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Impoting Enamel Pins from China
3D Cast Enamel Pins
Importing 3D Cast Enamel Pins from China

3D Cast Enamel Pins often used for promotional giveaways or at awards ceremonies, this type of custom pin has an elegant appeal. Typically designed without color, these pins are available with a variety of finishes for a variety of visual and tactile finishes. A few finishing options include antiqued, polished, and matte. These are typically available in copper, bronze, nickel, and gold. Shandong supplier and manufacturer are most in China.

Cloisonne Enamel Pins
Importing Cloisonne Enamel Pins from China

If you are looking for a Cloisonne pins supplier, Jiangsu province is most in China. Cloisonne is jewelry-like and have a long history dating back to ancient China. These pins are made with die-struck metal and glass enamel. They are baked to an extremely high temperature in a kiln before being polished and finished. Due to the process and materials involved, many Cloisonne pins feature vivid colors but may be somewhat limited in terms of a color palette.

Die Struck Enamel Pins
Importing Die Struck Enamel Pins from China

Looking for a cost-effective supplier and manufacturer to support your business? China recommended a kind of supplier that can provide durable enamel pins to all importers. Die Struck pins are just like Cloisonné, Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel Pins. The only difference is they don’t feature any colors. What you get are pins with just the metal surface. There have been a lot of interesting shapes and designs made from die struck pins even without the use of color.

Epoxy Enamel Pins
Importing Epoxy Enamel Pins from China

An offset epoxy pin is a printed pin that has a clear epoxy glaze over top of the original design. These pins are designed to be more durable than a printed pin. If you find a better supplier and manufacturer for your enamel pins, you’ll find a durable pin for your business. Guangdong province has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to provide all you need about the information and process.

Glitter Enamel Pins
Importing Glitter Enamel Pins from China

Glitter enamel pins have a huge fan for decades. You can combine clear enamels with engraving textures or regular enamel for some stunning effects. In the example below, the blue really “popped” a lot better as a transparent enamel. With glitter enamel, it is wise to have a large enough area for the effect to be noticeable. If you are planning to import in China, then you have a good choice. China has a lot of leading supplier and manufacturer to be trusted for.

Hard Enamel Pins
Importing Hard Enamel Pins from China

Hard Enamel Pins allow for a wider range of colors and are very durable. Which is also known as a pole pin, is a die struck pin with a hard enamel finish. Often used for events giveaways, corporate giveaways, political events, and sporting events, custom hard enamel pins offer a high-value look and feel. To create this look, each color is added and baked separately on the pin. Find a reliable supplier in Zhejiang province of China that has high-quality products for your enamel pin orders.

PVC Enamel Pins
Importing PVC Enamel Pins from China

PVC enamel pins are a fun, unique and economical choice for your promotional pin. PVC Pins are flexible and bendable and can be done in 3D or 2D. Colors can be matched to any Pantone color including neon and can also be done in glow in the dark. Importing product for the first time is not easy, especially you’re not familiar in any supplier and manufacturer. China will help you find reliable enamel pins supplier. Jiangsu province has the most enamel pins supplier that can trust.

Screen Printed Enamel Pins
Importing Screen Printed Enamel Pins from China

Screen printed pin designs are silk-screened onto either a white background or directly onto the metal. Solid colors and metal outlines aren’t required. This screen printed lapel pins are covered with an epoxy dome to protect the image. China is referring enamel pins supplier to anyone who has the capability to provide all the information and fast process about your shipping.

Soft Enamel Pins
Importing Soft Enamel Pins from China

Sometimes called embossed pins, soft enamel pins feature the color range of hard enamel pins but the lines of metal are slightly raised, giving the pin an interesting texture. Many are made some soft enamel pins for clients, and they are fun to hold and wear too. Guangdong province has the most supplier and manufacturer of enamel pins who will help you in all your importing process and also will handle in your shipping process. Find classy suppliers in China.

Etched Enamel Pins
Importing Etched Enamel Pins from China

the colors of Etched Enamel Pins are separated by metal outlines, and a clear epoxy covering protects the entire image. If you are planning to import  Etched Enamel Pins in China and finding a trusted supplier and manufacturer to support your business even if you don’t know any manufacturer, China can meet your needs. China has the most trusted supplier and manufacturer in Zhejiang.

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Importing Enamel Pins from China

If you are planning to import enamel pins from China,

If you are looking for suppliers to support your business,

Then this guide is right for you, so you can learn about all the Chinese enamel pins factory. Find a reliable enamel pins supplier in China.

The Resource To Help You Importing Enamel Pins From China:

Best enamel pin manufacturer in China

Enamel pins import data

Best 20 Enamel Pins Manufacturer in China

1 Zhongshan WanTai Crafts Gifts Co., Ltd and PINS BACK CO., LTD

Zhongshan WanTai Crafts Gifts Co., Ltd, and PINS BACK CO., LTD are both the best pin manufacturers. They integrating production and development together. These companies specialized in manufacturing soft enamel pin, hard enamel pins, and all kinds of gifts & crafts.

2 Shanghai Badge One Co., Ltd.

It is a leading manufacturer of metal badge for 35 years’. They possess experienced mold designers and advanced mold technology to continue to design and develop new molds to serve their customers better. The company is also a subsidiary corporation of the Zhejiang Jinxiang badge factory.

