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Importing Bolts from China

Bolts are a kind of fastener which is threaded with outermost thread male. It is tightly the same with screws. It is positioned by this time by drilled holes. Its a type of fasteners unaccompanied by gathering the strict identification. When wanting to be on part of a growing team, be with them and you will expect unbelievable experiences. More reliable products of the fastener can be easily be availed by most Chinese manufacturers.

Concrete Anchors
Importing Concrete Anchors from China

Concrete Anchors mostly manufacturers and providers are can be founded firstly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu which provinces covered by China. You can freely import your concrete anchors orders in any specified sizes, measurements basely on your high requirements and demands. High-standard creation of reliability of the concrete anchors products can be avail on the leading Chinese suppliers.

Concrete Fasteners
Importing Concrete Fasteners from China

Bansar helps you organize your serious decisions for your faster business progression. You can be given assistance by some Bansar`s experts and professionals basely on your desirable wanst. Guangdong has the largest recorded manufacturers in the whole nation. It is officially having 1,374 faithful and hardworking manufacturers in town.

Decking Fasteners
Importing Decking Fasteners from China

Decking Fasteners suppliers can be easily acquired through by the authorities assigned in the Bansar corporations. Manufacturers from China has been dedicated to its specialized services for your high dealing requirements. By an efficient way of production of decking fasteners, you can feel the enjoyment and satisfying feeling. You can be with proven and guaranteed suppliers that operated only in China.

Drywall Anchors
Importing Drywall Anchors from China

Drywall Anchors for an affordable price is very impossible to find but with Bansar and the Chinese manufacturer partnerships, it will surely be possible. A drywall anchor is not obligatory and it will never be clutched. For a sureness and easily be tracked of the transporting process of your ordered drywall anchors productions, then be with those who had great done performances before and even now.

Hollow Wall and Drywall
Importing Hollow Wall and Drywall from China

Chines importers and producers of hollow wall and drywall items of products giving their best in doing higher-ranking quality materials. You can easily import your ordered hollow wall and drywall orders in any of your desired shapes and sizes. Chinese has been expertly and become professionals in providing you some of these productions you wanted all about. These products can be useful for any machinery operations.

Importing Inserts from China

Inserts fasteners manufactory design of many Chinese are expected created in a very superior way. By picking up a lot of numerous selection of inserts by its sizes and even specified design you required. Chinese has wide and rich experiences that cannot be compared to other manufacturer’s operations. It has important purpose and that is to be attached to any operating machines.

Importing Nuts from China

Chinese high qualified and certified manufacturers operating in town are having many brilliant ideas to make a piece of useful equipment and products. You can freely monitor the kind and the design of nuts you wanted to be in your operating businesses. Bansar is proficient in giving satisfactory and suitable items you needed the most. Zhejiang with a record of 1,359 manufacturers is keeping on meeting in a united way to reach your high standard expectations.

Plastic Wall Fasteners
Importing Plastic Wall Fasteners from China

You can buy large orders of plastic wall fasteners buy most trusted manufacturers utilizing premier in China. Bansar almost have done their very well in showing their unbelievable talents in keeping you impressed by the services they showed. For almost 10 years with a faithful way of serving the people, they received popularity. You can also be with Shandong with a recorded manufacturer of 852.

Retaining Rings
Importing Retaining Rings from China

Retaining Rings is a fastener that clutches into its constituents to be installed in any residential areas or even housing areas. By most Chinese manufacturers, the efficiency of its production is incomparable to others. It can be used after its installation. In having no regretful experiences, be urgent to build a better partnership with the two combinations of Chinese and Bansar shipping companies.

Importing Rivets from China

Rivets fastener is a long-lasting mechanical kind of fastener. It is shaped in a  smooth and rounded form. No stress and hassle will be ever encountered with dealing with any Chinese manufacturers and importers. The idea of being with the two of them is very great and possible. So do quick movements on it. Don`t waste any time acquiring others failing action activities.

Importing Screws from China

The screw is a common type of fastener and at the same time called a bolt. When doing a serious partnership with Chinese manufacturers and shipping your ordered products same as screws, it can be better with them. Most excellent manufacturers and suppliers are based on China`s provinces such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, and even from Shandong. Your accurate product orders can be the number reason to te=he big success of your outgrowing businesses.

