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Importing Fireworks from China
Importing Firecrackers from China
Importing Firecrackers from China

Looking for firecrackers for the event you’ve been waiting for? China is your choicer. You can find the most manufacturer and suppliers in Hunan province. Discover its wide range of firecracker products that are safe, good quality, beautiful packing, efficient service, and competitive price. Find a supplier that had meet international standards and can ensure production.

Importing Firecrackers from China 1
Importing Sparklers from China

Deciding where to buy sparklers can seem like a challenge, but there are places to find the right ones. In China, you can find lots of suppliers and manufacturers of sparklers in Hunan province. They provide the best sparklers Whether you need to buy sparklers as decorative cake toppers for birthdays, weddings, new years or it’s your business, you can rely on China suppliers of sparklers.

Importing Fountain Fireworks from China
Importing Fountains Fireworks from China

China had launched their biggest ever range of new fountain fireworks. You won’t be disappointed with their fireworks and from the squeals of delight and cheers neither will your guests. When you buy wholesale fireworks fountains, Hunan is your ideal place to be. They offer the very best fireworks at the most reasonable prices.

Importing Rockets Fireworks from China
Importing Rockets Fireworks from China

Sky-filling effects and explosive power make China’s range of firework rockets truly unrivalled. Big rockets are a must when you are celebrating with fireworks. Check out the newest rocket fireworks products and other exciting items from Hunan and there are some in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. They offer absolute rocket fireworks with excellent quality, value and extensive product variety to choose from.

Importing Chrysanthemum Fireworks from China
Importing Chrysanthemum Fireworks from China

Looking for a fireworks with unbelievable multiple shots with a great finale? Check out China’s chrysanthemum fireworks. A quintessentially-classic firework effect, the chrysanthemum consists of one or more concentric spheres. China sell quality chrysanthemum fireworks similar in power to the ones that you can get in your supermarket which are up to 5 times more powerful in factories of China ,mostly at Hunan province.

Importing Crosette Fireworks from China
Importing Crossette Fireworks from China

A brilliant low noise firework. Firing 36 shots of red, silver and green vivid pearls that then break into a crossette effect. These simply awesome fireworks have also suppliers and manufacturers in China. Most of them are based in Hunan. They offer beautiful and extremely colorful crossette effect. Fantastic to open a larger display or even as a finale to a low noise one. Make your celebration unforgettable by importing crossette fireworks from China.

Importing Spider Fireworks from China
Importing Spider Fireworks from China

Screaming spiders is a dazzling, vibrant 100 shot firework display in a box. China stocks fireworks all year round suitable for the new year, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and any events. Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. Most suppliers are based in Hunan province. Most manufacturers offer the most amazing spider fireworks. Just take care of the certifications of your supplier.

Importing Cake Fireworks from China
Importing Cake Fireworks from China

Looking for cake fireworks that are worth the buy? China manufactures amazing cake fireworks. With China’s being multiple fireworks all in one, you really do get your money’s worth. China has multiple selections of cake fireworks with awesome designs. Their cakes come with a broad range of noise effects, color bursts and more for weddings, birthdays and parties. Whenever you need cake fireworks, Chinese supplier can satisfy your needs.

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Best 20 Fireworks Manufacturers in China

1 Liuyang Ace Fireworks

Liuyang Ace Fireworks Mfg. Co., Ltd has been established in 2004. Their manufacturing facility is based in Liuyang, Hunan, China covering an area of 400,000 sq m. Around 160+ production equipment is built there. Their production line includes firecrackers, fountains, rockets, roman candles, selection boxes, and more. The company can produce fireworks of 300,000 cases.

2 Thunder Dragon Fireworks

Thunder Dragon Fireworks was established in the year 1990 in Liuyang. This modern Chinese fireworks factory is primarily engaged in manufacturing, research, and display. The main products of the company include fountains, rockets, cakes, stage fireworks, and more. With advanced firework technology and equipment, Thunder Dragon Fireworks can produce plentiful products. South Africa, America, Southeast Asia, and Europe are their main markets.


SQS Fireworks’ main innovations are roman candles, crackling granules, ground spinners, fountain, cakes, shot tubes, rockets, sparkler, party popper, and more. Also, they offer a wide selection of pyrotechnic items. SQS FIREWORKS CO., LTD starts in 2005, they make sure all products acquired with CE certifications and conformed EN 15947 EU standards.

4 Supreme Fireworks Factory

Liuyang China Supreme Fireworks Factory is located in Liuyang City, Hunan Province. Their product line covers all firework categories such as consumer fireworks and professional display fireworks. All their products conform to CE, AFSL, DOT, and CPCS certifications. This company is also a professional fireworks manufacturer and exporter in China.


Founded in 2005, Skysong Firework’s main products are firecrackers and fireworks. That includes cakes, sparklers, roman candles, display shells, party fireworks, toy pyrotechnics, stage pyrotechnics, etc. They are also supplying fireworks equipment, materials, as well as toys. This modern factory has built a reputation in the overseas and domestic markets.

