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Faucets from China
Compression Faucets from China
Importing Compression Faucets from China

Compression faucets are the oldest of the four types. All compression faucets have separate, turnable handles for hot and cold water. You tighten and untighten these handles manually by rotating them to let water flow out of the faucet. China suppliers have been the most reliable manufacturers for compression faucets for years now. Compression faucet manufacturers in China are commonly based in Zhejiang province. They offer durable and quality-tested compression faucets to satisfy all of their customers.

Ball Faucets from China
Importing Ball Faucets from China

Ball faucets were designed to be the first washerless faucet. Unlike compression faucets, a ball faucet only has one handle for both hot and cold water. If you are having trouble searching for the best supplier for ball faucets, China manufacturers are the best supplier to look up to. Manufacturers in China are commonly based in Zhejiang province. They provide high-quality ball faucets, a wide selection of faucets and used high-tech pieces of equipment.

Disc Faucets from China
Importing Disc Faucets from China

Disc faucets are much more recent design that either compression or ball faucets. Like ball faucets, they were designed not to rely on washers. Disc faucets are also considerably more durable than either compression or ball faucets. China suppliers are the leading manufacturers of disc faucets in the world. They have been the most outstanding supplier of disc faucets and have been trusted by customers. Manufacturers are commonly based in Zhejiang province.

Cartridge Faucets from China
Importing Cartridge Faucets from China

Unlike the other types of a faucet on this list, cartridge faucets can have either one or two handles. Unlike compression faucets, however, you don’t have to rotate the faucet handles to control water flow. Instead, you can simply turn a cartridge faucet handle to start the water flow. A wide variety of cartridge faucets are available to you in China suppliers. Manufacturers of cartridge faucet are commonly based in Zhejiang province. They also offer all parts of a cartridge faucet for repairs.

Bridge Faucets from China
Importing Bridge Faucets from China

If you’re looking to combine old-fashioned style with today’s technology, bridge faucets might be for you! Looking for the most in-demand supplier to start your business? You can shop the most durable bridge faucets from China factories that are based in Zhejiang and Guangdong province. They offer the widest variety of bridge faucets so you can select a new look to your home or to your own business. Tested in quality bridge faucets yet available at affordable prices.

Centre set Faucets from China
Importing Centre-set Faucets from China

Centerset faucets are a great choice for smaller vanity tops and sinks, as they save space and work efficiently. China factories have been creating quality, beautifully designed centerset faucets with options that are well suited to coordinate with any bathroom. Their centerset faucets are available in a wide range of beautiful, tarnish-free finishes. Suppliers of centerset faucets in China are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang province. They offer all design for a centerset faucet option so you can get the look you want, in the size that works.

Single handle Faucets from China
Importing Single-handle Faucets from China

Explore thoughtfully designed single handle kitchen faucets that are offered in a wide range of finishes and styles to match your personal style. Whether your kitchen aesthetic calls for chrome, stainless steel, or matte black, China manufacturers offer the single handle kitchen faucets you want. They offer not only the finish you desire but also the functionality. Suppliers are commonly based in Zhejiang province. You can find all kinds of single-handle faucets in these reliable manufacturers.

Widespread Faucets from China
Importing Widespread Faucets from China

Widespread faucets fit best on larger vanities, counters, and sinks. In these designs, the faucet and handles have space between them for a look that is elegant, classic, and sophisticated. China manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful widespread bathroom faucets, with design styles and finishes that match in any style of bathroom. Their durable faucets are built to last, with tarnish and scratch resistant finishes, and sturdy metal construction. China factories are based in Guandong province.

Deck mount Faucets fromChina
Importing Deck-mount Faucet from China

A deck mount faucet is a sink faucet that mounts directly to the bathroom or kitchen countertop. Whether you’re looking for deck-mount faucets for your brand new business or you’re simply remodeling an existing kitchen, you should go and try in China manufacturers. Suppliers in China are commonly based in Guangdong province. Their faucets and accessories combine simple, architectural forms with sensual design lines. Featuring this modern, minimalist style, China’s faucet trim includes a spout and ergonomic cross handles that add sophistication to your bath.

Wall mount Faucets from China
Importing Wall-mount Faucets from China

Wall-mounted faucets are attached to the wall, as opposed to being attached to the sink or to the counter like a deck-mounted faucet or tap. If you’re looking for wall mount faucets for sale, China manufacturers have several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. The factories that supply wall mount faucets can be found in Guangdong and Zhejiang province. They offer wall mount faucets that will surely make your home benefit from the polished aesthetic this simple bathroom solution provides.

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Best 20 Faucet Manufacturers in China

1 Shanghai Aquacubic Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Aquacubic Sanitaryware Co., Ltd. is a faucet manufacturer. For over 15 years of manufacturing, their mission is to provide an outstanding faucet to the customers. The company provides an integrated QC system, high standard production method, and reliable delivery, and excellent services. Through strong design and engineering capability, they passed WRAS, CE, CUPC, Watermark, and more certificates.

2 Wenzhou Fyeer Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

In China, Wenzhou Fyeer Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. works as a professional manufacturer and supplier of faucet and bathroom accessories. The included products they manufactured are thermostatic faucet, automatic faucet, and more. The company offers products of high quality at a reasonable price. Also, they certified ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and many more.

3 Ningbo Great Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd.

As the entrusted and certified supplier specializing in R&D, they produce the best quality and provide customer’s requirements on a faucet. The company passed the ISO 9001 certificate. Since 2007 of exporting, they assure to meet every customer’s requirement. Africa, South America, Oceania, Mild East, and Western Europe are their main markets.