Threaded Rods
Importing Threaded Rods from China

In China, you can select the best kind and design of threaded rods. Bansar is currently the number 1 shipping company that still operating upon this time. Threaded rods shipping activities are the main management operation of almost Chinese. It can be thicker and can be longer, depending on what you actually desired all about. Bansar is pleasing you to be with the manufacturers that can never give you disappointment.

Treaded Inserts
Importing Threaded Inserts from China

Threaded Inserts can be used by in a process of installing it first. It will feel vibrated in the installing processes. By importing it to your provided exact location can be easier with being Bansar highly skilled staff workers. You can`t ever feel disappointment at all when choosing them to be your ideal partner. Always remember to stay in touch with the fast process of importing your ordered products.

Importing Washers from China

A disk-shaped washer which is one of a fasteners kind. You will know how dedicated the manufacturers when you try on purchasing fastener products directly to them. You can easily find the most loyal and well-reputed manufacturers that are located in Guangdong provinces. You can finely study the basic information from Bansar shipping activities that successfully been finished. Many clients can give sample proven opinions on how they are served by Chinese suppliers.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Fastener Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
Shipping by sea is known as the most affordable shipping services. If you need the safety of your fastener orders, choose the ocean shipping to make it true. An environmental friendliness, organized and also in safety shipping services in the industry.
Air Freight from China to
Shipping by air can deliver your Fastener anywhere your warehouse placed. Airfreight is the popular shipping method in terms of quick delivery. It offers a high level of security and less packaging required. The status of your cargo will be followed by their skilled staff.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Shipping your Fastener by rail can be efficient. Shipping by rail can carry different sizes of cargos whether it is large or small sizes. Shipping by rail will be safe in any weather conditions that may appear even in any place to make it quick delivery.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
Many people never ship by the door because it looks expensive because of the additional charges. But think about living miles away from your place just to get your orders. Additional bills by commuting can be wasted than waiting at your place and relax.

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Fastener Manufacturer from China

Being successful is the number one goal of all people handling a business.

Having a reliable supplier and manufacturer can help you achieve your goals.

Let Bansar help you find the best one in China.

This guide may help you be an expert in choosing Chinese fastener markets and select verified fastener suppliers and manufacturers.

Best  30 Fastener Manufacturer in China


1 Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

This company is a professional manufacturer of a large variety of fastener and other related products. Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co., Ltd offers numerous designs and customized fasteners for your projects. Their products have passed through ANSI, DIN, JIS, ISO,  and GB standards certificates. Kinsom provides multiple manufacture processing fasteners from brass, nickel, zinc plated to chrome, and galvanized. 

2 Anhui Changjiang Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Anhui Changjiang Fasteners Co., Ltd located in Lu′an Zone, Anhui Province China. This company strictly holds an ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS28001, and European standard CE certificates.  Their main products include bolt hexagon nut and plain washer, steel tie rod and pipe, etc. 

3 Hand Industrial Co., Limited

In the year 2010, Hand Industrial Co., Ltd was established. One of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners and stainless steel in china. Their product had passed in ANSI, DIN, OEM, BS. JIS, ISO, OEM certificates. They are known for exporting products to  South East Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, etc. This company provides customized products such as security screws, stainless steel bolts, thread studs, machine screws, tapping screws, and self-drilling screws. 


Established in the year 2001, Ningbo Yi pian hong fastener Co., Ltd was known as a professional fastener manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of China. Their product standard was passed in BS, JS, ANSI/ASTM, ISO, GB, DIN certificate. This company engaged in manufacturing various kinds of high strength bolts, nuts, and thread rods and known for exporting products specifically in  the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America 

5 Dongguan Dalang Chunqing Precision Hardware Factory

Way back in the year 2004, DongGuang City DaLang ChunQing Precision Hardware Factory was established. Their company manufactures various products such as high-end precision fastener which convenient for construction, electronics, toys, automobiles, sport appliances, etc.. This company is expert in producing standard fasteners such as hex bolt, cap bolt, flange bolt, carriage bolt, self-tapping screw, drywall screws, etc, as well as non-standard fasteners just like step bolt, auto-mobile seat bolt, auto-mobile safety, airbag riveting bolt, through-hole rivet bolt, lock bolt, bicycle bolt, etc. 

