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Flame Retardant from China
1 Melamine Polyphosphate Flame Retardant
Melamine Polyphosphate Flame Retardant from China

Need help in importing flame retardant in China? Bansar will get best flame retardant supplier for you. When it comes to choosing manufacturer for certain products most especially for flame retardant, choose those who are well experienced and knowledgeable enough in manufacturing different flame retardant for you. China surpassed it all. Many importers preferred China since it has a biggest supplier of flame retardant that surely supplies the demand of your products.

2 White Powder Brominated Flame Retardant
White Powder Brominated Flame Retardant from China

If you are importing a flame retardant, find a premier supplier in China. Bansar has a lot to recommend since we are familiar with the Chinese market. You can select Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. Or otherwise, you can free to visit those places, they have a wide selection of flame retardant perfect for different types of applications.

3 Phosphate Flame Retardant
Phosphate Flame Retardant from China

You can import all kinds of flame retardant like phosphate flame retardant, brominated flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide flame retardant, and other flame retardant that are holegen free. Chine has a leading manufacturers of flame retardant that served for how many decades now. Bansar can recommend what’s best for you along with detailed specifications of flame retardant.

4 Antimony Sulfide Flame Retardant
Antimony Sulfide Flame Retardant from China

Whether you want a flame retardant that increases the strength and toughness to a certain material, China has a lot of verified suppliers and manufacturers of flame retardant. You can ensure 100% pure with no other harmful chemicals in to it. If you have plans on importing flame retardant, China is your one great choice for all your flame retardant needs.

5 Polypropylene Halogen Flame Retardant
Polypropylene Halogen Flame Retardant from China

Do you want to have polypropylene halogen flame retardant? China is very well-known when it comes to manufacturing industry. A lot of trusted suppliers of different flame retardant can only be found in certain places in China. If you are in need of flame retardant that is ecofriendly, you must consider China for that.

6 Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant
Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant from China

Having trouble searching for supplier for flame retardant? Bansar will glad to help you in finding reliable source of flame retardant for you. From start to finish, Bansar will guide you all the way. In China you can ensure that they will give pure flame retardant. To avoid faking it or to avoid receiving fake flame retardant, you must consider China.

7 Magnesium Oxide Flame Retardant
Magnesium Oxide Flame Retardant from China

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of flame retardant, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces are the perfect place for you. Tons of flame retardant manufacturers can be found in that place. Bansar will attest to that and help you ship your import goods after.

8 Ammonium Polyphosphate Flame Retardant
Ammonium Polyphosphate Flame Retardant from China

China has a wide range of flame retardant. You can choose different kinds of flame retardant from our verified supplier. If you are having doubt, Bansar is very familiar with the China flame retardant market and help you find reliable supplier of flame retardant for your business.

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Importing Flame Retardant from China

Current situation of flame retardants of China

With the rapid improvement of living standards in China in the past scores of years, China is the country with the fastest growing demand for flame retardants. China is the biggest manufacturing base of flame retardants in the world, with an annual production capacity of more than 120 tons and annual consumption of more than 700,000 tons.

Why import flame retardants from China?

The flame retardants in demand in the world are nearly all available in China, and some factories can research and develop products customized to the needs of the industry. China manufacture and supply quality products with competitive price.

How to determine the quality of flame retardants, whether to meet your requirements?

Flame retardants are a kind of special chemical products, most of items which do not have unified standards. Each factory develops and produces them by itself, so different factory produce the products which specification and effective are not the same, so it is best to require a free sample and it can only be determined after tested.

Which industries need flame retardants

Flame retardant products are used in construction, engineering, industrial, electrical, automotive, textiles, paintings and other industries. frequently used in the following materials in details, flame retardant in thermoplastic general plastics, thermoplastic engineering plastics and thermosetting plastics such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS, polyamide, PS, PBT, PET, HIPS, PC, PU and epoxy resins, unsaturated polyester … etc.

Furthermore, flame retardants also used for textiles, chemical fiber, synthetic leather, paint coating…

Flame retardant mechanism

Flame retardants play their role in flame retardancy through several mechanisms, such as heat absorption, covering, chain reaction inhibition, asphyxiation of non-flammable gases, or flame retardancy – cooling effect, smoke suppression – isolation effect, heat dissipation – free radical elimination, anti – dripping – dilution effect etc. most flame retardants work together through several mechanisms to achieve the purpose of flame retardation.

How are flame retardants classified?

There are many ways to classify flame retardants.

According to the environmental protection requirements are divided into halogen-free flame retardants and halogen series flame retardants.