6 Monkey Fireworks Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Monkey Fireworks is located in Liu Yang – the world’s fireworks cradle. It was founded in 2003 and start providing a variety of firework products. Both, professional and consumer fireworks like sparklers, party fireworks, display shell, roman candles included in offers. Monkey Fireworks products followed international standards.

7 SkySong Fireworks Mfg. Co., Ltd

Established in 1992, China SkySong Fireworks Mfg. Co., Ltd is a wholesaler, distributor, and supplier of fireworks. Included in their offers are pyrotechnics, party celebration, wedding sparkler, and garden fireworks. Their main market is American and Europe. SkySong Fireworks has built long-term relations in 20+ companies around the world.

8 Cosmos Fireworks Group Limited

Cosmos Fireworks Group Limited has been in the fireworks industry for over 11 years. Their product line includes consumer fireworks, cakes, fuse crackers, ice fountains, spinner, sparkler, display shell, and so on. Under a strict quality control system complying with EN 15947 EU standards, Cosmos Fireworks Grp Ltd produces fantastic production.

9 Martarello China Fireworks Co., Ltd

Martarello China Fireworks Co., Ltd is involved in the development, production, and sales of fireworks. With superb technology, the company is able to provide appealing and stable quality. This company has been exporting products to Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Thailand, and more other countries. Their range of fireworks includes fountains, party popper, display shell, roman candles, and more.

10 Hunan Dream Fireworks Co., Ltd

Hunan Dream Fireworks Co., Ltd is exporting products to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and to any other country. Along with their fireworks products are display shells, toy fireworks, roman candles, high-quality stage ice fireworks, etc. The company is recognized in China for providing first-class products and services.

11 Liuyang Mandarin Fireworks Co., Ltd

Mandarin Fireworks was founded in 2006. They are cooperating with importers around the world. This company is providing classic and innovative fireworks products including cakes, foundation, rockets, color smokes, assortment fireworks. Mandarin Fireworks’ goal is helping customers meet their requirements.

12 Dancing Fireworks

Founded in 1996, Dancing Fireworks Group is manufacturing safe and eco-friendly products such as water fireworks, multi-shot cake, aerial shells, stage fireworks, rockets, etc. This company is founded by Mr. Zhong Ziqi. Dancing Fireworks can be found in Hunan Province covering a land area of 3 million sq m, manufacturing facility covers 80,000 sq m, they have been well-known in the fireworks industry in China and abroad.

13 YOVON Fireworks & Firecrackers Factory

Located in Liling City, Hunan Province, YOVON Fireworks was established in 1988. They are specializing in all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers equipment. There are selling products to their main markets are Malaysia, Sri Lank, India, Russia, Brazil, and more. As a leading manufacturers, they have a big markets worldwide.


Triton Fireworks has been in the industry for over 22 years. Their main products are a roman candles, toy fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, care fireworks, rocket fireworks, and more. Specializing in fireworks, they offer a range of 1.3G display fireworks and 1.4G consumer fireworks. South America, North America, Southeast Asia are some of their markets.

15 Lidu Fireworks

Lidu Fireworks was founded in 1987 in Jiangxi Province. It is the largest firework firm in China set up to the international market. This company has 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries that cover an area of 4,300 sq m. They have 1200+ staff producing huge production lines. They are exporting a broad variety of products including toys fireworks, multiple shot cakes, pattern fireworks, and many more. Lidu Fireworks is selling products to more than 60 countries.

16 Liuyang Liuqiao Fireworks Factory

Liuyang Liuqiao Fireworks Factory is located in LiuYang and founded in 2005. Their manufacturing factory has covered 308,000 sq m area. It has a large warehouse and packaging workshops with 200+ workers. The main products are black pearl match crackers, dadi single/ double voice, fountains, match crackers, and more other fireworks. They mainly export products to Russia, Germany, Britain, etc.

17 Yihelong Fireworks

Liuyang Yihelong Fireworks Group Co., Ltd was established in 1999. This company offer a comprehensive range of fireworks to international and domestic trade. Yihelong Fireworks has 5 factories, 3 trading companies, and 10 huge warehouses. No doubt, this company included in “Liuyang Top Fireworks Enterprise” for several years. Yihelong Fireworks is selling products to 35+ countries.

18 Hunan Liuyang Wantong Fireworks

Hunan Liuyang Wantong Fireworks was established in 2004. Their main products are roman candles, cake fireworks, and display shells. Also, they are providing firecrackers, spinners, hand-held sparklers, fountains, missiles, and more. All items have CE certifications. Wantong Fireworks’ main markets are Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

19 Sky Beauty Fireworks

Sky Beauty Fireworks is based in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang High-tech Industrial Park. It covers an area of over 50,000 sq m with 1,200 workers – engineers, technical personnel, and senior pro titles. The company passes a lot of international quality certifications. The product coverage reaches Japan, Europe, the US, and Korea. They are exporting millions of products from the establishment.

20 Sunrich Fireworks Co., Ltd

Sunrich Fireworks Co., Ltd has been in fireworks manufacturing and trading for many years. This modern enterprising company is providing Roman candles, cakes, rockets, ground spinners, smokes, ice and stage fireworks, sparklers, and so on. They are exporting products to Europe, Asia, Middle East, America, and other countries.

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