6 Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co., Limited

This company was located in Jiaxing city china and established in the year 2010. They are experts in manufacturing, supplying numerous and first-class fasteners products that are fully reliable, has an international standards which can be exported abroad.  Their products highly passed in ISO9000 certificate, and BV, SGS international certificate system. 

7  Jiaxing Dazhe Fastener Co., Ltd.

Founded in the year 2010, Dazhe Fastener was known in manufacturing and supplying screws and fastener in china. Bringing full-range variety and customizing service and packing. They supplying more than 300 types of screws except standard ones. They are also capable in producing it to more than 20 countries.

8 Fujian Taifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Fujian Taifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is well-known for being skillful in supplying and manufacturing automotive plastic fasteners and other related products throughout china. Their location is located in Fujian China. They produced more than 2, 000 kinds of products which involved auto clips, auto retainers, auto tubing & hose connectors, cable straps, auto rivets, screw nuts, grommets, plug, oil drain plug gaskets, etc.

9 Nanjing Fastener Lovers Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A company that has a professional employees which can produce numerous kind of fastener products. Nanjing Fastener Lovers Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides several types of fastener product which is essential for some projects. A company that consists of professional employees which can produce numerous kind of fastener products just like rivets, bolts, screws, nuts, self-tapping fasteners, double-end movable joint, B7 and B7M bolts, gear rack, etc.

10 Hangzhou Hengsheng Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hengsheng Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of fastener products with various types. Known in manufacturing and supplying high quality fastener and other products within china. They providing one of a kind fastener product which is useful in different types of projects.

11 Ningbo YP Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Since established, Ningbo YP Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd has been enterprise good service and solution for their products. This company manufacture and supplies a different variety of fastener and other related product. They are professional in producing such products in order to satisfy the potential needs of the customers. 

12 Anji Xinchi Fastening Piece Co., Ltd.

This company was established in 2007. Anji Xinchi Fastener Co., Ltd. was known as an advanced fastener manufacturer and supplier throughout china. Moreover, their company had became the main force for the transformation and upgrading of the fastener industry and also had been the world′s designated supplier of staples specifically in the United States. They produced high-quality products such as cold head nuts, four-claw nails, metal casings, plugs, etc. their company may locate in Anji Tianhuangping Industrial Park, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province China.


Since 2018, ZHENGZHOU Bai-Ott NEW MATERIAL Co., Ltd has been registered as a RAMIMTECH brand exporter company. They are situated in zhengzhou city since 1997. BAI-OTT is well recognized in manufacturing industries as they are creating superior service and expanding their market. Their products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, 

14 Jiaxing Goshen Hardware Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Goshen Hardware Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in mainland China. It is known as a producer of high-quality products like fasteners. Their company holds the SGS, RoHS, ISO9001-2008 certificates. Jiaxing Goshen Hardware specializing in the production of standard and non-standard fasteners. 

 15 Dongguan J And R Metalwork Industry Co., Ltd.

Since  2000, J And R Metalwork has been a leading manufacturer and exporter in the metalwork industry.  You can find them in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. With  13 years of experience, J And R Metalwork main engaged in developing, designing and producing various types of fasteners, bolts, thread rods, hex nuts,  anchor bolts. Their products have been exported to Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East and Asia. 


Since established, SHANGHAI TENGRI METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. has been enterprise good service and solution for their products. This company manufacture and supplies a different variety of fastener and other related products. They are professional in producing such products in order to satisfy the potential needs of the customers. 

17 Zhejiang Ruizhao Technology Co., Ltd.

Since 1996, ZheJiang RuiZhao Technology Co., Ltd was considered as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners throughout china. Their company product was highly passed both ISO 14001 and  IATF 16949. They are trusted in producing some various products such as flange nuts, flange bolt, step screw, wheel nut,  press screw, wheel bolt, flange nuts, circlip, clip nut. precision CNC parts, automotive fasteners and socket screw. You can locate their company in Wenzhou city China.

18 Jiaxing City Qunbang Hardware Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing City Qunbang Hardware Co, Ltd is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in the fastener industry. Their company is trusted in producing high-standard fasteners just like bolts and nuts. Moreover, their products are reliable to use especially in some structural projects and purposes. You can locate them in HangjiaHu Plain china.

