advise you to use online brokers since they are much faster and you are in a high position to get favorable exchange rates.

· Online Escrow

Escrow is a great payment method for small transactions.

Having been well accepted in China, foreign escrow services still have low acceptance.

The good news about escrow is that it offers protection for both the supplier and the importer.

Once you make your payment, it does not go to the supplier immediately until you receive your cargo.

Most importers buying goods from China use Aliexpress escrow.

However, there have been cases of importers not getting refunds and other disputes too which are taken lightly by the disputes resolution team.

Chapter 10: FAQs on Importing Electronics from China

I know you could be having some questions regarding importing electronics from China.

Let me give you a quick answer to some of your questions.


1) Which electronics can I import from China?

You can import all types of electronics not excluding speakers, mobile phones, machines, computers, chips among many others that you wish to purchase.

2) How do I import electronics from China?

  • Research on the goods you want to import and make sure you have the import rights.
  • Calculate all the estimated costs you will incur during the importation process as.
  • Find your supplier in China and make an order.
  • Wait for your cargo to be sent.

3) Which is the best place to find electronics in China?

You can find electronics not only in one but many places in China such as Shenzhen, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shanghai among others.

However, Shenzhen is the capital of electronics.

4) Can I ship my electronic products from China without visiting?

Yes, you can.

Here is what BanSar can offer you when shipping electronics from China.

5) Which sites are the best to shop for electronics in China?

The most popular websites to ship products from China include; Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate

6) Can I find all electronics in China in China?

Yes, you can find everything from electronics, medical equipment, cosmetics, furniture.etc

7) What are the minimum order quantities for electronics in China?

Well, this will vary from one company to another.

It will also depend on the type of electronic product you’re importing from China.

8) How long does it take to ship electronics from China?

Depending on the mode of transport some might take as short as 3 days to as long as a month or more to reach the destination.

9) Which online platform can I find my electronics supplier from?

Alibaba, Aliexpress, global source, and DHgate are popular websites where buyers get to find their suppliers in China.

10) Why should I import electronics from China?

You get very quality and unique products at very cheaper prices in China.

Meaning you are bound to get higher profit margins.

11) Is it safe to buy electronics from China through online websites?

China is well known for selling all kinds of products both original and counterfeit and so will online websites.

You have to be keen when purchasing products and don’t attempt to pay the full amount before receiving your product.


Having read this guide, you can now agree with me that China is definitely the place to get your products.

I believe that at this point you are now in a position to import your goods wisely and with much ease.

All that is left to do is getting started with importing electronics from China right away.

Best 20 Electronics Manufacturers in China


MV Circuit Technology Co., Limited

As a professional PCB manufacturer and factory in China, PCBMay has been in the PCB industry for more than 10 years.
PCBMay could offer many types of feature products of printed circuit boards such as multilayer circuit boards, aluminum PCBs, metal core PCBs, flexible circuit boards,flex-rigid boards, HDI PCBs, rogers PCB, heavy copper PCBs, etc..
All PCB products are certificated to US & Canada UL, ISO9001, ISO14000.


WEIDAN ELECTRONICS obtained more than 15 years of industry experience even it`s a younger enterprise. It is now one most developed companies supplying high-quality electronics for customers. Their products are safely delivered to Australia, America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and many other foreign countries.

2 Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation is an ISO9001-2000 certified company set up in 1984. It is a Chinese professional manufacturer, specializing in mass-production and R&D of electronics. They can manufacture gas detection products which are very useful in many industries. All the products they offer are TUV and CE approved.

3 Maystar Electronics and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd

Was started in the business nearly in 2012. Maystar Electronics and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd is a China-based premier manufacturer, committed in the production, sales, and R&D of electronics and other commercial machines. They produce a wide range of electronic products such as touch screen monitors, digital signage, interactive wayfinding kiosk, interactive touch screen kiosk, transparent LED display, etc.

4 MGT Magnetism Co., Ltd

MGT Magnetism Co., Ltd is a popular exporter and professional manufacturer of ND-Fe-B magnets which is one of the electronic products. This is Ningbo Yongpeng Magnetism Co., Ltd`s subsidiary enterprise, entered in the business ever since 2006. The company has strong production capabilities, containing devoted technicians and professional managers that can help develops high-quality electronics.

5 Tung Wing Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

All the employees and staff members at Tung Wing Electronics Co., Ltd are first-class and have rich industry experience. They can be your reliable business partner in terms of providing the most constant services and best electronics quality. It is located in Shenzhen, China with very convenient transportation access. Moreover, their products can also be exported to different foreign countries.