Since the year 2000, the sanitary wares began in Taizhou Vaote Sanitary Ware CO., LTD. For having an import and export license, they exported to more than 50 countries and that includes Africa, Middle-East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South American. The company provide a high-quality faucet and create a long-term business relationship.

5 Wenzhou Xinru Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

Since 2011, the Wenzhou Xinru Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. was established and specialized in researching, producing, and developing sanitary wares like a faucet. The company is leading ISO9001 International Quality Management System diligently. In America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and more countries and region are their main supplying of products.

6 Ningbo Sinoflag International Trading Co., Ltd.

The Ningbo Sinoflag International Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized since 1998 on manufacturing and exporting sanitary ware with ISO9001 and CE certificates. Through R&D staff members, they can develop 20 new products in 30 days correspond to customer’s requests or market requirements. The company also do exports to some countries.

7 Wenzhou Lego Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Lego Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. is the trusted manufacturer of faucet in China. The product includes an automatic sensor faucet and so on. With the rich production experience and well trained professional technicians, they assure the quality of the product and meet every customer’s requirement. Aside from that, they are certified ISO 9001. For 15 years of exporting products, they reached over 50 countries and nations.


NINGBO ENHEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD. focused on manufacturing electric faucets since 2007 but also specializing in R&D and trading in China. They comply with GSG, CE, 3C, and RoHS certificates. Also, they were awarded exterior design patents. OEM/ODM suppliers, they assure the excellent quality and high integrity. Aside from that, they supply products over 20 countries in the European Union and the Middle East.

9 Jiang Men City GEM Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Kaiping City Gem Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a famous and professional factory for faucet since 2009. Over 80% of its products have been exported worldwide. With the use of their advanced equipment also the skilled professionals and management experience, they guarantee the quality and meet every customer’s requirement.

10 Foshan Benme Building Material Co., Ltd.

Since 2008 of the specializing faucet and other sanitary ware products, they have been expanding markets like South-East Asia, Middle East, Europe, and so on. Also, they have foreign trades for more than 8 years. They provide excellent quality and service to customers. With their QC team, they do 100 percent inspection in every product.

11 Zhejiang Baisida Sanitary Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Baisida Sanitary Co. Ltd is the trusted faucet manufacturer. The company specializes in research and development, design, production, marketing, and service. Through professional research and advanced technology, they improve with strong development and innovation ability. Also, they passed ISO90001, ISO14001, and CE certificates. Britain, Russia, Italy, and other parts of Europe are they been exported of products.

12 Ningbo Itabath Industry Co., Ltd.

As a professional and reliable supplier of faucet and bathroom products, they specialize in designing, developing, and producing since 2006. The company is qualified with the international standard of NBR, EN, ASME, AU/NZ, and GB. Due to the offer of 5-10 years factory warranty that will depend on the products, they obtain customer’s friendly and satisfaction of the customers.

13 Wenzhou Oupai Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Oupai Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. focused on designing, production, and sales high-quality sanitary wares. The company’s products have been in West Europe, North America, Australia, and so on. Through a knowledge-oriented, young, and professional team, they look forward to being the “world’s renowned sanitary wares provider”.

14 Kaiping Hanwei Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.

The Kaiping Hanwei Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd has an area of more than 8000 square meters in a city of Diaolou and Villages, Shuikou Town, Kaiping Guangdong. The company manufacture medium and high-quality faucets. Due to the high and new technology and dedicated appearance design, they obtain the client’s trust. Also, they secure a good reputation in the industry and market for more than 15 years.

15 Guangzhou Min-Metals Co., Ltd.

This is a group company which supplies sanitary wares that include faucet and faucet fittings for over 20 years. Due to the stable quality, good service, with the professional and responsible sales team, they assure to meet every customer’s requirement. Aside from that, their products have been sold for years worldwide mostly to Europe, South American, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The company has been certified CE, DVGW, and AGS.

16 Shi Shang Hardware Co., Ltd.

SHI SHANG HARDWARE Co., Ltd has a factory property of 86,000 square meters in the city of Guangdong, China. It was a foreign investment company that was founded in the year 1989 with over 1000 hardworking personnel. The company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel and R&D Center. The product includes solid stainless steel faucets. Also, they are in leading the whole line to stainless steel new trends. ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company and their products are certified by CE, EN1906, and EN12209.

17 Foshan Maiao Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.

Foshan becomes a prominent scouring hub all around the world. For the past 5 years, they focus on the Australian sanitary products market in which they successfully won the trust of their business partners. Their products are certified Watermark and WELS. They work together with lots of large builders, sanitary stores, retailers, and many more. Foshan provides one-stop service.

18 Wenzhou Shenguang Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Shenguang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing faucets since 1992. The product includes bath faucet, basin faucet, shower faucet, bidet faucet, and accessories. The company gained the certificate of ISO9001 which serves both OEM and ODM. They provide the best service, competitive price, high-quality, and on-time delivery in which they obtain a large number of customers.

19 HDSafe Technologies Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a safe, durable, and affordable faucet, HDSafe′s GEEO is the right place. They operated by infrared sensors marketed all around the world since 1998. Through the latest technology and design innovations of their 3U brand development team, they ensure customer satisfaction.

20 Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

Started 2008, Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware Co., Ltd. has only 400 SQM and 5 workers but now they have 50000 SQM industrial zone and has more than 250 workers. The company manufactured stainless steel faucets and more bathroom accessories for over 10 years. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified company.

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