19 Taizhou Weifa Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Since 2018, Taizhou Weifa metal products Co., Ltd. was a leading manufacturer and supplier of fastener business. They are experts in producing fasteners products both standard and non-standard. They producing a various products such as hex bolts, socket cap screws, self-tapping screws, carriage bolts, wood screws, nuts, washers, blind rivets, and thread rods which is very useful in some industrial project. Their product is very reliable to use and was made according to customers’ desires.

20 Ningbo Sanwang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

For more than 30 years of experience, Ningbo Sanwang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was known for being prominent in creating one of a kind fastener product in china. They are skillful in manufacturing, supplying and exporting their own made  products. Their company is mainly engaged in producing hexagon screws, flange screws, hexagon screws, central screws, hub screws and some non-standard fasteners.

21 Shaanxi Zhanci Hardware Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Zhanci Hardware Equipment Co., Ltd is a certified passing company in ANSI, DIn,  JIS, BS, ISO product standard. Well-known for being a professional manufacturer and supplier of the fastener. They are proficient in producing high-standard and specialized fasteners products. Their original product is essential to use specifically in industrial and constructional purposes.

22 Nanchang Nande Industrial Co., Ltd.

For almost 7 years of experience, Nande Industrial was accustomed to creating high-quality and well-designed fastener products. They are also known for being high-skilled in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting especially in the field of the fastener. Their company producing screws such as hex bolt, self-tapping screw, machine screw, etc. you can locate them in Haiyan, Zhejiang China.

23 Qingdao Vanku Industry Group

Way back in 1996, QINGDAO VANKU GROUP is well-known as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and provider of high-quality fastener products not just locally but also abroad. It has been more specialists in giving good service and comprehensive solutions for their products. Their fastener product is reliable, practical, and substantial in various industrial projects. This company produced some raw materials, fasteners, rigging, tools, etc.

24  Shenzhen Leite Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd.

This company is professional in manufacturing and supplying fastener and other products. Shenzhen Leite Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd. was known for exporting high-class hardware products worldwide. They are providing numerous types of fastener such as screws, bolts, nuts, C N C parts, stamping parts, forging parts, etc, which is effective for your industrial projects. 

25 Dongying Youjia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Dongying Youjia Industry Trade Co., clearly known for being a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of different kinds of fastener throughout the country. They are well-skilled in producing fastener products just like bolts, screws, nut, washers, etc. it was stable and reliable to use and was made according to customers’ desire.

26 Xinghua Jinf Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

XINGHUA JINF Stainless Steel Co., Ltd was specialized in manufacturing and supplying fastener products. Their product is highly passed in JIS,  ANSI, ISO, GB, and DIN certificate standards. This company provides efficient, flexible, and high-standard products which is very useful in some projects. This company is located in Dainan town china.

27 Nanjing Relymech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Within 10 years of service, Nanjing Relymech Machinery Co. considered one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of the fastener product of china. This company was known for creating industrial parts, mechanism transmission parts, customized parts, etc.  They produced one of a kind fastener product that is widely used in machinery or industrial markets. 


Established in the year 1996. Yuyao Xunfeng Machinery Factory was a leading manufacturer and supplier of fasteners in China. You can locate them at Yuyao, Zhejiang China. This company consists of professional employees which can produce high-quality and well-design fastener products. They also provide various quality anchors such as wedge anchors, chemical anchors, hit anchors, drop-in anchors, anchor bolts, different cold fording, and hardware parts & accessories.

29 Beijing Ron-En Machinery & Integration Co., Ltd.

Since the year 1997, Beijing Ron-En Machinery & Integration Co., Ltd. has been a leading company and being recognized for being an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of the fastener in china. It has a lot of branches established not locally but also abroad. They are capable of producing high-standard fasteners which is very useful for machinery equipment.


In 15 years of service, Gaomi Agritd Co., Ltd. is clearly known for being an outstanding manufacturer and developer of steel fasteners as well as molded rubber seals. They are capable of producing various fastener products to able them to have a stable relationship with their customers and make them products reliable to use in all-purpose. They are located in Qingdao, China.

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