According to the types of flame retardant elements, it can be divided into, nitrogen series, silicon series, halogen series, phosphorus series, halogen – phosphorus series, aluminum, magnesium series, etc.

According to the chemical structure is divided into inorganic flame retardant, organic flame retardant, polymer flame retardant, etc.

According to the relationship between flame retardant and the flame retardant material, it can be divided into additive flame retardant and chemical reactive flame retardant.

How are flame retardants transported?

Most flame retardants are common chemicals and can be shipped by vessel by air or by express.

Seldom products belong to the dangerous goods need to contact the freight forwarder to determine the order.

1. Melamine series flame retardant

Melamine can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the products, low moisture absorption, flame retardant will not precipitate, can replace part of the resin.

Melamine based flame retardant mechanism of the fire retarding: melamine nonflammable, low toxicity, heating sublimation, decomposition between 250 – 450 ℃ by absorbing lots of heat, release ammonia and a variety of poly compound formation, and the material is higher than the melting point of melamine itself, also can promote coking mechanism to achieve the purpose of flame retardant polymers such as polymer.

2. Polyolefin flame retardant features, good processing fluidity, easy processing and forming into various complex shape products. the requirements of mold precision and finish are far lower than PVC resin, the decomposition temperature is high (the decomposition temperature of PE is high, do not consider the decomposition problem caused by high temperature in the manufacturing process, better toughness than PVC, good weather resistance, products surface easy to achieve smooth and flat.

3. Graphia-like carbon nitride and its hybrid products.

Graphia-like carbon nitride (g-c3n4) is a light yellow solid prepared by using melamine as raw material and gradient heating technology.

The hybrid MCA product (CNMCA) with g-c3n4 has better thermal stability. The flame retardant grade and heat resistance of the flame retardant polyamide have been improved obviously.

Using 2-carboxyethyl phenyl phosphonate (CEPPA) as raw material, 2- carboxyethyl phenyl phosphonate aluminum (ALCEPPA) and 2-carboxyethyl phenyl phosphonate aluminum (CNALCEPPA) were prepared, it is applied to nylon 6 flame retardant. It has better thermal stability than aluminum diethyl phosphonate.

4.Hypophosphite flame retardant

High phosphorus content in hypophosphite are aluminum phosphate, calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, rare earth metal hypophosphite, phosphate flame retardants can improve the electrical performance, improve the color degree of freedom, good mechanical properties, easy processing, excellent cost – effective, renewable performance and good ecological and toxicological evaluation and so on are very excellent.

Aluminum hypophosphate is widely used in engineering plastics polyester and polyamide materials and has good effect. Calcium hypophosphate has high phosphorus content and high thermal stability.

5.Flame retardant masterbatch

Flame retardant parent material (bromine/halogen) is a particularly useful flame retardant in the plastics industry. Improve the dispersion of flame retardant in resin, add less, reduce the processing difficulty, lowdown the cost, at the same time can reduce the impact of the addition of flame retardant on the mechanical properties of resin used for homopolymer PP, copolymerized PP and for PET polyester fiber. Flame retardant masterbatch (bromine) for PET polyester fiber .  ease to use, low cost and increase the added value of products, various specifications, ranging from 5% to 8.5% bromine,high performance cost ratio.

6. Adhesive flame retardant for pressure sensitive tape

Widely used in acrylic resin pressure sensitive adhesive, marla tape, polyester adhesive tape, acrylic emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive and polyester non-woven adhesive tape and other insulation tape flame retardant. which can be used as thermoplastic resin, rubber blending flame retardant, as well as fabrics coating with halogen-free smoke extinguishing flame retardant, the product performance fully conforms to the European REACH and ROHS directive requirements. Products developed in response to the miniaturization and high power requirements of electronic and electrical components

with high strength, excellent insulation performance, good water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and environmental protection and good flame retardant properties.

7. Textiles flame retardant designed and synthesized for various fabrics, especially suitable for flame retardant coating on various fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber and synthetic leather. It’s phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, halogen free environment friendly. It can be mixed with water based or solvent based acrylic, polyurethane and various rubber emulsions.

Melamine flame retardant

Melamine flame retardant


Polyolefin flame retardant

Polyolefin flame retardant


Graphitic-like carbon nitride (g-c3n4) flame retardant

Graphitic-like carbon nitride (g-c3n4) flame retardant


 Hypophosphite flame retardant

Hypophosphite flame retardant


Flame retardant masterbatch

Flame retardant masterbatch


Adhesive flame retardant

Adhesive flame retardant


Textiles flame retardant

Textiles flame retardant

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