6 Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd

Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd is a member company of Green International Group. They are dealing with electronics products including polyester heat transfer film, AC motor capacitors, BOPP film (polypropylene film), inkjet PVC ID cards, and many others. The company has been dedicated in this industry since 1999 year. Now owning a complete high-quality production line for fast product processing.

7 Huashine Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2000, Huashine Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a type of international group enterprise, fully devoted to innovation and R&D of electronics equipment. The team aims to develop electronic products that are perfect in quality to achieve customers` satisfaction. The company is consists of over 100 technical staff to provide your business needs.

8 Shenzhen Jinyi

Shenzhen Jinyi is a China-based company, has wide knowledge regarding the whole processing and production of electronic products. CNC  processing, hardware processing, laser processing, hardware fine carving, etc are some of their popular products. They also have a scientific and comprehensive control system for making products be recognized by worldwide markets.

9 SanDeYing Electronic

SanDeYing Electronic is a one-stop electronic products solution provider. Built-up in 2006, headquartered in Shenzhen -which is the famous city in China for its electronic field. It already received UL and ISO certificate, and already known as a hi-tech company by the Shenzhen government. They have more than 300 employees, with a strong production capacity.

10 Tensan Co., Ltd

In Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in July 2014, Tensan Co., Ltd was established. This Chinese company was recognized as one of high-tech enterprise, expertly engaged in electronics manufacturing, R&D, service, and sales. The main products include an epoxy resin, sizing program, thermal grease, silicone, and potting which are broadly applied to the electronic appliances industry, automobiles industry, etc.

11 STHL Technology Co., Ltd

STHL Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, designer, and sales expert of any electronic products. The company is currently with 100 total workforce help to export products in overseas countries such as South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and many other countries. Their present production capacity reaches up to 4, 000, 000 PCS every year.

12 Changkeshun Technology Co., Ltd

Changkeshun Technology Co., Ltd gained more than 10 years of experience in the electronics field. One of the popular Chinese hi-tech industries that can accept clients` ODM and OEM needs. They also paid attention to providing a one-stop services such as electronic components sourcing, PCB fabrication, end-product assembly, and PCBA assembly function test. They manufacture under RoHS and ISO9001 control system.

13 Chengyu Testing Equipment Co., Ltd

Began in the electronic business in the year 2010. Chengyu Testing Equipment Co., Ltd has a team of well-experienced and professionally trained engineers. This corporation is dedicated to the service, sales, and production of all electronics machines and material testing machines. They can reliably supply high-grade machines at reasonable cost.

14 Golden Profit Electronics Technology Ltd

Golden Profit Electronics Technology Ltd is an expert and well-experienced manufacturer of electronics solutions such as power transformer, chargers, switching power supply, and adapters. These products are usually used in the household appliance industry, power tools, and many others. Was founded in 1983 with a factory built-in Dongguan, Guangdong China.

15 Evertop Tech

Since established in 2014, Evertop Tech is major in manufacturing all series of electronics devices depending on market demands. They can also manufacture based on customers` demands. The company has many years of experience in the electronics field, continually offering trusted engineering support and manufacturing solutions for global customers.

16 Sunthone Technology Circuit Co., Ltd

Sunthone is one-stop electronic products supplier and manufacturer in China. They now owned UL and ISO 9001 certificates, with products widely used in power supply and industrial control industries. Throughout the years of dedication, the company successfully develops a close relationship with other suppliers. They can make sure each product quality and deliver them on-time.

17 CFE Electronic Co., Ltd

Born in 2009, the CFE Electronic Co., Ltd is working as a subsidiary company of CFE Corporation Co., Ltd. It is China`s comprehensive and hi-tech company, specializing in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of any electronic products. They can also be your ultimate source of first-class quality turning parts, magnetic charging cables, precision injection molded parts and many more.

18 Sanwei ESD Equipment Co., Ltd

Sanwei ESD Equipment Co., Ltd started to devote itself to the industry ever since 1988. This is a high-tech and young enterprise, which has a production base in Zhejiang Province China. It is one of the large company, which successfully reached the international lead level. All the company`s products are certified and can be used in the wide electronics industry.

19 Zhangjiagang Rainsun Metal Technology Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang Rainsun Metal Technology Co., Ltd holds rich experience and expertise in the field of electronics. Established in August 2006, specializing distribution and processing of all electronics products. The company has the ability to produce various series of electronic products yearly up to 40000 tons.

20 Zen Cleantech Co., Ltd

The factory was established was in the 2007 year, Zen Cleantech Co., Ltd was registered. They produce the best price and best quality electronic products for customers` demands. After years of hard work, they now won praises and recognition from foreign and domestic costumers. As a growing team, they always committed to product manufacturing, R&D, and distribution.

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