3 Shenzhen Longzhiyu Crafts Co., Ltd. 

You can find Shenzhen Longzhiyu Crafts Co., Ltd. in the Enlai industry zone of Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The company was established in 2006, manufacturing enterprise which specialized in keychains, badges,  and medals custom. They are integrating design, production, and development of their products.

4 Yiwu Bomaijie Trading Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Bomaijie Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of enamel pins with well-equipped testing facilities. They made a wide range, reasonable prices, good quality, and stylish designs products. The company can meet social needs and the continuously changing economy. 

5 Yiwu Diyu Craft Co., Ltd.

Since 2006, Yiwu Diyu Craft Co., Ltd. focused on manufacturing and designing art and craft gifts. They focus on producing pins, badges, beer tap handles, bar mats, bar bottle opener, bar apron, display stand, bar tasting paddle, and more. The company is located in the Yiwu City of China.  

6  Asny Craft Factory

Asny Craft Factory was established in 1993,  located in f Dongguan City, China.  They mainly produce a wide range of products including flagship product lines – Metal Pins, key chains, PVC badges, and medals.  With their 10 years’ manufacturing experience and expertise, they succeed in building long-lasting relationships with clients worldwide.

7 Zhongshan Wanjun Crafts Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Wanjun Crafts Manufacturer Co., Ltd was established in 1994. It is a leading manufacturer in China. Their main products are metal badges, medals, keychain, bag hanger, buckle belt, bottle opener, and fridge magnet. They have been providing OEM services for buyers in Germany,  the USA, Europe, and Japan since 2006. 

8  HT Lapel Pins Co., Ltd. 

It is a professional manufacturer of promotion gifts. HT Lapel Pins Co., Ltd. focuses on producing and designing keychain, embroidery patch, and enamel pin. They have more than 10 years of experience in producing all over the world and can meet your multifarious demands. 


 Since 1978, Dragonseas has been manufacturing metal premiums. Specializing in customized metal crafts such as pins, badges, medals, and more. They are using unique tooling machines and creating large commemorative tablets. Their products are highly qualified when inspected in-house to ensure top quality.

10 Kunshan LOVEROLLE Metal Products Factory

LOVEROLLE Metal Products Factory is located in Kunshan, China. They have 20 years experience in the craft gift industry.  Specializing in producing various kinds of metal products, such as enamel pin, lapel pins, key chains, badges, and more. They are also capable to produce custom products according to the design and requirements of their customers’.

11 Huizhou Kingtai Craft Products Co., Ltd.

Kingtai is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in metal products. Their factory is  ISO9001 certified.  With 15 years of history, they have sufficient knowledge to develop enamel pins, lapel pins, key chains, medals, souvenir plates, and more.  Tier market cover world tourism destinations like European countries, the US and Canada, Japan, and other countries. 

12 Huizhou Long-Time Metal & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Long-Time Metal & Crafts is a professional supplier and manufacturer of enamel pins and badges.  Their company registered in both mainland China and  Hong Kong.  They are designing and manufacturing their own products for clients from around the world. 

13 Dongguan Pengze Gifts Co., Ltd.

 Dongguan Pengze Gifts Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Pengze is the hardware gift factory that makes the products for trading companies.  Since 2011, they established their own trading company. Their products are exported to the overseas market, and Japan market.

14 Wenzhou Weining Crafts Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Weining Crafts Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer located in Pingyang Town, Wenzhou City.  They are mainly engaged in a wide range of pins, badges, coins, medals, key buckles, bookmarks, bottle openers, and other metal products. The company established a completely modern production line such as molding, stamping, hydraulic,  die-casting, and more.

15 Wenzhou Zhongmao Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, enterprise manufacturing specialized in pins and badges. Wenzhou Zhongmao is well-equipped testing facilities and has a strong technical force. Their products are extensively used in competition games industries. They made products that are trusted and widely recognized by users 

16 Shenzhen Surewin Crafts Co., Ltd.

Since  2009, Shenzhen Surewin Crafts Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of souvenir coins, badges, key chains, scutcheon, and aluminum photo frames. You can find them in Shenzhen City, China. All production processes are under their control to ensure a high standard of quality. Their products are widely sold in Europe, America, and Japan.

17 Zhongshan Lianxiang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Lianxiang Metal Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is more than 15years producing and manufacturing promotion gifts. The company focus on designing enamel pins, medals, coins, keychains lapel pin, and other metal craft. Just send them your ideas of size and color you want, and they can make it for you.

18 Kunshan Jinxi Gifts Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Jinxi Gifts Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of arts and craft gifts in China. The company offers ODM and OEM services, and can also customize products according to customers’ ideas. They are mainly in manufacturing metal badges, pins, car logos, souvenir coins, keychains, medals, dog tags, cufflinks, bookmarks, tie clips, bottle openers, nail clippers, and more. 

19 Zhongshan Xieyuan Hardware Products Factory

Founded in 2004, with the 120 factory employees and 40 manage people.  The company is located in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.  They are exporting arts and crafts products, like enamel pins, key chains, badges, coins, labels, medals, money clips, cuff-links, bag hangers, plate numbers, dog tags, and bookmarks with thousands of molds.  Zhongshan Xieyuan Hardware Products Factory has 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry.

20 Suzhou DLC Craft Co., Ltd.

Suzhou DLC Craft Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu, China. The company was established in 2015 specializing in metal crafts and gifts. They are manufacturing and designing enamel pins, lapel pins,  medals, baseball trading pins, badges, bottle openers, plate printing, challenge coins, stainless steel, key chains, tie clips, tags, cufflinks, and so on.


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